The last Child Emperor of

. Ruthenia .

This is an almost bizarre story, but indeed a true story.

The making of the last Emperor of the Great Ruthenian Mountain people of the Carpthenian Mountains of Eastern Europe.

The Coronation actually took place in the mountains in America, during World War two among the Ruthenian Mountain people who came to America by Ship, through the Golden Gate- Called Ellis Island in the Late 1800s at a place, just below Chestnut Ridge. called Uniontown ,they,- the Ruthenian immigrants wanted to have a Mountain chief in America as they had in their Carpathian Mountains Home land of Europe


The Ruthenian mountain people are composed of three Slavic like Tribes,

( the Bokyos People, The Hutsle people , the Lemke people )

they also have several other names and are called - Rus, Rusyn, Ruthenes, Rusene, Rusenakie.

There are about 1.6 million Ruthenians left on earth, there about 300,000 left in the Ruthenian Homland there language is listed as endangered by the United Nations and they are a dying race , and they are the smallest minority in Europe and also the smallest minority in America.

The Ruthen peoples blood lines,run through- Viking, Norwegian, Asian Hunnic Blood lines, Slavic White Croat and French traders

its proven genetically they are a distinct Race, and are indeed unlike the other Slavic Peoples that surround them.

the Rusyn People came into the Carpathian mountains with the Huns who over ran Parts of Europe in the 14 th Century , they were cattle dealers and breeders, and shepherds and still are, they are a distinct Race, listed as endangered by the United Nations., there are pockets of them, still within the Carpathian Mountain Home land. In some ways the Ruthenians Parallel the Giant Pandas , both dying out

what the Ruthenian relations-ship was, with the Barbaric Huns was, and is not clear , but they were not enslaved by the Huns, as the other Slavic Tribes were, the Rutheians had a free and willing partnership with the Huns , and were a free roaming people.

Now the story, of the Last Child Emperor of the Rusyn Mountain People in America.1940,s

The last Emperor of Ruthenia was a made an Emperor in the 1940s in America by old Ruthenian Mountain shepherds, Old Rusyn Shepherds would bow to the Child Emperor the child Emperor would hand out Silver American Dollars to the old Ruthenian Shepherd People from a large cloth bag, old jewish Ruthenian mountain woman would run out of their little shops and form a prayer groups with their prayer shawls on, when ever the child Emperor would walk by and ask the child Emperor to stop and let them pray over him


When world War two Soldiers of Ruthenian mountain background were brought home dead to the Allegheny mountains in America from the War in Europe 1939 to 1945, the dead soldiers came in Rail road Box- cars pulled by Black Steam Locomotives, the old Shepherd woman would want the Child Emperor to stand on their dead sons coffin box in side the railroad boxcars and salute, at the funerals they would let the Child Emperor fire the dead Soldiers guns in the air and shout Slava, which means Glory in the Slav Language.

One Employee at the Smithsonian Inst. Washington D.C. was at the Child Emperor ceremony, she observed the making of the last Child Emperor, she is a jewish girl.the Ruthenian Mountain jews were loyal to the last Child Emperor of the Ruthenian Shepherd people of the Carpthathian Mountains of Eastern Europe

The Child Emperor is still alive and fighting to free Greater Ruthenia, the mountain Homeland from the (Ukrainian Oppressor) in 1945 the Lemkie Tribe of Rusyan Shepherds were forcibly removed by Armed Soldiers from their mountain Range in Army trucks, just as America removed American Indians on to the Reservations under guns, only in the last few years since the brake up of Eastern Europe have the Lemken tribe of Rusyan people begin drifting back into their Carpathian Ruthenian mountain homeland, Ruthenia is 75 miles long and 50 miles wide, and has a God given right to be Free.

Ruthenia was free for 24 hours in 1939, then tanks from Rumania moved in and captured Ruthenia, she was then passed over to the Chezk Rebublic then to Russia then to the Ukrainian government, which is exploiting the mountains for minerals and destroying the water and land for greed money, the Ruthenian People having no say, their like American Indians

The Last Shepherd Emperor, of Ruthenia, ask all school Children in America, to help free little Ruthenia, and stop the destruction of Ruthenian Culture, you students can do this, by writing letters, to Pres. Bush at the White house and General Colin Powell at the U.S. State Dept. and Condeleca Rice who works in the White house for Pres Bush in Washington D.C. and to the United Nations in New york city to apply pressure on the Ukranian Government to free Ruthenia -Now- today do it

check this web site out

www.Carpatho-Rusyn. org

you will have to come back for the rest of the story


date Dec.16, 2001

All rights reserved copy right 2001


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