The Red Monkee Manifesto

 the revised version

 Breaking America up into smaller Country States.

 The year 2003  

Now is the time for all Americans to press the US Government (Congress and the Senate), to pass legislation that will allow the breaking up of America in to smaller country states, the way Europe is now.

Canada in the year 2003 is breaking up with the separation of Quebec from the rest of English speaking Canada. The French Separatists lost by 1% in the election for separation from English speaking Canada.

The different races in America,- as well as any country in the world  have never been able to get along. Multi culture societies are the most unstable societies in the world

 The Black people in America are but one example. No matter how many special privileges they are given by the American Government, it never seems to be enough. The Blacks scream foul and want even more privileges, including EEOC, and Affirmative Action., and job seta-sides. Extra free points  to gain intrance at the Universities etc..the Gay rights movement also request special preference of all kinds.  Hispanics, Americans - jewish Americans  want special treatment,- now today in the year 2003--  Ruthenians Americans- demand privilges as the smallest minority in America . with only 300,000 left in the home land

 Affirmative action  must be for all Americans who need it,- what ever their color of their skin ), not just for black Americans , what about white skin mountain hillbilly people, who have been ripped and gutted for ever,- by the American Government and Coal co.

 This then is why America must be broken up into smaller country states so we as peoples of all different races can all have our own country  - so all the screaming, shouting and hate can stop.  – once and for all!

What is to be done?

An example would be the state of Wisconsin, which would be turned into a second Germany. Meaning that all other races living in the state would be removed. Only the German language would be spoken and taught. It would be German in every way. Total ethnic cleansing, removal of all other races is paramount. So there is a pure German culture.

 Another example: would be Slav land II, it would encompass all of Alaska one-third of Canada and continue down to Reading,, California.

 All other races within this land mass forcibly removed- ethnic cleansing).

 As  indeed  the jewish people of the state of Israel are indeed cleansing the Palestinians from it's jewish lands.( That’s why we got Sept. 11 twin towers pay back)

. Russian Slav culture will be supreme and total in this new Slavic land- In north America with only the Slav race and American Indian people  living with in this land mass,- all Indian Relgious lands will be returned back to the Indian people,- the return of the  Black Hills to the Soux tribe is one example of returning the  Indian peoples holy  land back  etc.

 The  Black Africans Americans will receive three states in the American South land--  Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama as an African American Homeland. With start up money. Paid by the Us Government- So we all can see what the blacks are made of  when they are on their own,-  away from white people,. Lets settle that argument once and for all.

. I will lead the African American to the promised land   the promised land for Black Americans is not in Africa but right here in America,  think of me as the new Marcus Garvey,-  except better,  I offer the Black Americans no- shoofly pie in the sky,- I offer you black Americans no black ship off the coast of America  where I sell shares—( money to buy your way back to Africa  )- as indeed Marcus Garvey did ,- your not going back to the Contentent of Africa,- where you all first came from  No no, no  your going to Africa, right here in America, that’s right,   and you need no money,- that’s right, no money,-

 All you black Americans need is your black African feet,-   point em south and follow me- the White Ruthenian Mountain Coal field Boy- To the promised Land – ( Africa America  )  why Me ?- because black people don’t have  leaders, you have black rulers such as Jessie Jackson who takes care of him self and sucks off the black workers to benefit Jessie Jackson and his friends and family,-  so they live well  sucking off the black mans and women’s  labor ,

 Jessie’s famous quote is--:”(

 Some are ment to dig and plant the Tree and others are ment to shake the tree )

Meaning the black men and woman toil doing the digging and planting and  Jessie  Jackson then shakes the tree to get the fruit.

  Rev Jessie does no work,- but gets the fruit, ?- when did he,- Jackson ever have a real job?      If I had a choice between Jackson and or Rev Al Sharpton Id choose  Rev.Al every time You all know were Als Commen from, but not Jackson, the pretty black boy, also known as Moms boy- Jackson.  I read all the books on him. Don’t let Jackson in ! close the door

 The only true Black leader the Black Americans have is the

 Great- John Lewis from the South land – and  a great Chicken man,  I read his book too )-   Cong. John (Chicken man) Lewis is a black leader,- not a  black ruler,-  you can trust a man who raised Chickens, and cleaned chicken coops - but not the one who shakes the tree, - but never plants the tree , (sweat and labor) –

 I,   like,-   John Lewis raised chickens ,- we all did in the coalfields in the mountains, I cleaned those chicken coops too,  john Lewis never ate his chickens,- ( so he says, ) - althow  his family did eat em   John Lewis-  refused.   As a chicken man my self,- I can respect that,  I did eat mine some time, but mostly, I did not, I refused  and for the same reason John (chicken man ) Lewis  never ate his. That’s why I call him – ( King of the Chicken men ) and or – ( John the chicken king ) or ( ) King of the Chickens Lewis  ) ask the chickens if iam lieing about John Lewis who is a congressmen  but long before he was a  Congressman he was indeed a chicken man from the South land take it to the bank         

but a hole bunch of black people are phoney,- they don’t like—

 John-Chicken man-Lewis because he  john Lewis is – well,  how can I put it - too dark , too short  and too squat,-  not pretty,- like Moms boy,- Jessie Jackson or  the othe super prity black boy 

 Then of course you blacks Americans have the great black gal leader,- who loves her black people,- she loves her black people so much she tells em the truth, that would be - the great Elenore Holms Norton      who black people throw mud on from time to time-( I saw it on TV the mud throughing)- because she  tells the truth to black folk and they don’t like to hear it, black folks are like all other peoples when it comes to the truth, they,- the blacks don’t want to hear it either.

 Iam taking my time with ya black folks on the redmonkee Manefesto , I am giving ya a lot of space, but see if Iam lieing to ya.  You black people like to tell off white people- and true too  why cant I tell you black people off,  two way streets, not one way streets.  This will be put out on the web sit  not completed  Ill be back to finish it later    this date june 23 2003  don’t go away come back 

 The  Anglo Saxon Americans which encompasses the English , Welsh , Scottish  Cornish, and the Irish Americans as a grouping will get the largest part of the country, now called America,- because they have the largest ethnic population, you have to wonder what the English Americans are waiting for ?--- their will be Bobbies,- not cops on your English streets and English rose gardens in your Anglo Saxon yards just like in old England.

  The Hispanic Americans will get Texas and part of California. The Jews get  New York, the Arabs Americans get  Arizona and Nevada the Chinese American get most of California as a home land  get the  Picture??? I took several polls in Arlington county va and in front of the white house wash dc at demos  I didn’t knoe any of these white people  and the white people all said they want to go, the have  had a enouth   Its never been put to the vote  giving billions of dollars to the jewish state of Isreal has never been put to the vote lst us talk about it then put it to the vote whaaaat Ya afraid 0f.  check last letter to rebel McVeigh  front page-  (Woe is white people ) written by a honest black  News guy  William Rasphberry Washington  Post news Paper 


President of the United States Bill Clinton, has stated many times to the American people, that he wants to see the white European American brought down in numbers to be 20% of the American population, he wants America to be a diverse nation of many races.

 The Red Monkee shouts "He doesn't want to be a minority in America because minorities are hated and despised in every country on earth.

 This means that if you are a minority in Africa, You are despised and hated by the majority of Africans. And even killed,- arms cut off etc .

 If you are minority in any country in South America  and or Central America you are despised and hated. And lined up against the village wall and shot .

 In the Jewish state of Israel if you are a minority, called a Palestinian minority you are hated and despised. Your children are shot to death for throwing stones  and in some cases beaten to death . you are only allowed by the jews  to get water for one hour, you are pushed and hassled by jews  the jewish people of all people,- will teach you to be a minority in their country  called Israel. ??? The Jews will kill you .

  When the Red Monkee shouts he doesn't want to be a minority, because he doesn't want to be hated and despised as minorities are all over the world in every country on earth. The Black Americans and Brown Hispanic Americans, call the Red Monkee a white European racist.

 If the Black American and the Hispanic American don't want to be a minority, then why would a white European want to be a minority?

If the white European in America and in Europe combined total 9% of the worlds population and the black, brown and yellow races of the world are a total of 91% of the earths population. This being true and numbers don't lie

,  If one is to use  (the reasonable man rule ) that is used in Anglo Saxon Law, which basically can be interpited to mean, "In any given situation how would a reasonable person act?) A reasonable person therefore must conclude by the sheer numbers the Black Brown and Yellow population standing at 91% of the earths population. A reas onable person of any race must conclude that the white European standing a 9% of the earths population will be exterminated and cease to exist on this planet, by the sheer number of blacks, browns and yellows standing at 91%. White Europeans that complain about this, are not racist, they are fighting for the survival of the small, tiny minority called a white European. Who are only 9% of the Earths population. These white Europeans need Think about it...Really think about it. The Red Monkee.

The Redmonkee calls on the Slavic Ambassadors on Embassy Row in Washington, DC USA., to assist the Red Monkee to break America up into smaller country states. Including the new Slavic State in North America called Slav land. That will encompass all of Alaska 1/3 of western Canada all the way down to Redding California. This land mass will be populated with only the Slav race and American Indians. All other races forcibly removed in this new Slavic state. The Red Monkee is seeking assistance that is legal within the American Legal System. He calls on the

Russian Ambassador Yuli M. Vorontsov Chancery, 2650 Wisconsin Ave N.W. 20007

Telephone: (202)298-5700

Ukraine Ambassador

Yuriy Mikolayevych SHCHERBAK

Chancery, 3350 M. Street NW 20007

Telephone: (202)333-0606

The Red Monkee calls on all the Slavic Ambassadors in Washington, Dc to lead the way. To begin talking at Embassy parties about the breakup of America with the Ambassadors from Ireland, Germany, France, England, Italy and to do so legally within American Law. And asking these is Ambassadors to assist in every legal way the breakup of America into smaller country states. And to give any and all assistance to the Red Monkee in this endeavor that falls within the legal framework of American Law. The Red Monkee calls on the Slavic Ambassadors and all Slavic Nationalist in Russia to protect the Red Monkees from American Law Enforcement.

 On April 22 2002 four Arlington County police beat  me in fron of the hecht Co .  Balleston in arlington va 15 min by auto from Washington Dc.

  the cops   broke my ribs, collapsed my asbestosis filled lungs ripped open my hernia and gave me a mild concussion , called me a gringo a race slur  then  Judge Joan Alpher sentenced me to 6 months in the Arlington county jail  with 3 years probation,-  if caught with a knife to cut my food or a gun for protection  I will go to jail  for the three years, why ?--- Because I was Charged with a felony , if a Felon breaks probation for any reason he then must  do the three year probation in prison not jail ,-Judge joan Alpher gave me three years and 6 months in prison not the 6 months the jury said I should do and in a jail  not a prison  . this county government would never treat a black person this way because the white judges and white proscuters and white cops are afraid of the black Conmminity    their were no marks on the cops , this info on no mark on the cops is in the court transcripts,- these arlington  cops who know about the US Park POLICE DEFILING A DEAD Black womans Body at the Dc Mourge  this crime  happened while I worked  for the US park police I filed a complaint about  and many cops have stated they are going to get me .     If iam arrested for any reason the Arlington County Judge Joan Alpher of the Arlington County court will give me three years in prison,--  tell me I don’t live in a fascist American State ?

 I lived here 40 years I never had a record, or been arrested , I an 64 years old ,- I will no doubt spend more time in prison then Enron president Ken lay,-- Enron Corp who gave tons of money to the White House and Congressmen and senators and robbed the American people  I didn’t rob any one . I only told the truth on wrong doing .

 I went on a Hunger while locked up   in the Arlington county jail  to protest police brutality,- check Photo gallery  gives more info in detail on the Arlington County cops,- judges and prosecutors.

  the people of Arlington are silent about this abuse  what does this silence say about the white people and the phoney white Christians  who live here in this county??/ these are the same American White Christians people who were silent about the Murders and burning and gassing of woman and 2 year old children at Waco Texas and the shooting in the face of  and killing a mother Mrs. Weaver holding a 9 month old  baby  girl at the Siege at Ruby ridge, shot her 14 year old son  in the back  killed him, the cops got more money in their pay checks and medals for shooting a boy in the back and his mother in her face  what does this silence say about Christianity     these white Americans in this County Arlington were silent,   like little coward white Mice about all of this,--  I would never expect these coward white to stand up for me , Blacks and Haspinacs have fought for me  and even indangered them selves for me  think about that,- who is morally superior white people or people with color in their skin ??? Ask me I can tell you  and no lie either,-- if these whites would not stand up for Babies in diapers at waco Texas and a mother holding a baby at ruby Ridge,- then it stands to reason  these coward white people of arlington va would never stand up for me  what kind of people are these White people ??? and most pointley the white woman  who live in Arlington County  ??  and only 15 mins by car from Americas capital Washington dc,

 if the White People, White Christians Americans living in arlington County Virginia  only 15 min from the American Capital and the American White House  are like this  White Cowards   what are the White leaders Like  the chief judge  of the US Supreme Court lives in this County  these white people are cowards     

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