Human Experiments

during Operation- M K- Ultra- 1957, 1958 off the coast of Florida

 USS Naval Ship  L.S.T –1162 out of Little Creek, Amphib., Base- Va.


The U.S. Government under the notorious American Nazi Jewish doctor,- Gottlieb, conducted experiments on the crew of the US Naval ship LST 1162, off the coast of Florida usa. These experiments, including biological germs that were contained in huge light bulbs. These huge light bulbs were kept in a large metal suitcase. A CIA Officer came aboard LST 1162 with several of these large suitcases. The .Redmonkee saw the suitcases opened in the CIA Agents cabin…

….The light bulbs were in the hollowed out containers inside the metal. Suitcases. the story in full down below.

Former CIA Director Richard Helms and his wife (years later) came in to a business, that the Redmonkee owned at 1600 South Eads Street Arlington, Virginia. CIA Director Richard Helms said to his wife, that the Redmonkee was one of our pigs. Mrs. Helms scolded her husband not to call the Redmonkee a pig.

All of this information was given to Senator John Glenn and other Senators and Congressmen. Senator John Glenn was the only one to show interest.

 The crew members were taken by bus from the  Naval ship.L.S.T-1162, to Fort Detrick, Maryland. When we entered the building, a woman in a white smock stated in a jolly voice,… here comes the pigs….

Come back later to this page for the story, in full detail,. below is some background how the experiment was performed, etc…April 11th2002

this is some background, on Uss Naval LST 1162,scroll down below, then the story in full. 1956, 1957, 1958,1959, 1960,- believe me there was plenty of world war- two- equipement around in those years,………. Now the story

LST 1162..ran with a couple of ww II subs from time to time, one was called the ( ss sea lion)- another one,I believe was the ss Carvellie- her aka the (Dago) another sub ww II type on operation Blue bat,was painted all black with the # 4 something, painted on her sail, her aka was the black orchard all of these world war two Subs were used on covert ops. The ss Sea lion seemed to always be docked down one pier down from LST 1162 at little creek Virgina, She has a home page on the internet, look it up on the web, type in uss sea lion, it will pop up.

LST 1162..ran with another ww II sub called ..the. (Black Orchard)……. Aka- the (black Neiggris)… she was painted all black ….The Sea lion was painted all gray, and looked like a German Sub from ww.II.

 The black orchard on a dark night in 1958, arose out of the depths of the sea along side LST 1162 ..frogmen aboard the black sub. met up with frogmen on LST 1162… boats were lowered in to the water with fifty five gal.fuel drums in each L.C.V.P- landing craft,.. boats, manned by boat crews from L.S.T 1162 and loaded up with frogs and they headed into the night, toward the beaches of LebanonOperation Blue Bat… had begin…L.S.T 1162s aka was the..( gray ghost) her #1162 and all other identification. Was painted out. she had no # ,..she had no name.. she did all the work and got no Credit,- LST 1162 was like Cinderella, but the Glass slipper never fit.

. During oper. Blue Bat..LST 1162 is not mentioned for the record……. on bat..she did not exist, her crew received no recognition… all other ships and crews did, but not the.. Gray ghost L.S.T 1162.. this World two Type  L.S.T.s 1162 had Bow Doors / her crew mutinied against the Capt., BUCK ROGERS a graduate of ANNAPLOIS, the mutineers took the ship, the officers were issued arms by the gunners mate and locked them selves in their cabins, the ship was sailed back to the states by the enlisted men and Capt. Buck Rogers was removed..the U.S. Navy covered this up.( But that’s a story for another time )T

This LST 1162, during the worst storm in 25 years rolled on her side and didn’t want to get back up, the redmonk was in the pilot house holding on to a pipe stanchion, directly behind the helmsman whos aka was Steve Kenyon- because he could never steer the ship on a straight course, to his, the Helmsmen’s credit, during those horrifying agonizing minutes after minute ticked on, he never let go of the helm wheel (steering wheel ) his feet like the Red monks was straight down toward the closed hatch (Door) which had a around glass port hole in the center, were as he looked down at their feet they could seee the sea beating against the glass port hole, like they were doing chin ups on a bar.( this story in tot tot on the New Document and link Page) which is coming up. to days date June 11th 2001

The redmonkee was one of the early mutineers on LST 1162, he fired three oranges, at Capt. Rogers because of abuse of the crew, Rogers should never been made Capt, Capt Rogers was removed in disgrace.

 the u.s. Navy then gave LST 1162 to Capt. Johnson a.. mustang.. and a former Capt. of a WW 2 SUB. He was an old salt, a (mustang), meaning those who came up through the ranks, he knew ships and the sea, you couldn’t bull shit him, and was not afraid to take chances with his ship or crew and that’s the way the crew of L.S.T..1162.. liked it  but he the Capt Johnson. Was a Coward one time for sure …. this story in full when we up date. Concerning the ships Stern Anchor cable that got rapped around the screw as the lst pulled itselfe off the beach and to cover the Capt. As$ he the US Navy Capt Johnson. Blamed it on the Boatsen Mate Johnson  who was a real old timey salty sailor-( a lifer as they say- who played an accordion,- I was their,  I saw it happened  US Naval officers are Cowards really,-  the will kill their Crew to save them selves from  looking bad. This story on the LST mutiny should make all US Navy officers shiver your Timbers .

 the US navy officer Corp haven’t had real men in it since World Two, Adm. Bull Halsey Adm. Arlie Burk who I served under his, Adm. Burks direct orders, I saw the written orders signed by Adm. Burk him self who sent a group of us were put on Tug well stations in the Caribbean watching for Russian plains coming out of Cuba,-  the last time the US Navy had Officers that indeed where real real fighten men  was the US Naval officers Corp. from World War II and of course today- big time Brave - US Navy Seals, - UDT- frogs and Navy Fighter Pilots  you all know about the US  Admiral. Who blew his brains out with a gun when he was caught wearing Medals he didn’t earn,-  just like News men Bob Woodward a Former US- Naval officer who works for the Washington Post newspaper in  the Nations Capital,- he.- Bob Woodward too, got a bravery  medal he didn’t earn, but Bob Woodward lacks the guts to blow his brains out,-  which proves he,- Bob Woodward is not a man,- Woodward Crows that he brought down Pres. Nixon from power. I crow he didn’t earn his bravery medal,-  the military medal  Bob woodward didn’t earn was the Navy marine Corp medal, same medal Pres. Kenndy earned in world war II when his PT- Boat sank.          

Now For the  story on operation MK.- Ultra

The U.S. Government, under the-( Nortorious, Jewish American,)- Doctor,- Sydney Gottlieb ) --conducted experiments on the crew of the U.S. Naval Ship L.S.T 1162- these experiments included biological germs that were contained in huge light bulbs,These huge light bulbs were kept in a large suit case with hollowed out spaces , similar to an egg carton,for holding eggs

A CIA officer came aboard L.S.T- 1162 with several of these metal suit cases, he never would allow any crew member to handle any of these metal cases, But himself ,

CJ , known as the Russian Zookeeper, from the National Zoo, aka the Redmonkee, was a crew member on L.S.T- 1162 working in the Engine Room, he was authorized to go into the Officers cabins to do repair work as needed, as CJ, passed the CIA officers Cabin, CJ opened the door, CJ saw the metal suit case opened on the bunk, it was opened with the Super large Light bulbs in neat rows just as eggs are lined up in a egg carton.

The CIA officer was busy doing paper work, CJ introduced himself and stated he had to check on some plumbing. CJ asked what kind of light bulbs they were while tapping on them with with his finger, the CIA officer became Agitated and said don’t touch those, - when CJ ask why ?,the CIA officer replied  there are little things in side, when CJ ask what kind of little things, the CIA officer stated -you don’t want to know, and get the hell out of my cabin..

Several minutes went by and then the intercom system on the ship announced, that no Ship personnel were to inter officers quarters.

 LST 1162 got under way destination,- off the Florida Coast, CJ observed the CIA officer, as he dropped the Large light bulb in the air vent . just prior to this event of dropping the super large Light Bulb, the ships sound system announced- now hear this , now hear this All hands Below deck All hand s below Decks, after all hands went below decks and all air vents and port holes ordered sealed,

 CJ didn’t respond, he-

was reading a book and half asleep in a life boat ( his hide away), , but he became wide alert when he heard voices, just below his life boat, he pulled back the canvas tarp just a little and observed the CIA officer and the Ships officers  and Capt. Rogers  standing around with gas masks, around the large air vent, that days before had all new rubber gaskets put on to make them air tight,

 The CIA officer then propped open the vent port hole with the help of one of the officers and took one of his super large light bulbs and dropped it in the port hole   saying- "there its done" they immediately closed the port hole and battened it down, a couple of the officers chuckled nervously about what had just occurred,  I was told in the early morn hours by boatesen Johnson to lay down a large inch and a half  square metal plate under neith this large vent port hole, that is how they broke open the Light bulb when the CIA officer dropped it  )

when it was all over and the Officers left,- I went and told the old Boson Mate what I saw them do , he then took me into the sick bay, were the ships Corpsmen and the ships- Chief Engine men were drinking coffee and shooting the Bull,( all of them served in world war- two) the ww II Bosen Mate, said tell them what you told me , I repeated what I told him a few min. earlier they looked shocked, then told me to tell them again what I saw, I did and they repeated several times, those dirty SOB s those dirty SOBs every one became sick on the Ship a few days later but me, the Corpsmen and the officers  , me and the Corpsmen then where the ones helping the sick crew who were all laid up sick vomiting and heavy diarrhea.

 when LST 1162 at last got back to home port at little Creek, we were Quarantined- the US Navy put  US Marine Guards on the Pier with guns and forbid any one to leave the ship,- only I was allowed to take off the trash cans to be emptied in a special dumpster, I was the only one not Ill,- all our urine and fecal matter was collected in containers and men came aboard in suits and masks  this went on for several days and then I saw DR. Gottlieb  come aboard with only plastic like booties over his shoes he was in a jolly good mood. When the US marine Guard put the Gun on me he had it in a Shoot position and told me to get back aboard nobody leaves  and said that we were a bunch of - glow worms.

 Later a new,- very well dressed, very upper class CIA officer came aboard  and I was called into the Ships sick bay and the corpmen said to the CIA officer I was the one who missed it,- the CIA officer kept a half smile on his face  as he watched me for some time, then he spoke to me softly  ,he ask me if I loved my country, I responded yes, he ask me if I would die for my country, I replied yes , he then stated,- would you do any thing asked of you, any thing,- if it would help your country ,I replied sure,- he then turned around and took a white pill  that was on a white paper towel and turned to me and said,- I want you to take this pill , it will help your Country , I took the pill  with a sip from a glass of water,- I then ask him what the pill was?, - he  broke into a full smile and said your going on a trip, and still smiling made a remark about what happened in my landing Craft boat. And patted me on the shoulder  and he never stopped half smiling and staring at me,- which made me feel uncomfortable. That was my first run in with the – CIA         We were then taken to Fort Detreck Maryland and many years later,- I filed a complaint with the US Government, - and the Washington Post newspaper put me and this story on the front page with a few lines.-  I was 18 years old at the time and a Dumb Hillbilly who believed in America ,- today, many years later  I know the truth about what America is,- I would have told him- the CIA officer- fuc# America,- I wouldn’t die for the piece of Shi# of a Phoney Country, let the rich Kids die for it / they get more from america let em bleed more  / lets make it fair  and Bob woodward got a Bravery military  medal he didn’t earn .         will have to come back for the rest of the story ,was the crew of L.S.T- 1162 punished for the mutiny, when human experiments were preformed on the crew by C.I.A. ops?. ;;update April 11th, 2002 more coming look up L.S.T asso. On the Web to see what old bow door  LST look like /  

this is the  story---- that the Horrid, Jewish woman- Kay Graham- owner of the Washington newspaper in Washington D.C. would not do in her news paper, she gave me a couple of lines on her front page ( what a cheap skate old lady Graham is ) so your reading it here for the first time , were better then Matt Drudge ,at the Redmonkee web site call me a liar, I dare you

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