.. Redmonks .. House .. …. of .The .Golden . …….  …..Movies………………..

…Lets Go- To The……….. Movies…. ……………………………..


 MaJestic  Movie………… House…oooo 0  o

 Down Town Arlington, Virgina

 Close to Whities Bar and grill

 Marios Pizza and the- Winslow Grill and Fresh Fields on Arlington Blvd.

15 min. from the Nations Capital- uSA

tell your friends-  come see the -  Paradise-  at the Redmonks  Majestic …. Sneak preview of coming attractions .

 . Apple and Oranges .

 starring- WETA - Percy Rockafella.- As the blond bomb shell- the ending is a shocker

. the Little Jewish Sailor .

Starring the Little jewish Sailor

  .   Both coming attractions.- now at the bottom of this page  .

…,……Dive, in,………. the waters, just fine ……………………………………………


………………..True Confessions…..R . Duvall the redmonkee told off.. the mayor too,.. check that scene out,…. you got to have balls, shouts the redmonkee you cant be a wanna be, you got to do it then they fire you, ask the redmonkee, he knows

the Sun Downers : --Robert Mitchem—the redmonks kind of movie, the redmonk always liked the Ausses, any way, their a neat people- the redmonks plan after he kicked the Smithsonian as$ and got the Money, he was heading for Australia and get his ww II Army jeep and truck and work on a Ranch or as they call em, a Station / but that’s not going to happen, were goin to the last round and this is the last round and it aint goin be a TkO / the redmonk will not lose, the Smithsonian will, and big too, bet on the Redmonk cumin out of the gate- (gate- like in Race track)

……….55 DAYS AT Peking…..C. HESTON ….for the Mandarin Chinese girl in the Chinese embassy in wash dc u.s.a. she hit the red monkee with lighting, she was that good looking, she was Chinese ..but ..she wasMandarin, she also sat in the redmonkee s ww 2 Army jeep that was in Washington DC in a Parade, you can see this jeep on the photo page- front page / this movie does not reflect on this Chinese Mandarin Pearl in any way /she is indeed a Chinese Lady / Great China Raised her in a proper Chinese manner / 


the light Horseman: for a girl who was from Australia, and worked at the Commerce Dept for N.O.A. in Silverspring Maryland, (her Father was a Fisherman in Australia) she had a degree in fisheries of some sort- the redmonk was a supervisor for Ogden Government Services in this government building/ the redmonk was having trouble with blacks in this building interfering with his employees and stealing supplies/ this story in full later on link page under black racisms/ the redmonk had a fight with the White hating blacks in the lower level in this building as he battled them in the hall way, he threw boxes of toilet paper on them and drove them into the Elevators/ and this is were the Australian Girl Shouted over and over again Light Horsemen, light Horsemen/ this movie for the redmonk, he earned it, the dirty white people took the blacks side and the redmonk was removed from the building, this after the redmonk called the County police early, asking they come to the NOA- building (his name officer Penn)/ he took the Blacks side the white Government Leaders demanded he leave the building/ I then made my second attempt to defect to the soviet union / only the Australian Whitegirl was for me / think about that / and two Black Girls one from Africa and one from Jamaica came and helped me, no white American Woman showed Up- dirty white Woman / / a sexual assault on the white nurse/ her name Dwyer, A Black DOC.chasing her around, trying to catch her ,I saw it,it was a black doc., she wanted no part of it , in this NOA Government Building / the Black Guards sleeping in the nurses bed, at night when they were to be guarding the building , on and on it went/ then the blacks guards blaming THE MESSED UP BED in the nurses station- on my Hispanic employees / the black guards taking my desk over and refusing to let me have my own desk, in my own office, while they the blacks were eating their lunch / Blacks - fighting and yelling in the halls like animals, stealing computers/ the FBI takes THE BLACKS out in Chains / see photo page,- photo of president of Ogden , AND PHOTO OF THE Us Goverment NOA building, where this all took place,- you American Tax payers out their, take a look. I went to capital hill with my complaint by letter, because my company Ogden would do nothing about this misbehaver by blacks in this Government NOA Building even though three Ogden –(supervisor types)- signed a letter seeking help in this and other matters / I was then moved to the US- G.A.O. Government bld. wash. D.c. where they, the FBI showed Photos of my cousins dead body around for the black guards and Black Janitors to laugh at , I then went to the Russian Embassy for help and the Chinese Embassy for help after first, going to the FBI and other US -- Government agencies for help.,/ they would not help me, all of em Coward American- Jamie Gorlec , Louis Fhree, Session, Webster Devil Patrick,( all of em party with Smithsonian officialsand Wash. Post news paper Employees Such as Bob Woodward ) And U.S. Attorney Helen Fahey, at Alex. VA.- FBI Thompson in Richmond Va ,- Cong . and Sens on Capital Hill in the Nations Capital they and or their Staff know all about this and are silent / law firms- Hogan and Hartson . American Civel liberty Union 6 times etc / let me ask you People of Canada and Europe a question / how many black children would you kill , butcher and slaughter over this, if they, the Blacks did it to you? I;am just asking a question? I would never do it , It’s against American law, but the Washington Post Newspaper said you don’t need to know what happened at the Zoo and or the Smithsonian and or the GAO Building the NOA Building ,the Pandas, child killing Jew, at the Zoo,/ the Photos of my dead cousins body being shown around Etc. , I called the Wash. Post metro section,- asking them to come out and talk to my help and me, in front of the cameras, my help aggreed to go in front of the News Cameras, the post refused to come / you damn right I’am a light Horse men, that Ausse girl got me right . and I’Am comin up the road: see the movie light horseman / it aint over till it’s over and it haint over --- ask the Americans in the Cosmos Hotel, who were rounded up by Pamyat USSR if I"am Bull Shi# as they all, meaning the Americans)- said in unison, to members of Pamyet It wasn:t us, it was the Smithsonian, / ,photos of the NOA Government building and the offices coming to the photo page / scaned letters to FBI and others will be on the Link page soon/ as wella s photo"s of the black racest in this building and letters to a WhiteGuy named Brown / who was in charge of security in this US Government Bldg. Keep in mind rebel soldier McVeigh never got his story out, before he punished the American Government and the American people in the OklahomaCity bombing and killing of Government Employees who belonged to the AFGE Union, in the Murraha Government Building, for what the US Government did at Ruby ridge and what the Government did to the little Children at Waco Texas, some only two years old/ It’s Called Murder by the US Goverment and the American People are silent about what the US Government did to mothers and children, some as young as two years old. This Murder by the Americans peoples Government, happened at Ruby Ridge and Waco Texas and the American peoples are - Silent about what the US Government did to me also / think about that, really think about that / as Rebel McVeigh liked to say ,/ the all White Wash. Post employees in toto ,-said all of this is none of you’re, meaning the American peoples business / think about that / you silly foolish American White People/

Rebel McVeigh never had a Web site to tell his side / the Government wants silence / the United States Government told me to be silent, through the FBI, I refuse, Ill shout louder/ why are you Americans silent ?America is a Mild Terrorest State against the People, If you Americans cant see it, your Blind / Why Are you American people silent ? / read - rebel McVeigh at www.outpost-of-Freedom.com his letter to Fox News/ telling why he killed Americans in Oklahoma /

……….the king of Masks---Mona Fong—for the Pretty Chinese lady in side the Chinese Embassy Washington Dc USa

………………29th street..Danny Aiello—every one gets a chance right? Put your money down, take your chances  the redmonk did  / you cant stay up in the stands you got ta get out on the field and  wrestle wth em down on the battle field  and some time you lose and some time you win, but yau gut to get out on the field, you cant stay in the bleacherstands watching, you got to come down on the field and  try to roll em,-  get in the game  the redmonk is and he has had won hell of a losing streak but the game haint over  the redmonk is still on the field,-  bet on the redmonk    

………Joe……… peter Boyle.. Great Joe 6pack movie, for the Smithsonian Intellctuals see the scene,-( it’s your As$ now ! for Larry Small who some say is too little for the Job and Lucy the (Goose) Spelman /Zoo Dir. She got her job because she is Jewish, she stole her job from Slav And Italian Americans Females, the redmonk a political Activist for many causes, against the American Government / you should be too

why are you Americans Silent ? / Why ? why are the White People in Arlington County Virgina Silent about what their County did to me ? why are you Silent ?

 THE Unforgiven- Clint Eastwood THIS MOVIE for the American White PEOPLE  

…………………………………………….Explanition of this page.down- below,

…then move on !

If these little ad libs typed in green, and most are typed in smaller golden letters, under each movie heading,--- are a bit too much for you,--- move on down to the next movie section/ find another movie, I’ am using some of the movies to get my story out, you all see that of course.

! This , in a way,-is a----- ---( (introduction Boiler Plate) that explains this Web site. / -- keep, in mind the F.B.I and the National Security Agency- read this web site, and read what you are reading now, because I am on the terrorist Watch list in America, be sure to read every thing beneath the last movie- Soldier- including New The little Jewish sailor and Redmonks Apple and Oranges at the very bottom – this date,Jan 6, 2002 You can by- pass any time , to the next movie/ the ad lib, concerning the Washington post , news paper co. in the Nations Capital and Bob Woodward, is quit long, on and on I go, tongue in cheek, taunting the Washington Post all white Employees but, I think it’s informative, and most importantly-- true. This info on the Washington Post is also true of all the Newspapers- and all News paper Employees in the State of( the little Washington post )-in Oklahoma-usa their all alike! The ad libs under the Last Movie, called- Soldier tells why I protested in side the White House and the reasons I got myself arrested and put in Jail- for 5 months

I’ll move the Wash.Post story to the last movie section, on this page///check it out/ don’t check it out, what ever you want to do, keep in mind the F.B.I and the U.S. Government Agency, called - the National Security- Agency-- read this web site, why?- you might ask would the F.B.I read this web site ? because the F.B.I put me on the terrorist watch list, that’s why, the F.B.I told me, to my face, they put me on the Watch List, and in front of Wittnesses,Too, they, the F.B.I ,all read my Web Site, because I go into Foreign Embassies on Embassy Row in Washingtion D.C Asking Foreign Governments for Help, in my fight against the Smithsonian And the U.S.Goverment why, you might ask, would I do that? because the American people would not assisted me , I had no money for lawyers the U.S.Justice system is broken and only works for those with large sums of money to pay Rich Lawyers the White Americans Are Cowards, afraid of their Government, and will not assist me, I’m Fighting the U.S. Government, because it is unjust and has become a mild Terroristic State- against the American people, and no longer is America, a Democracy ,!( mostly Because of political Correctness ),

The F.B.I indeed reads my Web Site but not your Web site- Why ? maybe, I’m more American then you are? It Takes guts to stand up and speak the truth to Power and the U.S. Government , and the Smithsonian Inst, it takes no guts at all, to lie down and remain silent, this last statement for a White guy from the State of Oklahoma who had guts, his name was Glen Wilburn, he was spat upon and mocked by the White people of Oklahoma City, you can tell the People in the State Oklahoma, Ruby Ridge aint over, ask me why ! to my detracters who have stated I see toooo many movies and mock my movie page, stating that I watch tooooo many movies / yet when US Congressman and US Senaters use scenes out a given movie to make a point as they address the Senate or Congress / my detracters would never dare say to a Congressman he has seen, toooo many movies, which to me is a marker of proof that the redmonkees Detracters are Cowards and have no balls and no balls means, they are White guys, every black guy, knows that statement is true about white guys and their balls, the white guys don’t have any – ask a black guy if iam lieing?


---- all children, of all ages,- /of the Country of Great France,—Vene m’aidez – shouts the American -Terrorist, that, the - F.B.I ,calls the Redmonkee: People of France-Vene m’aidez !

…….Turk- 182…. Tim Hutton

this movie for the American people, this movie shows all of you how your Government really works/ this is how it is,- the government will not hear your complaint, the Supreme Court members , refused to hear the redmonk Complaint about a possible Arab freedom fighters Attack at the National Zoo and or Smithsonian , they in fact laughed at and mocked the redmonk, you Americans,- must all become turk 182 or redmonk 702- the redmonk lived some of this movie….. this movie for all the Firemen who were screwed by the dirty system, this movie will educate the Government officials in the City of Arlington- in- County of Virgina, how to show Respect to Brave Fireman, the Bravest of the Brave a-----Fireman. Call the redmonk a lier, I dare you!-

Redmonkee – 702……………………………………………………………


Frankie and Johnney.. Al Pacenio

low paying Job/ those waitresses were for real /

Mr. and Mrs. Bridges ……Paul Newman

when the redmonk was a wee monk he cut grass for Anglo Saxons Like the Bridges/ that’s how they were, their daughters too, this movie for Lallie Graham Waymouth of the Washington Post News paper/ in the nations Capital…………………

…….Blaze Paul Newman………………………

….. Falcon and the Snow Man Sean penn

Its something like this, when you go into a Embassey, on Embassy Row Washington DC……. The redmonks done it a hundred times if he done it once!

…………..Double Cross…Dennes Harper-

for Mulcahy and the gas station Attendent, and the not so famous Phoney- Col. Klink who indeed was sgt.Bagel- the Jewish -bagel the redmonkee played liked a fiddle / and then the redmonk warned keven

….F.I.S.T.. Peter Boyle.. for the Slavic and Italian Coal miners who fought for the Union in the Mountains in the Coal fields against the Coal Co the Coalfield way, Homer( the Pigeon)Hickmen, out of Coalwood West Virginia several mountains over from Chestnut Ridge Homer Hickam made all coalfield boys look good and proud the redmonk means to make em ashamed Cane and Able from the Coalfields in the Mountains,

Don’t be afraid to tell a man he;s no good A man cant get good if he don’t know he"s bad

----------Homer Hadley Hickman Sr. Coal Mine Superintendent at the Ogla Mine

…………Johnny Handsome…..Micky Rourk… for the redmonkee, you figure it out / and for those at the Smithsonian who still at this late date think they got away / for those who called me up on the phone after the Zoo fired me and laughed and mocked me, whooped and yelled in unison and shouted As$ hole over the telephone on Sat night and Fri. night when they, were having parties with loud music in the background,this movie for you- MFs / you scared yet ? you haint getten away MFs, the last round is Coming up—signed sealed and about to be delivered, yours truly --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Johnny Handsome from ………………………………………………………………………………………………………..the Coal fields it haint Homer Hickman that’s coming-



….BackDraftKurt Russel- for all the Fireman who go in and who didn’t make it out, the bravest of the brave a Fireman …………………………………………………. The US Coast Guard manual states to all members of the US Coast Guard-

 -you have to go out, but you don’t have to come back,- no US CoastGuard men is allowed to say - please Mr. Custer I don’t want to go, the waves are too high I might die ! ,/ the Manuel States you have to go out ,you don’t have to come back / look it up in the Coast guard Manuel if you don’t believe the redmonk

    just like the 345  new York Fireman, Twin Towers,-  you got to go in, you don’t have to come out,- that’s why their Fireman/  they go running in when every one else is running out - Firemen



………..Jack Knife…Denero…For US Naval Seal Commander ,Dick. Marcinko and his seal teams/ why this movie for seal commander Marcenko ? because he looks like Denero in this movie /that’s why / call me a lier/ read and buy all of his- US Navy Seal- Commander Marcenkos books, that he,- puts out, youl like em/ he pounds one out about every week / call me a lier,- this movie also for the milk mans son- Jan Scruggs who gave us the Wall


……Wittness…. Harrson ford.. the redmonk use to take wagon wheels to the Amish to be repaired ,a very neat people the Amish, they know how to behave , they have a quiet class, about them/ the Redmonkee is also a Wittness and the Government tried to do in the redmonk,- and it aint over till its over and it aint over- the April 19 th Rebel Soldier taunt song sung by old Joe Shaver and his dead son Eddie the Shavers are out of Texas you white woman out their ,don’t let your little babies go to the Smithsonian or the Zoo/ wake up white woman / the Smithsonian don’t want you to know / Lucy ( the Goose) Spelman , at the National zoo does not want you to know Larry small does not want you to know/ both- small and Spelman are like the Mayor in the town called Amity, in the- movie called Jaws

Bad company- Jeff Bridges,………………. Coal field mountain boys running loose

…………………….Chaplin………..Robert Downey

the very best Chaplin ever done- call the redmonk a lier? See the movie first

….Blind Date--- Bruce Willes- Have a laugh on the redmonk/ free at no charge


……………the Public EyeJoe Pesci the redmonk likes joe Pesci that’s Italian

……………For Ever Young…Harrison Ford

for the Mandarin Lady in the Chinese Communist Embassy, She was a Mandarin, but she was a very proper Chinese Lady, her aka : the Dragon Lady.. ala..: Terry Lee and the pirates / the redmonkee:s Faverote Comic Book when he was a wee Redmonk in the mountians


……………Flash Back.. Dennis Hopper the redmonk trying to get his book out too/ But where the hell is the White Limo. And the doe Ray me /   the redmonk slapped  two FBI Agents on the back of their head s/ He Did this, because when the redmonk was a wee redmonk,State investigators came to the school and ask the  wee Redmonk, what his Russian Grandmother was saying,  after first giving him a quarter /  the wee rednmonk took the money and said his Slav Grandmother

said if the Russian Army was here it would finish off the Coal Co. real quick !, the State Investigators then said,  tell us again what your grandmother said, the redmonk told them again, (the Little redmonk thought he was telling em off ) they,  the Investigators, then took the Quarter away from the Wee redmonk and slapped him on the head, and left , the little redmonk vowed revenge, and many years later, when two FBI Agents showed up to Ask the redmonkee what  his intentions were, as a political Activist , who was shouting at demonstrations in front of the White House  and  the  US Justice  Department Building in Washington D.C this ststement below------.

   The American people need to  replaced the American Government  with a new one that’s suits  the people better/ I said this and meant this statement the same way Abe Lincoln said it and meant it, when Abe, said it on Capital Hill in 1864- in this Nations Capital/  Abe Linloln  said  --That any people any were who have the means and power can over through their Government and form a new one that suits them better/ Pres. Abe Lincoln said that statement  and at demos, I shout and paraphrased  what Pres. Lincoln said / the FBI said for saying these things I’am On the terrorist watch list  .(the redmonkee saw an opportunity  to pay the Government back  for the slap on his  wee redmonkee head many years early).                        This Slap  was just before the communist witch hunts of the Joe McCarthy period,  were Slavs in America were suspect of being Communist, because they were Slav/ and were forced to sign loyalty oaths to the American Government / and when English Americans liked to shout to Slavs, go back were you came from and( you damn Communist Bolscihveck,/ and just because you speak English, doesn’t mean your American / the English Americans also liked to shout BOHUNK to Slavs/   one slap, deserves another don’t you think and that is why I slapped the FBI agents head , the redmonk gets even no matter how  how long it takes



…Goin South…….Jack Nicholson……… the redmonk looking for a rich Bride Too, check out the redmonks marrage prop.on link Page you pretty older Gals with  $ -funding



…………………………………… the Hospital-- with George Scott, for rebel soldier Tim McVeigh- watch that sheep rancher !    and look upWWW.outpost-of- Freedom.com to read rebel Mcveighs letter in full, to fox news, you will be surprised, how much of the letter the White  news men in America cut out- for your home town  news paper, to keep you an American Mushroom, in the dark, Washington Post news paper does not want you to know/ and that call themselves news man, they all do propaganda for the Government their egos are Big, the News Men in America think they are running the Country, how mentally Ill are White news Men and White news woman in America,? a little, a lot, what % ? - how about the All white News Editors,  are these White guys in their all white news room emotionally disturbed in some way? For telling the white blue Collar Workers, they are racists for not sucking up to Blacks / but the white editors don’t want a black in their news room/ and the redmonk is telling the whole world about it, the phonies in the White news Room in every news paper in America, including Oklahoma City in the State of Oklahoma   the redmonk shouts, we Americans don’t care what you jackass white news men and news woman think, just give us the news, we can figure it out, the British give the news with out all the lectures from you White american news people,  why cant you white news people in America just give us the news and shut the fuc/ up/ the american people don’t care what you white as# holes  in the news business think/ why couldn’t this statement by the redmonk be true ? --- for Ben Bradlee of the Washington post one of the White as$ Hole American news men I;am talking about/ and his former Boss that Horrid jewish woman Kay Graham, who thank God Passed on, a truly Evil Woman , Kay graham  the jewish Woman, that said no American mother needs to know about the child killing Jew,- who worked at the National zoo, in Washington DC this is none of the American mothers Business, so said Kay Graham- she owned the Washington Post News Co. the Most powerful Jewish woman in all of America/ what was she talking about, and to whom, when she slipped and fell to her death / does any one know?


              Don’t be afraid to tell a man and a woman he’s and she is no good. A man and a Woman cant get good if he and she doesn:t know their bad -------- the redmonkee terrorest at the Oliver #2Coal mine     



…….Article 99….keeifer

this is how the government treated the redmonk at Walter Reed hospital - just out side of Washington D.C after four hours, of being passed around, from Doc. To Doc the last Doc said why don’t you just go out the Back screen door on to the back porch and into the parking lot, just likein this movie

………………….. Andrew Dice Clay.. the red monk  will always watch  Dice ,one crazy son of a B –a million laughs, the movie with the grave yard scene killed the redmonk/ see it, an call me a lier I dare you?




……….Kiss of Death…for the redmonkees lost brother where ever he is / tell em,/ his brother is still slugging it out. and the last round is coming up  with the Government and the Smithsonian / and the redmonk don’t think its going to be a TKO

……………………Hope and Glory..John Boorman.

 for all the world War Two Children in America and for the German World Two Children who in 1988 helped the redmonk get across the Berlin Wall, the redmonk  even crossed the Berlin Wall at Check Point Charlie and was turned back inside East  Berlin ,Germany/ then the World War II German Child Soldiers of Hitler’s, Army took over, all of them born around 1939/ all of them broken down in the Bonhoff Mission , same as the redmonk/ the redmonks best friend was Helmet, a great German, who as a wee lad saw Hitler in parades in Berlin, Helmit, was also the most famous Fire Bug in Berlin  he was burnen when I was with him / a great guy, a great German-   he got the Redmonk across the wall at a secret location ? and told the redmonk to make a run for it, Communist East German boarder Guards and dogs were around, I was again forced back to Berlin my stagning area, the year 1988 Feb. the redmonks run to the Wall the (Berlin Wall) it was these child Soldiers of Hitler Army who fought in the last battle of Berlin at the Tergarten in Berlin, 1945- who gave me the Aka- Raisin Bomber and Dutch Russ/ because the redmonk packed food for the Berlin Airlift – 1949 like all school children did and made little parachutes out of sheets and tied on candy to be thrown out of the planes as they passed over Berlin during the Berlin Blockade- 1949 and they all looked for the Parachutes with candy that was tossed out by the pilots that’s why they,: the World War II children of Berlin  helped me,you don’t forget those who helped you / they sure as hell didn’t, help me in America  the dirty White Americans/   long live Germany and the Great German People and the Great Berliners  thanks for helping me / no White Americans would help me,/  that’s how dirty the WhiteAmericans are/  White scum bag MFs, each and every one of em   


……….Antz  for all US Congressmen and all  Woman in the US Senate, including-US Cong. Moran of Virginia, Helen Fahey US Attorney Eastern dist. Of Va. / all US Lawinforcement. / Ben Beck at the National Zoo,-  you never know how it’s goin to turn out ? you saw what happened to the Ant that was the General in this movie / you never know / something like the movie,- China Moon - with Ed Harris / stay tuned and lets all see the ending  

………………Jerry Maguire …Tom Cruese

………the Graduate…. Ann Bancroft for all the US Military officers Wifes the Redmonk Corked you show me a Officers wife and Ill show a gal who does Laundry, a camp Follower this for US Navy- Gunners mate Hartwigs who the Naval officers blamed for the blow in # 2 Turret on the battle ship Iowa his sister had to sell her house to get lawyers to defend her dead brother the dirty Coward US Naval officers said Hartwig was a Fag and caused the explosion, his sisters marriage broke up over the stress, they lost their house paying for lawyers the Us navy officer Corp. didn’t give a good shi$- they the Officers take care of them selves this movie for the whore wives of  US Naval officers, dead Gunners Mate Hartwig was later found innocent and the US Government Apologized, where was the Officers Wives ?- FOR GUNNERS Mate Hartwig see info on the redmonks balls at the very end of this page/ and why he defends himself


………Fitzcarraldo… Klaus Kinski…. This movie for the redmonks fight to get justice and clear his name / this movie for the redmonkee only / lets see you get your boat up over the mountain / the redmonk liked Fitzcarraldo style, white Suit and hat, cigar,- listening to the great opera singer Caruso , -- determination, never give up, keep going, Movie Star- Klaus Kinski was a Cult to the People of Europe as concerns his acting ability /not that well known or liked in the west and or America he was born in poland a Slav and as a wee lad moved with his family in to Germany after World War II this movie is also for the redmonkee Bargade members and Covert reds who shoot e-mail rockets for the redmonk as they all together try to get the redmonks boat over the mountain if you look close you can see the red monkee Bargade members pulling the ropes getting the redmonks boat up over the mountain

……….Maria BraunAnna Schygulla the greatest female movie star in Europe she is a Slav from Poland – Poland, which means the Medows and or flat grass lands, Americans don’t know what the word Poland means / you have to tell the dumb MFs, but they, the Americans, all know how to put a rubber on a banana, Wow!


……….  Murder in the First Digree … Kevan Bacon…

For US Attorney General of the United States John Ashcroft , because he Ascroft gets up on his bunk for Blacks just as Kevin Bacon gets up on his prison bunk for the Warden in this movie check that scene out and Ashcroft shamed all white men women and children when he the Us Attorney General of the United States climbed up on his bunk for the blacks leaders in a meeting, he- John had with the Blacks, as they, the Black leaders ripped and gutted the Attorney General of the United States , no white person is safe in America with John Ashcroft running the US Justice Dept. no White Person! , think about that really think about that, call me a lier if you are White and have trouble with blacks , Ashcroft will take the Blacks side , the Blacks Made Ashcroft get up on his bunk / see the movie to see what I mean / call the redmonk a Lier? I dare you, I don’t want that phony, Christian American Coward, Ashcroft or his Christian Buddy Dansforth near me, shouts the redmonk/ for real too / False Christians like these two, is the reason the redmonk goes not to the Church/ both of em Ashcroft and Dansforth- Harper valley PTA Christians / they want power over other people that’s why they are high in the church, just like Jim Jones who made his followers drink that purple Lemon ade and killed about 800 people in Jones Town, they, Ashcroft and Dansforth, both are afraid of life and they both hide in the Bible , the redmonk a dirty sinner ,no wings on the redmonks back and the redmonk is 1000 Times more Christian, then John Ashcroft and his Christian Buddy,- False Christian- Dansforth who lied on the last Waco Government ordered Investigation, so as to get his reward ( a New Government Job)( one hand washes the other ), /Dansforth Investigation was so narrow in it investigation, that the Devil could have gotten off free from any charges placed on the Devil by the Government, in the ( False Christian)- Danforths,- Waco investigation, they, meaning the US Government, waited several months before the Government gave Dansforth his Job, (a pay off) and the White Woman of Oklahoma City remained silent,?

49 % of the people in the State of Oklahoma do not have health insurance , think about that? and their Governor,- Frank Keating is a former FBI Agent / the FBI,- got the people of oklahomaCity killed by the rebel soldier McVeigh in the April 19 th rebellion / did FBI Keating )- help the FBI cover up,in the Oklahoma Bombing? and the White people in Oklahoma don’t see anything wrong with themselves, as a people, with the way they, the people in Oklahoma, think and see the world / and act and behave they lick the FBI hand, but hate rebel McVeigh, it was the FBI that got them killed

( don’t be afraid to tell a man he’s no good. A man cant get good if he don’t know he’s bad )

Coal mine Superintendent Homer H Hickman Sr- at the ogla mine WestVirgina

…..   . Internals Affairs … Richard Gere for US park police Horse Mounted Unit Wash. Dc look for the photo of the boots and saddles in the manure pile coming /Pay backs are hell aint they folks?

……..Pharlap….. for all the good horses I knew Circling Jim, Boneto , Winsdor . Diamond ,--,Joe and budgey two heavy work horses,including the pit poney escapee who got away and lived free in the woods in the mountains – his story cumming to the link page, and childrens page and for a Great Pit Poney fromm the olive #2 Coal Mine his name the great Spot built like a little Sherman Tank

………..The Commitments- like that song Mustang sally

----- Lawrence of Arabia-… for Rebel soldier- McVeigh, think of McVeigh this way- that’s Rebel McVeigh riding down on the Turks who have just left Ruby Ridge and Waco Village you see the dead woman don’t you, in this scene, in this movie / you see McVeigh mount his horse, draw his sword and stand in the Stirrups and ride down on the Turks,- knowing he’s going to his death believing that the American people would rise up against the Government-, never happen, the White people are cowards, their was no one behind the Sand Dunes for Rebel- McVeigh only silence and the wind /

The Oklahoma cop who stopped Rebel McVeigh after the bombing and arrested McVeigh is touted as a Real American Hero / how can that be- ?/ McVeigh wanted to be caught and made sure he Tim McVeigh had no license plate on his get a way car, Rebel McVeigh let this cop catch him, how could the Oklahoma Cop be a man of honor if he allows this lie to remain like a stink on him , /  the Oklahoma Cop Iam talking about, /  the lie, meaning the Oklahoma Cop is a hero,/  this Oklahoma Cop is now going to make a lot of money off of the dead people in Oklahoma, call the red monk a liar.

 the Rebel soldier McVeigh let the cop, catch him, If You let me catch you, how could I be a Hero < McVeigh wanted the cop to catch him/ this Oklahoma cop is a Coward and not a man of Honor / call me a liar I dare you / every one contact the Oklahoma Cop- who rebel McVeigh shouted at- hay copper, here I am,  I just bombed the murrah Building, please arrest me/ ( said tongue in cheek to mock this non hero- Oklahoma cop )---

Tell the Oklahoma cop to read my web site, so he will know what profiles in courage really are and is, and what a man of honor is and does, its what the redmonk is and does and while your at It -- contact Carolyn Kennedy, the Daughter of president Kennedy ( the President, who by the way I voted for)

Tell Carolyn Kennedy you know some one that has profiles in courage he’s the terrorist,  called the redmonkee and tell her to give me the next award, tell her to give the profiles in courage award to my aunt Irene who faced a mountain mob to save the elephants,( check limk page for story)

little carolyn Kennedy doesn’t have a clue what the hell profiles in courage is. Call me a liar I dare you.

/ If I am not for my self who the hell would be for me, if not me, and some descent Black girls From the ghetto, some truly great Girls From El Salvador ( aka the Girls from Spain) and some Black guys, all who helped me or tried to help me, those who helped me truly had profiles in Courage and I submit them to the Presidents daughter Carolyn Kennedy to give these people the Award – profiles in courage,- call me a liar/ -- all of you contact the President s Daughter Carolyn Kennedy / tell her , don’t be afraid, to tell her.  Who had profiles in Courage,- a Former US Marine- Jeff  Wigand –Tobacco Whistle Blower the former head of Brown and Williamson research and development / he lost his 300.000 a year job  went to work as a school teacher  at one tenth of his salary and had no health insurance for his sick daughter  and saw his marrage fall apart , this brave white guy got millions of dollars for many states governments  and they gave Wigand  nothing as a thank you / I say this to show how dirty White Americans are In America.

………….    Elmer Gantry- for all the tent preachers in the mountains, and for the preacher who had the devil in a WWII Ammo box or so he said, what was in the Box ?--- a redmonk mystery

---Zulu----- this is whats its like to fight the blacks in the NOA building in silver Spring MD a US Government Building

------------Sergeant Riker --- Lee marven- is the redmonkee case something like this ?

.--------- Chattahoochee ---- Dennis Hopper--- for the 30 days the redmonk spent in the St Elizabeth mental hospital in Washington DC after his arrest in the white house Protest, where in the court room- Judge- Magistrate Actkson, remarked after listening to the red monk explain why he went into the white House to protest his firing from the Smithsonian, he, Actkson- stated in the court room I don’t think your Crazy but I always send people who do what you have done to St Liz for 30 day mental Evaluation, the rest is history, and st Eliz Hospital was not even an accredited Hospital , think about that, as rebel Mcveigh always said


------- Broken Lance ----- Spencer Tracy for Homer Hickman from Coal wood West virgina.

--------Comes a horsemen ----Fonda

McKenzie Br eak ---Lamont Johnson … for German Naval Officer Capt. Heinkie, Capt. of U-Boat 515,- gunned down on the wire at Fort hunt Virgina,- as he tried to make his escape june 1944? The redmonk ran up the wire and hung on the wire as Heinke did  for a filming crew renacting Capt. Heinke Death  the redmonks first  attempt as a Movie star ,-  you can see his photo on U Boat net on link page under Alterntive view

-------Racing with the Moon ---- Nick Cage

------ Hell in the pacific ---Lee marvin   -- this movie for Col. Tibbets who ended World War two and saved 1000s of American Lives, when he bombed Japan, with the Anola Gay.

 As I was protesting in front of the Smithsonian for the Anola Gay, I was  the only one  for the Anola Gay, while their was about  30 Protesters against the Anola Gay / I came to the Smithsonian  several times by my self Protested and one of the old Doscents must have told Col.Tibbets I was out their because Col Tibbets came out and took a picture holding my sign  my sign stated- World War II children for the Enola Gay.

 If you White Guys want your picture taken with Col. Tibbits you got to be at the Smithsonian with a sign for the Anola Gay / I’am aWorld war II war Baby we were taught to fight to the Death / I talked with Rebel McVeigh Several Times you got to be out their Shaking them, the Govt Up. / you cant be in your Basement watching TV / where the hell were all of you White Guys, for the Anola Gay ? / you got to go where the Crosses Grow, not hide in your Basement, and then you white guys scream to your Whore White Wives,- I don’t believe any thing the redmonk says ! because every thing the redmonk does and says is a threat to your White Guys Balls, that’s why you white guys say that, - call me a lier?             Movie Star Lee Marven  a WWII soldier a US Marine who was wounded fighting the Japinese, Lee Is Buried in Arlington cemt. Next to Joe Lewis the Boxer known as the Brown Bomber

 ….Rocketters—for the Covert redmonkee’s who shoot E- mail Rockets to get the redmonk story out to the  Whoole woorrld –--- thanks- Covert Reds  keep blasting – no mercy


..Ryan’s DAUGHTER…….R . MITCHIM for Kevin Malcahy C.I.A. anylest who ran with Ed Wilson an Frank Terpel, two arms dealers, buiseness men and gun runners,../!

Kevin was Irish.. his favorite songs were Brown eyes) , and -The Boston Burglar ) two Irish tunes…. more on this later, Ed Wilson was a poor farm boy from the state of Idaho, who made good, at the CIA, then cut out on his own, with a sneaky nod from the CIA officials, Ed was then given a un- fair trial in the city of Alexandria in the State of Virginia, Alex., which is 15 min. from Washington D.C, where Ed Wilson was found guilty of gun running and other charges, this takes place in US Attorney Helen Fahey’s office in Alex. Va. this is the same US Attorney Helen Fahey who refused to help me with the poison episode at the De La Rue printing Plant where I was employed, before I was fired , De La Rue Printing is located at Dulles, Virginia near the Dulles Airport and prints high security paper such as passports for other Countries and the EURO dollar for countries of Europe, (this is a British Owned Co.) the guy in charge of Security at this Printing plant was the one who thought he was very clever to try to get me to poison wild life that was interfering with the micro wave security system, at the plant, and in the process tried to poison me, this guy, in charge of security was reported to have been a US Treasury Agent for the US Government, for some 13 years before resigning, this is the guy the FBI agents talked to at the De La Rue Printing Plant where I worked, where I would take time off of work to go to Ruby Ridge and Waco Demo’s. and hearings, on Capital Hill in Washington D.C I also alerted US- attorney Helen Fahey by letter and sent it certified mail to her office, all information on this Poison Episode at the printing Plant at Dullas,Va- also- to FBI Agent Thompson in Richmond Va. He- FBI Thompson, like Helen Fahey, would not answer me , I gave the info on poisoning wild life at De La Rue security Print- to Mary Beth Sweetland,- she is a spoke-women, for ( PETA ) an Animal rights org. located in Norfolk Va. and she, Mary beth refused to answer, or assissest me, did FBI agent- Thompson- suggest to Del aRue Security Print to go after the Redmonk?-( I don’t know, I’am only asking a question) I have the copy of Helen Fahey;s letter for news reporters who would like to do this story and as always I give copies to Foreign Governments in Washington D.C on Embassy Row, some who are the enemy of America, I do this to protect myself and I sign each page, these Foreign Governments, then know all about what U.S Attorney Helen Fahey and FBI- Agent- Thompson does and does not do concerning me , Helen Fahey’s office is known by all, as a mouth piece for the CIA, and she does what the CIA tells her to do, US Attorney Helen Fahey got her Job Because she is,- one,- a Female and- 2- a White Anglo Saxon ,American- woman, / not because she is the best, / on the other hand , white-( Ethnic American Woman) don’t get the Jobs there, meaning- Slavs ,Greek, Italian White Ethnic American Females etc. need not apply, United States Attorney- Helen Fahey, makes sure she keeps Blacks out also and her office has been charged with racist discrimination, by blacks. her office also discriminates, against Arab Americans and Slavic Americans in hiring practices.and has for years

Because Helen Fahey works closely with the CIA, she thinks she is above the law , she has a close relation ship with Congressman- Moran who lives in Arlington Va. he is the Congressmen who grabbed a little black boy by the throat and choked the little Black- fellow down, this Congressmen is mentally unstable!, he beats and chokes his wife and she filed assault charges with the Alex. City- Police, where was Helen Fahey? she refuses to go after him this is the white women, Helen Fahey,Who is From the Anglo Saxon Race, her name and title (--US Attorney- Helen Fahey for the Eastern District of the State of Virgina) this is the same white- English American woman,- Helen Fahey, who refused to help me file charges against De La Rue Print , as concerns the near poisoning of me by the head of security, at this printing Plant and she also refused to go after Congressman Moran, who some Americans Call- Congressman Moron, meaning he is nuts, mentally ill –

I call on all High school children of Arlington County Virgina which is 15 Min from the Nations Capital,to down load this page on US Attorney -Helen Fahey and Congressman- Moran and e- Mail it to Helens office and the CIA as well as to Cong.- Moran office which is located in the city of Alexandria Virgina, which is also (15 min. from the Nations Capital) and also e- mail your news papers and TV Stations, the redmonk wants Justice and with no money or Lawyers too. think about that?- that’s asking a lot in America, where theire is no justice with out a lot of money.

Where Justice is concerned, Helen Fahey, is a Whore and she is a bad, bad American , she can be bought and the Ed Wilson case proves it, Ed Wilson did not get a fair trial in Helen Faheys Office, Helens a hoe in the American Justice dept. she stole her job from a Slavic, Italian ,Greek White American Females, pay backs are hell, haint they folks/? the redmonk is going to make US Attorney Helen Fahey, famous, check out the Helen Fahey Page, coming sooon to the all--- New- redmonkee front page, come back and look for it , also the new page on big time- animal abuse at the National zoo, in Washington D.c. naming names, too -- this new up date Sept 8 2001-- /Oct.5 2001,,

…………………..Deer hunter……C . Walken.. this is what it like in a small mountain town, only movie ever made about RUTHenIAN AMERCIANS, they speak the Rusyn language in this movie, that is pretty close to how the redmonkee grew up in a place like this, below ( Chestnut Ridge) that s the way it was also for----- Sgt. Mike Strank -- a Ruthenian American, --who raised the flag on Iwo Jima during WW II, he is buried in Arlington Cemetery, Arlington Virginia U.S.A. the other flag raisers buried their, is the Pima Indian, Ira Hays he is the last one on the flag pole,the other one buried their is Rena Gogan his grave site and stone next to the wall, close to the Statue, you can walk to it from the U.S.marine Statue, it’s just inside the wall, could not miss it if you were looking for it. !

.. COPLAND….H….KEITEL…for the Fairfax county, virgina, police dept. located about 20 min. from Washington D.C. the American capital )- this police Dept.- who put false sex charges on a innocent man, this same police dept. shot to death a Mexican mother sleeping in her bed the (Fairfax County Cops broke in to the wrong house,) when the Mexican woman’s husband reached for a gun to protect his life/ the county prosecutor named Horan charged him with attempt murder of cops, that’s how dirty this county ,called Fairfax County is in the State of Virginia, the coward Prosicuter named Horen and a former Pussy Hollwood- U.S.Marine, with no guts, but with a big loud mouth, got on television and said any Pakistani would kill his own mother for $ 2000 American dollars and he- Horan was not fired for this raciest remark / will the Pakistani Government now pass laws that will allow the Capture of Horan the prosecutor of FairFax ,County and he - Horan be put in chains and taken to Dullas Airport at Dullas Va. on a Pakistani Airliner for the Trip to the Capital of Pakistan to stand trial for a hate crime against Muslims, ? if found guilty can he, Horan, be put to Death for a hate crime against the Muslim faith in Pakistan // Idont know, I’am only asking a question,////he Horan is also a pussy- Hollywood US- Marine with a big loud mouth, he could never ride in the Redmonks LCVP- landing Craft, to ride in the redmonks Landing Craft you have to be a- U.S. Gator- Marine a Marine that’s not afrad to die and never wears a helmet and is a( United .States Marine and a Half ,) all U.S. Marines stand back and move out of the way, when a U.S.- Gator Marine shows up – no what I mean-? You pussy Hollywood Marines –Horan and Cong, Moran of the State of Virgina two pussy US marines that’s who the redmonks Talking about to prove that Horan and Cong, Moran are two pussy Marines, I call on the Mexian Government to invite Horan the (Coward of FairFax County,)- Va. who sees nothing wrong with shooting to death a Mexican Woman Sleeping in her bed, as indeed the Fairfax county police did do,-- shot to death Mexican mother in her bed, while she slept, Horan must come to the Mexicon border like a man and come in to Mexico to have a duel with colt 45s with the terrorist the FBI calls the Redmonkee Terrorist ,this duel between the Redmonkee and Prosecutor Horan will take place on a dusty street in old Ensanda Mexico, just across the Mexican Border, if Horan Agrees to come / so the Redmonk will indeed avenge this Mexican’s mother Honor, (this duel to the death,) only one walks away / also Prosecutor Horan of Fairfax, will sign legal papers, to turn over, every thing he owns, his house, his car, his bank account- Etc. to the redmonkee, if indeed the Remonkee takes down Horan and killes him in the streets of Insenda, in old Mexico, during this duel to the death , and the redmonk will sign over every thing he owns to Horan, if Horan takes the redmonk down / the Redmonkee calls on the people of Mexico including president Fox to force Horan to come, to this invite,- to a duel to the death, in the streets of Ensanada, after the redmonkee wins this duel between Horan,

Cong.Moran will then be put out on the street to face the Redmonkee in the Second duel of the day I’ll fight for this Mexican woman honor- shouts the Redmonkee and I’ll fight for the honor of Cong

Morans Wife, that he abused and Ill fight this duel wth Cong,. Moran to avenge the honor of the Little black fellow Cong . Moran grabbed by the throat and choked this little black boy down the redmonkee hero was the Great Mexican Emelano Zapata, a great horsemen and a man of honor of Old Mexico ,- People of Mexico ,write to Cong. Moran and the prosecutor Horan to come to Duel the redmonkee in Insenida Mexico, below are their addresses

will these two American Cowards come to mexcio to face the redmonk / they don’t gut the nerve ! Sell Tickets, all proceeds going to homless children in old mexcio/ every one contact pres. Fox Of mexico now, today ,do it, sell tickets to this coming duel, soon I hope, to the dusty streets of Old Ensanada Mexico , see the end of this page on the redmonks balls/ and he the redmonk is a little guy, too pee wees they call little guys in America Horan and Moran are tall big guys

Zapata  - Marlon Brando for the Mexican woman, the Fairfax County police shot to death as she slept in her bed in the State of Virginia,



…. EMPIRE OF THE SUNthis is what it is like to be a small lad during WW- II, the redmonkee lived the scene with the low flying fighter plane, the kid in the leather jacket is the redmonkee,the redmonkee saw the… great fly over.. after the war –1945- it was awesome, planes filled the skies to the horizons, the noise so great that windows shattered and broke,one plane made a strafing run at the little red monkee shooting blanks , the plane was a P48 – Jug it was awesome, and scared the liven hell out of the little redmonkee, who by the way, is the youngest bank robber, in American history ever !( the little redmonk even got around in his younger days) this photo of the youngest bank robber in American history, will be coming soon, to the photo page, keep your eye open ! Sept.15th 2001 this up date.. it might take several weeks, some day Ill tell you why,it takes so long- one clue,! I don’t know what the hell I’am doing, and that’s not a lie! I need help with this thing big time/ students help out

……………..Gorkey Park …Lee marven …………for the redmonk’s run to the Soviet Union USSR . Moscow ..Leningrad ,Prague– 1988- 90-92- always have a  little gorkey in your Park- shouts the redmonkee, why not? Lee marvin is buried in Arlingto Cem. Next to Joe Lewis the brown Bomber- a American Boxer who had class meaning no big loud mouth

… …………..Enemy at the Gate ………………………………….

For Private Ivan, the Russian Soldier of World War Two, who Won World Two and defeated Hitlers Germany with a little help from America, England , and France and this movie for the Russian girl Snipers, and  the only Female fighter pilots in world War II , Russian Girl fighters Pilots and the only Female Ace pilots in the History of the  world, Russian Slav girls, Aces,-  who flew Combat planes against the Germans,-    the Great Russian people ,a Slav people, who defeated Hitler,

 The cost to the Slavs From the Far North ,the Slavs the World calls the Great Russians ,was 49- Million Dead )- to defeat Hitlers Germany ,- America only lost 300,000- dead to defeat Hitlers Germany, no Jew would be alive on this Planet, no black would be Alive on this planet, if it was not for the suffering and the losses of the Russian people 1939 to 1945..) no one, in the West of Europe or America has ever said thanks to the Great Russian Slavs, no one, that’s how dirty the American people truly are and the Jews and Blacks too! all of emm dirty as hell ,call me a liar, I dare You , if some one saves your as# and race from Hitler’s Germany ,you are to say thanks, not complain

.,- The Jews Lost - 4 and a half Million -) Jewish Dead-- during World war II not 6 Million -the old number, / the Russians Lost 49 million Dead during ( WW II ) not the old number 20, million dead, these new numbers come from Prof. Erckerson from Edinburgh University- Scotland who spent Two years in the K.B.G files in Moscow Russia /

 The dirty Jewish Americans- and they are indeed a hate filled people, have called me a Holocaust denier for bringing up this new information on the new Numbers, concerning the dead of the Holocaust / But indeed, it’s the jewish Americans who are the Holocaust deniers, when they, the Jews refuse to accept the new numbers of the Slav Holocaust and suffering,, call me a liar, I dare you , / this denying by the Jewish Americans, is also raw hate and Racism against the Slav race by Jewish Americans, the Slavs that saved every Jew on Earth from Hitler, this jewish hate crime must be taken to the United Nations in New York and it be listed as a Hate crime against Slavs by the American jews/ the United Nations must be brought in ,to solve this race hate by the American Jews against the Slav Race,

 why you might ask?- because of the timid casual indifference of the US Justice system, and the American Government, and the coward American White Christian people, / think about it/ show me where I lied / no jew can show me where I lied / why the jewish silence? on the numbers ?

don’t be afraid to tella jew he’s bad . A jew cant get good if a jew don’t know he’s bad-

the redmonk- at the oliver #2 coal mine, - below Chestnut ridge

………the Last Detail ….Jack Nicholson …………….. lifers, doing 20 years in the military, the redmonkee knew/ guys like this, when he wAS in the mil. if your dad or Uncle was in the Mil. they too knew guys like these. and if you’re a student from George Marshall high school in Falls Church Virginia and you students hang out in the McDonald Parking lot Drinking Beer And smoking pot, then you too, know guys like this / hell every one knows guys like this/ see the movie


……..Sea of Love …Al Pacino……….

The redmonk liked the song- sea of love,-- it’s a thriller and it aint in manila, so what? See it, youl like it


……….. The Perfect Storm Kloony…..

 this will be put on the new link page under Posiden,- later in full when its done don’t miss Apples and oranges at the bottom of this page

For uss LST 1162 who lived this picture, her bow was almost ripped off,- as if a giant can opener was run in a almost straight line from the port side to the starboard side of her bow the jagged edges looked just as a can that is opened up by the old type hand held- can opener, this storm was listed as a 12? , if I remember right, same size that took down the - "Andrea Gail-" a commercial fishing boat out of Glouster Mass. with the loss of all hands. in the 2nd worst storm of the century? off the American East coast /// during, a 24 hour period, LST 1162 only made one mile head way in this storm, no one was allowed on deck, you would be swept over the side, 10 foot seas rolled over the deck and slammed into the pilot house super structure, and forced LST 1162 to stop dead in the water and actually be forced back and then she would ever so slowley move forward, with this much water on deck a ship can founder meaning imploid, and ships did break up in this storm we saw floatsem of ships that went down, roll past on monster waves,( the size of mountains , unreal) you could help no one, in these conditions waves so high as a high rise building and you are standing on the side walk looking up,- rolling by, I had been in storms before but never any thing like this one you would have to look up to see the tops of these monster waves.

L.S.T- 1162 would rise up high to the top of these monster waves LST 1162 would hesitetate and shudder and shake, her screws coming out of the water she would hang on the end of the top of the wave and start the descent to the bottom and hit with great force and shudder the length of the ship and start the ride back up to the top of the next monster wave, the troughs of these waves were so deep that as the redmonk rode alone from on high with the wind at gale force blowing water spray mist so thick you gasp to breath to get oxygen, the gale wind ripping his shirty almost off and soaking wet alone up on the roof of the piolet house,

The redmonk was the only sailor who went out on deck during this storm the sun light would go dim like at dusk when she went into the bottom of the trough of the wave, that’s how deep the troughs where then as she rose on the next wave sun would shine bright these waves and the desecent into the trough of the waves broke LST 1162s Nose, tore the Bow almost loose with a jagged Gash port to starboard on her under side, later in dry dock the redmonk walked under her to see how bad it was, looked like a sharcks mouth port to starboard,

The forward Pump room was Flooded , the Boatsen and the redmonk went around early and made sure every dog on the hatches were dogged down tight and they moved the chiefs out of ther living Quarters, for if if the bow went the sea would run through the tank deck rip open the Chief quarters, this ship was going to go down.

When riding these waves you get the same feeling one gets riding the roller coaster but this ride does not end for days on and on it goes around the clock 24hours a day , now do see why Sailors are strapped down in their bunks and why some sailors take Sleeping Tabs, the Redmonk doint take no Sleeping Tabs if he is going to his death he is going straight up lookin em in the eye, .

The redmonke was up high on the Super Structure, outside on the open deck of the pilot house roof alone, holding on, riding the storm from on high watching up close Mother Nature gone plum Loco a screaming screeching blowing crazy women goin to hell, never saw anything like it in my life , never / French Air force Planes where called in by the Capt. Of LST 1162 to drop life rafts on L.S.T 1162 because she might go down.

This is when the Capt. Buck Rogers came in to the Pilot house and ask what I was doing their, the deck officer replied we could use another person and then they went into a huddle and then ask the redmonk if I would go out on deck on the bridge with a flag and wave it,- so the plane dropping the raft could line up on the Flag as they flew in to dropped a life raft on the Ship, redmonk said he would do it , it was no big deal –

As the first plane came over to make a trial run over the ship - the redmonk then went out with the flag and climbed up on the pilot house bridge waving the Flag back and forth the redmonks saw the plane coming a( prop Plane) with a orange tail)-the redmonk then saw a Black ink dot about the size of a dime drop from the plane it then came on in at a 100 miles an hour or so it seemed, the raft was just like a refrigerator coming at you at a hundred miles a hour and it slammed into the super structure of the ship about 10 feet below the redmonk, it broke open and sea water braking over the deck was pushing it around and the officers ask me me if I would go down and try to catch it,

I went down on the main deck with 5 feet or more of water washinging over the deck bow to Fantail the raft must have weighed 5oo lbs I couldn’t lift it while fighting the water and keeping an eye on waves breaking over the bow , and told them so , yelling up to them I needed help to get it up in one of the landing craft boats / they said forget get,

I climbed Back up to the pilot house got my flag and got ready for the seconded raft that was coming, the plane flew over low, it came the same way, a refrigerator a hundred miles an hour it broke open, and floated around and was washed over the side, the officers didn’t tell me about the third Raft and plane that was coming, and I wasn’t looking for it and it slammed close to me and could have killed me I was pissed / it would be like an Army officer telling a soldier to go out on the Battle field to get something, but their will be two artillery shells- in coming , so stay low, till they hit, then get up and retrieve the object you where sent to get and the third shell comes in while the soldier is standing up, the officers didn’t tell the soldier about third in coming Shell happens all the time - get the picture?

,After a couple of hours of riding the storm from on high, always looking for a better perch, if by chance a plane had flown over the ship with its air crew looking down, on the ship they would have seen a monkey high up in the guys wires legs and arms spread holding on cussing and shouting at mother Natures storm at the top of his lung you sS.OooB.


The redmonk climbed down to the next deck and un dogged the hatch to the pilot house and went inside, soppen wet, the officer of the deck ask where’d you come from ? I told him what I was doing I wanted to see the storm up close and didn’t want to be strapped down in my bunk and he said we heard pounding on the roof we thought something got loose u stay in here and he said we could use another person in the pilot house so I stayed, no one was allowed on Deck, but the redmonkee went any way, their was so much water in the air that it was hard to breath, you had to gasp for air the water in the air blown from the tops of the giant waves the redmonk wasn’ afraid to dance with the little Lady, called the- sea, ( , when a sailor dances with the little Lady, they call the Sea, you step on this little Ladies toe and shel kill you, one slip, an your little skinny as# is gone, you got ta have nerve, in the perfect Storm, when a sailor, dances with the little Lady, they called the Sea. ) and so away went the redmonkee, climbing his way to the pilot house and took his place behind the helms-men, all hatches were dogged down, all other crew men were tied down in their bunks with three canvas straps, one strap over the legs, one strap over the belly ,one strap over the chest pulled tight, with your life jackets on, the reason the redmonk hung out at the pilot house, during this powerful storm,- he could see no reason to be tied down in his bunk with three straps, it was no different then being inside a washing machine and or a dryer, the Corpsmen offered sleeping pills to crew members, the redmonkee refused , the redmonk said to hell with this, I’am going to ride this storm straight up , I’m going to ride this storm out, from the tippy top, and away he went,( rocky road) and climbed above the Pilot house, and had a front seat to an awesome sight mother Nature P.O. and Raging, never saw anything like this storm in my life ,it was that day or the next L.S.T 1162- rolled on her side and didn’t want to get her fat ugly up.. look up -( L.S.T Association ) on the net, it has many photos of L.S.Ts, L.S.Ts drive them selves up on the beach, open the bow doors, dropped the bow ramp and unchain the trucks , tanks. jeeps etc and off load Ammo and the works, just like a large pizza with every thing to go, the works! right on to the beach were the troops drive em away , all ships in the world, will always stay away from the beaches and the shore, and have deep fear of the shore, not L.S.Ts, they ram them selves onto the sandy rocky beaches with gusto, and some times they cant get back off the beach, they get stuck , the Bottom of a L.S.T is as flat as a Pancake all the way back to the stern, and they ride rough in the water, because they do not have a deep sharp Keel, L.S.Ts are flat as a Pancake, I mentioned this, because if you ever saw the bottom of a L.S.T, Its kind of Weird, their made that way so they can go up on the beach, they no longer have Bow door L.S.Ts in the U.S. Navy, although some world war two L.S.Ts Vets, Brought one WW- 2 – L.S.T back from Greece, that was given to Greece many years ago and the Greek Navy agreed to give it back to the World Two American Vets this summer,- ( july12, 2001-? )- look it up on the net on L.S.T assoc. and this - after every one, including the US Government, said these old World war two- Farts , couldn’t do it, the L.S.T was in Bad Shape, the ww II Vets,- the Government said, where too old,( most of them in their –70s-) old dudes, they had no money for fuel, the British agreed to give em free fuel, and they did do it, and this WW- II -- L.S.T -- is in the city of Mobile in the State of old Alabama- right now,- today,- go down their and see it, they need your help to fix it up, their broke and need money and for your info -the British Protrolemn Oil Co. a British Co from England. not an American Co.,gave the WW -2 Vets free Fuel, to get this old World War two L.S.T back to America, this old L.S.T was in the Normandy Invasion in world War II the Americans wouldn’t help them,----- (meaning the world war two vets,)--- to get this ship back to America , in fact the American Government tried to stop them , that’s how dirty White Americans are toward their own people and to world War II Vets. think about that, White Americans are Dirty, ask the redmonk, he knows,.white people would not help the redmonk- Hispanic Girls from El Salvador did the White American Girls Job, for them, helping the redmonk and Black girls from the Ghetto, helped the redmonk several different ways. think about that, really think about that , you dirty White M.F Americans, shouts the redmonk////!

tell the redmonk, white people are not dirty M.F.s and he will spit in your face/ he knows how dirty white Americans are / and the Whites are afraid of every thing that’s black too, call me a liar ! On the U.S. Naval Ship USS Arneb- aka-56 - while working in the engine room on this WW II- cargo ship aka 56- the redmonk got a lot of Asbestos in his lungs while doing repairs in this engine room / that is still there, in his lungs ,the redmonks is trying to sue, the Government and went to the Law firm of Angelo the guy who owns the Baltimore Orioles /. In the City of Balitmore in the State of Maryland- located 50 miles from Washington D.C. (no go)

well serving On USS Naval Ship L.S.T 1162 the redmonk lost half of his hearing when the Redmonk walked into a German mine field - left over from WW II the mine was defective and only blew the redmonk high through the air and blew out his ear drums and burned him , he was totally deaf for two or three weeks, and slowly his hearing returned over a period of months, he still has 50% hearing loss and ringing in his ears that has never gone away, the US government refused to pay him comp. for his hearing loss and or for the Asbestos in his lungs, which Doctor’s. have told the redmonk, will some day turn into cancer/ let me tell you, you need a silver bullet to kill the redmonkee/ call me a liar / (all the shipmates on L.S.T- 1162 touched and rubbed his head of the redmonk ,for good luck) but this is a story for another time, / at the Redmonkees trial, in Judge Hogan’s court room, in wash.D.C. the U.S. Government had to take the redmonk out of the All Black D.C. Jail in shackles and chains and take him to a Koren female- hearing specialist- Jue Museday ) to buy a hearing aid for the redmonk, or the trial could not go on, it was a cheap hearing aid with a lot of static, the dirty American Government F…s you up, even when their trying help you, / stay the hell away from the Government, it don’t help you ,it hurts you, the redmonk knows / some info you might find interesting ? -- AKA- 56 stands for- Amphibious Cargo Attack) ?? - she unloads her cargo while under fire close to the landing Beach./, what the hell ever all that means,?? /// L.S.T stands for- Landing Ship Tanks) any way, they work the hell out of you / your part- Stevedore, part sailor, part US Marine, the U.S. Navy no longer has AkA- Cargo ships and no longer has L.S.T with Bow Doors, World War II style L.S.Ts // who cares / what ever,

LST 1162 - moved every thing from - total Villeges including the Donkey;s Woman and Children /Steam Locomotives/ 500 hundred U.S. Marines, at one time,/ Tanks /trucks / WWII army Jeeps from Greece to Spain / Telephone Poles for National Geographic- so as to build the first Wind Mill on Block Island ,where Grovsner of N.G. rode a telephone Pole in to the Beach and got a massive splinter in his upper leg , he was a ok guy , not a puffed up as$ hole, thank God,! / we hauled - Helecopters/ even a WWII- P.T Boat that was ramed by a freighter in north Africa on the- Wade Sabue- a river / we hauled any thing and every thing / we always travled alone, never with the 6 th Fleet, at flank speed we could only do 13 knots with the engines screaming we did 15 knots one time- wow some crew members always stole clothes and equiptment from the Marines, when we hauld the Marines around, I did it too , we saw marines as walking dept. stores with the doors missing, that too, is a story for another time, Marines fight backand so do Gator Sailors Gators sailors do not work in the pretty boy navy- Carrers ,Battleships ,etc Gater Sailors serve in the work horse navy/ they travel by them selves alone, they are also called the dirt ball Navy, and or Junk Navy, and or the pirate Navy this is the Navy where trouble Makers, those out of the Brig and those who flunk out of some school are shipped to, they work the hell out of you , hauling cargo all over, never a dull moment . see the story on the Little Jewish sailor at the very bottom of this page it’s a rough draft / I’am working on and all true check out the the Little Philadelphia Jewish Salior Story very bottom of this Page also called redmonks balls it will be on the new link page coming soon-- this date Dec 20 2001


……………To -All people of France --Venez M’aidez- shouts the redmonkee

…….Kelly’s heroesClint Eastwood.. for the------------- ……..702- Tank battalion of world war two and a Sherman Tank that was a part of this Hard charging Tank Bat.  Her name .- Marythis Sherman Tank of the 702 Tank Battalion. Name was-….Mary.. this Sherman Tank was named after , a mountain Shepherd woman, from a tribe of Slavs,- called Hutsels, in the Carpthenian Mountains of Europe, as is the culture Way of Hutsels  Shepherds, the first daughter, is always called Mary, no other daughter can be called Mary but the first daughter ,  that’s the way it is and it’s not open for discussion ) It’s the way of the Hutsel shepheard People –

  Her son Mike, his aka- KO KO ) was a Tank-Commander, during World War Two, in Europe, he won 4 bronze stars, the Soldiers medal, for valor and the purple heart, he named his Sherman Tank after his mother, the Hutsel Shepherd woman, the Sherman Tank called Mary charged a German PACK Gun straight up, firing as she went, with the gas peddle to the floor, Sherman Tank Mary not only killed this German PACK gun, she then ran over it and crushed the German gun Crew , under neith her bogey wheels, this German PACK gun was holding the American out fit up, and Mary was called up to take it out, (German- PACK guns are Tank Killers) when Tanker Mike’s Sherman Tank called- Mary caught on fire, Tanker Mike dragged his crew out of his burning tank, he too was on fire, he spent time in the medical burn unit, I saw hunks of meat missing of of his legs after the war,- I wanted to see his wounds, the world war II children where like, that, that’s HOW I KNOW

look for the picture of Tanker Mike a Tank Commander of the 702 Tank Battalion, of WW II will be coming on the photo page- soon.--- Tanker Mike, was wounded, while fighting the German Army- at a town called Nancy, in France, this up date Sept 20th 2001. Tanker Mikes favorite Sherman tank driver was A little Irish Guy named Johnny Steel - from Easton Penn. A Tank driver with big balls – no fear, after the war was over in 1945 Johnny Steel and his brother robbed a Bank in Easton pa and where caught in side the bank before they could make their geta away, he died in prison, his Name was Johnny Steel a Super Brave Sherman Tank driver of the 702 Tank battalion of world War II world war two vets always said he Johnny Steel- had big balls and he was a little guy too,- he was Irish,- the wee redmonk listened as Johnney Steel was talking to Tanker Mike after the war was over 1946 or so and heard Johnney Steel complain, that-- what did we get for all the Dying and fighting in WWII, nothing it was after this he hit the bank- he was a very brave man he was Irish from the Coal fields

–Behold a Pale Horse, and his name who sat

on him was death,and Hell followed with him---Revelation 6:8

………….Brave heart…Mel Gibson -----for the Ruthenian mountain, people of the Carpathenian Mountains, who yearn to free their mountain homeland, from the oppressor, send a letter to the State Dept. in Washington D.C to Collin Powell asking him to free the Ruthenian Mountain people / now /today/ do it now ! Monday Dec. 15 2001 Separatest Leader Igor Smirnov easly won a third term as president of the self proclaimed Republic called Trans Dniester in eastern Moldova Trans Denister is a couple of mountains over from greater Ruthenia, the redmonk home land, that he is trying to free / the redmonk calls on the Russian Army officer named- Victor of the 14 th Russian army, to move his Russian forces into Ruthenia, now ,today ,free Ruthenia and drive those Uke bastards Out, they stole are land / take no prisnors- Victor no prisnors / the redmonk was in front of the Russian Embassy on 16th street in Washington Dc with his signs asking the Russian Government to send the 14 th Russian army to free Ruthenia when Russian news men came out of the Embassie and took his picture for a Russian news paper



…….. ….. …. Point Break….Garry Busey

for the brave Rebel Soldier,- McVeigh, and also for Brave- Rebel" Commander Pedro" and his brave Rebel Soldiers who robbed 24 banks? in the American North West, so as to fund the April 19th rebellion,- on going in America today, the Rebel American soldiers in this on going rebellion in america are avenging the murder of Mrs. Vicky Weaver, a mother of 4 children and her 14 year old son,- Samuel at the Siege at Ruby Ridge,

no one in the US Government was punished ,so Rebel McVeigh punished the American people for not standing up for Mrs. Weaver , at Ruby Ridge, the American peoples - white sister,who name is Vicky Weaver, the mother of 4 children, shot to death by Government Agents at a place called Ruby Ridge, her father, old man Jourdenson, was a farmer, only Sen. Grassley also( a farmers son, from the State of Iowa,) is fighting for this murdered farmers daughter, whose name, before the government killer agents, murdered her, was Vicky Jourdenson, a farmers daughter, when Vicky was a young Girl the Government tried to take the Jourdenson farm away from her family using the law, called eminent domain.

all Rebel Soldiers in the April, 19th Rebellion are of Course, fighting to avenge the murder of Mrs. Vicky Weaver, and her 14 year old son Samuel at Ruby - you know where

".—Be hold a Pale Horse, and his name who sat-on him was death,

 and Hell followed with Him" –Revelation 6: 8

Revelation -6:8—for Rebel Soldier- ,McVeigh, and all Rebel Soldiers in the April 19th Rebellion / on going in America ,.--today’s date Sept 12th 2001

"Remember as you pass by as you are now so once was I,as I am now so you must be, prepare for death and follow me" -- Jesse Row, 1887-1902–

written on Jesse’Rows- old grave stone, in the high mountain country and covered with bramble bushes, , where the wind blows hard and cold,- Jesse Row’s grave stone, stands, alone by it’s self, not another grave around not a house, barn, or anything ,but some trees ------ Who the hell, was, Jesse Row-, born in 1887- died in 1902 ? a redmonkee mystery, can McLain High School McLean Virgina, which is 20 min from Washington D.C solve this, mystery?


………….. Silkwood …Kurt Russell… you want to be a whistle blower ? you got to be brave, and strong, because everyone else is a White coward , and boy do they hate you for reminding them of their white Cowardice/ the Redmonk likes to rub it in, you can always tell the cowards, they,the White cowards, out of fear for their self esteem, snicker and laugh at the brave whistle blowers, who are indeed, the real Americans, and these real Americans who are, always surrounded by white coward Americans , don’t you love it?.—don’t you just love it? Laughs the redmonkee , pay backs our hell, when I was fired from my position as Zookeeper at the National zoo ,the employees would call me on the phone at my home ,always on a Friday night or SAT. night , with loud music playing in the background and the party goers would all shout into the phone As# hole and laugh uproarlessly, I would hang the phone up, and make a little mark in my –(get even book)

The new Smithsonian- Sec. Larry (the Guitar)- Small and or the New National Zoo director- Lucy ( the goose )- Spellmen ) of the National zoo Doesn’t know who made those phone calls to my home, on Fri night and Sat night, mocking me and laughing at me, after they the Smithsonian Fired me for being a threat to the Animals, the Staff , the Public and the entire Smithsonian Collection , and the Smithsonian does not want me to talk about the wrong doing , at their National Zoo, surely they jest ? Here are some- Arab freedom fighters inter net Web sites, for your surfing pleasure, to see what the other side has to say / Hamas, Black June , BlackSeptember, keep an open mind every body, don’t trust the American Government, trust yourself , don’t trust the redmonk, trust your self , the redmonk does not have the right to tell you what to think and or believe and neithr does the US government have the right to tell any American any where, any time what to think and beleive the American Government and its leaders are Crazy , all of em a bunch of as$ holes and nut bags – call me a lier? I dare you, you all saw em run from the building running from anthrax and telling all of us the American people to stay put and don’t worry , while they were all running like hell / call me a lier I dare you ?

I Am letting all of the Arab Freedom fighters know about the American Jew, Ralph Strauss who worked at the national Zoo and shot to death 13 little Arab children to death, the youngest 6 years old, the Arabs all know about it, when this American jew, Ralph Strauss a zookeeper working at the National zoo, in Washington D.C was a jewish American Settler, living in the jewish State of Iserial. he liked to shoot Arab Woman’s children and the Jews and dirty Christians in charge of the Smithsonian Inst., Backed the jew Ralph Strauss up and tried to kill the redmonkee, meaning- fire him and destroy him with sex charges and state that the redmonk was mentally ill , WOW! think about that? really think about that ? and none of them want me to get even ( the stinking Christens too, all silent ) but the redmonkee is back,and with a new weapon, called the internet, to wage War against those who tried to kill the redmonk, pay backs are hell aint they folks, read Chinese Amb. letter on link page. And check out the Arab freedom fighters web Sites,send em e-mail I need money to keep this fight going

I have been told by all law firms in the Washington D.C. area, such as Hogan and Hartson law firm and Staff members of Politicians, on Capital Hill in the Nations Capital, that I went to see in person,in their office’s, no less, that no one, will help you, ( meaning me) because you are pointing out Jewish wrong doing , and attacking Sen.Jessi Helms, and we have to work with him ----- ok ,Shouts the redmonk , then I’ll go to the Arab freedom fighters for Help and assistance, and foreign Governments in Washington DC on Embassies Row asking for assistance and telling them every thing I know / and giving them the proof too / that’s always—very very important- the truth,! pay backs are hell aint they folks? and it aint over, till it’s over and it haint over,/ the April 19th Rebellion, Rebel soldier taunt Song to Americans / you white American have no idea what’s coming/ all legal of course/ the white woman of Oklahoma City said ,they don’t care about the 13 little Arab children Murdered by the American Jew, Ralph Strauss, who worked at the National zoo in Washington D.C./ they the white woman of Oklahoma city ,said, they only care about their dead children./( Said tounge in Cheek as a educiational taunt )- and all of them are White Christian Woman- too, think about that?- Wow !so it goes in phony, Plastic, Christian, white America, wow ! shouts the redmonkee, the little ol redmonk - the last -( real American) sweet white man- left on the East Coast, in America?/ the us justice Dept. under the so called- Christian -Johney Ashcroft killed the other one, his name Rebel - McVeigh,,……….. and fast too, the Christians of Oklahoma City, couldn’t-- ( wait just a little longer sweet Jesus )- to see what their neighbor- Ol- Glen Wilburn was looking into, and they called brave Glen Wilburn a Wako,? antigovernment,?,nut case? FBI Agents posted out side his home,? To frighten him? In the whole state of Oklahoma, only, Wilburn, would understand how the redmonkee feels, Wilburn, could see a thousand miles down the highway, while the rest of the SOB-en people of Oklahoma City could only look at their shoes, and they, the people of O.K. City, call themselves Christians,? the hole lot of em,- a bunch of - (Harper valley PTAs Christians,/ ) call me a liar, Oklahoma, I dare you, shouts the redmonkee. Ill tweek your American, Oklahoma,- Harper Valley Noses and rub it in, read the spoof below- a redmonk Educiational taunt ! to the American people and to the State of Oklahoma

.. Now theirs only one white man left alive, on the East Coast of America ,the Redmonkee , and he may be heading West, in the near future, where the redmonkee heard, strange stories, and tails, that way out in the American West, way out theerrreee, -- they still tell the truth out West, could that be true? White people,! with white skin, Who aren’t Afraid of the truth and don’t like, and even hate, and will kill, political Correctness? , the redmonk is truly amazed that their could be, might be, is their? , for real,? honest to God,- white men and woman out west of the Mississippi River who stand up and say what’s on their minds, with out calling Jessi Jackson and Al Sharpton on the telephone to see if it’s ok,- if white people, speak up,

The white men and woman- leaders on the East Coast always check with Al and Jessie first, WOW , shouts the redmonkee-

For your info- (said tongue in cheek,)- people of Oklahoma City, the redmonk will be coming West, in a rental - Penski Truck with garlic, only an Anglo Saxon, English American Rebel Solider-, known as ( Speedy)- McVeigh, would come in a Cheap Ryder- rental truck- to pay you all a visit in Oklahoma City,

The Ruthenian Mountain coalfield Slav- Rebel Soldier- always comes in a Penskie- rental- truck with Garlic, complements of Ellis Island, New York,- by way of Greater Ruthenia,-- 75 miles long and 50 miles wide, what a country Ruthenia ! and the Great Ruthenian Mountain people- the Hutsles, and the Bokjo’s the only thing that can stop the redmonk at the Oklahoma Border, is 1000- I repeat that’s 1000- pretty Red Headed, Oklahoma woman, if they got any in Oklahoma ? that’s what it will take to stop this Redmonk, see ya, sooooon – Oklahoommaaaaa…luv ya, the redmonk on the run and sticking it to Oklahoma for what the people of Oklahoma , did to Russian Immigrants who brought Wheat to the Planes, beat em up and killed em / it haint over- see the movie Heavens Gate and see what Oklahoma did to that Russian Woman/ pay backs are hell a redmonkee Zinger for the people of Oklahoma long before Rebel Soldier Mcveigh killed you people I hand delivered to your Congressmen from Oklahoma office information onall of this and telling Cong Nichols why and how their might be an terrorist attack at the Smithsonian he remained silent the American Government did somthing to my Uncle a Brave tank commander in the 702 Tank Battlion ww II his, Cong Nichols- Sec. eyes grew big and wide as I introduced my self as you know who and told her to delever this info on a possible terrorist attack to Cong Nichols Nicholis no doubt will lie, like his buddy,Cong.Condut and say he never got it, give me a lie detecter test to see who is lieing and do it on Ok Television, I will put a photo of the redmonk going into Cong Nichols office on my photo page, if you people of Oklahoma got guts, you will ask him, did he get my hand delivered letter, also ask him why 49% of the people who live in Oklahoma don’t have health insurance.

Don’t be afraid to tell a Congressman he.s no good .A Congersman cant get good if he don’t know he’s bad.

The redmonk at the Oliver #2 Coal mine and be sure to tell the Congresswoman too


……..No Body’s fool… Paul Newman,

this is what’s it’s like when you get fired and you’re a little over the hill, you know,-age wise / you no what I mean / then it’s time for a little pay back/ how I’m I doing? Ask the Smithsonian ,Inst.in Washington D.C. ? Will Arab FreedomFighters let those arms and legs fly through the air with the greatest of ease, shouts the redmonk. Just like in the Circus ! the word I was not allowed to use at the national Zoo you are forbidden to say the word Circus at the National zoo, the jewish fellow and my boss ED Gould at the Zoo, called me in his office and told me to my face, in the lion and tiger House, I’m not to use the Word Circus at the Zoo any more / the red monk is not only the youngest bank robber in America, but the Very first victim of Political Correctness at the Smithsonian, Inst. in it’s history,/ this victum fights back  how I’am I doing people of Europe ? Canada France Italy Germany Berlin

The F.B.I of Course ,is every body’s fool – call me a liar, I dare you? the last remark- for Pretty Boy Floyd – an all time American- Great Bank Robber with nice fancy clothes) and out of old Oklahoma too, F.B.I shot him in the back, in a corn field, and killed him / he is remembered here today, on the redmonkee;s web site/ a real American hero – the Great -Pretty Boy Floyd - a Redmonkee hero--- Sam Weaver shot in the Back too and by by F.B.I. Agents and Killed – Sam was not a bank robber, he was 14 years old on the day the F.B.I killed him / this was the same day the F.B.I killed Sam’s Dog a Lab . ,Named Striker – Sam Weaver an American Hero and he was the Biggest man on Ruby Ridge, not only that, he was only 14 years old, too, he died for his dog- named –Striker. The White Christian,( Harper Valley PTA )- -Woman of Oklahoma City, in the State of Old- Oklahoma usa, said they don’t care/ if they cared, the Old Christian Woman Of Old Oklahoma would have done something about 14 year old Sam, the Old Christian Woman of the State of old Oklahoma did nothing , their all a bunch Harper Valley PTA Christians check link page Ruby Ridge and call me a liar, I dare you, the redmonk doesn’t go to church, because they are loaded with Harper Valley PTAs Christens-- from old Oklahoma,too- the redmonk rubs it in, call me a liar? I dare you


……………..Death Hunt ….Lee marven when one fights the U.S. Government this is the way it is , on the run, some times a good Copper or she girl copper and or -Copperet will try to make it fair for those of us on the run, if they know youv been done dirty by the system, they wont always let you go, but will send your enemies in the wrong direction ,to give you some space, time and head start, on those who want to fu.. you up. you can always count on the North West Mounted Canadian Police, but all other police Dept. are a ? mark- when the redmonk was a wee- red Monk he always wanted to be--

#1- a North West Mounted Police, and or Pennsylvania State Trooper, #-2 aWells Fargo, Stage Coach Driver, 6 horses up - # 3- Tug Boat Capt. and or Push Boat -Capt. on the Rivers- pushen barges, and always farmen on the side/ with draft horses / -never wanted to be a Doc., Fire chief or president . Never!……………………….. this movie,- for the redmonk/ I need a movie too .


………….. Das Boat ….wolf gang Peterson..for-- the Germen Navy-------------- ………U-Boot 515- world War II and the Germen crew 0f –U- Boat - 515 and theGreat Germen, ACE- U Boat--Commander Capt. Werner Heinke, gunned down on the wire at Fort Hunt Virgina, as he tried to make his escape, Fort hunt was a prisoner of war camp for German Sub Crews, during world War Two, this movie for the American ww II- Sub SS Sealion-- out of Little Creek. And the Navy Frogs-UDT and the SEALs who rode and dived on the Great SS- SeaLion ALWAYS TIED UP AT THE L.S.T PIER at Little Creek

A German filming crew asked the redmonkee to reenact Capt Heinke’s death on the wire at Fort Hunt, the redmonk worked for the US park Service in this Park with Horses, when the Germans ask the redmonk to be in the film, they thought the redmonk looked a little like Capt Werner Heinke, this area of the park, was then turned into a ball field, later?, (the redmonk gets around, and that’s not all, look up u- boat net on the redmonkees link page, under alternative view,/ they have Heinkes photo, look for it/ do what ever you want/

…………….the Story of Qiu Ju.. for the super, pretty- Mandarin,- Chinese Girl in side the Communist Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C, she is a perfect Pearl of old China, this Chinese beauty took the redmonkee’s breath, away from him, that’s how pretty she was/ she was Chinese , and a mandarin , but she was indeed, Chinese/ -: these movies do not reflect on the Great Chinese pearl, inside the Great Chinese Embassy in Washington DC / in any way!

……………….Shangai Triad.. for the flawless, beautiful, Chinese Pearl— inside the Chinese Communist Embassy in Washington D.C……….she was Chinese,but she was a Mandarin. ……………she sat in the Redmonkees World War II- Army Jeep, you can see this jeep, on the photo page where the American Government was going to kill the redmonk in front of this Marana travel agency on M street in Wash. D.C. when some Female, jumped out of a long black Lemo,shouting what are you doing to him? The U.S. Government Agents put the Guns Down. you can also see the Travel Agency in this Photo ./


………….Bad Lieutenant …Harvey Keitel ----for all the bad coppers, and Copperetts,- she girl Cops, you know who you are? --- and why not bad Sergeant ? how about-- bad- Colonels, why couldn’t it be bad Major on a police Dept. Why is it always, bad Lieutenant. On a police Dept.? How about bad, Sheriff on a police Dept.? this movie -- for Sheriff Simpson of the Leesburg, Va. Police Dept. and Bad, Bad American Girl--- Helen Fahey- U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of the State Of Virgina – do check Helens page out, coming soon, then you will know why she is Bad, Bad American Girl, her office is a mouth piece for the CIA, Jack Anderson the investigative reporter, said so, in his latest book/ check Andersons book out, don’t trust the redmonk trust your self / send Simpson an e-Mail

 La Strada- Antheny Quinn--  for Butch and Cody  and the she Girl Ape of the Clyde Beatty Cole bro. Circus- and for Cathy and Ruby their last names can never be mentioned  and this movie for Mrs. Harriet Beatty  a great Circus lady who came from a wealthy Banking Family and studied photography at the University and then joined the Circus and  Had her own Cat act with panthers – this is the only woman the  Great Clyde Beatty ever Loved ,-- he did fool around  ,  but he only loved Harriet Clyde Beatty also made movies in Hollywood  - this movie for Butch’s Little grand son the little Mandrel  who cant wait to be a first of May – on the road


……..Distant Drums…..Garry Cooper

for the Great Butch of the Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. Circus / the redmonk always wanted Butch to dress up like Cooper in this movie, the hat with a snake band ,leather fring jacket/ that’s who the great Butch is, any way Butch lived most of his life in Florida / when not on the road -La Strada- how you doing you son of a Butch/

it’s about time the Great Butch got the respect he deserves/-: call me a liar I dare you!

Pulp Fiction .. Bruce Willes

 watch em HillBillies, and look out for Grace ----all you Black Guys!

…………Circus worldRita Hayworth—………for the all time … Great…. Günter Gebel William’s who died this year of cancer,

Gunter- was a Great German ,a Great Circus Man , a Great Animal man , a Great Trainer, a Great Cat man, a Great American a Great Human Being- and he had a Great,- Circus Wife, who stayed with him all those years in the Circus….

And this movie- for all -

the Roustabouts, in every circus that never get any credit, but do all the hard work ,the Roustabouts make the Circus go! this movie for the Great Butch of the Clyde Beatty Cole Bro. Circus, and his father who was a Circus Roustabout in the Circus with a orphan son, named little Butch and his- she girl Ape, who always wore a straw skimmer hat with a blue ribbon, hanging down her back,and whose name, can never be mentioned,/ Butch was to the Circus born, an old Circus man gave Butch his pet she girl- Ape when the old circus man was leaving the Circus

when Butch was a wee Circus lad, he watched as the Great Circus Fire burned, the famous Ringling North Circus Tent to the ground, in the year 1942 / the Elephants refused to leave the Circus Tent, until given the command to leave the burning Tent, even as the hair on their backs smoldered and burned from the heat, Butch the Circus lad was their watching from behind a tree where his Circus Roustabout father told him to run , to the far end, of the circus lot and hold on to a tree and never leave the tree, hold on to it tight, that his dad would come back and get him, later/ ,as his father ran back to fight the Circus fire / if you want to know more about this Circus Fire ask Butch, he still works for the Great Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. Circus, and on the First of May of every year of his life, he is on the Road with the Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. Circus and will be in your town soon / pay him a visit and pass the word, that his brother Neil—aka- Star-- said hello / and also add-- ( I wonder were you are tonight )—he will know what that last message means / Butch’s father was always Super ,super,very ,very neat and clean with their cloths / starched and pressed even the work clothes / Butch’s father always said, we may be poor Circus people, but we can always be clean and wear sharp cloths / and he and his son, Butch did / you would notice it ! Butch’s father never married and retired from the Circus, an old man, with no money and lived in a rented room in the State of Florida / Butch would always send his father money and paid the rent for his fathers room / Butch is married and has one daughter, who was born to the Circus, when she was 10 years old, she was in charge of the ticket booths and had 6 adult woman working for her / she did this because she wanted to, she didn’t have to do it, she counted all the money and their never was a mistake , she was very smart, and a no nonsense young girl, after she finished high school, her dad the Great Butch Sent her to Computer school /she is married with two children and works with Computers and is no longer involved with the Circus / she has two boys and the youngest one, whose aka is the ( the Little Mandrill ) wants to be with his grandfather the ( Great Butch ) in the Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers Circus and be a First of May ,-- meaning on the Ist day of May of every year, the Circus starts moving out on the Roads /- La Strada that’s - Italian,- meaning the road,) check link page Circus Rascals/ a million stories here / you only get a smidgen/ every one has a million stories, right,! you included! I;am singing my song on this web site , it may or may not be my swan song, you’l have to stay tuned to find out! And - who’s song you singing?/ do you got a song ?-to sing?..

……………Legionnaire…jean Claude vandam

check bottom of this page on the redmonkee and the French Legion at Ajaccio Corsica and the French officers Daughter and how a Coward US naval officer Shamed America the Mayor of Ajaccio Corsica was called out. the US Naval Officer stole the Food cooked for the redmonk by the Legionaries wife and daughter they cooked for the redmonk because the Legionnaires knew the redmonk had honor, and the French people respect honor, the Little jewish Sailor a ship mate and a deeply religious jew from Philadelphia Pa Knows., the American Government Also knows about this and has covered it up, the FBI tells it was French paratroopers, but that was some other place involving the redmonk / check the bottom of this page Legionnaire daughter, her Picture coming soon ,she and the red monk in the photo together., of the whole Crew of LST 1162 the Legion, only came for me you think about that you cowardly American MFers, with White Skin

the French people love the redmonk, while the US naval officers were Pussies, Bob Woodward and Ben Bradlee of the Washington Post newspaper two naval officers Bob holds the Navy and Marine Corp medal it was given to him, he did not earn it, bob was a flunky for a US Navy admiral he did not earn this medal,

this medal is the same medal pres. Kennedy got when the pres., Kennedy swam miles to an Island in Shark infested waters to get help after his PT boat was rammed by a jap Destroyer, this is a bravery medal ,

Woodward did nothing brave, he was given this medal for being an a$ kisser

there are no medals on the redmonks chest, read the bottom of this page and then send these two coward US Navy officers Woodward And Bradlee who work at the Washington Post Newspaper to go and get mine, I earned mine, the old fashion way, put my life on the line when no others would,

I had Honor, the French said so, long live France and Fuc# America, I was treated better by Germans, in Berlin treated better by France , because they unstood honor, treated better by Black girls from the Ghetto, who fought for me, treated better by girls fron EL Salvador / who fought hard for me -you White American people stink- really! Read the bottom Page and find the Little Jewish sailor who prayed for the redmonk in his boat LCVP with 35 marines Bob and Ben don’t want to know, their English balls might be threatened , Elsa Walsh is afraid- too and the redmonk is a little guy, said as a tongue and cheek taunt to to bob and ben Wow! - find the little Jew hel tellyou, his picture coming up Too.

 the redmonk has no medals, -find the little Jew lets all confront BOB Woodward on that medal he got given to him / confront this cheap White English- American from the wash. Post- Bob Woodward, bob was brave once, Ill give him credit, he earned it,-- when he wrote a story in the Washington Post of drug use by Employees at the Washington post Newspaper and old Lady Graham Called him in and Gave him Hell for telling the truth on the Washington Post NewsPaper, what does that say about old lady Kay Graham,? owner of the most read newspaper in the Nations Capital, I have a copy of this story and will scan it to my Link Page to prove I’am not lying keep Kay Graham out of your schools you Mushroom Moms don’t want your daughters to be like Kay Graham,- the Government is going to put Kay Graham in you schools as the type of American woman your daughter should be like , stop it

Kay graham -who was a Jewish woman but went to a Methodist church , some believe she killed her husband Phil and got away with it, using her money and power, Kay graham would not warn you Mothers about the Child Killing Jew at the National Zoo, I gave her all the info,-( hand delivered and sent cert mailed) I Did Kay Grahams job for her, call me a liar, I dare you moms in Arlington County Virginia, Call me a liar, you moms in Arlington Va. I told your u.s. attorney for the Eastern Distrect of Virginia -Helen Fahey and she didn’t warn you , I warned you, I did Helen Faheys Job, did I not,? Call me a lier,- you mush room moms in Arlington Virginia.

 Mushrooms moms, meaning you are kept in the dark and covered with horse manure, just as Mushrooms are grown on mushroom Farms / I turned on the lights so to speak ,get up and fire Helen Fahey from her job, she works for you, you don’t work for her / Fahey don’t know her place ,

 Is she a friend of Cong. Morans does Cong moran have a brother / does he or did he work in Arlington County,? do the Moran’s know a lot of retired US Armey Col. Who live in Arlington ? you Mush room Moms need to takecharge wake up !

Trust the redmonkee, don’t trust Helen Fahey and or Cong. Moran they lie to you Mothers

………… the Searchers … John Wayne

… The Shadow ….Alex Baldwin—every one is waiting for Alex to keep his word and leave the country as he promised, if Pres.Bush got Elected / he, Alex, is still here,at this late date too / hiding in New York, Alex Is one of the PETA cry babies, which as all of you know ,is an Animal Rights groupe that refused to help the red monk at the National Zoo and hangs with the Hollywood Crowd /check link page/ the red monkee wants to alert Alex Baldwin that the redmonk will show him, Alex, how to leave America and cross the Berline Wall / what an- Italian Pussy Alex Baldwin is / the Redmonk on the other hand is a Ruthenian Mountian Slav from Shepherd People- Called Hutsels and Bokjos/ Shepherds since the 14th century who rode into the Carpathianians Mt. Of Europe as equals with the HUNS and the Smithsonian said they don’t want one in their Zoo/ think about that / they take Welfare mothers from the ghetto with no animal Experince and let them take care of the Animals at the zoo, but they don’t want farmers sons working their / if all of you knew how full of bull shi## PETA and the Smithsonian is /- you would make them pay their own bills /we the people pay 75% of their budget/ at the Smithsonian and the Smithsonian and the National zoo is on the American Peoples Welfare the Smithsonian is a Welfare Queen / and then acts like she is in charge/ stay away from the Smithsonian you could lose your life in the coming Arab freedom fighters attack/ just trying to help you Americans out / with this warning/

Don’t be afraid to tell an Italian he’s no good. A Italian cant get good if he don’t know he’s bad- the redmonk- at the Oliver #II Coal mine- tellen every body off – but is the redmonk lieing and do they need to told off ? A

public service announcement by the redmonk!

Remains of the Day …Emma Thompson-- a nice quite movie

………………The Postman……….. this movie for all the Redmonkee brigade members and Covert Redmonks and also for mules, this movie has a good looking mule in it,the Redmonk always liked mules/ and when the redmonk was 16 years old he tried to join the U.S.Army so he could be a mule packer and have a string of U.S.Army Mules / because that was as close to the old U.S Horse Cavalry you could get / the U.S.Army Recruiter said wait, let me make a phone call to Fort Riley Kansas where their was still US Army Horses and a mule packing School , (The year 1955 ) the last class was going through now and the U.S.Army was going to shut the Mule Packing school down and get rid of the Mules after this class,and he said- the Army got helicopters and we don’t need mules/

……..The Fugitive ….. Harrison ford.. the redmonk on the run for all the she Girl coppers who let the redmonk get away / and the song for the She Girl Coppers—( oh My darling )- by Paul Burch and the WPA Ball Club

……..The pope of Greenwich village …the Redmonk goin to bust up the thumbs on some Faget Phd. You know where? Check that scene out / been coming 16 years to get you/ don’t be afraid/ Its all legal!

…………….Cape fear Robert Deniro.. for Smithsonian Sec. Larry ( theGuitar)- Small - and Lucy (the Goose) Spellman- Dir.. National zoo- nice Hollween Movie/ is Larry –(Guitar) Small too little for his Job ? / as Smithsonian Sec.?

Jaws -   Dryfus – this movie for larry small the (Guitar,  and lucy Spellman the (Goose  - both of em are in this movie, they together play the Mayor of the town  called Ameity in this movie, you can see em, they wear the coat blazer with the anchers on it  and tell every on in town to re;lax and be quiet their nothing wrong,  Ital Go away /     no it haint goin away,  you haint got enough Barrels,-  this is the scharck talken to  the Guitar and the Goose- go to the bank, say your sorry, hire more Military vets and White Ethnics, and just maby the schark might not come aboard , but I wouldn’t count on it, this schark is a blood thristy sob- ask the Americans rounded up in the Cosmos Hotel in Moscow USSr if this schark is thirsty for Justice ,/ all of you out their ask the Guitar and the Goose  how many barrels do they have left ?  / the Shark is rammen, the boat Smithsonian,- is the Smithsonian takin on water yet? Askem ,go ahead askem, send em e –mail , askem

…Born on the 4th of July …Tom Cruse for the Great – U.S.Army- Corporal- Jan Scruggs, the milkmans son, the founder and fighter of and for the wall------- and othe issues like scrubbing the wall with a tooth brush to clean off the bird Shi# which Scruggs and others including Tipper Gore , did indeed do

…………….the Jackal …Bruce Willis

for the Boys and yes even the Gals in the April 19 th Rebellion on going today in America and Rebel Soldier McVeigh- determination is almost every thing / almost /if it’s sprinkled with luck!

---I will send my terror before you

and will throw into confusion all the people

Exodus 23:27 the bible

..Bronco Billy—Clint Eastwood

for for Butch and Cody of the Clyde Beatty Cole Bro.s Circus, Congressman Moran of the State of Virgina plays the sheriff in this movie to the redmonks Bronco Billy

……. the last picture Show …Sybil Shepard

as an Old Ranch Woman 0nce told the redmonk, hell we all had one of those/ the last picture Show?

………….. Michael Collens …Liam neeson

for Kevin Mulcahy still riding the Rim rock ?

……………….Red River John Wayne

old horse men and old cattlemen told the redmonk they liked this movie/ the wee redmonk saw a big cattle drive in the mountains drung World War two / their was no gas for the trucks because of Government Rationing of Gas drung the war, some old cow men drove their cattle through town on to a rail line and pushed them on to a cattle Aucton house, they got an ok from the railroad that they had two hours to get their cowherds down the tracks to the Auction, (the wee redmonk followed em on foot running to keep up) and they were moven too / some cows broke away and the boss man said let em go, well pick em up later , keep moven ! (the only flat place to drive cattle a long distance was the Rail Road tracks) that’s why they went down on the tracks, it was flat and the shortest route to the cattle auction and they had only a two hour window, open, Coal trains-( Black steam locomotives) came through the mountains with the gas peddle to the floor they didn’t stop for nobody during the War / they were dead headen it,- rolling –hauling as# get off the track, now! You get the Picture –e –Mail Hollywood about the Circus Rascels movie I need money to keep goein Hell send me all the money you got / don’t be a cheap scate all your life


…………Elmer Gantry… Bert Lancaster

for the tent show preachers in the Coal fields/ the one that scared the liven hell out of the little redmonk / who clamed he- the tent show preacher(- had the devil inside an ww II Ammo box and would open the box on Sat night

but that’s a story for another time/ and for the Black girls who worked for the FBI and Applauded the Rev. redmonk , at a Waco demo . as he preached hell and damnnation and offered fire insurance to the FBI- sinners / this took place in front of the FBI head Quarters Building in Washington DC / it may be on Tape? The Black Girls offered money to the redmonk for preachen a damn good sermon / it was done as a spoof on the FBI, I stole, the Hell and damn nation sermon from the old Tent preachers in the Mountains/ and I gave it the same way- red hot ----in front of the FBI building – in D.c thanks to Black girls / the dirty White girls just walked by,- this movie for two so called Christian American – Johnny Ashcroft and Danforth, Danforth as you know did the last Investigation of the Waco Massacre by the US Government of the Branch Dravidians- Religious Cult and Danforth who shouts he is a Christian said the Government did no wrong / very very few Congressmen and or US Senators stayed around to hear Danforth give his report, on Waco / it was a white wash ), cover up ) they pay off for Dansforth, was a few months later, the president gave the phony- Christian -Dansforth a Government Position think about that, really think about what kind of phony Christians these two guys are/ Dansforth report on Waco was so narrow in its investigation, that the Devil himself could have got away/, as we all know the blacks put Ashcroft down on his knees, at a meeting the blacks had with him / the Black leaders cut Ashcrofts Balls off / all the News papers said so / no White person should feel save with John Ashcroft in the Attorney Generals Position he lacks the guts to protect white people from blacks / he needs to be removed from office for the safety of all white Americans / Ashcroft and Dansforth are two dirty Christians, /they, together,are like so many Harper Valley Christians, their into Christ for other reasons, other than God / as Christians,they both, are afraid of life/ want to control other peoples lives by moving up in the church to get power over People / just like any Cult leader such as Jim jones / only they, know Whats good for the people / both of them have been cowards from the get go of their lives/ and what they both have done while in office prove I;am right / one of them lied to the American people in the Investiagetion at Waco and in a very cheap sneaky way too, / the other one fell to his knees, like the Christian coward he has always been, / he, Ashcroft, should have been a man and told the black leaders, you cant yell at me this way ,get the hell out of my office / he,- Ashcroft, was a Coward White man, and the redmonkee is ashamed of him / his name is John Ashcroft and the redmonk don’t want that Christian or the other- one, any where near the Redmonk / the redmonk is afrard of Christian men like these two, these two Dirty Christians will get you hurt and or killed and the people of Oklahoma City love- John Ashcroft and the FBI ,think about that, really think about that / this last for Rebel soldier McVeigh /-the dirty A.F.G.E union would not help the redmonk at the Zoo and he the redmonk was paid up member of this dirty Union / the A.F.G.E was in the Murrha Building wasn;t it ? YO- Oklahoma, where you at? you asleep? Wilbern wasn;t asleep! he was a rare, Brave white man / he stood up and the rest of Oklahoma spit on him and called him dirty names,I wondered if those who spit on Wilbern, where Christians, just like Ashcroft and Danforth- yellow dog dirty Christians ) meaning not Christians at all, call me a liar, I dare you

Don’t be afraid to tell a man he’s no good. A man cant get good if he don’t know he’s bad

Coal Mine Superintendent- Homer H Hickam Sr. at the Ogla Mine

in the mountains in the State of West Virgina USA


………. this boys life…Robert Deniro

this is the way boys were raised in the 1940s and 50s

….Electra Glide in Blue……..for the redmonk time on the park poilice/ some cops called the redmonk- Winter Green / see the movie /moven up and out/ the redmonk trying on his hat in front of the mirror too /

………Runaway train….Jon Voigt

determination is every thing / almost

……………Wild at heart…Nik Cage

the red monk liked this movie/ this movie for the redmonk/ why not?

…….Thundered Heart….Sam Shepard

for Lenard Peltier s Grandaughter her Aka she looks at her toes

…..Farewell to the King… nick Nolti

……..Reds …Warren Beatty

for the redmonks run to the Soviet Union during the Cold War-1988 Feb. and for little Barbara Bavahana of Falls church Va who rode into the Soviet Union- USSR in the very next seat with the redmonk, all the way into Russia, USSR a very nice little 8 year old Girl/ she had no idea, really ? later her mother got rounded up in the Cosmos Hotel / this hotel is on the Web look it up?/ what has become of little Barbara? She knows if the Russians called the redmonk a holy man / ask her? Her photo will be on the photo page soon /!- she also knows what the Falls Church Jews did to a Little 8 year old Polish (Slav) American girl who was little Barbs best friend the Russians know and the whole world is going to know / you Falls Church jews start a race War and then cry you don’t know how it happened / you Jews better clean this up, while there is still time ? (this date Dec.15th 2001

…………English Patient… Julie Benoche – for all the Married Woman the redmonk loved and they all got away, and that’s ok, nice world War two jeeps in this movie/ Trucks too, trucks the redmonk rode in with American Gis during world war two/ they finely gave him a ride the redmonk a dirty black sinner, the Lord will judge me not any of you  you are what you do all of what you do not just the Good or bad but all of it is weighed on Judjement day , when ever that is, the redmonk is ready, the redmonk shouts to the Lord, weigh all of it, the good bad and Ugly ill take my chances 

…………………Platoon….Defoe—for Jan Scruggs who gave us the Wall ,/ then some punk officers sons from West Point tried to do Scruggs in,/ but a world war two combat boot with two belt buckels kicked as# for the Great Scruggs, at the Wall a milk man son, – Capt.Jan Scruggs—…………………….the- Wall

the Balled of cable Hogue….Jason robards

good acter

GREASE LIGHTING…R. PRYOR for the black guys that helped the redmonkee at the Smithsonian and some other places, I cant mention where or who, because they might get fired, you know who you are Thanks ,( no white mother- F showed up) ask me why I don’t like white mother Fs I dare you? , this movie for the super brave Black dude in the U.S. General Aaccountaning Office Bldg who was really Black, not the Color Tan most Black people are , this dude was black black you get the picture a real African, not like Tan EEOC in the G.A.O. bldging- today,,go take a look at Tan EEOC in the G.A.O. bldg, they, the Tan As# holes with toilet paper stuck to them, wanted to change the name of the Black American peoples- Colored Paper, to none white Paper, The redmonk told his black employees to fight for their colored paper the Black Dude from the D.C. Ghetto, not a tan dude, a Black Dude, stood up and fought for his peoples Colored paper inside the G.A.O- Bldging in Washington D.C the Nations Capital , the Black Americans should love him, he’s a real black guy , a forereal man and no college degree too, I always wondered if dirty Tan EEOC in the G.A.O bldg ,Brought him down( got him fired) if only White guys could be so brave, as the Black Black Dude, in the G.A.O bldg. today’s date Aug, 19th 2001 this movie,-( Grease Lighting ) for him, the Black Black dude from theWash, D.C ghetto, get the picture? he was a Black guy not a tan Guy,/! This picture- also for the brave blackpostial worker who warned the redmonk that Army Intel. And National security was not letting my mail get through/ the Whites watched the US Government screw the red monk with his mail and the cowards Whites were silent / only the blacks helped and warned the redmonk / several other Black guys also helped the redmonk/ can not give a clue where they work, it might hurt them, thanks!- black guys- the redmonk-

Don’t be afraid to tell a Black man he’s good. A Black man cant get better if he don’t know he’s good / and be sure as hell to tell a black man when he’s bad , so he can get good a black man cant get good if he don’t know he’s bad tell him both ways , not one way – the redmonk at the Oliver #2 coal mine

…The color purple.for all the black girls who helped the redmonkee, and all the black girls who are abused by the black males (their black masters) to the the Black women in America still enslaved by her black master, at this late date in American history too, think about it ! really think about ! ……… Cut that black girls chains… shouts the--- Redmonkee,- Sept 5 th 2001..

for the black girls at the Zoo who defended the red monk / for the brave black girls at the FBI building who listened to the red monk give a hell and damnation sermon at a Waco demo in front of the FBI Building/ these brave black girls could have lost their jobs, they offered to give money to the redmonk and applauded him and nodded their heads,- as he gave the FBI and American government Hell over killing Mrs. Weaver at Ruby ridge and the dead children at Waco. Texas / the redmonk told the black girls to hide so they couldn’t be seen by the FBI guards as they clapped their black hands for the redmonk, the redmonk was impressed/ no White woman would clap for the redmonk as the went by, only Black girls /! the redmonks style is part coal mining union Hall /, Cattle auction / Grange Hall / and a Ballyhoo at the Circus/- all mixed together / you can hear the redmonk two blocks away, as he shouts his charges against the US government and FBI at demos/ he also shouted this loud inside the White house ,after he jumped up in a black piano in the East room of the White House, shouting he wanted justice and a investigation of the National zoo and Smithsonian for firing him from his zookeeping position for telling the truth at the National zoo as concerns mismanagement by the PHDs and drug use /- this after he ran out of money for lawyers/ the redmonk don’t quit/ he keeps coming till he gets em / and with no money or lawyers too ,that’s why he went to Nancy Reagan and told her by letter including going to Mrs. Nancy Reagean Hairdresser and hand delivering the papers and documents to her in the beauty shop near Dupont circle in Washington Dc the redmonk has nerve and balls , he don’t stop coming till he gets you with no money too and no lawyer Mountian Slav Coal field law, will decide this redmonkee War, with the United States not Anglo Saxon law / bet on, it the redmonk coming up the road

……….WHITE SQUALL…J .BRIDGES.for the attack Cargo ship uss Arneb aka 56 Which was in a white squall, and later caught in the ice and was taking on water in the Antarctic, the--------- USS- Arneb- aka-56 was Adm. George Duefeks flag ship, for exploring the Antarctic conentent in 1956 , this movie also for USS- L.S.T-.1162- who rolled on her side and wouldn’t get up, the Red monkee was in the pilot house holding on,tight, check coming soon Sept. 27th 2001 new link-document page- ….click on Poseidon ……….… also check on the Little Jewish sailor Story the redmonks shipmate on LsT 1162 he knows what happened in the redmonks boat with 35 US marines he knows the redmonk tried to saw through The bars of the ships brig with a Hack Saw to get a brave U.S. marine out

………….For the boys…James Caan ….. for all of the World War-II - ….Ladies /

…………. Hombre……….P. Newman .. ask the PhD’s at the Smithsonian if the will eat dog now,….check that scene out in this movie/ and its not over/ they made the redmonk ride up on top the stage too / askem if their sweaten yet?

……….The OLD gringo…….Fonda this is how you are suppose to die, check out the execution scene, with the Mex General,- killing his horse because some one rode it - and going to the wall / the redmonk gave away his things at the Airport in Russia after he was forced back too, you got to have class when you go down/ give the kids every thing you got and go to the wall , look em in the eye/ it’s the coal field way and it’s the way Rebel McVeigh went out,- all Latinos, (the people of Spain)- told the redmonk ,that rebel Tim McVeigh died like a man, looking em in the eye / Spain has Honor therefore the People of Spain - know what Honor is., the Amrican white people don’t honor and havenet a clue what the hell Honor is / thats my Experience wth White Americans, mostly the Anglo Saxon s –call me a lier I dare you

………..Pocket money ………Lee Marvin for some of the old gang in the horse business and for the Irish kid Kevin M who didn’t make it, or did he?



..Ship of fools……….Lee Marvin their is always a ship of fools and most of the time it’s loaded, and with all kinds of people too. the red monkee has been on a number of these ships of fools both in the military and out, the ship of fools with civilians is always much better a higher class of fools more interesting don’t you think? -Uss .Muscle Schoals, Uss San Fernando two- ww 2 mission class oilier ,--------------Uss Vanguard,--- not so secret tracking ship, painted all white and crewed by a all ciliven crew, for the military sea lift command, Uss Arneb aka 56 an old cargo ship ,taken over by the Us Navy when war broke out, they painted her navy gray and welded guns on her decks and made her the attack cargo ship, the Arneb she fought through out World war 2, before the Us government grabbed her, she was the tramp steamer called – Mischief- she roamed the seas as a Tramp------- this ship, is the one that gave the redmonk asbestos in his lungs, when the US Naval officers came into the Engine Room they wore Mask/ they didn’t give us mask and I didn’t have a clue what asbestos was or if it could harm you , but Naval officers wore Mask,

 Remember Gunners mate Hartwig in the Blow in #2 turret on the Iowa,? What the Navy did to him even while hhe was dead , the US navy said they don’t owe me nothing , I say they do 1 Ill take it out of Americas Hide some how ? USS LST-1162 was a world warII type of L.S.T with bow doors she did some covert work in the med. back in 1958 her number was painted off and she did sneaky pete work, this is the LST that rolled on her side and didn’t want to get up, more on this later----- look up LST Association on the web

…………Papllion……..Steve McQueen for the time the redmonkee spent in the all black  DC jail wash DC U.S.A.


………..The Devils Own Brad Pitt:- for all of the rebel soldier’s in the April; 19 th Rebellion/ in America, on going today and the song for the she girl rebel soldiers by Billy Joe Shaver and his dead son Eddie -0—the Earth rolls on – this song is also for the Greatest She girl ape in circus history she lived in the Clyde Beatty Cole bro circus

…………………………..True believer:- James Wood the surprise/ the government is Evil

……………………..Casablanka:- Humpry Bogart a redmonks all time great wwII war movie Play it again Sam

…………………..Will Penny- C Heston--- this is the kind of shi# heads you got to deal with when you live in the streets like the wons messen with Will penny when your down on your lick this is the way it is

……………………Bullworth:- :Warren Beatty- tell it like it is, let the blacks scream

………..Harry and Son :- Paul newman: stay out of pet shops

………. King Rat : Seagle: never trust the Officer Corp in the US Military/ their for them selves/ Dirty/ and all their wifes are Camp Hoes / the officers are Cheap people/ their whore wives do laundry /

..Men of Honor- Denero .. this is what it was like in the Navy in the redmonks time the Barracks where Barns, look at the walls in this movie and we had world war II coal Stoves to heat the Barracks every thing left over from WWII  we trained with WW I model 1903 Springfield Rifles  had legging  and washed our clothes in a water Buckets with a plunger (no washing Machines and no dryers like thy got today )  the bunks made of iron,  just like in this movie  the Cars, the Music was always Country, same as the movie, the Chiefs where the same, they beat you, kicked you, slapped you, on Command every one  put their Washing bucket over their head and stood a attention and the DI. Beat you on the head with a Billy club  if some thing was wrong with your bunk, you at times slept with your Rifle and and kept your body at attention in your bunk and on command as the lights where turned off recited that you loved you rifle  you would die for your rifle you love you rifle more then your girl friend, that you would die before giving up your rifle, you will now kiss your rifle. You will now go to sleep.

   I was in Boot camp when the US marine Corp Marched to their death Marines at Ribbon Creek at Parris Island,  on a training mission at night into the swamps, US Marines obey their orders  I had em my boat , the Marines in my boat were brave SOBes)- I was on the Grinder working off demerits and the Drill instructer (a world War II Vet ) screamed at me in my Face,- Am I a SOB,? do I march you into the Swamp and drown you like the Marine Corp, Does? I of Course Shouted,- No Sir  as the D.I.worked my As# over / I Graduated-# 3 out of my class, at Bainbridge Boot Camp, we where the last groupe to go through this Navy training Camp called Bainbridge a World War II camp, they shut it down.

 And that’s Bob woodward getting his medal in the movie, the medal Bob Woodward,- just like this guy, in the movie, didn’t earn.  you see bob woodward standing by him self  alone in the movie, on the Parade grounds  also the blacks where not allowed in the gun tubs and or engine rooms  just like in this movie/

 The Tailor of Panama

this movie for old mountains Jewish Tailors the redmonk knew in the mountains who lived their jewish religion every day all day long,  the two Ruthenian Mountian Jewish Brothers who made by hand the Redmonks First Commune Suit of Jewish Cloth cost 12 dollars, all hand sewn  it was made of strips of left over Jewish Cloth, and  the two Ruthenian jewish brothers where so good as Tailors, you could not tell where they put it together,  just like the polish Jewish tailor Frank,  in the Book- Himmlers Jewish Tailor ( read the book ) the mountains Jewish Tailors would never think in their wildest dreams would they live the life of the Tailor of panama, nor would they want a life as the Talior of Panama they were religious jews every min of the day all day long not like the Jews of today who the redmonk calls- Tweezers Jews,  who use tweezers to pick at the jewish relegion like their afraid they may get too much Jewish Religeon,  ,.Tong Jews also pick at the jewish releigon using tongs and they take more then Tweezers jews/ but the Tong Jews, Like the Tweezers Jews,- Fear they may take too much- because being a real Jew Is Hard,  not easy. (The old Mountians Jews taught me well ) that’s how the redmonkee spots these Tweezer and Tong Jews / the  old Mountian jews called them jewish Disgrace and rolled their eyes they also taught me what Friday means to a Mountian  Jew, not one young Jew in Arlington va Knows what hell Friday Means to Old Mountian jews, not a clue. Ill finish this Jewish Chew on the Jews Later don’t go away come back all you jews in Arlington Va So you Can Scream as I tell you the Truth, I got all the info on you Jews from Ruthenian Mountian Jewish Taliors from Ellis Island  and they had No University Degree Ill Give you jews the Works  I got mine from a damn good Scource  Mountian Jews 

……..Shampoo :- Warren Beatty:- try getting a loan from a bank, same thing happened to the redmonk/ thas why the redmonk likes Commander pedro and his bank robbing Rebel Army / the FBI cryed, he, pedro, took down 24 banks in the North west America/ ata go Commander pedro / shouts the redmonk


.. .. .. Last man standing ……..Bruce Willis .. for the favorite pistol of the redmonkees the colt 45 model 191I AI military colt 45 this is the gun the redmonk used on people and how and why it frightens the FBI Agent all ofem Pussies how did FBI Mullier Win his Bronze Star? did they give it to him because he was a officer,? he did serve in Nam he didnt run away, he was a Capt. In Nam., but, did he earn it the hard way,? they give medals to officers, call me a lier , don’t believe me, ask the great dog face soldier Hackworth ASK THE newsmen Cohen , Elsa Walsh , Ben Bradley , Lallie grahm Waymouth who all work at the Washington post News paper in Washington Dc usa . how Bob Woodward won his Medal the Navy Marine Corp medal, this medal is a bravery medal won by Pres Kennedy for being brave / the English american Bob woodward did nothing Brave, how and why did Bob woodward Earn this medal ? a cover up by US Naval officer Bob Woodward and a cover up by the Washington Post Employees all of em white Guys and one Jew called Rich.- .Cohen hiding out in the Washington post Building down town Washington DC USA then read redmonks balls and see who was brave, Bob woodward an Anglo Saxon American who brought down Pres. Nexion and has been living off that dirty deed ever since or is and was the Slav Ruthenian known as the redmonkee braver by a thousands time more than Woodward and Ben Bradley together ? both of em American Anglo Saxon US Naval officers there are no medals on the chest of the redmonkee read the redmonkee balls and the lttle Jewish sailor stories at the Bottom of this page to find out and write to the Washington post newspaper demanding they tell how English bob woodward won that bravery medal, redmonkee Bergrade members contact Colonl David Hackworth the bravest dog face American Soldier living in America today- to find out,- make Bob Woodward answer/ lets investigate the Washington Post newspaper / don’t worry about my spelling / if you were a real American you should only care about the truth of my statements Hackworth is on my web site link page under alterative view, make dog face soldier Hackworth investigate / now to day do it/ bob Woodward likes to look up peoples as# with a flash light ,let us the American people look up Bob woodwards As# with a FlashLight / that flashlight business is a two way street not a one way street as they say, know what I mean Bob Woodward

.. .. Donnie Briscoe………. For the Redmonkees lost brother

.. .. Next of kin…. PatrickSwayze………………

….. ..Rob Roy …Jessica Lange… for the GREAT RUTHIAN ( HUTSEL) MOUNTAIN PEOPLE of Greater RUTHENIA, over throw the UKE oppressor, free your mountain home land.-look upHttp://Carpatho Rusyn.org look up Legacy Rus.com—the redmonkee is a Ruthenian

……………….. Br oken arrow……..this is what one does after a very super loyal American finds out how phony the American Government and people really are. (you’re the man Deke) , get it? (Your the man redmonkee) , Janet Reno and Louis Fhree, John Ashcroft , and FBI Meuller don’t get it ? the Terrorist called the redmonkee shouts stay tuned you aint seen nothing yet..Eat a banana, stay cool, this movie for the FBI agent Hansen from Vienna, Virginia who found out what a big lie America really is and how phony the American People really are and how cowardly the White American people really are, then there is nothing left to believe in , once a person knows that and all of that has proven to be true about America and its people,-- a person like FBI agent Hanson can then F…America with Ease, all Rebel Soldiers in the April 19 th Rebellion, (on going in America today) know this to be true about America and it’s people, and every Rebel Soldier will f… America with Ease, laced with Hate. this movie for Rebel soldier-- Rebel McVeigh ,--an Anglo Saxon American-- for his time,-/ indeed shouts the redmonk –

Don’t be afraid to tell a man he’s no good. A man cant get good if he don’t know he’s bad

Mine Superintendent –Homer H Hickam Sr. Coal wood west Virgina

….Extreme Prejudice ……Nick Nolte… for the Great cleaning girls from Elsalvador who helped the redmonkee, the dirty white women in America wouldn’t help

……………. Heavens gate …Chris Walken for the Ruthenian Mountain people who were free once in 1939 and will be free again, rise up o great Ruthenian mountain people and throw off the yoke of the oppressor (the Uke) drive all strangers from your mountain home land the three Ruthenian Slavic tribes.. the Great Boko people ,the Great Hutsel people ,the Great Lemke people now is the time to rise up and take your lands back look up  HYPERLINK "http://Www.Legacy" Www.Legacy Rus .com

Time of the Gypsies…for the Ruthenian mountain Gypsies  HYPERLINK "http://www.Legacy" www.Legacy Rus.com


 La Doucha Rom—for the Ruthenian Mountian- Gypsies of the Carpathenian Mountians/ only they,- know, how to sing , the song- Why does the black bird sing ? )- the Rom people of Arlington County Virgina  they sing it too

………………. The border….Jack Nicholson for the redmonkees great cleaning gals from Elsalavador who helped the redmonkee the dirty white American ran away


…….Mister Roberts………Henry Fonda these two movies, the Cane and Roberts is what LST 1162 was Like –…..The Cane mutiny……Bogart these two movies parallel the likes of the Capt. of L.S.T. 1162 - and the mutiny on L.S.T.1162 that was covered up by the us navy.. the redmonkee is a proud mutineer look up the LST Association on the web to see what a LST. is very strangeSHIP/ a massive coverup by the US Navy,- look up the Little Philadelphia Jewish sailor at the bottom of this page also called redmonk balls and be sure to look up redmonkee apples and Oranges at the Bottom of this movie page

……….Dick Tracy…Warren Beatty

……………Mulholland falls….Nick Nolte.. check out the scene with the guy in the back seat of ther black Bueick as he says to the cops iam an American I got rights, they then throw his as# over the falls,  the redmonk lived that scene about 13 times / said the same thing to the US Government ,-you cant do this to me I’am an American ! then the redmonk got mad and the rest is American history !  

…. Matawan for the 11 murdered children at the Ludlow mine massacre by the Rockefeller family.these children are not forgotten… Sen.Jay Rockefellas wife name Persey has a radio and TV station in Arlington Va and she was Given all the info on the Zoo and Persey Rockefella the wife of a American Senater remained silent think about that, as tim mcveigh liked to say really think about that

….The Molly Maguire’s……for all the old coal miners at the Robina mine, the Continental #1 and #2 mines. for the Oliver #2 coal mine and the Bittner mine and Star Junction mine and the Coke oven fields in the mountains of South western Pa  at the Star junction Mine where my Grandfather was a Miner druing the Great 1900  Coal Strike through out the coal fields the coal  co Private police force through my Grandmother out of her coal co house with 7 children and they broke her furniture to teach the coalminers a lesson  this in the dead of winter in the Mountians the us Army gave them tents to live in many coal mining children died in this strike across America in the Coal fields my aunt almost died she was just a baby at the Latamer Coal mine is wher they gunned down Coal miners  who were marching for better conditions carring the American Flag /

The US park police also went as Coal co guards into the coal fields when their was a big strike in the virgina Coal fields  while I was employed at the US parkpolice  in wash. DC  the Park police where against the Coal Miners,  don’t feel sorry for those Mfers, check the photos of their boots and saddles in the manure pile

   and you wonder why I ask Sharon percy Rockefeller who has a Radio TV Station in Arlington Va.  called WETA what happened to the Murdered 11 Little Coal mineing Children at the Ludlow Mine that her Father in law John Rockefeller Owened at Ludlow Colo.  The Ludlow Mine Police did it  and Percy Rockefeller covers it up  tell Percy Rockeller to get on her knees and say she s sorry/ were not going to forget nothing / we want justice,  today on this web site the 11 murdered coal mining children of the Ludlow Mine are Not Forgotten  school children in Arlington County Va. do a Paper on the killing oF Coal Mining Children at Ludlow and make Percy Rockefeller come to your school and explain her self,  as concerns the 11 Murdered Children, the Government wants Silence from the redmonk but the redmonk will shout louder/ get Percy Rockefeller roll her in the mud,  don’t let her hide behind her money/ ask her if she thinks she ENRON meaning she don’t have to answer 

……………………..October sky …..for all the coal field boys

who grew up with the Redmonkee and got the hell out the coal fields and away from the Oliver #2coal mine

and for Bo..and the others who died drunk in the snow in the mountains

…. The Sand pebbles.. Steve McQueen……….. for the redmonkees time in the navy the redmonk plans on giving the Smithsonian hot Steam you’ll have to see the movie to find out what that means / this rifle used by McQueen is a Springfield model 1903 bolt action 30.06/ this is the first rifle the wee redmonk ever shot / a world war 1 American soldier taught the wee redmonk to shoot, the first time out the wee redmonk hit the bulls eye and ever shot after that was a hit, the old world War One soilder slapped his knee and hollered hes a damn sharp shooter, meaning the wee redmonk and told the wee redmonk he could be a sniper someday in the US army when he get old enough /

Later when the wee redmonk was about 10 years old, he layed down fire on the contential Coal co with a deer rifle during a Coal strike after he saw the Coal co. guards shoot at strikeing miners with shot guns/ he was on a hill over looking the strike when trouble started at the mine/ a polish American Lady whose father was a miner came running by carring several deer rifles in her arms going to hid them from the scheriff , her two wee children were holding on to her dress, keeping up/ as she passed the wee red monk she gave him a deer rifle, and ammo and he put the rifle on a crook of a Cherry tree limb and laid fire down on the Coal mine supertendent and Guard schack, that tree still stand today/

You got to have nerve, check the photo page the US parkpolice Boots and saddle s in the manure pile, -

don’t worry about my spelling it’s the meatin the story that counts if you worry about the redmonks spelling that is proof that you’re a pussy and a frightened white guy and a redmonkee detracter and also a white guy whose balls and self asteem are threatened by what the redmonk has done .

Did Rosen a Fat jew in Arlington Va steal Papers and documents from the red monk, this fat jew Rosen wants to be some one but don’t know how , the full story on Rosen the fat jew later I set atrap for the fat jew rosen and he fell in . is Rosen the fat jew, a Talaban American jew , what he stole from the redmonk will be told in new up dates as the redmonk gives the Talaben Jew Rosen a Chance to redeem him self and return the papers, and the FBI agent s Calling card that would be FBI Agent Doyle calling card that agent Doyle gave to me and warned me I better meet with him for a talk or he would have me locked up / agent Doyle who took the call at FBI headquarters Building in wash DC, on the morn of the Oklahoma City Blast by rebel mcVeigh when a unknown caller called in to tell the FBI that the Murrah building was Blown in Oklahoma City, Rosens the Talaban jew - his photo coming sooooon / what a pri#k

…………Geronimo…….Wes Studi.. for GERONIMOS first wife and the Great APACHE people. Tonto , White Mountain. Apache people

…..IN the name of thy Father…..Emma Thompson

 for those brave men and women who fight there evil Government any where on the planet, and most importantly those who fight the evil evil American Government and the cowardly white American people, who lack the will to fight political correctness which is the death of freedom. political correctness and freedom can not live in the same room, one must die. so far, freedom has died every day in America in its fight with political correctness,

the redmonkee was the first victim of political correctness at the Smithsonian Inst. In wash DC. but this victim fights back. how’s the redmonkee doing? ladies and gents of Europe is the Smithsonian screaming yet?at the National Zoo, wash dc U.S.A. the jew known as dr. Edwin Gould told the redmonkee that the redmonkee is not allowed to use the word circus at the national Zoo the jew dr.Gould also told the redmonkee he can not use the words discriminatory and stupidity at the national Zoo Smithsonian INST, ladies and gents of Europe there is no freedom in America, don’t ever feel sorry or have compassion for the Smithsonian Inst.

When the Smithsonian gets blown to bits by theArab freedom fighters who will come to avenge the 13 murdered little Arab children by the Jewish American Ralph Strauss who was hidden and protected by the powerfully Jews and dirty Christians at the Smithsonian as well as jewish and Christian Congressmen and jewish Senators,

Ladies and gents of Europe, when your children are killed at the Smithsonian. Inst. the redmonkee will help you Sue the U.S.Government.in the U.S.courts I have the legal proofs of mailings to all these powerfully American People including chief justice, of the Supreme Court of the United States Judge Reynquest , a White Christian Coward, he too was a former US Marine like the Coward U.S.marine- Congressman Moran Of the State of Virgina who was a boxer in the US marines and not a real marine, U.S. marines) such as Congressman Moran are always called Hollywood Marines, by real fighting -- (down in the mud marines) US Marines do not respect the so called Hollywood Marines, Hollywood Marines are not respected by fighting U.S.marines because Hollywood Marines, such as Congressman Moran (a former Hollywood marine puts on shows for entertainment for the troops,) and when the first shot is fired in anger, the Hollywood marines load their Pants , you get the picture ? Holly Wood marines are Pussies. show boat marines, the redmonk Calls on all school children in Arlington County Virginia to get their mothers and fathers not to vote for Congressman Moran, this U.S.Congressman- Moran also choked a Poor tiny little black boy in a parking lot, choked the little black fella bad, and Congressman Moran. not only chokes little black children, he also beats his wife, who filed charges at the Alex. police station against her husband,- Congressman Moran ,-a former HollyWood Marine, all of this was on the news, / don’t call the redmonk a liar!. Cong.Moran, the Hollywood Marine also holds wild parties at his home with young girls, after he got rid of his wife, who he abused, on a regular bases, for years,

the redmonk calls for a Jihad against Cong. Moran, through the bum out of office now,!- make him get a job, Moran’s been sucking off the American people long enough,-- shouts the redmonk,), for God sakes, what kind of dirty people live in Arlington County Va. I"ll tell you in futer up dates, check new coming front page, click on Arlington County , and you will see how dirty Arlington County really is, stay tuned for more Info on the Dirty County,- Arlington , it will shock you, stay tuned, - it aint over till the cows come home and Congressman Moran’s Whores, sing in the Elephant House, at the National zoo, in Wash, D.C usa > and the song Congressman Moran’s Whores must sing in the Elephant house –" is the redmonkee’s new theme song forced on the redmonk’ by the high school children of Virgina, the new theme song is "Thunder Road " and for the Phony Christians the song is –"Give me that old time religion " these two songs will be sung in front of the redmonkee’s Hippo- who’s name is " Happy" this is the Hippo that the redmonkkee would open Happy’s mouth and the redmonk would then stick his head in side an yodeled, this took place in the Elephant House at the national Zoo the redmonk knew what he was doing, the redmonk rode with the great Clyde Beatty, and had many tricks in his animal bag that the other Zookeepers didn’t have—think about that ? and who the hell did you ride with?—what roll did Congressman Moran play if any with Arlington Counties retired Army Col’s. Play in Hounding the redmonk in Arlington County,in the State of Virgina, and got away with it so far, a news men told the redmonk the retired ArmyCol. And Cong Moran is the reason you are having trouble in Arlington Co va. check the Arlington page coming up. the redmonkee the last American hero and the last White man on the East Coast, think about that ! this Up Date Sept. 14 th 2001 as the redmonk taunts the US Government and White people

don’t be afraid to tell a man he’s no good . A man cant get good if he don’t know He’s bad

Homer Hadley Hickam Sr. -Mine Superintent at the Ogla Mine

….. ..Midnight cowboysDustin Hoffman……………..that’s what it like to live in the streets and build a web site with a creep like ratso the redmonkees web master was like ratso in this movie see link page on informants and also this is what s it like in America to leave the mountains and go to the big city for the first time, the redmonkee lived this movie, the redmonks Web master AKA- was Web master- Sauerkraut ) / he lived in the Woods / was a Peepen Tom and or Stalker / he was only Tec. Support ,the redmonk was the Director/ I told him what I wanted and how I wanted it / but the Bottom line was, it took him two years to build the site, reading books/ scamming me to get money from me / it was his first web site / the redmonk didn’t know what the internet was / and didn’t have a clue what it did / he told the redmonk you can get hundreds of people to read what the Smithsonian did to you / and you can get the Bastards / mailing letters asking for help , got you no where / we didn’t even have a computer / we stole time on other peoples computer / it was Weird ? / building a Web Site sneaking around / doors opening and closing / ducking and hiding / a little time here, alittle time their, / what ever I am know going to have my say/ I get my turn to tell what happened

…………………. Rag time …..James Cagney tell janet Reno and F.B.I. director. Miller and former FBI der. Fhree the redmonkee is coming out of the bank.. but its going to be different… the youngest bank robber ever, in America.. the redmonkee also for Baby face Nelson and the great Pretty Boy Floyd who was out of old Oklahoma and who was gunned down shot in the back, in a corn field, by the Coward FBI Government Agents the FBI who killed Mrs’s Vicky Weaver at Ruby ridge her son Sam too

……… HUD….Paul Newman the redmonkee Super Super Super Super ……………….goooolden movie,…………………………………. the redmonk loved this movie ………….. ……

……………………Two Jakes ….Harvey Kietel and jack Nichols the redmonke knew guys like this, ---Harvey Kietel was a US Marine and made the landing at Lebanon –in 1958-he was up in the hills looking for snipers ,the Redmonkee ship LSt 1162 was involved dropping off frogman days before the invasion working in the dark linking up with a ww 2 SUB whose aka was the Black Orchard also the Black Neigriss ,LST 1162 was covert some called her the Grey Ghost she didn’t have a number or a name they were all painted out weeks before no matter how much paint we put on to cover the ships # it still showed we finally panted a large Black square over all the # – Lst 1162 did all the work and got no credit she is the only ship who was deeply involved in operation Blue Bat from the Get Go and the US Navy and US Government said she didn’t exist they all lied eventually their was a mutiny by the crew over another matter the redmonkee was the one who sparked it by througing three oranges at Capt Rogers a scum bag Annapplious graduate officer he like all US Navy Officers had no respect for his crew we fixed him good, peed in his drinks spit in his food, then over through him and we brought LST 1162 back to the States a massive cover up by the US Navy---hay--- this is better than Matt Drudge your hearing about it for the first time the internet makes all equal and those stupid PhD intellectuals at the Smithsonian thought they could kick the redmonkee around and getaway with it/ be sure and read every thing at the bottom of this page the Little Jewish Salior Story

……..Out of Africa…..R..Redford .. The redmonkee liked the clothes, hats and houses and horses …so what,it: s a good movie

……………..Disclosure……….. Mike Douglas this is how the Smithsonian High command acted, when they fired the redmonkee, the redmonkee was there, you know that’s how they behave PHD. white Turkeys every last one of them. You have no idea, shouts the redmonkee

……..Les Miserable ………….Liam Neeson …the redmonkee on the run … you get it …

…Leap of Faith…..Steve Martin… for David Black ?, David Hoover,? David Szwarcher and the ..Great Cody, the Great Johnny Pugh. of the …………………………………………………..Greatest Show On Earth……………….

.. Clyde Beatty Cole Bro. Circus……


..Cool hand Luke……… Paul Newman for the time the Redmonk was locked up in the all black D.C.jail- and the blacks talk about White people? Really ! the Nerve !


China moon….Ed Harris for all the Coppers who got involved with The redmonkee case and were so sure they, the dirty coppers, were going to get away with screwing the redmonkee,this movie will cure you as to what coming for your Blue Copper As.s

you bad Coppers in Blue know what Coal Mine Superintendent Homer Hadley Hickam said at the Ogla Coal mine, don’t you ?


…………Black Robefor the Eastern American Indians who get no Press time the Western Indians get all the news and TV time, and for Leonard Peltiers Grand daughter her name- she looks at her toes


….Woman in a Blue dressdenzel Washington—for the brave Black Postal Employee in Arl Va who warned me that Army Intelligence was not letting my mail get through and for the brave black dude in the GAO bldg who backed the red,monkee up when EEOC wanted to change the name of colored paper to nonwhite paper and the redmonkee told his black help to go up to the entrance of the GAO bldg, and fight for their colored paper and they did, the US Government then fired the redmonkee from his job Wacken hut security and Ogden Government Services was in volved as private contractors they did dirty to the redmonkee as Tim McVeigh said the government did dirty at Ruby Ridge and he McVeigh did dirty at Oklahoma, its all about getting even, is it not /? and the redmonkee is going to Get black EEOC at the G.A.O Bldg and dirty Wackenhut and Ogden Government services, the redmonkee is going to do dirty, too dirty, is as dirty does. check link page under security guards? And what these two Security Guard Co did to My Dead Cousins Photos in the GEO Building Wash DC a United States Government Building in usa

Blue sky….Tommy lee Jones ….So you wanted to stand up and be a whistle blower this is what its like, you got to be strong………… they try to through your as# out of the plane, you got to fight back and even killem, any way you can/ bombs, knives, guns ,the internet,- what ever, their sure as hell trying to kill you, you got to do something! You cant just stand there

…….. Serpico……. This is what its like to be a whistle blower, they do things to you, like check out the bathroom scene and what they did to Serpico, they did it to the redmonkee too, in the Elephant House at the National Zoo, put bogus sex Charges on him to get him fired, but I’am telling the world about it too, by Internet ,the Smithsonian has no idea what’s coming, the redmonk settles scores, have a banana, stay cool.


…. Eddie and the Cruisers…..Tom Berenger

………………The Firm…Tom Cruse this is how the Smithsonian high officials acted when they Fired the redmonkee at the Smithsonian- Castle on the mall in Washington D.CC, and(it Aint over tills its over and it haint over) the April 19th Rebellion,- Rebel Soldiers, taunt song to the redmonks Enemies, your still out their and so am I. /// this song sung by Billy Joe Schaver out of Texas

…………..Hearts of Darkness…. R.Duvall and Hopper

Col. Tony Herbert most decorated GI of the( Korean war-1951) was hounded out of the US Army, because he told the coward (English American) Gen. Ferguson off, in Viet Nam. col. Herbert was from the mountains and the Coal fields and he was a Slav, this movie was based onCol. Tony Herbert’s life in Nam , Movie star Duvall played Col. Tony Hebert

(Hebert also killed Gen. Ferguson’s pet duck) Gen. Ferguson called Col. Hebert a killer because the Coalfield Slav, Hebert would go out on Patrol with his men and engage the Cong in battle. Gen.Fergson stayed in his command trailer were it was safe and drank good wine ,smoked cigars and listened to classical music, Ferguson and Tony Herbert wound up on 60 min TV program……. read Col. Tony Herbert book…. (Soldier) it will tell you all about it, if you want to know,

…. Gallipoli….Mell Gibson for the White Generation xers you got to have balls to get over the top, you cant hide down below, know what I mean WHITE city BOYS

Waldo Pepper…Robert Redford…

……Thunder Road ……Robert Mitchem for all the WHITE generation Xers this is how real men acted before they all tuned into pussies generation Xers, this new up date on the Movie Page is Sept. 15 2001, I mention this date, because I have been told, that the Redmonkee Birgade members have changed the redmonkee theme song, (no one ask the redmonk!)-- from Jim Dandy to Thunder Road,- hay what ever makes the Teeny Boppen Redmonkess happy and jolly, that’s not a bad song , the redmonk forgot all about that song, the redmonk will take it and thanks, to all you redmonkee’s out there in the redmonkee Brigade, your right, that a damn good song// atta go redmonkee’s shouts the redmonk

Hamburger Hill…for the Great -- Cody.. of --C. B..C. B--- CIRCUS

…………..Breaker Morant… Shi#. Gets out of hand sometimes, this was also the aka (Breaker Morant) given to the redmonkee by some horseman, they also called the redmonkee the Electric Horseman ..see the movie by the same name Robert Redford,-- why the redmonke got these two akas ? he don’t know and he doesn’t care, he just mentions it for the investigative reporter, who ever the little sweet heart may be, ///?

…. Air America….Mell Gibson for Kevin Mulkehy C.I.A. analyst and the flying Box Car… what a plane…shouts the redmonkee… everybody check it out


……The Appaloosa…. For all the good horses the redmonk knew, and for the girl who was run over by her Leopard Appaloosa who was spooked in a large crowd, this appaloosa ran up her back and put her in a wheel chair with a broken back for life, where she then killed her self. her brother then shot the horse dead, in revenge, this horse was innocent, the redmonkee gives this movie (the Appaloosa)to the Innocent Appaloosa who was wronged and murdered….. the redmonkee believes in the hard case’s and if you don’t, get off my web site now,… shouts the redmonkee

…The Poseidon Adventure for L.S.T. 1162 who rolled on her side in the worst storm in 25 years, she rolled on her side and did not want to get up, the redmonkee was in the pilot house when she rolled, the full story on the link page..( quarter of a Poseidon) did she set a record for LSTs when she rolled? remember she didn’t get up for a long time , Check with the LST asso.on the Internet they have several web sites and hundreds of photos of this strange flat bottom ship called an LST their was not a sound in the pilot house as the redmonkee watched( LST 1162) go over on her side and lay down, just before she lay on her side, he noticed she did a little jerky flip instead of righting her self right away as she always did, this time she kept going, going , going the redmonk watched as the life lines running the length of the ship cut through the water very nicely, and she kept going slowly this is when the redmonk said whoa! then the redmonk said Hooowly Shiii# as LST 1162 flipped on her side and lay their all lights went out you could only hear the wind howling and the sea beating up against the glass portholes, all Six of us hanging like icesikles from a roof the redmonk was directly behind the Helms men watching the ship ride monster waves when this happened their was no panic or calling out ,only silence, the the Young LT. officer said the strangest thing, the L.T. said in a calm voice,- (Helmsmen, man your Helm,) the redmonk looked at the Helmsmen who to his credit never let go of the helm and was hanging like the rest of us, his legs and feet pointed straight down toward the hatch check the little Philadelphia Jewish sailor bottom of this Page very bottom / redmonks apples and oranges a must read /

.. Bad- Lieutenant ….H. keitel. For the Arlington County police all F.B.I. agents A.T.F. agents, US Marshals and All the rest of the crooked Coppers in Fairfax County va and Leesburg Va, including dirty Louis Fhree of the FBI, Janet Reno,Jamie Gorlic and lazy sheriff Simpson of Leesburg Va

………The wild bunch …William Holden the redmonkee liked the music, so what ?

…..Con Air……Nick Cage the red monk liked the old military plane and old airport, the redmonk hung out at old places like these when he was a kid, this plane is called the flying Box Car its aka ,these planes were last used in Nam the French had em if am wrong ask some one else, the redmonkee sure loved to see those old planes fly , the redmonkees favorite comic books while growing up in the Coalfields in the mountains were -- Terry and the Pirates ,-- Steve Canyon, and --Red Ryder

….Anzacs….Paul Hogan---for Ned Kelly and all the Bush Rangers who fought it out at Glenrowen Australia and for Bush ranger Berns who was with Ned, they done dirty too Berns after they killed him ,

………..Blown Away …..Jeff Bridges the redmonkee golden movie--- for brave Rebel soldier Tim McVeigh you don’t have tlike Tim, but the bottom line is, McVeigh did it and no one asks why he did it, the redmonk knows why, look up the Tim mcVeigh pages, letters that were sent to rebel soldier McVeigh, in his prison Cell on the document Page,www.redmonkees.com coming soon to the redmonkees new front Page this date Aug. 19th, 2001

Havana….Robert Redford for the time the redmonkee spent in Havana Cuba 1956 -57 when Gen. Bettesta was in power and Castro was in the hills, theRedmonkee was there, were the hell were you?

……….The Natural…….R. Redford ..this is what it like to never touch horses again

Guilty by Suspicion … Robert De Neroe….this is what it like when the F.B.I.shows up on the job


…………………….The Grey Foxredmonkees Super golden movie… the redmonkee picking up oysters, Have a laugh. It aint over, remember, the redmonk is the youngest bank robber in American history, he also rustled pones from the Oliver #2 coal mine when he was a kid, he also rounded up Americans in the Cosmos Hotel downtown Moscow USSR--- don’t count the redmonkee out- just yet…. Said as a taunt to the redmonk detracters



..Stage Coach 1939 ..….John Wayne…. A redmonkees Super golden movie the redmonk watches this movie at least once a year some times three times a year there a lesson in this movie for every one

…………Nuts ..

……………….Maria .. So you wanted to be a whistle Blower? You got to be strong and brave like Maria, you cant be weak like most of you are, call the redmonk a liar did the Jewish girl lay a trap for the FBI ? is their a FBI leg in the Jewish Girls Trap ? she gave he Jewish word she would set out the Trap for the FBI Agents what d she get ? the jewish girl set the Trap to see if the FBI did Something to the redmonk its called a LiE


…………………Shampoo ..

……………………..Road Warrior ..

………Nevada Smith.. Don’t ever let the bastards get away who harmed you, this movie will show how to go get them, those who harmed you, the red monk s been their and done that, after the red monk lost his lawyer and had no money and no hope for justice (in America you get as much justice as you can buy with green American dollars) he went into the White House jumped up on a black piano in the East room of the White House and shouted he wanted a investigation of his charges, they gave the redmonke 5months in the all Black DC Jail for protesting in side the White House, were his Trial in Judge Hogans court room made new Case Law for America the redmonkee trial is published in the.. Federal Reporter 2nd Series ,book 870, page 738..total of 3 pages Revised and Remanded… United States of America..V…the redmonkee.. look it up in your Law schools law Lyabery if you don’t believe

………..Shawshank.. for the time the redmonk spent in the all black raciest D.C. Jail run by blacks and controlled by blacks and they,- the blacks talk about white people?, really.! shouts the redmonk, blacks are Raciest to the core, just like white people, and just like all other people of color on the planet , their all raciest ---call me a liar , I dare you shouts the redmonk, been their, saw that.- the redmonk, and you black people, out their -don’t call me a liar either, or the redmonk will really tell you off ! the book called Hating Whitey says a lot about you black folks in America

…………………….Blue sky so you want to be a whistle blower? you have to go were the crosses grow…you don’t know what that means ? I can’t help you they do, try to through your as# out of the plane, for real the guys name is Hind, he works for the FBI and the FBI agents threatened me with Hind, in front of witness no less saying you don’t want hiiim rolling their eyes ?


….Flight of the PHOENIX ..for Kevin Malcahey CIA analyst who ran with Ed Wilson, Kevin and the redmonk went to Eds office down on K street Wash. DC and tried to get in, Kevin and the redmonk were going to do the Story on US Park Police drugging Pres. Regan’s horse Jackpot with Acepromizene –price 50, 000 American dollars

When he (Kevin) was found dead, in a cabin, in the valley, or was he ? was Jackpot, Pres Reagan’s Horse killed by the horse Killers, by mistake ? I guess none of you will never know,--read my web site all the way through-- you might figure it out/ then maybe you will understand why the us Government is more worried about the redmonk, then it was about Rebel McVeigh why did the FBI threaten the redmonk with FBI killer Agent called Hiend ? spelling may be incorrect,? The redmonk shouts that FBI – Killer Agent Hinds Wife was a hoe when she was in high school, she screwed all the guys when she was in high School, what a Hoe , were talking FBI- killer Agent Hinds pretty little Wife / this is the agent that Doyle and Geiger threatened me with .

………….BLUE MAX working class guy sticking it to the upper class guys from Middleburg Virginia, and the Intellectuals at the Smithsonian Inst. every one gets the picture, the redmonkee is taking the Smithsonian under the bridge, you will have to see the movie to under stand.what taking – Larry ( guitar) Small- and Lucy- ( the Goose)- Spelmen.-- under the Bridge means .The goose and the Guitar haven’t a clue what this means , not a clue. am I taking flying lessons in Florida? No- shouts the redmonk,- better than that, much better than that, I’am taking fishing lessons with the net.

…….Ford Fairlane always good for a laugh

………………………………………..Saturday night …..Billy Crystal.. this was the way it was, on Sat night in the 1950s

…..One Flew over the CUCKOOS NEST..

….Aguirre….the Great Klaus kinski

for the Circus monkeys in this movie, when the redmonkee was a little monkee in a old timy mud show in the mountains/ the- old monkey-man- in this circus took the little redmonkee and told him, today I’m going to make you a- monkey King- and they went into a tent were all the Circus monikes were kept the old monkey-man wrapped the little redmonkee in a very elaborate robe and sat him on the highest seat alone with no one else in the tent but the old monkey-man, the Circus monkeys and the little redmonkee who was cloaked in a elegant Robe and a Golden Crown on his head,sitting on the highest seat alone, sitting very still, like a tiny Buddha-,the old monkey-man then released all of the Circus monkies more than a 100 monkeys swarmed all over the little red monkee the Circus monkeys took turns making a fist and lightly knocking the little redmonkee on his head, they then swarmed all over the little redmonkee and groomed his hair, his eyes, his ears for a long time/ the little redmonkee would close his eyes, the monkeys would force open his eyes, the little redmonkee would close his lips, the monkeys would force the little redmonkees lips open / the old monkey-Man was pleased and said to the little redmonkee- on this day boy you were made a- monkey King – some of the monkies escaped and the old monkey man was fired from the Circus, he was a heavy drinker and had a red face from drinking, he liked the little redmonkee and took a interest in him, Here today on this web page the old monkey- man of the Circus is remembered and not forgotten and if you were never made a monkey King in a Circus well that’s just too bad you missed it, didn’t you ? is the redmonkee sounding a little snotty ?


…………East of Eden,….. the great Horseman Monty Roberts is in this movie see if you can find him, then click in Link page It;s on Alternative view, the great Monty Roberts home Page, some people don’t think he’s so great , believe what you want, the redmonk likes him haint nothing like looking through a different window, you never know what you might see and even like it or not like it, hell says the redmonkee always take a look through a new window, you might learn something new and if not ,pull down the shade and never look again out that window ,how hard can that be?

……………..Empire of the Sun.. for all the world war two children 1939 to 1945

………..Heavens Gate.. for the Old Immigrants from Ellis Island New York yes shouts the redmonk--- just like that Russian immigrant Woman said in this movie, after the English Americans beat her Russian husband to death, and dump him in her push cart as she pushed the cart with her two small children walking beside the cart with there dead father in it, the Russian woman shouts back to the American cowboys who had just beaten her husband to death America can go to hell, she s right , and it aint over till It’s over and it’s not over

….The Last Picture Show.. THIS IS THE WAY IT IS, IN A SMALL TOWN, FOR ALL YOU SORRY AS# PEOPLE WHO LIVE New York City AND WE, ALL HAVE HAD, ONE of THOSE, love affairs // DON’T YOU JUST LOVE OLD Ben Johnson, a real life cowboy/ or as close as you come to one, in HOLLYWOOD ,he died this year I believe,/ a Redmonkee favorite,/ old Ben Johnson

………………Casualties of war.. So you wanted to be a whistle blower , so you didn’t want to go along with the crowd, this is what its is like, the redmonk knows, he wouldn’t go along and this movie explains what happens to you, that wont go along, the redmonk has no regrets,- he did the right thing, but the redmonkee will settle a score, if you know what I mean---- so watch out America / the redmonks coming up the road /

.Once Upon a time in America.. for the old immigrants from Elles Island New York who came by ship—1893 on the ss Kogen out of Bermenhoffen Germany all the way from the little Country called- Ruthenia- 75 miles long and 50 miles wide in the Carpathenian mountains with 19 dollars in his pocket , little Ruthenia Was free in the Year 1939 for a total of 24 hours ---- look up  HYPERLINK "http://www.Uniontown" www.Uniontown .org Chestnut Ridge what do you think of it? a number of Ruthenians came to these mountains, below Chestnut Ridge

….. The Straight story for the redmonkees lost daughter were ever she is, of course he LOVES Her, are you crazy? I know your out their some were, I just don’t know were.


………….Fred Astaire….. every movie he ever made, the redmonkees Walter Mitty fantasy- that he, the redmonk, could dance like old Fred Astair with top hat , tails and Cain, with the great Ginger Rogers and knock everyone out ---- you know what I mean,? call me a liar- I dare you? Is Fred great or what? If you don’t like Astair ,you have no class and your taste must be in your mouth

Next -- last movie coming UP keep going!-- this is the one about why, I went into the White house and raised Hell /A long and boring story to some

…………………A Soldiers story…A.Saesar…….

for the Brave black guys in the US Post office in Arlington Va. who warned the redmonkee (the government was stopping his mail ,) the white guys were silent cowards, the blacks guys were brave…. also for the brave black janitor who tore down the signs stating non white paper be deposited here and replaced them with signs stating " color paper be deposited here" in the General Accounting Office.Bldg. in wash D.C. where all black EEOC, in the government Building located in Washington D.C. that is known as the GAO bldg. The all Black EEEOC Officers, demanded that colored Paper be called none white paper, the redmonk refused to go along, because it was hate by blacks against white people to do that , the white cowardly people in this building went along like sheep to the slaughter, the white people were dirty stinking white cowards, the black EEOC officers should be brought out in front of the GAO bldg on their knees and shot dead, in the head, then burned and make black school children watch, so as to put a stop to this crazy political correctness, and hate by blacks on to white people .

The Coward FBI hate crime unite, refused to do anything about it, that’s why I went to the Chinese Communist for help and other Embassies on Embassy Row in Wash. D.C to get help, the white cowards at the Washington Post Newspaper,- the Dirty white jewish Graham family, that owns the newspaper refused to do any thing, I ask them to come and do the story, the wash Post all white newsman are a bunch of white stinking cowards every one, who works at the Washington Post News paper, as a group are stinking white cowards. Bad ,bad, Americans all of em

I say, long Live Rebel Soldier Tim McVeigh. Ask me why I feel this way , I dare you ? I will never forgive rebel soldier McVeigh for not blowing up the Washington post News co. building and Killing all of those white Coward newsmen that work in side this building and who hate their own white race- because the white guys-- Woodward, Cohen, Bradley the Grahams, the dirty Walsh family are afraid of Blacks, all of these white cowards mentioned are afraid that the Blacks are going to demand the whites Jobs at the Wash. Post, and we are talking Bob Woodward here,..---you can by- pass this little section on the redmonkee’s spoof on the Wash.Post and the post’s employees catch a another movie on down below, on this the redmonkee movie page / all of this info on the Wash. Post comes from the book and or Books on the Wash. Post and or it’s Employees ----------------------------------------------------

And the book written by the Great Al Neuharth founder of USA Today a very good news paper that is nation Wide these inserts concerning comments on the Washington post newspaper come

from Al Neuharth great book- Called-( confessions of a S.O.B ) don’t believe the redmonk on the Wash. Post then sure as hell believe Al, he was a wwII vet who carried a rifle and slugged in the mud fighting Hitler while Ben Bradley was a weak US Naval officer and Bob Woodward was a weak Naval officer, Also I mentioned this for a reason and it will be under the title the-( Little Philadelphia Jewish sailor) that will explain the cowardice of Ben and Bob at the Wash. Post it’s the last story on this bottom page the spoof on the wash post Bob Woodward and Elsa walsh , bradlee continues below – its comes from research I have done on these people and this news paper

-----Bob Woodward and his little wife, Elsa Walsh, who by the way, Old Lady Graham told Elsa Walsh to her face, to button up her tits,( Old Lady graham, is reported to have said she, old lady Graham wasn’t running a Whore House) but old lady Graham does indeed run a propaganda Whore house, ask me !?) a Washington Post Whore News House) ,where they all put out propaganda for the President of the United States and their buddies in the US Congress and the US Senate and the two Political Parties, Republican and Democrats, this propaganda is done, so old lady Kay Graham can get invited to the white House and get her butt kissed by the all powerful, including all U.S. president have sucked up to old lady Graham, the Powerful, make Old lady Graham think she is Helping the Politicians run the U.S. Government, she is nothing more than a very very rich ,old lonely old woman, who the all powerful U.S. Politicians use her news paper( just like a Whore) to get their message to the American people.

That little Elsa Walsh , who is now marred to Bob Woodward who both worked at the Washington Post news paper, Elsa liked to let her 5 Gal milk Cartons-( Breasts) hang out and indeed stroll past the boys in the copy room,at the Wash.Post news Co. where the boys, such as Bob Woodward- his - aka- (English Bob- who happily succumbed to Elsa’s Walsh’s- 5-Gal.Milk Cartons,-( Breasts ) as English Bob, drooled into his vanilla ice cream, that the news crew, sent out for, when they all worked late in to the night, putting out news- propaganda for the US Government, as he, English Bob-( where talking -bob Woodward here), he, English Bob visionaly took in the famous Elsa’s 5- Gal. Milk Cartons- (Breasts) that belonged to the little Ho, of the Wash Post House, which was run by the famous Madam- Kay Graham, who in her own right and her younger days was formerly the( Late Great Publisher, - Phil Grahams World War 2 Hoe- ( she- madam- Graham, may or may not have blasted Phil Graham with a shotgun blast and got away with murder so foul in the hunt country of the State of Virgina ?) but many many people believe that indeed, indeed, Kay Myers Graham , got away with murder / but that’s Redmonkee story for another time

………………………. keep Going, scroll Down –…….

Any way , Little Elsa Walsh, of the Wash. Post, who is no dummy, saw a Damn good meal ticket, when her 5- gal Milk Cartons, spied little ole English Bob, that you all know, as Woodward of the post, who is known to walk through Grave yards talking to the dead , English Bob s other Aka is( Digger Odell ) an old time grave digger on old time American radio Shows, that played every Sunday night in the 1940s and 50s

Personally,the Redmonkee liked JJ. Bernstein better, that would be, English Bobs- little Jewish Buddy, who by the way, old Lady Graham- her aka (Madam Graham) Could not stand, and sent Jjs kosher Jewish,- (chala Bread) Packing out of the Wash post. news Co. located in Washington D.C.usa, The redmonk doesn’t have a clue were Jjs Bernstein is today, the redmonk would like to see JJ Bernstein make a come Back at the Wash. Post, JJ Bernstein was the best, the very best, the Wash. Post had. Bernstein was the Cream, the very essence of the Washington Post news Co and it’s Employees, the redmonk liked him, he told the truth, Its about time Carl JJ Bernstein got the respect he deserved, and he is getting it here, on the redmonkee on line Web Site ,-- atta go JJ. Bernstein- shouts the redmonk!

P.S.- did little Elsa Walsh, learn her Hoeen ways, from little- Lalle Graham Waymouth, who by the way did a lot of hoen in the Hunt Country of Upper Ville Virgina in her,(-little Lallies,) Younger days, little lallie Graham was no Piker in the Hoe Dept. you can take that to the bank, more on this later? I urge all of you to get a garden Hoe and paint it white and send it to Lally Graham Waymouth at the Washington Post Co in Wash.D.C. Send one to Elsa Walsh too , same address , little Elsa Walsh – English Bobs Little Hoe

Read the Book (Hating whitey)- by David Horiwitz ( a poor Jewish kid ) and send a copy to all the Cowardly frightened white Employees of the Washington Post, news Co because, they, the Wash. Post employees haven’t a Fuc…ing.. clue, as to what the hell is going on in this country. they only know about their kind of people, think about that ? all of them together are of the Bull shi# chattering Class , its not freedom of the press, it is sad, indeed sad, that we from the working class see all of the Washington Post employees with no clothes on, as Woodward Cohn, Walsh. Bennie Bradley are standing in front of us, talking down to us working class and every one of them,Woodward ,Bradley Etc. naked as jay birds, what are we, the working class to think? so we, the working-class laugh our ass#s off, at the Washington post employees, what else can we do,?

..Listen UpAl says

--- Al Neuharth say;s in his book S.O.B – about the wash post under- Wiping out the Minority Myth )- that three Woman Publishers were elected A.N.P.A directors, A.N.P.A stands for American NewsPaper Publishers Association the Granddaddy of the newspaper trade Org. the first one was Kay graham of the Washington Post who Al Neuharth maneuvered into a position to become A.n.p.a’s first female Chairman and president,/ but Kay Graham refused to push hard for Woman/ she was much better at preaching than Practicing putting woman up front,- proof that Kay graham was a Fraud as concerns woman -- her news paper was charged with Pay and Discrimination by race and sex,- this case is before the office of human rights in Washington DC USA think about that as Tim McVeigh liked to say, really think about that?

Listen Up!-Al says-

#2 As recently as the Spring of 1989 Ben Bradlee of the Washington Post infuriated a conference called -( woman, men , and the media)- by his so whats wrong?- attitude

the conference pitted Al Neurharth and Betty Friedan a Jewish Girl in a point counter point Discussion, Al and Betty turned it into a love feast/ the great Al Neuharth of USA Today was able to contrast sharply with Bradlees chauvinistic arrogance - early in the day toward the woman / shortley their after, an enraged Bradlee told USA today editorial director- one- John Seigenthaler- Bradlee shouted seething - Iam going to get Neuharth for that, iam going to get him !/ as the great Al replied,- I Have Shaken that S.o.b off my back Before and I will again/ ata go Al

think about that, really think about, as Rebel McVeigh liked to say

.Listen Up-Al- says---

#3 this news paper- the Washington post and it;s Arrogance and its Erratic Performance it produces, makes the WASHINGTON POST -THE MOST OVER RATED news paper on the United States of America- so says the C.E.O Al Neuharth of USA Today the Post got this way chasing the Pulitzer Prize rather then the News so said Al, Neuharth- read his book a Confessions of a S.O.B

.listen Up- Al- says---

#4 Because the washington post is the most overrated news paper in the Country – and because It’s read by most of our leaders in the nations capital every day,

 Its Brand of Journalism is worth a brief case study- Bradlees policy is when a reader picks up,page one of the Washington post at breakfest Bradlee wants the reader to say holy shi$, more often then not the reader says Holy Shi$ can I believe this,/ Bradlees policy of unnamed sources invites two violations of Journalistic ethics 1- the reporter writes more than he or she hears    2- the Anonymous source tells more then he or she knows

on the other hand -USA Today news paper, founded and run by the Great Al Neuharth- aka- (the Dakota Kid )- has a firm policy,- banning all Anonymous sources not like Ben Bradlees whose Aka is mr.( Holy Sh$ Journalism) Bradlee-         Ben’s other aka is- Ben- (Bare as$-) Bradlee, the redmonk strikes backc- do read Als Book,( an Confession of a S.O.B )- it will tell you why Ben is called Bare as# ,it is in this book by Al- read it,- today.

.listen Up. the Redmonk says----

the day the redmonk fled to Russia from dullas airport va. He first went in front of the Washington post News Building and stood in the bed of his blue Isuzu pick up truck and parked the truck in front of the steps where the red Printing press is and held a sign that he was defecting to the Soviet Union at 5 o’clock from Dullas airport finally a crowd from the Washington post came out and I invited them to come to my defection to Russia,( as a taunt)- one little older woman from the post demanded I move my truck I refused, she then said in a snotty tone of voice if I didn’t like the post, I should start my own news paper , and then Ben bradlee, that’s Bare As# ben Bradlee came out walked up to me and flexed his muscle in a taunt, what a US naval officer and Anglo Saxon ass hole he is with toilet paper stuck to him- he doesn’t have the balls to say this is so/ check the Little Philadelphia Jewish sailors Story last story, bottom Page and don’t miss Apples and oranges  down below

I had ask Bob Woodard by telephone to give me a 1000 dollars to be a consultant to the drugging of the President horses story, and English Bob said he didn’t practice check book Journalism, is their any one out their that believes Bob Woodard,? Hell, they all practice Check Book Journalism, those phony bastards white news men, they do not have shoe leather at the Wash Post, the all wait for some on to call in a story they then edit and put their name on the bottom and they call themselves Journelist

the New YorkTimes Gave Kevin Mulkehey the- CIA gun runner money to be a Consultant to a story and then the new Yorktimes wanted some of the money back, Kevin was Pissed, the nerve of the Time’s)! Bob- that’s English bob, told me in a Phone conversation that he had numerous taped conversations with Kevin , but the Wash. post never did the story, before English bob talked to me, he sent down a little jewish Girl to check me out, she said to me, I can tell you right now, Bob Woodward will not pay you for a story,! I gave her the aka Little Kikus, because she tried to scam me with some horse bull shi#, her jewish dad Got her the Job at the Wash. Post, she saw me in the Court room at the Red monkee trial, in the court room of (The Notorious Political Judge- Tommy( the Mick )Hogan who was - Presiding at my trial.in the u.s. district court. Of Washington D.C

I wanted Money for the story from ( English Bob)- Woodward,- because, I sold all my rare Winchester gun collection and my U.S. Army saddles collection, to fight the cops and I ran out of money, hell, you need millions to fight the U.S.government bastards, I was down to my last sox and my lady friend told me to get the hell out and hit the road hit the bricks- out! , white woman are like that, white woman in America all ways leave you and through your as# out, when your down to your last sox, you can take that to the bank, count on it, White woman are like that- you cant blame em, white woman are always looking for the best deal in town and I sure as hell was not the best deal in town at that time or maybe at any time, ever !, I don’t know? (I just mention it for the record), anyway it was Kevin Mulkehey who ran with Ed Wilson the CIA gun runners who told me, we can get 55000 dollars, for the story on drugging the presidents horses, hay, it sounded good to me, I was dead broke with no future what so ever. Zilch,! the end of the line, with nothing to lose, the most dangerous men in America - (Are the Men with nothing to lose,)- Rebel soldier McVeigh made that same statement after the Black Americans beat him out of a U.S.Marshalls Job, where Rebel McVeigh scored higher than Blacks on the test, and as we all know Rebel- Mc Veigh gave all of us, the Oklahoma Bomb,( Some white men do fight back ) any way- Kevin and I where going to hid a camera in side the horse stalls inside the U.S.Park Police Stables on the Mall Washington D.C. and have em on tape with out the tape, they call you a liar, and they win, with the tape you got em, (gotcha, journalism) I had nothing to lose, I was already a dead man for speaking up about my horses, by going to dirty Cong. Wolf of Virgina and head of the U.S. Park service, Stinking Jack manus Fish - who then, both of these dirty #ricks - turned me back over to the police, who I was complaining about,( think about that) I was getting death threats and attempts on my life and not a sole would help me, no one, absolutely no one would help me , and I’m not forgetting it either!

So I said, boy, ! I got to get me some insurances, I did what Butch and the Sundance kid )- did in the movie - by the same name, I jumped into embassy Row in Washington Dc and told them EVERYTHING AND GAVE THEM THE PROOF AND ASK TO GET ON THEIR television news programs and fuc# every body, I get even, I got balls and it haint over yet, ill make all of you watch the 7 o’clock news and all of you will shout Hooleeey Shiii# you wait and see! I am the youngest bank robber in America , I’m not Bull Shi#

Iit was me who went into the White house and protested my firing from the Smithsonian, Inst. after I lost my lawyer after I ran out of Money, I demanded an investigation of my Charges of wrong doing at the National Zoo, and the U.S. park police and also some Justice for me, or I would Kick the President of the United States Ronald Reagan in the keister, I was taken out of the White House, by the Secret Service Agents and taken to Saint Elizabeth Mental Hospital, for a thirty days mental evaluation, were I was proven not insane and then put on trial in judge Hogan’s Courtroom, in the Washington DC ./ where he the Judge stated I went into the White House to pull a stunt for my cause to get my story in the newspapers, the judge- Tom- Hogan said this to me about the stunt its in the court record if it was a stunt ,- how could I be guilty of threating the Pres. I liked pres. Reagan I knew if he heard me, he would get those S.O.B at the Zoo/ and Park police that was the plan / I had no money for lawyers, that’s why I went this route and I have no regrets, you have to do what you got to do. /

. U.S. Judge- (Tommy the Mick)- Hogan, - found me Guilty in the U.S. District Court, in the Nations Capitol- of threatening to kick pres. Reagan in his keister, over my firing ,from the Smithsonian, Inst. after I ran out of money for lawyers, Keister, by the way is a Circus word, meanig your Buttocks ./

I went inside the white house on a tour, Jumped up on a black Piano and shouted my charges ,of wrong doing at the National Zoo and Smithsonian Inst. And demanded that President Reagan order an investigation on my unjust Firing and also investigate wrong doing at the National Zoo and U.S.Park police , I knew if they arrested me in the white house the News men assigned to the Press section inside the White House would do the story on the front page of their newspaper, as concerns wrong doing at the Zoo and Smithsonian and I would get all the bastards who got me, and with no money and no lawyers to boot. I would still get all of them, the little I knew about the law was, the most I could get for protesting in the White House, was 30 days in jail, for disturbing the peace in side the White House.

I couldn’t have been more wrong,- in Judge Hogans court room I listened as a secret service agent told the Judge - any one who protest inside the white house will never get in the news papers, its an unwritten agreement between the US Secret service and News men who cover the white House / Why ?-- because every one with a grievance against the Government would be protesting in side the white house to get arressested and on the 7 o’clock news and in all news papers with their Grievance, what ever it might be, that’s why / they have to shut it down / but my case was a little different, I took care of jack pott the Pres. Horse and if the SS Agents said hay, this guy on the piano in the East room rasin hell and Shouten he wants an investigation, He said he took care of your horse, Jack pott Mr. president and the Smithsonian did something to him / fired him and he wants you to intervene for him , and order an investigation of his charges /// /

I got nerve and Balls, I am the youngest Bank Robber in American history Not any of you had that kind of nerve / read the little Jewish Sailor story at the end of the Movie Page) if I had money for lawyers I would not have protested in the white house / and got 5 months in the all Black DC Jail , one lawyer told me it would cost 60 to 80 Thousand dollars to go to court / and when I come to his office bring 5000 dollars down payment,( the redmonk was broke)- other lawyers said they don’t take Government employee cases, because no one will witness for you, the witness.s will get fired from their Government Job. If they back you up against the Government.

The U.S. Secret Service agents, first refused to arrest me, trying to get me out, I refused to go, all the time standing upon the piano in the East Room, in the White House shouting my charges concerning wrong doing at the national Zoo and Smithsonian Inst., I wanted justice, and a investigation, but with no money to pay for it, so I had no choice , it was do this--, protest inside the White House and get my story in the Washington Post- News Paper or the Smithsonian Inst. Is going to win Big , and I was going to lose Big, and for only only one reason, no money for lawyers,

I refused to accept this unfair fight as it was / they the Smithsonian Had all the Lawyers , Secs. to do the typing ,all the money in the world and the most powerful people in America on the Smithsonian’s Side, such as Congressman , Senaters , even -Supreme Court Judge Rynquest - all who were Smithsonian Regents and had power on Capital Hill , the US Government paid $ 3000 .00 for my legal defense, every one in America knows you can not get a fair trial for $ 3000- American Dollars, a fair trial in America cost any were from $ 80,000 dollars to $ 300.000 Dollars and up, O J Simpson-, a black football player, who many believed killed his White Wife and got away with it

.Cost- OJ, Simpson-- 3 million American dollars. to pay his lawyers / only the Rich have that kind of money in America / the American System of Justice is un fair and broken / and the system need s to be over througn/ it’s no good for the workers/we who complain about this unjust legal system in America Are called mentally Ill / by the US Government and employers such as the Smithsonian who demonized me and those, who point out wrong doing by the leaders of the Smithsonian Inst. As I did indeed did do / the American System is Corrupt and evil and can not be repaired, it’s all for the privilege Class and nothing for the Workers

I on the other hand, had no money no lawyers and no Congressmen or Senators on my side, the Washington Post Newspaper Employees such as Bob Woodward , Richard Cohen Lally Graham Waymouth her Brother Donald Graham and it’s owner Kay Graham helped the Smithsonian to keep this story out of the News and away from the American people so they the Rich owners of the Washington Post news Co could keep getting first crack at stories out of the Zoo and Smithsonian, Bob Woodward parties with Smithsonian Officials, (their pals,) think of that, --one hand washes the other, also the Washington Post News Co has their Employee on the board of the Smithsonian

! the S.S. agents inside the White House- -( no pun intended) - wouldn’t arrest me, in fact the SS Agents gave me 10 min . to get out of the White House,, I refused to go, my game plan was to get arressested in side the White house so I could get my story on the front page of the Washington Post news Paper, I had No intention of leaving the White House with out being arrested, and creating a scene in side the White House, so I shouted --- I’ll Kick the president in his Keister, I want justice! I demand an investagitation of my charges against the National Zoo and the Smithsonian then the U.S. Secret service agents grabbed me and booked and arrested me.

I was given 5 months in the all black D.C.jail, and my trial of course, if you read my boiler plate ,front page , –( the Russian Zookeeper affair) - then you know my trial in Judge Hogan’s Court room made new case law for America and it’s printed in the book- called the( Federal Register)- and it is in every law library in America,- a Lawyer told the redmonk at the George Mason University law School , in Arlington Virgina which is - 15 min. from the Nations Capital /- you’re now a small foot-note-- in history,( Not that I wanted to be, it just happened) and that new case law, is made about 12 times a year in America and that your new law, he told me, is putting people in Prison / the redmonk don’t like that / why would I want to help the American Government after what they did to me,? and from the get go too- 1939 to 2001 / America Can go to Hell / I’ll fight for Communist China , I’ll Fight For Russia and or any Slavic State, I’ll fight for Germany , I’ll fight for El Salvador, I’ll fight for Italy, I’ll fight for France, I’ll fight for England , I’ll Fight For the Black Girls in the American ghetto, a person remembers those who came to his aid and helped him in time of need / no Americans showed up ! , All you Americans can go to Hell,! I’ll fight against you Americans, if you go to war against any of the Countries mentioned above, who helped me / you Americans will know It’s me that’s killing Americans boys on the battle field, because I’ll be wearing a cowboy hat and I’ll stick a calling card in his dead American mouth, the card that says

-( the redmonkee just took you to the- Jumping Bull Compound-)- compliments of Speedy ) only F.B.I agents know What that means


/, My picture, by the way is on my web site, and my address too, you don’t see me hiding, and ducking and Iam a little guy too, about as Biiiig-- as Audy Murphy, Mike Strank and Johnney Basolone, and Ira Hays-, they were little guys too, but they stood up, no what I mean , I carry their ammo box’s,- go ahead an laugh-, but at least, I’am up front, Iam not hiding in the back, and some times, they even let me have a drink of water out of their canteens,- I say this tongue in Cheek- to taunt the White guys, who wont stand up and who then load their pants, when the first shot is fired. no what I mean white Guys, on the East Coast of America ?, I;am the Youngest Bank Robber in American History, not one of you, had the guts to walk in to a bank and demand your share of the American pie !- this one act alone by me, when I was a wee lad, is proof indeed I have nerve ! shouts the redmonk, who is surrounded by tender foot- white guys on the East Coast, All the Brave White guys, who want to beat up the lone,- Redmonkee, but lack the Will and guts to fight their Government and Political Correctness, the redmonk, doing the White guys job for em, the redmonk, the last Golden white guy left, on the American East Coast,////

–John Ashcroft (–a Harper Valley- PTA- Christian-) who is also the-: US Attorney General of the United States- killed the other one – his name- Rebel Soldier- McVeigh- and is it true, that -Ole – Glen Wilburn,of Oklahoma City, says the US Government couldn’t- ( wait just a little longer Sweet Jesus ))- -- as ole Glen Wilburn, sniffed around, trying to find out what the Real truth was ,Ole Wilburn, of Oklahoma City, a brave White Guy, the redmonk will always salute a brave white guy and even let the very Rare Brave white Guy- drink water out of the redmonks Canteen, because a brave white guy is damn hard to find in America, al miss you Wilburn,- and I didn’t even know you, Ill miss you Wilburn, because you were brave and you had white skin too, hells fire, do the people out west have any idea what a White guy is, on the East Coast of america/? So it goes in dirty unwashed Phoney- -hypecrite America------ and most of em Christians too. To my stinking EnemiesNo - I don’t have to leave America,! I will clean it up or kill it, the redmonkee is from the Mountians and Coalfields, I’ll Clean you up, ,one , What ever you want?- -All legal of course/ I wouldn’t break any laws!


The little Jewish sailor from Phildelphi- PA--- L.S.T 1162 so called Barrack talk what military men say in the barracks


More on the redmonks balls- coming up – why,?- you might ask would the redmonk call this story- redmonks balls, because the Government and FBI and Army Intell. and Navy Intel, and local cops has said the redmonk is in so many words is a dirty rat, coward, traitor, and a liar, and a pussy coward yellow dog/ and I mean to prove em all liers, using the truth on all FBI agents and All LawInforcement, using the truth to squeeze their balls,- till these Mfen Liars Eat redmonk shi# and look at their shoes, just like a Raccoon caught in the trashcan on your back porch when you turn on the porch light, the raccoon jumps up, looking at you with a surprised look ,the raccoon then smiles a cheesey grin, youev all seen em, Racoons caught in the Garbage can on the back porch, get the Picture? those who lied on the Redmonk their balls and selfasteem are threatened by the Brave good Deeds of the red monk, I never got to tell my side of the story - one time, the internet allows that , the cowardly US Government gut their Story out, against me, I never did tell my side of the story until now,on the Internet, their sure as hell is more thin one side to a story and I’am telling my side / I fight back,- news woman on the Mall in Washington Dc said to the redmonk at a Demo on the Mall not too far from the Smithsonian Castle,-that he, the redmonk was a Miracle, that he is still standing ,after the redmonk fought the most powerful people in America !- Female Journalist said that statement to the redmonk on the Mall Washington DC

the little Jewish sailor from Philadelphia Pa. who was a ship mate of the redmonk on LST 1162 knows the story on the storm / knows why he prayed for the redmonkee and the brave US marines in the redmonks landing craft Boat called a LCVP on operation Blue Bat / why the little jewish sailor prayed for the redmonk while the redmonk was locked up in a small (cage like brig ) on LST- 1162 as racist Anglos Saxons Sailors screamed Pollock, Bo hunk, meaning Slav Nigger with hate , throwing water on the redmonk and beating him with long poles, the redmonk stood tall and took the blows with dignity and refused to bow after first trying to defend himself trying to grab the poles from his tormentors, their were too many poles ramming him at one time to defend him self, so he stood proud at attention and took what they gave out , with Grace and dignity /the brig was too small to maneuver they were ramming the redmonk from top of the ladder leading down to the Brig and at the same time ramming the redmonk with long poles from the deck through the bars just like in the movie ( raging bull ) the redmonk took it, to show his Hatred and contempt to the Anglo Saxons sailors, the little jew sailor cried out,- don’t beat him no more, don’t beat him no more said in a pleading voice , as the Anglo Saxon sailors from the South- cuffed the little jew sailor pushing him and slapping him around saying get out of here, the little jew sailor kept praying for the redmonk ,as he was shoved and pushed / the little Jewish sailor knows /

why the French Foreign Legion came up a dusty road in Morocco on the banks of the Waude Sabue at the French Base at Port Lyautey in north Africa and ask the redmonk to go into battle with them, they brought him a weapon, they also gave the redmonk a French Foreign legionnaires Epaulet from a French foreign legionnaires uniform, as they handed it to me with US Naval officers and crew members watching from LST 1162, the legionnaire said its for you, when the redmonk ask what is it?, the Legionnaire answered, its what you are- Honor one us Naval officer on LST 1162 stated to the redmonk that’s really something, thats big the coward united States has told people that these were French paras, a dirty lie by the American Government, these were Legionnaires the French paras incident was at an other location , keep in mind US Navel officer LTG Murphy put the redmonk in for 4 Bronze Stars he came back a few days later and stated the Capt. Buck Rogers a Mentally ill and a Coward US Navel officer from Annapolis Naval Academy who cracked up in the storm when the redmonk was out side on top of the pilot house riding the storm, while all the other sailors were locked down below /, the corpsman was handing out sleeping tabs because the storm was so bad every one had to be tied down in their bunks with 3 or 4 canvas straps / this is when the redmonk told the corpsman he don’t take no sleeping he will face the sea straight up, full alert, mountain style up this is when the little jewish sailor ask the redmonk would he give the sleeping tabs to him, the redmonk said sure, / the Corpsmen answered no way, your only aloud two tabs, so I said ill sign for my two and give em to the little jewish sailor which I did the corpsmen said he didn’t care what I did with the Sleeping tabs, after I signed for them I did indeed give them to the little jewish sailor, the American Government always puts spin on anything the redmonkee says or does that makes the redmonk look good, the Government Spin -ALSO CALLED DEMENAZATION ) always makes the redmonk look bad , the Government says I took Sleeping tabs, I did not, how could I be the only Sailor roaming the ship, doing brave things, if I took sleeping tabs, during this Storm that almost tore the bow off this ship- LST 1162 and indeed sank other ships- the Self esteem and Balls and Man hood of white American FBI agents and all White American lawinforcement must be threatened by this/ If Not //? why would they all lie about this , if their man hood wasn’t threatened By the the Fact the French Foreign Legion who came for me, and told me in front of people I was Honor, not one time in FBI History did the French Legion come for an FBI Agent and or Coppers in Blue on any Police Dept. in American any where, any time in American History , and ask them to go into combat with the French Legionnaires, not one time in American History , call me a liar I dare you ? put up or shut up ? / you talk about my balls, Ill talk about yours / you dirty Sob es telling people I’ am a coward , you dirty American White skin  Mfers, its all of you that’s a coward you white Guys ./ a Tough guy and a Brave guy are two different kind of guys  the Tough guy is a tough bad guy as long as the Tough guy got the advantage,- the Tough guy out guns you, out lawyers you, out cop badges you, out muscles you, out heights you,- but as soon as every thing is equal, the Tough Guy becomes a pussy,  Ive seen it a Hundred times,  that’s how I know, and it always amazesd me, when I see it,  a Tough guy  turns into a Pussy, in the blink of an eye,  when it all turns equal  /

the Brave guy stays brave all the time,  he doesn’t change  he stays brave  over a life time and can prove it in any investigation/ as the news men said to the redmonk, on the Smithsonian mall  in wash. Dc at a Demo. -we thought you were bull shi# but you have been doing this all your life. This is when they also said we know the Smithsonian is Guilty of somingthing against you because of the way the Smithsonian is Acting  when we questioned them,-  the news men also said the  Smithsonian went to Your Enemies and ask them about you and then acted on what your enemies said.

  Tough Guys don’t Stand up and be counted ,- Brave guys do !/ 

I haven’t got every thing out on the web site I did ,that was brave and I am a little Guy too / and mountain Culture states a mountain Boy is never, that is, I repeat, never to talk about what he has done that is brave / in Mountain Coalfield Culture it’s a Disgrace to even talk about anything you have done that is brave /

But this the New World Order in America , and America is no longer America but a Mild Fascist State, because of Political correctness and I have to fight Back and answer my critics and or they win, / some News person from Europe or the Arab world will break this case open /

I was not allowed to say circus at the National Zoo, think about that / you would think the FBI Agents would be on my side / not the Smithsonian’s ./

Read on for the real story / redmonks balls and the little jewish sailor/ and what happened in at a town in the State of Florida call Palatka Florida and how the redmonk with a Knife between his teeth goes in under a house where a python reptile as big as your thigh was holed up with his Snake girl friend, and how the redmonk saved this big herp. / check the Palatka News paper, ill shove it down you white coward American throat, I got witness’s up the as# on this one , cal me a liar / and the true Story how I went out on the deck in the Storm and waved on the French Planes that were dropping life rafts on to LST 1162, and any of you dare say this storm didn’t take down Ships it sure as hell did, I saw the Flotsam floating by ,don’t tell me, I’ll tell you, what was it like to watch Refrigerators- (Lift Rafts) coming at you at a 100 miles an hour ,as planes flew low and fast over LST 1162 dropping Rafts/ it was the redmonk roaming the ship that he saw water riseing on the tank deck where he never saw water befor and went to the forword pump room and bumped in to the cheiffs and told em about the water

the Redmonk ask a jewish Girl- this year, when the FBI shows up to ask questions about the redmonk would she ask them in a sneaky way if the French Legion came for the redmonk on the banks of the wuade Sabue in North Africa and ask the redmonk to go with them into Battle, I ask the jewish girl to do this to see if the the FBI would lie / I told her to watch their eyes and body language what did the little jewish girl find out? /remember the FBI and the Government Agency called national security knows how much toilet paper the redmonk uses, but they will say they don’t know any thing that happened in North Africa , the French People Have Honor and the Americans don’t, the French People Know what Honor is the Cowardly American don’t know and laugh at Honor watch the body language on the Americans as they laugh past the Grave yard

when LST 1162 pulled into Ajaccio Corsica 1958 the home base for French Forgein Legionnaires the French officers Wife and daughter a Very pretty daughter,same age as the redmonk, came to see the redmonk at the ship where the bow doors were open and the bow ramp down, the girls father a French Legionnaire told them about the redmonks Honor/ they wanted to cook a great French meal for the redmonk and a US naval officer on LST 1162 refused to let the redmonk go to their home, he said he is going in the redmonks place, and snickered he was going to get some you know what,

He was screaming at the redmonk, he degraded the redmonk, as the redmonk replied they wanted me not you, crew members said what a coward the US Naval officer was ,/ he was gone about 20 min. a little later- here comes the French Legionnaires Wife with her Pretty daughter and the Coward Us Naval officer- he was forced to carry my food plate,/ the redmonk couldn’t believe it/ then the coward Naval officer got up close the redmonk he through the Plate of food in a Trash can as he came close to me and the the French legionnaires officers wife went and got the food and plate out of the trash can and handed it to me with a gracious bow and smile (the Plate of food was wrapped so it didn’t slide in to the trash), she, the Legionnaires officers Wife then went to get the Mayor of Ajaccio Corsica and the Mayor was going to run LST 1162 out of Corsica in front of the French Legionnaires Family some one kicked the Naval officer in the as$ and the redmonk yelled with passion to the Officer,- you got to do something brave to get invited to a Legionnaires house, you didn’t do nothing brave and crew members said he’s right, he the US naval officer then screamed with a red face,- I’am a officer, Iam a officer! by this time Capt.- Buck Rogers came out and gave the redmonk a dirty look and said he’s a officer, meaning the US Navy piece of Shi#

The redmonk replied to the Capt. he is getting you in trouble with the crew because he not a man and you need to get rid of him, Capt Buck Rogers said again in anger, he’s an officer ! the redmonk replied he’s not a man, he did nothing brave, I did, this is the Capt. Buck Rogers that cracked up in the storm, this is the Capt we later mutinied against and later was removed, I was the only sailor who Booed him in front of his family including his mother at his going away ceremony, as the crew stood at attention in formation on the deck of LST 1162 I through my voice so you couldn’t know where it was coming from / you think about that, its takes guts and bravery to do that, I did it because it was the right thing to do, and I knew what would happened me if I was cought, how a person knows a coward white guy?, all white guys snicker at this part of my story, make em read it and watch em-, lay a trap for a white Guy American Cowards- do it ! /

We, the crew was standing at attention on L.S.T 1162 , listening to US naval Officers say what a great Capt. He was, (A lot of bull Shi#) the officers also made us give 10 dollars of our money to buy him a expansive going away watch / I was pissd, ) we had no choice, this is the Capt. That made us give money so the US navy, so the Navy could buy new fancy gates for the US Naval Academe , the redmonk was pissed,( we had so little money) it was the coal co. all over again) he the Capt. Rogers also made us buy popcorn from the officers and the ship Division that did not give the most money and buy the most popcorn was forced to wash down the decks on Sunday, our day off, when officer LT jG Murphy told the Capt at Capt. Mess that the enlisted men were good people but didn’t get a chance in life like the officers, Capt. Rogers became enraged at LT Murphy and forced him to be locked down in his cabin, the crew was pissed ,I then went and stole a hot apple pie from the officers mess , the cook let pies on the Dutch door to kool ,so the redmonk took it when no one was looking and beat on the port hole of Murphy’s cabin and said here its for you, other crew members were standing around the port hole giving encouragement to LT Murphy a very popular officer a Irish guy from the working class he looked just like Henry Fonda same build same face the movie star in the movie called Mr. Roberts ,this is the officer who put me in for 4 bronze Stars and then said the Capt, wouldn’t go for it and put me in for one Bronze Star, I never heard a thing, two of the crew who did nothing got Navy commendation medals they did nothing ,I did it all and ended with no medals.

the Capt. Rogers Also said he didn’t want to see sailors leaning on the life lines along the side the ship they offended him he said looking like a bunch of farmers, when he the Capt Rogers was sitting in his Capt Chair in the pilot house he didn’t want to look down and see Us, we were from the Engine room and the only time we could get fresh air and the sun was when we were off watch,during the day, Engine Room Sailors have white skin because they don’t get much Sun , they have pale faces you can spot em on a ship, we were then forced to go on the fantail where the rotting Garbage was kept, because we where steaming in the 3 mile limit of some Country for days and couldn’t through our trash over the side, the odor was so bad me and my ship mates gagged and almost vomited ( for real )

So the redmonk said to his ship mates Ill show what to do and ran down the Ladder to the Mess Decks and grabbed three Oranges and came back up to the Fantail and waited as Capt. Buck Rogers Walked to and fro on the Bridge of the Pilot house the Redmonk let fly three oranges at the Capt.

Over several days the Mutiny was on full blast / this is the Capt who would not let his crew go ashore when the ship came in to port , he kept us aboard until he went to visit the whore houses the Whores told us all about it / the crew was pissed /

This next story is about the time we the crew was being fed a meal every day at supper that depressed the crew he, the Capt ordered the cook to cook up Spinach with every meal and we where eating spinach day after day , it depressed my mates , it was me, at supper one day, I grabbed my plate of spinach and ran up the ladder to the officers mess, as they, the officers where sitting down being served by a Black mess attendant in White Jacket the officers had Wine, every bit the gentlemen, you all know the scene,) the redmonk through opened the door and shouted ,we want some descent food, where hungry---------

--- where not eating this shi$ - NO MORE,- WE WANT FOOD, where hungry THE REDMONK WAS SCREAMING IT, mountain Style- Capt Rogers. After first looking shocked, screamed get him out of here, the redmonk through the food tray at the officers and some big guys grabbed the redmonk by the throat and dragged him out of the officers mess and down the ladder to the crews mess deck, / the little jewish Sailor Knows.

check the redmonks Balls stories below, WHY?- because the F.B.I and American Lawinforcement , US Army Intel. US Navy Intel. said the redmonk don’t got any Balls, demonizing meaning, telling Americans the redmonk is a pussy coward- check my balls against theirs I AM A honest to God real American Hero all of them are the Cowards, not me , ask them what they did Brave up against what I did brave lets weigh it / In mountain Coalfield Culture for me to say these things about my self concerning bravery is called bad form, a bad Bad Disgrace on me, to say I have done any thing with courage or I am brave as I am doing , but this is the new World Order as they say, America does things differently now I have to defend my self back some way some how against their Government sponsored Lies and or their lies against me will stand, Iam writing not for the American people or American news men the Americans are all too Coward to help me, I have given up on them, the School Children in America might help and in a Few Cases American Students Have indeed made an effort to help me, as I defend myself but I am writing this web site for Europeans news papers and the Peoples of Europe France Germany, Italy,Slav land people etc and the Arab World who might come and Investigate my claims of Wrong doing to make a fool out of America for the way it has mistreated me in a False Democracy if America was a Democracy I would not have been treated this way the United States is a Mild Fascist State and no longer a Free Democracy what the Government has done to me is the living proof

Other LST stories from this ship that the Little Jew From Philadelphia was a witness/ why he Prayed for the Redmonk / he the little jew heard the US marines in the Boat sing the Marine Corp Hymn as the redmonks boat pulled away from the other boats and the marines in the other boat fired a M1 Rifle volley salute to the redmonks boat and sang the US marine Corp Hymn to the redmonks Boat, as they pulled away with the redmonks 35 US Gater Marines the little Jew Knows / the redmonk volunteered to take from the breech of a 3-50 gun a hang fire shell before it could explode and cradled it in his arms and slowly walked to the side of the ship but could not toss the shell over the side because the ship rolled and if the redmonk dropped the shell over the side it would hit the side of the ship and explode, so the redmonk had to wait, until she rolled back and straightened up a bit , sure it was a long wait ! I didn’t like it ,-( the Wait) but had to do it-( the wait) you damn right it was a long wait/ for me it was, not for you reading this / a gunners mate had cranked the Shell out of the Guns Breech and the gun crew fled the gun mount and the redmonk went up in the gun mount, alone, to pick up the shell/ LT JG McGrath I believe has the film of this incident, because he was Mr. Hollywood, meaning he was always filming the crew and ship,- his own camera as a Hobby and he was high on the Bridge with the Capt. And other officers watching , their more to this incident,- the officers were pissed including the Capt . because I waited with the shell in my arms and it was pointed at the officers on the Pilot house Bridge, they where yelling to me, to through it over the side, I couldn’t until the ship Righted her self the shell was big and heavy / I risked my life, let the offices risk theirs I held my ground and waited un till the ship righted her self , so the shell wouldn’t hit the side of the Ship, Capt. Rogers Is the one who ducked down, what a pusssy, they where going to write me up for waiting with the shell in my arms as punishment / think about that really think about that( punish me ! ) / no one else would carry the cooked shell out of the Guns Breech, the officers asked for volunteers three times / only silence from the crew, I was the only one to step up / and Army Intel. and Navy Intel. And the - FBI says I don’t have balls, meaning I.am coward! their all the pussies I.am the brave guy, not them / coward Bastards every one of em / this injustice will not stand - // the Little Jew Knows /

The Capt Ask for Volunteers to go out in a bad storm with with 5 to 7 feet of water coming over the deck at different times and check to see if the running lights was lit they were up near the Bow , I was slammed hard on the deck by a wave over the bow and it busted my nose and almost knocked me out, I was stunned and another wave washed me down the deck and almost over the side I heard the officers moan at the last sec I grabbed a life line and then went back to try again, after several attempts I got up in the gun tub and looked at the running light,( it was a hell of a ride) but I could not tell if it was out or lit a hatch was opened By Boson Doran close by where I was hung up and the Boatsman Doran came up with his head only out of the hatch and told me to dive into the hatch 20 feet down when the time was right , the crew would catch me at the bottom, with water pouring down the hatch from the waves rolling over the bow I dove into the hatch and dropped 40 feet deep into my ship mates Arms LTjg Murphy had a bottle of Brandy and poured me a glass and Capt. Buck Rogers came down and told LTJG Murphy,- I don’t get nothing and told Lt. Murphy to pour the brandy back in the bottle/ Lt Murphy questioned the Capts. Order but the Capt. Was Firm . no Brandy for the redmonk, we all stood dripping wet and cold and watched him do it- Lt Murphy,- pour the Brandy back in the bottle as ordered by the Capt. Boatsen Doran then went a different way and went out and checked the light and it was on / the little Jew knows /

the Little Jew got out of the redmonks boat Why / the little jew Knows/ the fight between the Big Tall US Marine Capt. And the Italian Irish American L.S.T sailor- Russo from New York on the Ships Tank deck and Russo who was short and built like a tank kicked the Big Tall US Marine Capt. As# the redmonk was to fight the Capt. But (the Redmonk was too little and Skinny 134 lbs,) Russo took the redmonks place to make it fair, all Navy and marine personnel agreed to that so the fight was fair after Russo Kicked his as# on the Tank deck the US Marine Major said to the Marine Capt Get out of the Marine Corp in front of all of the Marines and Sailors / I took this officers command away from him and made him my prisoner he was a big, Hollywood marine, he was in my boat , the Marines under his Command where super Brave US Marines in my boat / I straightened him out / a for real story/ that’s why the fight / he wanted his honor back , I took it from him, then Russo took it from him again.

- the Little Jewish sailor Knows / the redmonk shoots up US marines who try to steal water, the redmonk was told to guard / the redmonk makes them bark and crawl after the US marines said they would take the water and that the redmonk haint goin to do shi$t and also the Marines said the redmonk had a howdy Doody face, they made a big mistake- as the redmonk made them barked and crawl and made them carry their wounded with em as the redmonk told em to do / after first being fair to the Marines /they pushed the wrong Man / the redmonk was hell with a Colt 45 he put Gars on a man face, with a Colt, that’s how good he was, where are the photos ? does the FBI have em/ why would the FBI lie about the gars- on how many marines?

How Capt. Rogers Made the crew make up beds for Naval Cadets who came aboard for a cruse and almost caused a Riot by the crew, I refused to make a bed for these snotty elite bastards, let em make their own bed / the red monk got in shouting match with the cadets / and then we where told , the Cadets would make their own beds/ later when the ship made it to GITOMO Bay, Cuba ,- the crew got all drunked up, on cheap beer and as some crew members including the redmonk- waited for the Liberty boat to take em back to the Ship late at night / up shows the Cadets, 10 or 12 of( those snotty puffed up Mfers )and some of the crew started calling them pussies and beginning shoving the cadets around, the Cadets- who then tried to get control of the rowdy crew members with an officers tone of voice and attitude/ big mistake / the crew started to beat the cadets as$ the two Naval officers Murphy and McGrath came running down the long pier and got control of the rowdy crew members

how the investigation by a Marine Major/ over the shooting,- he slapped the red monks face the old WWII Boatsenmate and two old WWII Chief petty officers old timers, up through the ranks, as enlisted men came in the navy in the 1930s as seamen /- were in on the investigation as we were all sitting down at a table in the Navy chiefs Quarters , the old Navy chiefs barked the order to the redmonk- to shoot , the Marine Officer, now,do it, the redmonk did not hesitate one mili sec., the Colt 45 was on the Table in front of the red monk he grabbed the colt and put it to head of the Marine officer in one smooth movement slick and smooth mountain style and Squeezed the trigger it snapped, the gun was empty,- up against the officers head, that’s when the officer slapped the red monk,

The red monk was only 17 years old 134 Lbs or so,a skinny kid, he joined the navy at the age of 16 years the records say 17 years, they lie I was 16 the day I got out of Boot camp, I was 17, you go in at age 16, you get out one day before you turn 21 that was deal the navy cut for us in the mountains the records lie, the records say I never served on a ship, a massive lie, but at the top of this same record it states my last duty station was LST 1162 the navy says my ship was not where I say it was, all lies, by the Navy why?

The old Navy the chiefs,- told the US Marine officer they wanted to show the Marine officer ,that we, the Navy Chiefs give the redmonk a order hel carry it out, he was told to guard the water, no one was to get water, not a Navy Admiral or even the pope, your marines had him surrounded out numbered and out gunned this after he fired one in the air to get you to back of your men refused, he educated your marines as your men tried to take him, he fired close to their ribs and cheeks of their faces and some got flesh burns, he then grabbed your officer by the throat and rammed the colt in the officers eye deep, and told the marines he would kill the officer if they dont back off, no one gets water ( the Little Jew Knows )

/ The redmonk also used a hacksaw to saw through the bars where the Navy had a very very Super brave US Marine locked down in the little Brig on LST 1162 as big as a tall little monkey cage and the redmonk tried to get him out , a US marine that brave should never be locked up in a cage a very brave US marine who was in the redmonks Boat LCVP / the little jewish Sailor Knows/

The little jew carried the redmonks Seabag off LST 1162 when the redmonk was discharged as is custom in the Navy/ the little jewish sailor always told the redmonk when the racist Anglo-Saxons from the south where going to do something to the redmonk, they where from the south ,racist to the core they didn’t worry about the blacks, the blacks were under control in the 1950s, they were worried about Slavs, Italians, Greeks And jew s in the 1950s this ship could be called the KKK- LST the Anglo-Saxon s where afraid the Italians and Slavs would date their daughters I guess / the Capt. Of this ship Buck Rogers, who called me a Pollack- regularly- means Slav Nigger)- he called Zimmerman a KIKE – means Jew Nigger) on a regularly bases. Capt Rogers did this to us in front of the crew, the Anglo Saxons from the south laughed at us / I meant to get that Mfer Naval officer Capt. Rogers for that and I did and still am. /- I always thought Capt. Buck Rogers of the United States Navy was a Stinking White English Negro American also his stinking- White English Negro mother and his stinking White English Negro children all of em stinking White English Negroes Americans from the United States Navy /

They, the English Americans slammed us White Ethnics with Racist Hate , I give it back, pound for pound-, the American government denies their was racism against white Ethnic Immigrants in America and refuse’s to talk about it in the American School system, to School children,- such as in Arlington County Virginia, were I live,

I saw the Italian Immigrants rounded up in world war II and I had to deal with hate put on us Slavs, Italians and Greeks by Anglo Saxons in the 1940s 1950s 1960s, don’t tell me , Ill tell you, I lived it , don’t call me a liar, and don’t feel compassion for Capt. Buck Rogers English American Negroe Family-- I fight back even at this late date Dec 20 2001 / the little jew gave the redmonk a heads up warning when he got wind of the Anglos Saxons from the South where up to something, like a little spy, he warned me /

The Redmonk took the little Jewish Sailor to see something at a railroad yard in Italy, a off the siding off the main Rail line, in Naples Italy,- at a very Large Rail yard , their was something - all backed up on a Rail siding that was left over from WWII, near German Bunkers and German ammo Ware Houses 1957 ? what was it ? a redmonk mystery /………….. the little jewish sailor Knows /

Check Red monkey Apples and oranges way down Below under the Heading by the same name- apples and oranges that’s the end of the redmonk story the end, good by

When at last, the old ww II Boatswain Mate and Ships Engineer from WWII finely went to the admiral who they knew when he was a navy Ensign and they were Lowly Seaman many years ago, in the 1930s this is who they went to To get rid of Capt Buck Rogers after the mutiny, they the old Navy chiefs- had Capt. Blye of the US navy Capt. Buck Rogers removed and you all know what happened was the redmonk mentioned in French military Dispatches ? and if so, what does that mean if they did ? and of course you all know what the US navy did to Gunners Mate Hartwig in # 2 terrerrt on the Battle ship Iowa calling Hartweig a Fag and blaming him for the explosion in the Gun terrorit .,the only real men in the US navy are Seals, UDT, navy flight Pilots and maybe- Boat crews, these brave men should be moved out of the US Navy in into a new little Navy called Balls navy most Naval officers are Cowards not real men, their were two Brave US navel officers on L.S.T 1162 LTJG Murphy and Ljg McGrath (who filmed me doing some of this stuff his hobby filming the crew )

The latest proof, of US Naval officer cowardice and no honor- was the American Sub and the sinking of the Jap school ship, you all saw the American Sub. Capt. Save his As# he got a lawyer and got to keep hisNavy pension, the lowly Sailors have no money for lawyers, the US Navy screws em for life, the Smithsonian took my pension, fired me and then told me in front of Judge Causey, of the( merit Systems protection Board)-----------------------

the Smithsonian wanted me to move out of the areathink about that, really think about that as Rebel- Tim McVeigh liked to say ( they wanted me to move out of the area, after they fired me / who the hell does the Smithsonian think they are? they fire you, take your pension, degrade you calling you mentally ill, post your picture all over the Smithsonian like a War Criminal for the public to see, you are not allowed in the Smithsonian , and then in front of a judge,- tell you, they, the Smithsonian inst. Also, wants you, to leave the area, Who the hell do they, the Smithsonian think they are?

Are the people who work for the Smithsonian Inst. on drugs and or Mentally Ill?- To say such a think to Me as ,- (we would like you to leave the Area ) ( Ill tell the world what the Zoo and Smithsonian did wrong / Ill go to Hamas, Black September and Black June,  all of em -Arab freedom Fighters, asking all of em for help, and money to get on their Television to tell the Arab world-- wouldn’t you, if you were me ? I know how Palestinians Feel , I was treated like a Palestinian at the Smithsonian . the same way the Jews treat palestinians in the jewish State of Iserial using the white woman  Tax Dollars from Alington County Virginia  to beat Arab Womans children and the white women in Arlington remain silent , what dirty white whores Arlington County has   living in this County their coward White Husbands too  all in Arlington Va. 15 min. from the Nations Capital ,

 This is the Coward County that helped the Government get me  and refuses to pay me one Million dollars that’s owed  to me for allowing the social workers of Arlington County-- Lee and Bingham  put lies on me that I molested Viet Children who lived in a Apt below me , it was Lee who was doing it, using them to clean her house , they where all breaking the law with these children who where living alone, in a Apt. below me     she and Bingham lied  to cover her As$ and Arlington county As# she Blamed Me, this while the US Government, and US Park police and I where Fighting it out,  the Arlington County Government  helped the Government and Police, against me   a massive cover up  by Arlington Government,-  News men from Europe and Canada, Mexico come to Arlington County and Bust this Case Open  and help me sue Arlington County Government  Ill Give you half the money to any one who helps me break this case open  this is a Evil Corrupt Justice dept in this County , the Judges,  the Prosecutors the Sheriffs office, all tied in with Cong. Moran, Helen Fahey,a US Attorney in Alex. Va.

  This County Arlington is no different  then the town of Wenchette, in the State of Washington- USA where  a prosecutor by the named Perez, put False Sex Charges on innocent people and then took their children away from them, and put them in prison, Arlington County Virgina 15 min from Washington Dc did the Same thing to me and for Political reasons , to help the Park police and the Republican party over drugging the Presidents Horse Jack pott, with HorseTranks,  this County needs to come under heavy investigation from all news Org. / they have thrown away evidence that could prove a man innocent  and these coward County officials would not fire the coward who did it, Just Like the FBI at Waco and Ruby Ridge Cover ups,  think about that, they are all corrupt evil people and bad Americans that run this county  Arlington,

 I call on the Russian Government, Chinese Communist Government and England, France  and Italian Governments to Protect my life from the Corrupt Arlington County Government located 15 min. from the Nations Capital.

 the Arab Freedom Fighters going on trial as of now,- can not get a fair trial in Alex VIrginia , because US Attorney Helen Fahey is there in Alex. and she is a Mouth pieces for the CIA, she does what they tell her to do.

All Arab Americans Get this on Arab Television , the White Christians in Arlington county Va. have no guts you Arab Muslims have to do it /

 in his Latest Book, written by investigative News men-  Jack Anderson, he Says  US Attorney- Helen Fahey  does what the CIA tell her to do  , who would you believe,? me,   Jack Anderson or US Attorney  Helen Fahey,  FBI Thomson in Richmond Va or the Arlington County Corrupt Justice Dept , and the Coward Cong. Moran who would you trust ? and or believe ?     Was, Cong. Moran’s - Brother a Prosecutor in Arlington County Va.? Is that how Moran got off from the charges of beating his wife and chocking a Little Black Boy , and got of Scot free, one hand washes the other  their all Pals  no Justice

 This county is and always has been controlled and run by Anglo Saxon Americans, keeping Slavs, Italians Greeks Chinese, Americans Out  of the Arl. County Government / because I say these honest things against the County, Arlington, I need Protection from foreign Government s,  this County has lied on me about Molesting Children for Political reasons and they will do it again, ask the innocent man who had the evidence thrown away that would have set him free, where are the White news men on this ?  why didn’t the County Government Fire the Government Employee who threw away the Evidence ?/ why are White people silent about all of this in Arlington County and Silent as to what their country has done to me,  I shout that White Men and White Woman are Cowards in Arlington County Virginia / lots of Smithsonian Employees live here and even a US Magistrate who showed hostility hate on me in her Court Room in wash. DC at a Hearing at my trial in the US District Court in Wash >DC  she lives in Arlington County her Name Dwyer, Ill put her Address out soon , I was told she was a Republican Appointee/ Embassy Row in wash.DC knows all about this  Arlingto County is Not Getting away             

 the Republican political Party was in power in America when this all happened and the Republicans are Back and it haint over yet .

a Redmonk educational Spoof on his detractors / down below- don’t forget to finish up this web site at redmonk Apples and oranges at the very bottom of page end of web site- then go home all of you

Every thing the redmonk did under redmonks Balls, is no big deal, for real, its small Potatoes-very small potatoes compared to what other mil.- Vets have done, but as little as it is, its bigger and more then the redmonk detractors could do and or have the guts and courage to do, lets put up on the scales what you have done brave and ill put up scales what I have done brave / lets see whose balls are bigger, come on you white guys out their who snicker and mock the redmonk, you know who you are and I know who some of you are, now, Put up or shut up, your balls are bigger than mine or their not bigger than mine, (said as a taunt and verbal- mockery to my detracters in lawinforcement who are telling people I am a coward and I have no balls and or the US Government cut my balls off ) what did you do, that was brave, some thing , nothing, what ?

no Firemen is allowed in on the weigh in, we all know how big Fireman’s Balls are,( Super Size )

All FBI Agents and all US Marshals and all ATF Agents and all White House Secret service Agents are ordered to report for the Ball- Weigh in , that’s if they got the Balls ? those who don’t show up will be given - free,- one- Armored Plated Kotex to wear when they come around the red monks balls, so that,those, that don’t show up- their balls aren’t threatened when they are around the-------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------red monkee

,( keep calling me a coward and this is what you get, I mock you back on the internet /)

you want Balls the redmonk will give you Balls, down below

what I ,alone, one man,- did to your Country called America is proof I got nerve and a Set of Balls / I fight Back - and I will list just a few – here we goooo coming soooon for the those redmonkee detracters who tell American people the American Government cut the redmonks balls off / and snicker about it , I answer them, this way, because They must be answered, if my Balls where cut off by the us government,? why did the Americans Rounded up in the Hotel in Russia , shi# their panse,?

why was your US President Reagan and all American people, Christians, the jewish people, the Smithsonian Inst and the Whole Country made A fool out of, by one Ruthenian Slav man-, the redmonk,) when now, the world knows, he Pres. Reagan of the United States, rode a drugged horse /

Pres Reagen Forgave me and in Judge Hogans court room Too, Pres Reagen sent his ss Agent to tell me- in person, in the court room, that, He, President Reagen is going to cut me a horse (see the movie stage Coach to see what that statement means) and the SS agent said that he,- pres, Reagen was On my side,/ theSS agent said the pres. sent him to tell me ?/ this is the President, that saw me and a horse named Windsor fall off a small LOW bridge into the Water at rock creek Park, Wash DC and came to see me ride, Pres Reagan was in his long Black Limousine /

If I have no Balls, as lawinforcement says, why in Palatka Fld. Did I go under a home looking for a Giant Python Reptile who was some where under the house. And No one, knew where, I went with with a butcher Knife in my hand, crawlig on my belly, I had the knive between my teeth until I ran into mr. Big Guy (the python) and his girlfriend who he was hanging out with,under this houseI had a Rope tied to my leg and then tied to a bumper of a pick up truck ,incase the Giant Herp got me, they could drag me and the snake out together by backing up the pick uptruck the owner stood out side with a shot gun, / / I ask the owner not to kill the snake a Snake as big as my thigh and a head bigger then a mans foot / as I crawled in deeper under the house a big snake head glided up on to the top of a berm of a depression about 8 feet away from me under the house where they the Herps,- where, when the red monk saw the large head of the snake as big as a full grown mans foot the red monk, saw the snake move in a aggressive manner rolling and rolling and saw all the snake coils and the redmonk said holy shi# and started slowly backing out from under the house, with the butcher knive in his hand .

when the redmonk got out from under the house, their was a large gathering of people,I told the lady of the house you got to call a Zoo and or wildlife park to come and get this Snake, as big as this guy is, you must tell them to bring 10 people to handle him,

she fled in side the house to make several calls / after some time had passed, up shows a tall young big snotty dude,- who claimed he was a big time snake handler, swaggers in like hes Frank Buck bring em back alive) and mocked the redmonk as concerns what was under the house , he announced he would go in and get the snake, there is a big crowd around now / so the redmonk says lets put this rope around your leg incase he gets you / he the big snake man was offended / so I told the lady, that owned the house, not to let him go under the house unless we tie his leg to the bumber of the truck / so he finely agreed and away he went , he was in their under the house for a little while and I heard him say ,-I see him , and just after that statement, he,- the great snake handler , backed out of underneath the house with such force and speed he tore the tressell work off the porch and his face showed deep fear / and he said, that’s a big one, we need help / he was rolling and when a python rolls on you he got you/ the redmonk – replied  I told you.

the lady of the house said their was a lot of snake people coming, so just wait and the red monk left with his lady friend he had something to do, check with the Palatka news that happened about 17 years ago in Plataka Flordia / but you better get their early / I have laid a trap for investigaters and white news men on this snake story- Itl knock you out /

check the little Jewish Sailor story for the rest of the Story on the Size of my Balls / It’s the FBI agents that don’t got Balls they shoot woman in the face holding a baby shoot a 14 year old small skinny boy in the back at ruby ridge / I didn’t shoot any one in the back ,/ FBI and Lawinforcement agencies Keep calling me a Coward , and ill rub it back in your FBI face, do the FBI Agents do this, hoping the weak White Male Americans will take a shot at the redmonk, harrarase him, pick fights with the redmonk Etc . that can be a deadly game, mr. FBI man- because Iam coming after America not some poor homeless scum Bag drunk and Drug addect living in the streets, where the redmonk lives, -- keep trying FBI ? you got the people killed in Oklohoma City you could get Americans killed some where else too .

did the President of the United States Ronald Reagen, know I warned him about drugging the horses,? so as to protect HIS,- Presidents. Reagans Honor / is that’ why he is on my side? / and no matter what I do, he, the President of the United States Ronald Regan lets me get away / what did he do to the Horse mounted Unit ? why is the Boots and saddles of the police in the Horse Manure Pile if the redmonk had no balls ? photo cumming soon ) the redmonk rode Brahama Bulls at rodios, put iron shoes on Horses feet ( horse Shoer), Is indeed, the youngest bank robber in America, ever !-/ owned my own Business with as many as 12 Employees ,/

I left home at the age of 15 years, living on my own, by my self, and some of the redmonks detracters are still Living at home with their moms, one of the redmonk detracters is Mike McGlocken he lived with his mother until 45 years of age, , he is a informant for Arlington County in Va and works at ASPAN answering the tele. He is paid 10 per hour ASPAN is a Org. that helps homeless people in Arlington County Virgina, which is 20 min from the white house,

/This Informent is FBI confirmed to the redmonk in photos, he is 64 years old and was nothing but a drunk and a gambler all of his life including in the US Navy in the 1950s, where he served, he was a drunk, who would hide and not work on the repair ship he was assigened to, he never had a real job in his life, living at home with his mother until she died and then out in the street homeless a worthless bum and informant against homeless people, ask him what he ever did brave, when I get his picture ill post it on my web site / Why is Arlington County allowing him to be involved with homeless people ? the new Arlington County page will Explain all of this coming soon, look for it on the new front Page.

These are just some the Answers, to the redmonks detracters, in the US Government and every where and any where / those American men ,who don’t have balls,- are,- all FBI Agents , All Army Intel. Agents, All Navy Intel. Agents, Bob woodward and Ben Bradlee of the Washington News paper and all white men who say the redmonk has no balls , and White men that say the Government cut the redmonks balls off - I fight back!----- How am I doing ladies and Gents of Europe, Berlin ,Germany , France , Canada are you laughing at America yet? Read the little Jewish Sailor Down below . as I get to have my say / some thing I never got to do before the Internet and I am homeless in Arlington County Virginia- which is 15 min from the Nations Capital USa on the Virginia side of the River , let me see any of you fight as well as me and or as long to get justice and clear my name

I ask the US Navy For some records of mine a years ago and the US navy sent me back a paper document at the Top, it stated my last duty station was LST 1162 a US Navy Ship and at the bottom it stated I never served on a ship one time- while on duty in the US Navy/ you figure it out/ all my time at sea, was on ships, not one time, did I serve on shore.

I went to the US Government to get the Ships Logs and I could find nothing about me and or the Human Experiments on the crew concerning- MK- Altra or operation Blue Bat / I stood watch on the Quarter deck on a regular Bases as all Seamen did and I Am not in the Ships Logs, I had to sign the Logs / a News men told me it would not be in the ships Deck logs, the info Iam talking about would be in the Capt. Logs,?/ the Little Jewish Sailor knows /

I call on the little jewish sailor from Phildelphia Pa to be a witness, for this reason,-- because he, the little Jew was Praying all the time and was a very religious Jew, who would not lie/ proof - He and I together, onetime Had to get something aboard the ship, that was of great value,( what it was is none of your business)- I told him the little Jewish saliorwe might have to tell a lie to get it aboard,so as to pass the Quarter deck guard watch,- who checked the comings and goings of every thing that crossed the quater deck on to the ship, he, the little jewish sailor said he couldn’t do that, tell a lie, I said why not, he said it was against his religeon, this, after we hauled this thing about a Hundred Miles, by hand and both of us were near death, if you get the picture, if you know what I mean? / hot as hell/ I finally came up with an idea that worked / we got it aboard / after we got it aboard, we had problems with the Anglos Saxons from the South, those SOBes / but that’s a story for another time /

all of You, stinking SOB en white Americans out their - Find the - Little Jewish Sailor from Phildelphia Pennsylvania usa / he knows and will not lie ! the little Jewish sailor is my witness and his name haint Sam –go forth and find him, now, today, do it .! he said he was going to become a Rabbie?

Listen Up - theRedmonkee Terrorist says- repeat this redmonk Quote, everybody shout it from the roof tops to the world- all redmonkee Bragrade members/ shout this Quote- and send it into China, Russia,, France, Germany,- the whoole world,--to the president of the United States,- G. W. Bush in the White House,- now, today, do it ! send it and shout it--

Redmonkee’s Apples and Oranges

I can not prove anything that is written under Apples and oranges,- but it must be stated some where, any where, by some one , any one , some how,- so it will be me, for there is no one else, but me - the Redmonk- that will state it,- for if so by chance those mentioned here were wronged, their wronged souls will not wonder lost through the waste land , that’s why I state it--- so her goes------------------------------------------ sue me, I don’t have anything

1.     WETA in Arlington County Virgina is a Radio TV Public broadcasting Co Broadcasting Educational Television Programs in the Washington DC Area / Sharon Percy Rockefeller, and the wife of Sen. Jay Rockefeller from the State of West Virginia Sharon Percy Rockefeller is the President and chief Executive Officer at WETA- Broadcasting located at 2775 S. Quincy --Street Arlington, Virgina 22206---- located 15 min. from the United States Capital usa.- an-- Employee by the Last name--- Of -- Singer who worked for Percy Rockefeller- killed a baby by smothering it to death, did he got away with it? He is Jewish , the Redmonk heard this from Embassy Personnel in wash Dc, does Percy Rockefeller Know? / when did she first know it,? and when did she cover it up,? -Also - the Rockefeller family killed 11 Coal mining Children at the Ludlow Coal mine in the State of Colo., this mine, owned by the father in- law of Percy Rockefeller, his name John Rockefeller he also killed a great many Black prisoners in Attica New York, at a prison uprising / does Percy Rockefeller know? / more impotently does she care? /


3.     I sent Rebel Soldier Tim McVeigh a letter in his Prison Cell asking he contact Sheron percy Rockefeller at her radio station located in Arlington County Virginia which is 15 Min. from the Nations Capital,- asking Rebel McVeigh to contact Sharon percy Rockefeller asking her to comment on the 11 Murdered children at the Ludlow Mine, I sent Rebel McVeigh her address, (the one above,)- did Rebel Soldier Tim McVeigh write to Percy Rockefeller? If so, what did Percy do ,- with Rebel soldier- Tims Letter?


5.     Does Elizabeth P Cambell – WTEA- Founder and Vice president, Community affairs Know? They- together Cambell and Percy Rockefeller where given all the info on the child killing jew at the National zoo and what happened to me ,and the Chinese Amb. Letter also and they together remained silent,. And their Silence Screams did indeed the Jew Singer, Murder a baby and use jewish Power to get away ? when did Rockefeller and Liz Cambell know / and or not know? ( all Europeian Journelist find out, don’t let nobody,- get away)

I was told,- what you will read down below- by a Journelist, I have talked to a lot of Journelist and Embassy People over the years. I don’t know if it is true, / but Iam going to say it any way, just in case it is true, this way, no one gets away, investigative reporters from Europe or Canada might break this case open,?

After the New York Jewish lawyer,- Eric Schmertz returned from Russia USSR , Schmertz who was in the Deakens Adm. New York City and then later fired from his post, Eric and his brother where both rounded up by Pamyet members in Moscow USSSR, I was their and saw it.

,Eric Schmertz came very close to being put to death by Russian nationalist – why? Witness Barbra Bahavana of Falls church Va, Knows ? Listen Up, that was Background !

A News men told me that Eric Schmertz,- went to Gangsters in new york City and tried to have me murdered, after he got back to America from Russia, because of the round up by- Pamyet.

And further more the FBI and other lawinforcement agencies know and covered it up.

By using Jewish political power in Newyork City? FBI agent, last name,- Fox Might Know?

If this is true,-- should the Russian Government Kill, the New York- Jewish Schmertz family in to to,? for a jew to harm a Slav in America is a death sentence for a Jew, any where, any time / if this is true ,will the Russian Government put to death Erc Schmertzs Jewish family ? I don’t know, only the Russian Government knows ! I’am a Ruthenian mountain Slav in America--- tell the Russian government to investigate and proceed,- under Slav law not American law.

Little Barbra Bavahane of Fall church Virgina, knows what the Falls church Jews did to a 8 year old Polish American Girl,( a Race hate crime)by Falls Church Jews that the American justice Dept. will not investigate / will the Russian Government now order the killing of Falls church Jews for this jewish Hate Crime against an 8 year old Slav Child ? in Falls Church Va . little 8 year old - Barbara told the Russians druing the Round up of Americans, in Russia. did the Children of Falls church va Hold a party for the 8 year old polish Slav child and make sure not to invite the Slave hating Jews of Falls Church ? the Washington post paper would not do this story on jewish Hate ? Why? the Slav Race that saved every Jew on earth from Hitler / the Slavs won WWII, not America / the Jews dont know how to be gratefull to the Slavs / and suck up.

I was told by a journalist that Ben Beck Primatoligest at the National Zoo and the one who wanted sex from me and the one who removed me from the National zoo in great Haste/

I was Fired and removed from my position as Zookeeper at this Zoo/ I had 17 years Government service and I was under the old pension system of Government workers and invested with a 10 year pin, A Journalist told me Ben Beck stole my government position so he could get under the old government pension system, using my slot / I don’t have a clue if this is so and don’t have clue as to what the hell all that means, if it means anything, how that could have happened if its in deed true, I haven’t a clue / nobody gets away /

I did a bit of an investigation on the Death of Washington Post publisher Phil Graham who was found dead from a shotgun blast in the hunt country of Virginia,- a hours drive from Washington D.c the Nations Capital / most people I talked to in the Hunt Country stated, they too, believe Phil Grahams Wife -, Kay Graham (the former Kay Myers) killed him and got away with it / I can not prove that she killed Phil Graham, but if she did, as so many believe, then Phil Grahams soul like the Murdered smothered- Baby in a crib- by the Jew- Singer at WETA will be avenged and their Souls will not wonder through the waste land

nobody gets away, an injustice will not stand – the redmonk would rather be wrong, then let those mentioned above get away with what they have done!

Take the hard cases, don’t take the easy ones!

Contact Arab television- AL Jazeera- I’ll go before AL Jazeera Camaras any time any where! All Arab Americans contact---- AL Jazeera. Now, Today, do it .! you Arab american Students. In all High schools across America Do it !

I Don’t know if this is true,

I was told by law Enforcement types,- I have more people on the redmonks side then you would believe ? some in high places,/ but are they lieing to me ? that high Ranking FBI officials came to the Smithsonian Inst in Wash. DC . And had a talk with Larry Small, who, as you all know ,- is the New Smithsonian Secetary ,

The FBI, I was told, ask Larry small about the redmonk and Larry small answered back,- that he Larry small was indeed glad, that the redmonk is getting therapy through the redmonkee web site,- said in a Jocular Tone of voice,- by the Sec. of the Smithsonian,- Larry Small)

When the FBI officials where finished talking to Larry Small as concerns the redmonkee, as they, FBI officials- Got up to leave, I was told, Larry small was sitting at attention in his chair and staring straight ahead / they reportedly told Larry small the redmonk has Cleverly maneuvered the Smithsonian, Inst Complex on the Mall in Washington D.C into the Bulls ………………………………………………………eye /

and- if indeed this happened, then,- this happened, while the Smithsonian,Super Intelligent, brilliant PhDs ,where laughing and snickering , at the Ruthenian- Coal field mountain Slav - with no education,./ and all Smithsonian PhDs intellectuals know,- to their inner Core, no matter what happens now ,they, the Smithsonian’s PhDs, to a man and woman,will not lose their jobs or pensions.

I was also told their would be Indictments against people at the Smithsonian and other places ?

Well see if any of this is true/ ? or if I was lied to, is Russia and China Watching and if so, how close / how about M-5 -?

Foreign officials from one Embassy came to McDonalds Rest where I drink coffee in the morn and told me I could live in their country as long as I want / the very next day up shows a employee of the CIA. Who talks to me and makes the remark they like my manefesto / link Page

I considered the offer made by this foreign Government a great Great Honor, But I got a war with America and I mean to finish it up here.

This is the Redmonk signing off,- but before I go / Did Bob Woodward of the Washington Post Newspaper Give up the Redmonk to his friends at the Smithsonian Inst. ? who he parties with and is friends with – below are their names and they are all, on the Boards of the Smithsonian Inst. .- Listen up woman of Oklahoma city all of these people on the Smithsonian Board- know about the Child Killing Jew at the National Zoo and all of them Have in a very cowardly sneaky way remained silent, sue all of em when your Babies are killed, at the Comming Arab freedom fighters attack at the Smithsonian / keep your Children away and send a scolding red Hot letter to these American Cowards on the Board of the Smithsonian Inst in Washington D.c usa / their for themselves, not for you ? here’s the names ---

Allen G Spoon- former pres. Of the Washington Post News Co.

He, Spoon became member of the executive Committee, so says Smithsonian public affairs officer Linda St Thomas--- the Washington News paper had all the info on the Zoo and Smithsonian and refused to do the story / Spoon worked for Kay Graham and Bob Woodward worked for Spoon, at the Wash post news paper/ think about that, asTim McVeigh liked to say / and as the redmonk likes to say,- one Hand washes the other . as a journelist said in aw to the redmonk,- you told Bob woodward ?- Id Be carefull about that,- Woodard is friends and parties with Smithsonian. Inst. – the redmonk was learning .

Rep. Ralph Regula joined the board in 1999

Barber Conable Jr. former Pres of the world Bank

Hannah Grey former Pres. Of the University of Chicago

Anne D harnoncourt Dir. Of the Philadelphia Museum of Fine Art

Walter E Massey- president of More house college

Wesley S William -- Partner in the Law firm of Coverington and Burling- wash D.C.

this is the law firm I went to for help, they said no / I wonder Why ?

Does One hand washes the other ?/

 I would hope the woman of Oklahoma would send all of these so called white wise Guys, whose names appear above a copy of the redmonk brave deeds,called redmonk balls / and make Bob Woodward return his Bravery medal he didn’t earn it/ and then make Woodward go get mine that i won I earned the hard way / no medals on the redmonks chest

These people so named up above, are the American leaders who will get your Children killed at the Smithsonian and National Zoo / you American Mothers go after all of them, rip and gut em, they all knew and would not tell you , these are Traitor Americans all of em, get em ,

 is this the same Wesley s Williams who was running around with another lawyers wife from this same law firm, where both of these lawyers worked the law firm of Covenington and Burling the largest Law firm in Washington DC , the redmonk gets around on Embassy Row- he hears a lot of things, stay tuned / the redmonks goin to bust their snotty as# and no money for lawyers too

 Did Bob Woodward earn his medal-? (a Bravery medal what did he do brave ?) compare to the redmonks bravery ) make Bob Woodward read a book called Stolen Valor by BG Burkett , also in this book is a photo of the 7 o’clock news men Dan Rather in Marine Boot camp where he cracks up and is thrown out of the US Marines, Dan Rather never finished Boot Camp just like English American Bob Woodward did not earn his medal, these two well known Americans are Coward,s one didn’t earn his medal for bravery and the othe,- Dan Rather wasn’t man enough to get through boot camp, these two Weak White American men are telling all of us how to live are lives,. / you got to be kidding me ? / check out the Palatka Fld. Story on the not so Giant, Giant Python under the house and the redmonk- go to Palatka Fld. For the story 17 years Ago ? I’am setting a trap for News Men / the person who gets their first is the Hero I just set the trap with a secret tip / you have to get their early/ know what I mean

This info and questions on Bob Woodward of the Washington Post newspaper,- is a gift- for Julie Nixon and for her Father President Nixon- ,and her Irish mother, a Coal miners daughter.

Don’t be afraid to tell America she’s no good. America cant get good if she don’t know she’s bad----- the Ruthenian Mountain Slav – CJ- at the Oliver II Coal mine in the mountains

Who took a big hunk 99% of this quote from Homer Hadley Hickhem Sr.- Coal mine supertendent,- at the Ogla Coal mine in the State of West Virginia- in the mountians in the USA -- thanks Homer I appreciate the help

All of you ,-go home and don’t come back, all of you, White Americans,- you cant handle the truth, Go Home, - all of you white Americans ,- Go wait in the Car, but go, get the hell out .

./ If I am not for my self, then who, the hell would be for me in America, If Not Me ?. the redmonk

The redmonkee, the last True American Hero and the last sweet white man left on the East coast ,in the United States of America,  why are you white Americans silent ?

. and I mean to knock the Sox’s off the big Bear , and Ill do it by my self, my way------- for little Ruthenia 

Left overs dediciated to a very Brave Bolivian Tin Miner who got in trouble shouting for me After I ask him for help, on Camera when I was protesting for the Russian president Gorbeichv when he came to America for the first time I was half a block up from the Russian Embassy on 16th street the Russian president was in side the Embassy ready to come out, a Russian official walked up to the the redmonk and ask how long he was going to be their and ask him not to leave / ill come back to finish this up when ever this is where little Kikes the Jewish Girl that Bob Woodward sernt down to talk to me, when I went to the post building asking for a 1000 dollars to do my story, and he woodward didn’t practice Check book journalism exat Quote) Little kikes got frisked after I saw her and yelled she might have a gun the Cops checked her pannies half a block up from the Russian embassy 16th street when Gorbechev was almost ready to come out of the Russian Embassy ill finish this up later how the Secreat Service made me tear up my Protest sign which ask  the Russians leader and his wife Rasia for a Job to embarrase America for Fireing me, I was down their almost every day while he was here protesting for Russia and the Americans threatened me and this is where the Bolivan Tin Miner working on a Building shouted for me and got in trouble a man of Honor a Bolivan a Tin mines Son on Cameria which was filming this on the side of the National geographic Building its on film and the FBI got to eat what I can Prove  To the great Chinese People of Great China and for the Great Russian Slavs- from the far North who defeated Hitler 1945 – with a little help from America- this statement below is-

for the Russian and Chinese People eyes only --America is a Lie- where freedom of speech is concerned and I proved it – tell the Chinese and Russian people to tell the American Government and the American people to stop wagging Americas Finger in Chinas and Russia’s Face, America and the American people should Practice what it preaches – why is their a Quota System for Chinese Students in America at the Universities ? why only a Quota for Asian students ? why not a Quota System For Jewish students ? why only Asians ?

 Chinese people, I call on all of you , make the American people stand in front of you and answer, wag your Chinese finger in Americas Face, and taunt the americans – call me a lier, I dare you, Iam telling the truth on the American People, I got the first Asian Hired at the National zoo in Washington DC/ and can prove it ! the Washington Post newspaper is afraid to ask / the most read news paper, by the Leaders in the American peoples capital the Wash. Post newspaper – I shouted this over and over at a demo in front of the White House you can see the photo on the Photo page at this Demo. I shouted this statement where in the hell were the the rest of you Americans?

Using FBI - Mueller III again and  again to stick it to Bob Woodward, yet again, bob Works at the Washington Post Newspaper in D.C / how did he get his medal ?  the same medal pres Kennedy got / Mueller III got the Bronze Star how hed Earn it the old Fashion Way?  or the new  way, I’am a Officer give me a Medal way


Listen Up - all FBI Agents - John Ashcroft and FBI- Directer Mueller III—

Did - FBIs- Mueller III win his Bronze Star in Nam or did they give it to him because he was an officer? Make him answear Bob woodward too  make em both answear

The redmonk has no medals on his chest , Bob woodward a Naval officer in Nam, got the Navy Marine Corp. medal, a bravery Medal, he did not earn it, the Navy gave it to him because he was a Navy officer- he works for the Washington Post newspaper in the Nations Capital –USA, and crows he- brought down Pres. Nixon, that’s why Iam asking about FBI- Muellers -III - Bronze Star ? I saw FBI Muellers Wife at his confirmation hearing shes indeed a hunny bun , FBI- Mueller has two Little White Does,-( Daughters) I saw em at this hearing in the Hart Building, - Former FBI directer Loue Fhree had 4 White little Bucks- (Boys) – the redmonks shouts - it’s a wild life refuge over their,- at FBI headquarters in Wash, D.C - call me a lier? Please keep in mind---------------

Thought police come for you in america and fire you from your Job- if you use the wrong word, but there are no books in America that tells you which words you will be punished for saying and then - forced- sent-to sensitivity training ,- like a common criminal and or hounded out of your job, for saying that word,  what ever the wrong word is this week,    or you are removed from the University, for using the wrong word.    the United States of America is a Plastic Democracy and a mild Fascist State, Mild but still Fascist /-- the redmonk at the - Oliver # II Coal Minein the mountains , in the Coal fields –In America, telling truths – I shouted this at a demo in front of the white house  nobody said I was crazy at this demo  for saying this 

There is no democracy on the Earth, any where, and for sure,- not in America- a Plastic Democracy-)- America,-) Is a Living LIE,- telling other Peoples of the world,- how to live and there is little freedom here at Harper valley PTA America . Ids Cards coming next / and the white sheep Americans are silent / not the redmonk

---- Harper Valley is in reference to an American song by the Same Name - sung by Jeany C Riley go out and buy it, listen to it, then you will understand. The American Government /

Mr. John Ashcroft , Bobbie Meuller III and all FBI Agents- listen up - I want the Whoole World to read this web Site,- so the World can laugh at America and its People, for being a living lie on the World ,- then America can get better.

Don’t be Afraid to tell your Country it’s no Good. A Country cant get good if it Don’t know it’s Bad .

Don’t be afraid to tell America she is no good. America cant get good if she don’t know she’s bad . tell her, to hell with her Americans feelings, tell America off , don’t worry about Americas feelings , tell her off. America haint no Virgin

Don’t be afraid to tell the FBI it’s no good. the FBI cant get good if it don’t know it’s bad. Tell those FBI SOBes

The terrorest called the redmonkee the last sweet white man left in America – shouten -35 yards from the Oliver #2 coal mine, below chestnut ridge- the redmonk shouten to the people of the world – tell America off, don’t be afraid, Tell her, tell America , don’t worry about Americas feelings, tell her off . (said as a Educational Taunt to the People of the World) and to the coward American white people


Don’t be afraid to tell a man he’s no good A man cant get good if he don’t know He’s bad .

Coal Mine supertendent –Homer Hadley Hickem SR --at the Ogla Coal Mine , in the Coal fields , in the Mountians, in the State of West Virgina ,- in America, - and he did not have a College Degree /---------------------------

The American Government that is against the white skin- Blue Collar working class people in America, such as Little farmers, miners, Factories workers in America and the American Government that never did anything for Mountain people, in American History,- but give crumbs,, no State in America has been Plundered by out side people and Companies as the State of West Virginia has been ,the out side Companies never put any thing back in to the state, the American Government only takes from Mountain people and never gives any thing back to the People in the mountains and the Coal fields-

I lived their, I saw it , that’s how I know / call me a liar,- I dare you/ I didn’t live in the Coal Range of Homer Hickman who wrote some really great books about coalfield life, / he alone makes the Coal Field people look good and he has truly, indeed done great deeds and broght on himself and all of us Coalfeild Mountian people Honor but it must be said, the great- Homer ( the pigeon ) Hickman was a Rich kid from the coalfields, a Supertendents son - if hes honest he will say so and he touched on this in one of his books the houses they lived in at Coalwood were like high toned houses the redmonk lived in the lower end of the Coal Range the houses didn’t have paint on them they were grey, the fumes and grit wore the paint off / to day they belong to people who bought them and fixed and painted them up you can not capture the Coalfields of the 1940s and 1950s the movie October Sky Does a good Job, the scene about the Coal field boy going into the mine for the first time is a scene I lived, I was the one who ask the coal field boy who went down for the first time, what was it like down their in the Pits just like the scene in this movie, they do a lot of research before they do a movie, I have used and missed -used- Homers- Fathers Quote for good cause and effect, first its true and so honest, as a Coalfield boy, I couldn’t pass it up,- Its Pure Coalfield,-Raw and simple at the same time/ nothing much to figure out, just do it

At 10 years of age or so, the redmonk laid down gun fire on the Continental Coal Mine from a high hill, -had to get a rock to stand on in front of a cherry tree, to get the height right, and poured shot after shot down on the mine shack, where the mine Super. was – a--- world war I Soldier taught the little redmonk to shoot with a Springfield 30-06 Bolt action model- 1903 military rifle- with (cold iron sights) this rifle from world war- I - I fight back!

A redmonk educiational Taunt below-------- and don’t forget to take a peek at redmonk apples and Oranges bottom of page

The redmonk doesn’t want the White American people to read this Web site, they could’nt handle the Truth on this web Site / in the April 19th Rebellion in America –( on going today )- / the Brave- Anglo Saxon- Rebel Soldier – known as Tim McVeigh – his- statement about the Americans, was- they couldn’t handle the Truth / this is a true Statement on the cowardly white Race In America, call me a lier I dare you / weigh your balls against mine, and mine are small, so yours must be very very small / why haven’t you stood up against Political Correctness as I indeed Have ?/ because your balls are very very small, that’s why, /! you white guys out their- ask any black guy if Iam lieing about you white guys and your Balls ? Hate me, you white Mfers, hate me for telling the truth on you – Iam the American Terrorist the FBI calls the redmonkee,,and the very very last white man left in America on the East Coast I see why you white people never sent me any Money who would blame you, after what I said about you – but show me were I lied? Rebel McVeigh never got his story out , I ,am 

The End –Go Home you silly White People in america – and wait for whats commin

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