Here name was Irene...She saved the Elephants

In the mountains where the Red Monkee hails from, the Ringling North Circus left there Elephants in a large brick factory building, and the circus moved on to winter quarters. Leaving there Elephants behind. Thet were cared for by a circus roustabout, who got drunk and deserted the Elephants. The Elephants were left there alone without food or water. Rumors abounded throughout the mountain about strange animals in this building. The Elephants were starving, and they used their trunks to break through the glass windows. To get to the dirt and grass to eat. Mobs of people gathered around the building. Some with axes trying to chop off the elephants trunks. The Slav girl named Irene faced the mountain mob, and and fought for the elephants. She told the Red Monkee to keep an eye on the mob, and let her know who was chopping on the elephants with axes. She was going to call the Sheriff and call the Pittsburg Zoo. The mob was violent and threatened her. This took place in the 1940's. At that time very few people had telephones or cars. People were wild in the isolated mountains. Not tame like they are today.

Eventually the red Monkee's Uncle arrived. Someone gave him a Thompson 45 sub machine gun and he opened up on the crowd, firing over their heads. He was a tank commander in the 702 Tank Battalion, a unit that fought many battles during World War II. He was rated an expert on the Thompson 45 Sub machine gun. He made the Red Monkee walk in front of him as he fired, they were after the people who chopped on the elephants. When he came to the house where these people fled too, he shot out all the windows, and he then made them crawl on their hands and knees to come out of the house. This is where the Red Monkee learned that you can make people bark and crawl if you have enough firepower. The sheriff came, the Red Monkee Uncle turned the gun over to the people in the crowd who were on Irene's side and they dissappeared with the machine gun. The people who chopped on the elephants trunks were forced to cleanup the manure. It was as high as an elephants belly. The Ringling North Circus gave the Slav girl Irene, ten thousand dollors for her good, brave deed. Facing the mob, she used the money to go to nursing school. She is still alive today, and lives somewhere in California.For the rest of this story you'll have to come back.

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