….. Marriage Proposal ….

The Redmonkee offers Marriage to any Red Head or Blonde Female, in good health and physical condition, up to sixty five years of age.

 And indeed, proving that you are a Lady of means, have a million dollars in your bank account, so as to fund our life style,

 Love horses, animals, Country living , world Travel and world war II army jeeps..,  the Irish Tenors, the Kennedy Center, Wolf Trap farms etc. we can chat by E- mail, if you are shy, send me your photo-cjruss@yahoo.com

  You must have the means to deposit- 20.000  )-  in my so called,- (Date Fund-

 So  I, can Date you, in accordance with your intersting  life style, for up to( 10  lovely evenings out together, to see of course, if we indeed, fit like a glove, as they say….  Luv- ya, you may call Me- Neil   

 This is a serious Marriage proposal, to all you lovely ladies.

 In full with file Restoration and Photos- this up date April 19th, 2002

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