The Kiss

While incarcerated in the Washington DC jail, For going into the White House and protesting his firing from the Smithsonian Inst.( After he ran out of money for lawyers,)The redmonkee, s punishment was a total of approximataly 5 months in the DC jail. White prisoners male or female were a tiny minority. Also incarcerated in this jail at this time was the Dr.Elizibith Morgan, the plastic surgeon,

She is the woman who refused to divulge the where abouts of her daughter Hillary. After she accused her ex-husband,oral surgeon dr. Eric Foretich, And his parents of molesting the girl.

When a US court ruled that the allagations couldn’t be proven and that he-( Dr,Foretich) should have visiting rights with the Child,. Dr. Morgan’s parents then ran off with the child in hiding. Dr. Morgan spent approximately two years in the DC jail, for not divulging the where abouts of her daughter to the Court.

Since whites were a rarity in this all black jail, the Redmonkee noticed Dr. Morgan who was also white. The Redmonkee was in a holding cell, next to the Jail library.,. Waiting to see his jewish lawyer Richard Stern . At this time female prisoners came filing by going to the law library.

They had to pass the tiny holding cell that held the Redmonkee. The Redmonkee had no idea who Dr.Liz. Morgan was at the time, He assumed that she was just a white female prisoner. She left the file of black female prisoners and came directly to the bars of the holding cell, that held the Redmonkee.

The Redmonkee got off the bench and went directly to the bars facing Dr.Liz Morgan . She stated to the Redmonkee , I heard what has happened to you. She said a man named Paul is trying to help you. The Redmonkee told her about the death of the Pandas at the zoo. He also showed her how a giant panda grabs a carrot out of a zookeeper’s hand. She was going to relay that message to a little girl.She also told the Redmonkee that he needed a little tuck under his chin.( He still did not know who she was,or what she was doing there, he found out later.)

Just at the moment DR. . Morgan and the Redmonkee moved closer to the bars , and just at that mila moment or was it a mili second, they kissed between the bars. A female black guard ordered Dr. Morgan to move away from the holding cell, and get back in line. The kiss was a caring a kiss , and not a romantic kiss.

If anyone knows the where abouts of Dr.. Elizabeth Morgan relay the message… below

The Redmonkee is ready for his tuck under his chin.or any thing else she has to offer.

More on this later.. April 14th 2001


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