WWII Ladies

The Red Monkee calls on all the Ladies of World War II 1939 to 1945, when all of you older, wiser and worldly ladies were young and BEAUTIFUL,

and all of you were in love with a Soldier, Sailor or Airman. A Private Ryan so too speak, see Spelbergs movie of the same name.

The Red Monkee calls on you ladies ofWorld War- Two†† for help and financial assistance.

The Red Monkee was born April the 14, 1939. All the children in the world at this time (were called WAR BABIES AND ORthe children of the storm),. If they were born between 1939 and 1945. You World War II Ladies know that to be true. World war II was the only global war in the history of mankind.

Ladies of World War II the Red Monkee was a scrap collector, tires, tin cans, wire ETC. Like all children of World War II he hauled in to the collection sites every piece of metal that could be used in the war effort to defeat-------- Nazi Germany.1939 1945

There are many photos of World War II children doing their duty for the war effort. The Red Monkee went to the store with food coupons to buy meat, everything was rationed during the war. People pushed their cars to save gas, As you World War II Ladies WELL know. I saw woman paint hose on their legs when they went on a date during the war, as a wee lad I saw the Italians immigrants rounded up by the U.S. the Government and taken to camps , I saw the great fly over by the U.S. air force, were Planes filled the skys and windows shattered from the vibration this-after the war was over in 1945,

I chased Army trucks full of Soldiers,who passed through my small mountain home, in long convoys that lasted for hours, one day American soldiers let me ride in the Back of their truck with them and they put a helmet on my head and let me hold a rifle , that was truely a great day,

I went down to the Bus station and waited for the soldiers who got off the bus and every one applauded them, I saw the dead Soldiers and Sailors and Airmen come home in caskets, in rail road Box cars,pulled by black Steam locomotives and the caskets then put in the back of pick up Trucksand taken to their homes with family and his friend walking behind the truck at a walking pace,

At one funeral for a dead airmen, I and other small boys, were allowed to fire all of his deer rifles in the air, shouting Slava, Slava , (which means glory,)as they carried his casket out of the house. I vowed way back then, I would get me a World two Army Jeep some day and many years later I did, I had to sell it to fight the Smithsonian,- but ill get it back some day.††

You Ladies also taught the World War II children to fight, and not to lie down and surrender the way the generation xers and the Hippies do. I am not surrendering Ladies of World War II, I'm fighting the way you taught us to stand andfight.

Please send money or anything of value... I need three thousand dollars for a new engine for my 1977 Pickup truck. I also need you to write to the Investigative TV shows, 60 minutes, 20/20 and Nightline. Check for their address on the website. Send money by check or money order to C.J. Koritko PO Box 11167 Arlington, Virginia 22210. I need 10,000 dollars, to keep fighting.

Your money will be used for a good cause, to help a world war II- WAR baby (Child of the Storm) that you World War II women raised and told us to fight. Send Money now and don't hesitate! -The Red Monkee a scrap collector of World War II.

no other children since born,on this planet, can have the name (war babies) as World War 2 was and is, the only Global War in the History of man kind, on this planet, .

Global War, is why these children, of the Planet called Earth, who were born between 1939 and 1945, are the only children in the world, given these two names--------Children of the Storm---- and or ----War Babies)

The redmonkee dedicates these movies and ww- 2 Songs to the World War Two ladies-- The best years of our lives, For the Boys, Private Ryan, the world war two songs Ė the white cliffs of Dover, you are my sunshine, the red river Valley, the Caissons go rolling along,, donít sit under the apple tree with any one else but me, Donít fence me in,ÖÖ../††† send the money and any and all war artifacts, of ww 2-, uniforms, all captured German Equipment your husband brought home from the War, I need a pair of ww 2 Army boots, the boot with two belt buckles your husband brought home from the War. Their in the closet, go look, send any thing and every thing you can to-

CJ Koritko Po. Box, 11167 Arlington Va. I need those boots to ride in my ww 2 Army jeep when I get my jeep back and dress up in a world war two Uniform, to drive my Jeep in Parades keeping World war two Alive , I need those boots and the money donít hesitate, Ladies of world War two, do it today.

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