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Sunday, September 14, 2008

April 29 may 1-- 2010 many new things throught out the blog down load it all of it ---jogging my mind

all redmonks listen up -- its a run to the door as it closes

down load all of this blog including the archives -- and hide it

the photos that show were the Arlington county motorcycle cop almost killed me are in the archives down load it . this blog is going down -- shortly -- that's why ya gut to down load every thing but first iam going to try to tell every thing -- like a run to the castle gate as it is closing --

April 29 th 2010=----------------

-------- Once in a while you find your self in an odd situation . you go into it by degrees and in the most natural way but,when you are right in the midst of it , you are suddenly astonished and ask your self how in the world it all came about .--- Thor Heyerdahl - kon- Tiki -

---this book got the redmonk on his long journey int0 the world of books so many books so little time --- Iam still at it , you redmonkees should be too,into the world of books . this book lit a spark that became a flame of escape and book addiction try escaping in a book ya wont need drugs hell no you wont need drugs youl need another book then another book then another book then another book on and on until you die and i hope you die reading a good book ----- not bad for a boiler plate !

Paradise is not where ya end up , Paradise is were ya been---


i contuin all the way to the end typing april 29 and 30th may 1 finishing up before shut down

April - 28 th- 2010- the greatest woman activist who saved nature from the Conservationists, ---greater then Rachel Carlson who woke up the world with her book-( silent spring )

Rosalie Edge who has been forgotten ----all she girl redmonks must read this book- ( Rosalie Edge Hawks of mercy ) by jewish girl Dyana z Furmansky

she ---Rosalie Edge was a high class Anglo Saxon woman from another time 1890s--- this Awesome Anglo Saxon woman-- is a must read for all she girl redmonkees --all she girl cops, all she girl fire woman,-- all she girl EMTs ---you don't read this book get out of town --

a redmonk zinger--- Mrs. Rosalie Edge knew ?-- she knows something about the most rare bird in America and how they died and a wee lad tried to save em and Torry Peterson fuc$ up Torry Peterson playing pin ball machine down below state bowling alley next to the state theater -- he was at the-- Cotennetal #2 coal mine silt pond near union town pa. with a guy looked like old man grovsener of national geo --beard etc ---its in her mrs Edges files -- i too know a redmonkee mystery -- but ya have to go to Audubon -- let me take you to the house in MD. a long time ago--- Peterson's sees the redmonk at the Audubon open house ---and becomes ill- sits in a chair his face is white as if he has just seen a ghost and tells this woman to call the maid to burn all his papers --------------concerning something and the photos tooo

Mrs Edge knows -- but Mrs. Edge is long dead --- walk to the mine with a coal field lad yaaah mrs, Edge is long dead -- but some one else is still alive and people now have copies--- how about the files at hawk mt. ??? does any one know ???does any one have a clue --?? she i interrogated the wee lad they together then went to the silt pond at the coal mine to a tree the tree leaning a little toward the coal mine silt pond we usta swim in this silt pond but you gut dirty and god knows what else

you could read the book ---------it explains how great this brave,- this high class -Anglo Saxon woman was--- what she did was Awesome for all of America and she has been all but forgotten -- Ill keep her alive - you should toooo--

mrs.Edge was a white skin Anglo Saxon woman a high class Brahmas English woman ---her mother and father from England i saw and spoke to these high cast Brahmas old woman 1948 1949 they were in there 80s 90s years old at that time and some wore long dresses like Mrs. Lincoln buttoned at the neck color black sitting in a rocker chair on the porch white woman attendaning to them at high class homes-

the book to read for all she girl redmonkee s-- ( Of a Feather) a brief History of American Birding by -- Scott weidensaul -all red monks must join hawk mt. join hawk mt and spend time there watching hawks camping out the redmonk as a wee redmonk went to hawk mt with his uncles to shoot hawks and we were forbidden to go up the super steep hill 1940s iwas there i saw it were the hell where you ? - iam not bull shi# iam the real deal

union town town pa coal town 15,ooo people lived there only two kind of people lived here the very rich Anglo Saxons and the white ethnic slaves --Italians Greeks polish Ruthenians Serbs ,Croats-, ukies Russians working the coal mines --- rag jews from the Slavic east land s Europe also called chicken neck jews - uneducated spoke Yiddish there sons went to collage no more shettle jews rag jews all gone--- some of the jewish sons worked the coal mines and the rail road road the old jew mr. Rosenberg worked in the round house repairing steam engines he had a cow named Rosie his hand chopped off at the wrist some time ya see old people walking with wooden peg legs like pirates some would dress up there peg leg with brass nails to gussy em up not any more all gone

gen George Marshall was born here in this coal town to wealthy parents his father was in the coke business the Gen - during WW II! he came home to see his sister and we kids from the coal patch beat on the door we wanted to see him i complained he wasn't dressed like a general he had on civilian clothes sitting in a rocker chair reading a paper i was the one who beat on the door with my fist shouting we want to see the general i could see him i looked through the window he looked annoyed snapped the news paper eye balled me for a mili second but continued to read the paper his sister made him go in and dress in his military uniform Soward ,SAM brown belt and pistol and we stood on the porch and had our picture taken with the general the little miss jewish upi was there a wittiness -- another story gen Marshell came to the coal fields at night to drink snaps with the WW 1 soldiers one the who taught me how to shoot

the road in front of the house was dirt they sat on the steps and talked about world war one--- i was standing right behind him listening- he sitting on the steps a glass of home made snaps in his hand answering there questions until he called me squirt and they told me to leave ran me off

they talked about black jack Pershing his girlfriend a Romanian girl they also ask about the orders he gave- " to go to the rail head and there you are to die ) "they all laughed about that - because the gen seemed to be embarrassed he said some times i get carried away-- he sitting on a coal miners porch no lights- no lights on the streets in front of steps a dirt road it gut asphalt about 1948 -- our little house with a out house was two houses down from the world one soldier this slav W.W. one soldier always wore his wW one uniform on armistice day his putties always gut un tied dragging on the ground he taught me to shoot and every time he saw me he would shout from the porch -sharp shooter -after i shot that guy at better then 250 yards cold iron sights the world one soldier told me were he wanted the shot and i put it were the old soldier wanted it- in the shoulder and the guy went down screaming -- see the movie rocket boys and or mattawan to see what the land scape was like -- read this book american legion post 139 - the book - the remains of company -D ---by james carl Nelson

also there was a former black slave lived there mr. Johnson he was 8 years old when he was set free -- they said he was about 90 in 1949 -- do the math -

April 29 th and 30 th ill do short story things as this is shuting down that happened

James Angleton chief of CIAs (countterintelligence ) staff he was later fired by CIA director Bill Colby then thers mr Redman - and Aunt Thresa -- James came in a long black lemo believed to be va state police driving ?

he opens the door with a saussor and coffeecup of something in his hand and says hellow to me--- he has on jammies over a bath robe a coffee cup of something in his hand -- he every bit the gentleman like from Eeaton -- that so British school you all know about --

he said other pleasentries and and i then noticed a fellow same type as james i n the back -- i knew him and said in anger you son of a bitch-- they laughed and shut the door and drove off .

the second time i had a run in with jesuis Angleton same type of limo black windows blacknd you cant see in-- location half a block from the Russian embassy side street this time the driver is in a suit and james puts his window down just a little ,-smiles the long smile looking at me sips from a coffe cup some drink of some kind ---still smiling looking at me he says to me i made a mistake ,-i got you wrong its not you --

then across the street i noticed the highest ranking sovet official both he and James smiling and wave and then with the soviet official watching ----james fumbels with his chezk pistol half out the car window like it gut cought in his fingers and said to me i could have it-- he then let it fall to the street and closed the window .

i went and retreived the pistol and took it to the soviet official accross the street as a gift--- but he started running toward the russion embassy 16 th street saying your going to be me in trouble with my boss ( Carposski. mr. bobcat mr. lyinks

he running back to the embassy --james J. Angleton CIA -- mole hunter , yes indeed---- but,- jesues was the mole and the mole was jesues --

you Fuc$$$$ ing arlington police think your more them me ? you haint shi$ next to me --- when you see me you hold on to the visor of you cap till I pass --- you littl;e tweety birds you haint shi$ next me today , tomorrow or ever -- iam the real American --- damn right iam --- Iam the real deal not any of you -- more comming ---

the picture frame shop in fair fax a small high ranking kgb officer his wife i lusted for--- she did me a picture frame and left somehting in it guess ??? he threatened me -- who walks in ?but they same guy mr. KGB i tried to give the pistol too ---

they go in the back drinking vodka --, how about the top intell boys asking me in fron t of the russian embassy to be part of the washingon spy toure for tourest ---i said how much you paying ??- two top intll boys one Russian one american former enemyes the american spy-- i said how much you payen -- ---he says 250 dollars a week ---i passed .

ill give you there names later also top russian spy now living in america tells the FBI head -- the last one, not Mullier high ranking officer --KGB he points to me in front of the FBI building and says to FBI higher ups we got millions like him you want to fight -- many wittness a we all laughed more names and places-


- now in arlington --- County police miss- conduct-- location franklin rd house #2713 jews live here part of the jewish cluster---arlington police Haggerty # 13oo takes my photo

jews call the police on me saying iam a stranger in the neighbor hood Ihave been parking there 4 years the jews are the stranger s in the hood not me jews hassleing me-- a crime

house cornor key blvd and edgewood st red fence 2715 ------

in this house arlington cop came and had sex with a handi caped jewish girl when they the arlington cop had sex with her they had there uniforms on -- so she said -- this house was shut down when i held a demo in whole food s and shouted info about this house to the public -- it has a red fence the house was then condemed and no trespassing sign were posted the jewish girl becamer preg. by the arl cop this is near were i work -- it is believed to be owned by jews the people in this house hassled me one former employee who i worked with named Danny lived there this is were i saw the arlington cop who gave info as to time and date and gut a white woman raped ---he is tan and very much like a woman meaning he swhishes and sways when he walks he is Afracan American - i saw him there -- i saw black homeless people hanging there -- i saw people white shoutimg and verbal sparing with the blacks in this house it was like a bawdy house ---- you would think jews would help this jewish handicaped girl ??

the jewish cluster --- where i had to fight jews -- Henninger media services --- jews giving me a rasition of shit every day one jew came out and called me a queer and i kicked his as# and then pissed on him his head and then on his ars he then ran to the jews house 27 13 franklen located in the cluster for help -- Bonotom studio inc he threaten me with stair downs looking at me with hate stops he car to snear and stair at me a threat my ruthenian coalfield culture says he going to try to hurt me fuc# me up -- he hits my truck with his fist bam i jump out and kick his jewish hate filled ars and make him get under a car he does and i then jump on his legs they are sticking out - he had been fuc44ing with me for ever-- like all the jews -- jaffa chack on wilson and franklyn this place is a hot bed of hate the owner wher ever i see him the next thing i know i gut problems with people-- fran O brihen who prosacuted me in the arlington court her boy friend was there acting like a ass hole--- after him--- i had trouble ---i was told he is a us marshall retired he had been following me around american legion also said he was there asking about me then i have trouble ---is he a jew ???-- some one said he gut marred to fran -->>> i saw him kiss fran Obrohen who works the 5 th floor arlington court house --me at a cerimoney for the fallen cops in front of the statue of the cop.

i watched him he then tells a arlington cop to rough me up iam in the sandwhich shop watching--- fran looks nervious --twisting her fingers --for no reason cop yells at me --abuse i feel like i have been beat up--- this kind of ongoing shit is going to get people killed--- this has been going on for since 9/11 how many fuc$$ing years this ortha dox jew comes out of Henningers he works there,-- i am leaning on my car parked at franklin street after work going home and on frankln road accross from the jews house which is part of the jewish cluster the orthadox jew young dude screams at me--- iam a 70 year old man from the coalfields i went to collage at night no one gave me shit no affermation action for me -- this young orthadox jew like drill instructer at boot camp screams get out of my way he screams in my face--- Iam leaning against my car i cant go anywere ---i slam him to the ground he is stunned

i then go to my car and get apair os sissors and i cut his locks off but leave one- over his forehead -- i then pissed on his head he still stunned on the ground i then opened his pance and pissed on his asss 5 years of this shit at this one location --- nooo iam not taking it any more not one more fu3333 day - only black people from new york know what I mean jews pushing people off the side walk .

a jewish woman shouts at me that thats his religion his hair locks i shouted back --- he need s to keep his religion in his house not put it on me -- the next day this same jew with other jews throws of his last hair lock at my car---- iam standing there wondering iam going to have trouble agian ????-- the jews ask for trouble then when they get there ass kicked there victims.

this jewish lady high class came out of Hhennigers and came up to me taking tiny little steps and told me i saved her son not the one i gave a hair cut to but another young very tall jew i said i dont know your son how did i save his life ???--she said she read my books --dog face soldier Hackworth books--- how the us officer corp kill there own men for selfish reasons and she didnt want her son to go into the military ----she wanted to buy me a brand new car no one then she came a second time and some jews came out of Hennegers and said she wants to buy you a new car you saved her sons life -- i said no i dont want to get her in trouble with other jews --- the other place i had trouble was accross the street from were i work in the jewish cluster

Arlington independent Media 2701-c wilson blvd n danville st--------- were jews this is were he java chack jew went and i had trouble with the hispanic workers and the anglo saxons so i went accross the street andf said to all of em did you come her to fight or to work ? because if its to fight let s get it on now i had early chase d a big hispanic guy back in side the building. then one day tthe jewish employees who are kick boxers put his feet in my face and i heard a arlington county cop was there and saw the problem -- then the big boss jew had a little car accident and he saw mwe watching accross the street and came accross the street to fight me i had wittness these two endend up getting ther ass kicked ask the arlingtonpolice

lets move along Groves Whinchester Hareley Davidson with a arlington county motorcycle cop a jewish girl -- at this place a guy gut a problem with me and starts to kick and spit on a old Harley from Arazona i liked this old bike it was from my time-- 1950 60s he kept spitting and kicking the old Harley and the arlington female jewish girl cop was standing very close to me with a jewish looking guy and i shouted to the manager hes kicking this bike and spitting on it---

for some reason iwhat he was doing pissed me off --treating an old Harley like that so i said the arlington cop is he well ??? jewish girl cop said-- not very ---i then steped back and stumbled i think she triped me in fact i know she did--- but i didnt go down ,--like fred astair the dancer i cought my self with style too--- then i went to the guy spitting on the Harley and kicked his ass in front of every one Iam not bragging Iam telling -- he then fled with his friend and said i hurt his balls

i dont know this arlington county jewish motor cycle cop she then came back and was bragging she trip me --thats ok--- but she didnt tell the boys at the arlington station i cought my self with style and grace--- i demand from chief dug scott of the arlington police force that he make this jewish girl call me mr. fred astair--- I also heard i dont know if its true ??? she gut in some kind of trouble and had 6 jewish lawyers to defend her i only have black gals who stand up for me also she has lost alot of weight -- why i dont know ----

i urge all the redmonkeebrigrade to go se e this old harley bike the guy was spitting on its there and tell you ma that a woman owens this motor cycle dealer ship and its the high class place a family orented place they dont like me too well the mechenic said to me and not nice either we dont wont no trouble in here this a family friendly dealer ship very modern and up scale

now do read on --- the next time i fought for motor cycle cops and or Harlry Davidson motor cycles was when a --i wont say where a jewish politican over a time fram kept calling me a queer iam not a queer i like woman-- my father in the coal fields castareted a pedafhile for real not a joke-- you people keep fucking with me iam going to kill you mother fuckers -- since 9 /11 who could take this abuse but me and i punch back

a jewish politician told the motor cycle cops they were to cover up ther black motor cyle boots because he a jew was offended the boots reminded him of german jack boots so the motorcycle cops covered there boots what a bunch of bull shit-- so as he kept f666 with me at starbucks i slammed him down ---took my pance down (i dont were shorts ) and sit my nacked ass in his face, hell yes i did to cure this sick fuck4444g jew of his krazyness -- enough enough already since 9/11 you fuck444g people need help you need help,- not me you beating will comtinue untill you assholes stop -- and leave me alone

now lets go to - to danvill street close to the jewish cluster as i am loading my truck a arlington motor cyclr cop comes roaring down danvill street no helmit on it s the cop i had trouble with meatloav he shouting we need protection-- we need protection-- we cant use tim hes a ferry --we need protection -- then he shouts were reading your book -- then away he went - some of the people i work with heard him but said they cant help me -- where i work iam like one the only two white person every one else is hispanic and or black my experience being the only white person at many many places Iam not a racest because i have worked for blacks i have to say dont do it 0-- because in the end the blacks and colored do what the whites do to them its the same called the human condidtion ialso but out stickers for darfur i have starbuck cards that give money to afraca evry time i use it i put out sign for Oboma -- the blacks were i work did nothing for Oboma but when he won they the bla cks acted like they did it--- white people put Oboma in the white house not black people and for real -- its time for blacks to get down --

but i still mean to bring back the strong word --nigger--- because it fits so many people -- mostly white niggers because there are more white people then others is a state of mind not color whos a nigger ???-- because of state of mind-- almost all white politicians jessi jackson a nigger why ? because he took his preg girlfriend into the white house and theratened to cut of the balls of pres oboma --- green nigger is abe Foxman for saying you cant us the word Nazi -- when you tell people what words they may or not usethat is mind controll 0-- its george Orwell -- its is not freedom --- I ask inelectiuals is this true controll the words controll the mind they all said yes it is mind controll -- what happened to freedom another nigger Gov Wilder of Virginia wanting a op from white guy Reed over sillyness--- black negro dialect what about white ethenic or coald field speak dialect ?? Dialect ??? or hay what about shut the f### up and let every one speak ther are a lot of niggers out here and all colors toooo arlington county Va the nigger capital of the world all of in lock srtep and all afrade if a person has a different opinion -- coward arlington county all yellow niggers all afrade get a grip every one

-- the winner of the red banana award ---

goes to the great animal man of Australia the great crock man of all time Steve Erwin the greatest friend the animal world has had since Rosalie Edge and Rachel Carlson when told Steve died a redmonkee member told at night i felt a deep heavy loss for the animal world more so then the human world - the loss for the animals as if some horrible tragedy happened to the animal kingdom with loss of i know every Croc in the world cried Crock tears who else but Steve Erwin truly loved crocks but i must pull a redmonkee zinger on Steve -- he has to share this award with his favorite Crock Binde

the redmonkee red banana award goes-to Steve Irwins daughter Bindi she so much like her dad in so many ways

the redmonkee red banana award ---goes to Steve's mother a good descent Australian woman who gave Steve life so we could enjoy him steve could make even those who are not so fond of animals love them by just being Steve criky Erwin - what a son this Australian woman gave to both worlds -animal and human worlds - give her a hand she earned it

steve criky Erwin will be with us and the animals world for ever through his great family his wonderfull wife and all his great children.

"If the times aren't rip , you have to ripen the times" Dorothy i. Height ---

some thing light -- the redmonk gets tired of all this heavy shi$ its time for something light --- the redmonks shops at TRADERS JOE'S -- WHY ?--BECAUSE THE LUNCH MEATS ARE SLICED REAL THIN-- THEIR- FOR-- LESS EXPENSIVE AND LESS CALORIES - AND ALWAYS-- THE OLIVE OIL IS A GREAT DEAL --PRICE WISE -- AND YA GET A FREE CUP OF COFFEE TOO-- HOLY HELL -- FOR THOSE WHO SAIL THE HIGH SEAS --------------

----------AND WONDER This EARTH ---HELL YES ---------------------TRADERS Joe's --

---where else would ya go ? but- traders Joe's-- CHRIS LOWERY ,CAPITIAN tell ya ma and pa to go to Traders Joe's ya get some good deals - talk to the capatian --- Capitan Lowery

April 27 th -2010-- the redmonkee red banana award goes to two educated black woman at a day care center who stood up for me - i cant tell where --

they- the two black woman did this standing up for me because the white woman who wanted me out was a naval officer s wife or mother and demanded i not be allowed to bring food to this site and she a white woman upper class Anglo Saxon got the children at this site to boo me and say we don't want you here -- before- they -- the children loved me -- the brave owners refused to remove me and the white naval officers wife or mother had to take her child an go --

the Indian owners were brave and told her to go-- they were more American then white Americans--- they agreed to take the loss -- they always gave me a gift at Christmas-- the two upper class black woman earned it the redmonkey red banna award ---they fought for me and raised there voice for me --or i would have been removed -- there were no whites for me only people with color in there skin raised there voice in my defence white people really stink-- whites also called sorry as$ people Iam whiter then other white people in america because iam a Ruthenian .

April 26 --2010 at a restaurant i wont say were white waitress woman refused to serve me- because of my believes --this black gal then came to my table and said "-Iam not like them ill serve you ---takes a black girl - Janet -- thanks

April 25--`2010-- "dissent is the highest form of Patriotism"-

those who don't dissent are bad citizens --- every dissenter is good--- because every government is bad --- some more then others,- but all bad -

those who dissent are the brakes on governments world wide including the American government ...-- complain dissent ---be a real American stand up and shout -were not going to take this shi## and longer ----

" those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable"

John F Kennedy

listen up -- some stupid black people in arlington are going around saying iam a tea party member ---

Iam not a member of the tea Party or any party --iam my own man -- the redmonkey party of one- me ---- like the u.s. army ad --a soldier of one - you who have see this army ad and or poster --- they the stupid blacks also like the little black sneaks ask if i watch fox news.

-- what a sorry as$ frightened people black people they are -- blacks are saying that i am a tea party member-, there ignorant and--- un read and have no answers-- but shout your a raciest--- the blacks should be like me-- a brave white man--- said as a haw haw to these blacks -- as concerns me saying brave white man --

I watch all kind of news that's why iam a brave white man . all kind of news any kind of news iam not afrade like you black people - and iam only one man iam braver then malcom x because malcom x traveled with a army i travel alone --

the blacks should watch all the news they can to gather info so as to make a smart decision on any and all subject matter every black should watch fox news and CNN too

blacks should make up there own mind rather then shout your a white raciest tea party member for watching FOX news ----

Double think means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in ones mind simultaneously and accepting both of them . -george Orwell 1984 blacks we want freedom- to talk down white people but we blacks dont want you white to answear back to us black

the black has nothing to say because he doesn't read --- but only the sport page and waits for Jessie jackson to tell this black what to believe and do --- say like --hate and Sue in the court room white people wow !-- how in the fuc$$$would he- a black guy know anything if all he watches is CNN and listens to all black talk radio - which is hate white people radio -- I listen to black talk; radio --- a closed black mind is a terrible thing to waste ????? but the black guys like to waste- the white man made him do it-- waste his mind - ask any black guy -- who watches only CNN and listens to black talk radio

blacks are not able to talk about this subject matter concerning tea party --- the black is a coward like the jews are a coward and for this reason ---both the black and the jew accuses any one who has a different opinion -- say - different then say the black community or the jewish community has as a whole-- the blacks and jews shouts your a raciest and a antisemite --- example down below ------- for the black neck guy at whole foods in arlington some books to read black neck ---- try these two -- Barack and michelle by christopher Anderson second book -by Craig Robinson the book-- A game of Character did Craig and Barack and Michelle get affermative action if so how much ?? coal field people dont get no affermative action --- affermative action should be for every one who needs it skin color shouldnt count only need should count and what kind of name is Craig for a black guy ?? and from the south side too it must have been rough every day ? with that name Craig

------ at whole foods store in Arlington va - one black guy big and over weight --i would called a-- black neck - same as a red neck _ same mind set but black ------ threw tea bags at me at the - whole food store -he working behind the meat counter

--- one white lady went off at him saying that she is a tea party member -- this took place at (whole foods )-- in Arlington Virginia -- she was pissed -- i could of filed a complaint but the black neck or black trash- same as white trash -- this black neck black guy who threw teabags on me would lose his job -- black girls saved his job he dont know ?--

he-- this black neck guy or black trash guy and or black pecker wood guy -- made some noises the other day and i want the Arlington county board- all white members and the coward White Anglo Saxon police chief one Dug Scott who is afraid of blacks and jews and is a coward because he is white man -- I want all of you to know i am going to kick this black necks as$ sooooon ! if he don't stop --

I am not a member of the tea party or any party because they would sooner or later throw me out--- I ask hard questions because i am my own man,- and or at least i like to think i iam - i dont follow the crowd as you all do-- but some time i doo --and I dont feel good about it either --

freedom is not free ,---the American legion post 139 located down town Arlington likes to shout freedom haint free ---

but iam the only one in Arlington county Virginia paying the bill for freedom -- hassled harassed and threatened daily since 9/11

guns pulled on me here in this white coward Arlington county Virginia --- i kick there as$ and take the gun from them some time i stick the gun in there mouth like iam a dentist looking for bad teeth some time i stick the gun in there eye ram it in ----- Iam not bragging iam telling ----

listen up 5th floor common wealth attorney office --Arlington county Virginia,- Arlington court house --- located 15 min by auto from the American white house --

' those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable "

john Kennedy

for the Arlington county police force - Dug Scott Anglo Saxon chief of police of Arlington county

judge Richard Mcue all black judges Arlington county board members down below ---

---The right of self - defence is the most single basic human right of all.

The ability to defend oneself is a guarantee of the right to life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness--

before all other human rights this right stands first --

Iam defending my self you suns of a bitches because you wont here in Arlington county va 15 min away from the white house were the pres. lives with his family

you would think old people would respect me as i defend my self ??? iam kicking these young dudes as$$ --where is the respect,- where is Arrp the old peoples org. for me ??

where is anyone for me --but black gals always black gals, always black gals, always black gals it a race embarrassment to me --- iam a white Ruthenian ----white people are white shi# in a white bag---- black girls save me--- white girls watch --- you white Americans have collapsed as a race -- Iam ashamed of you white people and i fear ---you ----because you whites are coward and will not defend your selves -- your afraid of every thing - the blacks see your cowardice and don't respect you -- if i see it-- the blacks see it ---it is you whites who don't see it --- just for you white people ------------

--- ' America is ungovernable.

those who serve the revolution plough the sea .

the only thing to do in America is to emigrate

Simon Bolivar .

Arlington - located 15 min by auto from the American white House where the pres. Obama lives with his family --- if you cant dissent your not free --

if the government of Arlington County Virginia will not defend you or me because we are white and for what we believe-- then freedom of speech and democracy has collapsed yes or no ??? -- if the answer is yes ---then this question begs ---has the white race collapsed in Arlington County Virginia ???

and for all the blacks in Arlington Virginia and the Hispanics too--- to the all white Arlington county board members and to all cops and all fireman --- a tongue and cheek taunt just for you .--------

----supreme court justice Sotomayor says- "some times it takes a wise Latina " -

the redmonk says --- " some times it takes a wise Ruthenian"

Henry Louis gates says- "you dont know who your messen- with !

the redmonk says -- to the Arlington county all white board " you dont know who your messen with !

the black Simpson jury says --to white people -- iam sorry if i ruined your breakfast ! said to whites for setting black guy Simpson free of killing his white wife -- as a black race taunt

the redmonk-- says to black people- " sorry if i ruined your breakfasts " (with the book- ( stupid black men ) by a black guy named Alder

the redmonk says-- to Arlington county chief of police dug Scott -- dug baby-- sorry if i ruined your breakfast --and ill come out on the porch for ya momma --and you don't know who your messen with --- Henry Gates said it to a white cop who was standing on his- Gates porch so can i say it to a police chief one Dug Scott if blacks can say that to a white cop so can i .

-- Henry Louis Gates says - to a white cop, a Brown cop and a --black cop all three cops standing on his porch -- but says only to the white cop, hay -- Henry Gates who is pres. Obama black buddy,-- Yaah - Gates- he says to the white cop -- "Ill come out on the porch for ya momma "

the redmonk says to Gates -- "Ill come out on the porch for ya momma "

send this up above to every one involved -- see if they chuckle or act wounded if they act wounded there a racest

April - 22 --2010---

a red monk -- two red alerts - to the redmonkee brigade --- do not eat a pizza from DOMINO'S PIZZA- IN WINCHESTER VIRGINIA !!!-- LOCATION BAKER LANE --- NEAR THE CAR WASH AND AUTO ZONE parts store -- # 1 redmonk alert

i bought two pizzas at this location and ate one at my motel room and became not ill--- but violently ill ---

for three days I missed a days work -- i had to stay in bed too weak to move as of this date----- have not fully recovered --- for two weeks after this poisoning at Domino's-- i ate only two bowels of soup and some bread every day ---- looking on the sunny side--- i lost weight - and i now know i don't have to fill my stomach to the gills -- i eat only half of what i usta eat -- so that's the good thing - see the doco film- food inc.- dedicated to domino's pizza in Winchester Va

#2 redmonk alert --- i got this on the wire that two black guys are looking for members of the redmonkee brigade to beat up or frighten you--0- one is very dark and a little over weight and the other one is tan in color --- both Afro Americans --

have your mother go the all white arlington county board members :--ask them what they are going to do about it ?-- see your self if the all white Arlington county board stands up for you -- who are white ? ---

tell your mom that white people need a org. that protects white people as indeed the blacks have NAACP to protect them and the Hispanics have the org. Laraza to defend Hispanics

get your mother to go to Arlington county boards meetings to get a white org. to defend white people - why not ? --

every race needs its on org to defend its own people in America because multi culture societies all over the worlds through out history are the unstable and there is always violence aginst one another including mass killings and burnings the Arlington county Government and the us justice dept will not defend white people in America - and Iam the living proof -- that's is so and not a lie !

a Yiddish saying from the shetels of eastern Europe --

" a man who tells the truth is chased out of 7 villages " --

and the redmonk is the living proof-- read on if ya gut the nerve !


April 20 th- 2010--- all Redmonks

  • do see-- the documentary --- film----------( Food inc). tell your ma and your paw to see it . do see what happens to your food that you eat
  • this Friday April -16th
  • a story for the Arlington county Virginia fireman --- only --------
  • ---Arlington County Virginia located 15 min by car from the American white House- were the pres. lives with his family . this is the kind of fireman dept they got.
  • Arlington county all white board members asleep at the wheel. the crime the arlington county fire man did down below -- find it
  • the story ------------
  • - this Fri-as i was heading to Winchester Virginia about 8 miles from the city of Winchester a green fire truck -- (Shenandoah Farms ) -- fire truck-- came roaring down rt 50 passed me moving on --as i drove on a few miles --- i saw a fire hose, a long one,-- it seemed to stretch for ever in the middle of the right lane,--
  • i ran over it not sure what it was or what it was doing there --- i pulled over to the side of the road and started to drag the long hose over to the side on to the gravel.
  • i kept working the hose over alone it was heavy ---when all of a sudden here comes the green fire truck hauling as$ back toward me--- made a u turn on to the two lanes i was working and a young firemen came running up and pulled the hose over on to the gravel side as i was doing ----to me it was a one hell of a lot of long hose,-- it went on for ever down the road --- he working the far end me working the other end ,---other fireman stoped traffic until we finished
  • ---i felt kinda bad for em because this kind of Sh### happens to every body at some time or other --
  • there was a black gal there i had gone up to her as i was pulling the hose to the side -- she had a flat tire her car sitting at a angle she said she hit the hose couplings and her tire went flat -- -- she ask if she could drive on it i said no youl ruine the rim --after we get the fire hose pulled off the road ill come back for you ---- I told Shenandoah farms firemen that she needed help she hit the hose and her tire went flat ---
  • later i saw the young dude fireman he went to her car kneeling down at the tire talking to her - he said he would fix it for her, dont worry we will handle it he told me i went back to my car and drove on - --- NoW !----------
  • - that's a real firemen -----
  • not like the fireman in Arlington county Virginia--- they would leave that poor black gal broken down and alone along the side of the road --- but a real fire dept. not the Arlington County Fire dept.--- but -- a real fire dept. Shenandoah Farms fire and rescue dept . i believe it was -- with a green fire truck --- not a red fire truck but a green fire truck saved a poor black gal her car broken down along side a highway 4 lanes too
  • -- Arlington county Fireman are---- no damn good they to a man would have let the little black lady die along side the highway before they would help--- is this true about the arlington firemen leaving a little black lady alone on the high ----way ?????? iam only asking a question ???--
  • I had trouble with these red koons in Arlington the Arlington firemen iam talking about--
  • glad to help out a firemen any time any were except Arlington County firemen --- read the crime down below -
  • do read what they-- the Arlington fireman did ---the--- ( crime )---its down below --send the (Arlington fireman's crime story ) to all fire dept in the world so they-- the fire depts world wide can see --,
  • send it to all fire stations in all of America send it to all fire stations in Alaska -- send it to the white house to the president Obama --and dooooo send it to north Warren Volunteer fire rescue co # 10 at rockland on Berryvill Ave-- near front Royal Va . I had trouble with them also - there was a white woman there with very dark skin passing her self off as white ??? ( any way that's how i saw it ) at this fire house north Warren volunteer fire and rescue fire house -- i stoped there for a old car show 1950s and these Anglo Saxon perkerwood s did not like me being there---
  • americaaaan legion must have told em about me -- i bought a hamburger and they were very nice until some one told em who i was and i went to get a second Burger-- she this white anglo saxon woman who is very dark --unloaded on me all stressed out like i shouldn't be there -- but it was open to the public -- i then held a Minny politic demo --and told em off - all of -and said i wasnt leaving -- her skin was dark that's why i say she spent toooo much time at a tanning salon she had -- (at least i thought so )--some negro type features too--
  • I get even iam not good like all of you iam from the coal fields not the corn fields -- any way -- this dark skin white woman -she got me again at a fair were they were judging sheep near Berryvill va and put a berryvill va cop on me as i was watching the judging --
  • he attack me verbally for at least 5 min ---me not saying nothing ---- i think but Iam not sure he was homosexual cop yaaah - must have been beating on me like a military drill instructor with his mouth--- this young berryvill cop for the whole 5 min chewing me out for no reason but that i was there ??berryvill cop looked no where else but at my crotch -- i felt uncomfortable -- wouldnt youuu the berryvill va young anglo Saxon cop reminded me of the motor cycle cop in the movie- wild hogs ---- the scene at the swimming hole that motor cycle cop if you remember-- that scene where the hogs ran out of the water after the cop went in to the water I had a number problems at the berry vill steam show--
  • i knocked down a cop and a redneck i slammed to the ground and i slammed a vendor at the this steam show and the officials then shut down the vendor ,--he shouted we are taking no more orders - closed the doors--- he said he was told to insult me -- others also told me they were told to get me harrase me -- i was told that a american legion member a,guy on a motorcycle was going around all through the Shenandoah valley telling people to get me for my believes - and they did and i punch back iam from the coalfields
  • - iam not taking thAT SHIT any more --
  • i know about racial humulation when colored people fight for me and defend me and the white people only watch yaahhh iam racial humulated
  • IAM WHITER THEN An ANGLO SAXON BECAUSE IAM A RUTHENIAN --- BUT ONLY COLORED PEOPLE -- TOLD ME WHAT HE was TELLING THEM TO GET ME --this phoney cop he shouted to the crowd that he was lawinforcement showed his badge . every one in cars and in the park near the aspan for homeless people buldg. near jerry pizza in the half a block from court house --center of that street
  • i punch back for real iam not bragging -- I crush balls in one case it was touch and go if they may have to be cut off -- still they come at me like lemmings runnings to the sea at me --mouth open a little-- eyes wide
  • i never spoke to them--- i dont know them --who the f4444are they ??? why have they lost there minds about me? does any one know ?? if so let me know --
  • how about-- mass Hysteria-- from the dictionary --means condition effecting a group of persons charaterized by excitement anxiety or irrational behavor . is this it ??
  • ok- arlington county board- all members- all white your up -- send this by e- mail to the arlington county board all redmonks - e-mail em --
  • is this it ? the word Perscution - the black chief judge- judge Williams your up too- is this it --?
  • from the dictionary- the word -- Perscution -- to pursue with harrassing or oppresive treatment because of believes to harrase presitently to harrase to create a unpleasent or hostel and annoying situtaion by uninvited and unwelcome persistent verbal or physical conduct -
  • -- Iam 71 years old --how old was i when 9/11 happened ?? as old as i am i still kick these young dudes as$ - they cant believe it-- Iam kicking there as$$$as i tell them ill stop beating you if you run and hide under a parked car in the parking lot they always do and these young dudes shout always to the crowd watching -- call the police, call the police, they shout and when the run away the always shout to melooking over there shoulder as they run -you sunofa bitch - they always always call me a sunofa bitch -- I dont know them why are they attacking and harraseing me for what is on my web site -- what do they teach in the arlington county schools to the children about the First admendment to the u.s. Constutuiton ???? free speech
  • the jews and anglo saxon are making an as$ out of them selves attacking me ---- not only do i kick there as$ they all attack one man alone--- one man alone me ----thats makes anglo saxons and jews cowards in my eyes they come at me like lemmings running to the sea and the arlington county board and the arlington police dept of arlington county virginia had a chance of a life time since 9/11 to study and observe mass hysteria by white anglo saxon and jews as well as the american legion and others inc.-- cops, fireman county employees etc -- they the leaders of Arlington county Virginia -- blew it, a chance of a life time to watch a people go crazy against one man like i was a black guy who raped a white woman -- in mississippi 1930 s
  • April -08-2010_________
  • some new books in the redmonk book store book--is -"
  • ---- Sea of dangers " by Geoffrey Blainey ---- captain cook and his rivals in the South Pacific
  • why this book ????--- see that capt cook spells like the redmonk meaning -BBBBaaaaad---
  • great stuff on the ships of that time frame etc ---and just how great the British Isl people are -- which is because of there high culture not the color of there skin,--- culture makes the people,--- not skin color --
  • also this book details ---in site into how primitive peoples see a greater culture then there own ---- its called racial humiliation by culture -- meaning there must be something wrong with us colored people - because the white culture is so high and has so many things and we have nothing to compare to this great white person ---
  • that every time the people of color see a white person they feel humiliated and feel shame ,----that turns to hate with shouts of anger at white people ---you whites stole every thing ---when in fact white culture invented every thing almost --airplanes computers, autos, medicine ,television trains trucks, buses- cell phones -blackberries that pres Obama even has one --- rockets , the atomic bomb -whites invented that too ---need i go on --
  • let the United nations put what the white race people of Europe did for the world and then put what black and colored people did for the world yahhh ---
  • weigh it on a scale in front of the united nations in new york on world wide television so the peoples of all colors white, Brown Black and yellow peoples of the world can see -- yaah for the 91 percent black and coloreds can see with there own eyes to see what whites have done for 91 percent of the worlds population and the blacks and coloreds hate white people-- the nerve and how ungrateful .
  • culture makes the people- not skin color--
  • this book explains it a little --its why white people are hated by blacks and people of color all over the world --
  • white people are only-- 9 percent of the worlds population the people of color are-- 91 percent of the worlds population --
  • these white people of the planet earth must be glorious indeed - for the whites to have done all of this--- making a better world with high Anglo Saxon cultural and high Anglo Saxon Law that was used to free blacks in America --- as one example.
  • 91 percent of the worlds population is black and colored people---- the white people stands at only 9 percent of the earths population ----I ask were is the thanks ----from the 91 percent colored to the white 9 percent white people.
  • the white 9 percent who did every thing for the world to make life better for every one ??? were is the thanks from colored people ??????----
  • the president of the united States -Barack Obama who is white and black said :-- "that the problem with white people is that they are arrogant -- wow !!
  • the redmonk ask the people of the world --- should the 9 percent whites of the world be ashamed for making every people on the earth a better life--- with all of these white inventions. the--: Internet . computers, movies colored Television autos airplanes on and on it goes what the white people did for the people of color ?????--- no thanks from colored people-- WhY ???? ---
  • I- the redmonk say the whites should be more arrogant for doing all they have done for the 91 percent colored people of the world --who couldn't do for them selves for what ever reason ??? -- culture is the reason - but the coloreds are trying to blame climate-- thats a small part of it 99 % its culture -- culture makes the people from the cradle to the grave -- and thats why you coloreds will never be Swiss or germans or British ---
  • listen up blacks and coloreds the slav race has two thirds of the land ,mass of europe but there slav culture gives them a low life like you coloreds have a low life --- culture makes the people --
  • the Arabs a semetic people have the deseret-- it does not bloom ---the jews have the state of Iserial a desert the jews too are a a semetic people but the jews make the desert bloom you black americans its the culture that makes the people not the skin color and the culture of the jews makes the desert bloom
  • i the redmonk shouts to the 9 percent white people of the world --- that the president of the united states one - -president Obama needs to apologize to white people all over this earth for his statement--
  • -----( that white people are arrogant )--
  • for stating that hate remark to the white race -- that white people are arrogant -- this remark by pres. Obama to and about the 9 percent white race of the world standing in numbers at only 9 percent who did every thing for pres. Obama black side where is the thanks ??? from black people ????
  • -- --- pres. Obama --president of the united states must apologize to the white European people of the world on world wide television now today --and a Mel Gibson type apology is in order here -- soooo- president Obama need s to get busy watching news reels of movie star mel Gibson apologizing to the jewish people on TV
  • - good night and good luck ---to all you colored people who hate white people because you are humiliated that white culture made all of you coloreds a better life in every way.
  • to all you colored people who hate whites-- sorry if i ruined your breakfast ?--
  • i say it the same way and mean it the same way Simpsons black jury meant it and said it to the white people as a race baiting taunt after the Simpsons trial - where he Simpson was found not guilty of killing his white wife by a black jury .
  • ---- yhaa --sorry if i ruined your breakfast colored people ??
  • some one in this coward white country called America gut to answer back to black people and all people of color who hate white people-- because the blacks are humiliated for having done so little for the world ---- and cant get over it ..
  • a book for all you white hating blacks and also for president
  • Obama the----book (stupid black men ) by Larry alder ---
  • ---- Larry Alder --who thinks like i do on race issues --he Larry is a black guy -- he loves his black people ,-loves em he loves his black people so much ---that's why he wrote this book---- Stupid black men ---
  • ---this is the redmonk --- sorry if i ruined your breakfast and and ill come out on the porch for ya momma --- I say it and mean it the same way prof Robert Gates - said it and meant it to a white cop that was standing on prof Gates porch ---
  • Prof Gates is a black close friend of pres. Obama- prof gates is not a white close friend of president Obama -- Prof Gates is a black close friend ----that indeed president Obama came to prof. Gates aid with out knowing all the facts -wow ! -- Iam a white man-- no one came to my aid -- but a lot black woman and Hispanic Filipino woman and some postal black guys ---came out of the u.s. post office and told me the u.s. Government is not letting my mail get through -- that took guts --(the blacks live the bible and the whites talk the bible )-- the white postal employees just watched and did nothing . Iam a ruthenian White man --- said as a race taunt to white people ---
  • ---- but i still want my apology on the 7 oclock news from the president of the good ole u.s. of .A ----- one pres. Obama for that hate race talk he did about white people ----he the president of the united States must apologize to all whites the way blacks demand apologizes from white people for every slight that anyone can imagine---- as did black former Gov. of Virginia dug Wilder demanded an apology from white guy Reed--- listen up- Pres. Obama and former gov. wilder of Virginia -- and listen good -- ( honest race talk is not hate talk )
  • the book to read ---Barack and Michelle- by Christopher Andersen if ya dont grow your going ta shrink . read this book
  • and there is not one white org. that protects white people in all of america as the blacks have NAACP org. the - Hispanics have Laraza org. that stupid white people give there tax money too so as to keep these two anti white org. solvent so they the laraza and the NACCP can attack white people white people are stupid --- I need a lawyer but there is no white org in all of america that defends white people from people of color . sorry if i ruined your breakfast all you people of color who hate white people .------- and i hope i insulted you silly white people .
  • ( honest race talk is not hate talk )
  • ------- and for Eugene Roberson who writes for the washington Post newspaper which is located in Washington DC-- send him all this info the demand by me that president Obama must apologize to white people for saying that white people are arrogant !
  • this black newspaper fellow --Eugene Roberson likes to race bait white people in this newspaper --- he gets away with it too why ??--- if he -- Roberson and another raciest a jewish fellow name Richard Cohen who also works at this newspaper--- if both of them were white they would have been fired - Richard Cohen is jewish meaning a Semitic person --- meaning same as an Arab-- Arabs are a Semitic people as are all jews ---he Richard Cohen is not a white European and thats ok
  • Iam just letten ya know -- and iam not a Anglo Saxon iam a Ruthenian and iam letten ya know -- Ruthenians the smallest minority in America. and Yaah like prof gates--- Obama black buddy i too had race trouble with Anglo Saxons growing up in the coal fields .
  • but for all you coloreds peoples of the world ya gut ta grow or your going ta shrink --
  • i now see the Anglo Saxon race in a different light for what they the English, Scott, Irish, Welsh and Cornish are-- a great glorious British isl people who made us ---all of us including Ruthenians a better life because the Anglo Saxon was and is High Culture,---- culture makes the people not skin color----- you gut to moooovveeee oooon ----- do read Larry Alders book (stupid black men ) --- the book that president Obama, prof Gates and that Robinson girl who the president married these three are afraid to read- this book ---( stupid black men )--by larry Alder and yaaah -- and just one more thing you people of color quit blaming white ethnic people :---Italians ,Greeks, Slavs and Ruthenians, and polish people for your colored peoples problems ---
  • your the enemy yaah you-- look at your self -- read Larry's book and take two white aspirin-- this is the redmonk--- good night and good luck to all ya colored people of the world who hate white people ya gutta grow or ya going ta shrink ---now for the shocker ---
  • i call on all white people in america to petition the us Congress and the US senate to make an all white home land in canada that all whites who want to will move to Cananda as an all white european state with no people of color allowed --
  • because the colored people can not and will not recover from ther humulation and will forever complain about white people until the last whit person is gone this migration to an all white state to canada to save european culture with Italion sections Slavic section English irish scottish sections saving this great high european culture like saving the giant Pandas as europe is divided to day so will canada a down sized europe because white cant hold -- no babies -
  • we whites will be under the queen of England example the united nations its self is suggesting and talking about the saving the white race by having sa large section of viking states finland far north as off limits to all other races so as to save the white race from xtenksion why not canada ???
  • if we go to canada to a all white state we will never hear again you dirty white people did something to us coloreds you dirty whites stole every---- thing iam sick of hearing it the news papers stated the last blond person will die in finland 400.00 years from now --I dont know how they know that --it was in the washington post news paper so you see even the united nation is thinking ---how do we save the white race ?
  • i have heard blacks and brown people say good ridence every poll i have taken in stores libaries every white has said yes ill go if you can get it -- they also add were sick of the minorities complaining too,--- were tired of it , 60 years of hating white people --if whites are no longer in america who will the coloreds blame ????
  • the redmonk says turn america over to the Hispanics we will leave - whites cant hold no children --turn the american land from the mississippi river over to the american Indians fore an indian state ,-flordia goes to the cubans -- the afracan american gets three states in the south for a north American Afracan homeland -- the rest can and will be a multiculture state --you people of color live in your house we whites will live in ours you fuc##ing people of color are mentally ill about white people no joke either the tan guy in the justice dept. holder said he wants honest race talk tell him iam giving it to every body--- read my web site black brown and white and boy are they pissed . honest race talk there is none----- send this to all black leaders to laraza nnacp ,-the white House- to pres, Oboma-. to prof. robert Gates --- the black hillbilly guy from west by god west Virginia the pres. black buddy the only black buddies i gut is black woman ---- but do make sure ya send it to Eric Holder that tan guy and that black gal named Butts in the white house ----
  • April 07--- 2010---
  • some new red monkee red banana awards
  • winners -- are-- Daniel Ellsberg a jew - for telling the truth on the viet nam war he bet his freedom on telling the truth he could have gotten 20 years in prison ---see the movie ( the most dangerous man in America .) ( Daniel Ellsberg and the pentagon papers ) a film by judith Fhrlich --- see it -- if ya dont grow your going ta shrink -- he did a very jewish thing the jewish book on jewish ethics explains it --
  • winners --are ---
  • the united States Coast guard---
  • --for saving 30 thousands lives during Katrina --thats 30.000 humans they saved --- they get no respect -- the coasties a very small out fit that does a giants job and no credit too --- there ships are old and beat up they go were other sailors fear to go into the storm as all other sailors flee who else but the coasties could save 30.000-in less then one year think about that # 30.000--as Tim mc Veigh ustalike to say - (think about that ? )-- the book ya want to read is --- Rescue Warriors -- by david Helvarg---the US Coast guard -- Americas forgotten Heroes -- that's the book-- read it !
  • winner is --Al gore ----
  • -- for telling the inconvenient truth on climate change he too was mocked in the news media he dared speak out side the American box -
  • winner is --Georgie Zoros --- for telling us --the American people through the news media that America is very close to Fascism --- as indeed are civil rights are being eroded every day .
  • remember--- Zores lived and walked the streets in Hungary when it was occupied by German troops , 1940
  • as a 13 year old boy hiding his jewish identity from the German authority's --- with is eyes and ears he saw ---
  • so he would know ! -- I too saw the news reels as a wee lad 1944 45 and the way the American Govt. talks to the people today ----is the same as Germany during WW II--- the same, -- How do i know ????-- i read German doc. from WW II and its the same how they the American Govt. writes and talks to the American people . the same--- this down below --
  • -- taken from US army ranger pat Tillmans book --( were men win Glory )--- by Jon Krakauer--- Pat was familiar with the words of Hermann Goring who in 1946 shortly before he was sentenced to death for crimes against humanity---- made these remarks to all of us -- yaah all of us here in america --- her goes Goring words to us ----- Naturally, the commen people dont want war , neither in Russia nor in England nor in america , nor for that matter in Germany. that is under stood .
  • but after all , its the leaders of the country who determine the policy , and its always a simple matter to drag the people along --wheather its a demoocracy , a facist dictatorship or a parliament , or a communist dictatorship ...... voice or no voice the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders . that is easy .
  • all you have to do is them thay are being attacked , and denounce the pacifists for lack of Patriotism and exposing the country to greater danger it works the same in any country -- so said Hitlers Reichsmarschall Herman Goring in his prison cell -- was goring talking about America now today 2010 ? wag the dogs tail yes or no -- i say Goring backed george Zoros up as concerns america comming close to a Facist state ask your ma ,ask your pa ,but do shop at traders joes for olive oil -- get a free cup of coffee --- when Zoros talks evry one should listen -- those jackas white news men -- the need to get a JOB
  • american news man mocked Georgie Zoros for saying this truth concerning Fascism in America and or coming very close to Fascism --- that why he-- Zoros won the ---
  • red banana award ---for saying a truth -- speaking out side the American box -- did any one hear him ???
  • Georgie Zoros mother was a Ruthenian jewish woman from the redmonks homeland greater Ruthenia .
  • Ruthenians are the smallest minorty in America 300.ooo strong in the homeland ,
  • Greater Ruthenia 75 miles-- long 50 miles--wide-- what you didnt know ?--- twice now the redmonk was threatened by a foreign government here in Washington dc as concerns Ruthenia making a come back -
  • april 1-- 2010 added on the back up plan Haitian story- below --
  • March 26 ---2010-- i-- have finished up the Haitian story Its all done finished --
  • Jan 23- 2010 -the Porta au prince Haitian story 1957---- this story connected to the dead Haitian prostitute story on monkey tails page------- do read the Irish limerick at the bottom of that story --- the - dead Haitian prostitute story -
  • to see were this story side bar-- is coming from ---
  • I tried to tell you in the limerick but no one was interested since 1998 ---
  • a Russian news man said to me a long time ago ---to save something ---for if you get on T V with the redmonkee story you will need to have something to say new ------- no ones interested - so ill give you the side bar story to the dead Haitian Prostitute story. located on the monkey tails page !
  • Ill put this story of two Haitians on the run for there lives and how they were saved by a $10 dollar American bill ---the high ranking Haitian police official-- pissed off says to the 17 year old redmonk and i may shoot you too if you dont get out of here-----
  • a gun shot wound to the stomach off to the side no blood but the hole was black like some one stuffed the bullet hole with coal dust a dying man and his 10 year old son i throw in a taxi one of those 1950s very small French Renault's-- black smoke belching from the tail pipe,--- trying hard to get them away from the Haitian police and rush back to the sea going Beast L.S.T 1162 --- the old beat up Renault bouncing over pot holes broken down streets just bearly streets one lane one step up from a donkey trail ----
  • iam yelling faster gut damn it- faster ! looking back through the rear window to see if we were being followed --
  • this Haitian is dying in the back seat his son is distressed ok how about in shock -- the Haitian adult is laying at a 45 % angle in the back seat because he is too tall to sit up and those style Renault's were very small like a ----- mini-cooper auto.--
  • I dont know if i can pull this off --- save them ---if i dont there both dead the Haitian police said so--- but why ???
  • -- Haiti in 1957 is not arlington county Va in America 2010 ---- ---- life is so cheap in the third world you can buy people for $10 dollars--
  • the Red monk trying to save two Haitians lives -- on the run --the year 1957 he the redmonk is 17 years old--- been living on his own since he was 16 years old. went into the Navy because the us Marines wouldn't take him . too light-- ------as concerns the two Haitians in the back seat -I only have a open window to save them that is slowly closing as the clock ticks -- I was thinking a back up plan also if LT Murphy said no --- I felt some responsibility for the shot Haitian cop --he got my money back the other stuff i dont know about --- did she rough him up (the cop )who shot her -- her boy friend was the boss cop remember ?-did he the cop who shot her --see a chance to get even with her -- i dont know - it could go any which way -- ??? none of that mattered -- death for these two was just around the corner
  • I know what i was going to do ive gut to get to the best man on the ship U. S. navy Beast- L.S.T ( 1162 ) --- the best man on the ship with some power -- a Irish cath officer LTJG Murphy in charge of the deck crew on this Navy Beast L.S.T 1162--- he--- LTjG Murphy was a real officer in every way respected by the crew and who looked like movie star Henry Fonda in the movie mr. Roberts --- ---the old Renault pules up to the pier i yelled stay here to the father and son in the back of the taxi i left the taxi door open i running up the gang plank to the quarter deck were is ltjG Murphy i shouted to the deck watch who had a 45 pistol on his hip dressed in dress whites standing guard duty --- whyyy do youuuu waaant hiiiim -- said to me a Ruthenian from the coal fields ---a man is dying in the back seat and he wants to fuCCCCCC# around-- I turned and fled into officers quarters and could not find ltJG Murphy so i went back down to the quarter deck the taxi still there door open
  • but now i saw Lt Murphy with the Deck watch talking i went up to them and Begin telling LT Murphy what happened -- how it happened he already knew about the dead Haitian prostitute that happened a few days ago i was told to stay on the ship -- but i went ashore any way-- and hooked up with a taxi
  • I told a taxi driver that i wanted to see old Haiti back in the hills not were tourist go I want to see some real Haitian Voodoo--- he said he knows some thing like i wont to see is taking place right now maby we can get their in time .
  • we drove maby 10 12 miles and went up a steep hill as we approached and parked in the back on a flat level place we got out and he told me to stay in the back they dont want white people here- and he put his jacket over my navy blouse,-- i took my hat off --I then went in close ---i saw a circle thatched roof hut no siding all open four post holding up the roof white washed post-- a large group of Haitians were watching a witch doc dancing - all entranced like at a religious service she the voodoo doc was taking fast little steps with a live chicken held buy its neck in her the witch doc mouth dancing in a circle little steps very fast like one sees in Africa the voodoo priestess has a thousand yard star as she dances like bow lagged-- around she goes dancing,- shuffling her bare feet ,-rag on her head white powder all over her face lips -- like an- ABO- in Australia .
  • i then notice on the dirt floor next to one of the white washed post a trussed up with rope a 5 foot alligator I said holy shit time what is this ??? there were i then noticed other chicken's and roosters on the ground with no head,
  • Iam the only white person here every one is like tall big thin and serious Black not tan but blue black Haitians three times my size I weigh 130 lb. the Haitians are shoulder to shoulder two layers deep getten with it--- bent over,- swaying and moaning contorted faces with the drummers pounding away these pounding drums --this religion and the voodoo priestis driving it on.
  • Iam 17 years old from the coalfields I love this shit ,--this is to me -- ( Terry, Lee and the pirates time--) -- (steve Canyon )-- those WW II adventure comic books i read as a kid dreamin of far away places in the coalfields -- this is what iam living for --- I keep looking at the trussed up alligator from time to time to see if hes dead or alive- he moves i say hell he must be next---
  • the tempo of the drums are starting to build higher and higher the Voodoo priestess is dancing faster now-- all of a sudden she bites the chickens neck blood flows she spins faster and faster her arms straight out at her side the blood sprays out on us -the people --some got on me--- then the drums stop and the voodoo priest stoped dead silent---
  • some on had early shouted out that i was there the voodoo priestess stared at me the long star and then walked toward me firm staring -- the taxi driver grabbed me said in a whisper we have to go--- its not safe ---we ran to his taxi and roared bouncing down the way we came up the dirt one lane road ,--as i looked out the back window as we pulled away she the voodoo priestess was standing in the middle of the road watching us roar down the unpaved road . me watching her from the back window --
  • we rode on into Porto prince Haiti when the Taxi driver pulled up let me out-- a Haitian police dressed in us Army WW II kakie pance and shirt--- gun slung low on his hip cowboy style beckoned me to come over --- he said come with me,- my boss wants to talk to you , --- said in a Jamaican accent french accent -- what ever--- what does he want i ask ??-cop say just some things ---come --- it was just around the cornor so i went --
  • I step in a little office full of cops all the Haitian cops there all dressed the same us army WW II Kakia shirt and pance guns on the hip scowls on there black Haitian faces all staring at me like there wounded--- like i done something to them--- thats when i noticed the Haitian in a chair three feet away holding his stomach and the 10 year old boy at his side looking at me in a pleading way -------------
  • ----------- the Haitian top cop boss said-- i want to ask you some questions ,--you were in that house were that girl was killed yes ??? i said yes -- boss cop -she stole 60 $ dollars American from you ? I said yes ,-he said-- then what happened ?-- i replied -I raised hell i wanted my money but all the girls kinda of in a rush threw me out the door and then slammed the door shut,---- i tried to get back in but the door was locked - boss cop ask-- then what happened ?-- i said - i saw a Haitian cop just alittle ways down the street ----- ( Haitian street is one lane not a street like in America get the picture ??? ))---I the told the Haitian cop what she did,-- ( she took my money right in front of me and wouldn't give it back )--- the Haitian cop then said to me firm ------ ((--come ill get your money back for you )))- the boss Haitian cop then ask--- did he give you the money???- i said yes--- boss cop ask how much was it,--- i replied 60 dollars American-- --boss cop ask --what did you do with the money,--- I said i gave the Haitian cop 10 dollars for getting my money back - boss cop then ask -- was the girl shot before you gave the money or after you gave the money ??--- I replied after i gave him the money the Haitian cop I gave the 10 dollars to-- said- ( she is a bad girl she stealing from the boss ) -- boss Haitian cop said surprised -- he said that ??? I replied yes ---all the cops laughed -- boss cop silenced them with a annoyed like ------- I then added he said to me--- she is stealing money from the boss shes a bad girl--- he went in and shot her in the head---- boss cop you saw him shoot her ???? i replied no,-- because the door was closed , he slammed the door shut when he went in to kill her --but i heard the shot--- Baam -- i was standing out side the door -- he then came out slammed the door shut and said again as he passed me walking away -- he said--- shes a bad girl -- Boss cop ask -- then what happened ?-- i then went up to the door pushed it opened and she was settin up in a rocken chair with a bullet hole in the center of her forehead sitting up --boss cop ask -- was she alive ??? i replied i dont think so,- because there was grey matter and slime coming out of the back of her head running down the back of the rocker --- boss cop why did you go in to see ??? -- i wanted to see what happened , I thought the shot was to scare her -- boss cop what else did you see ??? all the woman were standing around the rocken chair and had knives in there hands and shook them at me . boss cop what did you do ??? i replied - i stepped back and fell down the steps on to my back almost .- all the cops laughed -boss cop then said like he was tired--- boss cop wistfully --- i liked that girl ,- i knew she was taking money for her family i let her do it - i didnt care , then he said to me ---I believe what your telling me-- the the boss cops voice raises -- but him pointing at the Haitian with the bullet hole I dont know about him ---- meaning the guy in the chair holding his stomach with his 10 year old son besides him --- twice now the Haitian in the chair tried to intervene after i said what he said - ( shes stealing from the boss shes a bad girl )-- he the Haitian with the bullet sitting in the chair saying I did it for you boss she was stealing your money---- i did it for you
  • boss cops voice is now hard ---boss cop ask me what would police do in a case like this in your country ??? i replied he might slap her-- fire a gun to scare her,-- return the money arrest her ??? depends -- boss cop would he shoot her ? I said no- i dont think so -- boss cop what do you think about him shooting her ??? I didn't want to answer but then said I think it was tooo much,--- at this remark by me the-- boss cop comes alive ,-boss cop- says in a loud voice boss cop -- almost shouts -- ( that's what i think ! )--- he then says to me --angry loud--- ( give me 10 dollars )-- i quickly reached in to my pocket gave him 10 dollars then he says to me direct stern his face into my face ---- if these two are in Haiti tomorrow Ill shoot both of them ,- there yours, and i might shoot you to if you dont get out of here---
  • ------away we flew out the door out into the street in to a taxi running back to the U S Navy Beast LST 1162 looking for LJG murphy the only chance --
  • the ending -- did we save them or did they die gunned down in the streets of old Voodoo Haiti ??
  • lets finish it up back at the Navy beast LST 1162 --LT Murphy flew up the gang way ladder after i told him what happened at the Haitian police station and was gone below decks for a while then we took the two Haitians below decks to sick bay.--
  • the few Haitian people on the pier were just watching,--- then a black Marsada's pulled up a Haitian doctor came with his little black bag and came aboard and was taken below decks to sick bay ,--
  • later after some time had passed with LT Murphy walking the Haitian doc to the gang way bidding him good by i believe he was given two hundred dollars the doc then drove off -- having removed the bullet.
  • the next day the Haitian police came and wanted to board lST 1162 but were not allowed aboard ---the Haitian crowd on the dock is angry now and pissed off yelling threats weapons are handed out to crew members armed guards are placed on the bow-- port and starboard sides and stern--- its starting to look like the movie - ( the Sand pebbles )-- staring steve Mc Mqueen ) - later that night or next morning we cast off our mooring lines and head out to sea -- in the belly of the us navy Beast LST 1162--- was the two Haitians heading up to Boston didnt know that at the time.
  • late one night the Haitian and his son wanted to thank me they woke me as i was sleeping and telling me how grateful they were and the Adult Haitian the father gave me the bullet the doc took out of his body---- he was a tough Black Haitian he took a shot and it didnt kill him he had nothing but his clothes and this bullet.
  • it wasn't me who saved them two Haitians on the run---- it was the uS Navy officer LTJG Murphy and he was Irish he was green not orange thought ya like to know who save them and dont forget the ugly US navy beast LST 1162---- what happened to the Haitian father and son i dont know,--- i never heard--- some illegal stuff going on--- all hush hush -
  • NOW --- did i have a back up plan if ltJG Murphy couldn't clean this up save em ???
  • damn right ----the plan was to sneak them both aboard and hide them in side the belly of the navy beast LST-1162 and when we arrived in the states get them off the ( little creek amphib base ) and a bus ticket to some were --a LST is not a aircraft carrier or a battle ship which has 5000 crew sailors -- a LST has 120 150 size crew members there are places on an LST that one would not find another person-- i knew hiding places-- i could have pulled it off --
  • example -- some of us climbed the rat lines , mooring lines on and off over the rat guard of this ship to get off the ship and sneak in to town to drink couple beers and come back if we gut caught we would be in for big trouble,--- we would have a buddy throw a rope ladder over the side at a certain time 8:00 slip into the water your street clothes in a plastic bag to keep them dry and swim to shore at little creek amphib base-- change clothes and go to the bars come back at a certain time -- your buddy throws the ladder back down over the side up you go hope ya dont get caught --- LSTs are amphibious ships not pretty boys navy ships like a aircraft carriers different kind of Sailors,-- cargo haulers ,ammo haulers Marine haulers, you gut it, you want it moved we haul any were you want we dont give a damn we wear dirty blue work clothes and work ----we have a different mind set -- so yes i had a back up plan -- sneak them aboard
  • -- killing people in the third world means nothing,--- people like the jew allen Levine who was given Maros pizza by his hard working jewish parents Levine shouted at me about the dead HAITAN Prostitute that i caused her death -- i was pissed a jew boy like Levine who has been no were but Israel and Rohoba beach and lived all his jewish life in fortress Israel in arlington Virginia and had a bad heart during the Viet Nam War---- then when the war was over his jewish heart gut well --- holy shit time --- if Allen Levin went to viet Nam like he was suppose to do ----for American-- do his duty --- he would have seen with his own jewish eyes just how cheap life is in the third world and he would never had made that snotty remark to me about the dead prostitute ----
  • this is what happens to people like Levine who dont go were the crosses grow ---- like the jew Levin ---he has no Idea - not a clue - what you didnt know about levine he told either the police or some one else that i brought in cockroaches in to his place of business there as always been cockroaches in his place of business because the bulding started out as a chack there in the walls i saw em there for years never said a thing why because his wife is half ruthenian i was told thats how phoney i am ill defend a ruthenian no matter what -- then i complain when blacks jews and hispanic do that -- levine jewish buddy zeltin also known as broiler zeltin messed with me could not contain him self i kicked his ars and then went after his help who had butcher knives shacking them at me iam bnot taking that shi# i went after them too they fled then zeltin involved a arlington police in a sting operation at the broiler he kept f9999 with me and had the black arl cop out side to in a county cop car arrest me for kicking his ars but a black girl cop wouldnt go for the sting set up zeltin edging me on the two gut in a verbal clash zeltin also gut his own personell holocaust by fuc$$$ with the wrong guy he was taking to the oven for his Holocaust thats why zeltin is called betty furness zeltin she was that woman who opened kitchen oven door on tv
  • both Zeltin and levin owe me money because the jewish book of ethic says you are to give money when you harm some one not to Apoligize the jewish book of ethics says so
  • allen levins mother gave me a free slice of pizza one time allen was shocked he said she doesent give any one a free slice-
  • read these books Levine ( Manischewitz the matzo family )-a book by
  • llarura manischewitz alpern--- the making of an american jewish icon--- the book --( the holocaust is over we must rise from the ashes )-- by Avrham burg-- next book the st louis Passengers and the Holocaust - book -- called (refuge ) by scott Miller it might make you and your jewish bro zilten think about the blacks from darfur you jrews too shut the door on people and say hell no you cant come in you have no right to complain levien -- and the book that you and irving zeltin are in this book-- ( high way to hell ) by john geddes ya gutta read it allen you are in this book i was amazied i laughed like hell you and seltin wondering around --
  • u and zeltin are in this book levin look for you allen levin the people go to marios for your dads pizza and people go to marios because of lefty and Joe no one goes to maros because your there----
  • your dad a real jew moped the floor,- i saw him, when your dad a real jew smiled the hole room lit up -- your jewish mother once cought your dad making a mistake your dads smile lit up the room and he says still smiling i love her, i lover, thats why i married her she keeps her eye on me ------every one laughd-- so yo see --you-- allen --gut to become more like your dad and less like allen --your dad a real jew -- try to keep up -allen good night and good luck - your in John Geddes book but you and irving-- aka betty furnes s zeltin - gut ta read it- to see your selves - we could have solved this problem with some free slices of your dads pizza but nnnnoooooo you wanted war -- for you Allen -
  • -- Its not the large things that send a man to the mad house . no, its
  • the continuiing series of small tragedies.......... not the death of his love,
  • but a shoe lace that snaps , with no time left.
  • Charles Bbukowskie the shoe lace

levin and zeltin the Talmud states that it is monetary compensation that is to be sought for an injury infliected --- the Talmud say so, not me,-- iam telling you what the Talmud says.

you and zeltin owe me money the jewish book of ethics says so ,-not me, the book say you owe ask a rabbie -- your callirabie --- good night and good luck tell your half blooded ruthenian jewish wife i said hellow

  • - american legion Post 139 your up --
  • your book to read before you go after levin ---the book- ( vets under Siege )-by a jewish guy Martin Scharm -- one last thing american legion post 139 -- how big should my va check be for the damage to my hearing by a land mine and the asbestious in my lungs from the engien rooms on u.s.govrment ships give me a number ? because iam not getting a fu4444 dime -- i rufuse to put a white bowel in my hand and beg the way you vets at the legion hall do-- beg for what ????- the law states they must give -- the law is clear on that ----i dont see a gun in your hands Why ???? is america yours or is it theirs ???
  • ---talk to Levin tell that jewish sucker how cheap life is ?? tell him about bodies stacked up just like cord wood ,-blood rolling out of the back of the truck like a water fall -- when it comes to a halt,--- chains clanging against the truck dust swirling around the truck life is cheap -- if Hitler comes back youl find out Levine just how cheap life is you silly jew --- Please get your head out of your jewish ars Levin --- get a grip Levin
  • I wonder who took Levins place on the battle field in Viet Nam does any one know ??? If so let me know worthless American Legion Post 139 your up do something for crice sake besides drinking beer and telling lies how you won the war America hasn't won a war since WW Two-- 1945
  • do your duty American legion post 139 get Levin he also accused me of getting my own son killed when the jews in fact murdered him---- I too put that story in a little limerick and no one got it -- you Americans are sorry ass people -- I get even no matter how long it takes --
  • that was several years ago this incident with Levin in his Mario's Pizza parking lot --- at the same time Levine terrorised a little girl and her father busted the jew Levin in the mouth in the parking lot he Levin stopped screaming at me and went after the girls father
  • Levine had a fat lip for several days all this going on arlington county the Arlington police dept dont have a clue--- jews think they can abuse people with out getting knocked on there jewish ass
  • -- this story also dedicated to Allen Levine who was given given--- not earned--- given Maros Pizza by his hard working Jewish Parents - this story given to Levin because of the remark he made to me about the dead prositute . he Levin earned the story this time --, no jewish affirmative action --this time Levin ---you earned it congrats - your going to be a real American some day -- if the Nam vets dont get you first --
  • a smack down to arlington firmen
  • arlington virginia below--- the dead Haitan prostiute story
  • ----you gut ta go were the cross grow if you want stories to tell your grandchildren not hide out in Arlington fire House--- some people us a government fire truck and ladder to save people and some do it the way i do it--- called just do it and pay the price later ---- and there is no payday for us either---- as you fireman get payed every two weeks--- Right --???-- people such as LTJG murphy and I and many many--- 1000 s of others all over the world it was all free--- to those we saved --- didnt cost em a dime --
  • you arlington county virginia fireman get paid to save people ---right ???---yes or no ?
  • just wanted to let you know you get payed ,--we are better people then you fireman-- yahhh better--- we justa do it -- no pay i said no pay ----- i usta really like and respect fireman all my life you were more then a blue cop any time i even wrote up two different stories on my web site 1998--as to how great you are i feel differently about you--- now you r m f
  • this story is dedicated to the arlington fireman and fire gals
  • - also---
  • to the black Bible thumpen christian gals who feed the homeless at St georges church arlington Va they told me they would pray for me ---they further stated --- WE too are bible thumpers,-- but black bible thumpers ,---
  • ---thats in reference to redmonkee bible thumpen reds in the redmonkee brigrade --- never mind yya would have to have followed the redmonkee trail on redmonkee .com from the begining to under stand ?--- its ok --- dont worry about it
  • Jan .13th 2010 -----
  • the arlington Firmen who won the redmonkee award located---- down below ----------------
  • ----- i dont know his name but he stood up like a American white man is suppose too
  • this date --Dec. 8 th 2009--- the crime --- the arlington county firmens -- crime -- down below -- find it
  • --------
  • on Tues DEC -8 -2009 this happened at the Iwo Jima memorial in Arlington Virginia ---as i explain what happened -- do remember these Virginia auto tag # and also look them up find out who they are.
  • Their Firemen - Virginia auto tag # Eng 31----- Virginia auto tag-- kbb2449---- look em up ---

________ CRIME by Fireman -______________

  • The Crime committed by Arlington county Virginia Firemen
  • This is what the Firemen in Arlington county Virginia did
  • --they allowed a group of people ,-one-- a black racist and Black Nationalist and reported failed black Muslim ?--- with several white skin Anglo Saxons to secretly record a Arlington county citizen with out his knowledge then played the recordings in the arlington county fire housed mocking and laughing at this citizen---------
  • -----------------it is against the law to do that.
  • Arlington county board members obstructed justice they all must be removed and put in prison -- for real

  • -the coward Arlington fireman did not like the person because of his political believes,- this went on until a brave black female fire woman filed a complaint .
  • the fireman then played the recording in the fire houses mocking and laughing at this citizen who they hated -- for his believes --
  • Obstruction of Justice --- a crime ---
  • the Arlington County Virginia black robe judges all knew,--- ----the fire chief knew ---the new one with the red hair--- ---
  • --the 5 th floor prosecutors office located in the Arlington COURT House knew--- like franceen O Brihen,-- arlington police - chief doug Scott - knew ---damn right they all knew arlington cop Farr might have known ---
  • also send this info to the Virginia State Police in Richmond Virginia all these people named pluss many more working for Arlington county Virginia Goverment have to be removed from there position now today for obstruction of justice -- a crime !.
  • . remember the other fire chief Plager told the firemen to get the redmonkee ---- after 9/11 ARAB FREEDOM FIGHTERS ATTACK -----and the firemen began harassing the redmonk --------- alert the Virginia State Police do not go to the arlington County police the will cover this up -
  • i told you who follow the redmonkee trail --time and time again that black people are Morley superior to the white christian people---- why ?--- because of my experience that blacks live the bible and the white christen and Jews read the bible but don't live it,---
  • ---- here we got a black Fire woman standing up ---and the white firemen lieing down cowards not American .
  • people in America who have recorded other citizens were sentence by court of law to two years in prison for recording people with out there knowledge--- its a ---CRIME !
  • the arlington County Board members- silent ?
  • the Arlington County Judges- silent
  • t he arlington county citizens- silent ---------
  • Silence has a Voice ---it ---SCREAMS ! ask the Arlington county virginia Black robes Judges in the arlington court house if they heard it --- the scream of silence -- as concerns me ---

    contact the FBI and or US justice dept and or the washington post news paper in washington DC send it to katy Waymouth she runs this news paper --- her grand mother was Katheren Graham she too ran this news paper before she passed,--- get it to the news paper the Gardean to Arab news media El Jesseria tell the arab people tell Islamic news--- shame- arlington county virginia and the State of virginia arlington county located 15 min away from the White house washington DC were the president of the united states lives with his family -- this is what the Americans call justice
  • more Arlington County Va Fireman info you citizens didnt know about your fire dept. ???- redmonks tell your ma tell your paw but tell some one --
  • i will tell in detail the happening in the Iwo Jima parking lot on Tues 8 th 2009 with the firemen---- iam running out of time--- )---
  • As i drove INTO THE PARKING SPACE at the top of the little hill with the ever green trees parking spaces. about 2:oo---
  • The firemen look surprised and stunned then all of there faces turned to hate and they never stoped staring at me --- like i broke in to something very personal to them .
  • one was older and alerted the others as i pulled up into the parking space--- he watched me as i parked he acted surprised like and Begin acting like a woman when a man pinches her behind and or pinches her breast he acted like he was going to piss his pance or was in deep needed of a cigarette real bad - ok !-- how about -- how about-- ants in his pance get the picture --- as to how he was acting ----looking at me then into the car talking to the guy in the car then looking at me back and forth back and forth looking at me all very excited .
  • he was much older and dressed differently then the others like maby a retired fireman or firemen union official type --
  • -- they were having a pow wow like in a huddle like with the one tan guy --not black-- a light tan guy but still a African American --- had a letter in his hand unfolded that they were looking at like reading a map.
  • I got out of my van and put on a different jacket taking my time watching them on the sly then he the tan guy with a face full 0f hate never stop staring icing me with hate all others the same facial expression--- that Boy'snthe hood stare -- the Tan guy came walking around to his driver side and gut in his car pissed off closed the door and read the letter again and again just staring at the letter as if surprised the other firemen staring at me with hate ,- I watching them on the sly - i said to my self what the hell is goin on ??
  • i put on my other jacket and i meant to see who the Fuc# they were,- acting as they were toward me- hostile-- i dont know em i dont want to know em --I wanted to look at there license plates . if i have trouble with them i gut some info on em
  • To have that many white Anglo Saxon looking bucks to be that pissed off and staring at me all the time like a stare down. where i come from in the coalfields that type of behavior means they want to fight or fuc# me up
  • only cop punks and punk fireman act that way it was if i had gotten one of there bros fired or something ? said as a haw Haw to Firmen in Arlington
  • that wasn't it of course,-- probably my political believes- iam against the war in Iraq --- as was U S Army General Tony Zunnie ----- Gen Zunnie at a meeting with Pres George Bush --
  • Gen Zunnie told Pres. G W Bush inside the white House at this meeting that its not a good Idea to go to war in Iraq ---
  • the jews working inside the white house called Italian American General Tony Zunnie a U S Army General a Antisemite and further more the jews in side the white House stated that he--- General Zunnie was against the jewish state of Israel ----thats what the jews inside the American White House did to this great Italian American a US army General.
  • from the get go I could see Viet nam, on the desert SAME SAME - American Legion post 139 arlington could only see new members the arlington county Firemen cant see shit but steroids and pumping iron in the fire house all of em low class white skin negro white boys also known as peckerwoods and or rednecks who all speak the white negro dialect the redmonk speaks the coal field dilect the white ethenic dialect and can if he wants to ---speak coalfield speak dialect ---- the arlington Firmen all cowards----- are with the jews and against me and General Tony Zunnie ??? yes or no ?--- ok--- some of them --- ok ---. how about a few of them ? -- its never all of them--- but enough of them to cause trouble Riiiight .
  • the jews of arlington hassle me every day about what i believe they do it at every starbucks, at arlington Library -- gun pulled on me in the library --the jews were not punished for calling Gen Zunnie a Antisemite the us military officer corp were silent cowards . If you cant talk your not a free people -- be honest about it

a retired us army Colo. wrote in a book located in the cherry dale Libary - ( i looked it up ) -- his statement

" the every one knows-------

-------that America is not a democricy but in form only "

he was retired

  • because a Arlington county cop and a Arlington COUNTYfiremen are afraid of dissent and freedom these type of - A- coward Americans including the ones at American legion Post 139 ---all of them,-- not some of them --- all of them like lock step why you might ask ????--- it makes a firemen feel safe in lock step--- why you might ask ??? --- every one must think and believe the same in lock step ---
  • hay firemen it takes guts and balls to think and shout out side the American box --- Yahhh---gettin my licks in on redmonk Rt 66 said as a wise acre taunt to Arlington firemen ---
  • now back to the parking lot ----
  • --- i slowly sauntered past the firemens Parked autos and took down the tag # on the sly ----------
  • ----they still staring with hate the same way a dog stars at you from a porch as you walk on the side walk with a slight growl little teeth showing are you getting the picture ?
  • they all looked like firmens dogs--A pissed off Dalmatian .
  • would you be concerned if you were me ??? in that situation its called flee or fight response (spelling bad ill clean it up later ) Iam from the coal field ill fight ----
  • this year i beat two more us Navy officers for gunners mate Hartwig and this time also for the us army ranger Tillmens mother as i beat them i told them why-- for Tillmens mother and gunnermate Hartwigs mother they the Naval officers started it i didnt---- thats a total of (7- navel officers i beat one a Admarial ----where was American legion Post 139 for these two guys ---us Army Ranger Tillmen and Gunners mate Hartwig ??? does any one know ?????--- white men are cowards,-- read on --- back at the parking lot
  • then one fireman said to me - i respect you --- i didnt believe him--- i walked on and then a few seconds later the same guy said something and all of them broke up laughing.
  • i continued slowly walking -i came back later and thats when a firemen auto tags --Eng 31 -- came by on his truck staring at me so i stepped out in the street as he passed like i was a bull fighter in Spain no cape -- at easter time --- why you might ask ????--to be sure to get his face tag # and auto tag # which i did ------( auto tag #Eng 31 )--- face tag # red and ugly . read on-- the plot thickens ---
  • Arlington county Fireman crime against a citizen
  • More coming how one fireman i wont give his color said to me as i was sitting in a restaurant Joes on lee high way ----eating--- said to me as i passed with my plate ---(some of my brothers are ass holes ) and said ill give you the black girls firewomans name - this is when i found out she had to leave the fire dept---- mabe the arlington Firmen might let her burn inside a building know what i mean ??? ----Now !--
  • seee i told all of you---- through out my web site redmonkee .com the blacks live the bible and the whites Christians and Jews talk the BIBLE,--- CHRISTEN AND JEWS are bull shit People and no lie Either----
  • more info coming about the criminal recordings in the firehouse --
  • does a name Knight ring a bell and or siren??? to you arlington County Firmen ??/ arlington County Virginia located 15 min by auto from the American White house were the president Obama lives with his family --- I the redmonk -- give this movie ---
  • ( The lives of Others ) --- by Florian Hemchiel --- to the low life firmen of Arlington county Virginia ---

  • the famous red niggers of arlington listen up --- i punch back Redniggers iam not a anglo saxon,-- Iam a Ruthenian and Iam from the coalfields of the 1940s when men didnt shave every day and coal field people were thin no cars ,-you walked every were /---- I am not from the suburbs and iam a better American then any Fireman and a better man then any Arlington fireman any time any were--- you fuc# with me ---I punch back--- coal fields law says so----
  • your movie down below.---
  • and oh yes there was a hispanic firmen there at the iwo jima monumont handsome brown dude with a large head talking like he was in a feel your pain kind of mode --- talking to the tan guy i know for a fact a hispanic fireman laughed at me and mocked me with the other Firmen s he later apoligized ---
  • maby he was a high ranking fire official battalion type --- who anglo Arlington Firmen complained he could not speak english to good and that was dangerious to them during a fire--- but politicial correctness won out ---
  • you arlington people are getting the news on your Fire dept the fight in the fire house between a cop and a fireman the cop gut his AS#wuped by irate fireman.
  • the arlington firmen were given the worning about the possible terrioest attack at the Smithsonian and only two black fireman wives and one white fireman wife went forward and gut in trouble for telling the official about the possible attack by arab freedomn fighters at the smithsonion inst--- all other firemen wives silent----
  • ----- see the blacks are more decent people then whites and i am whiter then any anglo saxon because Iam a Ruthenian also some time ago the black fireman
  • and white firemen could not get along and there was talk about all white firehouses and all black firehouses i am given ya info on the arlington fire dept you would never know --
  • also known fact comming how a arlington county firmen betrayed his brother firmen bedding the firemens wife -- wow holey shit time you cant have that going on ever in a fire dept any time any were on this earth trust in the fireman brother hood must never be broken
  • info on your movie--- rednigger fireman
  • --- before the fall of the Berlin wall East German police listened in secretly on the Communist east German people listening to people in the homes , cars and work place including there bed rooms----
  • seee the movie so you can see the Arlington county Firemen who dont like dissent and or the first admement to the U S Constitution---- cowards are afraid of dissent -- cowards like lock step ----i give to the Arlington County Virginia Firemen and fire gals the movie -- The lives of others ---- the other movie - ( Fog of War ) Robert McNamara and the Nam war -- the movie LA VIE EN Rose ---- about the french Sparrow --Edith paif - as a wee lad ww II I heard her sing on the radio EDWARD r Morrow NEWS TIME DIRECT FROM Europe AS ww ii RAGED CRACKLING atmosferic SOUND AND VOICES COMING AND GOING radios had tubes---
  • spelling is bad dont worry about the spelling its the meat in the story that counts -
  • more info comming and the fireman who won the redmonkee award a big anglo saxon Buck too - down below --
  • he earned it he gets it---- no affermative action for him he earned it he gets it -- what he do to earn it ????- he took on a bad jewish person at Thomas jefferson GYM arlington and made the jew apoligize about mocking the Iraq american war dead and wounded by going over to the trash can and looking in side then looking at the redmonk the jews do this all the time when they get me near a trash can, why you might ask --
  • because i complain on my blog and web site the jews are not doing there part in the war in iraq meaning---- ( American christen boys die and jew boys hide ) ----the jews say they are doing there part in this war looking in trash cans in america for bombs ,---but refuse to fight in iraq ----see why jews hate me ?--- but this time it back fired on the jew when the pissed off fireman saw what they were doing and almost kicked the jews as$ at thomas jefferson gym do you now see how the arlington Fireman earned the redmonkee red bananna award -- ?????--- he stood up strange for a white Anglo saxon Buck to stand up ?---but he did it--- he gets it--
  • - I had trouble with him too ----the jew was like a 7 foot tall pickel ball player very tall skinny jew playing with the jewish gang at T.G gym in arlington-- same group of jews every day every day like the jews are afrade to go alone by them selves ??? ----other jews there hassled me daily some gut tossed by me through the air one person was knocked out for 8 min by me ---another i rammed in the head with a weight for not leaving me a alone in the weight room ---
  • -- look up the word persacution and or harrasement because i have -- a law firm first said it was persacution by county employees and jews --
  • the jews at thomas jefferson gym Arlington va --- and others liked to go in the showers and watch me and others shower - like weard -- looking at our crotch i stoped taking showers after a while I just used a wet towel to wipe my self off and get out of there -- arlington county Virginia is located 15 min by car from the american white house washington DC
  • Hay-- Nov. 23 009 -- all redmonks listen up --- I dont know why the blog page squeezed in like it has done , it use to fill the page -- also when i type in redmonkee.com on yahoo there are a whole lot of redmonkees out there redmonkee clothes etc ----i thought i had the domain name ---redmonkee.com --- weird-- also i use to be right on top of the yahoo page after i typed in redmonkee,com---- now yahoo calls me redmonkee on line -- wow whats this ??? i dont know -- also the counter on the bottom of the front page redmonkee.com went down for a couple of weeks --- gone --- then came back--- whats that ??? I dont have a clue whats going on with my web site ??? also gallery # 7 is like all messed up the tex ---Iam talking about words have dropped off and out off order and on the bottom of the # 7 gallery it says these words ( its me ) what the hell is that ? when they move my site to a differnt server things drop off ??
  • all red monks --- listen up --- at the state theater falls church va on the nov 29 th the redmonks favorite blues band the-- night hawks will be playing --- be there, --- tell the night hawks you are the redmonkee brigade and you want in you have no money and tell the night hawks that the redmonkee new war song battle song is---- run through the jungle--- and the new song for the redmonks is ---mystery train go slow ---- tell the hawks to play it for the redmonkee brigade---- loud , ----all terrorist listen to the night hawks --thats why were terrorist--- then we guta blast-- know what i mean ? said as a haw haw --- to FBI head Mulier who didnt win his bronze star medal in nam and with a V for valor too- holy shit time - how do i know --- ?/--- FBI directer Muiler was a military officer in nam -- thats how i know ---- what does that mean ??? ?--- means the military gives medals to U S military officers the officers dont ern em the enlisted ranks have to ern em ask american legion Post 139 in arlington
  • that aside --- the redmonkeree banana award goes to the young redmonkee who came to the arlington libery main--- with his grandmother and with his grand mother at his side she told the redmonkee that her boy had some thing to tell the redmonk --- that he was a redmonkee and was a wiz at math and he wanted the redmonk to know that his numbers concerning the dead Russians of Ww II 49 million dead --- were wrong the little redmonk with his grand mother at his side did the math and the correct number is 39 milliom dead Russians 1945 --- not49 millions the old number I ask are you sure ?? and his grand mother said he is very good at math --- Russia lost 30 percent of its people fighting WW II against Hitlers Germany--- so who ever this redmonkeee is???-- johnney dollars find out and tell him he won the redmonkee award he has a redmonkee heart he did the right thing correcting on the numbers
  • other redmonks who won the redbanana award real quick ill get back I am out of time --- ---- the redmonk ee with the skate board who came at night and told the redmonkee that steve Erwin had been killed by a sting ray--- this redmonkkeee had a redmonkee heart to hunt me down at night and to alert me about the death of the great crock man Steve criky Erwin ----redmonkees find out who he is and tell the redmonkee I appreciate it ----i peeked out the drape as you told me through the window,--- i saw you walking away with your skate board under your arm--- i dont know who you are--- but thanks again -- i dont know any redmonkee member i think there all gone i dont know ???
  • the other redmonkees were two little jewish redmonks at thunder ally this memorial day at the Nam wall ----thunder ally-- across the street and warned the redmonk that the famous jewish Hitler ( read that story ) ---that jewish Hitler was now dressed as Che Garvaia Ill explain later---- thanks guys ----I then moved on what they told me and moved to a position in thunder alley to move against jewish Hitler who is now the jewish Che Guevara meaning he dresses and looks like Che --beard. Beret---- two jewish cordvans one on each of his arms walking down through thunder alley Iam getting ready to nail him but thats a story for another time -- i hope to get back before thanks giving
  • this date july:--3-2009
  • for the 4 th of july :---
  • redmonks this is a rough draft
  • the new books in my book store: 2009 ----(When the crocodile eats the Sun )
  • for the young jewish Americans to read and all members of the Arlington County Board so they will see what happens to White people when they become a minority--- a must read for all Arlington county Virginia board members ---- also a must read for the Arlington county Judges--- judge Richard mCue ----Judge joan Alper --chief judge (the black judge )- Judge Williams ---
  • Book - (UP from the ashes )--- by Burg -- the redmonk has been saying what Burg says for years but not nice like Burg ----Iam thinking of charging Burg a Israeli with Plagiarism ----he stole my stuff about the jews and put it in his book ina kind gentle format ----
  • Book - ( Why we watched ) : by Hamerow--- for young jews -- insite into why people hate jews --jews do every thing tooo well and are by far tooo grasping whats a jew to do- quite ? -----Book: ( Himmlers jewish Tailor )by frank -- most important book every written about the death camps of Nazi Germany ---that my uncle --- Tanker mike--- 702 tank battalion ---liberated 1940s..
  • stories comming -----the stolen gold from my uncles-- tank--- commander Mike -- who killed a German purser as my uncles Sherman tank was parked in a grove of trees sitting engine not running ---my uncle saw a German officer comming through a draw and ask for his rifle and shot the German and then went down to see what he the German officer was carring --- gold bars in a satchel or cart this happened near the end of the war 1945
  • -- I as a kid in 1945 saw the gold sliver of gold my uncle carved off one gold bar to take home ----it was very heavy in my hand --- you can see a photo of me--- time frame --1945 on youngest bank robber page ))))-- Ill tell you what happened to the gold bars his tank crew and he buried, at a secret location - yahh they had a map ---after the war he went back to get the gold bars the gold was missing ---he had a jewish crew member in his tank . after the war 1945-- jews all over Europe were trying to go to Palestine . see if you figure it out before i tell ya
  • -- book __ ( Devils teeth ) by Susan Casey ---for all the--- she girl redmonks ----a great read --dont miss it.-- for your mom to read and you too ---because it shows a gal with a ( she girl redmonkey heart ) she made it happen -- this book is dedicated to the great white shark in rio bay south America i put a sword in his head and he swam around for years with the sword sticking up like a sub periscope i was told - and the jewish jackas# investigator from New York i threw over the side of the ship Vanguard in to Rio bay after she kept messing with me she almost lost her life this shark swam slowly toward her -----as a nice guy that i am--- I looking down at her from the ship deck I shouted at her the shark is cumming its fowling you ,---you better get out of the f-- water now ! she then swam much faster toward the ships gang plank that touched the water --- she had early tried to put a murder charge on me as concerns a dead prostitute --- she was down in old Rio investigating a dead seaman off the ship vanguard ,--- he was found dead in the seedy hotel room i was staying in down in old Rio-- the dead seaman now in the ships freezer as we sail back to the States --- read that story -- maby she,--- the New York jewish jack as# female investigator will feel the terror as she reads this book -- devils teeth --- yaaa i hope so--- i get even no mater how long it takes ,,----I like --max the knife --- yah --i stick it in and twist it -- no matter how long it takes -- I keep twistin and turning the blade --you jewish slut from new York sleeping in his-- the Argentine naval officers bunk at night aboard a us Goverment Ship the Vanguard ---- as a comfort jewish woman --- you were ---yahhh--- the Argentine naval officers wife is looking for you ----jew girl --yahhh you were in gooy eyed love ---and the whole crew laughed at you a-- jewish comfort girl that indeed you were and so did eye laugh ---at you--- jewish comfort girl -- haw haw you stinking DOjB you tried to put a murder charge on me --- and your arragront jewish son gut a dose of syphiles from those unclean prostutes down in old Rio -- he dirtied up my sink and snuck off the ship like only a low sneak jew can do -- gone -- flew to new yourk --- I get even no matter how long it takes ---- Iam not a good person like all you christians and jews out there---- like all jews every where you need to read the jewish book on jewish ethics every day ------ so you and the nazi jews of arlington Virginia can become real jews some day ---- instead of watching Houlacoust movies getting your fix -- 7 million Slav Ukranians were murdered in one year 1939
  • two things for the redmonkey redbanana awards see that page
  • those receiving the red banana awards are :----
  • ---Jessica Lynch from west virginia pVT in the US Army she returned her bronze Star medal she received from the U S Army ,---she felt she didnt earn it,--- you gut to respect that --- means she has a redmonkey heart shel do the right thing . Tom see that miss Lynch get a couple of cases of redmonkee red bananas a real American anglo Saxon Gal from ( by God West virginia ) American legion post 139 arlington county Va.should follow in jessica foot steps and return the medals they didint earn too
  • the redbanana award goes to Myi Lin gave us the vietnam Wall a chinese girl --- jet black Hair small feet a pretty Chinese gal I was down there some vets bood her what abunch of as$ holes now every body loves the wall she gave the nam vets -----more on Myi later ,---she has a redmonky heart ---I under stand shes a sharp shooter with a krag rifle spanish American war rifle ---ill tell ya later ,--great gal Myi Lin Tom get Myi a couple cases of redmonky red bananas
  • redbana award goes ::----to Peter Pyle and Scot Anderson of the Farallons Isl.
  • for there dedications to the great white sharks of the Farallons they may know about the great white in Rio bay with the sword--- I put in his the sharks head --- Red monkey Johnney Dollars find out these two great guys are in the book Devels teeth tell em they won the redmonkey red Banana award

  • the next story down below after this june 1 date 2009---
  • --- the 2 nd Story down is about the children at the day care center --i kept from getting hurt the --year 2008
  • this date :-- june 1 sun. --2009
  • Johnney dollars your up ---I need you to go to the union town--- news paper--- uniontown Pa as concerns the killing of my child hood friend--- Piffie Merofko about the same age as me ---70 years old ? -
  • he was beaten by a man 54 years old who was much bigger then phiffie---- (his name -- the spelling is not correct)---- he was beaten and then walk to the uniontown police station and filed a complaint ---- he then went to the hospital and they sent him home,---- he died the next day----- i was told he was defending me from verbal attack when he was beaten and died,---
  • no one will talk to me about this guy who killed phiffie this guy who killed Phiffie---- belonged to the American legion and a jewish judge did not charge the killer of phiffie with murder, this judge did not file any charges against this killer at all redmonks look it up !!!! look it ,--up !!!! i need you to find out it was 2007 or 2008 ---- this then is the kind of justice they give in america to white people ,--
  • If phiffie was black the NAACP would have been there, in America there is not one white org that will defend white people as the Hispanics have Lraza org and the blacks and Jewish Americans have thousands of lawyers and org. to defend,---- them no one will defend a white person .. was there justice for Phiffie ? he was a working class white guy ---- find out redmonkee.s
  • # 2----
  • the redmonk goes to uniontown- pa to find out what happened to phiffie he goes to the Paneria restaurant a -- bread place, this restaurant is every where you have eaten there your selves--- the redmonk orders coffee and he observes that four guys walk in,--- hes seen them before ,- older dudes retired types --- locals ---- he waits for them to sit down,--- get adjusted in there seats,--- the redmonks then moves to there table and ask them straight up if they know what happened to phiffie morofko they demure shake there head,-- I give them some background on phiffie and me,- they are still silent I thank them and walk away from their table,--- then a strange thing happened,--- strange to me -not strange to you reading this.
  • all four of them who had not even touched there coffee gut up and and fled the restaurant---- i watched them get in there cars in the parking lot and go --- what do you redmonks think ????
  • a few weeks later i go up to uniontown again same restaurant --- looking for more info on phiffie.-- i walk in the restaurant and a bunch of the guys are at a table near the entrance,- one is about 40 to 50 years old in military pa .guard type uniform,ribbons on his chest, arrogant , hes talking kind of loud,--- so i hear him say --: some one is getting 6 years but the judge is sympathetic ,-he the judge too served in the military the guys says --looking at me this military guy who looks miffed, pissed off, talking to and holding forth with about 6 guys at this table ,
  • they are all listening to what he say but also watching me he causes a fight with me -- let me explain --- as i got my coffee and headed toward the door, and as i pass there table he sneers at me looking at me and ssaid like him,--- meaning me,---- he then said a insulting thing to me,--- i ask him to come out side,--- i told him how i would kick his as@ ---- i told him I would not roll around on the ground like a highschool kid fighting in the school yard ----- i ment to F 3333----him up for what he said to me,-- i dont know him ,---but they seem to act like the know me maybe,---- a WW II vet standing there with them --- said i knew your uncle -- )--
  • my uncle was a brave tanker commander fought at the mosell river Germany at the battles of Argentine France,-- Nancy France at Bastagon too many battles to name,--- he was with the 702 tank battalion --- (called the red devils ) and was a death camp liberator- his Sherman tanks name was Mary )
  • so when i continued to stand up to the big military guy with the big mouth, saying to him up close --- come out side , face me out side,- be a man,- your not a man your a woman ,-- face me come out side,-- he refused to come out,--- for what he said to me,--- keep in mind i dont know this guy--- also his uniform looked Israeli and the ribbons didnt look right not american maybe Pennsylvania defence force -- like the Virginia defence force----- I wasn't going to let him get away with what he said to me no man would,--- the whole restaurant was watching --
  • I then threw coffee in his face and on his military ribbons for what he said to me,--- I made sure he gut coffee on his military ribbons ---- I stood and stared at him ---the old WW II vet ---I think he was jewish ,--i think i recognized him from my youth,--- some background --- i was born here uniontown Pa at the time the population was 15000-- and left at 15 years of age went out on my own to the highway with a shopping bag of clothes and 19 dollars and my thumb and left the coalfields --- at 16 years of age i fled into the navy to see the world and eat food--- get the picture ??? no one gave me anything,--- no affirmative action laws for me.
  • I went to a cheap collage at night and gut my education in library's on ships and in every town i ever lived in----Iam library educated . I dont spell too well --but where i have gone on this planet--- is where the crosses grow,--- you dont have to spell too well,-- where the crosses grow ---- you gut ta have nerve----- when you go were the crosses grow --- no Iam not bragging --just telling ,--there a difference between telling and bragging -- base ball great Dizzy Dean ---- said your not bragging if ya did it..... --- what ever -- thats some background --
  • this WW II vet smiled a big smile at me after i threw the coffee on this guys face and on his military ribbons ---he the big mouth vet still would not come out side---- coffee running down his face and military ribbons .
  • I ask you redmonks Is this the guy who killed phffie ??? he was bigger then me by twice,---- no- no -Iam not bragging---- Iam telling what happened , how can i tell you what happened if i cant tell you--- if it sounds like bragging -- theres a difference between telling and bragging some members of the arlington police know about this incident,
  • -- I have had to fight like this every week and some time three times a day since 911--- your not free in this dirty country america ---they will kill you in this America for what you believe in dirty america ----those who dissent are the lungs of democracy, the American legion org. is treason to every thing America stands for or usta stand for
  • i am going to list the number of times guns have been drawn on me since 9 11 to intimidate me and how i handled it I will give the place and address------ front royal Virginia --deer Rifle --- wenchester Va-- many shotguns and rifles golden corral rest --,-- uniontown pa- deer rifle up close almost in my chest , many more comming ----- in arlington va --- arlington libary, pistol -- i will describe all these guns put on me in detale later this is just some of them i dont know these people --- its mass hysteria against one man me by the coward white american people--- cowards all of em stun guns pulled on me in winchester Va i turned the stunn gun on the two who were putting the gun on me I made em juce them selves an arlington county cops son who is going around telling people to attack me -- i slapped his fathers cop face three times for F----ing with me not leaving me alone harraseing me in the arlington county Gym on lee highway this cops son attack me on a construction site and i knocked him back into a wet concrect mixer and he got wet cement on the back of his work pance i then picked ip a shovel and threw shoves of sand -- the corrupt arlington county police know who he is this arlington cop then tried to make the park person take his name out of the computer so he could lie and say he wasnt in the gym with me ----- lyon village shopping center Arlington va lee high way ---a Naval officer pulled a gun out sneering at me I took it from him and beat him with the pistol for gunners mate Hartwig the blow in # 2 gun turret battle ship USS Iowa and what the U S navy did to this dead anglo Saxon American gunners mate ---a shame on the u s navy officer corp.--- I gave it to this U S naval officer real good with his own pistol and told the naval officer why i was beating him-,- for gunners mate Hartwig as he the us naval officer begged for help from the crowd. -- this was the third Naval officer i beat and the naval officers each and every time incited the violence, against me i also roughed up his wife,----- i was told later that this naval officer was a little weird,--- that he and his wife like to break into parties in middleburg Virginia , sneak in uninvited --- redmonks find out --- no Iam not bragging--- about kicking these naval officers as# --- how can i tell you what happened if i cant tell you what happened because its sounds like bragging . please get real , understand Iam telling what happened --
  • all red monks call the old peoples magazine AARP -- tell em an old dude 70 years old Red monk is holding them off and kicking ass -- I need AARP to do the story on what this Arlington County virginia has done to me--- and how i have fought back alone no white people would help me - a 70 year old man born 1939 the house was 35 yard from the coal mine--- believe me redmonks ( :--Arlington county is no County for old men )-- only black people mostly black women and Hispanics helped me --- white people are no good! -- white kids in the redmonkee brigade are the only whites to help me --- these young white anglo Saxon redmonkees are the only whites holding up the white side of the wall or it would collapse
  • - Ill be back---- with all the info on the guns, rifles and stun guns that have been pulled on me since 911---- for my political believes and my books that i believe in- my books that are located in my book store on redmonkee,com ----
  • what the people are doing to me in this county arlington Virginia which is located 15 min by car from the American White house were pres. Barack Obama lives with his family this then is the real America that the arlington county school board will not talk about to you Arlington students-----
  • dissent is the lungs of freedom --- Yo the American legion post 139 in Arlington does not believe dissent is the lungs of freedom ----with out dissent there can be no freedom of new ideas but only lockstep which the American legion post 139 arlington believes in---- Yaah lock step--- the next step is always goose step--- the American legion Org nation wide doesn't know that to be so ----as concerns lock step,-- and goose step----
  • redmonks tell ARRP
  • --- (Arlington County is no county for old men )---. and iam the living proof . tell ARRp

    this date 4/25/2008 --in the first of march of 2008 , this happened - as i made a delivery to a school -- ( I will not give the location of the school or name the staff members concerning this incident ) --
  • i noticed men working on the roof of this school , as i pulled my truck up - i noticed that the workers on the school roof had no signs or made no attempt to block or close off the side walk underneath were they were working on the sloping roof -- the side walk located right next to my parked truck with the roofers up above me as small objects were falling off the roof i loaded my hand truck and started toward the door of the building which was no more then 10 feet away the workers had taken off all but two of the holding straps of a drain gutter hanging from the roof right above me
  • the gutter running the length of the side of the building this same side walk also led to the children's out side play area in closed with a fence as these were small toddlers who walk but some cant talk they come to the play area about every day i make a delivery as i stated toward the door of the day care center school i see the door open and a staff member leading the children out small objects are falling off the roof and hitting me I drop my hand truck down and no no no you cant come this way the roof is dangerous things are falling you have to go around the adult staff member becomes outraged and shouts to me iam am not to control the children your not to control the children I am alarmed as concerns there safety and the danger to them as they are so small they look like little penguins since the children are small and dont under stand they keep coming Iam appalled I then use my hand waving in a pushing motion toward the children-- to go back--- go back-- they keep coming slowly the staff member is besides her self that iam trying to control the children more objects are falling hitting me on my back as i am a little bent over to shoo the children out of the way they keep coming Iam yelling now GO Back get back , back -dont come - at the same time iam trying to tell the staff member the roof is unstable i said to her you dont under stand the roof is falling just at that time the more dust and objects came down on me and then wham ----i was hit hard with whole gutter on my back-- the force made me go down a little bit by that time the children became frightened and started back in if i had not stood my ground these children would have been hit by the gutter falling several would have got hit not one,-- as the children travel in a line you mothers out their know what i am talking about---- as i describe the sciene -- this is a rough draft i will correct the spelling later etc. ----
  • this is the kicker on this story the white woman staff members then did something ----they lied as to what happened -- there was a investigation by the county and or some agency ----- a Black American Girl and two Filipino's girls or Hispanic girls staff members refused to lie and told the truth to investigators as to what happened (((this story is not finished ))) but it is something like the telephone pole of death the year 1960 on arlington ridge road were i save the small children climbing on the telephone pole and one died cooked on the wire dead ---a white wealthy anglo Saxon school teacher bought a corrupt Arlington cop a house to lie as to what happened at the telephone pole of death 1960 on Arlington Ridge road arlington county virginia --- that story full on the blog that blew with one little white girl refusing to lie---- this incident in march 2008 ---- the investigators said to me and made the statement to me----- those white woman aren't being as nice to you ----- as the week went on I found out more -----no one on the staff would talk to me they like fled from me ---- it was a black American girl and two brown skin girls that save me Iam a white Ruthenian .
  • I under stand child day care center staff members would lie to save them selves--- child care providers go to prison if something happens to a child in there care--- more on this later ---- but to me its Rather strange that twice now-- white woman tried to pin the blame on me to save them selves ---- a dead child on arlington ridge road 19 60 and here at a day care provider school on march 2008 at both places,--- i did the right thing and was made out to have done wrong---- so as to save these dirty white woman as if iam a black person in Mississippi the year 1930s--)-- the mother of the child came and said she would write a letter to my co. thanking me-- she never did-- I needed that letter too --- she took her child out of the school after this incident -- as did other mothers but in a few weeks she brought him back he missed his playmates and cryed all the time,-- when he came back i by chance was making a delivery she brought him over to me on the side walk l underneath the long running gutter and he made sounds with his mouth looking up pointing his little finger up at the gutter---- what he was saying i dont know,---- weeks later every time i drove up--- the little ones would run to the fence of the play yard right were i park my truck and point up at the gutter ---
  • I was afraid to say anything to the black girl and the two Hispanics or phillapino because i thought they would be fired,----also the English lady running the place was a real caring dear person very British just the nicest person you could Imagine the staff was real caring good people--- the two who panic ed --I under stand --- but i didnt like it,- My mind went to the year 1960 arlington ridge road arlington county Virginia and the dead child on the wire .
  • I said i cant believe this is happening to me again in 1960 and now in 2008 this cant be !-- a horror story for me ---- at this late date the children on the telephone pole of death are changing there story as to really happened -- I saved those children on the telephone arlington ridge road the dirty arlington cop said if i did not sign the paper as to what the millionaire school teacher who every one in arlington knows after my web site came out with story she died her daughters claimed i killed her what did she a white educated woman do to me all my life I was forced to sign what she wrote up or he the dirty arlington cop would charge me with molesting children and take me to jail now,!--
  • i argured with him this is not what happened -- -- he also told me after i signed--- thanks you just bought me a house - thats the short story of the telephone of death check my story page redmonky tails to understand that story -- at theday care center they kept asking if i was going to sue,--- i said no and ment it--- shit happens for real-to every body , the roofer came down all up set and ask if i was going to sue?-- i said no -- I have stated on my web site since 1989 that black people are morally superior to whites --- because of my life experiences with blacks and whites ---- Iam white by the way -- the Anglo saxon is the worst white person ever the worst --is the reason i say that---- in my 25 year struggle for justice to clear my name ,----i found this to be true concerning white people and black people----- and because Iam a Ruthenian - with 300,000 left in the home land ---Iam whiter them most white people because iam ruthenian ---but only black and brown people showed up for me to help me in this 25 year struggle to clear my name- its outrageous --- whites fled-- every time --- iam ashamed of white people for a lot of reasons -- more on this later also ill add to this story and move it down to the bottom of the page with the other stories

  • Che Guevara said : There can never be a revolution in a democracy ----- : because the people , the masses --believe they can change the system by voting -,- nothing changes after the voting but the faces of the politicians,-- every thing stays the same -- students of Arlington va is this statement by Che Guevara true ? talk it up --
  • To the redmonk Brigade -on Saturday the first blog i ever did----- that blog crashed gone --- a lot of work and a lot of info gone -- this blog is the second blog --- i have a copy of the first blog and will put it up on the link page with the yellow bar later -- this blog now is connected to the first blog thats is blown ,-- listen up to all lawinforcement F B I-- ATF local arlington county police-- etc all arlington county virginia prosacuters on the 5 th floor arlington county va. court house and the commen wealth attorney of arlington virginia richard trodden all arlington county Va. judges judge joan Alper-- judge richard mc Cue and lets not forget chief judge washington who is black this blog is connected to the blog that was blown --- some redmonkee brigrade member will have a copy of the blown blog, but ya gut to find a redmonkee ??? there out there -- the web site redmonkee .com ----is the orginial info put up on the internet the year 1998 ---- this info so enraged the jewish community of arlington virginia they attack me daily since 9 / 11 ---
  • i counter atttacked against those who are harassing me daily and threatening me daily in two cases they showed there pistoles,--- like pulled them out a little so i could see or tossed em up on the table so i could see the jews are outraged I am telling the the truth on jewish wrong doing in America on this blog -- and the jewish community of Arlington county Virginia have mass hysteria concerning me and my web site -- look up the word mass hysteria the word is explained on my letters on my link page yellow bar to the F B I
  • to F B I head quaters in washington dc
  • if any lawinforcement agency such as -- FBI washington field office - arlington county police or arlington county commenwealth attornies office and or any arlington County Virginia Judge or prosacuter such as prosecutors jewish fellow pross- Levy located on the 5 th floor of the arlington county court house -- Franceen OBren or Judge Joan Alper and or Judge Richard Macue all of these persons and employees are located in the arlington County Virginia Court house If the F B I and or any one named in this blog gets and or the redmonkee web site out of chronological order ------ then lawinforcement is not getting to the truth of this attempt on my life and the harrasemnt and persacution of me -- ( a law firm said it was persacutation )-- since 9 / 11 by the jewish Nazi community and or -- members of the arlington police dept ,--the members of the arlington fire dept including the former arlington fire chief playger spelling not correct - ( his photo on my web site )----- he told the Arlington firemen to go after me -- who by the way Arlington court house Pross fran -- Obrien knows him ----- also the members of the arlington maintenance dept playing basket ball at the Arlington County Thomas jefferson GYM 2007 ---- ,-the arlington Libary employees ,--- the arlington county board members -----have not answered the letters sent certified mail to them concerning the attempt on my life see the letter on the link page addressed to arl county board chair paul Ferguson---- a law firm said i was being persacuted------- i wouldnt dare use the word in America,-- the goverment both local and federal will call you mentally ill or deranged- if you use that word to describe what is happening to you ----- many words are forbidden to be used in America and the word persecution is one of them ------ a word i was not allowed to use while employed at the national Zoo was n -- ( Circus -- )---a jewish fellow PHD Edwin Gould who had a power position called me into the lion and tiger house his office -- and told me not to use the word circus its not political correct------ but a law firm said all of these incidents add up to perscution since 9/11 ---- all of these stories blown sat .--- including the jewish gun dealer who saved my life -- that story gone also ---
  • so thats why i state that all lawinforcement and or FBI, --- U.S .justice dept who ever --or any person or persons, news org. and or org. such as the Nazi jewish A.D.L org must read the blog that has blown ---and is connected to this new blog you are reading now ------ and it must be in chronological order each and every time----- so as to get at the aggressor which is not me,---- but indeed those attacking , me ---if you take it out of order then i am guilty---- like writing a play you can play with the words untill even christ him self is the guilty one and the devil is innocent ----
  • I am minding my business reading my paper drinking my coffee - talking to no one when these people assault me since 9/ 11 ---- there nuts krazy what ever --untill about a year ago i started to beat the hell out of them kick them in the head trying to kick out there eye to make them leave me a lone -- i couldnt take it any more -- they hate me because what is on my political web site redmonkee .com -- the First amendment to the U S Constitution --states i have the right to free speech ----
  • President George Bush said on the 7 oclock news -:we are to feel comfortable dissenting in America ---my civil rights and my constitutional rights guranteed to me and all citizens under the U S Constitution i believe have been violated in this arlington county Virginia by its government and by some of its employees -- arlington is located 15 min by auto from the white house were the American president lives.
  • thats some background --
  • I was typing on the blog and it just went white and gone -- no more - I have a old copy that ill start again and put it on the yellow bar link page, Mabey ??-- so i can explain in detail what has happened---
  • Jan 15 th 2008------- i typed up a new story on the bottom of the page asking julie redmonkees to go to julie and ask her as a wittnees -- if it is true the story 0n the bottom of this page new Iam taLKING ABOUT --
  • - also will start to redo the old blog again meaning type it all back but in a more tighter way the auto tag #s of those who attack me will be comming back,--- the problems at Thomas J efferson gym,--- the the names of indvudals the wittness Lin , Lawyer Lenny and Mr Rose-- the jewish girl Lisa Bergman and Richard Trodden on the 5t h floor commenwealth attorney office of the Alington county court house, ---- pros Levie
  • as the corrupt 5 th floor commen wealth Attorneies office called me a lier ,---called me a Slovak when I am a ruthenin they need to get there shi# togeather on the 5 th floor arlington county court house - the 5 th floor legel as@ Hole nappy headed Hoes of the arlington county court house -----listen to jews comments about me then act on what the jews say ---- jews dont like me ,--- because i speak truth to power and to the phoney jewish community --- why would the legal people on the 5 th floor arlington Court house prosacuters office listen to people who dont like me ?-what is the 5 th floors agendia ?? at my trial in this court house the year 2002 I heard judge joan Alper presiding at a side bar at my trial tell prosacuter Fran o brian who was prosacuteing me on two felanys that i attack two arlington cops -- (a damn lie )-- Judge joan alper stated that Pross. Fran Obrien couldnt use this info from marcks couldnt use the info given to the prosacuters office from the arlington County stalker scott Marks concerning me -- ---
  • he-- Marcks was in a Nut house and a stalker of Arlington county and worked at big broom cleaning co . --- and lived in the co. house renting a room with drug addacts - homeless drunks etc -- he was my first web master who I dubed web master sour kraut -- I needed some one to type and a homeless guy told me about a guy named marcks, who would type --
  • marcks who was a sgt. in the us army and knew computers --he had gone to school in the Army,--- later the FBI at a meeting with me concerning another matter---- told me marcks was a stalker and was removed from the army he ended up in the streets -- I used him to start this web site and paid him money to do it,--- there is more info on marcks on redmonkee .com ---under (informants ) --link page -- and Marks photo is on my photo gallery --- go look for your selvs -- after i used him to get the web site started --- then and only then did i Alert a social worker for ASpAN named Herchmen and told her what the FBI told me concerning marcks,
  • they the FBI also informed me he was in the first Gulf war,--- he working computers shot down an american plane he made a mistake ---- and that he stalked woman in Alex . Va. -- I then put this info on my web site to warn the woman of Arlington ,-----the arlington county police knew he was a stalker thats another reason the arlington county police are pissed at me. iam talking about it -- on this site
  • the Arlington Elite controlled the 5th floor Commenwealth attornysoffice the elite controll Richard Trodden arlington county commenwealth attorney -- the killer school school teacher daughter knew him her namer meg Tellico she is involved with ASPAN -- her husband is reported to be a arl Police det. ----her mother got a wee lad killed on the wire about 50 years ago on arlington ridge road -- I saved the children,-- i gut them down off the wire she the killer school teacher then did a sneaky slide lie on me ,----the corrupt arlington cop at the scene made me sign a paper saying what she the killer school teacher said happened ,-----he said to me after i signed ,--- that I just bought him a house ------ he stated to me if i didnt sign what she wrote on the death of this small boy dead on the elec. wire --- which was her fault that he a arlington county corrupt cop would charge me with child molisting -- that bhe the arlington cop would arrest me right then and take me to jail --- early 1960 some time on arlington ridge road . arlington va. I was like 20 years old at the time .
  • more info on this incident ---this old millioneer arlington killer school teacher daughters is meg Tecello I saw her meg - at the feed station for the homeless at ST Georges Church give --stalker- Marcks a large white envelope she made sure i saw it--- meaning her handing a big white envelope to marcks .---- i had told Marcks, earlyer that i needed 1500 dollars to pay my way to Greec - that I wanted to go with other old 70 year old LST sailors to greece to bring back a WW II LST landing craft ship that was at Normandy landing s WW II -- 1940s which america then years later was given to the greek Govt after the war II ,--- the greek navy didnt want it any more,--- it was too old ,--a rust bucket--- it has a web site --LST memorial -- look it up ---I wanted to go help bring it back accross the alantic to the states--, they advertised in the news they needed help ---but you would have to pay your way to greece,-----I had the skill seamen papers and the sea experince foure years at sea on ships ---but no money and told stalker marks I thought of asking one of these wealthy feed ladies who feed the homeless -- to pay my way to greese to crew this WW II LST and bring it back to America,----- which they eventualy did---- look it up on the web dont trust me look it up its called the LST memorial web site ---- this questions begs --- did marcks take the money in the white envelope that the the killer school teachers daughter gave marcks ??? redmonks find out -
  • dont worry about the spelling ill clean it up later -- this is a draft --
  • in the Lyon village shopping center on lee high way -- arlington --jew problems , since 9 / 11 -- ---there address of their homes and Auto tag #s etc,---- stories concerning the snake cult in Brizal --- the story -- the redmonk into the guns as so ordered by US navy War -- ADM. ( Arlie 31 knot ) Burk -- on operation Blue Bat 1958 ------ in 2007 in a parking lot -the us navy adm I booted in his as# arlington county cop does the right thing and gives up the navy Adm.-- pay back for gunners mate Hartwig the blow in gun turret #2 on the battle ship Iowa , what the U S Navy officers did to him , the jewish asshole investagater from new yourk who gut her ass tossed into rio bay with a shark and crock -- the killer bees on the street of the banks down in old rio brazil all these stories blown Sat --
  • all of these stories all comming back with photos of the jews
  • jewsih crimes against America will be told in depth -- dont worry about the spelling this is like a draft will correct later -- if the stupid jews of Arlington County hadnt F- with me daily since 9/ 11 with jew hate---- this honest info on the nazi jewish people would not be up ----- you F------ jews bring this Shi# on your selvs for real ,--not a lie -for real --
  • christians of Arlington county virginia make the jews accountable for there sins like every one else I taunt the jews to take this into court you got thousands of Lawyers i have no one but 4 bible thumpen red redmonkee members left----- all redmonkee brigrade members have gone to school or work or are hiding up in the trees as lawinforcement prowls down below said as a pun -- one redmonkee said hes out of the redmonkee business the FBI was asking questions ?? thats why i said they must have fled up in the trees .
  • the in depth story of Israeli jews spitting on christians in Israel now today 2008 as relegious hate on christians -- and the jewish cops alerted do nothing about it---- we the American people give theese silly jews billions of American dollars and there not happy -- George Stephanopulos working in the white house alerts Presiden george Bush concerning the jews spitting on the christians ---- pres Bush confronts the Israeli President in the white house and the president of Iserial told president Bush to his face there more importent things to talk about then jews spitting on christians --- wow Holy shit time how about cricky who the f- do the jews think they are -----more jewish arragronce --- george Stephanopoulos sister is a christian religious nun living and working in the holy land the jews spit on here regulary she brought this spitting by jews on to christians daily in the state of Iserial --- complaint to the attention of her brother george who was working in the white house this jew spitting has been going on since 1948 , christians confront the jews of Arlington County Virginia push the jew up agaist the wall confront the arlington jew and slap the jews face for spitting on christians
  • all christians in arlington County Virginia start -- ( operation jew watch -- ) in Arlington County virginia the Goverment will not protect your christian faith from the jews you must do it,---- the arlington County Goverment has failed you and your christian Faith from jew attack -- as the little 8 year old christian girl from falls church virginia Pilliored by the nazi jews of Fallchurch va -- the coward christins silent would not defend this small christian child only 8 years old from these Nazi jews of fallchurch Virginia -- see the movie apostle that just came out to ---see what the christian faith is ---- for real
  • bible thumpen reds of the redmonkee brigrade begain the spitting on jews in arlington county as payback for jews spitting on christians In the State of isreal thats how you stop the jews missbehavior of spitting on christians all christians must spit back on the jews to make the jews stop spitting on Christians ---
  • -- jews in Arlington Murdered a baby born out of wed lock Judge Joan Alpers knows and so does the jury at my trial know they all agreed to write a letter to officials in Richmond Virginia about it -- it was brought up at my trial in 2002 arlington court house , Judge Joan Alpers couroom --
  • more Jewish crimes ----
  • jews taking a shit in a catholic church in new york as mass was being said ,,,---
  • jews put jew shit around a photo of christ and called it art work and showed it to the public for some three months ,--- christians silent -- jews silent WhY ???- american legion post 139 located in Arlington County Virginia silent -- why? /
  • more jewish crimes against Christians and also against America .
  • jewish Synagoges get free paid security camerias for there Synogog paid with christian tax dollars the christian churches get nothing ----only the jew get free security camerias from the Goverment WhY -- ???? arlington christians rise up -- Arlington county board not doing its job at Thomas jefferson GYM no security camerias WHY ?--- a terrorest could take hostges and you couldnt monter what is going on inside --- Ill correct the spelling later -
  • jews put a photo of christ in a huge jar of jewish piss and called it art work this too was shown to the public as art work for months --- this story in news week,- times magazine etc. you all read it dont trust me trust your selfs -- christians of Arlington County Virginia located 15 min by auto from the American white house . christians silent why ?? -
  • I call on all christians to make a giant star of david ---put christian shit all over the star of david and take it around america to EACH and every jewish Synogoge and make the jews look, --- as pay back to teach the jew they cant get away with this abuse of other peoples faith -- treating christian faith as if the christians are Palistinians and the American jews Iserialia s -- jews dont know how to act toward other people -- because of 3 ooo years of persacuation 3 thousands years of hate put on the jews makes them nutty .
  • the American jewish community needs mental health treatment and must stop putting there mental sickness on the american people - as they have me -- if Richard a anglo saxon American Richard trodden commen wealth attorny of arlington wants to know what the jews look like on the attack of me daily since 9 / 11 ---see the movie ( the debaters )- by Denzel Washington -- the sciene were the mob is in a hanging mood and the blacks are in there car thats how the jews look there facial features take a look jewish girl -- Lisa bergman Lisa is the Israelie Prosacuter on the 5 th floor arlington court house, she cant be american because she is a jew--- meaning israeli not American she lives in fortress israel protecting jewish people intrest in Arlington Virginia,--- she only hangs out with other jews and has no idea who and what the Goyim is Goyim means other nation thats how bergman see america she is a jew prosacuter for the other nation in side of America that other nation is called the jew nation for real and or fortress iserial she and the jew Levie on the 5 th floor arlington county House protect jews but not christians she is from the other nation ask her ????--dont trust me--- ask her -- her jewish brother Abe Foxmen runs the jewish nazi org. ADL -- Abe collected personel info on 10.000 americans liks a sneaky Jewish secreat police in side of America---- and nazi jew Foxmen taken into court in the state of Colo --- but jewish money to the corrupt Anglo Saxon judges let him off - wow Holy shit Time , -----lets start - ( Operation Jew Watch ) on the jews of arlington Virginia see if they like it you jews F- with me I punch back you jews in Arlingtonm go and fight in iraq and stop looking in Garbage cans for bombs acting like you jews are doing you part in the war in iraq what cowards you jewish people are what frauds you are on the christians people of Arlington County virginia--- american legion post listen up --- ( jewish boys hide christians boys die ) comment on the war in Iraq -- shame on you jews at starbucks what littl people you jews are
  • who the hell is protecting my interest my civil rights my constutional rights in this anglo saxon Domanated County located 15 min from the White House -- in Arlington County ?? that question begs --- let seee i got some redmonkees left -- not too many they come they go -- but there out there and they the redmonk brigrade brought down the national Zoo on missmanagement -- that story in the washington post for three days --- look the story up on my web site --
  • the jewish chew cont. --
  • the jews making CATHOLIC movie star MEL GIBSON GROVEL on television news AND SAY HE is SORRY FOR ASKING A JEWISH COP IF THE COP WAS A JEW ??
  • stop all American tax dollars to the State of iseral _now today 2008 -- and begain operation jew watch org. in Arlington County Virginia -- to gather auto tag # s as jews park at the synagoge and at there homes just as Abe Foxmen collected info on--
  • 10. ooo Americans and was taken in to court in Denver colo. look that up on the internet to show i am telling the truth -- the jewish word-- Goyim-- means other nation the jews see them selvs as a nation seperate from the American nation but living in America the jews call America the other nation but are listed a citizens of America -- jewish terrorism against a little 8 year old Christian girl in fallchurch virginia fallchurch located 20 min by auto from the American white House where the president of the united states lives dont worry about the spelling Ill clean it up later -- you jewish people wanted to f- with me since 9/ 11 -- now Iam f- with you--- how do you jews like it ?--
  • each and every CHRISTIAN in arlington County virginia all togeather now ---- work to pass legislation in the U S congress, U S senate to begain mass ex0dus of the Six .5 million jews now living in America to Iserial ---- that all American jews all 6.5 million jews now living in America be forced out of America because of bad behavior toward christians Americans and attacking Christian school children as the jews did the 8 year old christian - cath. slav child in Fallchurch Virginia school. and got away with it because of jewish realection money to the anglo saxon christian politicans in richmond virginia we know how corrupt america is you cant fool the people any more --- we know waht you christian anglo saxon politacians are a fraude on the american people like nazi jew Ebben and nazi jewEsienburg both Ebben and Esienburg are iserialie and not not american were not dumb we see --
  • all American jews must be forced out of America with- in seven years to the land the Slav race -- meaning the russian soldier PVT . Ivan gave the jews---- that land and jew house called iserial. you would think the jews would be gratfull ??
  • what are half of all the jews in the world doing living here in America, ?
  • there are 6. 5 millionjews in Iserial and the same number in America thats 13 million jews and another 3 million jews all over the world a total of 16 million jews on this earth and half of all jews on earth live in America ---- why dont they go home and that means they wont be f_ ing with me every day if the jews go home to iserial and then i wont have to beat the shit out of them weekly and daily Iam tired of it -- -- the jews face is the same as the redneck mob in the movie by Denzel washington called : (the great debate )-- see that scein in that movie thats what the jews face looks like Richard trodden -- see the movie Trodden and well your at it ---see the movie the - ( golden door )-- because thats were iam comming from not the mayflower -- the one you came from Trodden ---
  • Richard trodden ask each and every jew in Arlington and at the lyon Village shopping center this question ---jews- why dont they go home, ? what are you doing here F - with cj every day ??-- ????
  • the price the slavs paid to give a house to the jews 1940s WW II ----the cost ---- the death of 49 million Slavs 1940s as the price for the Jews Home land . the jews house what ever -- where is the thanks ?
  • the Slav RACE paid the bill and the jews are still here in America wow --Holy shi# and criky --- when are ya jews going home and leave me the f- alone ?? you little jewish people need to get a attude of gratude for Pvt Ivan the russian soldier of WW II ---- he bought you jews a house he the russian soldier Ivan payed for your jew house with his blood and suffering when are you jews going to say thanks and kiss this russian Slav soldiers WW II ass and for real too ---you snotty jew s of arlington ,-what low cheap people jews are - a slav buys you jews a house and you dont even say thanks ---what jewish pricks shmucks you jews are -- you jews f- with me i punch back
  • Iam tired of drowning you jews in Commoades ,- beating you jews,- throughing jews off porches-- iam sick of it--- you jews in Arlington GO the F--- home to iserial . Please your going to love it -- the rocks no trees sand heat you jews will go krazy in love with the house PVT. Ivan the Slav soldier Bought for you jews WoW holy Shi# time how about cricky --- jews of arlington GO the F------- Home and leave me the f- alone,-- how hard can it be ?? for a jew on a -- the jew house is located on middle east avenue some were in the desert go find it you jews of arlington virginia
  • as I was protesting with my Protest sigen in front of the russian Embassy on 16 th street washington DC -- some years ago---- iserialie citizens came to the embassy for some reason - ? - paper work etc - we talked for a while they ask about my sigen-- said to me ---- if American jews are jews why arent they in iserial what are they doing here ?? --and this group of Iserialies added we will allow the Americanjews to call them selvs jews as long as they send iserial the money and the Iserialies gaffaued , chuckled short laugh what ever,--- get the picture thats how the jews in iserial see American jews -- not one jew in Arlington believs that --- not one jew .
  • the jews are not happy in America why -- you might ask ??because the christians are not watching enought jewish Hollocaust movies and not kissing the jews behind enough --
  • to all jews in the world and to the jews in Arlington County and to Abe Foxmens bisexual wife Golda -- you jews in Arlington County va ask a cop if Iam lieing about Foxmens wife that story comming back in full --- Golda foxmen sex life is none of my business nor should it be yours but it was abe foxmen dir. of the nazi jewish org, A D L he told the jews of arlington to go after me -- now iam going after him
  • you jews students listen up at George mason law school too ---
  • for me ---
  • I knew the day i found out the jews were the jewish kings and queens of Hypracrits -- no it wasent the 7 oclock news on television --that stated in 2007 that the jews would not take in the blacks from Sudan Afraca who were begging for asylim fleeing from murder rape
  • afrakans from Darfur Sudan beating on the jewish state of iserials door , let us in please ,--Afrakans begging the jews ----
  • the dirty jews the phoney jews what ever ya want to call phoney people ----- the jews say no--- you blacks from Sudan cant come in . WoW --- criky-- its holy shi# time,--- these same phoney jews forgot the jew ship St Louis 1940s story the jews do the same thing the world did to them 1940s closed the door --
  • hell no that wasnt the time i knew the jewish people world wide were a fraud on the world and a fraud on America, at the same time.-- no hell no --- that was not the first time i knew the jewish people as a fraud jews read on ----
  • -- the first time -- hell - the day i knew 100 % the jews were a fraud on the American people and a fraud on the world was when i looked at photos of Serbs and croats behind barbwire in the former yougaslovia the photos in world wide magaizne show slav croat and Slav serb bodies as skeltions there skin exat carbon copies of photos of jews in a death camps in nazi germany 1940s and the american jews were silent about that yaah silent -- the jewish people a phony cry baby fraud on the world with there jewish silence --
  • the jews silent,-- the phoney jews silent -- silent and the jewish peoples silence screams ---- for the hyprocicy of the phoney jewish peoples silence,- (but hope dies last ) said Studds terkel who wrote some great books and who was italion --
  • for the jews of Arlington Virginia--- here is your jewish-- hope dies last -- but one jew was not silent -- he got on the news cast -and scolded the jewish people about there silence as concerns the southern slavs Serbs and Slav croats behind barbwire with skelton bodies skin hanging carbon copies of the jews in the death camps 1940s
  • the jew who complained to the phoney American jews and the jews of Arlington Virgini about there phoney jewish silence , ----his name - ( the little sunflower jew of the jewish Hollacoust ) -1940s ----- (Simeon Wiesenthal is the large golden sunflower jew of the jewish Holocaust 1940s )-----the little sunflower jew is a hillbilly jew from the carpathians MT of Europe -- you phoney jews in Arlington guess his name ???---guess his name ??--all you phoney Arlington County Virginia Jews out there.-- helloooo
  • this info on jew wrong doing is dedacated to the little 8 year old cathloic Slav girl -- 8 years old of Fallchurch Virginia abused by the nazi jews of Fallchurch the Nazi jews forced her out of the school for defending poland as the jews in her class attacked poland to her face this little 8 year OLD femaleCHRISTIANS CRIME was that ----she dare stand up in classs and said in defence of poland that there are two side to the Slav and jew story she was pilliored , the jews also threatened her father I have been told ---
  • you jews are going to get killed you keep f- with me tormenting me hounding me stalking me mocking me to my face calling me a queer laughing in my face i dont know you i never spoke to you one time you need help --- you jews are a hate nazi people -- beating you jews dont stop you,--- you cant help your selvs like krazy fanatic relegious people you jews are your jewish -- eyes glaze over a little teeth showing your nuts you have the arlington christian police and Fran Obrien who prosacutered me 2002 on your side you jews have , Judge Joan Alper who -- presided at my trial 2002 --- and Judge Richard McCue and Richard Trodden the Commen Wealth Attornie for Arlington county in your jewish communities pocket -- he Richard trodden and the others mention take jewish reelection money for Anglo saxon polticians in Richmond Va ----
  • wee know how the American political system works were not dumb---- Politics follows money each and every time in America ---always ---and that is why America is Corrupt and America Justice is Corrupt too because of the money -- -- I-- un like most of you -- i have been in there jails in there courts I know first hand the American bull Shi# -- were justice is concerned
  • this info on the nazi jews of Arlington is for the jewish children ---the Nazi jews abuse in nazi jewish schools in the state of Maryland ---- the jewish school officials ---calling jewish children out of wed lock --- mamazar-- a jewish--- word means basterd --
  • the nazi jewish school official allowe it to go on because of jewish relegious law,---- jews are haters and are getting a free pass on jewish hate in America because of jewish relection money to the anglo Saxon christion politicans in Richmond Virginia--- we all know how America is Corrupt -- How much money does Richard trodden and the arlington Judge joan Alper and judge Richard Mc Cue take from the monied eye people in arlington ????
  • all christian school teachers in fallchurch Virginia school system -- silent did not protect a small brave 8 year old slav child when the jews in her school treated her like a palistenian and the jews Iserialie s why were the school teacher silent -- W H Y ???---
  • none of us in America are safe from these nazi jewish people who are loaded with savage hate -- -- who buy there way and never earn it -- the U S marines have a saying always earned never given -- the jews have one too for the jews its always given never earned --

  • in all of America there is not one White org. that defends white people as indeed the jews have thousands of lawyers and org. to defend them not one white Org. not one white org. in all of America to defend white people think of that as Rebel Mc Veigh always said---- blacks got thousands of Lawyers to defend them no one will defend a white person -- in America this is a hate crime by the Arlington County 5th floor commen wealth Attornies office in the Arlington county Court house which is located 15 min away from the American white house were president Bush Lives with his Family this is the kind of justice America and the state of Virginia give out --
  • more jewish crimes -- below
  • the book the jews in Arlington County Virginia dont want you to read ---
  • ( By way of deception )_
  • this book of jewish crimes against America and it christian people the book is called __ ( by way of decepetion )-- -by a israeli mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky and clair Hoy then you will know why i am telling on the nazi hate jewish people - of Arlington Virginia this book is also dedacated to us Army General John Sunni who the nazi jews of America and in the white house called general John Zunni a Antisemite for telling pres Bush not to go to war against Iraq that it was a Bad Idea, ---- the jews in the white house said Italian American John Zunni wasA antisemite and was against iserial for saying to the president of the united states it was not a good idea to go to war with iraq -- think of that , was Gen John Zunni a antisemite or was he a good American --??
  • now do you see why the jewish people in America must be removed from the united States within seven years -- all 6 . 5 million forced out to the jewish home that the WW II Russian Soldier Ivan gave the jews
  • with the Slav race loss and suffering of 49 million dead Slavs -- the price paid by the slavs for the jewsih home land -- did you ever hear a jew say thanks ???? I mean it--- did any one ever hear a jew any were say thanks ??? jews are low sneak people .
  • after the force removial of all jews from America ------seven million Chineese will be brought to America to replace the removed jews--
  • the 7 million chinese from the communist main land brought to America in 2008 -to replace the American jews ,---these Asian chinese make great citizens and are great businessman and great business women--- damn right they do ---
  • the great chinese people dont whine and cry as the Arlington county jews do -- the famous jewish whine,--- no one suffered but us jews , the hollacaust the Hollacaust- the jews scream --- you are a antisemite,--- you could be a antisemite ,---you could become a antisemite in 10 years,-- so we jews want you christians removed -- now ----- also throughn in ---- we jews suffered -- wow Holy Shi# criky --- all Americans are sick of this jewish crybabyism,--- hell the world is sick of the jews whine and crying- inArlington County Virginia --
  • the arlington County jews need to shut up and think and talk about the 7 million christians who were put to death in hitlers death camps 1940s ---same time the jews were killed , same camps --- the dirty little nazi crybaby jews in Arlington and the studints both christian and jews at the famous nazi George Mason law school- in Arlington -- need to study and look at the 7 million ukaranians murdered in one year 1939 ---by forced Starvation ---how its done ? ----all food stuff , all grain all live stock removed from a Nation and in 12 months---- there was seven million dead slavs in one years ---
  • it too 5 years to kill the new number --- 4 and a Half million jews 1940s hitlers death camps and 5 years to murder seven million Christians , same death camps 1940s --- the jews only lost four and half million jews murdered in the death camps 1940s and not the old numbers of murdered jews 6 million, ----- can the jews count ???--- 7 million is more then four and a half million ---- do the f- math - you arlington county jews --- the math do the math -- for crice sake --and stop your j whining ----
  • those 14 million christian murdered from 1939 to 1945 shout from there graves to the crybaby jews in arlington Virginia --- hay you jews shut the f- up--- thank you -- lets talk about the armenians Hollacoust the cambodia hollacoust lets talk about the North and South American Indian Hollacoust going on right now today 2007 2008 ----- lets talk about the Sudan defur holocaust going on today right now today 2008 and the jews shut the door on those afrakans seeking asylim -- wow Holy shi# how about Criky ---to all the phoney jews in Arlington how phoney can a jewish people get ??
  • jews need to be told off and i am doing it because no one in this coward country called America will -- american legion post 139 down town arlington -- silent -- jewish boys not on the front lines dying in this war in iraq---- jewish boys hide--- Christians boys Die --
  • jews are cowards and playing America for a fool christians rise up confront the jewish people -- about there hyporocy those Nazi jews of hatq in Arlington Virginia
  • all christians the names and address of the churches in Arlington coming to shame the christians in arlington to stand up aginst jewish crimes against America--- all churches and citizens in Arlington boycot all jewish business because of bad jewish behavior in America such as the jew on the bike at big wheels lyon Village shopping center ------ that story gone blown Sat------ how about the greek jewish girl fight promotor same shopping center she hangs out at star bucks maby she on the run -- her auto tag ___ no Mind -- her story gone too--- but all of it will be back does her daughter look at the stars ??? dont know what that means ???- find out -- dont worry about the spelling Ill clean it up later think of this a s a draft --- its the meat in the story that counts more auto tags comming
  • all of these happinings that i typed are gone from this blog this last Sat.. at cherry dale libary -- if by chance you made a copy before the blow up would you send me a copy ? -- my copy is a little old and missing so many things i typed -- --- my new book store ,--- all done up gone -- the story on junore a black kid same age as the redmonk in the clyde Beatty cole Bro circus all gone --
  • new comming 2008 jan --- the Nazi jewish students at george mason law school arl.
  • the jewish hollacaust suvior who lives in Fallchurch Virginia and was a murder in the Death camps 1940s he killling other jews so he could could live,--- this killer jew of the death camps 1940s was a regular at Thomas Jefferson Gym. he always had two jewish dudes with him .
  • the jews at the T J gym I had trouble with,--- know him, damn right they doo i confrontd him out side the gym he is about 83 yearl old and drives a large tan colored car --
  • I too---- like Simeon wiesenthal will speak for the murdered jews who were murdered by the killer jew who livesin Fallchurch va and f--- with me after i came back from Russia OVER A LONG TIME FRAME ----- some one guta do it--- speak for the murdered jews by the fallchurch Virginia jewish Hollacaust jew killer why ya might ask --?? be cause the coward hate jewish community of Arlington Virginia ---fallschurch Virginia ,--Alexaander Virginia jewish nazi jewish hate people wont --- Arlington jewish cowards every one of them ,-- I call on the redmonkee johney dollars Investagaters to investagate this phoney jewsih silence
  • hay Richard Trodden - 5 th floor arlington County court house attacking me daily tormenting and threatening me since (9 / 11 untill about a year ago I started beating and drowning these hate Nazi jews in commodes, and at coffee houses kicking them in the head trying to kick out there eye to stop them from tormenting me that long story explaining the Nazi jewish abuse, all blown away this sat -- but will be back better and with more indepth info on the jewish as# holes comming like say at , barrister square one block down from george Mason law school in Arlington and the jewish as# hole there in the law school and at barrister square . the jew with a bullit shaed head and shiney bald head I bet Trodden and the jewish prosacuter Lisa bergman knows him --
  • is this a reason the blog blew up, ? I dont know I havent a clue -- --- i was telling the truth as concerns Nazi like crimes the jews have committed against america, why you might ask ???- because no one else will,---- because American and christian cowardice in Arlington County va .
  • a Iserialie Mossed officer by name victor Ostrovsky wrote a book called ( By way of decepetion ) - then fled to Canada for his safety --- he like rebel mc veigh and Joe Pedellia and me, ----- couldnt take the lies and bull Shi# from morning noon and night untill we couldnt take it one more day-- the book - by way of desecption -- explains the abuse of America by the nazi jews and the nazi state of Iserial also----
  • the list of nazi jews of Arlingtion will be back up such as nazi jew Ebben brown Shirt Nazi jew Esinburg --- both of them Iserialies and not Americans,--- Lisa bergman Not American but Iserialie -- she works on the 5th floor Arlington Court house -- as a prosacuter -- she is there to protect jews but not christians
  • - my book store on the blog also blown, this sat ----- it will all be back and more in depth -
  • - check jewish crimes against Americans by the silly American jews ,---whothe American s feed with your tax dollars,---- on my link page my web site -- check the USS Liberty web site were the jews kill 38 American saliors,--- a war crime by iserial against America --- no jew punished and American Anglo saxon christian girl Rachial Corrie murdered by being run over by jews using a bulldozer which was made in America and given to Iserial by American tax Payers ??? see her web site on my link page you want to know why jews hate me ?? then read on.
  • American legion post 139 silent about all of this --- coward and tratiors at the same time American legion tratoirs against America and all of them in denial waiting for there monthly veterans Check---- please shouts the redmonk--- please stop the jewish bullshi# and stop the American Legion Bullshi#
  • both web sites Corrie and the Liberty on my link page,
  • Jews killing British Citizens as they did christiannAmerican girl Corrie ---- the state of Iserial refusing asylim to Black from Defur dont trust me read it -----
  • check my redmonkee banana awards on my link page yellow bar - is this why my blog blew ? i dont know -- the jews who work in the Arlington libary -- that story is dedacated to the jews of Arlington,--- also the true ,-check with the police if iam lying as concerns Abe Foxmen wife Golda Foxmen a biesexual which is against jewish law -- that story gone, blown this sat -- arlington school Board member Findly--- i put a sandwhich in his face for calling me a queer a very sick mentaly ill jew--- findley hiding behind anothe relegion ,--- but he is a jew he now has fled into the federal goverment working for Barack oboma -- I will be back even better more info ----Judge joan Alper involved , Judge Richard Mc Cue Fran O Brien prosacuter all involved on the 5 th floor Arlington Court Hous e-,---
  • --- arlington county cop Farr involved with the jews who are attacking me --- the county through social worker Micherl Hirchmen and LORIE RINKER TOLD ME THE COUNTY WANTS ME OUT arlington COP fARR TOLD ME IN THE LYION VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER I MIGHT WANT TO FIND ANOTHER PLACE TOP DRINK COFFEE WOW
  • i THOUGHT AMERICA ONLY RAN BLACK PEOPlE OUT OF TOWN NOT ME ----iAM A RUTHENIAN WHITE GUY FROM THE COALFIELDS 1939 and arlington cop Murphy DEEPLY INVOLVED IN THE BREAKIN OF MY FILES AND THE BEATING OF ME 2002 IN FRONT OF THE HECHT cO RIPPED OPEN MY HURNIA AND BROKE OR CRACKED RIBS - the arlington jail refused me medical treatment for two weeks --- THE aRLINGTON POLICE BEAT ME WHILE I WAS CHAINED--- ALL OF THESE STORIES IN DETAIL BLOWN SAT -- WILL BE BACK --- his tag keg, the killer shool teacher who killed a little boy on arlington ridge road gone---- blown her daughters involvement in the ArlingtonLibaries -- the jews in the libary name berry and the jews running the security for arlington Libary his satement to me the rabbie Jack Moline could have me killed the stories of the beating of the jews on going -- --- all of the info done in detail Blog blown Sat .. dont worry about the spelling Ill fix it later -- keep in mind the attEmpt on my life by the Arlington police 2007 and THE silence from RICHARD Trodden office located on the 5 th floor arlington court house -- the Arlington county board members ALL silent read the letters to the judges and pAUL Fergson of the county board --- fergson never answeared is that how he got the new job ---- ???- does he fergason know a lawyer namer peter Broda ??-- how about peter Broda Wife -- ?/
  • if by chance you have the latesT copy of the REDMONK bLOG before it blew send the total blog to all news media in the middle east CHINEESE eMBASSY RUSSIAN eMBASSY PRESS SECTION SEND TO eL jEZERIA ARAB NEWS MEDIA TO ITS HOME OFFICE flood the 5 th th floor comenwealth Attornies office Arlington court house with last total blog before it blew ALSO TO THE GOVENOR OF THE STATE OF vIRGINIA --
  • Jan 11 th 2008--- this just in--- it seems the bible thumpen reds--- held some kind of prayer vigel in lyion village shopping center ?? and at other places and were ran off i WAS TOLD THE JEWS CALLED THE POLICE ON THE -- BIBLE THUMPEN REDS praying for the Jewish nazi of Arlington VIRGINIA aRLINGTON THIS COUNTY LOCATED 15 MIN BY aUTO FROM THE AMERICAN WHITE hOUSE WERE PRES BUSH LIVES -- -- RED MONKEE BRIGRADE LISTEN UP see if thats true AS CONCERNS THE BIBLE THUMPEN REDS BEING RUN OFF BY THE JEWS at Lyon village shopping center lee hiyway arlington ---- THESE MAY BE THE LAST REDMONKEES LEFT ???---
  • I WATCHED IN SCHOCK AS HIS TAIL WENT STRIGHT UP AND his plane moved forward with the nose down tail up forword OVER THE HILL then A MASSIVE BOOM SOUND,---- AND BLACK SMOKE POuRED INTO THE SKY-- HE CRASHED AND WAS KILLED THIS AFTER THE WAR 1945 -- THEY DID THIS GREAt fly over it was called the great fly over by the goverment I didnt make this name up ---- the great fly over was done --SO THAT aMERICANS people on the home front COULD SEE WHAT THE GERMANS GUT ,---- jUlIE WAS THE ONLY ONE I KNOW OF- WHO WENT OP TO THE CRASH SITE TO DO A STORY thats why she is calle little __ miss jewish united press international -- -- JEWISH RED MONKS ASK JULIE about this straifing run on the lill redmonk 1945-- she knows this story better then me I was told that the Arlington jewish community is hassling her to shut her up and not wittness for me ,--- threatening her -- houding her ,--- I was told she is very ill and near death ----- ask her about this story before she dies -- your up -- Julie redmonks ,---all i got to see two days later was the engien plowed into the ground all burnt and a truck hauling it away 1945 -- julie was there first --- ask julie to wittness that this is a true story --- a WW II fighter plane called a thunder Bolt -- made strafing run on me firing blanks ---which i thought for sure was killing me then -- zoomed over my head its engien screeaming just like the fighter plane in the movie Harts war -- ---Tail went streaight up, --nose streight down - plane moving forward over the hill in that position -- then a loud bamm -then smoke poured skyward --
  • I have been told after the crash some one took the tail of this military aircraft ran off with it and other persons ran off with a wing same aircraft -- coalfields 1940s -- different world different kind of people
  • - the woman in those days looked and dressed like the woman in the oklahoma Dust bowls days same dresses hair etc get the picture ??-- Julie redmonks find out before she dies -- also defend her from the Nazi jews of arlington---- so long for now - Ill be back better then new ???- do monkey on -- dont stop now red monkey on --