Lieutenant Costello - World War II

Lt Costello was a navigator on a bomber during World War II. He was stationed in Alaska and would always come and visit the LITTLE Red Monkee when he was on leave.

One day he came to visit the little Red Monkee he brought with him an Eskimo sled dog, he bought it from the Eskimos in a village. The dogs name was Buster,he was snow white and had a black nose. Buster's mother was reported to be the best sled dog in that Eskimo village. Lt. Costello died when his bomber crashed during World War II. He is buried in a small Jewish Cemetery on a dirt road in the mountains. You will have to come back to this page to get the rest of this story. Stay tuned.

Good Night Lt. Costello wherever you are.

Good Night Buster wherever you are.

See the movies, Memphis Belle and 12 O'clock High dedicated to Lt. Costello of the U.S Army Air force ww11

See the Movie, Iron Will, dedicated to Buster the Eskimo sled dog. Born in a Eskimo village, in Alaska, during World Two and buried in the Mountians below Chestnut Ridge

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