George C. Marshall High School

Falls Church, Virginia U.S.A

This- old  Up date  Dec 10th  ,2002---  new- up date Dec... 25. 2003

 Every thing new for the year 2003  will  have the year 2003 date in green beside it  ***

Listen up,- All * Redmonkees,-

 this a Redmonk-    Red  Alert.

This date-    Nov.,14, 2002 All redmonkee Brigade members  go to the trophy room,   the new Arlington County page   and the up date page,   on link Page  for  info. On the attack on the Redmonk by Arlington County police,------- broken ribs, torn and ripped Hernia, collapsed lungs —prepare for total E- mail war  , with out mercy, /-  send tons of e-mail to 60 min –20 /20 TV investigative showS,- send  e-mail to the Russian Parliament  to Mr. Vladimir Zhirinovsky and all members of the  Russian- Pamyet org. inside Russia  hit all news papers Editors in France,- Berlin Germany , Beijing University in China, all of the  Australian tv stations in all their news rooms, shame , the US Naval Cowards -Bob Woodward, and Ben Bradlee  of the Washington post news  paper in Washington d.c the owners Donny Graham and his sister lalley – their mother kay graham  Bob and Ben  all knew about all of this  on this web site years ago from the get go and not a peep out em. I got the proofs of cert mailings  to em ,-   burn em up,- as they say-  Blitzkrieg -e -mail ,- let those Rockets- fly- take down every Television station and news Room in the world Covert Reds were the hell are you ?,- Rocketeers where you at ? Bulls eye-  hits all over the world    / in the most awesome  E- mail - attack in the history of

Cyber space , ever ! /

 At the bottom of  this page  is the Redmonks  last message-  to the Brigade . at the very bottom- the last message and the secret story most of the stories, would have been  for the Children’s page, little redmonkee page,- that were never written. Red alert – the Redmonk will be going under the knive in surgery at Arlington  Hospital oct  2 nd 2002 for the ripped Hernia, the Redmonk political trial is on hold until recovery  new trial date-- Dec 10 th 2002 - , new photos and tex on the- you know where 

 I will just do a paragraph of each short story  Ill Flesh it out, later if I ever get a chance,- maybe never,- but at least their will be a record of it  on this page – example of short stories-- the boxing chimps)- the Ball ) the shooting at 13 )-  the coast Guard story  ) the land mine explosion  )  The Coal minen Pit pony   who escaped from the coal mines and lived free in the woods below Chestnut Ridge also- cross burners at Ches nut Ridge  I’ve dedicated a movie to this very sorry-( Butt Web site) of mine called:

 The: Flight of the Phoenix

 Will the Redmonkees get the

Air plane wing ) out of the desert,?   just as in this movie?  building this web site, now going on 5 years  is  Just like getting the plane-Wing out of the desert, as in this movie believe me . two steps forword 3 Steps Back.. a blow up -  a night mare-  the Redmonks web master aka-  Sour Kraut who lived in the woods and was the stalker of Arlington. The Arlington- judges ,cops, Cong. Moran   and, Arlington County.- proscuters, Ellen Bozmen jerry Falwell the Christian leader,- all, knew and- all kept silent,- he the Arlington- stalker was like this German engineer in this movie, , the Redmonk was like the pilot Jimmy Stewart in charge  the director-  and don’t worry about the Arabs slitting the Throats, those were the wet rat - Homeless informants for the  Arlington- po lice against the Redmonk, they got what they deserved,-  the short stories ,that I was saving for all you Redmonks in the Brigade this coming New year-  -2003 as a- Gift   But you all get it early. Because-

 I might not get there with ya

so all of you Redmonks fly the wing out of the desert

 yourall on your own

                    hold on tight, don’t forget the monkey –   Nov. 19, 2002 this date 

The Redmonkee calls on the   Student’s of-

-*George C Marshall- High School*- of Falls Church Virgina,

Including all of the Computer Nerds in this school,who must be -  Awesome..=*^%#*      

Hold Redmonkee parties; plan strategies, to help the Redmonkee.

Story on the Falls Church girl down below, keep going

Go underground if you have to and form Redmonkee Cells in your school, no more then 3 students to a Cell.

Form a Redmonkee Brigade on Animal rights and a Redmonkee Brigade to kill Political Correctness at your school, all true redmonkees will strike down Political Correctness, and become a member of the Jane Goodall Inst. And will have nothing to do with the PETA, org

Sing the Redmonkee theme songs, at these redmonkee parties./ the new theme song in the year- 2003-- Low down and dirty By Luther Alleson,-the new  Theme song in 2002, was- (forced on the redmonk,)- by Redmonkee Brigade members,- New- in 2002 ( Thunder Road )-old- 2001- was -( Jim Dandy)-  this song was the redmonks first old theme songs.    ( Dance the Night Away- by the Mavericks) - ( Gloria )- ( you are my Sunshine ) this song for ther she girl ape of the  CB CB –circus:  song by- Governor Jimmie Davis  - (take a chance on Romance) song–by Billie Joe Shaver) –    the Slavic Bridal Dance )_  Played with a Silver Cornet , accordion and stand up Base.- the way it was played in the coalfields 1940s- Listen up- this just in hot off the wire  year 2004 new theme song for 2004 Pretty Boy Floyd by the Byerds- knock ya out -

The Redmonkees War songs- are –(Liberty) - a French Canadian Trappers Tune) and (Moven on) by old-Hank Snow, and ( Give me that old time Rock and Roll ), (Johnney be Good )  both by Chuck Berry-  My Baby does the Hanky Panky )  (Why does the Black bird Sing) – this song, sung only, by - Gypsie! Woman, ) – One endless Night )  aka- the  Buddha song- by Jimmie Dale Gilmore – new theme song for 2004- called- Pretty boy Floyd – by the Byrds ) dedicated to the Redmonks first bank job—read on if your brave


look for all the theme songs within the Redmonkee web site …….help out, any which way you can, I need all of you to help,

. All Redmonkees will fight for and protect the –

Clyde Beatty Cole Bro. Circus- when it comes to your town. This is the Circus the Great- She Girl Ape, lived in, before she was murdered ,she wore the straw skimmer hat, with a blue ribbon ,this Circus ,was her home / all redmonkees will stand on the line, / and fight to keep dirty PETA Away from the she Girl Apes home- the Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers Circus – stand and fight, do not back off the line, were you plant your feet, is were you stand or you fall- Do not, back up / and never never smile

Get this, the redmonkee story out, (Any which way you can)

I need your help,- Students of.. George C Marshall High..Falls Church Va.-

 check out the link page …date Oct- 15, 2001…. don’t let me down…Marshall High….. shouts the redmonk- do something, don’t just stand there picking your nose* and

talking to a goose,….. help out, Do Something, shouts the Redmonk.don’t just stand there .

This up date Jan19 2002 get the panda letter to the Chinese people, get this info to the Russian students in Moscow and all students in ,Germany, the City of Berlin , at the  free Berlin University, to the high School Students of France, Italy, Ruthenia in the Carpathian Mountains of Europe, every were and any were you can,

you computer Nerds have the know how, I don’t, I need your help!

Form a Redmonkee Brigade, in your school now, today, do it !

The Redmonkee Rocket base, is called

( Red Rocket- xxx

7707/P-39 Mundee-V2,)

The Rocket base and Bunker complex to be used by the Redmonkee Rocketters—(Computers Nerds), who fire…… e- mail rockets--- all over the whole world,to help get this- the redmonkee story out.  The Rocketters Bible is a  book  Called Cyber Shock  its in  your library

The Covert ) Redmonkees, work totally alone, no one, absolutely no one, knows who the hell they are, or were they strike, Covert Redmonkees strike silent and deep,for the Redmonkee through out the World. And they never talk about it  Covert redmonks )  never have a name, -- like WW II- L.S.Ts-: ,they only have  # numbers, not a name / and or they have world War II sub names / some people call em the Covert Reds .. others callem the CRs what ever,!- they are indeed Dangerious +&~7777… &!~~~+_~~@# ^* $%

.Any thing can happen, stand back , shouts the Redmonk, let those --- ……E-mail Rockets- Fly, make the whoole world screeeam!

  Guy redmonks dress code is black hat the kind the Amish men wear  with a black crow feather and or goose feather no more then three feathers, and or a Beret , -  hair style is the 1950s duck tail and the Hollywood box / tie will be worn world war two style tucked in three buttons down,   Pance pulled up , not hanging , the music ,- the Shavers , the Mavericks / no hip hop allowed.    the redmonk means to make 2002 look like-------------    the- 1950s

 She girl- redmonks wear the staw skimmer hat with blue ribbon  the one,- the She Girl Ape wore in the Clyde Beatty Circus,  she girls- redmonkees wear the Amish girls hat and some of their dress  and or the modern Gypsie skirt,- check with the Arlington county female, Gypsies on the skirt style,- across from marios pizza,- Bible Thumpen she- girl Redmonkees will wear the Salvation Army Hat bonnet, and or a Tam,- all Bible Thumpen Redmonks will only do hard prayers not soft  ones   - any Bible Thumpen Red caught doin a soft prayer is out,-  gone,- hit the road jack.- Down the Highway, Goooo    when on the fight line for the Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers circus (no Buffoons allowed)  no smiling when on the fight line smiling is a sign of weakness 

the story on the Falls church Girl, Down Below – Keep Going )

All- (She Girl- Redmonkee- Brigade Members , will join a Pigeon club and raise and learn how to fly Pigeons,- called-( Rollers and Tumbler Pigeons ) and get their Dad to help the- she girl redmonkees- to build a pigeon Loft -all - she girl- Redmonkees will go to the Internet and type in-

( JAYs pigeon World) and click on the, clickable Pigeon )

All- - Guy- Redmonkee’s will follow the- She Girl- Redmonkee;s to- Jays Pigeons World  )- go to - - Jon’s Roller Pigeon Page ) – go to - The Flying Pigeon Loft ) this site is for Tumblers ) –( Pigeon Russia II ) - these sites, are info. On- pigeons for the She Girl- Redmonkees.

-- Guy- Redmonks, will raise- Raceing Pigeons, and build your own Pigeon Loft ( if you cant build your own pigeon loft, get out of town !) form a pigeon club, at your school,- get into Raceing Pigeons. when The redmonk was a wee red monk ,he had pigeons, they were wild, taken from the wild as young,, some of the mountain coal field boys had Homer pigeons /always play classical Music for your pigeons and or barn music, from the 30s 40 s50s 60s grab a chair and a  and the famous redmonk Summer kooler drink and be alone with and watch your pigeons/ thel teach you a lot/ just watch em youl see also use  10+50 power wide angel binoculars to watch Bees and your Pigeons

If Redmonkee Brigade Members don’t like Pigeons, get into Honey Bees

Go to the internet type in---

 ( Bee and or ( Georgia Honey Bee ) on the open page/ the redmonk had two bee hives, he kept in a yard in Falls church Va, his first Bees were a strain of Bees Called – Midnights -/ they were not aggressive enough and other bees from other hives beat them up and took their honey/ then I got Italian Bees and they did pretty good / next a lady friend called me on the phone and informed me, they had a swarm of wild Bees in the yard, could I come and collect them / I misted them down with spray water and smoked em down with a smoker and cut the limb of the bush and dropped the swarm in to a empty hive, with honey comb and they were the best bees I had / to be a member of the redmonkee Brigade you have to do something, you got to be alive ,you can’t hang out in a parking lot picking your nose and talking to a goose / you got to do something / Raise Pigeons , Raise Honey Bees, / Shoot rockets e- mail for the redmonk, no spamming please, or they will come for, and get the redmonk in trouble/ if nothing else, be a Bible Thumpen Red monkee, thump that old Bible and pray, do something / pleease no Buffoons,/ be focused, and never smile, when your on the Line /-on demonstrations, all red monkee Brigade Members will paint one Arm With red dye, all the way to the Elbow and or paint half their face with red dye , all She girl redmonkees, will wear the same straw skimmer hat with a blue and white ribbon, just as the She Girl Ape did, ,who lived in the Clyde Beatty Cole Bros Circus / and play the redmonks War songs to get fired up

all Redmonks will become Hawk watchers::  and make at least one pilgrimage to Hawk Mountain in Potts town Pa. At place called Snickers Gap-  in the Fall--13 ooo hawks fly over  Hawk mountain each year ???   they have a web site,)  the redmonk would go for a week and stay at the cut, below the hawk mt-. Visiter center, and  camp out,-  you have to be a member  to use the cut  at hawk Mt. At night s ya can watch the bats flying about,-  build a fire  take Ben stine book with ya  all redmonks must visit the hawk mt at least once in their life time   once ya go ya may keep goin / week ends are hell  / so are holidays  / so what,? goooo / youl might like it /  the redmonk loved it / and was a member of hawk MT.

All Redmonkees, will attempt to get employment with the Clyde Beatty Cole Bro. Circus,- Tent show - (helping the Roustabouts to raise the Circus Tent, and other type of Circus work, Etc. While the Circus is in your town, ask for the Great David Hoover or David Black or the Great Cody, they will get you a little job, for a couple of days, why not ?

the story on the Falls Church girl down below – Keep going, keep going, youl get there,

it might take a while?

Read these books –(And Justice for none) by cowboy lawyer Gerry Spence / Twilight of American Culture) by Morris Berman /( Hating Whitey ) by David Horwitz /( Give me liberty) - by Gerry Spence- Cowboy lawyer-) Flag of are Fathers)- -  written by Bradley--  several photos of the Ruthenian American US marine Sgt. Strank is in this book,  Sgt. Mike strank is listed as a Chezk,- he was a Ruthenian, not a Chezk  the chezks owned our land Ruthenia,- that’s why Strank is called a Chezk,-  make sure you call Sgt Strank a Ruthenian ))) AndyWarhol the famous artist is Ruthenian- Sandra Dee- movie Star –a Ruthenian  - Tom Ridge –a Ruthenian  in charge of home land security - is Ruthenian-- our Ruthenian lad-  Tom Ridge won a bronze Star with v for valor in Nam for bravery,- Pres. Bush gave Tom a dirty job, why you might ask?-  Tom Ridge has no power  to make change, if Tom has no power how can he make change and or be in charge? - the Redmonkee a friendly - Terrorist  aso- Ruthenian ,-- there are a # of Ruthenians in town,-  all list em later,- we are 3oo,000 strong in the home land of Ruthenia , that’s all that’s left we haint goin ta die out as the UN said we are,- we Ruthenians are going ta take over, so all you Americans get the Hell out a the way the Ruthenians are here move over,- everybody---

--------------this book by Stien is # 1 for Redmonkees--     --- Cowboy logic –by Ben Stien /- ……. Dogs- by Raymond Coppinger and Lorna Coppinger /

….The Circus at the edge of the earth  /-

A-    (   A-  Lawyers Life ) – by Johnny Cochran, --

B-    ( The Secret Story )– what the America Government did to Italians Americans  during World War II – C-- ANOLA GAY--  written by Gordon Thomas Max Witts

C-     there are men in your Neighborhood  who were solider in world war II who are alive because of what Col. Paul Tibbets did with his B- 29 plane the Anola Gay named after his mother  all redmonkees must ask at least one world war II soldier if he was grateful for the Anola Gay and Col Tibbets-,  this story of the bombing of Japan to stop the war will go on for ever,-- so that’s why all redmonkees must ask world War II vets about the Anola Gay while theWWII vets are still alive, askem about the Atomic bombing of Japan to stop the war askem- ( 2000 world war II vets die every day in America from old age ) ya redmonks better start askin em now,- to day don’t ya think,- this is no different then me talking to and spending time with  the 80 year old drummer Boy from the American Civil war back in the 1940s I also debriefed all World  War II vets right after the end of the war in  1945  I chased em and made em tell me what happened, some time they would say you can ask me three questions that’s all the also showed me photos of the war  their buddies,- their jeeps, trucks, tanks, and tell me stories    some times they would break down and cry and I would flee in embarrassment for them, not for me-- because in the 1940s a man was not allowed to cry, woman cry, not men    I gave world war II vets therapy  in   the 1940s long before talk therapy came in vogue, which was about the time of the  Viet Nam war    they set up talk therapy groups the WWII vets also gave me things they took of of dead Germans Soldiers  a compass , knives bayonets helmets  that’s how I got interested in History  and Grave yards  you read this book ya will have something to say to defend Col; Tibbets and the Anola Gay  as I did at a work place at 6 dollars an hour and they were going to fire me- also while I was demonstrating in front of the Smithsonian for the Anola Gay and Col Tibbetts with my signs that said—( world war II children for the Anola Gay )- general Tibbetts came out and held my sign and had his picture taken with me he was at the smithsoniamn for some reason and the Doscents told him I was out their  they took the pictures the docents were WWII Dudes  you redmonks do the same thing

all redmonkee Brigade members must read these books, to be a member of a Redmonkee brigade and get your mother or father to read them also,. so they all- togeather can call the F.B.I - if there is any thing dirty on this site. / do call Robert Mueiler  III of the F.B.I

Now - the story----- aaaat laaaast!

An 8-year-old little girl, from Falls Church, Virginia, (by chance some of you might know her, ask around )- she and her family were on the plane with the Redmonkee- Terrorist, When the Redmonkee, made his run to- Russia, U.S.S.R.

she sat in the seat next to the Redmonkee, not knowing he was going to defect – she had no clue what ever, that she was going to be rounded up in the Cosmo Hotel, with other Americans /She spoke with the redmonkee as they flew the skies deep into the-( Soviet Union- USSR and landed in Leningrad, Russia

Her father is from India, her mother is an American. They own a computer store in Falls church Va.. Her brother’s name is Raj.

Who is she?….??????????????

She knows the Redmonkee story. Get this info to her.

Her family was rounded up in the COSMO,S HOTEL down- town MOSCOW U.S.S.R , by members of PAMYAT, along with other Americans, this, was after the Redmonkee went to PAMYAT and told them, what the Smithsonian did to him. The Red monk went to –KGB - headquarters building in Moscow and told his Slav Bros. what happened at the Smithsonian /

,PAMYAT vowed revenge, on the Americans and came to the hotel to get them, the Americans, didnt have a clue why they were getten rounded up,- they  acted poorly, like the apostles, at the last supper, repeating over and over wasn’t us, it wasn’t us…we didn’t do it !. it was the SMITHSONION !… It was the Smithsonian that did it! not us!

Have a banana and remain kool… contact members of……. PAMYAT tell them about the dead Slav girls body, Story on the link page… click on security guards… then you will understand????

.. more on this later… you will have to come back for the rest of this story…. stay tuned.., have a banana.. and go to look for (Chestnut Ridge- were the youngest Bank- Robber - in American History, took down the Fayette County National Bank),- General, George Catlett Marshall was born and reared, in this small Mountain town, and the two youngest Bank robbers in American History, were caught inside this bank, as they tried to make their getaway outa bank-( a true story that’s never been told)—the youngest bank robber -his photo will be coming soon !- for your collection) as of this date Jan 27, 2002 the photo is on the link page now - under Youngest bank robber and poney rustler,

all of you ,help the redmonk  get work doing commercials for banks- All redmonkees hit the Banks tel em I do commercials as the youngest bank Robber in American history--  cj koritko P.o. Box 11167 Arl. Va.

E-mail Cj need the money, get me that job !   hit them banks, now, today, do it. Go to the president of the Banks,-  the top Kick / cut the redmonk a deal with the president of the Bank  tell em the Red monk commercials will knock em out / and bring business to their bank. Think bold!

Down load this site, in toto, and keep it hid in storage, added new stuff in 2004  the US Government and the FBI, the Smithsonians Inst -------- Sec,-.Larry (the guitar) Small And the National Zoos, Dir.-- Lucy( the Goose) Spelman—the jewish Americans  Abe Foxmen-- do not want this site up, this site has been blown up a few times, who did it?

The Publics right to know supercedes all rights of the US-Government, and or the Smithsonian and National Zoo/ and FBI, ask your school teacher, if that is indeed true, if you have trouble with your Teacher, go to the American Civil Liberty Union and ask them to get you a lawyer, so you can sue your school and your teacher, contact -Thor Halvorssen )-Dir. Of the- Foundation for Individual Rights in Education –( FIRE )- take em to court and collect the money. Let the law suits begin, if Marshal High, cant cut the Red hot mustered for the redmonk, the redmonk will turn this request for help and assistance, over to McLain High school students in McLain Va,( the redmonkee has no choice.

every one - Contact Kay Graham,of the Wash Post Co, in Washington DC and ask her, who killed her Husband, the late- Great- Phil Graham. Contact- little- Lalley Graham Waymouth, ask her, who killed her father- the- Great- Phil Graham, also: Staff Writer, for the Wash Post news paper, is Jacqueline Trescott, ask her, if her boss, Kay Graham, owner of the Wash. Post, News Co. - told her to be silent, as concerns the Redmonkee,- ask Linda St. Thomas who is -( asso. Dir. For media relations at the Smithsonian Inst,) if she ask the Wash. Post news Co. not to do the redmonkee story, because it would embarrass the Smithsonian, and the Jews, both Linda and Trescott and all of the Wash Post news Co. employees- Bob Woodward, Rich Cohen, Lalley Graham Elsa Walsh etc. refuse to warn you, of a possible Arab Freedom Fighters Attack at the Zoo and Smithsonian, that will no doubt get you and your mother, Father ,Brother Sister, and grandmother- killed!?

All of these people who’s names are mentioned, have the Chinese- Amb. Letter, and not one of them will warn you, Why? only the Redmonkee is warning you, why?- is not Lucy- (the goose)- Spelman and Larry Small, warning your mothers,? is Larry Small to little for his Job as Sec. of the Smithsonian?, your School board , knows about the Child killing Jew at the National Zoo, who shot to death 13 little Arab children,, no one, on the County Board of Arlington Va. has warned you- but the redmonk, Why ? Supreme Court Judge, Rehnquist and his daughter, his dear little Wife, the Rehnquist Family know’s all about this,- a for real possible Attack at the National Zoo and have not warned your mother, so she,- your Mother, can decide if its, safe for her children, to visit the Smithsonian. think about that ,? - that she-, your mother, who gave you life, is not allowed to decide / (get the picture ?/ something funny going on here / with all this silence ? they, the Jews and Goverment Officials, and most of them dirty Christians,- all of them together, protecting their jobs and Pensions, just as the FBI did at Waco and Ruby Ridge and the Oklahoma city bombing,, where they, the FBI- lied and covered up, to protect their pride and pensions. none of these Government people, not one of them, care about you / think about that, really think about that, all this silence, to protect the Jewish people From Shame, that they, all hid a jewish Child Killer of 13 little Arab children, the youngest 6 years old and you American High School students and your mothers wonder why the Arabs, flew a plane into the Twin towers in New York City and the Pentagon and killed more than 3000 americans?

The Jewish People and the dirty Christians,- at the Smithsonian Inst. hid a jew who killed 13 Arab Children and he worked at the Zoo and the Zoo and Smithsonian officials then punished the Redmonkee for bringing it up, the Smithsonian officials PhDs are worried about there wounded pride, that all them, together, the Jews the Dirty Christians and the Intellectuals committed fraud and deceit on the American- Mothers and Children ( call me a lier, I dare you)

And then- these same - jews, and Dirty- Christians, and Dirty- intellectuals- were bested by the Redmonk- an uneducated mountain Coal field Slav- who was raised 35 yards from Oliver # 2-Coal Mine- in the mountains / think about that, you Americans, your all second class citizens, for only one reason, all of the Jews, and dirty Christians and Dirty- Smithsonian and National Zoo Intellectuals, are concerned about, is their pride and shame and fear of loss of face and their pensions and Reputations, they all, to a man and woman don’t care about you, the American People but they all work for you, the American people. And your mothers and Fathers Pay the Smithsonian s Bills think about that, your mother pays 75% of the Smithsonian Budget to keep the Smithsonian going and they the US Government and the Smithsonian Officals Larry small and Lucy the Goose Spelman treat your mother like a mushroom, meaning, keep her in the dark and cover her and your father with horse manure just like mushroom farmers do to mushrooms in the coal mine .

Should they all be fired and removed from their Jobs at the same speed as they removed the redmonk from the Zoo?/ is this Class war fare - between the lone Slav Ruthenian from the Coal fields with no education,- no money for lawyers and the Smithsonian Intellectuals with many university Degrees,, tons of lawyers and  Tons of money to fight and over power the Coal Field Slav, the Slav,- they call the Redmonkee. will the Coal field Slav, get the Smithsonian Intellectuals/ and bring em down or will Smithsonian PHD Intellectuals defeat the Coal Field Slav,- stay tunedthis is the last phase of the war, coming up, / with Asbestos in my lungs and 50% hearing loss, due to a ( Land mine ) all sevice connected and 64 years of age I Have nothing to lose, as Rebel soldier- McVeigh said ,- a man with nothing to lose ,is the most dangerous man in the world / could this statement by - Rebel- McVeigh be true?


This - war between the Redmonk and the Smithsonian and the US Government will be over when the cows come Home and the Whores sing in the Elephant House at the National Zoo and they hire Military Veterans and White Ethnics in large Numbers. /- and the Smithsonian officials must get down on their knees begging forgiveness’, the officials must dress and look and act like the sculptor by Rodan- called -  ( the Burgers of Calais being brought to the Caliph ) / that, shouts the redmonk, is Justice not that Crap they give you in an American Kangaroo Court Room, such as in, Judge (Tommy the Mick) Hogan’s Court room   in U S District Court,- Washington DC   no Justice at all , ask- Lawyer- Gerry Spence if the Redmonk is Lieing?

This war will be over When and - or--- the redmonkees is dead and or the Smithsonian Inst. and or National Zoo looks like the Twin towers in New York City? you get the Picture, if I die their will be no one to continue the struggle, the war is over ,- if the Arab freedom fighters take out the Smithsonian Complex on the Mall in Washington Dc with a Nuclear device,- then the war is over   the redmonk will have no reason to fight the Smithsonian over my stolen wallet  the Smithsonian Inst.  stole from me------    ( My pension ) the Smithsonian will  seize to exist / my wallet with my pension in it can not be recovered, the Smithsonian Inst is Gone for ever  / the war is over,- I lost !  meanwhile,- Iam still in the Hunt –the Fight,- what ever, it haint over / the Smithsonian owes me and the Smithsonian says they haint Paying diddly Shi# / the Smithsonian says they don’t owe me nothing, they say, I lost ! End of story-   so -says the Smithsonian Inst. !

The redmonk says,- end of story my As$ / I got plenty of stories to tell on the Smithsonian  so the American people will know what really happened over at the Zoo / It haint over  till the Whores sing in the Elephant house at the National Zoo and it haint goina be over,- till the Cows come home .  you can take that to  your Bank Savings account and deposit it /  you Smithsonian SOBes / each and every one of you, you know who you are / you sweaten yet? Or are ya putting on a nother diaper-  Oliver # 2 Bullseye  on you Smithsonian Inst.--  hire more Military veterans , and white Ethnics and the redmonkee might go easy on ya over at the castle

The redmonkee will do nothing ,that’s illegal and or against American law. ( you get the picture/- the Smithsonian Budget is 7O % paid for, by the American Tax payers-( the People)- and they, the Smithsonian officials ,refuses to Obey Government rules and Regs. because they, the Smithsonian, says they are a private agency, If, I pay 75% of your bills,- you do as I say,and the American people say , We the People do not do, as the Smithsionian says / the Smithsonian does not know its place, they the Smithsonian officials, are nothing more than hired hands and Hired help, working for wages /. Their, Smithsonian s place, is at the feet of the American people,- also, this, was the American peoples-- Tax Money, the Smithsonian used to pay its Lawyers,to defeat me / think about that ? and I Had no money for Lawyers—( this injustic will not stand , I can assure you! /

I.                   the Smithsonian officials have snot on their noses, the same way that Brahma Bull’s do,/ the snot hangs down- to the ground !( youve all seen it ?)- only the redmonk knows how to slap the snot off the Smithsonian Inst, with out breaking any laws and or getting any snot on the Redmonks hand- know what I mean?


….What is Whispered in the closet shall be proclaimed from the house tops.

_Louis Brandeis and Samuel Warren, Havard Law review ( 1890)

don’t be afraid to tell a man he’s no good. A man cant get good if he don’t know he’s bad

Coal Mine Superintendent – Homer Hadley Hickam Sr. at the Ogla Coal Mine-

( Who had no College educiation)

Allah Aqaba- shouts the Redmonkee-

God - is indeed Great !

For the Redmonkee Brigade members a little spoof on the PETA org., send this e-Mail to all your Pals in PETA:

The .Redmonks Roadkill Cafe .

Menue..   for PETA eyes ..  only

Amtrak Elk…………………………...8.95

Flat cat…………………………….….2.95

Served as a single or in a stack

Sun baked Snake……………………3.95

served Round or flat

Chunk of Skunk………………………..2.95

Served on the hide- only

Collie hit by a Trolley……………….….4.95

Thumper on a Bumper………………….1.95

Poodles -n- Noodels…………………...4.95

Your PETA Waitress,: is a little redhead named Wendy Thatcher, PETAs Vet:

Your PETA cook-is-- Mary Beth Sweetland –she cooks em up and Little Redhead Wendy,- serves em up, / is this a great country or what ?


This PETA Waitress, who is also PETAs VET- who saw  saw the 50 year- Circus Rascals reunion at the Clyde Beatty Cole Bro.Circus when it was set up,- behind the Central Library in Arlington Virgina, on 10 street ask the PETA Waitress  Wendy,- (she has pretty red hair,-little sweet wendy is also PETAs Vet ) ask her--if the redmonkee is a lier. She, the PETAs Vet was handing out fliers for PETa against the  Clyde beatty Cole brothers Circus with an old World War two woman with a cain / her aka- wwII Grandma, she is in a photo with the Circus Rascals / see news article, on PETA on photo gallery- 4 ,5 or 6

this Is the Famous 50th Reunion of the Circus Rascals

Behind the Arlington library on 10 th street  where Butch confronts the Circus Rascal CJ,- About the Murder of Butch’s Famous Show Business-( She Girl Ape from ( Clyde Beatty  Cole Brother Circus)  Circus Rascal Butch pulls his  old 45 colt western piece maker Pistol out and puts it on CJ and tells CJ hes goin to kill him,- Butch,- Blames CJ for the killing of Butches (She Girl Ape)- many many years ago when they were small children,-  CJ, tells Butch -to goa Head,- shoot,  shoot  CJ- pulls open his shirt so Butch can  get a good shot  at CJs chest,- the pistol is pointed out the Circus trailer Window for the longest time and the redmonk expectes to feel the thud of the  bullets impact into his chest, at any second- but a small circus boy Appears out of the tent crying with tears rolling down his eyes screaming to  Butch and Cj to,  Stop it, Stop it, he yells over and over again  /  then only silence,  as  all the Circus people  watched  and slowly the pistol in the trailer window went down  and every one in the Circus went about their Business, all quiet , It was a along time coming as they say , and  it came and went.

Arlington county Cops and Two Girls From PETA Know this story  they were their. Ask em  one was a Italian she girl Arl.- Cop and the other a Coal field Anglo Saxon Boy- Arl. Cop- who had 4 years to go then retire form the police force, askem  I say Askem. Don’t trust me, Askem.

The Redmonks favorites

Hot Sauce :- Habanero- Crystal Classic

Pizza- : Maros- In Arlington,Va ask for joe and Lefty

Restaurant -: Joe’s Pizza Arlington, Va - Lee hwy

Food store-: the Italian Store- Lee hwy -Arlington Va

Most beautiful woman at the Smithsonian -: Sonja a portrait

Movies -: Stage Coach-: J Wayne 1939 / the old Gringo /          //    Hud  / the Grey Fox / Platoon // October sky / Mattawan /

The RedmonksBook Store ?

All Free at your local Library

The :: Books:-

1st book ( -And Justice for none) by G Spence

2nd Book:  Give me liberty- both books by  cowboy lawyer Gerry Spence out of old Wyoming, read these books so you can protect your self from the system, so you can see it commin and get out of the way / you redmoks get in to legal trouble and this book tells you what the cost is  you need to know why the redmonks calls this book his # 1 and # 2  Bibles  and the book by Johhnie Cochran--- a lawyers life ) the redmonks third Bible

I never read the Turner Diaries, - I never saw the Book called ( the  Turner Diaries ) that Rebel soldier Tim McVeigh,( Rebel Tim  who  was in the -April 19 th American rebellion- ongoing today,) rebel soldier Tim and the American Militia movement  read and believed in this book-( the  Turner  Diaries ) and also Tim sold this book and or tried to push people to read this book called- ( the Turner Diaries  ) they the US Government,-  FBI etc. claim Rebel Tim gut the idea for blowing up the US Government Murrah Building in Oklahoma City from reading this book    I never saw this book,- the Turner Diaries ,- never read it.- I do not know what – ( the Turners diaries ) looks like or what is in side this book called  -(the Turner Diaries )  nor would I read it  for the obvious reasons,   I believe with all my might and soul what is written  in my books listed on  my book store list and what is in theses books I believe  in the exstream because it’s the pure honest every day common farmers sense truth and not political correctness , ( Political correctness which is  the opposite of truth )   I will die for and  give up my life for    what is in all the books in my redmonkee book store,-- what is written in  my book store  is why I am against the American Government and the  form and System of Government we the American people have to live under now -- to day in the Year 2003

Bias : by Bernard Goldberg, a jewish Boy who told the truth and was hounded and called mentally ill for doing so,- telling the truth  is now a crime of mental illiness in America  and the white Christians are silent  and looking down their noses at Germans for letting Hitler take over the news Rooms in Berlin germany 1939. WOW!   every thing you need to know about your 7 Oclock news men  -- don’t let them make up yur mind about the news, this book is indeed a Goldberg Chew  on the  News industry it haint jewish Candy called (Goldberg Chews)  this is the real Goldberg chew and it’s the jewish kid- Bernard -aka ( Bernie the jew)  doin the chewen,  if he was a zookeeper at the national zoo they would have called Goldberg mentally Ill  too  as they did the redmonk  how about the female FBI agents  who spilled the beans on the FBI they were Hounded  and Called mentally ill  for telling the truth  all Americans are silent,-  what cowards you Americans are,-  you don’t like freedom  you want Jim Jones and his purple lemonade ,- where Jones made his followers drink his  purple lemonade poision and killed 800 people in one day  jones also killed a US Congressman gunned him down  as the Congressmen was trying to get on his plane   what cowards ya white Christians are in America for remaining silent   and that’s why Rebel Soldier Mcveigh Killed ya  in Oklahoma  your no good as a people,- you’re a lie and a fraud on the World and the world knows it  that’s why americans are not liked in the world your phoney and they, the people of the world  see it,  the world sees the lie you are, and our outraged against you for telling the world how to behave and live --  read the Book Animal Farm and see if you see America ,- you and your mother in this book--  called Animal Farm , don’t trust me,- trust your selfs,   gather info  so you know what your talking about ?  the UN listed America # 13 in freedom for the American people 12 other countries have more freedom  if you come in 13 in a horse race ya haint a winner   America came in 13 in the horse race  the United Nations said so  I didn’t make this up ! get rid of Political correctness  political correctness is mental illiness for any nation  any were any time, because   you can never find the truth with political correctness

My American Journey- by Gen.  Colen Powell a increditable great guy from a place called Banana Kelly / a very descent man, a fair man,  a good man , and If Pres. George Bush replaces  this great Guy from Banana Kelly from his duties at the Us state Dept it will be because, - Colen _ as the great Jamaican people call Colin Powell  he was Fair,- Fair-  to all sides in the middle east, and the jewish people would not allow that- fair to all sides, )  he wrote some thing in his book that deeply impressed me, this great Guy from this little place called  banana Kelly- WOW - Iam impressed  for real ! I like   the photo of General Powell in his Cadet Uniform and a Colt 45 hanging from his Hip / a Kool dude   from Bannana Kelly, in that pose he could have been a Kool Dude from Chestnut Ridge in the Coal fields in the Mountians during the Korean War 1953-  in that photo

A lawyers life by the great- Johhny Cochran:: this is how cops and police depts. Are all over America including in LPD Arlington County Virginia  act and behave for real,- I lived it,- with the redmonks 3 Bibles you should be able to  save your self  from these corrupt justice dept officials in every court house in America  and or step out of the way,-

the killers of freedom is not Ben Laden ,-the killers of freedom and demoracy are in every court house in American the three serial Killers are

___--------    #1- Prosecutors the great frightened liars put the innocent away to protect their careers/ and make a name for them selvs  /  #2- Judges in black robes, aka- the leaning towers of Piza s they never lean for the people the black robes lean for the cops /   -the #3 dirty- Cops, who would rather lie then tell the truth  !

these three serial killers are 1000 times more dangerious then Ben Laden and the Arab freedom fighters  who are on trial in Alexandra Virginia  Court house 15 min by auto from Washington Dc . US attorney mcNutly  wants e- mail on this e- mail him

these three serial killers are in your Court house right now killing freedom  all across America  in every court house  in the united states, coast to coast  including  the Arlington county Kangaroo  court house ,Arlington - 15 min. by auto from Washington DC contact the- World Psychiatry association-  WPA- tell them,-- that American Government , including Arlington county Court house  and the White Female Prosecutors are calling  political Dissenters such as the redmonkee mentally Ill,-  to silence us ,-  just as in a Fascists State,-- Arlington County  government through the po lice dept. are using Psychiatry against those who dissent  such as my self who point out wrong doing by the Arlington  County government, the jewish people, and congressmen Jim  Moran   the Arlington po lice are stopping me and screaming at me that I am mentally Ill  as they did in the safe way parking lot at about 11 30 at night  with about 5 Arlington cops  the one in charge shouting that I am mentally ill all of them have their hands on their gun like cowards  this safeway  Market across from # 2 fire House,, calling me a Queer, mocking me  this is  abuse of me  and  the-  world  Psychiatry body ) - must brought in to investigate Arlington County  Police dept and the Arlington Government  to investigate these  accusations that this Arlington County through its prosecutors and a very mentally sick, uneducated  un worldly  police dept  is  acting  toward me .

the Case Against Lawyers  __ by Catherine Crier

this book  is dedicated to  the lawyers a criminal class in America – all lawyers of Arlington County Virginia,-  who work or practice law in the Arlington County Court House,-- located just 15 min by auto from the white house and the  American -US Capital,--  this book is dedicated to Judge Joan Alper,-  All- Commen wealth attorneys and  one -   Francine O’Brien,- Arlington Cops Tedla and Murphy,, Arlington county- Commen wealth attorney Richard Trodden,-    Arlington county Jail-  social worker the crazed Jew -Wolfenstien,- Supreme Court Judge Rienquest, of Arlington va.  Judge- Tommy the mick Hogan, at the  US district Court in - Washington. DC.   The three white Anglo Saxon woman on the   Arlington  County School Board., Elaine Furlow, Mary Hynes , Libby Garvey,- David Foster,- Frank Wilson -- all white retired Arlington County School teachers still living  in Arlington, county -- Arlington County Board members –  Barb Favola, Paul Ferguson, Jay Fisette,   and the prisoner Walter Tajada . and  all School children of Arlington County va.  School system -all schools ,-if you students know the addresses of these people send em a copy, tell em   your wise to their boloney

FATAL Deception  by Michael Bowker

The soon coming of  Death of the Redmonkee,   do read on-

The untold story of asbestos the diseases   that is killing the Redmonkee,-  the bottom of his lungs rotted out--- a death by asbestosis  doctors.have stated is worse then  death by A.I.D.S. some doctors. Have told victims of  asbestosis to go home and  kill them selves, to spare them selves the suffering, worse then the death from AIDS .

the Arlington Firemen  too will die a horrible death from asbestos gasping for air and with each gasping for air a knife is dug deep into the lungs  (Pain )  as will the redmonk too die this way,-- no body gets away from asbestosis, - noo bodeey -- firemen gut  it at the twin Towers 9/11 New York  and Arlington firemen gut it at the Pentagon on - 9/11 fighting  the  fire,-- Ill have plenty of company  gasping for oxygen  with a knife rammed in my lungs with each breath  as I try to get oxygen,--- Plenty of Company Plenty, Plenty ---- who died from asbestosis  ? Actor Steve McQueen ,Admiral Zumwalt,  Congressmen Bruce Vento, are just a few- the US navy knew  all about  the danger of Asbestos and did nothing to protect the Sailors,  the Redmonk was 17 and didn’t know what asbestos  was ,- it fell like snow from the Steam pipes in the  Ships engine room as we ripped it off doing repair work,- on a old WWII -US Navy  cargo ship the  Arneb  the Navy officers  knew. They wore masks

all Arlington County Students of all ages in every school-  I beg of you,- read this book so you can protect your self’s protect your moms and your pops--- a medical doctor told the redmonk three years ago that  he had about 10 years before it gut him, death,-  but   if he stays warm and does not hurt his lungs, trauma  etc. eats good food and does not get stressed out,- he may live a long time ?   the Doctor told the redmonk to go live in Arizona or Florida where its warm--   he gave me a tele # of a law firm that is suing over Asbestosis,-  President. George Bush said  in 2003--people such as  me  shouldn’t get money from the US Corporations who did this knowling to us  or the US navy  who did this to us,-  no one in power be it  American  Political or  Military’s  Leaders etc. gave us a choice, to work with asbestos or not to work with this dangerous product, we didn’t know what it was ? just insulation?

But I, and I alone  I a Ruthenian, not an Anglo Saxon,-- I a Ruthenian  not an Irish American, I a Ruthenian-, not a Scottish American  I a Ruthenian ,-not a welsh American  the Ruthenian—and only the Ruthenian gave your Mom and Pop a Choice ,-to go to the national Zoo or not to go  to the Zoo, and visit the Smithsonian Inst . On the Mall in Washington Dc. because of a clear and present  danger of an Arab Freedoms fighter attack because of the Child killing jew  Zookeeper  who worked  in the Zoo and the Smithsonian officials jewish and christian who protected  the Jewish Child killer and fired me  and if you read my web site youl know why  they fired me !!! --  the redmonkee was the voice,- the  one and only voice that gave your Mom and Pop a choice , the Mom that gave ya life  and changed your diaper- in case ya forgot    ask your mom and pop not to Vote for George Bush for president of the US, Why you might ask --?? because  all of our American leaders,- every where,-  are greedy, selfish for them selves,-  they take money from Enron Corp. but don’t want the people like my self- to get any- WOW  Phoney Phoney bull shi$ America !

the redmonk don’t feel bad about dying,- for real  he lived a full life,-  did what he wanted to do,-  I  regret nothing,- as the French Foreign legion says  because at the time  that’s the best I could do at the time  with the info I had and as far as dying goes::; welll- we all gutta go some time-  including youooooo , no bodeey, beats that ole nasty Alligator--    in ta the BoX shouts: the Gator  - to you and to meee  aaand !!

as the famous Ruthenian  American Artist: Andy Warhol favorite saying  went:

Soooooo Whaaaaaat !  said in a snotty tone of voice

Iam smiling and Iam dancin with the Gator,  the box can wait,- I haint goin! Iam goin ta beat it    this is the redmonk-  do read on

the dirty green nasty Gator needs a silver bullet dipped in diamonds chips  ta get the redmonk every body,do tell the Gator,--- Why tell the Gator ?   so it pisses the gator off ,- that’s why.


Sold to the highest Bidder –by Danny m, Friedenberg :: this book will keep you from being sucked into the ruling American Plutocracy elites boloney

Plutocracy : Government by the wealthy, -a ruling class of wealthy people who Rule  over every one  in America,-      as indeed they do now today - in 2002 !

Democracy : Government  in which supreme power is invested in the people and exercised by all the people:    we don’t have  that today in the year 2002 in America

we the American people live in a plutocracy, we the people are like cows being milked by the wealthy American Plutocracy- Enron Corp,- the democratic Political Party and Republican political parties are indeed the two mafia parties  Gangs,--

when the Italian word Mafia is mentioned in America ,-  this Italian word at no time means Italian Business men who are located in New York,- Philadelphia,- Chicago,- LosAngeles etc   who are just that,- business men,

this next question begs to be asked ---  who stole more,  who took more,- who murdered more ?- the Republican Mafia Political party ? or the democratic mafia Political  party or was it Italian Business men,,------ who stole more from the American people ? who murdered more people all over the world  ?  who ??

the Republican Anglo Saxon mafia party gang members  , -or the Angl0 Saxon Mafia Demacratic party gang members  or was  it  Italian American businessmen???/

who murdered more? who stole more?  Who took more from the American people?  the Mafia republicans on  Capital Hill and in the White House  and or the mafia democrats all  who are from the Anglo Saxon Mafia Republican  Gang--- in America  – think about that, --- as Rebel; Tim McVeigh like ta say: realy think about that.! I the redmonk call on the American people to Disband the two Mafia Political parties Rep. And Dem. And let Sen Grasley Sen mcain , Cong John Lewis and  Sen Arlene Specter run this country for  10 yeaRS TO GET DEMORACY BACK TO THE PEOPLE  and kill Political correctness.

and to think these two Mafia gang members the Republican Mafia Party and democrats Mafia party talk about Italian American Business men such as Mr. John Gottie –(  the Italian Prince ), the only thing bad you or any one  can say about the great Italian American businessmen in America and their Glorious Italian families  is ------the Italians don’t take enough !   that is indeed the only crime the Italian business men have committed –  in America they havent taken enough – call me a lier, I dare ya – count what the Republicans and the demacrats took from the American people, count it-  goa head count it,-  Enron Corp .- Etc. the White House took money from Enron corp.  see if iam lieing ? you Italians Americans students  don’ ever  forget what America did to  Italian immigrants  Sacco and Vanzetti the year- 1921 America  put them to death for what their political believes.were  And  be sure to make the Black and Jewish students move over as you  Italians American demand Miss white Cringer your coward white school teacher- teaches the  Italian American Evacuation of World War II 1940s-- a race crime against the Italians  (the secret story)  that the all white  Arlington County School board members are covering up  because their grandfathers were involved in the round up, and also involved in the race harassment of Slavs during the Communist Witch hunts   in the 1950s I lived through,   I lived it,   that’s how I know ,, I didn’t read it , I lived it !  if the all  white Anglo Saxons,-- Mary Hyanes, Furlow, Garvey. Wilson , Foster  etc. running the   school board refuses to teach the ( secret story  )in depth-  all white Ethnics students- Russian, Greek, Polish, Ruthenian, Italian, Arab Muslim   in the Arlington school system will walk out on strike backing the white ethnics Italian and Slav brothers and sisters up  call the news media first, ! film it and then sell it to the news Media

white ethnics are not British Isl. People who are the:  Scott, Irish, English, Cornish  people. An Italian is not a Scott,- a Russian is not English,  a Greek is not irish the only way white ethenics can get their fair share of America is to separate from  the white British Island Peoples who must stand alone by them selves, the Anglo saxon  people  who have ruled America for ever,-  after first defeating the American Indians  whos land we all are living on in Arlington county Va .    do ya notice that the black Americans do not offer to give back the land their house is on in Arlington county back to the Indian people,- were all phoney aren’t Weee ???/

Rise up you American,- take your land back ,- with a musket in your hand,- move on the court house and make the American   plutocracy shake and bake with fear   of the American peoples muskets in the streets, now today do it !

the coal towns and coal camps,- the redmonk new,- growing up 1940s were ruled by a Anglo Saxon  plutocracy: we were not free then,- we are not freee now-   be a real American,- grab your musket and go into the streets,-  take this land back , this land belongs to you and me    - not the plutocracies SOBes who suck off of us like red leaches- every American,- man, child and woman go now  today into the streets with a musket in your hands this American land is your land take it back- die with a musket in your hand  if you have to  - take the  American plutocracy SOBes Down this is your land  not theirs

all redmonkees go under ground  become Redmoles  keep in mind the Arlington County Muffets po lice- force are afraid of red spiders- the muffet Arlington cops seee spiders and scream !   the  Arlington County Cop -muffets must also be afraid of red moles, then / don’t ya think /?   Read this book and all my books  make up your own mind don’t trust the redmonk trust your self,! Sure as hell don’t trust the Arlington Police and Government or FBI ATF US marshal service  they murdered Sammy W mother at Ruby ridge  plant a tree on school property for Sammy’s-- mother 

(All Creatures great and Small  )  and every book written by the British Vet.- Harrett and all of the TV series made from this book /

The Circus at the End of the Earth.-- by – this guy knew Clyde Beatty,- the best circus book ever written about the circus  also look up www  and thess two web sits will give you info on how to defend the circus.

The Great wallenda Circus –by charles Wilkens

In a Sun Burnt country –by Bill Bryson- get it for your dad, tell your dad to take a powder *****

The Great circus Fire-by  Stewart Onan- this is the circus fire that little Butch was involved in  I believe

****** As Times go By: by Michael walsh---- a story of Casablanca-- the redmonk read it inside the Arlington County Jail doing time- his six months stint  the year 2002   gut it  from the jail library  this book -the ending of the greatest film of all time- some people say ?- is just the  beginning.  a  great read,  get it for your mushroom mom and mushroom Pop  tell both of em ta take a powder ****  when ya hear the sound of a world war II piston engine air plane flying over head : ( occasionally they come over -- landing at Reagan Airport?-)-  trust the redmonk  on this--    tell your mom to think of Casablanca,  because time does indeed gooooo byyyyy : ask your mom and pop about time, - and were does it go ??? goa head askem?  tell both of em to take a powder**** read this book and they will think they gut a great son or daughter  loookin out  for mom and pop who changed your diaper  when ya were  little and lot younger,  read ,it ya cant go wrong .

,,..- The Rocket Boys- by Homer Hickem  and Every book coal field Mountian- boy- Homer….Keep goin… that’s it keeepGoin

Homer (the Pigeon) Hickem, ever wrote/ all of em  because they ring true that’s how it was in the Coal fields  the redmonk lived it,- only on the other end of the coal range, we used pit ponies in the mine  - Homer used elec. Mantraps, not Pit ponies, Homer was the coal field elite,- because he was a Coal field Supertendent Son, he was what they also call a Moms Boy  / his latest book tells in the back Jacket of his book called  (Sky of Stone ) tells just how great a coal field Boy Homer was, he brought all of the Coal Field Mountain people Glory / Homer is big time , for real, a track laying coal field Mountain boy / Homer made us all look good by doing all the great things he did/ Its all- in the Back of the last book he wrote -  atta Go Homer /  Homer –When the Hell you goin a write a book about the lower end of the coal range –( the red monks Coal Range at the lower end in the- Cumberland Allegheny mountains    We used Pit Ponies- Homer,- not Elec Man treps,  the easy  way you had it at coal wood- and that house you lived in Homer,  was a Rich persons house in the Coalfields / that’s why I gave you the movie on the movie Page- link page – Called- Bro ken Lance  - I am the older brother in this movie,- you homer,- had it easy, see that scene/ every on get Homer Hickmen to run for the U.S .Congress from the State of West Virgina, he has a web site-  at /  look up the coal fields photos from the 1940, 1950s 1960s to see what the coalfields looked like in the redmonks time, wooden coal cars, cumin out of the mines pulled by pit ponies  not  the fancy steel one they have to day / homer Hickam should run for congress and then President of the united states – e -mail Homer he has a web site  and tell him the redmonkee Brigrade supports his run for president of the United States because the redmonk thinks-- Homer ( the pigeon ) Hickam  would make a good one / for real

This book a must  read book at all redmonkee brigade members bed sides at all times  - called --Cow Boy logic by Ben Stien to be kept by your bed side,( never to be removed,)- always read it when in a funk, just open it up( pot luck)/ keep by your bed side at all times never to be removed the  book written by US navy Seal- Commander Richard Marcenko

(Confessions of an S.O.B) by the Great - Al Neuharth,- words to live by, he founded the USA Today Newspaper) a Poor German Boy from the State of Dakota no one gave him nothing,  he went where  other White Guys were afraid to go in the news business, listen to Al you cant go wrong

Walking With the Wind  by  Congressmen John Lewis  from the  State of  Georgia ___ this book will explain the Civil rights movement  and how it was mostly Southern Blacks who fought and paid the price for civil rights  in the 1960s           his aKa is-------------

John ( Chicken Man ) Lewis  -because he raised chickens on his father sharecropping  farm in the State of Georgia, and he would not eat his chickens   and he did indeed clean chicken coops,- as I and most coalfield boys  in the mountains  indeed did also do, clean those chicken coops in the Coal fields— - john Chicken man Lewis  as one who always walked with Martin King but always at the end of the line- (  Why? ) Jonn lewis was, every time,- always - in the forefront   the one who got beaten up by the police  etc- -- he- John ( Chicken man ) Lewis received the least recognition,- Why ? Is it because John Lewis is too Short, too squat,- too short of neck,- and too Black, In every Picture of the civil rights movement John( Chicken man)Lewis is always,- every time on the end of the picture or in the back of the picture     (check out what Iam saying ) even today, the all  White news media always talks to those good looking, tall,  pretty blacks Boys - mostly Tan  boys(the coward blacks) who in the 1960s checked the wind with a wet finger who always, always,- checked the wind with a wet finger  to see if it was safe to march  in the 1960s and not get beaten , john( Chicken man )Lewis never checked the wind with a wet finger -- his famous  words,-- where just  three words -- like Christ on the cross asking for water three times, three times- - John  (Chicken man) Lewis a farmers son  who raised chickens was asked three times,  by his civil rights collegees,, they ask his opinion,  they were all debating arguing  should we march or should we  call the march off,- its too dangerous,- the cops are waiten for us--- three times they ask :

john ( Chicken man)  Lewis  what do you think john,- we should do?  John Lewis a man ofa very few words, said only three words,:  -( wer goian march, )  they  ask him again a little while later , what do ya think ,john ? john( Chicken man) Lewis - said three words-( were goian a march) , and for the thried time alittle while later- again they ask  John( Chicken man) Lewis – what do you think we should do john ?/ all of em worried )  John Lewis a farmers son who raised chickens and cleaned chicken coops who was raised on a farm in the State of Georgia,-  said only three words- were goiana march-!  The rest is history  I call him Chicken man lewis because he didn’t eat his chickens that he raised from-( pepees  aka chicks-)  I too mostly did not eat my chickens but some times I did . ya have ta think about that,-  is eaten your chickens like eaten your Pet dog ?  and if ya ate your pet dog,-  well,  - then  I have to give ya a Road house Blues song  just for you  called( low down and dirty ) by Luther Allson- listen ta it, great Blues song,-  this song is one of  the redmonks theme songs  for him self  ta remind the redmonk ya hes dirty,- buit so are all of youooooo


The education  of an American terrorist   by Aston Chase

It was Una Bomber Ted Kaczynskis time, coming of age on collage campus  the 1950s was  also the redmonks time,- communist witch hunts etc,- you had a Slav last name you were in trouble, you don’t know what that means I cant help ya --    10 years earlier the US Government rounded Italians up,  (the wee redmonk a living witness)  American Soldiers occupying coal towns in the mountains  with bayonets on guns on the street corners to intimidate coal miners during strikes   I saw it,  I lived it as a witness, a time of fear and hate in America,  mind control experiments on unwitting college students 1950s  same as MK ultra  experiments done to the crew of the redmonks ship- US Navy ship- LST 1162)- the year-- 1957 , 58 this book is about  fear of Technology  and how it  lowers quality of life  even when it raises quality of life this book is about the Intellectual Ted Kaczynski, a Slav yes- but more about how modern Tech interacts with the humans --- Soooo Whaaaat-   the favorite saying of American artist Andy Warhol who was a Ruthenian and shot ta death by a crazy woman in new York



/ ……..Himmlers jewish Tailor- By Lewis , most informantive book on the Holocaust ever , you will under stand ever thing after reading this book and you will be an expert on the holocaust, /  this is how mountain jews talked, like Frank in this book /

The Savage Nation  by: savage,---- the jews of Arlington Va and their Jewish Children  and the Falls Church Hitler Jews must be forced to read the  chapter on the 7 million Christians who were killed in the death camps of world War II and  then sign a legal document that they and their children read this chapter on the 7 million the same way Slavs in America in the 1950s had to sign Loyatiy Oaths  that swore they were loyal Americans  Anglo Saxons didn’t have to sign

Lost Liberties:  by edited Cynthia Brown  this book-- dedicated to the Arlington county board, the three white Woman on the Arlington County School Board--- the Arlington County White American Librarians,    in the Arlington County House  the Nazi Jew of Arlington one-  Wolfenstien , and the jewish procter at the libriary main – a nut case jew and other crazes religious jew fanatics   Arlington Cops Tedla and Murphy,- Irish  (mick prosecutor)- one- Franceeeeeeeen OOOOOo:brien, - Judge Joanie Alper from new York,- a Arlington County Judge if shes from new york whats she doing here?  The Arlington County Judge  his name : commink his aka- Judge- I wear Body armor in the court room,  ) this book for  all    ASPAN ORG Workers who work with the Homeless in Arlington, this book for  the jewish people of Arlington County va, to educate the  Arlington County jews and the fall church Va Jews- the Nazi jewish rabbi jack Moline of Alex Va   (the Famous Hitler jews of Fall church )- their aka they earned  for beating up on a 8 year old polish gril whos crime against the jews was  she  said  to jewish students that were attacking the Polish people, at he school  this 8 year old brave Slav female child only 8 years old  said in defense of Poland : ( there are  two sides to the Slav and jew Story not one side   ) she was removed from the school ) ask all these jews   about  the seven million Christians who were murdered in Hitler’s Death camps  and get pushed off the Holocaust stage by the Selfish jewish people who hog the lime light and the physic coin,  as concerns the Holocaust 1945  this book for the Russian Slav people  who are the Kings of suffering and death in   the Holocaust 1945- with the Loss of 30 % of the Russian people to defeat Hitler 1945 that’s 49 million dead Russians to defeat Hitler  then and only then were the jews saved   this book called LOST LIBERITYS for   the Russian Soldier Private Ivan who defeated Hitler 1945 and saved weastern Culture and the jewish people and Gave the jews of Arlington Virgina  the Religious jewish State called  Iserial the jews never said thanks to PVT, Ivan,-- who now today is a 70, 80 year old man ready for the grave yard   only one Jewish American Doctor is in Russia treating Russian Solider s of WwII 1945     only one American jew,    what does that tell ay about the jewish people ?  If PVT Ivan gives you jews the state of Isreal , which he did  , PVT. Ivan the Russian soldier saved every jew on earth, which Slav Soldier Ivan did indeed do,- saved every jew in the world  1945  and saved  the jewish religion also—the Slav Red Soldier Ivan paid the bill  with the loss of 49 dead million Russian Slavs,--- you Jews in Arlington and Falls church Va. are to Kiss the Slav peoples As$ every time you jews seee a Slav, -- don’t you the peoples of the world think  the jews in Arlington va Are suppose to kiss the Slav Races As$  ?  - Russians Slavs lost 49 million dead ,- the jews only lost four and a half million dead in the death camps and the Christians lost seven million dead in the same death camps  the jews need to shut  up and get off the stage and  stop whining, the American people are tired of it,-  hell lets be honest,- were sick of it,- lets hear the story from some one else who suffered,,, Pleeeeease --   let some one else talk who suffered in the Holacaust 1945 tell  arlingtonCounty school children of all ages confront the jewish children in your school and on the streets of Arlington on the 7 million Christians killed in Hitlers death camps  1945  versus the jews who lost  only 4 and a half million dead  and the Russians  lost 49 million dead  ask the jewish students do they know how to count ? and do they know how to be gratefull to the  Russian Slav race that saved all  the jews  in the world ? all christain  Students in Arlington County confront the jews on the numbers,-  lets get this straightened out once and for all and to hell with peoples feelings,-  be an real American,-  ask hard questions,   don’t ask soft ones,-  make sure their hard question s remember America only lost 300.000 dead American soldiers in world war II a very very very very small Number when comparing Russian losses so  who defeated Hitler the Slavs or the Americans  who lost more who payed more  Slavic American students stand up confront your teacher mrs. White cringer her aka- who is a Race coward

 American dead soldiers  of world war II stand at 300,00 thousand dead the same  amount of Ruthenians left in the Ruthenia home land  today 2004 the smallest minority in America today 2004  


==   Occupied Voices By a poor jewish Girl -the great brave  Wendy Pearlmen – she can never go home –- after she wrote this honest book- buy her book she needs the money,-- she is a jewish outcast among the hate jews in America- this book by  a poor jewish girl  called _ ( Occupied Voices ) is dedicated to the Arab American students in Arlington County Schools system and their Arab mothers  and  to the jewish Racist Rabbi Jack Moline and his  hate Synagogue located in Alexander Virginia- news men  Richard Cohen  who hates, and who writes for the Washington Post news paper  wrote -  that - the  slavs  called Ukrainians are a blood thirsty people,--- he blamed the whole race as blood thirsty,-- he also wrote slavs from the Slavic tribe called Poland—these Slavs  had dirty hands, the slav word-  Poland which is a Slav  word that means the meadows and or grass lands   he an American  jew-  RichardCohen who hates wrote that Arabs eat their salads like a camel  and was not fired  from his job at this rag of a news paper  the Washington Post  the paper that covered up  Animal abuse at the national zoo owned by Kay Graham  who was half Jewish  and went to a Methodist church every Sunday

 the jewish Procter at the Main library in Arlington County Virgina is also a Nazi jew  go see him  see what a Hitler Nazi American jew looks like in the Arlington library   you will see him,--- go take a look--  a peek,- the jewish Procter looks like hes a Troll from under a bridge  wondering around through out the Arlington Library –main- his wife left him,-  thank god  too,- for her,- a poor jewish girl, you know she suffered at his hands - ask her jewish  mother  if Iam lieing- _ he,_ the Nazi jewish Library Procter  will at times sit at a Computer on the sneaky sly and watch porn naked women on the computer screen using some bodies eles time so the cops who are monitoring the computers  also on the sneaky- Anti freedom -- Patriot act – on the  John Ashcroft  sly- ta see what we the people are watching and writing on the computers. In the Arlington Libaries   he the jewish procter also sneaks on  the computers so no one knows it him,- the Troll  Nazi Jewish Library Procter - watching porn hes being paid by the  dumb citizens of Arlington County who are stupid white people that don’t know or care what the hells going on in their country or Library – the patriot Act- get it ?  tell john Ashcroft and Hitler Rabbie Jack ( the Coward ) Moline  your reading Wendy pearlmen book! Send em e_ mail  and listen to a music tape of the great Spanish guy- PEPE Aguilar  because hes darn good !  listen to a music tape of the : little French sparrow- her name-  EDITH PIAF  I first heard her sing on the  Radiobroadcast of WWII direct from Europe at night  by news commentater  Edward R Murrow  1940s  no television,  you can hear her sing in the movie: saving private Ryn

Short stories by- O Henery this guy takes your breath away /-……. the Bible-  the Koran /  the Tora  /- take no chances,- shouts the redmonk:-/ a stinking black sinner, but a damn better  stinken Christian then most Christians you know  and no wings too/ the redmonk will always, rub it in! on the dirty Christians,-  the redmonk haint no Angel – no wings on the redmonks back,- no Halos on the Redmonks head , /get the picture- no wings no halos but still flying, the redmonk

painting-- Boulevard of bro ken dreams- Helen  Wenen

Poem-: Empties cumming backby Angelo De Ponciano for coal field mountain people only, because only Coal field mining people from the mountains would under stand it /-- we all set our behinds on the long Steel rail track chewing a stem of grass  between our teeth watching empties commen back ,the screeeching  the grinding of the iron wheels  on the Iron  steel rails in the mountains,  mountain coal field boys sitting on a straight line ona straight  iron rail, sitten just a few feet away from those empties commin back. Screeeching and grinding wheels --- go find the poem its at a bottom a of a page but ya gut ta find the page +++

Favorite  Quote by- famous- US Navy Seal Commander-  Dick Marcinko –

 You don’t have to like it, but you got to do it , but you don’t have to like it .

 The above quote,- is a redmonk  gift to your mushroom Moms,-  the Mom that gave you life . +

Sauerkrat-:Gundelsheim Sauerkraut from Germany, the best kraut ever- Whole foods Market) has it, if your not eaten Gundelsheim Kraut your not eaten kraut. Trust the redmonk  on kraut,  send FBI Director  Bob Mueller III a case of this great Kraut,- hes a kraut,- I mean a German American and he would know goooood kraut if he saw it, so send him a case of Gundelsheim kraut and he will be a happy kraut, I mean German American and a happy FBI director. Tell him,- compliments of the redmonkee Terrorist see if it makes his day at FBI head Quarters in Washington Dc usa

 Whole foods market is Located in Arlington, Va this is the store where the redmonk bumped into Janet Reno while she was shopping with two FBI thugs.

Ice cream:-   Hagen Mountian ice Cream - Rum Raisen ,Vinella, with slices of pine apple and of course-, Chunky monkey, gotta be!

    Pie_: DeeeP deeeep dish apple, and Pumpkin with wipped cream and vinila ice cream on the side and soft,  not hard ice cream

 Coleslaw  --Russian Cossack- Coleslaw the way Cossacks eat itshredded cabbage long ways,  pour in 3 parts olive oil to 1 parts vinegar  ,- cover with black pepper, put back in the freezer for 15 min so its ice cold,    take it out and put a big bunch next to your mash potatoes  between the corn and meatloave on your plate,--  dive in , the cabbages is just fine.                                                                                    what ever you do, no,   I repeat, no  Mayonnaise - thats the English American way /  you can adjust the portions of Ving, and Oil to your liking / what ever?

 The Redmonk- Kooler-- drink- in the Hot  Summer always drink a

 Redmonk   kooler- -    Half a glass of Perrier water and then pour in,- un sweetened Grape fruit juice,/ adjust to your liking / more or less what ever?  Always ask for a--- Redmonk kooler  in the scaulding  hot  summer time it will Koool ya off

 CoalField Blue grass music- by Ralf Stanley and the clinch mountain boys

 Coal field music is different then Corn field or farmen Blue grass music / coal field blue Grass Music has no skin on it, its raw mountain  music and only one mountain band plays this coal field music in  all of America,  Ralph Stanley and the  Clinch mountain Boys

 Ralph Stanley grew up in the Coalfields  and beehive coke oven fields during world war two, just as the redmonk did,- you can hear the Scott and Welsh drums in this Mountain music with no skin on it,  played loud,  ,

- These where Anglo Saxon Cornish Mountain Coal Miners that played this music- they also spoke the Cornish language amoung them selves  - this is the kind of music played in a tavern  about 50 yards from the coal mine on Sat. night, a band like Stanley’s with a stand up base player, who wore bib overhauls, Dick Tracy style hat on a 45 degree angle  white tee shirt and loafers with white sox’s the stand up Base player always smoked a Marsh wheeling cigar and looked mad  as he beat liven hell out of the stand up Base , some times he chewed his cigar all the way through and it fell to the floor,  the band stop playing till he lit up another one ,- saw dust was thrown on the floor, because the miners chewed mail Pouch chewing Tobacco and spit, as they were drinking,- Iron City beer, Rolling rock, beer, Fort pit beer, that’s it / Duquesne beer, that’s the name,- their hats too,- where on a 45 degree angel and they had a front shirt pocket full of Marsh Wheeling Cigars  the mountain type, made in Wheeling West Virginia the cigar  you bit the tip off and spit on the floor check out coal field speak on the internet, go find out your self,- some times Ralph Stanley wears his hat on a 45 degree angle when he plays, not always the angle denotes personal pride and other things too numerous to mention in Coal field mountain culture  

when the wee redmonk sauntered into this tavern bar that had swingen doors like out west,- this was the first time he ever heard Coal field Blue grass Music and he was hooked,- drunken miners bought the wee redmonk bottles of RC Coka Cola  and  Bags of potota chips as the wee redmonk hung around looking forlorn,( had the look,- down pat) and somes times the miners would tell the wee redmonk dance for me boy, dance  and the wee redmonk danced for coal miners knowing he would be payed off with chips or a Coke Cola, some times when the miners left, the wee redmonk drank the beer left in their glass,  hay whats a poor Coal field boy to do / the wee redmonk was broke, not a penny to his name,  but playing the game any way, and any how  and not doing too badly- Really ! listening to coal field  Music, a Full belly of  RC  Cola , potato chips and left over beer, when I left through the swingen doors I was 9 months pregnant with cola, chips and beer but a happy camper, didn’t cost me a dime,- all free, if you know what I mean.? You can see what I looked like on link page under youngest bank robber - a photo

be sure to listen to classical Music also ,the Italian  opera singer Caruso because Italian Immigrants from Ellis Island did on Sunday on the Italian hour Radio as they sat on their porch in the mountains  the Moustache Pete’s  who worked in the Coal  mines  this  for Mr Saco and Mr Vansettie  one a Italian Fish Monger  the other a Italian shoe maker,  murdered by the US Goverment , their not forgotten.

More Cumming- this up date Old- Dec. 16 2001( new March29 2002 )- merry Christmas if I don’t get back out before I’am working on something check for new info on the up date page / I think I can work this thing – the redmonk- got the photo of Barbara B of Falls church in Russia on photo gallery 4? I made a photpage (Iam learning )

tell the Dirty Covert reds to take down Sundance inst. And Park city Utah till their s nothing left and Robert Redford looks like the German boat engineer in the movie- Das Boot, and all of you Covert Reds got to reach for your German Luger Pistols  see the movie,- to see what the red monk means,- they, Sun Dance, refused to do the Rascals movie series, Roll Redford and roll Park city if I go down in my political  trial in Arlington Court house  , make all of em scream ! Roll everyone  who hurt the redmonk the name s of the cops and prosecutor and judges commen up on the  Arlington County page at the bottom. Do get the Graham family that owns the Washington Post newspaper in Washington Dc  they betrayed the Zoo Animals and the Zookeepers at the national zoo all for greed money for the greedy Grahams  their employees too, such as- bob Woodward, Richard Cohen, Trescott. Baker. D,Cohen  all had the Wrong doing info    at the national zoo and covered it up, the National zoo is now under investigation by Animal welfair org.  as you know in the year 2003   the Washington post newspaper is in bed with the National zoo  how can they  the Graham Family and their jewish employees investigate the zoo / they cant!  that’s why the Washington post is not a news paper, - but a  News sheet Rag to air the views of their friends in  the American Government to control the masses- the old adage ( he who controls the news controls people ) is true today  as concerns the Graham family  the little American  people the dolt low class workers   who have no power and no voice  in the American System, but pretend

those white people mentioned above who work for this  Rag news paper are a living lie each and every day – they betrayed the animals at the national Zoo and the Zoo keepers  Rich Cohen - Bob woodward  his Wife Else(Borden) Walsh  the coward owner one - Donald graham his sister Laley graham  and Bradlee graham- the young Graham Buck named Bradlee   who all work at this news paper called the Washington Post news paper  aka-  the lie - also called that rag  and I haint talken Jazz when I call the graham familys news paper the washington post a rag)-  work to remove this new paper  the Washington post paper and news co from the Controll of the Graham Family by passing laws that will restrict the Graham s control of the news. Send em E mail  scare hell  outem

also the county  sheriff  -Beth Arther  and the Redmonk in the Elevator,- alone together  a true story

plus how the arlington po lice beat and lied on the redmonk and what really happened and a copy of my lawyers defense so you can see how well he defended me,-  all on the new Arlington county page commen soon /  check the new short stories page front page  new  all true

 - go to Frances Ford Coppla in Hollywood instead/ get your mushroom mom to warn all school districts in America and Europe not to visit the Smithsonian and National zoo ,  go to the Baltimore Zoo in Balt.- Maryland and look over the WWII ships in the Harbor, these are the type of Subs that did covert work in the redmonks time in the military /  I’ am sure their where other types of subs doing covert work, I’am talking,- only,  about what I know and have seen.

 take your mushroom - Mom and mushroom- Pop to the  Baltimore Zoo because  of a  a very clear and Present danger of a possible- Probable Arab Freedom  fighters terrorist attack at the National zoo – Why ?-- because of  ( the child killing Jew at the Zoo / who Larry Small and Lucy Spelman  with the help of the Washington Post newspapers-  Bob Woodward and  Percy Rockafella of WETA TV in Arlington  Va. Cong. Wolf – Jim moran -All of them together- Covered up for their friends  at the Smithsonian for jewish relection Money- you know the story ./ this Newupdate July 25th 2002  )

 Be sure to read Apples and Oranges at the bottom of the Movie page- link page / Its about WETA Percy Rockefeller, who is the wife of Sen. Jay Rockefeller of the State of West Virginia he knows too and remained silent / also on the very bottom Movie page,- the Brave Bolivian Tin miner and the  left Overs)  that I’ll build on- good night and stay tuned,-  shoot E- mail Rockets all over the whole Wide World / no mercy,  they showed none to the redmonkee,- Aug. 27 2002  this up date/

  The Redmonks –( Ill be gone for ever )  -- good by- at the bottom of this page

  Ask the British Queen to intervene, ask her sister,- Princess Margaret to protect the redmonk from American law enforcement and Arlington County Va Government  and US Attorneies Helen Fahey  and McNutly of the Eastern district of the State of Virgina, Us of a.-


 Fahey knows what happened and has been quiet as a little mouse / who is she protecting? What about the silence of US Attorney McNutly office in Alex Va were the Arab freedom fighter s are on trial ,--- Justice Delayed is justice denied /


                Redmonks Political Boloney

 This down below for a few lines is the redmonk political boloney page / we all believe are own political boloney,- the redmonk believes his too,-  you can move on to the # 88 to get to the end don’t forget to see Sammy Weavers photo and the map of the shoot out  at ruby ridge - down below the political boloney section..

No justice, then revolution/ you all know what Rebel soldier Tim McVeigh did when the US Government refused to give justice for the Weaver Family and the two year old burned and gassed to death- children at Waco Texas  that the American Government murdered/

 no one in the US Government was punished for these Government murders/ one FBI agent,- named Keho  shredded documents concerning Ruby ridge and obstructed Justice against the American People and he received only 2 years in prison, but was allowed to keep his pension,  that was the deal he cut with the US justice Dept. / the Smithsonian Inst National zoo took the redmonks pension and threw him in the street / And gave the redmonk nothing, but mocking him    and laughing at him on the telephone and that’s why the redmonk went to Embassy Row, to get help  and that’s why you and your mother better stay away from the Smithsonian and the National zoo.

Professor Perry also told the redmonk in sociology Class that  any and all democracies in the world,- including America will begin killing its own people when that  Government  in a democracy becomes afraid of its own people /

 Who Shot Sammy - w- at Ruby Ridge?

 This page is dedicated to  Marshall High School located at Falls Church Virginia usa dedicated  to 14 year old Samuel Hanson Weaver  murdered by the US Government  at Ruby Ridge / (his photo down below)

 shot in the back as he was running back to the Cabin/  this after US Government Agents Cooper  and others jumped up out of the bushes and shot Sam’s Dog striker a Lab. dog at Sam’s Feet.

 Samuel then shouted you SOB you shot Striker, then Samuel Fired on the US Marshals with his rifle/ that is when Sam’s Father,- Randy weaver  first heard the sound of Gun fire and Yelled-  Run back to the Cabin Sam/  Sammy turned to run back up the trail to the y in the trail toward the cabin shouting, I’m Coming dad, his last words. )  see the photo of the killing of Sammy at the bottom of this page how it happened- see the y in the trail

this is when  US Marshall Larry Cooper shot Sammy in the back and then shot Sam’s arm off at the elbow that it only hung by the skin. He was 14 years old.

 The US lawenforcement and the US Government does not want American High School Students to know what happened to 14 year old Samuel Weaver   at Ruby Ridge and Arlington County Government refuses to Buy the only Book written by the Weaver Family/

so they, the weavers can tell their side of what happened at Ruby Ridge / in all of the Libraries,- in all of America their are only 58 books of –

 The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge  ( In our Words)  the book -written  by  Sara and her father Randy weaver. Why is your Arlington county Virgina, Afraid of this book written by the Weaver Family? Why in all of America, are there only 58 books of the Siege at Ruby Ridge  in all 0f the libaries in all of America.

  this book written  by Sara Weaver and her father  who by the way was 16 years old when the FBI Killed her mother and shot her brother Sammy in  the Back  ? the County Libraries don’t want you to know what happened  at Ruby ridge, Why?  The Arlington county Board doesn’t want you to know, ask em   why ? Ask Chris Zimmerman who runs this County,- why hes afraid of this book written by 16 year old Sara Weaver ?

   What happened at Ruby Ridge, got the people in Oklahoma City killed  by Rebel soldier McVeigh, in the April 19 th Rebellion against the American Goverment  Rebel McVeigh who vowed to punish the American people for their silence for what the US Government did to Mrs. Weaver, the mother of 4 children  shot half her face off, while she held her 11 month old baby girl in her arms / Americans formed militia Units all over America to fight the US Government, and cops after the siege at RubyRidge- a number of Americans,-    involved  is said to be 30 to 40 %  of the American Population,- people became afraid of the American Government after theses murders  of woman and Children at Ruby Ridge and Waco Texas .  remember the FBI used Military Gas for 6 hours on the woman and children in the Waco Texas Branch Davidian religious  Compound,     this gas  the FBI pumped in that causes Vomiting and diarrhea on these children some only  Two years old . 6 hours of gas pumped in on these children 6 hours and nno American White Woman went into the streets complaining about this murder by their Government. Cowards white woman cowards  don’t be a white woman coward stand up

 The United Nations and  also American- Law forbids use on Civilian woman and children this type of Military Gas / the FBI and the Lawinforcement  Cops  broke American law they broke United Nations law ,  this Military gas is to be used only on Combat troops,- in war-  no FBI officials  or  Cop official went to Jail for breaking the law / this is one of the many reasons the Redmonk does not trust or believe the American Government or American Lawinforcement or  local cops,-   they lie, murder and steal and never go to prison . just like in a facist state, same same  because no one complains or takes to the streets to over through the American government – like Enron Corp. Exes they all get away  the Americam people are left holding the bag  with nothing in it .

  the cops have lied on the redmonkee every time he is involved  with cops,- they lie because they make mistakes and to enhance their case and some of the cops are mentally ill drunk on Power they will do anything to win and in the process the cops kill and murder freedom and democracy in America every day,

 If I lie about this,- why did the US Government Agent – S.S.- Bailey( a Black American Lier secret service agent)  who worked in  the White house,   the SS Agent Bailey who lied on my x- Wife had to come to the Pentagon and Apologized to her after my X wife got a lawyer,- that is reported to cost 3 to 7 thousands dollars , SS agent Bailey  lied in the district court room of Magistrate Jean Dyer she is reported to live in Arlington Virginia , this is the trial were my case made new case law for America, not that that means anything / I just mentioned  it, to show my fight to clear my name is not and was not in vain )  Magistrate Dyer she showed hostility to me in her court room,-  which she is not allowed to do/ she did nothing about SS agent Bailey lying in her court room , she showed bias/ my court appointed Lawyer Stern stated it would cost 30,000 dollars to take the case of SS Agent Bailey telling lies on me to destroy me  in  the court system  that’s why he was brought to the pentagon office of my X wife to Apologize to her .

  I got my self arrested  while I was protesting in side the white house. protesting My firing from the Zoo. So as to get my story in the news papers

 I ask my x- Wife for a copy of this letter and she so fears the FBI  she will not give a copy of the letter of apology to me,-  it could cost  her more money for lawyers if the cops come after  her.

 We all live in the American police State   15,000 dollars is what I am paying to a lawyer to defend me  from the Arlington County Cops beating  700.00 dollars for medical for broken ribs Doc. report . ripped Hernia  Collapsed lungs what else ?  all while I was Chained.   When you see a cop you see a lier, every prisoner iv met in Jail,- all say the Cops lied on them,- a little,- a lot,- and  make up stories etc  and my experience with the cops is that it is all true about cops lying,- never trust em, never,- their Whores in the Justice Dept. and killers of democracy. And freedom. Because they lie.   The FBI agent that gave the naked photos off my dead cousins body  (she was found dead in bed sitting up with slime coming out of her mouth her head turned to one side chin on her chest  and her breast exposed) this same FBI agent gave this  Photo to black janitors in the GAO building  were I worked to show around and snicker at.

 , Staff members on Capital hill   I talk to by phone about this and complained to Sen. Specter and all other Members of the ruby ridge hearings, by letter and phone calls- were this took place in the  US Government Hart building,- told me this FBI agent  was obsessed with me and was in a mental health unit, mentally sick concering me, with this obsession.- that’s what the staff member  told me over the phone     this is the same FBI agent that walked by News Woman Nina Totenberg at the Ruby ridge hearings ,- Nina Totenberg sat at the long ten foot tables for news people-( see the photo gallery ) this FBI agent then said out loud - nice tits, I was sitting close to Totenberg table,- I believe he meant to say it to me, HE WAS LOOKING IN MY DIRECTION AND WHERE HE WAS STANDING he also LOOKED at the same time IN Totenbergs directions =- this remark I still belive was directed at me and my dead cousin concerning my dead cousins naked body photos shown in the GAO building- but she Totenberg thought the FBI agent meant her,-  she was pissed ,  this incident may be on film,-  in this hearing room,- this is the same FBI agent that passed me on the bike trial with his girl friend near leesburg Va and said to me,- nice tits ,(I have long distance bike for health reasons and a hobby for years)    that leads me to ask a question - concerning the Arlington  County Cops who stopped me in front of the Hecht Co on April 22 2002 and ripped my Hernia open,- broke several ribs smashed my face in the ground while I was chained.   are the Arlington- Cops- also mentally ill and Obsessed with me as this sick FBI agent was ? how about the Arlington County Jewish  cop Kantar  or  the Christian – cop-Murphy, ? I am Only asking a question ? Ill put all the cops names out plus the judge ;s Name who protected the Arlington Cop Talda in his Court room,- showing Bias toward me,-  this cop was wearing  bodyArmer in this judges court room  how about the judge ? what was he wearing? You don’t want to know ,/ How much armer ?  cowards  against a homeless person cowards  Are you white people ever going to stand up for me the messenger ?- who warned you mothers in Arlington Va about the danger at the National Zoo the open graves   in Arlington cemetery and even told you mothers,the names of those who didn’t warn you /

Is the Arlington County Commonwealths Attorney one- Fran O’Brien who is prosecuting me,- is she protecting the US park police who took photos of a dead black woman’s viginia, ? and showed the photo around laughinging at this dead naked woman on a slab in the Washington DC Morgue ,

 only one black cop and me complained about it , all other cop silent  the silence of the Blue line , do the jewish female Proscuters in Arlington  Know?

   does she O;brien know about the complaint to Arlington Police from Percy Rockefeller the CEO of WETA radio located in Arlington and the wife of Sen. Jay Rockefeller,- when did assistant Commonwealth attorney Fran O’Brien know about the Child killing Jew at the national; Zoo ?  when did she know about  drugging the Presidents Reagens horse with Aceprozeme?

 When did she know the Arlington cop who stopped me  one Tedla –( who wore body armor in the court room of my hearing to demonize me  to show people they should be afraid of me, also called dirty up the witness,-- the Judge too wore Body armor all -  a disgrace on the Arlington Court . ) when did Fran O’Brian know Arlington county cop Tedla called me a Gringo,-  when he stop me and then he- Cop Tedla had to lie in the court room to cover up, lying on me  as to  how I acted, when he ask for my driver license as he was at my van door talking  to me,- he turned and  said to me as he walked away to his Police cruiser wait here Gringo,-  does Fran O’Brien Know that, that one of her Arlington County cops called me a Ruthenian American, ( Ruthenians the smallest minority in America)  --a Gringo ! Cop Tedla is not too smart,-  people from South american where Cop Tedla comes from call Anglo Saxon Americans Gringo  not a Ruthenian, he- Cop Tedla has trouble speaking English,  how did he get his job on the police force ? given special points because hes brown  in color,? how much hatred is their in Cop Tedla as concerns white skinned people ? does Fran Obrian Know, ? does she care ?  how about the jewish American Proscuters  s in the Arlington  Court house  do they know or care ? since Cop Tedla called me a Gringo  ----  does Fran Obrian think that Cop Tedla  is a Greaser , maybe Cop Tedla is a chili Mack ?, how about Taco bell Tedla ? do any of these names fit brown skin cop Tedla, a 9 month old cop on the Arlington  police force  when he stopped me a white skinned Ruthenian American political dissenter and political activisit , Tedla said this to me  and stopped me  on April 22 2002 at about 9:30 in front of the Hecht Co in Arlington Va.

 When did the jewish proscuters and proscuter Fran obrian in the Arlington court  House know about the Arlington County Cop name Craddock beating homeless people in the woods , I reported these beatings to one ASPAN Case  worker  miss Hirshemen- ) in detail  and told her what cop Craddock was doing To  this homeless  person  they were using as a informant, (case worker Hieshemen she has a master digree in social work she is from California- this info  for investigative news men who do this story   )  . does US Attorney Kilgore in Richmond  Virginia know about all of this ? Does US Attorney Kilgore and or the jewish prosecutors in the Arlington Court house know- that while I was incarscated in the Arlington County  jail for two weeks  from  April 22 2002 – with a ripped hurnia,- several broken ribs  mild concussion,-  the jail employees refused to give me medical aid  for seven days ,  does US Attorney Kilgore and the Jewish Proscuters know that a Arlington count Jail depuity a female rather large white Anglo saxon type from Woodbridge VA mocked me in front of Prisnors  saying Iam a traitor to America  and that I was raped in jail, she laughed and  mocked me to deminize me in front of other prisnors, who looked uncomfortable  as she ranted at me with scorn on her face  their were about 6 of us waiting to be taken to another part of the jail when this happened,- saying to other prisoners I was raped will mean I must fight other prisnors who will begin to harrase me and that’s just what happened in the Atrlington county jail with broken ribs and a torn hurnia I still went after the  Prisnors  and chased them in their cells goiung to fight them ,,--   do you reading this,-- now know what slight of hand means,--  she also stated in front of me and the prisnors  as we were lined up that one of their Anglo saxon Sisters took me down at the Zoo- got me fired, mocking me,- like she knew all about me – she also said that  Arlington county cop Craddock  who beat homeless people, the dirty Arlington cop Carrodick- who  I many months early turned in to ASPAN org. case worker Herschman and told her what Craddock was doing to mike  a homeless person, this 2oo lb Anglo Saxon  Female deputy mocked me in front of the other prisnors that---  THAT COP CRADDOCK  had reliteves  or someone was waiten for me at the      Red Onion prison in southern Virginia A HELL HOLE , where they were going to send me -- we got the red onion for you boy  ( just like in a movie  ) a low class white English female, what an as# hole-  she also kissed the black female guards As# she was afraid of the black guards// did the Schreff Beth Arther have to come up to deal with this incedent ?? ya bet ya  I fight back,,- she the 3oo Lb white Deputy said the guards and Craddocks people  were going to get me, for complaining about  Craddock beating HOMELESS PEOPLE a very mentally ill Cop on the Arlington police force- Craddock  every on e- mail the Russian embassy give em Cop Craddocks name and family address his mother and father  address too / e- mail to Pamyet  in the Moscow distrect of Russia  e- mail President of Russia Putin s Wife  tell her where arlington cop Craddock lives as well as Arlington Hispanic cop Tedla mother lives the address give the Russians the Address,-- I fight back,-- give the Cop Craddocks personal  info to the Black mulslims.   

   there are witness to all of this ,,--this  if US Attorney Kilgore cares about justice he will bring the full force of the law down on this Arlington Court house and police Dept. cop Tedla Cop Craddock     she,-- this two Hundred lb White female  deputy from Woodbridge va also screamed at me to shut up,

 as I tried to put her down  with this statement and answear back—(I fight back even as a prisnor )- that her English American sister at the National zoo was a 200 lb fat English American gril named Janice easter  who worked at the Park police with me at a different location, the park police were the cops showed the photo of the dead black womans body on the slab at the dc mourge I never worked with  Janece Easter  one time )  and she Janice Easter gave the PP police Sex- Blow Jobs, she ran with sgt Delane and a latino cop named Herrara who pulled a gun on me ,- and the pp cops called her the Great  white whale  and would say as she passed by,- out of hearing ,-their she blows and the cops laughed at her because of her weight and mocked her about the sexual blow jobs , 

she got the job at the National; zoo before me because I spoke up about wrong doing with the horses and the dead black woman )  when I got to the zoo the first day on the job Zoo official Mike Johnson in his office told me to my face that Janice Easter told us all about you cj and the PHD intellectual Doctors, at the zoo are  grateful,- if you keep your nose clean you might get a zoo keepers job in a year ot two and    she gave the cops and the  Iam sure she did this to me to protect her cop boy friends  and she was terrified that I would tell the zoo what really happened dirty filthy White American Woman  like her the white deputy and the white gril zoo keepers who put sex charges on me to get me fired  this white Female Deputy  in side the Arlington County Jail said all these dirty things about me to the prisnors   so as to get other prisoners to hassles me, fight me , and mabey rape me  in  this Arlington jail- date-- 4/ 22 / 2002 were they- Arlington Goverment refused to give me medical help for seven days  theses arl;ington Cops did all of this to me because of the photos of the dead naked black woman , I complained about  in a letter there Arlington County cop brother who beat homeless people , I turned in ,  and because I fight un just Amertica its dirty white low class Americans who do this,- like the cowards they are,- remember the white fat As# deputy kisses# black Deputies As# because she the white 200 lb female Deputy is Afraid  of the blacks female GUARDS  in the Arlington County Jail  ( I FIGHT BACK )  NO DOUBT ILL BE BACK IN Arlington County jail ON Dec 10 2002 after the Kangaroo trial in Arlington Court house and will be found Guilty   and I will at that time become a political prisnor and need all of the redmonkees to contact the United Nations about my miss treament America as a Dessenter and Arlington county  is a Fascast state and I mean to prove it with my body,- I will go on a Hunger strike to the death  they will move me out of the jail fas after the political trial and down into southern virgina  were the American Goverment can do the dirty work,- murder slight of hand,-  all redmonkees get me listed as political prisnor with the United Nations and get the Russsian Government to Put to death any guard and cop who kills and or beats me their family also,- even tho I am dead I want to know the Slav Race will avenge me and kill the Americans- (  I fight back   ) I am a Ruthenian not a Anglo saxon  iam from the coal fields    

 Ask your mothers about the true story of a Female Police officer from the State of Wisc called ------Bambie.  Her AKA- She worked for a police dept. and the cops on her police dept set her up on murder charges lying on her and she became famous on the run, hiding,- the people of Wisconsin had T- shirts made up in the State of Wisconsin with RUN Bambi Run on the front of the T- shirt  as she- Bambie fled to Canada, the people were on her side not the cops side    the story was on 60 Min . TV Show  I believe / ask your mother about Bambie the she girl cop from the state Wisc. who was set up with cop lies, and charged with murder,   just like the police are doing to the redmonk  to protect who ? from what,? They the Cop, leaders, Judges,  all knew and kept silent  from the Arlington county Christian Woman and their children because they the Arlington politicians all wanted reelection Money  Arlington County Court house will kill the redmonk to get the reelection  money . while I was in the court house for a hearing before a judge  the cops and the  female prosacuters  implied I gave im the bird finger- aka known as the prisnor finger  also known as the F. U.  finger   I was in fact scratching my head  the Arlington Cops streatched it  like always,---  the intire court officials said I saw that I saw that   they didn’t see Any thing there dreamen  I cant move or scratch my head ?

  what does Fran O’Brien Arlington County Commomwealth attorney know all of this  as she tries to stop a law suit against this  police dept. ?

  When did she know about the Fairfax county  police asking Arlington County police about me per Jewish Arlington County - Cop Kantar,? does she know  her witness the tow truck driver walked by me in the court room and tried to engage me in conversation mocking me,- stating to me  iam not a girl Iam a man,- all the while covering his name tag on his shirt with his hand, I  Looked straight ahead refusing to respond,-  two lawyers sitting in back of me said hes not to talk to you, another lawyer later  also said that Fran Obrain does what the cops tell her to do,  the cops told her they demand I get jail time / the Law states  and is written that if you brush up against a cop that is an assault against a police officer  and max 6 years in jail.,- Min one year in  jail, guaranteed.-

 more flag men on the Virginia high ways died getting hit by autos with the flag in their hands, then did all the Cops in the State of Virginia, 7 flag men died in one year in the state of Virginia while I was flagging for a road paving co . , that’s seven flag men and to taunt the Arlington white Coward Po lice their was no Bagpipes playing for the 7 flag men ,  you poor frightened Arlington cops  you poor dears /  the animal keeping profession,- Circus’s, rodeos, horsemen, cattlemen, zookeepers, firemen,-  have a higher death rate per population then all the Cops death  in America in any given year. Up until the 1960s 5ooo coal miners died every year in Americas coal mines that’s five thousands  dead  coal miners  dead in the mines every year , think about that,- the cops profession is not  a dangerous profession at all,  its a American Myth, it’s a Cop myth it’s a Politicans Myth promoted by the Arlington County po lice for ego reasons and by the coward politicians who want the cop vote,- to show how tough they are on crime like cong, mick Jim Moran , that Holywood US marine)-    and it shows  deep mental illness among all Cops who disagree with this factual information concerning this cop myth that there job  in lawinforcement is dangerous  . the American Cops have become like the American Jews  ,-no one suffers but cops, no one dies but cops , give me a break pleeease )- the white Cops in Arlington county need to quite crying in there beer and throw away the bagpipes and let their balls and ovaries drop, and for all you  white po lice through away the ketchup dripping Kotex between your  White shaky legs  and become real  Blue coppers  with balls,- ovaries and guts.

 That kind of cop the redmonk is talken,- is Called a Tom Mix cop a real copper in blue,- a   Tom Mix cop  and for the lesbo Queen Cops. And she girl coppers  be a cattle kate cop,- all of you-  she girl coppers in blue and tell the Arlington county male cops to quit telling people I am a coward I don’t have balls ) and get the book written by a guy named Burkett  called Stolen valor  ) it tells about the  American Military vets from the  Viet Nam, war on your po lice dept who claim they won  medals and did earn em or get em  the  so called vietnam Fakes, find out who the arlington Cop Fakes are    ,- get em redmonkees,- get em,  get the cops,-  laugh at Burketts book  their are no medals on my chest / all she girl cops in arlington county ask for the proof of the medals  on the Arlington Cops chest,-  did they get their medal the way  US naval officer Bob woodward of the Washington post got his ? if so tell em to turn it back in .  they didn’t earn it. More medals were given out in Viet Nam then in any war in American History.- some truly earned em the hard way  a lot did not  Berkett said so,--- back ground below

  I was a few weeks away from leaving Arlington County and be gone for ever but Arlington Counties Finest  cops grabbed me at the door and  slammed me to the ground on April 22 2002  and now we got a war ,- Arlington county didn’t want me to leave  I even threw away all my winter clothes  I would have been gone by June I, 2002- had enough money to go to park city Utah to try to turn the Circus rascals into a movie, hunger strike in park CITY to force ROBERT Redford to look over my script  then before hard winter came to Utah I was going to go HEAD SOUTH TO Florida and look up Butch AND SIGN ON FOR THE CLYDE Beatty cole bro. circus,    its war now ! I haint leaven,---- I believe I will try to run for the county board of Arlington  on the independent Redmonkee Party ticket,      I should get some votes and force change  on the county, the library, the police dept. the school board  etc .   I believe I can get the children of Arlington to get their mothers to vote for me / after all,---- Arlington county didn’t want me to leave   / by grabbing me at the door breaking my ribs nearly killing me ---- call me a liar, was this political cop stop a attempted murder ? was the sheriff of Loudon County web site statement about me that I AM DERANGED AND Dangerous an attempt at Murder of the redmonkee slight of Hand by the loudon County Virginia Sheriff  contact Us attorney for the State of Virginia  Mr. Jerry Kilgore in Richmond Va .     

 The Arlington County Cops dont have a dangerous job,- tight rope walkers do,- Lion tamers do,- elephant trainers do,-  Flag men on the highway do have dangerous jobs and the proof is in the body count,-  lets count the dead cops and then count the dead in the other dangerous jobs  Arlington County Cops and Arlington county Judges and Arlington County prosecutors have a lot of boloney with em challenge em on the body count,- their liars  I am telling the truth / the cops are liars 

   Was this law that makes all cop cowards,- the law that states if you brush up against a cop the max sentenice is 6 years in jail and the minimin jail time is 6 months  it was written by politicians to get the Cop vote? When you see an Arlington county cop in Arlington County stopping someone there is always 2 or 3 cops backing the one cop up, why? A waste of man power, all of you see it  in Arlington County / are the Arlington Cops that afraid,? if they are,- why are they cops,- wee need the redmonkee Kill and fear model to get rid of the skaridy kat cops. Can the Arlington county cops pass the Kill and Fear Model  that the redmonk offers to the Arlington Police dept  for a fee . the Fairfax County Cops failed their test  Sheriff Simpson of Loudon county VA failed his test what a Pussy sheriff Simpson is,-  he put on his Cop web site that iam deranged,  I shouted at a demo over and over again that he Simpson doesn’t do his job  in front of the white house you can see the photo of this demo on the photo page it says don’t bomb Iraq  is that why his meat head cop- Simpson is trying to get other cops to kill me on the sly,-  telling other cops I am dangerous and deranged , as they approaches my car, hay - I scratch my ear and the cops shoot me -  saying he the cop thought I was reaching for a gun,-  hes the same sheriff Simpson that didn’t want the American Muslim people to have a religious center in Loudon county=  Virginia ,-a racist hate crime by this White Anglo Saxon buck coward Sheriff Simpson , a white skine Buck ,- now I guess this white Anglo Saxon Buck Coward Simpson will tell the US attorney for the Eastern district of Virginia Mr. McNutly  that I am implying to Arab freedom fighters to blow up Loudon County because the white people their don’t want Arabs living there,-  as if the Arab freedom fighters don’t know where Loudon County is located, as if the Arab freedom fighters don’t know that Arlington county is 15 min by Auto from Washington Dc and Leesburg Virginia where Simpson is located is a 30 min. drive by auto from Washington DC.       I have been told to my face by the  police and US marshals they are going to plant drugs on me,- plant guns on me, no matter how long it takes they will get me for what I did to their cop brothers on the US park police,- the one Fairfax County Cop is Italian and his name means Spider in Italian,- hes about 300 lb. I wrote a letter as concerns this complaint to Katheren Handly  this letter will be on this web sit to prove total corruption of the United States Justice system in America. All redmonkee Brigade members will hound their mothers to remove from the law Books the law that states if you brush against a cop, fall against, a cop  touch a Cop,- that’s a Felony and a 6 year Prison sentence    are they the cops that frightened and,- afraid  what are we the American people,- Spiders ? and the Cops are they all - Miss Muffetts,- who saw a spider and became frightened / throw the bagpipes away you chicken shi#  Arlington County white skinned buck cops,- get some guts and play the bagpipes for the 7 flag men killed in one year on Virgina Highways,-  a flagmen’s job is more dangerous then a cops any time any were . get some guts,-  you crybaby Arlington County white buck cops , Arlington County- located 15 min by car from Washington DC.

  In the old days cops didn’t hug one another  1940s 1950s 1960,- no mountain coal field cops ever hugged any one,-  they took care of cop business straight up,- they had balls,- the coal field mountain cops went alone,- I repeat the Mountain cops go Alone,- by them selves / what’s you’re problem Arlington county whit buck and white Doe coppers / go work for Wacken hut security Guard Co  co. home office located in Florida  if your afraid and quit beating up on Homeless people wackenhut the same guard Co that showed the photos of my dead naked female cousins body around for black Janitors to laugh at the General Accounting Office same kind of  snickering and laughing the US Park police Cops did to the photo of a dead naked black woman’s body in the DC morgue,- I wrote a letter and complained about it and the cops through out America vowed revenge against me  and vowed they  would get me sooner or later Redmonkees/ always try  to do the right thing / you redmonkees all know what the right things is,- all you know  and lets do get this story on every television Station in the whole world  ! As I was saying -------

   When did she- Fran O’Brien  an Irish American Girl and jewish  American prosecutor in the court house in Arlington Va-   know about a Christian fanatic Doc.

A one –Doc. Campbell in Fairfax va who using his Christian religion on a Fairfax County prostitute and caused her to commit Suicide by not treating her with Physicritrie but with his fanatic Christian religion,  forcing the Bible on her,-  her name was Jackie,  the  Nazi Christian fanatic doc. Campbell works for Kaiser Permanente a health care org. and also for Fairfax county Social services working with the down and out and always on the look out to gather up sheep,- if you know what I mean ?  Does Fran O’Brien commonwealth Attorney for Arlington county Virginia, located 15 min from Washington DC by auto know,? Does Arlington county Cops know about Fanatic Christian- Doc Campbell and the  death of a Prostitute  by the  Christian Bible? And a Nazi Doctor, Christian Punk Campbell walking around free , will he strike again?-

 – in the Arlington - ask  one Prosecutor- Fran O’Brien  an Irish girl  located in  the Arlington  County virgina. Court house,----- Where they have Nazi jewish  Cops, Kantar,- Nazi Jewish- Social worker- named – wolfenstien- spelling may not be correct )  he tells me hes going to shut me down- my web site- ) and at least on Nazi jewish  Prosecutor who sneered at me in the court room. All of this going on -  just  15 min by Car from Washington DC / WoW!       Fascisms is back in Vogue in the Arlington county Court house. 15 min by auto from Washington Dc in the good old USA that’s 15 min.        

-        all High School Students of the world fight back against the American Government-  by Planting a  tree in the name of Samuel and his dog- Striker, this a good way to prove to you students that there is Political correctness in your school,- your School - Adm.- teachers and principles will forbid you to plant a tree for your murdered Brother Samuel Hanson Weaver  and his dog Striker, because the weaver family was not political correct,- and your US Government chased the Weavers because they were different in their beliefs, and used Government informants to set them up and then killed them when they resisted. In a nut shell that’s what happened/


-           Test freedom, freedom is not free  you have to fight for it . Plant that tree for Samuel and his dog, do it today, don’t let them stop you,

-         if they try to stop you,- shut down the school and be sure to call the news media first, Have a plan, tell them to film it,- ( the shut down)


-         Congressman Wolf will not help you, his father was a Cop  he takes the cops side against you,  you cant trust him, this dirty Cong Wolf turned the redmonk back over to the police who  the redmonk was complaining about , go to president Bushes mother for help and 60 min, 20/20 investigative TV shows get channel 7 on your side - to come out and film,-  and also film it your self and sell it to TV Stations /

-         freedom haint free / you got to fight for it    Plant that tree- for your brother Samuel he never got to finish high school  , plant that tree for Sams Dog,- striker,- who waged his tail at the Government agents  who then shot Striker in the hind quarters,  Striker then screamed in pain  and dragged his hind quarters  around  until he died, this is when Samuel shot at the Agents,  wouldn’t you ?

  the Goverment agents later drove their trucks and cars over Strikers body  as it lay in the road, many times,  the photos of the tire marks on Strikers body is in photos  and Sams Father,- Randy Weaver  and his lawyer Gerry Spence complained about it .

 Plant that Tree get the photos of Striker  dead body being run over again and again to show how tuff FBI Agents are,- the photos are in the books called –( Every knee shall bow ) go to your liberary and make the photos and put them up at school and ask Phoney PETA  the phoney Animal Rights org .why Its Silent as to what the FBI did to Striker? A Lab Dog. Who waged his tail and barked at the FBI agents. and US Marshalls.

 88 Sammy W picture- below

     the FBI is p.o. about Sammys W picture being on this web site

 don’t just stand there, do something , Freedom haint free Stand up

 Redmonk Political Boloney down below--- the FBI believes there boloney , the US Government believes there boloney,- the jews believe there boloney , the Christians believe there boloney , the Arlington  cops believe there boloney, the Arlington Judges believe there boloney, the Arlington court house prosecutors believe there boloney, even ---cop Simpson of Leesburg va believes his Boloney this English American turkey white skinned  Anglo Saxon Buck - Cop- named- Simpson  is he a mentally ill deranged cop,? does he needs treatment,-  if indeed cop Simpson’s deranged   and mentally Ill for real  and a possible latent Homosexual cop,? Iam only asking a question about Sheriff Simpson of Leesburg and Arlington Count cop Kantar as concerns their latent homosexuality, iam just asking a question ? I don’t know  , Arlington Jewish cop Kantar called me a queer when he had me  stopped in a parking lot,-  kantar called me a queer )  I heard,- Cop Kantar is a Queer arlington County cop  is this true ? - also  Cop Simpson  of   the leesburg po lice dept.- is Cop Simpson  a sick man very sick mentally Ill man  cop Simpson  ? is this true  about Simpson  ?  Iam only asking a question ?  Simpson put on his cop web site  that iam  deranged so when other cops stop me and type in my name I come up in the computer as deranged  -- I fight back! Iam from the coal fields of the 1940s Iam not from the Suburbs and  as concerns all this boloney every one believes about them selvs  to me,-  all this boloney every one believes-------------------------------------------

   Means to me ,---- that you redmonkees can believe your boloney too,- that boloney business is a two way street,- not a one way street,--  call me a lier ?   redmonkees !- does every one got the boloney business under control ?  Iam just asking a question /  down load this about simpson and Kantar   and send it to the leesburg police dept and the Arlington police dept. and to the FBI as well as US attorney for the Eastern distrect of Virginia a one mr.  McNutly  hes located in Alex Virginia.  And US Attorney Kilgore in Richmond Va .

this date is- April 2,- 2002  America begin killing Freedom of Speech and Thought in the 1960s and today no high school students in America has ever lived in freedom or under freedom / think about that /

 the redmonk lived in almost- total freedom because of the time frame he was born, Political correctness  did not exist,  you could say any thing or think any thing you wanted  no one could tell you  what you could say and not say,you are  not allowed to express your self,-    in America  to day .

Political correctness forbids truth,  with out truth you can never get the right answer to any Question .,all because of political Correctness, All of us, in American live lies all day long just like in a Dictator ship you are forbidden the truth-- same same,- - because of Political correctness!

,-  you Students must do away with political correctnesss so you wont live lies every day , all day long in No freedom America. Plant that Tree for Brave Samuel your brother / he died for his dog, Striker . PETA doesn’t think so all redmonks are to stay away from PETA

The animal rights people called PETA will not  acknowlege  that Brave Samuel Weaver died for his dog,- the bravest man on Ruby ridge, was Sammy- W he was 14 years old. When the government killed him  he too was not allowed to believe what he wanted. The cops made a descision to go and set the weaver family up  a sting operation

.  Because the PETA org. has become a political org. using the Animals to force the new world order on the American people,. Because of the large number of  Lesbians in PETA,- hate men,  they also like to call woman, such  as your mother and your grandmother Dumb Cows for living with men and having babies, ask your friend s if this is not true about PETA

 I heard them my self use this term on mothers and Grandmothers, and that’s why I ask all of you to join up with Jane Goodall the Chimp Lady and her org. she Jane Goodall likes men and married two of them and is a Mother with children  stay away from PETA their not for the Animals, PETA is  using the Animals to force Political Change called the new world order,- PETA loves Political correctness. Redmonkees hate political correctness and love freedom.

 PETA is Evil, PETA started out good and got too big and then went Bad  PETA is now ,no different then  the Jim Jones  org. that killed 800 of its followers, / PETA kills its own animals,- I Have the news Paper artc. And it is  posted  on  my photo  page gallery #4 for you to read.

        PETA was taken over by the Political correct, Lesbian and Homosexual crowd  and the Sick drug addict Hollywood Crowd . all roads to hell are paved with good intentions,- ask your mother if the redmonks lieing,- and tell the Homosexual and lesbian students at your school to stop hating so called straight people . and to get off the drug called hate , which is indeed like a drug

 And every one remember,- telling people off,-  is a two way street,  not a one way street,- so – (straight students,- watch out. The lesbian students are going to throw the honest bowling ball back down your lane at you, the same honest bowling ball you through at them / two way streets, not one way streets

 Are you straight student pushen and shoven Lesbian students ?   ya better stop it ,- It don’t wear well ,- but don’t let the lesbians get up in your face  with their believes, live and let  live were ya can , if not go to war !

 keep in mind Lesbo Queen Cops have let the redmonk  go and have given him some heads up,- straight she girl cops also, but the lesbo queen cops are the only  ones to be up set about the pictures of the dead Black female in the DC Morgue and the photos of my dead cousin naked body  being Passed around in the Government GAO building Wash, DC, Why ?  because Lesbians have been kicked around by Society,- they tend to be more sensitive about some one being done wrong / because of what they gone through, that’s true of Blacks Americans Indians Mountian people , maby just about every body. Who has been done wrong / a lot of Cops have acted like the North west Mounted Sarg. In the movie  called  Death Hunt  giving me a head start  a Tom mix Cop I call em  don’t kid your self tom mix cops  are out their . and some are pretend Tom Mix cops

The PETA Org. started out on the right road helping Animals,- then PETA  got too big and went Bad / PETA s lesbians calling your mother a dumb cow / I went to PETA how many times,- they refused to help / PETA has become like a big Government org . It has a Political agenda for the New World order and is using the Animals to get new  believers in PETA”S Political Agenda.      

 When the US Government Agents killed Samuel Weaver at Ruby ridge there was 400 Government agents around the Weaver Cabin, 4oo cops

 Inside the cabin at the time was Mrs. Weaver the mother of 4 children  and her husband Randy-,( Sam’s Dad ) / and Kevin Harris a friend, ( Kevin -who I talked to at the Ruby Ridge hearings and told him what I heard  Kevin wanted to get me supper  news men can ask if this is true )  think about that,- 400 - cops against one Family a total of 7 people in the cabin and 400 hundred cops out side the cabin with armored carriers and helicopters and auto Weapons-   Sniper rifles,-   that, Students  of the world,-  equals – 400- American cowards  doesn’t it ? concerning the 400 Cops  Cowards Cowards Cowards- all

 The Fairfax County Police shooting the Mexican Mother sleeping in her bed,  the FairfaxCops  broke in to  the wrong house,  they killed the Mexican woman because the Fairfax police are afraid, not brave, afraid, and its fun for cops to shoot people, just like shooting rabbits, when cops shoot like that,- they are one - Killers  and or 2- afraid  they should all be fired from their jobs  because they are not men,  if they are killers,- the belong in jail, - if the are Afraid,-   they have no business on a police dept.

         by using the redmonk police Fear and Kill model above,- the people who live in Fairfax County must get rid of these  Fairfax Cops no matter what!

/ Fairfax County  Commonwealths attorney Robert f Horan said a  Muslim would kill his own mother for 2000 American dollars, he said it on American television on a talk show every one heard it  he  and was not fired  and or killed, and or captured by Arabs Americans and taken to a Muslim Country to be tried in a muslim court of law for a hate crime against the Arab Muslim Americans. If the Fairfax  County Common wealths attorney -Robert Horan  had said any Jew would kill his own Jewish mother for 2000 dollars would he have been fired ? this is the proof that muslim Arab American are Second class Citzens in America.

 Every Arab American knows he is a second class citizen  in America and Arab Americans must form militia units to protect them selves,-  in Arlington county and Fairfax county,- both counties in the state of Virginia,- Arab militias  must be formed the same way Jewish Americans have the Jewish Militia Called the (  Jewish Sticks) in these two counties, located 15 and 20 min s. from Americas capital,- Washington DC. If the American jew s Have a Jewish Militia the Arab Americans can have a Arab Militia , call me a lier, I dare you. Whats good for one should be good for all – make it fair

 All Arab American students in Arlington County Va.- read the book called – ( the Secret Story)   the Secret history of  Italian American Evacuation and internment during World War II /

I was a Small lad and I was a Wittness even climbing on the bus with the Italians who were being taken away / I stood in line with them and climb in the bus  the American Soldier ask the other American Soldier is he going ? meaning me,- the other Soldier said no,- get him off the bus,- what happened to these Italian Immigrants is very close as to what is happening to you Arab Muslims Now, today in America, that’s why you should read this very important  book,- get your mother to read it, your Arab Father too   / stand up for your selves / don’t lie down / you arab students in Arlington county Virginia 15 min. by car from Washington DC

 Believe me, when I tell you the English Americans put Hate on the Italians you could feel it / and us Slavs too,- during the Communist Witch hunts  during the Joe McCarthy Period 1950s the English Americans Put Hate On Slavs, as they looked for communist,- If you were a Slav the teachers singled Slavs Out for Questioning- a Race- Humiliation ) but not the English American students )  the American Government covers this all up,- that’s why Arab Muslim Americans Students- in Arlington County Schools and Fairfax County Schools must keep a record as to What America is doing to you Muslims,- Now,- Today in America,- so you,- like the Italians will have a -  ( the Secret Story ) to tell,  on Un-Fair UN- just America, her AKA- the big LIE on all of us     do a Paper on this  for your school.

 America did it to the Italians the Japanese  the Slavs  the Indians the Blacks  the Hillbillies- and they are doing it to you Arab Americans and Muslims,  in Arlington County in the State of Virginia now,- today . fight back!

 Tell the Arab Americans and Muslims in Detroit in the State of Michigan I am Fighting for em, in the State of Virginia  trying get Common Wealth Attorney Robert Horan from Fairfax County Virgina  Fired   you Arab Americans give Bobby Horan  2000, American Dollars as you Arabs watch Horan go out the door and tell Horan the 2000 Dollars is for his Irish Mother. From your Arab Muslim mother. Rub it in. 

  Force Common wealth attorney Robert Horan to come to Mexico to face me in a Duel  in old  Insenada Mexico  and  or remove Robert Horan from the Commonwealths Attorney office, show Prosecutor-  Robert Horan, Muslim American power-  in Fairfax County in the State of Virginia - get him ,! This guy is evil, he is not a real American  and either is Sharon Percy Rockefeller of WETA Radio TV a real American,-   WETA radio TV  in Arlington va, these two are bad American people, and not real Americans,  their both drunk on  power, meaning emotional ill, like a drug addict. Drunk on power.

* 88 zinger


   This down below concerns Commenwealth Attorney Robert Horan of Fairfax County  Virgina  stating on American Television a Mulsim would kill his own Mother for  $2000 dollars  he was not fired which proves the Arab Americans are 2nd class American Citizens

 Make this loud mouth Robert Horan a  former US Marine,- Sweat, you Arab Americans Students make  Horan put his finger in his collar and pull it open as he sweats from the  fear of  the Arab American Crowd out side his office demanding his removial and with no pension too , make him leave with out his pension. Get him,- hes no good, he has a stink on him, what did his father say about Slavs, Italians and Greek  Americans when he Horan was living at home as a young man, that Italians, Slavs, Greeks should not be in America ? the Redmonk knows,  the Redmonk lived it, he knows what Horan is . 

   Robert Horan has what they call in America,- an Irish Mick Mouth, but no Balls.  Also Get rid of his Irish mick Sister- US attorney Helen Fahey for the Eastern district of Virgina –(she now works for the parole board) this  US attorney office located in Alexander Va 15 min from Washington DC where Arab freedom fighters can not get a Fair Trial,-  because she does what the CIA tells her to do/ and now, today,- of course the US attorney for Eastern district of Virgina is a guy named  Mc Nutley he does what the CIA tells him to do  and be sure to get rid of Horans Irish Mick Brother, none other than- mick  __new 2003  Moran- aka-  Congressman Moran,  every on who is irish- check the new 2003 add on of new stories on monkee tails  front page   called the Coalfield Mick  so ya know

  do a paper for your class Project on the Death of Samuel  Weaver and show the photos  of his dead dog Striker and the photos of the weaver children taken out of the book on the siege at Ruby Ridge,-  stand up for the truth Students for truth all over the world.

 do a paper Project on why Rebel soldier McVeigh Killed the people in Oklahoma City look up what Tim said as to why he killed the People,- its at http://www.outpost-of-/ freedom .com ) do a paper and plant that tree for Sammy  W,-

 You Mexican Students plant a tree for the dead murdered Mexican woman,  shot to death in her bed as she slept  by Fairfax cops – ( get her name, / put it on the tree,- so ever ones knows.  Play the song,--  19 yellow Roses,- and Laredo Rose- Play it for her memory- for her,- a Mexican girl – sung by the Texas Tornados- Freddy Fender a great Mexican American. Who went all the way up- glory and money and then because of drugs, all the way back down to the bottom,-  had to move his wife and kids  in with his mother  in her house, the house he bought for his mother when he was rich and famous, he was broke and down, and out, he pulled him self together  and Freddy is commen back,- climbimg to the top an old dude, his band a bunch of old dudes, same age as the redmonk, don’t ever count us old dudes out  were still rocken em- where still in the Hunt.    Do it,- don’t talk about it/ - do it , Plant that tree and play those songs for her – She was Mexican. Show respecta /

   Let the Fairfax County Virgina  cops know they gut to pay when the mess up,  hurt em,  get the cops- that are afraid, Cops that are afraid are as dangerous as a Killer Cop , get the cops that are killers,- we all,- as Americans must demand that the( International Court ) –out of the United Nations) take over all Cop killing and All Cop beating cases in America, because of the decay and corruption in the US Court houses all across America in ever town  all the Judges and all the  Prosacuters protect the killer and Beating Cops,     plant that tree   do it.

  Get some guts  you Arab American , Mexican American students,  gather info, if you teacher tries to cover you with manure and keep you in the dark like a mushroom,-  throw the proof in her face / do research on all of this / the way news men and news Girls are suppose to do- research 

 All European American Students do a paper Project on the Numbers- Of  %  as Concerns the White European People only being 9 % of the Earths population,-

 While the peoples of color are 91% of the earths  population  -- are White people being exterminated off the face of the earth?   And their- for could not be racist,   but in fact need to be protected  by the United Nations- get the truth out on the % and the Numbers, I got this info on the # from reading a book called the Grey Wave written by a former government employee I had this info  on the # concerning Populations -years before Pat Buchanan wrote about it in his book the book the Gray Wave is hard to read  the way this guy wrote it , a lousy read,- but an eye opener  as to what is happening to the White race  white people are disappearing off the face of the earth because they are not replacing them selves,  white people are  not having children ! the storke don’t bring babies all you white guys  out there 

  Below is a redmonk Racial educational spoof on Moran, Horan and Fahey, this is a political web site to raise the awareness and conscientious  of powerful Americans such as those mentioned above as concerns their hypocercy as to not hiring white ethnics in the Fire houses,- County Government and the Common wealth attorney Office and Police dept. in these Virgina Counties- Arlington and Fairfax 15 min from Wash. Dc   

 by the way the Slang term Mick for Horan, moran ,Fahey- is in refrence to Low class Irish Americans.

 Who kook up stinking Cabbage and meat on every Sat. stinkin up the whole coal fields in the mountains,- after they get the paycheck from the coal mine ,-

 The wee redmonk grew up with the micks, that’s how he knows, you can smell the Irish Micks kooken a 1000 yards away  and their Mick mothers are usually drunk on sat.  running her big mick mouth on the porch in the Coal fields  you can hear her tell ever one off too, it goes on for hours, the Irish are the real American Slavs and Greeks and Italians are not Americans, their Johhney come latelees,  I can still hear her say,- the Irish saved the world, finally was always a sobbing exit that what that British did to the Irish  the English were going to pay  on and on  who ever passes by, she tells em off,-   until she at last passes out on the porch, and every one says,- thank god / the wee redmonk shouted back to her one time that the Indians are the First Americans because they were here first , I paled around with her son some time,- he was always embarrassed  he would say,- she got the problem,-- so one Saterday when she was drunk,- kooken that stinken cabbage and corned beef the wee redmonk told him your mom haint nothing but a drunk and the irish kid poped the wee redmonk in the eye and gave  the wee redmonk a black eye,- we were never friends after that ,-  the mountain coal field Irish Micks must have all been related to Horan, Moran and Fahey the  famous Irish---- Catholic Virgin,  the -- she girl- Mick-- Helen Fahey the Irish Catholic- Virgin - all of em micks- low class  Irish, they never helped me one time  I get even / at a time in American history  1920 30 40 50 s when the English and Irish Americans called Slavs- Bo hunks and Italians- Dagos and Greeks- Greasers , their where no laws to protect us,-  we where are on our-own. The English kept the jobs for them selves  their were no Hispanic people in America like in 2002 you couldn’t find one /  It Was the White Ethnics who forged the way in civil rights not blacks and sure as hell not Hispanic people,- their   88-wernt any,  but in Newyork and California.( $88- new year 2003 )-   Check Monkey tails on the front page for a true coalfields irish mick  monkey tail- and true too called the Coal field Mick you irish American Students look it up on the 2003 new monkee tails  

 the English American was deeply worried about the white Ethnics Italian, Greek, and , Slav’s the blacks were on their knees and didn’t get up until 1960 s   this is all being covered up by the school boards all over America,  including Arlington County  Virgina as concerns what happened to the White Ethnics.

 I saw the round up of Italians during world War two  I stood in line with them  and saw the soldiers with Guns  I say  talk about all of it, not some of it. Iam tired of hearing about blacks Jews and Hispanic suffering,-

 lets talk about some one else suffering besides Jews and Blacks / lets talk about what happened to the White Ethenics / I use the term Mick as a Educiational Taunt  to the Irish and the rest of you . to raise your level of awareness

./ Former Govener of New york Mario Cumo got out of  law school he was not allowed to get a job in Anglo Saxon American law Firms, it was forbidden for a Slav ,Italian or Greek to work in the English American law firms / also Because he was Italian, the Democratic Party would not let him run for President of the United States, Cumo was asked how many Italians are their in the South meaning the people in the South are not going to vote for an Italian  that’s just one example how it was for white Ethenics in the 1900,-10s 20s  30 40s  up to the 50s  / think about that, what else was not allowed? / not allowed in their section of town / stay away from their daughters / you’re the wrong race / on and on I could go/ the brown Skin and Black Skin students havenet a clue  Arlington County schools 51 min. from the capital  do not teach it .

 In the 1960s you could not get a job at the Smithsonian Inst.  if you were not English American,- I tried and was told just that/ why do you think I like busten the Smithsonian Inst  behind, of course they hired blacks for the dirty jobs at the national Zoo. there is one Black offical now Lisa Steavens I worked for Lisa when I worked in the monkey house at the national Zoo she was a very nice person.  But,- no one but me,- has pushed for other races to get hired at the Smithsonian and zoo like my own Slav Race, at this Institution called the Smithsonian in Wash.D.C. I got the First Asan hired, at the zoo - a Korean welder  I went back 30 years in my investagition  and the Smithsonian tried to stop me,  the Washington Post News paper was given all this info and remained silent over the years.  Freedom haint free stand up for freedom.

    why the cover up by Arlington County Government on White Ethnic History  the new immigrants  in the Arlington  School system haven’t a clue about American History on race Issues,/ their being taught lies / not the truth / keep PETA out of you Schools, and put jane goodall in,- keep Kay Graham owner of the Washington post newapaper  out of your schools, all redmonkee brigrade members will use the circus as an introduction to animals for children,  why not,? PETA takes animals around in a cage to schools and uses these animals to get students into PETA.s political agenda,- other then animals, whats the difference if a circus introduces animals to children and PETA bringing animals in side your school, in a cage to introduce animals to school children , remember the circus does not bring a political agenda with its animals when it shows up in your town ,- as indeed PETA does    call the redmonk a lier ?   and keep an open mind,-  this is  the Redmonk.

 PETA members do not have an open mind and many of them are emotional disturbed, mentally ill  and many of you redmonk brigade members know some PETA members that are not wrapped tight in the head- call me a lier  PETA members are the kind of people that like Jim Jones and his lemonade ask you Mom who Jim Jones is  and how he killed 800 of his followers in George town Guyana, ask her? The redmonk calls PETA Woman corncob woman because they only eat veggies and look like  woman who are parched like in the movie- ( in a town like Alice, -see the movie  they look parched  )  like corn cob looking woman, indeed  if their woman from the Animal Rights org. called PETA  their CORNCOBs  and there all afraid of the pepperronie.   

 Make sure you get the three- American- Irish Micks,--- Horan, Moran, and the she girl-  Mick-  Fahey. Make em sweat ……….. ask your mother not to vote for jim moran  kick him out of office show Cong. moran redmonkee power go through your neighborhood and ask the adults not to vote for moran he beats his wife,- gets sneaky loans and he has  choked a little black boy down  get Mick Moran out of office, before he -, sneaks a loan ,- chokes and beats again -  none of us are save

Stand up  - students for the truth  - all over whole wide world

    The Redmonkees Students for Truth  Crusade

 coming to your school soon  ! be on the look out – every one

 Students for truth,--- Shout it  out    and   sweep out political correctness and make it a clean sweep too –

students for truth.

The end of the line Zinger

#88; I’ll be gone forever

 get  the wing out of the desert and what ever you do  leave the monkey


 the Redmonk is given all you Redmonk Brigade members,- your Christmas present early Its a red monk sneaky Zinger in a  Dirty Sox,- you figure it out. Her goes-

 American lawinforcement stopped the redmonkee one time oooh  about 4 years ago, they said to the redmonk our boss down at the Station house don’t think it’s a Red monkee , but a Red Fox  inside a redmonkee suit  and the boss said lawinforcement needs to cut off the Redmonkee  suit to see-if there is a Red Fox in side the Redmonkee suit  .

 the redmonkee can do lawinforcement one better than that,  I got news for all of you /  a Redmonk -Ripleys belive it or not- said tounge in cheek

If indeed lawinforcement cuts open the Redmonkee suite,- they will indeed find a Red Fox,      but, hay , when they cut open the Red Fox Suite,   their goina  find  -

 only a little Sparrow, with a  little black bullet proof  vest  hangen from his chest ,- sittin on a old iron Tractor seat  inside the Red Fox suit ,   which was inside the Redmonkee suit  , the  little Sparrow  pushen and pulling leavers ,  with a World War I  - leather flyers cap  and flight Goggles on-   maken the Red Fox and the Redmonkee go go go / what do you think  ?

    ,is it a Redmonkee -?   a Red Fox- ? or  a  Red Sparrow  ? ,  - the little Sparrow you see around your home,- the Sparrow with a little Black Vest -  ? is this gift,- to you Redmonk Brigade members similar to the Russian  Story by Russian Author- Dostoevski and his story  - the Lady or the Tiger – read Russian Dostoveski book  you might figure it out.  What came out?     the, Monkey   ,the Fox   or the Sparrow - whos  - name is Kestrel -  you descide !

 If you want to know what its like to be in my shoes fighting to clear my name and get justice for 18 years now -  its just like the Book – The Fixer )  written  by Bernard Malamud,-    main character is Yakov Bok,   the Redmonkee is Americas Yakov Bok  and the story in the book takes place in Czarist  Russia , reverse everything in the book that happened to the Russian  - Jew  Yakov Bok  in Russia and make it happen in America today and you will have the American  Yakov Bok  - the Redmonkee   the lies, the mocking,  the hate,  the scorn,   the corrupt court system, Judges, prosecutors, COPS- even the smell, the Jailers  ETC. all-  the redmonkee tasted and felt and smelled in America in his 17 year long struggle to clear his name,  that’s is why you should read the Fixer and know the Russian Yakov Bok in this book .

  but  what you read in this book the Fixer- is going on to day, now in the Year 2002  with the redmonk,- is Americas Yakov Bok,- . it just like in  this book  nothing changes / the Arab Americans today  are  being treated some thing like the Italians in America  during World war II The- book called the - secret Story)    an American disgrace on the White Anglo Saxon Race, because they, - the English America  were running and controlling America at the time , they did it, the English Americans did it  /  no one else,- the Anglo Saxon  learned nothing  from what they did to Japanese and Italians Americans in World War II and or the Mistreatment of Slavic Americans  during the Communist Witch hunts of the 1950s, that I lived through,-  now today,- the Anglo Saxon is doing it all over again to Arab Americans.   Same same .

 the English American Students owe the redmonkee nothing,  you English Americans students never did any thing to me, so how could owe me something?,-  you White students don’t owe any thing to the Blacks American either,  you didnt do any thing to them,-  you Christian students today don’t owe the Jews Nothing,  you didn’t do any thing to the Jews . But the schools need to discuss this in the class room,-  Do the Blacks owe for the Civil War that set them free and do the blacks owe money to the dead white Anglo saxon Soldiers who died to free the Blacks in the American civil war ? do the Jews owe the Slavs for the state of Iserial and do the jews owe for  the 49 million dead Slavs who died to kill Hitler  saving the Jewish Peoples Lives and jewish faith  and do the jews owe the Slav race for letting the jews live in the Slav Lands for a 1000 years when no one else would take the jews in ,/

 who ows the Slavic American for the Communist Witch Hunts in the 1950s ? who owes the Italian americans for the interment camps and fear on these Immigrants in world War II .. who, now today, is going to owe the Arabs American for what we are doing to them  now to day ,

 whos going to pay,  Who owes who?  That is the Question??

 And we haven’t eve touched on the American Indian whos land we all are standing on  and took from them because we had the power  to do so, what about the mountain People, Hill Billies they are called,-  have been riped and gutted for ever and never has the US government paid them any thing,  what is owed the American Hill billies? Who owes Who? Every body get paid or nobody gets paid that’s how the redmonk sees it, you Young Anglo Saxons don’t owe me nothing and for sure don’t owe any other race anything either  you didn’t do nothing to me  , but your Grand father owes  and the school system in Arlington owes us to tell the whole story on wrong doing by the Government  to all the American people not just the Story, on  blacks and the jews all of us  not some of us- tell all the Stories, tell every ones story or tell no ones story- make it fair  Why is your School teacher a white Coward  known as Miss. Cringer her husband mr White. Cringer    

 Miss white Cringer your School teacher who is afraid of Aunt Jamimia and mr. white Cringer is afraid of old Black Joe, - this said as an educational Race taunt to all white School teachers in Arlington County, who wont teach all the stories  on Racial Abuse  that happened in America  the redmonks people Ruthenians never did any thing to black people  we don’t fear em,  we fought for em in the mountains  and were punished for it by white English Americans, who ruled the mountains with an iron hand  they controlled every thing  we also tell emm off when the blacks are wrong /  the blacks say you cant tell em off  when their wrong/ I say you can / tell the truth  / the blacks owe for the civil war  and money to the white Anglo Saxon Soldiers family  who died to free Black Americans  during the Civil War  /you pay every one or pay no one,  this is what redmonkee Brigrade members tell Mrs. Cringer your white School teacher  the perdue white hen . whos afraid of her white shadow and skared to death of a black shadow…. your white school teacher,--- Call me a lier ?

   #88.  this is the  Redmonk signen off,-  I might not get there with you,  always remember ( our Hearts are holden hands ) the song sung by old country western singer Ernest Tubb , 1940s / -  Ill be gone for ever

 Below is the Redmonks good by and sign off  to the--  all famous Redmonkee Brigade members,  ,-  Covert Reds, Applause and  Cheers )   Rocketteters , applause  and whoopsy doos )   Bible Thumpen Redmonkees, Applause  and Hosannas ) and for the Redmonks lost daughter,- Her Name would be- Tilley Rose  - the Redmonk chose her name / If you Redmonks by chance  ever  see her, tell her, that her dad-  is looken for her and he is indeed crazy about his daughter and loves  her     treat her  right and kind . after all ,-   she is, -  the Redmonks daughter.  – Really ! she was named for a female Rodeo trick rider Tilly Bowmen way  out west in the 1930s  and why I called her Rose, is none of your business /or bees wax.   -

 All of you Redmonks are on your own until I make it back , I may not be back,- carry on, and Soldier on,- do  read ( Cowboy logic) by your bed side and get your herd of cattle to market on your own, don’t let dry wartern holes , and cattle rustlers stop ya from getten your herd to market  up at the Rail head,- come up with ideas to make it happen,  always make it happen, Its called----  (the Run for the Roses ) like a horse mounted Lancer,-( make a run on it,)- when things get tuff and too hard    always remember,- what  the Most Famous of Living US Navy Seals,- the Great-   Seal- Dick Marcinko   always said—you dont have to like it,- but you got to do it,   but you dont have to like it.


( One Endless Night) -  by Jimmie Dale Gilmore  out of Texas  -this song is the Jewish Buddha’s Song  on the link page /_  I never got out to put it on  a- Hang up in my files ? the jewish Buddhas song- one endless night

 Also   let me say -Jimmie Dale Gilmore, out of Texas   Billie Joe Shaver, out of Texas  Freddy Fender out of Texas and the Redmonk  out of Chestnut Ridge– sure,- were old dudes, but were still in the hunt,  we got age on us,- sure !- 50s 60s 65s  70s ,- years old,- but were still rocken em,  were in the hunt,  we haint goian lie down and die like some of our Contemporaries,- those old duds are age,- who have given up on life and are stayen up on the porch . waiten for ther Box, /--  Gilmore , Shaver,  Fender and the Redmonk haint given up nothing, and we haint waiten for the BOX, -  old duds like US mean to Rock em, and roll em to the very end.  the end,- meaning, were every one pays the Alligator and your buns End up in the coffin Box/ we haint in no Box ,-  wer still in the hunt and all redmonkees are to stay in the hunt when you redmonks are 60s, 50,s 70 ,s  make the people scream-  who are sitten on the porch,- as the old dogs- Gilmore , Fender , shaver  and the 64 year old Redmonk are  chasen the semies trucks out on the highway,- you gota get out on the highway , you got to get down on the playing field ,. you cant stay in the grand stands  and watch the game of life  get out on the field and play the game of life,-  you win some, you lose some, you get your teeth knocked out, your  eyeball knocked out,-  ya get your skinny as$  busted , so what !   but at least your out on the Field playing in the game of life trying to hard to win , not setten up in the stands seats watching – never give up – keep goin, don’t stop now, keep goin ! Keeeep goooiiiinnn don’t stop nooow

  But sooner or later, all you  Redmonks- everybody gota pay that  -Alligator !  into the Box - old dudes like us,- Gilmore ,Shaver  Fender  why, hells fire- were still in the Hunt , we haint goin in the box –  because we know how ta dance with the Allagator and  not get our ears bitten off / you gotta know what your doin  when yaa dance with  the gator he-  will indeed l chew you ears off, - when you gotta dance with that dirty Old nasty -Allagator .  sooo watch out . don’t ever give up and keep---- dancin.  Watch em ears     read oooon -----

The Redmonks finis of the Short stories:  a papragraph a- piece-

Dec10 th 2002- the redmonkee  Political trial   in the Arlington court House below is why it will be political Show Trial to shut me  up a Political dissenter- below is why they will silence  me,

a political show trial just as you see in Hitlers Germany 1939  coming to Arlington court house on Dec,10 th 2002

 So  here goes:::::::::::::::::: they have been moved on the front page called ----tails of the redmonkee ) on the front Page


      -----also the true story on the Arlington cop abuse on the Cop stop at ther hecht Co in Arlington April 22 2002 and the copy of my lawyers defense on the illegal stop by Arlington Cops on this date this was indeed a political stop  to lock me up for the jewish new # of the dead of world War II  ,) now on the [photo page ) the photos of the boots and saddles in the manure pile ,) the photos the police took of the dead naked black woman Vigina in the dc morgue  I wrote a letter  complaining and crossed the blue cop line of silence,- )     cops vowed to get me all across America ? when they hear about it   ) the attempt of slight hand Murder of me  by sheriff Simpson  Leesburg Va - calling me deranged, and dangerous  on the cops web site, so all cops can see it   ) the letter to U S attorney Kilgore in Richmond mass E- mail to the Governor of Virginia  force Kilgore to act to  put the Arlington Cops and Arlington prosecutors in prison  for violating my civil right s  remember the female cop- her aka- Bambi from the state of Wisconsin. What the cops did to her  never trust a cop

    the Arlington county employees crazed religious jews in the Arlington Court house and police dept , who want silence on the child killing jew at the zoo ,,- they want silence  of the jews killing the pandas by accident at the zoo,-  and the new numbers of the jewish dead of the Holocaust,-  the jewish Americans are hysterical about all of this including me rounding up their Jewish brother Eric Schmertz  a new york jewish lawyer who tried to steal a dead jewish mummified  baby  from world war II inside Russia so as to bring  the mummified Jewish baby to the holocaust Museum in Washington DC ( these jewish people are sick,-  mentally Ill ) he Eric Schmertz a jewish American nearly got killed in Russia over this. The living witness to this stealing a dead jewish baby,? the wittness is living in Falls church va  look her up,- ask her , the jews who work in  the Arlington Court House are hysterical about this

  the Arlington county court slight of hand stretching the law like a rubber band   want to punish me for  the   Americans rounded up in the Cosmos Hotel downtown Moscow USSR ???  after I went to pamyet and told my slav bros. What the Smithsonian Inst and Americans   did to me ? my Slavic Bros can, now today 2003 ,4 ,5 ,6 punish in America and Arlington County Va as well as they did in the Cosmos Hotel down town Moscow USSR. And that’s what I am requesting from Russian Nationalist Org Pamyet  to do to the American pamyet catches in the Slavic East Lands and do to Americans what the Arlington Government did to me  shout Arlington va as you beat the Americans and shout- gringo- the name the Arlington County Hispanic Cop called ,- Greaser Tedla ,- –chile mack- Tedla , chile bean- Tedla -- Arlington Cop Tedla is a racest  and must go to jail for lying in the court room and for calling me a  Gringo   iam from the Coal fields in the mountains  I fight back  Arlington po lice force and Judges and prosecuters to a man and woman will protect the Arlington county greaser- Cop Tedla, (remember he called me a gringo)  the white Judges will not protect me- I have white skin and so do most of the Judges and prosacuters  that’s how the whites in the Arlington court house stay in power they all togeather do not,- will not,- protect white people who have trouble with racest Brown Hicpanics and or Racist Black Americans , your on your own if you have white skin in Arlington County  and 15 min from Washington dc I call the Slavic org, pamyet to come in to Arlington Cunty and use Slavic law on the cops who harmed me there is no justice in America court houses  the political leaders want the brown vote and the black vote and will kill their own white race to get the brown and black vote—every one- get pamyet to come to Arlington va  and settle scores  slav style  under Slav law not American law,  American law you have to buy with green American money. 

   the bad horses donated for tax write offs for the rich friends of Sen Jessie Helms and others  at the US park police  , all jews in America are hysterical  about the new #s  of the dead in the death Camps the jews acting like crazed religious Fanatics-  you see in the movies, crazed jews-- these new Numbers will affect the jewish Religion , how you might ask ?- many jews will now leave the jewish faith because they were lied to about the Numbers of the dead of the Holocaust of world War II,-? will all jews in Arlington Va including the Jews that work in the Arlington Court House now try to kill the redmonk try to shut the redmonk up by putting him away  in prison ? using their jewish hate and their jewish Religious law  to hurt the redmonk ? they have all ready put facial hate on the redmonk / I can not get a fair trial in America- because the Christian Judges, US Attorneys Jerry Kilgore, and - McNutly, FBI director- Mueller , John Ashcroft  do what the Jews tell them to do , for Jewish reelection money for the Political parties the Dems and Rep. The jewish Americans are not breaking the law when the jews give money to the Dems and Rep.  its all legal, any one can buy America,- its for sell  but ya got to have a lot of money, the redmonk does not have any money  with no money your voice is not heard in America- Its all pretend , Its a Lie

 example this year the IRS US Government sent me a notice that I owed $ 300 Dollars in  taxes because I worked at a day labor place for 6 dollars an hour cleaning up dirty construction sites.

  the day labor place did not take out taxes to the Government  we had to take and pay the taxes our selves,-- your take home pay at the end of the day  was like 32 dollars for working 8 hours  we were paid daily with this little bit of money I refused to pay taxes to the Government—because my pay was so little and the Rich Americans, and American Corp. don’t pay taxes,-   the IRS caught up with me and the United States Government demanded I pay the 300 dollars  or they would take my 20 year old Van I live in from me,--  the Government wanted the money now,-  today or penalties would be added  I am Home less  I live in my van,----  Enron Corp did not pay any taxes for two years to the American Government,-- General Electric Corp,- Did not Pay any Taxes to the Government  for 4 years --- that’s why the Redmonkee says  tongue in cheek if ya see Bin Laden coming through your Back Yard don’t say nothing  Enron Corp gave tons of money to all Politicans inclusing the white House  America is a Crooked Game , If Enron Corp. Don’t pay taxes Why should I ? and on 6 dollars an hour dirty  Job   to hell with America,- it a crooked game,-  I eat in a food line for homeless people  and the US Government is demanding I pay back taxes, of 300dollars but this same American Government is not demanding Enron Corp pay taxes for two years  the white house took money from Enron corp,    US congressmen,- US senators took money form Enron  Corp,  this info was on the 7 oclock news  as concerns who took money from Enron Corp -- I paid the money the 3 00 dollars to the IRS  I borrowed it to stop the penalties  Enron did not pay any taxes for two years  America is a crooked game  America demanded 300 dollars from a homeless person  think of that? All of you fight and die for America,--- don’t ask me to / I could care less what arabs do to this country ask me why ? America is Unjust  like all other countries and all Government in the world same same  America is a Lie  and the redmonkee will not fight for a lie , I refuse 

 the –( Arlington county Board- Chris Zimmerman, /--- 17 years on the board one Ellen Bozeman ) Cong Moran ,-Cong Wolf,-Sen. Warner, US Attorneys jerry Kilgore  in Richmond Va. McNutley in Alex ,Va   all want silence,---- Ill shout louder , not shut up,- these people all covered this all up,-  non of these people cared about your mother or father  they all got the Child killing Jew letter but needed Jewish Money to be reelected and sold your mother out for money the mother who gave you life , your mom was sold  out by Jim  Moran,- US Attorneys Kilgore,- Helen Fahey , and McNutly and the others for the Jewish reelection money   that’s not against the law,- the jews did not break any law   its is indeed cheap  and shallow of the politicians  and it shows jews as little people not willing to take responsibility for their wrongs doings against other races and peoples, the 8 year old polish girl in Falls Church Va.  the jews need to take a look at them selves,-- the Christians too for white cowardice ,-  talk about your selves and stop demonizing the arab Muslim and their faith. You blood thirsty white Christian Americans in Arlington county your blood lust is high  for Arabs and Muslims why ??

-         stand up for the Arabs and tell the Jews and Christians off that’s how you  make a better world,-   the truth,,-- not political correctness- strike down the coward Cop law--  get your mother to do it  this law endangers her children  you touch a cop 6 year in Jail  you fall against a cop 6 years in Jail the cops are a bunch of Cowards  for real,  only tuff guys,--- never goin be brave men only cowards  like  there buddies the  politicians,- judges and the real criminal and the true killer of freedom the Prosecutors in every court house in America, the butcher of freedom the-  American pros acuter, every  one-  read – a lawyers life  by Johnny Cochran  this book could be about the Arlington County Court house and its Employees


-          the Arlington  county Virginia Common wealth’s attorneys office which is located on the 5 th floor of the court House, the phoney white Anglo saxon American Attorney Storrad  makes sure when you got to the 5 th floor  of the Arlington Court house  into his office you are greeted by a black Muslim woman in a head dress and or a Hispanic brown skin at the receptions  desk. Does storred and the other coward Anglo Saxon Commenwealth attornies  think this will save them from a arab freedom fighters bomb , I am Just asken ?     Ive been up there signing papers for my appeal  that’s how I know ,--

-         on my request for an appeal the court transcriber didn’t  file my records to the court on time per judge Joan Alpers instructions // I was then denied  my appeal   /1/ my lawyer didnt ask for an extension  /3 I then called US Attorney jerry Kilgore office to ask how to appeal were to send it  etc.,-  Mrs. Kruger,- jerry Kilgore clerk  gave me wrong info I spent 14 dollars cert mailing my request for an appeal / US Attorney  jerry kilgors office then told me I had to ask for an appeal from the Arlington county court,- not from his office ,--   which I did /// then I got a call from Fran O’Brien Arlington county Commonwealth attorney to come in and sign some papers  that she sent  to the wrong place /  I went to the common wealth’s attorneys office again  to sign papers,-  the latest Aug 6 or 7  2003 is a response from the Virginia supreme Court in Richmond  Virgina    a  letter stating  they the supreme court  gave  Fran O’Brien an extension of time, to answer,    I got a copy in the mail could you run a business this way  ??? is this  the way the PhDs intellectuals who ran the National Zoo   conducted animal ops ya bet ya  I worked their that’s how I know -- and who are now being investigated by capital hill, - the Us Congress  over Animals Death  that I and other zoo keepers  complained about and I was fired  on trumped charges, fast too   the chickens coming home to roost at the national zoo this date Aug. 2003 keep your eye open in the papers for the hearings held on the National zoo  its already a cover up  I went to some of the org. involved in the investigation of the National zoo and they did nothing  their back meaning a cover up keep your eye open for it  the investigation of the National  Zoo )   will the chickens come home to roost also in Arlington County Courthouse concerning what this county has done to me  concerning my civil rights and the near killing of me a 64 year old man  broke ribs collapsed my  asbestoses  lungs  slammed my head in the ground again and again  while I was shouting I was not violent a -- mild concussion  ripped hernia ??? the Arlington cops took my  200.00 dollar eye glasses and bent them in a pretzel then a U broke the ear stem off and  this done with hate and malice just like Nazis in Hitler’s Germany 1939 same  then the all white jury two Hispanic one black gal the Forman who was almost tan not black gave and I believe she is a black racist that hats white people me 6 months in jail  and dropped the other charges  when taken to Arlington jail  they would not give me medical treatment  for a week  I ask several times a day  iam presently looking for a law firm with guts to take on the Arlington county  law suite .     Is Fran O’Brien who prosecuted me on these charges in the Arlington court house  which is  located only 15 min by auto from the white House in  Washington dc  related to a Jay O’Brien who is or was running for state office in Virgina???/ who and which Political action groups and or committees,--- gave money to O’Brien’s run for political  office.????--- all   redmonkees Find out   how much did the Jewish Pac give to O’Brien and what did the jewish people want for their money ??? Iam just asking a Question  what do you think ? is Fran O’Brien related to   a Mr. Jay O’Brien  I don’t know Iam just asking a question , jay O’Brien would need all the election money he could get from any race or group of people I bet O’Brien would even take money from Arab American s I wonder what would the jewish Political Pac’s want for their money  I have no money, -- to have your  voice heard in America  you must pay money to politicians in America to have a voice , you buy your voice with money  that is given to politicians --- this American political fact proves America is not a democracy , am I lying ??/  I don’t  know , Iam just asking a question.  Ya high school students in arlington Falls church and, Mclean  know what I mean, ?  your all a bunch of redmonkee jelly beans—shoot rockets,- blast away  bea happy  redmonk racketeer --- Fire !

       The Redmonks fairwell to the Redmonkees —

     The Redmonk gives to the Brigade these last two songs Golden slippers by Raymond Fairchild   play it for Sammy W. 14 years old - at Ruby Ridge   and 14 year old-  Jessie Row buried in the high country by him self alone --   there is a Zinger in the first song  / see if you can find it) that’s why i likes this song,- the Zinger) -  the second number,   Look on and Cry    by Ralf Stanley for Sammy W. at Ruby Ridge   the redmonk likes a snappy coal field mountain tune, this song - look on and cry) is not a sad tune, just the opposite, do they say black blues music is sad, no ! why does it have to be sad?, why not a great sound? You should be concerned about the sound / so listen UP ! down below

 This song- Look on and cry ) I give you,- and your mother  like it was given to me, by an old Italian Immigrant,-  this song  , with its sound will teach you to listen to music a different way, I give you this music info,-  in Sammy W s  - name, so listen up- Sammy- w by the way was 14 years old when the US marshal agent Art Cooper shot Sammy W- in the back  and killed him,- Sammy Ws ::  mother::: undressesd him and washed his body towel dried him  and put clean clothes on him while he was dead in that shed  if his arm was held on only by the skin how did mrs. Weaver the mother of four children wash that arm of her dead son  ask your mother if mrs. Weaver cried  and to think all the weavers wanted was to stay away from the American government  but the Government came for em  and the Arlington Government  and there police all - corrupt came for me and will try to crush the redmonk and will Arlington County government end up just as the Smithsonian Inst. In the Bulls eye  and like the brilliant Intellectuals at the Smithsonian  going to teach the redmonkee a lesion ?

 I have gone to the American Civil Liberties Union  and Us Attorneys Kilgore and US attorney McNutly .   McNutly office is located in alex Va and I  have charged all of them with obstruction of Justice a  complaint filed with main Justice in Washington DC  also on Jewish Americans--- Wolfenstien and Kantar who are employed by the Arlington County Government   and the white hating Arlington County Hispanic Cop Tedla who lied in the Arlington court room  no white person is save if Arlington county Hispanic- cop Tedla is not fired and put in prison the white cops who were with  Tedla the night they all together ripped open my hernia broke several ribs slamming my head in to the ground  again and again telling me thay are going to shuit down my web site that mrs. Persey Rockafella of WETA called the police on me  to complain , that I was not to use the Anglo Saxon saga Roland at the bridge that I use on my web site , that I was being punished for having the national zoo police chief Capt Day . his Photo on my web site photo gallery  this coward beating of me  gave me a  mild concussion remember I was chained  these cops are Arlington county Cowards   when taken to arl Jail the jail Deputies  refused to give me medical help for more then a week and taunted me,- insulted me,-  mocked me and threatened me.   the Geneva convention  on treatment of prisoners  states the County can not treat me this way its against the Geneva Convention on treatment of prisoners. Yes Iam looking for a Law firm to sue this coward corrupt county Arlington

  Are these Coward cops who stopped me on April 22 2002 mentally Ill,- also have any of them cracked up mentally  yet ,, remember the FBI agent who cracked up mentally concerning me ( read my total web site for the story takes four hours including photo gallery  ) I have spent more time in jail  then President Ken Lay of the Enron Corp. ken Lay  who robbed the American people thousands of people lost their jobs because of this mans sneaky stealing from his employees he Knows President Bush’s Father real well  Pres. Bushes Father called ken Lay and they had a private chat what it was about  know one knows  Enron president Ken Lay gave lots of money to White house and the Congress and the US senate    tell your mom I left her s gift in my junk yard  if she can find it  down below  way down below ---


   the US Government Killer Police--, ATF,-- FBI at the siege at ruby ridge took the dead bodies of Sammy W and his mother, Mrs. Weaver  and burned them,-  with out asking  the weaver  family if they could burn the bodies,-  the American Government refused to ask Vicky weavers mother Mrs. Jourdenson if they ,--the Government cops could burn her daughter and her grand son bodies / the cops just did it /  there is no democracy here in America,,- it’s a mild- Fascist police state,--  tell your mother you are endangered by this cop law, you brush against a cop fall against a cop that’s a felony  max 6 years in jail, your car insurance goes up about a 100 dollars  a year you are punished again for the felony,-- for the rest of your life, if they catch you with a knife in your car that you use to cut up an apple  because you’re a felon you are taken away to prison if you are in a house with guns even though the guns are not yours  you will go to prison for about 2 years  the cop law  is  down below,---- get it off the Arlington County Law books show the cops the peoples power tell your mother about this law  this law puts the cops above the people ! indangers her son or daughter – its not called the cop law  I just use that  as a ID  

The Cop- law on the law books in Arlington County states you brush up  against or touch  a Arlington cop that’s 6 years in Prison,- min 6 months this is a police state, in Arlington County-  Virginia-- Rise up you mothers in arlington and  strike down this coward cop law that’s make cops more then the people,--  Arlington County is a police state with this cop law that does not allow you to fall against a cop, touch a cop  or you will get 6 years in Jail, if the judge and proscauters want to give it to ya ,--  cops are nothing,-the people  are ever thing – kill this law off the books  now- stop this silly madness,-  all redmonk s Its your duty  Kill the cop law  off the books now today  you and your mother are more then any cop any were any time get this silly Coward cop law  off the books, rise up- be a real American, you chicken livered White people  take your country back, start by stripping this jackass  Cop- law off the books,- now, today, tell you mother  to get this silly law off the books  jim Moran helped put it on the books so he can get the cop vote  throw him out of office  this cop law is a threat to your mothers children  call me a lier ?  all ya white people in arlington County  put a car jack up under each of one your  buttocks and jack your white As# up you white guys let your balls drop and through away that bloody kotex, between your shaky white legs--- get this coward cop law off the Arlington Law Books,-  this law makes Cong Jim Moran and the Arlington Cops and Arlington judges  feel important an ego trip for their weak egoes  and this cop law makes your mom and pop second class citizens in Arlington County just so the White female  proscuters and white judges  feel important,- above the people,- this is a sick mentally ill county,- the whole arlington county is mentally Ill      two way streets not one way streets  while in arl Jail I  had a cell mate from mannassas va he was given  an extra three months in jail for touching the cops while they put cuffs on him his hand accidently touched the cop

 Complain about America make America better  ask people that you know that have been in the Arlington county jail cell block 7c  as I was, ask em  if iam lieing  ask about the racism by the jail deputies  against the Hispanics prisoners and the small minority of White prisoners the deputies. Kiss black prisoners as #  they talk to the blacks real nice,- because the arlington Jail Deputies are chicken Shi# meaning afraid of the Black Prisoners  these same coward deputies talk to Hispanic like the Hispanics are dogs It was Blatant and they gave me special abusive treatment ill talk about this on the Arlington County Jail page and hunger strike page comming ----= new coming  on the front page this up date  aug – 2003 or 2004  I will alert Walter tajhada of the Arlington Board  so he can have a talk to Beth Arther the Sheriff  some of the  jail deputies.  Knew arlington racist Cop Tedla and Murphy and some of the Jail deputies  went to school with Murphy and Tedla.-- wow   

.  * as concerns  how to listen to the music  the way the Italian immigrant taught me

  This is how its done.- put your ear on the base and never take your ear off the base ,  do not listen to the meaning of the words,- only listen to sound of the words mixing with  the music instruments and the ear always stays on the  base,- at all times, never never never listen to  the meaning of the words,( that’s the key) only the sound of the words,  Get it,- now try it,-  It takes practice,

 The reason the Redmonk tried to interest Redmonkees Brigrade members in this type of music-

 all of you listen to rap,-  hip Hop music-  Monday through Sunday  - try something new- on Sat. listen to fm Radio at 88 on your dial to hear old country music from the 30s 40s 50s by the great Country disc Jockey- Eddie Stubs  at 3 to 6. disc jocky- the great - Ray davis    On Sunday listen to old time radio 1930s 1940s 1950s  at 7 o’clock at night at 88 on the dial--- )   listen to country Gospel on Sunday  morn,- same station  11 to 1 ) – you can shut down Hip Hop two days a week, for real , call me a lier ,- listen to Classical  one day a week. To kool down the nervs / I announce the songs just as on old time  radio in the 1940s 1950s---  this song goian out  for  the  Link Ray Family over beyond chestnut Ridge who called in a song request by 70 year old  Link Ray playing - Rawhide and Rumble, Link-  invented the power cord for the guitar, by the way ,- the redmonk would go see Link Ray back in the 1950s and 60s ata hillbilly bar close to the greyhound Bus station in D.C.- Link Ray would turn his back on the bar crowd and play his songs with his back to the crowd,- he wore blue jeans and a white t – shirt  he was a good hillbilly singer.  Iam not sure about some of his modern rap music -?

,ole Link Ray- is 72 years old and still playing and rockin em still in the hunt, 72 years old country boy - still in the hunt ,( his photo on this page you passed it)  he haint up on no porch, hes down on the field playing ,- hes up on the stage with his band-  72 years old  dude / playing a guitar / a 72 year old country boy,- no education still rocken em  at 72 years,----  redmonks don’t lay down,---  their up on the high way doinn sumpten, don’t lay down . they say hes the guy who invented the power cord

 make WETA radio- ceo Persy the rock- Rockafella  - who runs radio WETA in Arlington to give 11 min of air time at WETA Radio to the RedMonkee Brigrade on every Sat at 12:00 so as to talk about the redmonkee brigrade members happens and doins,- so she can pay the Rockafella  bill,- the rock family owes to the 11 murdered Coal minen children at the Ludlow Coal Mine her Family owned ,-one min. for each dead coal minen child and the two adult woman found with the dead children  at the Rockafella owned and controlled- Ludlow coal mine . tell Persy- the  Rock  to pay her Bill, we want 11 min.  every sat. AT 12:00,-  make it happen, raise HELL,- THE SQUEEKING WHEEL GETS THE GREASE,- RAISE HELL / all you redmonkees – raise Hell - GET THE 11 MIN.  from the blonde bomb shell -  Persy the Rock- you know who ? at WETA radio and TV station in arlington virginia  the Last Zinger

  The last Zinger cummin up from Iceland-  if you have read my front page boiler plate, you will know who the young Icelandic fishermen  is,- by the name of Ollie Palm tree  in the village of Husevic in the far north , his mother worked circus  horses  for Ringling North Circus in Florida, a long time ago that’s how Ollie got the AKA Palm tree / - Ollies wife was going to have a baby when the redmonk was in the Far North   His wife was going to cross country ski 70 miles in land by her self   to have her baby in her parents  farm. In land

 Years later the redmonk heard on the wire that Ollie was found dead floating face down in Husivic Bay, his fishing boat drifting , and the birds had pecked hundreds of holes in his body and or bullet holes, no ones saying which / when the redmonk was in Iceland,- this is the same  time  frame Carlos the Jackel was in Iceland , but was he in Husvic? That’s the sneaky question – Kevin- M- his aka the leprechaun     had met the jackal in London on a barge on the Thames river, Kevin also ran guns to Rhodesia Africa for business man  Ed Wilson and the jewish kid- Terpel -, before I left for Iceland Kevin -M bought me a brand new suit case for my trip to Iceland /  the flat roof hotel   you see in the back of the photo is were I stayed and were some one  slit open the suit case at a place  where their was a hidden compartment  no need to slit the suit  case,-  it was unlocked and opened  on my bed .    Ollie advised the red monk to leave,- The Redmonk made a run for it,- to get out, because of an Icelandic Airline strike that was to start in a day or two., the redmonk was in the far north looking for the Gyr Falcon  the white phase  he had found the Brown Gyr falcon but alas not the white, - the village of  Husivic in the far north of Iceland is a well known smugglers village,- big time / also a former Whaling Station / the last redmonk mystery on this site, you just read it ,

 some day I mean to find the white Gyr- Falcon to add to my bird list  in the far North , all redmonks  glass every bird and yes become a bird watcher  10 & 50  wide angle Glasses -start a bird list,- see how many birds you can add to your list before you pay that  ole stinken Gator- we all got to dance with ever day. That sob called the human condition / if you’re a redmonkee do something don’t just stand ,-their     make stuff happen – that’s why you’re a redmonkee  don’t lie down,- get up let , the redmonkee circus brigrade roll on and on and on for ever- do some thing !

 just like old time radio dedications from out of  the past- 1940s and 50s  -- these two songs are going out to the son, and or daughter and the  Pretty Icelandic wife of Ollie Palmtree, from Husvic- Iceland, hope you injoy it - Smugglers Cove ): by Ian Tyson – and (  Some where in the Rubies by Ian Tyson  who by the way is from Canada,-  where they know how to make a good horse. Did Ollies Wife have a Son or ---Daughter?  that’s a redmonk mystery and you Redmonkees now have part of a secret story .  no one is left behind and no one is forgotten, keep dancen with that dirty nasty ole gator and  watch those ears !  Keep Dancin, keep goin, don’t stop now, never give up,  keep goin,  think of the Gator as life also called the human condition  , and sooner or later we all got to pay that nasty Allagator, butin the mean time,- be sure to live a full rich life, down on the playing field and up on the highway and keep dancen with the gator, watch your ears, but keep dancen . keep dancen don’t stop now keeeep gooiiin  

          The out the door songs –( Rambling man ) by Jimmie dale Gilmore  ,- blue shadow,  & cryen for my baby-  by the Blasters,  the song – ( Low down and dirty ) --  by a road house blues singer that’s right  a black guy named  Luther Allison   playe it loud till the shingles are flappen on the roof   the opening of this song cryen for my baby it’s the redmonk strutting on stage sound taunt to his enemies the opening of this song - all sound instrumential  ya know what I mean !   record it so the opening instrumentals is  2 min long  ! then play  Low down and dirty- loud play it at redmonkee parties, the  very –last redmonkee-- out the Door songkatmando by the Silver bullet band   and shout.- go redmonkee Go,-  as indeed  the  demonstration crowd did to me in front of the white house in Washington DC at the Iraq demo, that I high-Jacked for my cause) (Carol moore was their  I believe) see photo page /-

  Last min. things to do before ya get the Wing out of the desert

-- ask Billy Gates Microsoft chairmen  to fund the redmonkee Brigade hes on the net. Do it ! our  redmonkee mission is to kill political correctness   and to tell the truth on everything and every person, every political group, on every miss White Cringer  school teacher  to tell the truth on  every race of people in America,  (to post the Aldridge White ethenic Report  on race) to remove from the Law Books the Coward Cop law,- that states  if you brush up against a cop that’s a felony and 6 years in prison,   no body gets away, nooo body ! redmonkees believe in  two way streets not one way streets contact the black Muslims ask them to give protection to the redmonk from the crazed Jews in Arlington va on dec 10 at the Arlington Court house,- I am but one man,   by him self ,   alone  I need the Muslim s to protect my life  on Dec 10 in the Arlington County Court house in the State of Virginia  this is a political trial on the 10 th  Iam on trial for what I believe  and for speaking up and telling the truth.

  including  the Aldredge race Report  on white ethnics( a front page copy is on the  photo gallery) you are not allowed to tell the truth,- in America  tell the Chinese people in Great China at the  Chinese university in Beijing- send e_ mail-Tell all Chinese students at Being University I need their help to please protest in front of the American Embassy in Communist china make the American Ambassador come out and explain why there is a quota system for Asian students at the Universities  in America but no Quota system for jewish Students at these same American universities      send e- mail

  all Black Redmonks,--- ask  Louis Farrakhan- leader of the Black Muslims  to protect the redmonk from the Jewish Prosacuters, Jewish Cops,  and the crazed Jewish social worker named- Wolfenstien,- a nut bag jew- who works for Arlington County Christians,,--   these Hitler  Jews in the  Arlington Court house -all work for the Christian- people of Arlington County in side the Arlington Court House,- 15 min by car from Washington DC. Tell you Mom and Pop about this, Fire Em

ask Lawyer Johnnie Cochran to take my case !  he is the lawyer who defended OJ Simpson--- the Christians are afraid of the jews  in Arlington Va .  US Attorney Kilgore in Richmond Va  and Us Attorney McNutley in Alex va , afraid of the jewish power and need the reelection money   FBI Director Bob Mullier III does what the jews tell him to do . Sen Barbara Boxer got Bob Mueller his job as FBI director she a jewish girl.- she would protect the crazed Jews in the Arlington Court House,-- I cant get a fair because of jewish control of the Court house in Arlington, the Jews want  to silence me, and stop me from telling the truth,-  the jews want silence,- help me out,- tell your mother – call in the Black Muslims to come in to Arlington County  court house on the 10 – of Dec. 2002 to give me protection  from this crazed Court house Jews  and the Arlington wilding Cops , the Black Muslims are the only people in America who are not afraid of the jews and the jewish power and or the cops Lawinforcement  ask the Black Muslims to stand up for me,  no white people will,  the Whites run

  the jews want silence on the dead pandas,-( Ill shout louder ! ) the jews want silence on-- the child killing jew at the Zoo,, ( Ill shout louder )  the Jews want silence on the new  numbers of the dead of world War II,--( Ill shout louder )------- the leader of the jewish State of  Iserial said that he,-Ariel Sharon,- tells America what to do this statement was announced on the news ya all heard it ,--- and the jews in the Arlington Court House tell  Christian Prosecutors and Christian- US Attorneys and the  Christian Arlington Judges what to do in the Arlington Court House, in Arlington Virginia-- call me a lier. I cant get a fair trial! – because of my political Believes .!  

 all Christians in Arlington Virginia have a mass protest  for me in front of the Court house  down town Arlington va - and take back your county government  from the jews and the Crooked  Christian Politicians- Dems and Reps. who have sold you, your children , your husband , your mother and father, your Grandparents  out for-  reelection Money  to what ever special intrest goupe gives the most money to the Politicans   running for office in Arlington County va.  Arlington county is for sell

 the County Government officials were all told about the jewish Zookeeper at the national zoo and kept quiet, Bob Woodard his wife Elsa Walsh,- Ben Bradlee ,-Donald Graham Donalds Mother ,- the jewish fellow -Richard Cohen all at the Washington Post news paper  over and over again I gave it to them hand delivered and mailed sert  and only silence, --- they all sold your mothers out  for real ! 

 when will you white christian woman in Arlington stand up for your selves  fire all of these people  take their jobs , throw the jews, out – throw the Christian Female Prosacuters and the judges out who wear body armor in the court room,- afraid )  throw all of em out of the court house--  the peoples Court House,- not the judges court house , not the  Jews court house  , not the Christian Prosacuters court house , not the  Cops Court House,, this Arlington Court house is the peoples Court house,  --- take it back.-  fire the Christian cops,- the judges,  the jews,- the christian prosacuters , take your court house back now,-  today ,-do it  you’re the people,-- your ever thing and the court house employees haint nothing but hired help who work for wages   - fire all of em, make em shake and bake – what ever you do-- don’t leave the redmonks three justice Bibles— behind  ---1- A lawyer life- Jonnie Cochrans – And Justice for none ,- Garry Spence, Give me liberty-,- Garry spence  cowboy lawyer , -- sold - to the highest Bidder  these books will protect you , you can then move out of the way of the Mild- Fascist American  government  and or Mild fascist Arlington County Goverment– to protect your self or go under ground inside the US government as an Employee a- covert  Redmonkee Red Mole,- and or Red spiders to sting  to death and  ) kill political Correctness, over time from deep covert with in the US Government and uS justice Dept.  your aka the—( Red moles, ) the ( Red spiders )   your loyality is too freedom and Justice and the truth  -- not the  Americaan  political parties- the Dems and the Repulacaaans  if you  see the scenes out of these two movies you will see, and know what its is truly like to be s a Dissenter in the United States of America


 first- the movie-

 the Barber Shop  the redmonk is just like the old black barber in this movie  who told the truth  on the black American leaders including Rosa Parks   and the other old black dude in the barber shop  wanted to fight him, for saying other blacks gut arresested for not giving up,their seat on a bus to a white person as was the custom in the south land  and went to jail also  and are unnamed and un known  only Rosa parks became famous because she  belonged to the NAACP Org. that  Black org used her as their star  the old Black barber got arrested and thrown in jail for not giving up his seat to a white and went to jail  as many many blacks did and gut no credit  think of it the other old black dude in the barber shop wanted ta fight    because of what the old Black barber believed,-  the Arlington Firemen,  some members of American legion Post 139 , the masons org. ubove the cherry dale hardware store in arlington- and many many other  white Americans tried that crap with me ,- for real --- and still are today 2004


 calling the police on me for sleeping in my van on a public street the cops making horrendous noise beating shaking  my van  forcing me to  to get up,- dressed,  holding me  frisking me  debasing me  wanting me to  move on  which is against the law,- violating my civil rights,- this date  Nov 7 2003 Fri 1130 at night as I lay reading a book  parked on a public street  in Arlington County Va  beating on my van  damaging my door handle they the Arlington police a month before damaged my other door trying to break in shaking my van so violently with rage  I was stunned  with the violence  It’s a wilding  with one  cop saying with hate in his voice wheregoin ta talk  where goin ta talk I then heard a ladies voice say from the Apartment complex ( we see what your doing to him , and we read his wb site )  the cop then Yelled I want the camera a little later  the other cop said lets go  in a frighten voice  all arragronce gone from their voice  the next morning a guy from the apartment complex said to me as I gut out to look at my van  to see the damage,- he said we had to call the police on the police and guffawed then closed his car door and drove away, - the Arlington Cop said to me on Nov7 2003  with three other Arlington Police officers after beating on my van  they never addenfied them selves a cops one time just as cops didn’t addentife them selves at Ruby Ridge killings and at the branch Davadin religious compunt at waco Texas  as they like a wilding  were beating  my van like wild animals  I alerted them Iam coming out the door   I ask what is wrong Iam breaking the law in some way  the Arlington Cop replied   they gut a call  I was sleeping in my van and they who called the police  want me out      Iam not breaking no laws I park their at 9 or 10 o’clock at night  quietly not making any noise  and leave first thing in the morn by 8:oo the police are  the police broke the law and so did the complaint caller they both together made new law in Arlington County they are forbidden by law to do that make new law on their own .:

      the second movie that shows what its like to be a dissenter who wont go along with the  crowd the  Movie called::-

 East of Eden  starring---  James Dean the scene in this movie were the old German immigrant wont go along with the Americans  who are mocking the German Kaiser, this takes place during world war I,-  the old German is sitting on his porch in a rocker  watching the Americans marching in  a parade, past his house,- the old German is not going along with mocking the German Kaiser  so the English Americans start to tear down his flower patch  and start to attack him for not going along,-- the Sheriff played by Burl Ives shows up and flashes his badge and runs the Americans off ota the Germans flower patch,- they are tearing up  see that scene in this movie that’s how it is  for real the redmonks lived it a hundred times,-   the redmonk is just like  this old German  in this movie  Iam not going along,-  see the movie scene the redmonk lived it,- how many times ?  the barber shop scene too,- for real,-  you put these two scenes together and read the book the Fixer, you will know 1000 percent what’s it s like to be a dissenter,- alone by your self,-  this is how it is,, for real ,, trust me on these two scenes  in these two movies ,--- all Redmonks should try to be the old black barber,-- be the old white German,--  and every one else can go to hell, I know iam right  if Iam right,? why do I got to go along with you, who I think is wrong, -- Whats your problem America?  These two scenes in this movie should be shown in Arlington Schools to teach tolerance,--- shown first thing every morning to all students, ever morning every student in Arlington County School system must stand and watch these two scenes  firest thing  then be forced to pray in what ever religion they believe all to get their minds right for the start of the day   I lived these two scenes in these two movies many many times in a very Intolerant Country called America  her - AkA the big LIE  # 13 in freedom  for the American people, UN said so. I did not make this up, the UN said so,- if  you come in  # 13 in a  horse race you haint diddly shi#  ya sure as hell haint # 1 if ya come in # 13-- call me a lier? 


 on the Short story list  down below- the last tail 0f the redmonk--- check the new monkey tails on front p[age this date new oct 2003 

 The Blind Jew Boy and the long Wait, the wait the long wait:::::

   a true redmonk story on the old time radio show disc,- I found at a yard sale in Arlington Va and the Jewish Blind boy from the Smithsonian who deals in old time radio shows,  he wanted  this rare old radio show disc , as I held it in my hands in the yard looking at it,-  studying it ,   he and his friend ask if I was going to keep it, buy it.?  I replied I haven’t made up my mind,-  as I waited,  slowly looking around, the blind jew Boy and his tall friend-  waited the long wait, the loong wait, the same long wait I had waited in the gun tubb cradling a heavy hang fire cooked  shell  to throw over the side of the ship before it exploded  the blind Jew Boy. The Blind Jew Boy and his friend waiting,  waiting,- waiting in silence,  not moving,  not talking , just waiting,   waiting   looking  looking longingly looking,- toward  what the  red monkee was holding in his hands   the long wait , the long, long  Painful  wait, that wait that aches that wait that hurts, that wait that’s - so  so  painful  the long wait that screams,- the long long wait   like I waited with the  cooked shell in my arms, in a gun tub -  the Blind Jew boy,- the blind jew Boy,- waiting the long wait, wanting, wanting, wanting, achingly wanting the - something I held in my hands,- the old timey rare- radio show disc - did I give it to him or did I break it ? so the Smithsonian and the American people would  never  ever have it. So I could hurt the Smithsonian and hurt the American people, at they same time,? - did I break it ?- did I break it ? did I break it ?

 every body,- in the Brigrade, get the wing out of the desert, your on your own ! leave the monkey.



                                    FINIS      down below—


And if I go

While your still here

Know that I live on

Vibrating to a different measure

-behind a veil you cannot see through.

 You will not see me,

So you must have faith.

 I wait for the time when all the Redmonkees can soar together again

All aware of each other- flying pigeons and working  Honey Bees and getten their cattle Herd to market on there own- by way of  cowby logic 

Untill then , Plant that green tree for your brother Sammy- W .- in defiance of the American Government , and the 400 coward law inforcement. Against 7- at Ruby Ridge

  live your life to its fullest and when you need me,

Just whisper my name in your Heart

…I will be there          



.. For I am ,-                             Redmonkee.



 Ja Ne Regreten Ren

 The Redmonkee Circus Brigade

 Rolls On and ON and on

 Nothing can stop the Redmonk Brigade ever ! Redmonks Roll  keep Rollen on

 The last secreat message  to some one  where ever she is

TR- I LY – y d-  o – w-e-y-a-  Y.- M-p- #-1- D  -L –y-F-E-  -Y- D- O--- a- t- t- t -               




Dec-10th- , 2002 – the Redmonkee   political show trial in the Arlington County Kangaroo  Armor plated   Barb wire  Fascist Political court were the Black rob judges aka the leaning Towers of Pizza and (not one of em an eyetalion) taking poetic license the leaning Black robes  have a large Kangaroo embroidered on the back of their black robes  under neith the Large Kangaroo is this name- Jack, -  the Arlington County  court House emblem is also  a Kangaroo a- Australian Giant Red Kangaroo , with a roll of barb wire in its pouch  Yaaa - her names—Jackalene – you thought it was goining ta be  Jack , fooled ya - the Arlington Po lice force s - their Emblem is a White Hen from Frank Perdue s Chicken farm. And a rebel soldier  emblem with the words Dixie on the other sleeve---- All of em,- all togeather hanging out in a Fascist State of Virgina ,-- Fascist County- Arlington  and a Fascist America ,  all mild Fascists   Mild but stillFascist. But still only mild Fascist not yet full blown Fascist

 Read the redmonk books of the year  2004  --  (Lost liberties ) Edited by Cynthia  Brown  their you will read about the Arlington librarians and the Arlington County judges, prosecutors, and dirty low down  court appointed  lawyers, every one of em a sorry AS#,- your guilty as soon as the judge gives you a court appointed Lawyer,- they- court appointed lawyers don’t defend you, they want you to cop a plea, so they don’t have to do any paper work just collect their 90 dollars for showing up in the Arlington Court room  and go home, easy 90 bucks for 10 ,15 min of work the lawyers stack clients up  one after another so  the 90 bucks adds up- paid for by the tax payer,-- the clients  are all poor like slaves      their bodies and flesh used to  keep the jail and cops judges going living well sucking off poor white and poor blacks---- your honor ! my  Butt !    and the Arlington county- Coppers  dressed in Confederate grayish Blue Uniform,-  they all swear is blue   and not gray, see if its half gray and half light blue leaning toward gray   all of this going on in Arlington County va .-  Just 15 min by Auto from the American Capital Washington dc in the old Us of A

Down below the  Redmonks junk shop  storage shed  left over Junk


   This takes place  at The CAROL MOOR  Waco demo in front of the White house across the street from the white house in Lafayette park THERE IS A PHOTO OF IT ON THE PHOTO PAGE as we stood in a group chanting against the Government about 30 yard away directly across from us was a Hispanic Demo with about 40 older Hispanic Woman  standing in--- liiiiike  not in a circle but in a like a square ,- there were a few young Hispanic Girls  but mostly older like Mexion woman led by the Hispanic spoke person a very over weight Mexican girl in the Clinton Adm. I cant remember her name  her mother was their also  they were mostly praying  as we the  Waco demos were shouting at the white house ,-- suddenly I shouted to the old Hispanics woman who were right across from us  say twenty  or thrith feet to say a prayer for mrs weaver and her son  Sammy ,I told the Hispanic woman what the US Government did to the Weaver Family  shot the face off a mother of four children and the fat Mexican Gal in the Clinton Adm. Yelled to the woman  no no no that the Weavers were Racist, --  I shouted back,--- no they weren’t,   The weavers didn’t want their children to learn all the dirt in American schools putting a rubber on a banana etsc that typt of thing---   I thought I lost the war , meaning the Hispanic woman would listen to their leader the Mexican fat Girl in the Clinton Adm.---  but  as the younger Hispanic girl translated to their grandmothers, what I said,---  I got a shock as the Mex girl leader in the Clinton Adm.  said:-  no prayers for the  racists weavers, no,---- the Hispanic leader a Mexican American in the Clinton Adm  her mother a Mexican Woman  looked with a angry face at the crowd of Hispanics and said with a sharp movement of her hand like she had a machete and  chopped down and said loud - no, check- mating  her daughter,-  then she   Told the  Hispanic woman   in Spanish to pray for mr.s weaver and her 14 year old son  and all 40  of the old Hispanic Woman said a Prayer like you hear in a Spanish Church  then some wiped their eyes  and the Hispanic Leader from the Clinton Adm looked defeated and had to  accept what her mother -- a true daughter of old Mexico did,-  which was the right thing. Pray for Mrs. weaver, think about that,      I was Impressed,-  when an old Hispanic Mexican woman  with great force chops down with her hand and says no,-- every bodies listens,   ---  and she’s not selling insurance  or wall street stocks either--  but still everybody listens   no one knows that  this incident  happened took place in front of the white house in America ,-   ya get it hot - the first time from the redmonkee web site  better- then matt drudge--- better

 Also how Bob Woodward paid for sandwiches at a  French bread place across from the  national geographic building one block up from the Russian Embassy on  16 th street in Washington dc  and the redmonk shows up after a trying day of protesting in front of the Russian Embassy his removial from the national zoo,- I did this for many months even into years  to embarrass the zoo and America  the cold war was on at this time---  did Bob Woodward pay for the redmonks sandwichs  and how many times did the manager steal money from Bob Woodward in the French bread Deli? This story cumin  all true ? at this bread place bob  woodward and the store manager shoved my chair with me in it up against the table so I couldn’t move  and cuffed my head a couple of times with the help of the big guy manager,-  Woodward saying  I was talking bad about his wife  this was about the same  time frame the the pres of Russia came to America for the first time and I had a sign and was in front of the Russian Embassy 16 th street washingtion dc the sign in my hands - asking Rasia Gobaschiev for a job at the Moscow Zoo  to embarrass the Smithsonian inst. and America  a secret service agent by the name Rankin on his name tag from  the state of Oklahoma on his name tag made me tear my sign up or they would arrest me I may be wrong about the time frame   ))—

 later   an employee the Hispanic waiter  at the bread place said to me,-- the Manager had been fired because bob Woodward had been paying for sandwiches for me that I never got to eat them when I came in from protesting in front of the Russian embassy- my firing from the national zoo- I would go to this French bread Place for coffee,  (Ill get the name and photo later so ya can see)  I had no money for these expensive sandwiches and that’s how I ran into bob Woodward  at the French bread place he was a regular their I saw him several times he always acted like I might try to talk to him, he would push his glasses side ways to mask his facial features  I always acted like  he was no body  I ignored him because no doubt he wanted to be left alone I didn’t think too much of him any way after not doing my story    remember I went to English- Bob at the wash. Post  news paper first about drugging the horses and animal abuse--- I ask for money through his little jewish flunky  her Aka Little kikus  I ask her for money to be a consultinent to the story  read my web site youl see how woodward fits in the equation   )  the Hispanic waiter said that the Bread Place  manager told bob woodward I had ordered sandwiches to eat and the manager put them on Bobs Bill and Woodward was paying for my  orderd a sandwiches –( a lie  ) I never ate a sandwhich,- they were too expensive , Woodward had told the manager  he would pay for my sandwiches I ate ,-- the manager was keeping the money  then charging  Bob Woodward for the sandwhiches no one told me what the game plan was  only Bob Woodward knows if this is true  I don’t ,- this is only a rumor from the Hispanic waiter  to me, when I ask what happened to the manager  that I don’t see him around any more  the waiter said with a sly smile he was fired for stealing money from bob Woodward  that Bob woodward told the manager any time I came in,- that he-( English Bob) would pay for the sandwhiches  I ate ,-  I thought it was strange that every time I came in the manager would ask you want a sandwhich?  I always said no, ill just have coffee,-  I would have loved to have one of those sandwhiches Pickels chips  $6 or 7 dollars a piece  loaded with hamm- my nose pressed against the window looking in if ya know what I mean? ( -no money! _ Bob W- must of thought I looked hungery ) and I was , but no money, only for coffee.  I turned to the waiter a Hispanic kid and ask are you sure  about this? he nodded his head,-  bob woodward payed for the sandwhiches and you never got them,- the manger,- he was  keeping the money charging Bob woodward,--- bob W-  found out about it and was pissed !  he was being taken   only bob  W -- can say for sure if this true,-  tell the whole story  askem,-  ask him-  (English bob)-  Yale, book and snake club =woodward if this true,-  I only have the waiters story to me,-  ask em,- Id loved to know, because I can go back down their to this bread place- hay English  Bob you listining-- a couple times a week to the bread place just one block up from the Russian embassy if English Bob that’s Bob woodward who works at that rag of a news paper the post-- agrees to pay for sandwhiches that I will make sure I eat this time,-  no one told me ! no one told me!  what the hells goin on, I didn’t Know the game plan, ya gut ta let people know,  - know what I mean?? You sob Bob woodward  I call woodward a SOB because his boss Donald Graham called me a SOB in  Grahams Barn in Wasrrenton Va  and I haven’t forgetten it either and almost gut me killed  that sob donald Graham

  ASPAN Org. that assists the homeless in Arlington Acting just like the town of Wenatchee  in the state of Washington  toward the redmonk ASPAN workers – Rinker and - Marty Biernbern, and the crazed Jew Wolfenstein  did these two woman do to the redmonk what the social workers did to the poor people in the town- Wenatchee in the State of Washington on the west coast  what the cops told them to do or they would lose their jobs  social workers in  Wenechette Washington wrote lies on these defenseless poor people to put them in prison . because the cop det by name perze, in the town of wenetchee told the social workers to lie   and the social workers did lie on these people  to save their jobs, when I ask ASPAN workers the name of the woman who bring cloths to the street for homeless people  so I could file a complaint on her for trying ti get homeless people to pick fight s and drive me out of Arlington she shouted they want you out of Arlington she is Italian was a school teacher  so they say she also tried to get the black guy in the wheel chair to harrasse  when I complained to aSPaN worker about this cloths  woman   the ASPAN case worker would not give me her name  would not give me this crazy womens name  later it was rumered that this woman promised a lot of money etc to the black guy to say she didnet tell heimm to harrase me  who in the county wants me out I don’t know at this time  . when I ask ASPAN case worker to come with me to the lambs center   for homeless people to get my legal papers photos erc aSPAN said no I needed a witness because lamb center didn’t give me my photos etc back and I needed a wittiness that Lamb center officials couldn’t say I threatned them in some way  Lamb center was concerened about my politial believes  I am trying to get a lawyer to suie these people        is the new name of ASPAN located arlingtion  Wenetchette ASPAN,-- people of Arlington va find out

 As my red Van  was broken down and   being towed  from the Safe way parking lot  on Wilson Blvd across from McDonalds and one block from # 2 fire house in Arlington Va  I was being towed to  M R motors  located 38oo c four mile run drive  Arlington va   a Hispanic  car repair place  tele703 824 5200  the work cost 400 dollars  this takes place after I got out of Arlington jail for the arrest on April 22 2002 in front of the Hecht Co.

 as I went back to check my van  at M R motors  I saw Hispanic Cop Tedla talking to the mechanics who was working on my van,  I was surprised, so went to ASPAN which is around the corner from M R Motors and told  the gal who was taking care of Michelle Hirschman s  case load.-( michelle had quit )) and I told her I saw the Arlington cop tedla talking to my Mechanic and I don’t know what to make of it,-- that as I was being towed from safe way parking lot a  Arlington police car passed the tow truck real slow looked in at us in the cab and grinned a foxy grin  on the side of my van is www. Redmonkee .com and the cop looked like one of the cops who beat me up,- thena couple of hours I see Arlington cop tedla at my Mechanic shop  I told the ASPAN worker all, about It,--- when I left ASPAN,  I walked around the corner to M R motors to get my van as I drove away  the transmission failed and I had to get 7 00.00 dollars for a new transmission,--- Cop Tedla who called me a Gringo when he stopped me in front of the Hecht co 4/ 22 /2002/ was talking to my Mech what would you think if you were me ?. remember  Hispanics come from a culture in their country they do what a cop tells them to do  also the Hispanics  in the streets homeless  started to call me names and hassle me and they always said the name Tedla that CopTedla was talking to them about me / I mostly ignored them but on more then on one occasion I chased them down as they ran  from me/

  Harassment by Arlington police cop Kantar-calling me a Queer and mocking me  3 cops get me  about the   same time frame 2002 in the same  Safe way parking lot    Wilson Blvd  across from the Mc Donald’s which is across  from the Arlington Fire House #2 on Wilson Blvd  this incident takes place at 11:30 at night I have been staying in this parking lot for 10 years on and of and the safway employees know me-  at this store ( that’s some background ) I am parked at the bottom of the parking lot as always,--- at 11:30 I get  Bright lights on my van I am in the back reading a book getting ready for bed the Arlington Cop opens the back door to my van after I first tell him I would come out and I was putting on my clothes  he rips open the door and shouts  over and  over come out come out abusive like a crazy person,-  I stand out by my driver side,-  door, I saw two other officers standing in a half c circle their hands on thei guns showing sneering and leering like crazy tuff motor cycle gang  members one of em was a female  the other male cop was quite young some time later I saw this cop in uniform in the central lib up stairs  Who a Liberian at central knows  and  called him by the name Robert ,

the cop in charge at this stop  I ask him what’s wrong he said we want you to get off the parking lot  I  remarked this a private parking lot and I have been here for years whose complaining  I’m just curious  he then screamed like a crazed person  _(your mentally Ill)-

 he  shouted it so  loud that the people who live in the brick home 3 820 N- Edison came out/- (  I’m Not mentally ill  ) another example of Arlington County Cops mental illness as concerns me, these cops are mentally ill  remember the mentally Ill FBI agent as concerncn s me ??? this is how these coward cops abuse a person and get away with it,-  these are the police from the Arlington police dept that just weeks early a few blocks away broke my ribs and beat me up and almost killed me.-((( back ground )))     the cop in Charge said the police got a call the manager of Safeway wants me to get off the parking lot I have been here long enough  I said no problem ill leave right now,- the other cops still sneering like they want to fight  tuff guys  their lights  from their police  cars on me,---  me standing with arms folded  waiting for them to let me go  or arrerrest me  back ground---other people also park their not just me and every night  for years just as I did )))   he gave me my driver license back,,--  the guys that live in the brick house # 820 n- Edison street ask  the cop do you want them to move their cars also,- the cop in charge said no only him, meaning me.   the guys in the house then said to the cops that I was a good guy they had no trouble with me and they knew some one who worked at the Zoo with me and said I was  good guy who blew the  whistle and the cop said that’s why you don’t blow the whistle I got my vehicle started and I heard the female cop say-- I thought his transmission was gone,-the cop in charge said they can still go for a long time, even if their wore out

 I drove to another street and parked and tried to sleep/

  A family by the name Spencer’s that lives on this same street N- Edison and Wilson Blvd in Arlington Va close to the same Safeway store would harass me and called the police on me  even though I was  on public property in a public street parked up almost two streets away on route 66  and the wife of this fat old dude Spenser’s pulled their car in front of me and she just scream at me  I don’t know her,-- why is she screaming at me,-- iam not near her house,- she’s screaming  from inside the black car sitting in the back seat  looking like a crazy person  contorted face screaming shaking her fist     she lives in the Spencer house,---  I believe two houses from the guys who live in the brick house  # 820—on n- Edison street,--  this is the old fat dude guy in the Spencer house  that would pretend he was writing down my van tag number,-- he  would snarl at me and the younger woman who lived in the same house tried to get a petition to have me removed from the parking lot and went to the guys in the brick house # 820 and the old retired dudes who are in the McDonalds Rest across from # 2 fire house on Wilson Blvd  every morn  trying to get them to sign  petition to remove me.-  she then after I was removed by the police the very next day  she followed me around in her car I went to geta hamburger for a dollar-- she parked out side the same  McDonalds across from # 2 fire house no more then 6 feet away from the  Window  were I was sitting and just stared and laughed at me  like a crazy woman  it is against the law to hound some one that law is on the gallery page under my redmonkee news letter read it  I told my lawyer about it

 Also Spencer the old fat dude goes to the Arlington Swimming pool where I take a free shower every sunday the young people who work the desk may know some thing about this next story-- Spencer was taking photos in side the  swimming pool  he also was fooling around with the little girls like a pervert,-- I never swim,-  I only wash up and leave as fast as I can,-   who complained about him? Spencer the pervert who lives on  N- Edson street in Arlington did the Arlington Police work  on the sly with the Spencer Family to harass me on the sly???  do the Arlington police know ?  does the county Board know???  does US Attorney Kilgore know ? how about US Attorney McNutly in Alex  send em e- mail  and fire Schieff  Flynn he don’t gut control of his Arlington police  Force  hes afraid of the police  Union and   brown Skin Cop Tedla  will file a eeoc complaint  he Cop Tedla called me a gringo a racial slure against a white person- me   how long has he been in this country and how many points did he get to pass the Cop test because hes has brown skin ??? 

  ASPAN would do nothing  I told them,--  it was Like ASPAN was working with the Arlington police when I ask ASPAN to let me see what they wrote in my file,-- they showed deception,-- saying I have to get written permission,--  to see my file , when I saw it,- their was nothing in it except medical  I refused to talk about my self to these people in AsPAN  I didn’t trust them  because of the way they acted  I saw a case worker with my file  a year or so  later and it was thick  about 3 inches this was after the beating on April 22 2002 I said wow  but I had two many other things to worry about   has wolfenstien the crazed jew  case worker work closely with the police and does he work closely with ASPAN   hes a bigot jew who told me hes going to shut me down my web site it’s a wilding against one person me a homeless activist by this very sick Arlington County  tell 60 min and the Russian Embassy what their doing in Arlington county- Va  at one of my hearings the court made sure their was at least two black judges involved .

 I am charging Arlington County GVT with the Affirmative action  eeoc Race REPORT  you can see the front page of this report on the photo Gallery  THAT PROVES THE WHITE ETHINICS ARE NOT IN Numbers  in MANGERIAL POSITIONS ANY WERE IN  America including Arlington county Virginia  Government  is thAT  WHY THE ARLINGTON court makes sure I get black judges twice at hearings  and the lily White Anglo Saxon judges get all the Jobs  the Aldridge eeoc race Report on were we the American people are located in society by race is in deed  compelling in its truth   by Anglo Saxon-- I mean English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Cornish British island people as a grouping aka the Anglo Saxon gang    ---the blacks in Arlington va and in America have a Black  Gang that’s meet in their black churches and plan how their going to fight the white man and white rulers who are all from the Anglo Saxon gang the jewish Americans have the jewish Gang and the ( Jewish sticks ) a  Jewish militia group   – ( Its not against the law to do what the blacks, Anglo Saxon  and jews are doing as  gang  members  cutting America  up among them selves ,----  to benefit their people-  job wise,- business wise , [- special privileges for their group etc  )

I want a white Ethnic gang composed of  :::  Russians, Italians, Greeks, Ruthenian, all the  different  Slavic tribes ::: Polish,- Uke Serbs,- checzks, Croats, Moroveins  Slovak, Slovenes and  gypsies  and to form a fist against the other gangs – Anglo Saxons who are English , Irish , Welsh  Cornish  Scott as a race grouping  - Black and Jewish and Hispanic  who are taking jobs from white ethnic gang members listed above-- the Jewish, the  Anglo Saxons the black  the Hispanic the jews do not speak for the White Ethnic People  we Are white Ethnic are not English nor are we jewish nor are we Black nor are we Hispanic then how can blacks Anglo Saxons Hispanic and Jews Speak for us  we are not them they are not us ??? why does  this race complaint of mine scare the hell out of the Anglo Saxons ,  Blacks,    jews,    Hispanics,    why?? tell me Why ??/  Iam not willing to wait till hell freezes over for your answer   I want  Your answer now  !  



The ASPAN female  Hispanic worker was always talking to a big homeless Hispanic guy who lived  in the streets ?  and hung out at the central library he too sneers  Tedla, what is his relationship to aSPAN workers and Arlington Cop Tedla ???  this female Hispanic ASPANworker she is the one who got all the paper work for me to the free clinic and the dates I would be going in to Surgery for the hernia  I was sent by ASPAn to the Arlington Clinic # 1701b to make an appointmet and a Hispanic Woman named Caroline Gonzaliz was in charge and she gave me a lot of papers to file out and remarked it could take months  I heard her say to a American female worker something to do About Tedla  saying something and the white American female worker named Garrow  went off on her,- telling her this is America  what was the Conversation between this Hispanic worker and the white American female was about I don’t know,,-- the American then took over and got me into surgery  with Doc  marcelo Kuperschmit a very decent German American  I had no money and he did the hurnia free of charge  his german people in berlin Germany in 1988 helped me too trying to get me a job in the Berlin Zoo and the Berlin Dairy taking care of milk Cows the germans had milk cow herd  in Berlin in case of another blockade their would be milk for children  my German buddy helmet Same age as me  looked out for me because Russian Soldiers gave him black bread to eat to keep from starving in 1945  he was about 6 years old  ) that’s Some back ground  ))    --- my lawyer then had to request a change date for the trial who were the people in the operating room for my Hernia surgery by Doc Coppershmidt   find out put it on the Washington post newspaper. Bob Woodward Elsa Walsh ben Bradlee and Lalley graham  and Richard Cohen  the hate filled jew at this news paper  if you are in need of surgery do use  Dr Kuperschmit.

 in this same time frame the US Government sent me a notice that I owed back taxes of 300 dollars and I must pay now  or pay penalties and or they would take my 20 year old van I lived in as payment  Enron Corp didn’t pay taxes for  two years and General Electric corp. did not pay taxes for four years think about that iam homeless living in the streets    they were threatening me all the time,-- I must pay my lawyer and I got some one to make me a loan I gut the transmission fixed 700 dollars  and paid the 300 dollars taxs  700 hundered dollars for my broken  Ribs

 the Government was poundin me, pounding me   just pounding me,-  one man, alone , living in the streets. Enron corp didn’t pay any taxes  they Enron corp. - their president Ken Lay in fact hurt and robbed the American people he has served  no time in Jail - General electric corp. didn’t  pay taxes for 4 years, --- Enrone  Corp Gave money to president Bush in the White house  Pres Bushes Father called Ken lay Enron  Corp.  by phone And talked to Ken  Lay like their old pals  think about  that ? how dirty America  is.   all of you dirty white skinned Christian Amerericans   Why are you White Americans silent  your cowards you don’t like freedom and democracy  because in a democracy the citizens must stand up and fight the Government  you white people in Arlington Virginia are white Cowards.---  Arlington County Corruption. 

 it’s a Wilding by the entire Arlington County Government against one man tell me the county does not owe me a lot  money   ,-- read and take notes on this web site )    this county is breaking the law  and no one is going to jail  whos behind all of this just reasently a  White guy a couple of years ago who tried to get black homeless people to beat me up,- for my believes,- at the soup line in front of the Library I heard him say it  he just reasently   admitted he did just that-- he said it  in the library that he was told to harass me,-  the blacks told me he wanted them to beat me and the black s defended me, and my beliefs.__ this old white dude about the same age as me ,  was the guy doing this  I finally booted him in his as# with my foot, for real  who in the Arlington county Government is telling these people to harass me ??????  tell 60 min TV investigative shoe  to find out  the Arlington leaders  or the Jews  ? the Police ??/  Who, ? they don’t gut the guts of a man to face me they send people to strike out at me from behind bill boards so to speak what stinkin Cowards  find out who they are their names posted on this site photos  too if I can get em      


  ///// who was in the operating room from the Arlington police dept while doc  Dr. Kuperschmit  did the operation  on my hernia on Oct 2 2002 Arlington County Hospital  find out  everyone – when I was caught in the safe way parking lot across from McDonalds and across from # 2 fire House Arlington va. The young cop knows the Librarian in the central Arlington Library after this incident in the Safe way parking lot   this young cop was talking to the librarian who has a body shaped like a pear she -- English American she works the desk as you come in  he mentioned something about the graves in Arlington cemetery some thing about  only the feet ))  and the librarian with the body shaped like a pear an Anglo saxon said-- oh Robert    the cop Robert thought it was funny  and the arl. Liberian with a body shaped like a pear scolded him for snikering--  she like to sneer also  then a few weeks age something happened  /- she stopped sneering   

haul your buns ata here   now go --- watch the water tower watch the water tower ………………………………………..

    Down below is the story on Arlington Cops stop and these short stories that are not completed as a storage depot the cop info is on the arl cop stop  waydown be low the Junk Shop   88 from this 88 to the one down at the end of this section is a add on  to give yo new info on whats happened the Jewish Social case worker Wolfenstien  I canr get out to my Up date page  I keep losing my monkees  so I am running out of time and using this between 88 on this page  as a up date asking for help from you redmonkees

 this down below dedicated to all mushroom moms and Pops in Arlington county Virgina and to all white Christian woman  in the State of Oklahoma  in the USA

 Sammys W-   mother :::::: actions at the shed  with her dead son:: Sammys  Mother  Mrs Weaver

 changed his clothes undressed him and  washed his body with rags and a bucket of water after his father Randy weaver carried him dead from the field were he was shot  dead in the back by US- government cop Art Cooper,-- the same  cop Art Cooper who tried to intimidate in in side the  Ruby Ridge hearing room in  the  US Hart bldg on capital hill  Wash .DC  Sammys father carried sammy Ws  to the shed,-  his arm shot off at the elbow held on by skin--- his mother- Mrs Vicky Weaver  undressed him and washed him , and dried him and put clean clothes on him in this wooden shed, ask your mother how did mrs Weaver wash her dead sons arm that was held on by skin  at the elbow, did she pick it up and put it off to the side,-  the Arm of a 14 year old skinny boy, whoses voice was just starting to change  and did she wash it last, or first ? the arm, held on by skin at the elbow ?-  after first washing her sons dead body, the legs,- the face ?  howd mrs weaver roll her son,- sammys body over to wash his back, ask your mother ?   then Mrs. Weaver dried his dead body with a dry towel , and dressed him for the last time with clean clothes, ask your mother  does she  think mrs Weaver,- the mother of four children cryed as she washed her dead sons body in that shed   or what? Ask your Mother,-  because I know your mother rolled you over to wash your body as a wee child and towled dried you , ask your mother who gave you life if she was washing your body for the last time and put clean clothes on your body for the last time would she cry ?  goa head ask her  because your mother never raised Hell about this,-  that’s why you should ask your mother because I know and now you know the one time for sure,-- for sure  when your mother was a coward with silence, when your mothers white sister, Mrs. Vicky Weaver   was washing her dead 14 year old son sammy in a wooden shed  washed and dressed him for the last time your mothers silence means your mother was a coward that you and I know about at least one time, when your mother was a coward, and your mothers silence screams right along side- all white woman in America  all white woman are  silent !!  their all silent for the redmonkee and they would be  silent for you too  don’t kid youer self  these white woman were silent for the 2 year old babies in diapers  at waco texas for your white brother Sammy W murdered by the American Cops at Ruby Ridge, he was 14 years old   prove to your self your not silent  like a coward,-- plant that tree for Sammy W  

   the next day the American Government Cops shot  Sammy W  mother s face off  while she held a baby 9 month old baby girl in her arms . in the door way of their ply wood cabin and killed her. No cop went to jail , for this murder  and the FbI Cop who did it lives 30 miles down the road in fredicksburg va  no one–Arlington po lice are asking me about my believes as concerns ruby ridge and Waco and no Arlington po lice is fired from his job  for asking me about my Believes the racest Jew Wolfenstien case worker is niot fired for telling me in arl. Jail we are going to  shut down my web site -- US Attorneys Jerry Kilgore and McNutley are silent  about Arlington County Employees  asking me what I believe? And taunting me they together are going to shut down my web site  www. Redmonkee .com--  it s not the Arlington County government s business what I believe, and what I do not believe -- Arlington county is a police state don’t let the jews  using this coward  case worker- jew- wolfenstien shut down any ones political web site, I told you Arlington woman about the stalker of Arlington,-- not the jew Wolfenstein-- who by the way works for you Arlington woman   ,,, only I told you Arlington woman about the child killing jew at the national zoo,-- and the jews killing the Giant baby pandas by accident   all students in Arlington County stop the jews . and get your mother to fire the jew Wolfenstien  and the white hating Hispanic Arlington  cop Tedla who called me a gringo you also must fire the White Female prosecutor who told the Judge in the Arlington court house that I was a holocaust denier—force 60 min tv show to come to Arlington county  by flooding all Investigative TV shows with -e_ mail ///  fire the jewish case worker  Wolfenstien he works for your mother,- the jewish American case worker - wolfenstien thinks he worked for the jewish State of Iserial his jewish brother  Arial Sharon  who stated on American TV he, Sharon tells America what to do,  -- Fire.- Wolfenstien from his Arlington government Job,-- to show Christian power, in Arlington -- the jews are abusing us every where, examples-- the 8 year old polish girl in fall church,,-- the word circus  the jews forbid  to be used at the national zoo —ask the Black Muslims to protect me from the Arlington County government now –today do it, ask the Black Muslims to protect me from jewish Americans in the County Government  and   fire all of these County employees  mentioned above  and or tell your mother stay a slave to jewish Power and Domination over her,--  if your mother,-wont stand up and fight the Arlington county employees over all of this,-- your mother should be inslaved, force your mother  to  show white Christian power fire----  wolfenstien,-- did ASPAN Workers help Wolfenstien including Lorrie Rinker who is hooked up with power brokers in the County,-- keep in mind Marte Birnbaum director of Opportunity place is jewish,--  what were the conversations between wolfenstien who is a jewish Fanatic and the Racest Hispanic cop Tedla and ASPAN employees ???

 Lorry Rinker who works at ASPAN knew about the Arlington stalker, so did Marty Birnbaum  did she,- Rinker set it up so he the stalker, scott marcks  got a partial plate in his mouth . he had a tooth missing  the Stalker told me it was Lorry Rinker that got him his false tooth,-- Rinker has powerful friends in the government to protect her, he the stalker said he only dealt with Rinker,-- get this info to  News men every were,--- Shoot those- redmonkee brigade- e- mail rockets to-  60 min, TV  20/20- TV  Russian embassy,- Chinese Embassy in Washington dc also--- to the CIA in Langley Virginia and to the Chinese Students in Beijing University  in Communist China,--- ask the Chinese students to demonstrate in front of the American  Embassy in communist china-

 tell the Chinese students I need their protection from the Arlington County corrupt Fascist Government,-  which is located 15 min from Washington dC and the Arlington County Judges in black robes wear body armor in the court room  and are leaning towers of Piza, meaning they always lean for the cops and the prosecutors against the people and not one of the leaning towers of Piza is Eyetalian American their all Anglo Saxon American and not one of em has heard of the Aldridge Race Report on White Ethnics  ?

 the Chinese and the Russian embassies have  and in toto---Too  they the smithsonian should have given me my 10. ooo dollars a year pension  for 17 years of government service don’t ya think and I would have been long gone to live in Australia,-- but the Smithsonian wanted to hurt me real bad because I was not political correct , teach me a lesson and now their in the bulls Eye,-- for 10,000 dollar pension a year for 17 years of US government service and Heavy asbestos in my lungs from the US navy cargo ship Uss Arneb, and our pres. George Bush said  all of us with asbestos IN OUR LUNGS should not get any compensation  wow!- George bush our president does not have ASBETOUS IN HIS LUNGS, his - Vice President Dick Cheney was the CEO from 1995 to 2000 of the energy Giant Halliburton Company which faces asbestos litigation,- during the Dick Cheney years at Halliburton  this co. gave more then 150,000 to Congressional Members, Dick Cheney was a major player in getting pro corpt.legislation passed       MY ears blown out in a land mine explosion all service connected  and the US Government said they are not paying  me nothing,-- I brought up the race report I  called the Aldridge Affirmative Action  report that tells were White Ethnics are located in Management positions through out America  the report proves they are left out  at all top levels of Industry and Government   and the  Smithsonian passed out and hit the floor,- as I brought this info before them ,-  I could not in good Faith defend this Country America and the Americaaan people  when you have wronged me this badly and broke the contract  with me,-- America did it first,-- broke the contract and then I fired back on America,-- because of the American Betrayal , and broken contract,-- I can not and will not defend your America,  let president. George Bush who was in the national Guard do it  and the Republican and democratic political parties do it  .  they take more and get more out of America let em bleed more  get up on the front lines,-  I say !

 Fire US Attorrnys Jerry Kilgore and McNutly  they sell out America for reelection money

Don’t feel sorry for the Smithsonian inst because they are in the Bulls Eye,-

 their would not have been a redmonkee web site and or Bulls eye if the Smithsonian  gave this little bit of money- 10,ooo dollars a year  pension for 17 years of service to America  WOW and if I hadn’t ran into the Arlington Stalker when I ask a  homeless  people who in the streets can type  and they said this guy Scott marcks   I told the stalker I would pay one dollar  a page to type  and got a old fashioned type writer and the stalker started to type page after page for a dollar a page  in a dark dank basement with one lone light bulb and one day the stalker said-- I think I can build you a web site and I said what’s a web site, what’s a computer ? whats the hells cyber space?  after he explained it to me over several weeks,( I didn’t trust him,)- I refused to go for it because he wanted 90 dollars and I didn’t have that kind of money living in the streets and working at day labor joints for 6 dollars an hour. And keep my 20 year old cheve Van going etc

 he kept telling me  thousands of people will read your web site , I still didn’t believe him and or trust him but I said why not go for it   he started to build this web site under my direction, the color the monkey  how I wanted it set up  I was the director he was the Tec end of it , he stated he went to Cumputer school in the Army to build this web site he read books  on how to build a web site  then every couple of weeks hed tri something new - I did the filthiest dirty jobs to pay him  and to keep my self going  it took two years borrowing time and stealing time on  other peoples Computers   he later admitted to me he was a stalker and the FBI told me to be careful that he was dangerious.- but I didn’t believe any one,- but my web site ,- because only my web site could clear my name and get me justice  and let every one know what happened,-  if they the Smithsonian had given me  my 10.000 dollars pension  none of this would have come about  the Americans Rounded up in the USSR,-- little Barbara Bahavanie of fallchurch va Rounded up in Moscow USSR the Jews wouldn’t be getten hit with the truth of the new numbers of the dead of the Holocaust which is Four and a half million Jewish dead not Six Million Jewish dead of world war II //  not the old number of- twenty million  Russian Slav dead,- of world war II-- but the new number- forty nine million dead  Russians of world War II .


 the Arlington County, Falls church- Jews are Hysterical about these new numbers no word can describe the word Hysterical but the behavior  of the jews concerning the new numbers    just watching the jews react to the new numbers of the dead of World war II  pure Hysterical  behavior  trying to shut me up and the Arlington County- employee a jew  named --WolfenStien works for you ,  the Jew-Wolfenstien  thinks he works for Abe Foxmen and or the jewish State of Iserial  is Wolfenstien related to Jay Pollard?? Iam Asking a question ?? this jew wants me to be put away in a mental ward   and shut down my web site  because he don’t like the honest statement s about his jewish people,- Wolfenstien runs Arlington County va the same way his jewish brother Areal sharone of Iserial tells george Bush what to do,-- same same ?? Shrone said on TV,- he Shrone tells America what to do,- you all heard it and you all have remained silent in Arlington County   and the Christians are all silent  in Arlington Va  I don’t go to church do ya see why!  a lot of bull shi# in a Christian Church,-- they talk the faith but don’t live it  Fire the hate- jew- Wolfenstien from his Arlington County Government Job,, prove you are Christians- fire him,-  all student s in Arlington get wolfenstien fired  hes un fit to work with Arabs- Americans, Muslims Americans  and or Slavic Americans, and or any one who disagrees with jewish state of Iserial because he is a jewish fanatic, will harm with hate of the fanatic  thats with in his  sick mind- ( a crazed jew) this guy is not normal  he stated his  people were going to  Edinburgh Scotland and talk to prof. Erickson - the one who came up with the new Numbers of the dead of World War Two Prof Erickson spent two years in the Russian archives to get this new info and the American jews are going crazy about these new numbers, and attacking me  like crazed fanatics

   I got this info from the Washington post newspaper    does- Wolfenstiens  children work for Arlington county too ?  call in the Black Muslims to protect the redmonkee  on dec 10 th 2002 at the redmonkee trial in the Arlington county Court House  I need the protection of the Black Muslims they are the only Americans who are not afraid of the jews of Arlington  the Arlington County board is Afraid  cong Jim Moran is Afraid  Zimmermen is Afraid,- EllenBozmen is Afraid , and 17 years she served  on the County board too  the Arlington Judges- All afraid,- all of em white Americans  and Christians too / call the black Muslims In now believe me they will stand and not run they are Black men  not white men  get this info the Russian org inside Russia called pamyet ask them to come  to the Arlington

 For all the REDMONKE MAMMEIS  A GIFT YOU MUST READ  THE BOOK  steel my soldier Heart by Col David Hackworth you read this book you decide if your son or daughter goes into the Army read it trust me  read Hackworth on my link page under alternative view read how Jessica  Lynch was not a hero but should have been court marshaled with the rest of her sorry as# military out fit  Jessica Lynch is not a heroes  she is a disgrace Audie Murphy is a hero Hackworth is a Hero Marcinko the Navy seal is a hero, but Jessica Lynch and her Out fit should be in the brig  and punished     they gave her the Bronze star medal  out ragious  using poor low class white people like this is piss all over the United Sates army  she and her Capt. . belong in the Stockade  a Coward American army fuc# up  read Hackworth  about this on my link page  also if you redmonkee mammies have a son or daughter in the military tell them to keep Hackworth informed when the crazy military brass the generals and Navy admirals screw up  tell your son or daughter to contact Hack at his web site on my link page  that’s how you make a better America , and a better Army complain about it, could save your sons life,-  read Hackworth on this web site tell a friend about Hackworths web sit save some woman’s son and or daughter in the Us military Lynch is not a hero she is being used and made a fool out of,---  a poor white gril poor whites go to the military to escape poverty its their only way out, she is being made a fool by the US army the white Americans are silent  coward  a demoracy can not have white people who are silent     


88:: Iam using this page as an up date page  why ?- I cant get to the other pages I don’t know why please under stand  none of ths above is suppose to be here

 contuned from way up above 88  As concerns  a different way of listening to music County House.newfront page the junk shop is Way down below!!!  Keep going  This down below short stores is old the new is monkey tails on the  front page by pass these old not c stories their new on the front page

Redmonk and the  ::

 The Boxing Chimps::::

at a Circus mud show in the mountains:

 The Redmonk and the :::::  Cold iron Sights 30.06 bolt action:-

 The Redmonk  : at 13 years of age was paid 20 Dollars to shoot a man, a true story- the world war One Soldier told the redmonk to shoot a man on a porch at 250 yards , told the redmonk where to place the shot in the shoulder  and stay away from the heart or head   WWI soldier took his finger and rammed into the redmonk shoulder so as to let him know were to place the shot/ the redmonkwent up to the cherry tree  plopped the 1903 Springfield rifle 30:06  cold iron sights into  the crook of the limb, and waited / the man came out on the porch three different times, but went back in the house  before I was ready,  on the third time the redmonk  lined him up  and likity split, white line down the………………………. highway…………………………………. right in to the shoulder, were the world War I soldier had told the 13 year old little redmonk to put it,    the man went down like a top,- screaming and then spun around several times on his buttocks spinning like a top screaming holding his shoulder , he was kicking his feet as he spun himself around  sitting down on the porch,- were the little redmonk put him   ….. this was the  world War I soldier who taught the wee redmonk to shoot / if you knew why the guy was shot you would under stand  it was redmonk early social work  -)- the little Jewish Girl who was almost a yenta,- with the little brownie black box Camera the kind you see in a Museum took photos and took the rock the redmonk stood on  to get lined up  to fire down on a man and put him down with out killing him/ she was  almost a yenta and now today shes a jewydene … a living wittness 

 The Redmonk and the ;;;;The Land Mine explosion:

 The Redmonk and the :::: coal field mountain boys  soft ball made of rags and stone and the Circus boy : the circus came to a mountain town by rail train in the 1940s  and circus boy and his Ape would come to a Pasture  field to watch mountain coal field boys play ball with a ball made of stones and rags the ball was started with three med size round lucky stones and wraped then more and more wrapping of strips of cloth tight as can be pul;led taunt 2 to 3 inches wide cloth strips  torn from and old dresss  it was wrapped until it was as big as a soft ball tight-  some of the bats were made of tree limbs     Butch and his ape would never come close to the players he would always stay on top of the field away from us like he was afraid  a circus boy alone by him self and his small she girl ape  the circus would stay some times for two weeks  he would always show up but never come down  I went up to get him to see who he was and what he was up too we never saw him before  we went to get him  he fled I shouted  after him  I would beat him up if he ever came around here again,- one year he came  when the circus came to town and he walked down to were we were playing ball with rag stone ball and he ask if he could watch us play we said yes and invited him to play he declined he said never played ball before he was from the circus  and lived in the circus all his life, but he would like to watch us,- as we played a couple of ininings he  ask me if he could give us something  I said ya what is it  he pulled a bran new white soft ball out of his back and gave a little bow and  presented  and handed me the spanking new white soft ball store bought high toned.

   we all wanted to try it to see what it hit like  we pushed him out of the way and played with the  new white soft  ball, it was High tech compaired to are rag and stone ball,- after a couple of hours  some one hit the ball  a long ways into a tree line and bushes were a creek flowed through,-  it was dark and we said wed get in the morning ,- we looked every were for It ,- it must have fallen in the creek/  Butch asked aren’t you going to try and find it ?  we told him wed get it in the morn, we all left and went our separate ways , butch seemed stressed about the loss of the ball, not us,- we knew wed find it the next day we only had to follow the meandering creek and the ball would coughtt in a snag or bushes some where along the creek we were coal field boys we knew how it worked , /

   That night you could see lanterns and people moving around voices  in the shadows  the next day early the redmonk ran the length of the creek and found the new white ball hung up in the reeds and bushes in the water just as he knew it would be /

as we played ball the next day butch showed up and tolds us he went back to the circus and got the circus Roustabouts to get lanterns and they were the people down at the creek looking for the brand Spanking white Soft ball he then gave us all free  tickets to the circus  and we let him watch us play ball up close  in the dug out he handed us bats and applauded us when we got hits, ( we tolerated him    just barely  ) -he didn’t know how to play ball )  he was born to the circus  his circus name was Butch / he was a better friend to me then I was to him and Cody the other circus  boy  who was found left behind by  some unknown woman , Cody was  found in the tent in diapers next to the center pole. He was found  by a circus she girl- Ape  her name can never be mentioned . she was in show business  she was a circus Star of the Clyde Beatty Cole Bro. Circus  even to this day in the year 2002  their old people 50, 60, and  70 years old who remember her,-  ask em  about the circus boy with the Ape  they would greet people coming to the circus  and would sing  to the people the song - you are my sunshine  - and old ladies gave em money  the Star the She gril Ape always wore a straw Skimmer hat with a blue ribbon the hat all school girls wear in Australia . called a skimmer hat in america     

 The Wee Redmonk and the first communion suit made of left over jewish cloth that fell on the floor when the tailors cut patterns  for dress s or suits all hand made cost 12 dollars  that’s why you should read the book Himmlers jewish tailor

 The wee redmonk and the day Bernie got his leg cut off :;::::: hopping coal hopper trains commen fast out of the mines dead headen it  down the rails :

 he fell beneath the  wheels as his hands were on the grab handles he was holden running trying to hop up on the steps train was going too fast  he tripped and fell his leg went under he said he didn’t feeel a thing it was all warm  he had wooden crutches and a pined up  pance leg, he would try to play ball when he hit the bal;l some other kid ran for him to first base  he was in the 4 grade  ata school close to the coal mine the teachers would make him tell us how it happened, so we would stop hoppen coal trains we wouldn’t stop hoppen coal trains so the train men gave us lessons how not to end up under the wheels of a coal hopper car,-  they also taught us how to use blasting caps and dynamite  with out blowing off our hands.- the woman concurred -     see the Movie the doll maker / because Elizebeth Frank from the national Zoo is like this woman in this movie . the reason she lost deer to thrist,- she was givin bad advise from bad people  and because of politics at the Zoo--- all, caused this to happen to her and the deer,-  but she is still responsible / there is more then one side to a story –  you should tell all sides not one side  two way streets not one way streets -call me a lier?  over a life time Butch and Cody of the Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. Circus  -they were much better friends to me,-  then I was to them , and that’s the truth. That’s not a lie .    

 The redmonk and the Rogue Wave-  and the Terrible   Storm

 The terrible Storm at sea that made LST 1162 stand on her nose straight up and slowly began to pole end over   the lights below in the sleeping Quarters were the Blue lights one sees on Subs its almost dark this is how it was during the most terrible killer Storm at sea on this three day killer storm with monster rouge Waves / the redmonk was trying to sleep strapped in his bunk with three canvas straps fitfully dosing in and out of sleep,   when he suddenly came awake bouncing around like being inside a washing machine when their was this eerie no Bouncing  or shaking the redmonk came awake and to his surprise he was formerly laying flat in his bunk but now he was at attention with his feet pointing down were the deck was suppose to be,- the ship was standing on its( nose)- bow straight down in the sea all the straps holding the sailors in their bunks began to creak just like timbers on a old  sailing Ship as she every so slowly began to move off of center a few degrees moving inching forward  beginning to flip over on her back called pole ending  and she then suddenly slammed down flat on the sea as the wave moved out from under her righting her self with such force I thought I would be forced through the canvas frame I was laying on,- the sailors like my self who refused to take sleeping tabs and were wide awake all crew members in this locked down water tight  compartment about 12 men, all   said, what the hell was that, holy shi#  Jesus Acken Christ, were never goin to make it ,  this ship is going down,  the redmonk replied if we make till morning Iam goin back up to the pilot house  If I die I want to see the sky as I go / Iam not dying in this stinking dark hole / another ship mate  replied we may not make till morning, - some one replied don’t say shi# like that,- its bad luck , one ship mate from the state of Nebraska remarked all I ever wanted to do when I was living in Beatrice Nebraska was go to sea      now all I want to do is go back to Nebraska , ( the ship bouncing and rolling like hell  / suddenly the air pressure changed in the compartment and the redmonk rose up a little to see who was commin down the hatch and was  breaking water tight integrity, (the redmonk always had a top bunk for privacy)  it was a seamen  from the pilot house who looked like the  Sub Engineer in the- ( Movie Das Boot) he  was yelling  like a crazed man,-she held, she, held,- he said over and over again , he was sent down to see if any one was hurt, the helmsmen in the Pilot house cracked his skull, we all said were ok, we ask what the hell happened ? he said it was a monster rouge wave and then said to the redmonk,- they may want you to helm in the pilot house,- I said ok when do they want me on the wheel, he said ill be back and let you know -  about half an hour later he came back down  and again ask if we were ok  I then ask him do they want me in the pilot house,- he said no,- they are tying every one down with Ropes. The next morn early I got up onto the  out side deck, undogged the hatch and peered around dogged the hatch down quickly and made a run for the stern Gun tub as I turned the corner of the ships super structure  headen for the gun tub I saw the wave sneak cross the deck  commin like a freight train    this  8 foot wave of sea water chased me  up in  the stern gun Tub, I just made it , and I knew fear in my throat  I didn’t have a life jacket the top of the wave wet the deck of the gun tub as my feet hit the gun tub deck,-

  and I held on and rode the terrible storm and then  some time later a couple of hours I - beheld a terrible ugly site- un fold before  my very eyes,-  men dying right over there 70 or 80 yards away,  as I held on and watched,-  in disbelief,- nothing could be done  in the terrible Storm,-  a pilot house from a ship the size of a small Condominnin apt.-  rode by, floating at a 20 % angle and as I watched in  disbelief,-  I saw a mans face in the polite house port hole window about  two thirds of his face showed  in my direction his face was frozen in terror and fear his eyes met mine and the hulk   of the polite house from a broken ship rode on like a huge  monster  the seamans  face never moved in the port hole  and his expression never changed as he rode to his death in a floating hulk  which passed over  a large wave and down into a deep sea trough  and it was gone  as I watched from the stern gun tub of LST 1162 in disbelive,--        tons of floatism from this ship or some other ships  rode by for hours even days you would seee ship floatisim ON THE SEA- GOING BY  and you had to wonder ?          

 The redmonk and the -- ::: over turned White  life boat ::;;;;;

 as the redmonk watched the broken Pilot house  Hulk go by  the redmonk heard sounds like dogs barking  he held on to the side of the gun tub and peered into the sea storm and along came a white life boat up side down in the water about 60 yards away from LST 1162   - as it floated by abrest of me ,- I then made out the barking sounds that were not barking  sounds at all, but two seaman under the overturned life boat, one seaman screaming a high pitched crying and wailing sound like a woman screaming,-  the second voice calling out in a deep low STEADY baritone voice-- Help US., help US, Help US ,- over and over as the sea was running fast, - this over turned white life boat  like the floating  polite house hulk to0  rode on by before my eyes as I watched  and nothing  could be done THEY CAME AND WENT.

   the one sailor who shouted and sounded like Burl Ives the  movie star same deep baritone voice died like a real sailor asking for help as he went to his death asking not begging,- the other sailor  died  poorly as they say high pitched screaming and that’s why I thought it sounded like dogs barking from a distance , before the over turned life boat came into view,,- high screaming and deep baritone, mixed together under a overturned  white life boat not until they came closer right across from me did I see what it was / Lt Murphy opened the hatch to the polite house and  came out on the pilot house deck  and yelled down to me did you hear em?  did you see em ?, I responded through the  howling storm yes,- but its too late  they were here and then gone,-  it was too fast, - he shouted  why didn’t you through the life ring , I responded the life rings are tied down it would take 5 min to untie em  all crusted with salt , I dont have my knife with me, to cut em,-  he slammed the hatched shut with great force,-

 I was the only one top side,  outside, alone by myself,-  he was pissed, I said to my self out loud all pissed off too  I screamed  it,-   I have to do every thing on this f…. ship while every one else is hiding down below. SOBes all of em,- later the old world war II Navy chiefs agreed with me  their was nothing to do , they were dead men and we needed the life rings for our selves,- were still alive,- they were already dead , gone,- no one could pick em up because of the Mountain size waves/ I was in the stern gun tub  about 5 of  the crew including the officers where in the pilot house seeing all of it coming like sitting in the front seat of the car looking out the front window, on to the high way,- you know the Pilot house crew saw em commin long before I did,- I was in the back  the stern  in the gun tub  the crew in the piolet house did nothing  to alert me in the stern gun tub what was comming  look up LST – association on the web and get a look at the Photos of the  stern gun tub of a LST old type  bow doors,-for your info all you- land lubbers,- thats the gun  tub on the back of the ship 8 feet up from the deck, take a look  !    later all life rings that could be reached were cut loose  and left laying on the top decks were the water didn’t reach  SO IF WE WENT DOWN,- THEY WOULD FLOAT AWAY IN THE WATER. Another US Navy fuc# up ,- no one was ready /

 I TOO WAS p.o. ,- also I felt a  deep massive depression for about 5 or 10 min. after the sailors rode over the waves and disappeared,-  I knew they were dying,  I was pissed about it too , angry. AS I HELD ON IN THE STERN GUN TUB  - the ship can not be turned around it would roll over,-  we made  one mile in 24 hours head way every day of this storm,---  later on this day, about 2 o’clock in the afternoon we rolled over on our port side and foundered in the water, the ship- laying on her side flat- down on the sea,- I was in the polite house hanging on,- when  she went over , looking through the Pilot house and  port holes, I - watched as she rolled, the life lines that run  the length of the ship first  cut through the water and she kept going over  over over, OVER over !  and lay on her side flat down on the sea -  kind of soft like,- this was the Terrible Storm,-  we had mountains of water,- not waves I was out on deck and had to look up to see the tops of Waves- mountains rolling by  after she lay on her side  and I was thinking how to get the hatch un- dogged and get out  on to the OPEN sea,  out of the foundering ship,- I was determined this ship was not going to be my steel coffin, I refused to be a sardine in a can,   I would die in the water looking at the blue sky  in the water, in the water looking at the blue sky and die like a human being looking at the blue sky. Not in an iron coffen/

  as I was hanging in the pilot house from a pipe stanchion  with both hands   with other crew members like Ice Sickles, hanging form a roof- feet straight down, the ship on her side in the water , the wind howling,- the sea beating against the port holes of the pilot house,  all silent, all lights out,   a miracle happened,- a rouge wave suddenly  hit us with great force and we poped back up straight and the  pilot house  crew ( 4 sailors  )-roared, chreed - like at a soccer match and we boogied on,-  in shock,- surprise and relief  that’s when the Capt called in to the French air force to drop life rafts,-  I went out and flagged em on / the forward pump room flooded as the LSTs bow started to open up ripped open and they moved the Navy chiefs out of their living quarters, located at the end of the tank deck,  we thought the bow doors would go, we didn’t know when,-  and sea water would flood like a tidal wave  through the tank deck and the ship was going to go down . we were summoned all hands to the mess decks  and told by the naval officers to prepare our selves  to go into the sea, one officer gathered around some of the crew in a circle with a bible and they prayed / not the redmonk, he stood  off and watched from afar,-  he knew if you were not right with your God By now,- its too late,- that’s why the redmonk refused to pray,- you cant bull Shi# god,- the redmonk watched em pray for the hell of it.- to see how it would all play out ,- two of the guys sobbed -  what cowards,-    then every one  fled in all directions,-every one fore them selvs, to write a last letter wraped in plastic and put in a pocket and grab belongings  the Boatsen Johnson made rope rings like about 10 feet across they were being hauled up top side   so we could stay together in these round rope pods once in the sea -   the redmonk climbed back up into the piolet house

   every one including the redmonk,- put on life jackets world war II types most crew members had em on sinse the begining of the storm sleeping with em,- not the redmonk,  the redmonk didnt like a life jacket  because of getting hung up with the bulk and the straps  you couldn’t move fast and slick with all that bulk so he always traveled light and snappy when he danced with the little lady called the sea,( he was 130 some lbs a skinny kid ) his eyes and ears set like he was in Injen Country. On deck When your dancen  With the little lady they call the Sea / he had watched the little lady called the sea,- kill a couple of sailors  and sink a ship early,- he had no doubts about who she was and what she could  do to ya,- when the redmonk finely put on a life jacket before the shipped fell over on her side flat in the sea - the Redmonk got two life jackets not one,-  because some of the life jackets have tares in them  and you wont stay afloat long  in the water . if the Life jacket starts filling up with water with two life jackets- he figured he might float and ride for mabey two days if the waves didn’t rip off the Life jackets.   

 when we finely made harbor,-  as we tied up ,- every one went below for coffee,-  the crew was exhausted and very very quiet,-  not talking,-  I was on deck by my self and a lady  all dressed up  beckoned me to come closer, she had like a French accent,- I knelt down on the deck on one kneee and  put my head between the life lines so my face was closer to her so I could hear ,-she ask me how bad was it , I said I never saw any thing  this bad, never!  I told her  about the Pilot house hulk and the over turned white life boat,- with great urgency she ask me the color of the pilot house hulk,- I told her, her face contorted in pain  became ashen in color,-she turned to talk to her like- brothers who had the face of worried men,-  that were standing around her,- she pulled a hanky out and wiped tears from her eyes / she said several times its  ok  its ok Its ok  controlling her emotions with style and grace, she remarked  they have not heard from my husbands ship- a freighter  she started to ask me another question when  Capt Rogers  looking like a crazed man shouted,- don’t talk to her,-  I responded,- she thinks her husband ship might be in trouble.  he said again, with great force, don’t talk to her, this is when I noticed Capt. Rogers a graduate from the US naval Academy looked like a crazy man and I remember saying hes cracked up and he did too,-  I turned to the lady, and said I cant talk to you,- she said  why not?  I said hes the Capt . he don’t want me talking to you,-  there was a Murmur from the crowd that turned to like booing, I walked away. I heard the crowd  shout why cant he talk to her , Why ?  I said to my self what a dirty prick the Capt. Is./  like all US naval officers he not a man of honor / a coward from the United States Naval Academy / in  a nother storm – we took 4 old wooden mine sweepers across the ocean and had to refuel them every 4 days or they would got down( Sink ) they had to be refueled  no matter what , see the photo gallery of these small wooden mine sweepers, made of all wood World War II type to be given away to Turkey  or Spain, I  believe, / the photo Gallery shows  these wooden mine sweepers  being refueled in very calm weather,-in rough water the crew members a seaman on the mine sweepers ended up with a cracked skull as we drew along side to put him in a boatsen chair and bring him aboard into our sick bay  we had two bunks and they had none,-  I saw this  US navy officer Cowardice again,- the coward navy Chaplin pushed the wounded sailor aside and got into the chair  to come aboard our larger ship because he couldn’t take the rough sea treatment aboard the very small wooden mine sweeper in this storm, - see the (photo) on the 5 or 6 gallery  he actually pushed  the seamen out of the way, pushed him  if you can believe it   and took the seamen’s place in the boatsen chair  we brought this navy officer coward aboard he was scared shit#less  fear in his face  I said to my ship mates you know these US navy officers are a bunch of  Fuc#ing Cowards  they don’t care about their men or crew    my mates responded -  what he did was dirty, it caused a kind of depression on the crew members who saw it  - the seamen finally came aboard he was seeeeing double,-  brain concussion,- others had broken arms   two crew members had to maneuver him and carry him down below / the navy officer coward then began laughing and joking  talking to the LST officers how rough it was, like he was a big time survivor  a sorry as$  U S Navy officer ---- Coward – this true story  you just read is dedeciated  to the black Naval cadet at Annapolis  Naval Academy who told the truth, and kept the navys honor code- that he, indeed cheated on a test,-  but all the white cadets lied and said they didn’t cheat ,- it was proven later the white cadets cheated on the test also and then lied about it, - the only Cadet to be thrown out of the Academy was the Black cadet ,- the only cadet of any skin color to tell the truth, - he was a black cadet he had honor  and the French Foreign Legion would know that ,- but the United States Naval Academy doesn’t know what honor is,- so they booted out of the naval Academy, the only cadet with honor,- the one who told the truth,- and kept the honor code,- to tell the truth,-

  he was a Black, Cadet- not a white cadet  - get it , if you don’t get it,- I cant help you   I slowly last all respect for the United States Navy  and  one day with US marines in my LCVP landing  boat  heading for the beach of Lebanon 1958 on--. operation Blue Bat  )  - that leads me to the story called ::;the run to the beach 2 nd story down below

 the redmonk and the the Rogue dream on a Rogue wave

 o  / some months ago in the year / 202  a she girl Capitan of a commercial fishing boat came to talk to me and offered me a job,- she ask me about the terrable storm,-  so I told her about the semen’s face frozen in the  port hole window of the pilot house hulk as he rode to his death his eyes met mine as he passed  I told her about  the overturned white life boat  she reached over and squeezed my hand for good luck it felt warm and salt incrusted  like ,  and then she said good by and was gone,- that night in a deep sleep,  I saw again the frozen face of the  Seamen s in the port hole window as he rode by me and across my eyes in the floating hulk ,-his stare lock on my eyes for a mili second as he passed   and was gone.  I jerked awake  and set up and stared straight ahead in the dark until it was all gone , I then fell back in to my rack ( bed)  and went to sleep didn’t bother me a bit , slept like a baby

 since that terrible storm of many many years ago,-  the seamen in the port hole window has come to visit me three times- now,- all total,- at night,- as I sleep, and I always jerk up awake and  stare straight ahead till  the flotsam is gone on the terrible rogue waves-

The she girl captain of the commercial fishing Boat brought him with her  when she grabbed my hand and  the she girl -Capt.’s squeeze on my hand felt like warm seawater incrusted with sea salt and I declined her offer of a position on her Commercial Fishing boat / I have the greatest respect for the She girl Capitan of the Commercial Fishing boat,-  it was a honor that she would ask  me,- to crew on  her boat, because shes a great fishen boat capitain,- man or woman , ) she just happened to be a  she girl capt and better then most men Capt.s ) – It was she who brought the seamen in the port hole window with her, when she came,-  and that’s not good,-  that’s a bad omen on the high seas --- for me,-  not her,- she is sea salt,- I could feel it and smell it on her – a ( salty sea- she- girl Capitan - of a Commerical Fishing boat . I respect her very very  much,  because shes sea salt:: means shes more sailor then all others  I respect her !   almost with awe  shes the fastest gun in the west  if you know what I mean . her name can never be given . who she was is none of your business, she was a Salty  she girl  Capitan of an deep ocean going fishing boat , she was a she girl  she wasn’t a guy capt.  she was a salty She Girl Capitan . that’s all you need to know .

  the redmonk and the run to the beach

When the Marines come aboard a LST ship the marine corp gives Marines to sailors to work like you would give some body slaves,- they gave me 6 , a real good bunch of guys, I  treated em right and fair , I made sure I got em extra food pies cakes  etc. I took good care of em  and worked the hell out of em  too,-  they didnt complain , because I took special care of them  even stole cholate milk for em out of the reefer – ice box-- the marines craved Cholate milk  like a drug,-  in fact when word got around  other marines came to me and wanted to work for me, some of the sailors treated em like shi# . talked to em like dogs / I treated my 6 marines like I would want to be treated , Fair     I told the 6 Marines  who were given to me,  to put them to  work, I mentioned days earler I was Going in land with  em when we hit the beach , I was leaven the sorry as# US Navy / on this landing,-  the United States Marines who worked for me  Stole a a B.A.R- ( Browning  automatic rifle)- for me,-  from the Armor and  hid  it in my boat under a canvas tarp, plus plenty of ammo ,- these 6 Marines got into my boat  on this run to the beach, so I already had my own little out fit,- me and- 6 - US marines.

  On this run to the beach - I took a US marine Corp Capt. Hostage in my boat for cowardice and removed two marines from my boat who were afraid to fight and die and wanted off.  I made another boat come along side and removed the cowards off  for stinking up my boat with cowardice - including the Marine Capt. After that transfer,- is when the Marines in the other boats standing off from our boat  all sang the United States Marine Corp. hymn and  Fired a Mi volley salute to my boat as we alone moved in to the beach, no helmets, no one in my boat was allowed to wear a helmet, I said so , it had to do with honor.-  a helmet signifies  some form of cowardice  their afraid ?_)

    – to make me a marine,  they,  the 35 US marine s with loaded m I- rifles from World war II  with the safety off,- their fingers on the trigger,- the boat bouncing and bobbing,  the diesel engine screaming – sounds like a bus engine gas peddle to the floor and smells the same )  each of the 35 US marine in the boat, moved forward one at a time to where I was standing  each in turn- put the mussel of his rifle up against my bowed head and held it their against my head his finger on the trigger and counted to ten,-  and pronounced me a  marine,- 35 times, 35 times- the US marines put the muzzle of their rifles to my head  and held it there , one marine held the muzzle to my head and did the looooong count  the slowest count I ever heard,- until other marines told him to get with it ,- the coxan in the boat a sailor from an LSD amphibian Ship another Ship ( they were short of boat crews the  navy was taking boat crews from were ever they could find em ) this LSD sailor  the coxan,-  the capt of the boat  with only a Colt 45 strapped to his hip and a white sailor hat on the back of his head said he haint switching sides, hes a  US navy gator sailor and hes staying one,-  when the marines from the other boats sang the marine corp. hymn for us ,-he the LSD- gator sailor sang screeching loud ( Anchors away )  he stayed a sailor. I under stood him staying a sailor as he under stood I had to switch to the marines     I wore a US Navy Donald Duck Blue hat with a 4 foot long black ribbon blowing in the wind behind me    .. the rest is United States Marine Corp history.

 The day before the landing  When the Ships boatsen Johnson lined the boat crews up on deck and  ask for volunteers for the boat crews to take the Marines in - only I stepped forward across the line.  he had to shout to the other crewmen that the marines were our brothers and if they were pushed back in to the sea off the sand dunes, we got to go get em,-  their was going to be a 80 % casulity rate for boat crews. So said a Naval officer from the Command ship  every boat crew  must be a single not married and a vollenteer,  I steped across the line a long time early  and waited the long wait for the Anglo Saxons  to come  cross the line.( Those racest SOBes )  the Anglo Saxon KkK members those S.o..b es from the South - didn’t want to cross the line—they held back,- Boatsen Johnson had to taunt them and slowly one by one they crossed the line/ a US marine Major addressed the boat crews, they had navy camera men filming us as they talked to us,- the Marine Major stated the U S Marine Corp would give all of us boat crews-(  3 sailors to a boat )- a Marine Corp Fighting Knife called a K- bar as a thank you,-  he didn’t keep his word.  The day of the landing we were called to the mess decks at 1 ;0clock in the morning, boat crews first in front of all others so we could get the boats ready and into the water,- we were given steaks and eggs at 2 o’clock in the morn, pitch black out side  the crew ate next  then the Marines every 0ne given big steaks and eggs I never saw steaks this big, / next/  boat crews lined up 5 abreast in three rows deep- in front of a priest next to the boats  put our helmets under one arm and were ordered to fall to our knees in unison to the deck,- to receive holy Communion , I  looked up and noticed the priest  was praying real hard over each  boat crew member  with his head tilted a little  to one side, and a contorted face  he was praying too hard. /

 / as I waited my turn I also noticed the little jewish Sailor my witness,- my little chaver, praying with all his jewish religious equipment on,-  prayer shawl,-  the works,-  alone,  by him self , bobbing and weaving under his prayer shawl,- I watched him until the priest came to pray over me - hard

. below is listed all total attacks on the US marine Corp. by me,- I took a  45- Colt pistol I was to guard water with and  rammed it in a US Marine officers Eye and threatened to kill him if he did”t back his Contengent of Marines away from the water they tried to force take from me,- I was told to guard the water /  he had a damaged eye  and still does today,-,  the other marines got gars on their bodies who I shot up  who were with him  I gave em gars with a colt 45  as I told em to back off and they said I wasn’t going to diddle shi#  that I had a Howdy doody face,-  after I put gars on their bodies and made them scream like a woman and made em ,crawl and bark as they carried their wounded with em.

 I later tried to cut out of the ships tiny brig with a hack saw a Super brave US marine who had been  in my boat, he was a Private  I made him top Kick Sarg in  charge of the 35 marines in my boat and took his Sargent hostage  because the Marine Capt. And Sarg. Didn’t want to go in and Fight.

 After we got back to  the so called powers to be on LST 1162  they got him and me, that’s another story / while in the boat  the US marine Capt. had Ordered all 35 Marines to put 35 MI rifles from World war II  on me in the shoot position to take me down and I put my Navy colt 45  on him and told him he don’t back down ill kill him, told him , this is my boat,- Iam the Commodore and the Coxswain was the Capitan and that these 35 United States marines belong to me and  were goin in, I told him , I got a hair trigger and its half squeezed  down to fire even if his 35 marines fire into my body I would still kill him from the death reflex in my trigger finger that was on my Colt- 45 trigger – my Colt 45 was pointed  on his forehead, dead center- he at the bow of my boat and me on the engine housing standing with my Donald duck hat on with a four foot black ribbon blowing in the wind,-the boat engine screaming and the boat bobbing and rolling and his 35 marines in the middle holding there 35 M I rifles in the shoot position on me,- that’s 35 world war II mI rifles pointed on  me  in the shoot position their fingers on the trigger as the boat rolled and pitched, bucked and moved on  the engine screaming   and I ment to kill him if he didt back his marines  down / he backed down  and I took his command from him,- he was my prisoner and I made my 6 marines top kicks,-  the FBI knows all about this,- but thy haint talking / they know about the pictures  of the Arab tankers who wanted their pictures taken  with me  I had my  Donald duck hat on and my trusty Colt 45  Pistol draped over my soldier in a holster why do these military Tank crew want to meet me and have their picture taken with me , why a Navy Donald duck hat?  this hat is the old Navy,- not the modern Navy  and  because of pride and style  I had a metal wire frame made for my Donald duck hat so it alwas had a saddle  in it  from the side it looked like a saddle  like a wwII German officers dip in their caps  get the picture  if not I cant help you

  later I ask the Marines in the boat to take a vote that we go inland and rob a bank in side Beriut Lebanon and get the gold bars, two gold bars apiece for each of us,-  I wanted to buy a small farm in the mountains/ two marines said why not it sounded good to them , the other US marines demurred and talked about it them selves for a while  arguing ,- after some time had passed the US Marine,- I made # 1 top kick , said to me, - where United states marines were not bank robbers  we haint goin / After that statement it was all over,-( this happened in 1958  did Hollywood steal this idea when they made the movie the three kings ?  or is that stretching it ?)   after we did what we had to do we headed back to the ship  and it was our As#s now,- my top kick  was locked up in the tiney ships brig  I fought for em hard shouting these are brave United States marines in my boat I demanded they be give all the Steaks they could eat  and they eat steaks on the mess decks cooked up by the  ships cook until the top kick in my boat through up Vomited - he ate so many steaks,- as the other marines looked on longingly  through the hatches - asking   asking how good are the steaks ? like bull dogs licking their chops,- the Marines eating those steaks earned them  / they gave more and got more  and that’s fair.

 I wasn’t put in the Ships brig because they needed me to stand watch and work  and they did not give me any more United States marines ever,- this big tall tuff handsome US marine Capt. had his As$ beat on the Tank deck by an Italian Irish American names Russo (a seamen no stripes ) a Short guy - built like a tank from the lower east side of  new Yorke,- the big tall over 6 foot tall marine Capt. got his as$ kicked by Russo on the tank deck in front of every one and the marine major told  the marine Capt. in front of all the marines and LST crew to get the hell of the US Marines he wasn’t a marine.

 This is the same kind of marine Cong Moran of Virgina is, a Pretty handsome marine  called a Hollywood Marine. /  their afrade to die -  get up and move forward) Commonwealth Attorney Robert Horan of Fairfax va. the same as Cong. Moran,- Hollywood marines, / they don’t get steaks

 the United states Marines recruiter told me at 16 year s of age,- the marines didn’t want me, I was too little and skinny, said  try the army,- at 13 years of age I tried to join the marines for the Korean War , they said I was too little and skinny / they didn’t want me  ,- the same thing the marines said to Audie Murphy,- but I was made a marine,- the US marines in my boat made me a marine  for a short while .- and after what the Us marines did to Vietnam area US marine Bobby Garwood a poor white boy from a trailer court  no money for lawyers court marshaled him crucified him  and the marines let the  American military officers who beat American prisoners with their fist in the pow camps  to make them comply and  agree with the communist jailers,- the coward American officer  Corp. did not charge these American military officers with any crime the US military officers did a 1000 times worse crimes against American PoW in the Hanoi Hilton camp then PVT. Garwood  ever did - the American Government and the Coward US marine Officer Corp only punished Privet-  US Marine Bobby Garwood a poor white boy. Working class from a trailer court,- I am Glad I was a marine for only a short time,-  because the Us Marine officer corp. started acting like US navy officer corp. cowards against their own men / all of em sorry as#,- Iam ashamed of all of you American military officers-  all of you a stinking disgraced officer Corp in the  US American Military officer corp. your whore wives too cheap camp followers hoes who do laundrey on the side, your wife   and your cheap children too ,- you have no honor, no kavod - look up Garwood on the link page.                                            

 The redmonk and the ::: Coast Guard Story

 The Redmonk and the :: High Sheriff in the mountains in the  coalfields

 The redmonk and the :::: Arlington County Firemen Story in fire house-104

 ITS YOUR As$$ now,- your storys commin

 The Redmonk and the::: Circus- she girl Ape  and the Wooden Rain Barrels

 The Redmonk and the:: The crying Mummy- North Africa at the French Foreign Legion Out Post, on the banks of the wadi Sabue

.The redmonk hung out with some French legionaires at this staging area 20 or 30 of em  the Redmonk was 17 years old / the French had a lot of world War II American Jeeps   at this site next to the river  nothing but tents dirt and sand   the redmonk was talking to a legioner Black Smith who was working on a WWII Jeep  when  three WWII Army trucks  came roaring up this dusty dirt road right next to the river, as they passed the redmonk, dust rose high in the air like fog and mist / the last truck came to a sudden  stop  a bout 4 feet away from the redmonk with the chains clanging clanging clanging on the back of these American World War II Army trucks,- the dust rose  until it was a if you were looking through a Veil  as I looked deep. into the inside of the back of the open bed  of the truck  suddenly a   water fall of blood came out of the back of the truck bed,  the full width of the truck bed, it splashed on my boots then the redmonk looked up into the bed of the truck as the dust thinned out still misty  and before him was the stacked dead bodies stacked just like cord wood but what caught his eye was three wounded French Legionnaires,  one who  had a bandaged face and Head just as a Mummy is wrapped - with a cigarette dangling from his Lips, as the other legionnaires less wounded hovered around him, they let him have his smoke, they waited silence hovered around him in a protective manner they would remove the cig. From his lips from time to time he was sitting  with his back to the side of the truck bed he sat their for the longest time with a tear  of blood dripping  from one eye, the dripping just like a leaking faucet, with the dead stacked like cord wood in back of him the other two legionnaires quietly left the truck and as they passed me said softly- land mine.

 I stayed alone by the WWII military truck watching this incredible living beautiful picture,  the dust still blowing like a thin veil,- as I continued to stair at the tear of blood dripping from his one eye. Dripping, driping , dripping ,dripping  his entire head wrapped like a Mummy,- I then looked up  at the dead bodies and then at my boots with blood on them and I got light headed, then the two  legionnaires came and quietly and softly lifted him off the truck and took him to  a Medic, I stayed by the WWII truck for some time,- just looking at the dead Bodies stacked like cord wood,- they put the dead from in side the back of the truck on a small coastal freighter no more then twenty yards away and went down river a little ways and  out to the open sea  were the bodies were committeted to the deep a little lateran houre or so the small coastal freighter came back down river and docked at same place where we were, the bodies gone  the crew tied up and walked away  it was my first time to see that many dead bodies I was 17 years old.

 The blood coming off the back of the truck when it halted a Water fall of Blood . it got on my boots  a couple of years later little did i know I would walk through a mine field and take a hit,- but I was lucky  It didn’t Kill me and or Blow off my legs / only flash burned me  and threw me high in the air and that’s why they, my ship mates all rubbed my head for good luck . as I sat  on a small spit of sand protruding in the water just  - like a broken doll all brown,- with dirt and mud and hair standing straight up slimy with mud and dirt a 1000 yard stare in my eyes – they called me lucky,     I made it back to the ship and was stone deaf in both ears for about a month and slowly my hearing came back but only 50 % and the ringing in the ears has never stopped,  to this day, 2002   24 hours a day , every day of my life.,  in the Distants , I hear a fire truck commin and it has never stopped commin  from the day I was blown high in the air in that mine field . a fire truck screamin cumming up the road , and that’s the truth,  I was 18 years old. I also havs heavy asbestos in my lungs from the ships engine room  the American Government says it  owes me nothing       

 The Redmonk and the :: Little Circus:- Rascal Cody stabbing the Great Clyde Beatty  with a knife:- 1948

 Clyde was fighting with his wife the  Great Harriet in their trailer at the circus in the mountians when she shouted for little Cody to help her,- he did,- Cody reached on the sink and got a kitchen knife and let Clyde Beatty have in in the ribs as Harriet and Clyde were fighting and rastling around in Anger in one of their famous fights / Clyde Beatty only loved Harriet, the only woman he ever loved  but he fooled around , Harriet the Bankers daughter who was a Photographer, and went to a University and had her own cat act in the circus before she met Clyde she trained some of his cats / she was a strong woman who made her own way in a mans world long before Womans Lib / her upper class family disowned her for going to the circus , she taught little Butch about Photography that’s why butch may have the greatest collection of circus Photos in history / she might have gave the little jewish girl some pointers  also,-  she was the best of friends with mable Stark the greatest Circus Cat lady in American Circus History  I was their and saw Mabel visit Harriet,  not too long after I saw her as a wee lad she killed her self, she couldn’t live with out her cats .

   all She Girl redmonkee should be like these two super brave and strong woman not like Kay graham who owns the wash. Post news paper in Wash. DC and May Have killed her Husband Phill graham  the Graham Family wants the Schools in America to use their mother as an Example as to what a woman should be like,  you should be like Harriet Beatty and Mable Stark not like self seeker and Selfesh Mrs. Kay Graham  a Woman born to wealth and privlege and was charged in a court of law with sex and Pay Discrimanition against Woman and Blacks  a Bad  bad woman  and a Bad bad American  Kay Graham  who was always for her self,-  be strong like Harriet and Mable Stark. Harriet patched Clyde up for the Next show  and little Cody was thrown out of the Trailer and had to sleep with the Roustabouts  Harriet raised little Cody from the time he was found by Butch’s  she girl Ape  abandoned in the big  Circus tent by an Un known woman.-  that’s how it was back then,-  back then is not today – a different culture a different world , a different people, different place, a different way a of doing things and that means every thing differently in the wee redmonks time in these mountains in the 1940s and 1950s it was still 1920 or 30   they,- all talked different back then, too- different  then you talk to day  you high school students talk like cartoon characters because you watch too many cartoon movies growing up  / the wealthy Anglo Saxon  English American rulers in the mountains,  they talked like Mrs. Roosevelt, the pres. Wife / these are the old woman who paid the redmonk to go into grave yards to see how badly the graves were and taught me to read the poetics’ sayings on the graves stones  do today  as a hobby I still go to old cemeteries  to read old inscriptions on old grave stones and do research, and that’s how I came across the open grave in Arlington national cemetery  that rats and squarls were running in and out of I told Arlington Police,- a Coward police dept beating me when I was chained,- defenseless broke my ribs ripped open my hernia  and smashed my face in the ground over and over again while I was chained. A bunch of cowards, all of em ,--- in the Arl Jail they refused to give me medical treatment for a week ( a crime  by the county) they all must lie now to cover up what they all have done   the arl Judges helping the cops lie the Assist Common wealth attorney Fran Obrain helping these cops lie  these cops who are protecting the US park police that took photos of a dead black woman’s Vigina and naked  body and showed them around  laughing  at her a dead black woman, these same cops mades attempts on my life  Fran O’Brien is  a Arlington County  Female Employee  works for your mother for weekly wages, as hired help ,- just as the Arlington  Judges are Hired help , these two groupes of employees Procuters and Judges don’t know there place , these two groups-  together are helping the cops cover all of this up  and beat and even kill the Messenger, me,- the brave redmonkee,- the White Mountian Ruthenian /  E mail the Chinese Embassy  for gods sake tell whats happening.  Read arl County Page         

 The Redmonk and the : not so Giant Python::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  The Redmonk and the  :;;;;  Death in the Barracks 1955

  This guy refused to stand watch and or do right / Blanket party was held for this guy and he was beaten with soxs with a bar of soap in it , by every one in the barracks / one wack on his stomach / three days later he was found dead in the barracks with slit wrists / sucide ! hes the one in fire fighting school who as we were going through burning buildings  with two fire hoses one goose neck to back up hose # I    this guy fled out of the building  through the window in terror and the 2nd hose man  on the # I hose got his face busted up by the hose nosel trying to get control of the hose by himself  / flames licking all around us /this guy was labeled the coward  of the barracks.  Plus he refused to get up to stand watch  we drugg him out of his bunk and onto the deck in these wooden world War II barracks that look like a Barn inside / he still refused to stand watch as we kicked him in the ribs and punched him / he still refused , he said he wanted to sleep  this ment if you had the watch in front of him you the had to stand his 4 hours watch plus your 4 hours we had to stand his watch / he was a big Anglo Saxon Buck 6 foot if you know what I mean,- from the upper middle class  / his upper class mother came and we had to line up as she besecheed us to tell what happened to her son / that piece of Shi# she raised and spoiled  /  how could we tell her that her son was the coward lazy piece of Shi# she raised  and gave life to / he was carried out in the sheets off his bunk,/  other men had their clothes laid out on the barracks steps we were marched in to the mud then marched up the steps on the clothes layed out on the steps/ and the D i said, as he watched our muddy boots on the uniform on the steps you better step on his uniform hard or youer seabag is going on the steps next .  his crime he did”t keep his clothes clean / the last person out of the barracks had to carry his rifle plus a bucket of rocks all day long / plus dirty unclean personell were ordered in to the showers and we had to scrubb them with Regular Brushes and  wire brushes , with the DI watching )- some of those being scrubbed cried,- some took it like a man, straight up,- no sound,- staring streight ahead ,- they all stayed clean after that. Sure some of them were bleeding  I rubbed em light, but some of the guys were dirty and hurt em , rubbed em hard made em bleed / cry and dance in place  that’s how it was  Yeasterday- yesterday was not today / 

 The wee Redmonk And the::: Draft Horse Races  in the Corn field

 The wee Redmonk and the::::: Farmers Gold pocket  watch

 The wee redmonk and the : Mountain jewish girl with the Little  Brownie Box Camera :::

 who thought she was a photographer for United Press International- aka UPI she made some money with that camera and she always gave the redmonk Goldberg candy chews / he like them  aka- Goldberg Chews / she was always taken photo shots  of something/ the wee coalfields boys thought she was a Nuisance ? but she must has some great shots of coal field life and action/ she is a Jewish witness / all jewish redmonkees who are Rutheinan Mountain Jews- ask your grandmother if you are ruthenian jew?- if so  start the  Redmonkee Julie Brigade to free little Ruthenia, this REDMONKEE Julie Brigade with- in the redmonkee brigade is named after the Mountain jewish Girl with the black box brownie camera- her father bought for her  a jewish witness,- who thought she was a press Photographer for you guessed it,-   U.P.I. her name was Julie,- she was a mountain Coal field  jewish girl, she wasn’t Catholic,- she wasn’t Methodist,- she was a  Jewdene. She was almost a yenta, but not quite )- she is  A living WITTNESS

 The little redmonk and: the little coal field Jewish girl:

   who kicked the Jewish Rabbie in the butt0CKS  while holding on to his Black ROBE , gave it to him 3 times, up into his tush  as he tried to get away, she held on tight to his black robes   and fired em in there .  / the wee redmonk a wittness

 The Redmonk and the::: Pit Poney and the Snow Storm

 The redmonkee and the :::  Old Round Wooden Water Tower  black Steam Locomotives

 The redmonk and the :;:  Blind jewish Disc Jockey at the Smithsonian  and the old timey radio Disc

 The Redmonk and the  Pretty Chinese  Girl in the Embassy

 The Redmonk and the :  Pretty Russian girl in the Embassy

 The Redmonk and the:: Bla Bla  Bla, On  On On,  I could go on for ever with these short Stories Its time to let it all go go  go I am out of time time time , don’t let it die,die die  keep it alive, live live

 This to down below will end up on the front page;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Aug 15 2003 this up date

 The cowards of the Arlington po lice dept.?

 Dec 6th 2002 in Court House and  Arlington Jail  concerning the broken ribs torn hernia smashed face, refused to give me medical help  in jail for 7 days  read about the mentally ill FBI Agent who was sent to a mental ward because of his  mental obsession about me,- I was told this by a staff member of the Ruby ridge hearings,

  Are the Arlington county Cops who stopped me also mentally ill with an obsession about me ,? / because I fight the American Government ? Iam asking Questions    you decide if iam lying?-  a History of abuse and pure assholeism of Arlington county coward cops?  so all students in Arlington County will know  what happened / it may or may not surprise you   as to the sorry conduct of  this very coward white skinned  buck po lice dept but you tax payers in Arlington are paying for it. And only 15 min buy Auto from the White house in Washington DC Ill let the world know through this web site  

  Arlington county.Cops stopping me and screaming like a drill instructor in a boot camp  trying to get the redmonk to strike out,-   the ass hole cop turning to his buddy cop and laughing,-  this under American law is called an Assault. By the arlington cops Does Sheriff Flynn Know? the Common wealth attorney Richard Stodden know? How about the jewish Employees who work in the Arlington Court house?? The jewish prosecutors ? the little one who sneered at me in the court room  Embassy row in Washington DC  investigate , - come to Arlington County Va just 15 min buy Auto from the white house

 Arlington Cops  Screaming that I am mentally ill, trying to get me to go off  then saying you can go and laughing as I leave  is this Physiological Abuse and Arlington county cop cowardice at the same time? / what do you Arlington County school students think ?   Iam asking Questions

  Arllington cops  Sneering at me from their cars like ass hole tough guys from a cheap high school,  the cops do this on a regularly bases  ever day all week long,- what would you students call that kind of as# hole behavior by Arlington cops? Iam asking a question / 

  Arlington County  Jewish Cop Kantar at the theater parking lot at corner of Randolph  street close to 4 mile run drive and  where I have  been  going to this movie theater for years almost weekly, I parked in the threater parking lot as I have for years ,-  Kantar talks to me like Iam a Homosexual with a lisp  another cop comes up and says in a outrage voice dam queer so I assumed that kantar a Arlington county cop was a Homosexual trying to solicit sex from me,- because iam am a heterosexual,-  I told ASPAN about  it,-  what an As$ hole Jew and Arlington Cop-  Kanter is,- what an as$hole Arlington Cop, Kantar  is  . and what an As$ hole White American Jew-  kantar is, as a White person / is this true, ? Iam asking a Question? Just like news men abusing people like a Hitler- nazi cop in Berlin Germany 1939

   Does Sheriff Flynn Know / Does Commonwealth attorney Richard  e. Trodden  Know ?  Trodden is located at 1425N.Court house Road room5200 Arlington Virginia, located-15 min by auto from the American Capital

 Does Richard Stodden  know what their cops are doing to me?-  a Homeless political  activist  living in Arlington County,- Now almost 40 Years,- that’s forty years,- I lived in this County,-   this County  violated my civil Rights according to the Constitution holding me and not letting me go,- debasing ,me showing hostility, and hate like crazed cops,  just like the crazed cops  at  Waco and Ruby ridge. Who murdered Woman and 2 year old Children gassed them with military Gas for 6 hours .. Arlington County Cop Tedla a Hispanic  Arlington County-Cop calling me a Gringo,- what is Richard Stodden the countys Attorney going to do about this cop cover  up and lying ? so the county doesn’t get sued,  Richard Stodden knew about the child killing Jew at the Zoo  and didn’t tell you woman in Arlington County,- I did his job for him  you damn right Stodden is not going to Investigate  my charges but pretend to investigate  Richard Stodden is in the jewish peoples pocket  hes not for all the people in the county just some of the people .

 United nations Law and American law states it is Against the Law to use this  military gas on woman and children  and then the FBI and ATF- Cops whooped and laughed about it as two year old children in diapers are dying ,-  all caught on Film , just as the Cops on Arlington do to me - cop Kantar- also ask me about Ruby ridge and Waco which is no different then if  Arlington Jewish  Cop kantar ask any of you about your believes as concerns being a member of the  Democrat or Republican Party. And if you support the Jewish State of Israel The cops do this on a regular bases to intimadate me,  they are breaking the law . and not being fired form the police force.

 Iam being Harassed for my believes,-  which is against american law to harrasse me for what I believe /  the Cops lied how they stopped me and its in the court record transcripts,-  the Arlington cops show deception and the Arlington Prosecutor lied on me and that shows deception, they are committing crimes against the law, and   against  my persons and  getting away with it in this Coward County, Arlington only 15 min by Auto from the White house   

 As concerns Cop- Kantar being Jewish, what would happen  If I demanded he answer  me,- If I was asking about his Jewish believes as Concerns Jews Killing Arab Womans Children, using American Christians white Womans  Tax Dollars to do the killing .?  and then the Arab woman then send their sons to America to even to score???  Killing us, if more white people where like me asking these questions their might be piece in the middle east, you got to stand up not lie down,- as the white arlington Judges,- Arlington white  school teachers,- white librians,- and  white cops  do,  ---- lie down,-  that’s not an American, !  that’s a white coward,  - all in Arlington county va 15 min from Washington dc usa by auto

 Also in the Arlington Court Room the little jewish prosecutor Levie is his name  I believe   sneered at me as he walk by me in the court room, what a jewish As& hole / remember the jewish Cop Kantar actions toward me ?  and how about the Jewish Social worker  in the County Jail I was forced to meet as a Prisoner,--- he the jew says were going to shut you down meaning my web site,-  he gives me his Id card I put it in my pocket and then later this jewish Arlington government worker- takes it away from me stating I don’t want you using my card on your web site,--- this crazed religious jew then pounds the table with his finger over and over again like  some Nazi Gestapo agent in Hitler s Germany talking to a Jew  down town Berlin 1943 / who in the Arlington County Government made the decision to send him- the jewish Fanatic to talk to me,- what as# hole  Arlington  County Government Official sent him,- this crazed jew social and or case worker? --- who in the county did that???    the tow truck driver the   witness against me his aka- Pork chop  shaved head like a skin head  a White guy trying hard to be a black man ,-  sad isn’t  it ?    tow truck driver  aka pork chop  walked by me in the court room at my hearing  in judge  court room  and tried to make conversation with me by stating  Iam a man not a girl, with his hand over his name tag, so I couldn’t see his name,- who told him to do this the Prosecutor Fran O’Brien ? or the frightened Arlington county  Cops sitting with him  I refused to look at him or talk to him per my lawyers instructions, a one mr. Steve Briglia , my lawyer of the Law firm of Briglia & Hundley.PC located in Fairfax County, this date Aug  this new date on this page Aug. - 13 2003    -- after my release from serving 6 months in the arl jail in the court room of my trial which was controlled by Judge Joan Alper , prosecutor Fran O’Brien  I got out of jail May 14 th 2003 Ill tell you about the trial and the white Jury members who   live in Arlington  the white jury dropped the one felony charge assaulting the police but found me guilty  on the second felony -- assaulting Arl Cop Tedla  not a mark on any of them and the trial transcripts show it to be so  I had a ripped hernia mild concussion broken  ribs asbestos lungs collapsed I nearly died I could not get air in my lungs  the one super coward white skinned buck cop almost a woman - I don’t know his name ) beat me with his fist as I had my hands on top ny head in the surrender position of a POW  the crowd across the street boooed the cops  when he did this to me,-  is  he  also the laten homosexual Arlington County Cop who smashed my face in the ground again and again saying shut up shut up and don’t use are English saga ( Roland at ther bridge)   this homosexual arlington cop ? is he ?  also said  concerning my web site on the National zoo that I used Capt Day  a former Dc cop who was also a Zoo Cop his picture on my web site photo gallery he said this is for Capt. Day .- Judge Joan Alper told the juries not to listen to any thing I said about my injuries because I was not a medical doctor  US attornies Jery Kilgore and McNutly  who are busy chasing Arab freedom Fighters in Alexandria Va are silent  about all of this  why ? I later told the cops I would file a complaint with the aclu  in Richmond  Va and I did  twice,-  they the ACLU declined to assist me  I have white skin and Jewish Americans are dominant in this Org.  the ACLU selection Committee is jewish dominated, I went to them on the child killing jew at the National zoo  and other things many many times that’s how I know the ACLU is jewish Domanated I have the names of all the officials 90 % jewish how could I get a fair hearing  from the ACLU if it’s a jewish Dominated org and Iam complaining about jewish Wrong doing ?????  If Judge Joan Alper who prescided over my trial is Jewish or married to a jew I could never get a fair trial in this arlington County court House  even my enemies agree with that statement and said so  --  Why you might ask ? because the way the jewish American are hysterical about the new Numbers of the  dead of the Holocaust of world war II  on my political web site ( ) the new #s come from prof Erickson of Scotland  who spent two years in the Russian archives the new #s are 49 million Russian dead of world war Two  and only 4 and a Half- million Jewish dead of world war Two  not the 6 million---  the old number  this info was posted in the Washington post newspapers  the news paper which is owned by the Jewish Graham family  located in Americas capital Washington Dc  the Grahams are jews would they allow this info on the new numbers in their news paper the washington post?  the grahams are jewish family  lalley,- Donald  their children etc,- they own the washington post newspaper  co  -- if the jews didn’t win the trophy for the dead and suffering of WWII   -- but the trophy indeed was won by the Russians a Slav people who defeated Hitler with 49 million slav  dead and Slav blood and Slav suffering 1945 ---   arnt the arlington county jews the Falls Church Jews  who are located only 15 min by car from the American white house are these Jews not  to give the trophy to the Slav people who saved every jew and every Black American on this earth with loss of 49 million Russian dead 1945 the Russian Slav people  Gave to the jewish American s the State of Iserial  saved their jewish race and religion let the jews live in the slav lands  for a 1000 years  when no one would take the jews in  only the Slave did take the jews in and for a 1000 years and this is the thanks the Jewish people give  screaming jew hate out of the jewish mouths to me  your  numbers are wrong  !  where going to shut you down   their jewish faces contorted with hate and crazed eyes  wide open,   like an insane person in a nut house,-  Honest to god,- Its something to see,  un fuc#ing real  to see it,- to actually see it.-  is unreal,-  insane religious people and to think the  American Government talks about Muslim Fanatics  the nerve! The nerve -- Have you ever seen a Jewish fanitac  ??? - I have,-  you jews owe your very being on this planet to private Ivan a Russian red Slav Soldier  of world war II 1945  all you Jewish Students in Arlington va  Falls Church Va  turn the Holocaust trophy over to the Slavs race that saved you jews,- the Slav race that suffered more and bleed more and died more then the jews  1945-- and while you jewishs students are at it,--- suck up to private Ivan  and shine his WwII  Russian army Boots and kiss them, Why ?--- because  these are the boots that saved you and gave you the  Jewish State of Israel and let your mother and grandmother live   and while ya at it buy him,-- Private Ivan a bottle of Vodka before he dies of old age, your running out of time, pay your gut damn bill you jewish disgrace you      and start practicing your jewish religion  and stop acting like a catholic you jewish disgrace you . you jewish Students know what Friday means to a Jew?    Your Jewish mother probably doesn’t even know,--- if you guessed fri. is the day Catholics eat fish ya jewish students gut it wrong,- contact Abe Foxmen and he too like  you, don’t know what Fri. means to a Jew,-- start practicing your jewish religion and stop acting like a catholic--- pleeeease and read the jewish girls- Wendy Pearlman book  called: ( occupied voices )- story 17. –Psychologist---  read  the book ( savage nation ) by Savage  the chapter- (  Christophobia: in praise of Christianity )  just for you jewish students  youuu – for your Jewish info youuu .-- for every Jew murdered in the death camps 1.4 Christians were murdered in the same death camps  all total  12 to 13 million Christians and jews and  Gypsies and Russian Slav Soldiers  were exterminated in the concentration Camps  of WWII 1945 the Russian Slav people lost 30% of it people to kill Hitler  and then and only then  were you jews allowed to live and breath  the Slav Soldier PVT.- Ivan in dirty cloths who has not shaved in days nor bathed in months , hungry.-- get the picture ?  this Slav Soldier called- Ivan  gave you Jewish students the Jewish State of Israel no one else did  Ivan  also saved every Black Student in your school because Hitler was going to Exterminate the Blacks after the war was over 1945   then Private Ivan cut the chains of Africa when no other country would including America or Isreal  who both supported South Africa against the African freedom fighters,- only Russia and Russia alone showed up for Africa with AKA47 guns and military Aid Slav instructer ETC.   in African Schools students are taught it was Russsia who cut the chains of Africa through out afraca the name Ivan is commen  Afracans pay their Bill  not like some people ???  Know what I mean ??/   see the movie_ ( Enemy at the Gate ) to see  who saved you  it sure as hell wasn’t Abe Foxmen and or the Jewish defense League and or the jewish Fanatics  in your neighbor hood, who never suffered a day in his nut bag life, in house Kike head-  Mustaball head, Jew head   crazed jew Wolfenstien , who told me in the Arlington Jail hes goin ta shut down my web site  and didn’t believ that 49 million RUSSIANS DIED TO KILLED Hitler that 30 % of the Russian people  dead to kill Hitler    Pay your bill you little musta ball Youuu-  shine Private Ivan’s boots and buy him a bottle of Vodka, for your  info you Little mustaball head youuu--  American Soldiers of WWII 1945 also stated they did not bathe for 30 40 60 days at a time it was too cold  they wore the same cloths in battle for three months at a time till they rotted off  their bodies  go out and talk to them before they are all dead from old age record what they say!!  do something  , !don’t just just stand there picken your jewish Nose( schanuze) do something raise Pigions,- Honey bees,--  Fight to free Little Ruthenia  do something !!  ya cant be in the Julie Redmonkee Brigrade unless ya do something ,-- the little Jewish Gril Julie was every where doing somingthing way back in the 1940s 50 in the coalfields a pain in the neck and tush but today a witness  as to what happened in the coalfields of 1940s  she may be the only jew in this eria who knows what a coke oven is  the oven that saved every Jew   shel tell ya  she lived 200 yards from the Oliver # Coal mine and the Bee hive Coke Ovens firlds she can tell ya how much smoke comes from a bank of 300 coke ovens   the ovens that saved the Jews Coke ovens   ask her goa ahead and ask her   you little jewish green discrace youuuu

if 2000 American Soldiers of WWII 1945 die each day in America of old age- in 2004    then how many WwII Russian Soldiers die in Russia of old Age ever y day . this date Aug, 14 2003 ???  You jewish people in Arlington County va and Falls Church va don’t know your place its at the feet of an old world war II soldier,- his name- Private Ivan A Slav  you jews lived with him for a !000 years  in the Slavic east lands  you forget? --- you jewish disgrace you.  This is the redmonkee talking at ya   you don’t like it I don’t caaaare !  get the hell off this web site if you don’t like it  ya cant handle the truth  you sorry as# jew youuuuu .

Judaism will be saved in the purist form in  Little Ruthenia in the Carpathian Mountains,- not in Israel  ! the probability that   the State of Israel will sooner or later be blown away with atomic weapons  is 60 to 70 % --- Gone-  ! a hole in the ground,--  that’s why all Jewish Students of Ruthenian Background must fight to free little Ruthenia  the last stop for the jewish religion  let every Ruthenian Jewish Student in Arlington County  Shout-                                                                                                                                   next year in Ruthenia

and get busy,- dooo something !

don’t just stand there,-  you Jewish discrace You !


 In the Arlington Court room


did Arlington County prosecutor Fran O’Brien  tell him, the tow truck driver   aka -pork chop to do that to me,-  try to engage me in conversation?  there are witness’s  does this tow truck driver have family members that works for the police and or in the Arlington County jail? How friendly is he with these cops as a tow truck driver and why does he always park the tow truck at the Hecht Co waiting for a tow / what s the releationship /? Iam only asking a question .

  the woman’s address that knows about the stalker of Arlington she is the one that fled the county because the county would do nothing about the stalker the police and the coward dets  was using the stalker as an informant  her address  is 2701 2 nd streets s corner of Cleveland street  near the Columbia Pike library  she said she was fleeing the county for her safety  find her before the Arlington police do they will threaten her to shut up  I was told the police hounded my other witnesses,-  Arlington police  want to get revenge on me for going across the thin blue cop line turnining in their cop brothers on the park police  for what they did to a dead black woman naked  body and the jackass white woman prosecutors and judges in the Arlington Court house are helping the Arlington police lie on me and get away,-  my trial will be on Dec, 10 2002 in the Arlington court house   Racist Hispanic Cop tedla calling me a gringo and the tapes that show how long the cops held me  the tapes gone to protect the police  the four Arlington County Cops lying  on why they stopped me using me to practice on with light meter  to check my window tint  they the other cops were letting the new cop Tedla use the light meter  court records state in his own words he was not qualified on the light meter or did he have one in his police car, when I got out of my van to ask to give me a ticket and or let me go because they held me for such a long time  and acted strange  the cops all know who I am and the court records show it at my trial out of their own mouths the cops mentioned my political web site red (on the street )this is when I saw  Tedla a brand new cop with the meter in his hand up on my  back windows- (  Photo of my van coming to this site so you can see Arlington Cop corruption and Arlington Court house corruption  only the two back windows were tinted  I had two mirrors on the side and no tint on any other window there are fittings on every window for blinds for every window just as in most vans that come from the factory---  you Arlington people who have Vans know what Iam talking about, the cops     hounding me  for some time  the Arlington. Judges believing the lying Cops so the county wont be sued  body armor in the court room . telling lies on me in the court and the as# hole political judges the famous Black robes  of Arlington going along,

   they can murder me sneaky slieght of hand on the cheap sly but the can not and will not shut me up  --- again I call on members of Pamyet  the Russian Nationalst Org . that defends Slavs around the world to take these Americans in lawinforcement, Judges,- prosecutors,- cops,  FBI Agents etc. blacks in the GOA Building ,- Smithsonian officials, National Zoo officials,-- Cong Moran and his Brother   and hold them for trial in a Russian Court of law in the Moscow district court  under Slav Law,--     not American Law   --this will bring Prestige and respect to Russia  as the world watches  Ill be 65 years old in April 2004 and Iam still in the Hunt  Iam not lying down todays date is oct 2003  all redmonkees send e_ mail to the Russian Government and all Russian Universities tell them to get the Americans  in Russia  hold them accountable for what happen to me  Make it fair! 



  Arlington County  Jewish Cop Kantar at the theater parking lot at corner of Randolph  street close to 4 mile run drive and  where I have  been  going to this movie theater for years almost weekly, I parked in the threater parking lot as I have for years ,-  Kantar talks to me like Iam a Homosexual with a lisp  another cop comes up and says in a outrage voice dam queer so I assumed that kantar a Arlington county cop was a Homosexual trying to solicit sex from me,- because iam am a heterosexual,-  I told ASPAN about  it,-  what an As$ hole Jew and Arlington Cop-  Kanter is,- what an as$hole Arlington Cop, Kantar  is  . and what an As$ hole White American Jew-  kantar is, as a White person / is this true, ? Iam asking a Question? Just like news men abusing people like a Hitler- nazi cop in Berlin Germany 1939 same same

   Does Sheriff Flynn, Know ? how about Scott the nfg, in charge ? he put a lot of time in the Fairfax County police dept . did he tell  Arlington Cops to get me  because the Fairfax police where in arlington asking about me,- claiming I was trying to get fairfax County Cops killed by complaining on my web site that   Cops On the Fairfax Police dept Shot too death a Mexican woman well she was sleeping in her bed, and that mexacons were going to kill Cops In Fairfax  County Va .

   does he know? The NFG -Scott ? / how about Fairfax Cops putting false sex charges on a innocent man  it cost guy 30,000 dollars of his own money to clear his name, his photo coming and story )-  the Chief of Arlington Police- Scott the NFG  was he involved in any of this,  the Murder of the sleeping mexicon woman in her bed  while he Scottwas a member of the Fairfax county police dept.? did he- Scott  try to cover this murder up for the  Fairfax police dept .? while he was working there,- on that police dept. what were the Conversations between Arl. Police Chief Scott and the Fairfax County police concerning me, because Arlington Cops told me the  Fairfax police were asking about me   also a Fairfax cop whose name in Italian means spider told me the cops were going to get me for what I did to their brothers on the US Park police-- a threat   ---in a democracy are cops allowed to do that ? make threats? In a Phony country like America  the Answer is yes , that’s one of the many reasons why Iam against America  and you should be too  If you’re a real american ? Plastic freedom in America – not the real stuff

      Does Commonwealth attorney Richard  e. Trodden  Know ?  Trodden is located at 1425N.Court house Road room5200 Arlington Virginia, located-15 min by auto from the American Capital

 Does Richard Stodden  know what their cops are doing to me?-  a Homeless political  activist  living in Arlington County,- Now almost 40 Years,- that’s forty years,- I lived in this County,-   this County  violated my civil Rights according to the Constitution holding me and not letting me go,- debasing ,me showing hostility, and hate like crazed cops,  just like the crazed cops  at  Waco and Ruby ridge. Who murdered Woman and 2 year old Children gassed them with military Gas for 6 hours  and broke Am erican law .. Arlington County Cop Tedla a Hispanic  Arlington County-Cop calling me a Gringo,- what is Richard Stodden the countys Attorney going to do about this cop cover  up and lying ? so the county doesn’t get sued,?  Richard Stodden knew about the child killing Jew at the Zoo  and didn’t tell you woman in Arlington County,- I did his job for him  you damn right Stodden is not going to Investigate  my charges but pretend to investigate,-  Richard Stodden is in the jewish peoples pocket  hes not for all the people in the county just some of the people .

 United nations Law and American law states it is Against the Law to use this  military gas on woman and children  and then the FBI and ATF- Cops whooped and laughed about it as two year old children in diapers are dying ,-  all caught on Film , just as the Cops on Arlington do to me - cop Kantar- also ask me about Ruby ridge and Waco which is no different then if  Arlington Jewish  Cop kantar ask any of you about your believes as concerns being a member of the  Democrat or Republican Party. And if you support the Jewish State of Israel, its none of their business in a democracy  asking these fascist Questions,-  The cops do this on a regular bases to intimidate me,  they are breaking the law . and not being fired from the po lice force.

 Iam being Harassed for my believes,-  which is against american law to harrasse me for what I believe /  the Cops lied how they stopped me and its in the court record transcripts,-  the Arlington cops show deception and the Arlington Prosecutor lied on me and that shows deception, they are committing crimes against the law  against  my persons and  getting away with it in this Coward County, Arlington   

 As concerns Cop- Kantar being Jewish, what would happen  If I demanded he answer  me,- If I was asking about his Jewish believes as Concerns Jews Killing Arab Womans Children, using American Christians Womans  Tax Dollars to do the killing .?   (I ask hard,- honest questions )

 Also in the Arlington Court Room the little jewish prosecutor name cominrg   sneered at me as he walk by me in the court room, what a jewish As& hole / remember the jewish Cop Kantar actions toward me ?  and how about the Jewish Social worker  in the County Jail I was forced to meet as a Prisoner he the jew says were going to shut you down meaning my web site,-  he gives me his card and then later takes it away from me stating I don’t want you using it on your web site, this crazed jew then pounds the table with his finger over and over again like  some Nazi Gestapo agent in Hitler s Germany talking to a Jew / who in the Arlington County Government made the decision to send him the jewish Fanatic to talk to me,- what as# hole  Arlington  County Government Official sent him,- this crazed jew social and or case worker? ---    the tow truck driver the   witness against me his aka- Pork chop  shaved head like a skin head  a White guy trying hard to be a black man ,-  sad isn’t  it ?    tow truck driver  aka pork chop  walked by me in the court room at my hearing  in judge  court room  and tried to make conversation with me by stating  Iam a man not a girl, with his hand over his name tag, so I couldn’t see his name,- who told him to do this the Prosecutor Fran O’Brien ? or the frightened Arlington county  Cops sitting with him  I refused to look at him or talk to him per my lawyers instructions, a one mr. Steve Briglia , my lawyer of the Law firm of Briglia & Hundley.PC located in Fairfax County

did Arlington County prosecutor Fran O’Brien  tell him, the tow truck driver   aka -pork chop to do that to me,-  try to engage me in conversation?  there are witness’s  does this tow truck driver have family members that works for the police and or in the Arlington County jail? How friendly is he with these cops as a tow truck driver and why does he always park the tow truck at the Hecht Co waiting for a tow / what s the releationship /? Iam only asking a question .

  the woman’s address that knows about the stalker of Arlington she is the one that fled the county because the county would do nothing about the stalker the police and the coward dets  was using the stalker as an informant -- her address  is 2701 2 nd streets s corner of Cleveland street  near the Columbia Pike library  she said she was fleeing the county for her safety  find her before the Arlington po lice do they will threaten her to shut up ,- I was told the police hounded my other witnesses .

 Arlington police  want to get revenge on me for going across the thin blue cop line turnining in their cop brothers on the park police  for what they did to a dead black woman naked  body and the jackass white woman prosecutors in the Arlington Court house are helping the Arlington po lice lie on me and get away  my trial will be on Dec, 10 2002 in the Arlington court house   Racist Hispanic Cop tedla calling me a gringo ,-  did  the arlington Court hid the tapes that show how long the cops held me??  the tapes gone to protect the police??  the four Arlington County Cops lying  on why they stopped me,- using me to practice on,-  hounding me  for some time,-  the Arlington County. Judges believing the lying Cops so the county wont be sued ? to all arlington county students

 Iam just asking questions like a good investigator would or a News men or News woman  would. All school students in Arlington School system who want to be a Journalist do your own investigation  on this story  use me and my story to get experience to be a journalist    Investigate  ! talk to the homeless  in the park  behind St Georges church were they give food to the homeless the Black Guy in the wheel chair who  was  told by this woman  to harrass me- the woman who bring clothes to the homeless every wed at 5 to 6  in the park behind St Georges church ,-SHE told every one,-- the County wants me out  many people remarked the County wants you out.-  but who in the Arlington County Government is telling people to drive me out?, its against the law to use Government workers to harass some one - journalist told me it was retired Army Cols and Moran  who was doing this  but was it Cong Jim moran or the other Moran who was reported to be a former  Arlington County Prosacuter?

 Arlington County Liberian in volving her self with a mentally Ill Homeless guy  his name coming  to gather info on me talk to him  all of you aspiring Young Investigative Journalist  the org. ASPAN refusing to give the name and spelling of this woman  so I could file a complaint   Julie  she has photos  etc.Julie  is the same age as the redmonk Julie who is a wittness  to  the stories on the redmonkee tails in the redmonks  Younger days, contact Butch at the Clyde Beatty cole bro circus before he dies from  old age to get to the truth  on the early years  help me out  ! you who want to be Journelist ya gut to work at it 

 Ya just found the Poem ! congrats !  


Have you ever sat by the railroad track

And watched the empties cuming back?

Lumbering along with a groan and a whine –

Smoke strung out in a long gray line

Belched from the panting injuns stak

-just empties cumin back.


I have -  and to me  the empties seem

like dreams  I some time dream-

of a gril-or munney-or maybe fame-

my dreams have all returned the same ,

 swinging along the homebound track

- just empties cuming back.


Have you ever sat by the railroad track

And watched the empties cuming back?

Lumbering along with a groan and a whine –

Smoke strung out in a long gray line

Belched from the panting injuns stak

-just empties cumin back.


I have -  and to me  the empties seem

like dreams  I some time dream-

of a gril-or munney-or maybe fame-

my dreams have all returned the same ,

 swinging along the homebound track

- just empties cuming back.


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