Paul Mellon at the cut below Summit Mountain

Paul Mellon , Art patron and Horseman, nearly killed the Remonkee when he was a little monkee, just below Summit Mountain off Chestnut Ridge. Paul Mellon rode horses in these mountains. At a horse event at Summit Mountain the little Redmonkee went up the mountain to get a look at the horses, at a place on the mountain called the "Cut". As the Redmonkee saw two horses with riders pass him  fast heading down the cut. Paul Mellon came accross the cut on a chestnut horse., with a white stocking on his front leg. He had to pull his horse up real hard to keep from running over the Redmonkee.

He reined up within inches of the  Redmonkee. Old Man Mellon leaned down from his horse and  gave the Little Redmonkee a hard look down his long Anglo nose, that made him look like and angry Eagle. And he said in a soft voice; "Look where you're going." As he turned his horse around at the post trot and came  around and rode down the cut. He then turned his head at the Redmonkee and gave a long stare. And raised his voice just a little, saying "Stay off the trail". He then said,-,,- he would tell some special person he saw me *- Then he was gone around the bend. The Little Redmonkee was a wee bit shook up. If the forced stop by Paul Mellon, caused him to lose the competion, the Redmonkee has no way of knowing.

Goodnight Mr. Mellon wherever you are?



the wee redmonk mystery is,- who did old man Mellon tell ?, who was that special person?



Paul Mellons' book ,- "Reflections in a Silver Spoon"

read it.

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