I knew your Grandmother when she lived at 1600 South Eads Street in Arlington, Virginia.She and I had lunch numerous times in her apartment. She took me to Winchester, Virginia to see your Grandfathers' military clothes, and gave me several of his walking canes, given to him by the German people after the War. She also told me what it was like to be a small child in Arizona, and the fire that destroyed there home. And the ant hills that impressed her so.

 I formerly took care of President Reagans'' horse "Jackpot", when he was in the White House. Movie star Mike Douglas knows something about me, I verbally attacked him at the Decatur House in January of 1997, one block from the White House. The sign I held in my hand for Mike to read - stated FBI defiled my dead cousins body in the GAO Building, Washington DC. If by chance you know Mike Douglas, ask him about this incident. Read my story on my Website: http://www.redmonkee.com

Will you  advise me?  Can we turn this into a book or a movie?   Something for you, -- I took your Grandmother to visit your Grandfathers grave in Arlington Cemetery, periodically. You should know that your Grandfathers headstone is leaning and needs to be corrected .( As of this date dec.1 2002 it is not been corrected )

 Your Grandmother was very kind to me, She was a very sweet and kind Lady, with alot of class.  I dont have to tell you.  

Thank You very much, Sincerely C.J. Koritko redmonkee@redmonkee.com.

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