The Two Security Companies

Ogden Government Services

Wackenhutt Security

One of the stories will be about the Security Company called Wackenhutt. They were the guard company that held the government contract at the General Accounting Office Bldg in Washington DC. Here, is where they passed photos of a dead Slav girls body around, and was shown to all the black janitors to snicker at. And laugh at. Wackenhutt- -Security was there.

 The Wackenhutt Security story will appear on the link page, for the women of the world to read.

 The Redmonkee asks a question: Will the Women of the World, including woman in  America, demand that Wackenhutt lose all of its government contracts? Will Slavic governments involve themselves against Wackenhutt Security and Wackenhutt high-ranking Officials.

 Is it possible asks the Red Monkee that Slavic Governments and Slavic Nationalist like PAMYET, will capture Wackenhutt Officials and Owners and US Government Officials at the US Government Accounting Office Bldg in Washington, DC. These American Officials will then be taken back to a Slavic Country and stand trial in a Slavic court of law.under Slav law… not American law.

Some background history on Wackenhutt Companies and Subsidiaries. The history of Wackenhutt goes back to 1954. George R. Wackenhutt and three other FBI Agents established their own company to provide investigative services to business and industry. Richard Wackenhutt is the son of the Founder and is the current President.

 Wackenhutt has many many Government Contracts,.and hires Many retired FBI Agents and Military Officers.

 When Wackenhutt security is working in your building do they work for your company or do they work for the FBI and the us government or both-

-if you know what I mean?Their office is presently located in Coral Gables, Florida. They also have a website on the internet. Look it up


The Second Security Guard Company involved is Ogden Government Service Corporation.

 The home office is located at 2 Pennsylvania Plaza New York, NY 10121.

 It's President is Mr. Richard Abalon.

 The Red Monkee worked as a Supervisor for Ogden in the General Accounting Office Building, Washington, DC. Where photos of his dead female cousins were passed around.below is some back ground

(The redmonkee had been protesting against the u.s. governments use of deadly force against the WEAVER family at RUBY RIDGE and the people at WACO front of the F.B.I bldg and WHITE HOUSE yearly and at the RUBY RIDGE hearings he over herd U.S. Marshall, Larry Coopers family member say that he.. Cooper did it

,  he did it, he did it, that’s the way he acted when he lied to me when he was a little boy)

I .then told Kevin Harris ,what the women said, she was crying when she said it, and that s why I believe they showed my dead cousins photo around  as she was dead and naked to  degrade me and punish me for daring to speak up against the the U.S.GOVERMENTS killings  at RUBY RIDGE and one would help me not the ACLU,or the U.S congress or the U.S. senate nor any animal rights groupe such as PETA, Mary Beth Sweetland and Jeany Roush both Females PETA officials, the dirty American people betrayed me, what else would you call it ?

 Kevin Harris  and his lawyer ask me to come to their place for dinner and asked if I would agree to be in a video and reenact me sitting behind Larry COOPERS family members listening in on what they said, I told them, Harris and his Lawyer, I had to get to work or I would be fired ,my boss then informed me when I got back to work, I couldnt take off and go to demos any more, and I was told that the FBI was at the Plant asking about me .

 I call again on the RUSSIA Goverment and the Government of Communist CHINA and members of PAMYT and all SLAV nationalist to help and protect me from the American gvt.  The American Government which is killing its own they did, at Waco and RUBY RIDGE.

 I request the SLAV nationalist from the SLAVIC EAST LANDS take my case before the--- United.Nations in NEW YORK over the head of the U.S. gvt. which I have no faith or trust in, and futher more ,that I fear, this U.S. gvt because it has become terroristic towards the American people, there is no freedom in America its all Pretend Freedom. I was forbidden to use the word Circus at the National Zoo in wash. D.C. were I was employeed

   The Redmonkee supervised a mostly black and Hispanic work the General Accounting Building in washington DC, So we have two security Companies involved or have knowledge of the defiling of a  dead Slav girls body in this building. We also have involved, two men who are Presidents of two Corporations, Ogden and Wackenhutt. And both have the first name Richard.

 Both of these Presidents were born to wealth and privilege. They no doubt inherited every penny they got. No one has taken responsibility,Not the U.S  Congress and or the U.S. Senate and or theU.S Justice Department nor the FBI Hate Crime Unit, all refused to do anything about it. But all of these Government agencies are out raged, that I go to other goverments on embassy row in wash. DC to get help.

 The American Government and the Jewish state of Israel have gone illegally into other countries and kidnapped those Nationals and brought them back to Israel and America to stand trial. No one, not even the United Nations complains about these illegal kidnappings. If America and Israel can illegally kidnappe citenzins from other countries , why can't a Slavic Country do the same thing? The Redmonkee is going to be visiting Slavic Embassies in Washington, DC seeking assistance in this matter.

 He also will go to PAMYET Leader Igor Sychov and other Russian Nationalist including Vladimir Zarinovsky, asking that they have legislation passed in the Russian Duma, that would make it legal to capture….

 Richard Wackenhutt of Wackinhutt Security and Richard Abalon of Ogden Government Services, as well as black Americans who are involved. Put them all in chains and on a Russian Plane at Dulles Airport at Dulles Virgina, and fly them to a Slavic Country, To see indeed, if they can stand trial in a Slavic Court of a SLAV country, under Slav Law , not American Law, Slav Law.

The  story down  below-

The one guard who was a witness worked for Ogden as a guard and Wackenhutt as a guard in this building and was the only white guard in an all black guard detail. His name is Phil, he is from Winchester, Virginia. His wife is a Korean National who manages a clothing store near Baltimore, Maryland.

 Racism in this Building against whites by the blacks was severe. Black EEOC which the Redmonkee perceived as black racist, demanded that Ogden employees in the recycling area located on each floor of the building. That the sign stating colored paper be deposited here. Be taken down and replaced with a new sign stating Non-White paper be DEPOSITED here. The Redmonkee refused, first of all it was racist against white people and divisive for America.

 The Red Monkee went to his black employees and told them to fight for there paper..colored paper. He stated Colored paper was better looking than white paper. The black females took colored paper in their black hands, went up to the entrance of the General Accounting Office Building, waving the paper and shouting colored paper, colored paper. The black racist EEOC Officer in this building were outraged and called the Ogden black female janitorial force field hands. The black girls continued to wave their colored paper and shout colored paper.

 A BRAVE  black Ogden janitor went throughout the building tearing down all the signs STATING( non-white paper be deposited here) and put up new signs stating (colored paper be deposited here.) Since the blacks were 99% of the EEOC officers in this building, and were perceived as black racist, haters of whites and had no business being EEOC Officers. The black girls in Ogden fought for their color paper. The Redmonkee called the Washington Post Newspaper, Metro Section, and they refused to do the story. He gave the information to the Chinese Communist Embassy, and they were the only ones to show up. Katherine Graham is that  Jewish women that owns the Washington co.and controlles the news we read

The next day when he came to work at this building he was verbally roughed up by the black guards of Wackenhutt, and was told to report to Ogden’s Office, which was located in the Building. And was told that he was being eliminated from his position for failure to obey orders. He refused to post signs stating (colored paper is to be called non-white paper.)

 In this case he fought for the white race and the black race.

 As he was escorted out of the building like a criminal, under armed guard. The black EEOC stood in line applauding and nodding there heads with black racial hate in their face as the Redmonkee was escorted out the door.

 One black guard, shouted I respect him, I respect him.. he fought for our colored paper.

 The Redmonkee shouts to the black race and the FBI hate crime unit, don't tell me about race. I’ll tell you about black racism. And I will also tell you about white racial cowardice. One white girl in Ogden’s Office a Secretary said she is going to quit Ogden because of what they did to the Redmonkee. At Ogden Government Services there was massive racism by the blacks against whites.

Both Richard Abalon and Richard Wackenhutt also known as the two Richards. If you want peace, first there must be Justice.

The Redmonkee means to make himself whole. (That is a legal term).

Back in the hills where the Redmonkee originally comes from, there is and old civil war soldiers farm, the barn has been blown down in a windstorm, bad water on the property. The house is a derelict. The Red Monkee always like that farm back in the hills. The US Government gave US Civil War Soldiers 250 acres of land, to show the governments appreciation for their service. They cleared the land and turned it into you think the two Richards get the- - -picture?-

 He calls on the Women of the World to write to the White House, Bill Clinton, Pres. Bush,-( US Attorney John Ashcroft,) the US Senate and the US Congress. That President Richard Wackenhutt and President Richard Abalon of Ogden Government Services lose all their Government contracts, because of their silence and yes even condoning the defiling of a dead Slav girls body in the( General Accounting Office Building)  which is a U.S Government Building located in Washington D.C.Usa.

 There can be no peace ever, without justice. Also write to the Russian Ambassador in Washington, DC. If Wackenhutt Security guards are in your building asks them what they know about the defiling of a dead Slav girls body in this Government Building. Stay tuned...this thing ain't over.

See the movie demolition man and you will see how white people in America act cowardly, obeying Political Correctness. Don't call the Redmonkee a liar because you don't like what he's saying.

The only white girls to help the Redmonkee was a West Virginia white Anglo-Saxon, she typed his papers. The other white girl that helped the Redmonkee worked inside Judge Thomas Hogan’s courtroom during the Redmonkee trial. She jumped up out of her chair and said I'm leaving here, I see what you're doing to him. Judge Hogan looked with anger at the departing white female, who was an employee in his  courtroom. Judge Hogan is known as a political Judge, he handles CIA cases. And other political hot cases for the us Government

 The only women in America to help the Redmonkee were some black women at the National Zoo, Smithsonian Institution. And they got into serious trouble with the black males. They were threatened with beatings by the black males. One black female, her place of work can never be given. She locked the Redmonkee up in a copier room, with a Xerox copier. And he made copies for several She continued to feed him reams of paper and added toner for him. She also put a sign on the door, saying the copy room was closed, and she had it locked. When the Redmonkee finally left, the Redmonkee pickup truck was loaded with boxes of copies. Which he mailed all over the world. He did not have the internet then..

 The dirty white women in America always ran away. The Redmonkee says you can't beat a good black girl. A black girl will stand and fight. A white girl will run away every time. Example Nina Totenberg, Public Radio, Cokie Roberts, Katherine Graham, these are just some of the cowardly white women in America that have remained silent. They know what happened and like the cowards they are they remaine silent, check link page Donald Graham story to see why old lady Graham is silent

 When the Redmonkee walks by these three powerful white women, mentioned above, he always smells fish. A strong odor,a fishy odor comes from them, like sardines. Anybody out there give Matt Drudge a call. And see the movie, Demolition Man  ….eat a couple bananas and stay cool.; this thing aint over,…..

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