The Smithsonian through spoke person- Jim Douglas, made an offer to resolve the "Russian Zookeeper Affair" in a three-way conference call. . …..With Judge Causey of the Merit Systems Protection Board, Falls Church, Virginia….. Jim Douglas of the Smithsonian ….and the Redmonkee.

James Douglas spoke person for the Smithsonian, offer to the Redmonkee was…That the Smithsonian would never divulge why the Redmonkee was fired.from the National Zoo, Smithsonian Inst.

The Smithsonian would give the Redmonkee a thin veil of protection, but there would be no guarantees that employees at the National Zoo would not talk and tell. Plus the Redmonkee must move out of the area. That is what the Smithsonian’ offered…. to resolve the problem with the Redmonkee.

The Redmonkee then declined and countered with his own offer.

Other offers made to the redmonkee,….His jewish lawyer, Stern ..stated to the redmonkee at the DC jail.. The Smithsonian will give you, your job back, but it will take about six months, and there will be no back pay. (The redmonkee refused.) …Stern then asked..what will it take to solve this problem with the Smithsonian?… Redmonkee replied; ..I want 70 thousand dollars a year for life, and an apology. . As well as hiring Slavic Americans and military veterans in great numbers… Stern replied in disbelief ! This is the Smithsonian ! what else will you take he ask? The redmonkee replied, the Smithsonian pay my salary for life, and the zookeepers at the zoo do my work.

..Another offer.. made by FBI agent Doyle and agent Geiger… FBI Doyle stated the Smithsonian will give you your job back. But (no back pay). and it will take about six months.. ( redmonkee refused.)

FBI Doyle asked the redmonkee did he get a letter from the Smithsonian stating he could have his job back. Redmonkee replied no. …Never’’ FBI Doyle stated the Smithsonian said they mailed you a letter; and that you must have been out of the country when they mailed it to you.

(This conversation is on cassette tape

both agents snickered when they asked about the

Smithsonian letter.and rolled their eyes…to imply they didn’t believe the Smithsonian.the agents ask the Smithsonian for a copy of the letter ,the Smithsonian replied they cant find the letter, it must have got lost.

.Now Ladies and gentlemen of Europe and Canada,. Remember initially, the redmonkee asked Jim Douglas of the Smithsonian, with judge Causey in attendance… to resolve this problem, the Smithsonian must give the redmonkee a 10, 000 dollar a year pension, for life.

Jim Douglas speaking for the Smithsonian replied, he didn’t think the Smithsonian administration would go for it ..keep in mind the redmonkee had seventeen years of Government service, including military. …Judge Causey then stated, that’s it … that he would make his decision.

Then the war with the Smithsonian and the redmonkee was on and this war will be over when the cows come home and the whores sing in the elephant house at the national zoo Wash, DC.

(Judge Causey of the Merit Systems Protection Board is a Republican appointee)

The Redmonkee demands 3 Million dollars in compensation from the Smithsonian To make him… whole…… (That’s an American legal term)..

Ladies and Gentlemen of …Europe and Canada …now do you see why Rusty Powell’s wife said, what the Smithsonian did to the Redmonkee was stupid and dumb. Rusty Powell is the Director of the National Gallery of Art.Wash.DC,u.s.a

The redmonkee shouts to Larry Small the new Smithsonian SEC……..that’s THREE MILLION DOLLARS.. Larry … now or pay later, you have no idea what’s coming old boy..REALLY……shouts the redmonkee


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