The story of

U.S. Marine , Pvt- Bobby Garwood

This story,- is one of the strangest of the strange war America fought in Vietnam 1959 to 1975...This is a disturbing story, one that raises disturbing questions concerning the honor of the United States Marine Corps.
The strange silence of the American people concerning this horrible injustice against a brave Marine.

Ten days before his tour of duty ended in 1965, Marine Pvt Robert Garwood was taken captive by the Viet Cong.

 The Red Monkee would like to say that Garwood and or any serviceman in the American Armed Forces, who only had ten days of duty left, before heading home to the United States to marry his sweetheart, And be discharged from the United States Marine Corps. would never desert to the Viet Cong,

 ten days, ten days before he was to go home.

 In 1979, six years after the Vietnamese government had allegedly released all American POWs. Garwood was still a prisoner of war.

A jeep driver for a Marine Intelligence Unit, Garwood suffered through 14 years..thats' fourteen years of hell in prison camps in North Vietnam. But his most devastating ordeal came after his release. Garwood returned to the states, not to a grateful America, but to a Court Martial, accusations of treachery, collusion and disgrace.

Col Tom Mckinney arrived in country 1968. Three years after Garwood was captured by the Viet Cong. An Intelligence Operations Officer, Mc Kinneys Top Secret mission, was to organize hunter/killer teams to scourer the jungle for turncoats in US Military uniform. One of the traitors, his killer teams were directed to kill was Pvt Garwood.

 This is a true story of two Marines and of a chilling covert military operation designed to cover-up high-level incompetence in the United States Marine Corps, by destroying a  soldiers life and future. Marine Corps tortured Bobby Garwood, and the Marines enjoyed it

. One Marine threw a brick through his window, while he was on trial.

 His sister Linda, who was more loyal to Garwood than the Marine Corps, was. She was hounded out of her factory job by ignorant white blue-collar workers, who believed her brother was a traitor, and like the cowards these white people were in this factory, they hounded a small white girl out of her job. Her name was Linda Garwood and she died just before Christmas in 1995. No one apologized to her, Her brother has been found innocent.

 The United States Marine Corps, dress blue uniform lies in the mud over the dishonor of letting a United States Marine, Pvt. Bobby Garwood on the battlefield, and not going back to get him. Until the Marines go an get Garwood, the dress blue uniform of the Corps will always lie in the mud.

 The person who is coming for Garwood, is a Gator sailor not a squid, you can see Gator sailors in the movie Saving Private Ryan, they are in the boats and on the beach.

 To make it fair,-  you must read  not only Spite House, but  the book written by Frank  Anton an officers son  who was in the Cong Camps as a prisoner  with Garwood,- Garwood had no educiation and grew up in a trailer Court )

 A must read with Spite House is--Franks Antons Book-

( Why Didn’t you get me out  )

 Anton, an officers son (his Father was a Col.  Frank Anton grew up with special privileges, because of that, it is  Frank Anton who owes more to America, not Garwood ! )

Frank Anton shows the A- typical behavior of the US Military officers Son that is Rampant in the U.S. Military and in American Culture, and they, the officers sons, - get away with it,  but not here on the redmonks Web siteNo body gets away)- Its Called –( sneaky U.S Military officer Cowardice) and its in their ,the Military officers - Sons , such as Frank  Anton,-  Who is- A- typical,  who like their US military Officer Fathers have no Honor,  the Proof and the proof is indeed important.

 In Frank Antons own words in his book,-  out of Antons Own Mouth,- Antons Own words, are the Proof  that he Frank Anton is this A- typical sneaky US Military Officer Class Cowardice  Son. This Cowardice is the  Culture and Core believes of the US military Officer class and their Miltary Families in the United States of America .

 All of the US  Militery Officers Families in all of the branches of the US military,-  Army, Navy ,Airforce,- all of their Sons and daughters and wives a Disgrace on the American people and cheap leaches sucking off the people.

 The officers wives Cheap Camp Following Whores, who do laundry on the side married the officer to get power on the cheap.

 This is said for Bobby Garwoods Sister, and  US Navy Gunners mate Hartwig in # 2 Gun Turret on the Battle Ship USS Iowa and also for his Sister, who lost her House and her Husband fighting to defend her Dead Brother,- Gunners mate Hartwig,  after the   Coward US Naval officer Corp- said Gunners mate Hartwig was a  Homosexual and caused the Blow in # 2 Two- Gun Turret on the Battle ship USS Iowa so as to cover the US Naval officers AS# and pensions, what Cowards the Naval officers  and what the Coward Navy officers did to me on LST –1162 check Movie Page it tells in detail cowardice of the officers on this ship    

For Bobby Garwood Mother  - a Jewish woman and Garwood s Sister Linda. 

 Lets give the.. proof  the number of the pages in Frank Antons Book,  where he Shows A typical- Cowardice of the US Military Officer son, in the United states of America / all US Military officers Sons are like this, make no Doubt about it and the whole US Military Familey has deniel concerning this Officer Corp. Cowardice  this deniel by US military Officers Sons and Daughters is very close to a mental disorder if not out right mental Illness.     

 Stay tuned this thing ain't over. Eat C-rations eat K-rations and think about it. If there are any Marines in your family tree, tell them about Garwood, and tell them About Frank Antons Book , called--

--(  Why Didn’t you get me out? )

 a Canadian white girl by the name of Monica Jensen-Stevenson wrote a book called Spite House, and this book detailes what happened to Garwood.

 Monica Jensen Stevenson is a white girl from Canada  she is not a white girl from America. Get it! 


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