Epilogue on the national zoo story    

Newest up date April 2004  as of  Dec 7th and 8th 2003  I was vindicated some what  in the investigation of the National Zoo  by world renowned Animal org. who investigated the national zoo for animals death etc.  the national  zoo lost it accreditation this story in the Washington post news paper  on Dec 7th and 8th 2003 this web site-  (redmonkee.com )-- now after 5 or 6 years trying to bring to the attention of the American people this problem at the National zoo using the internet  with no luck, --- I was ignored by PETA the animal rights org. )-  and the all white  news media at the Washington Post news co and others --- but doc Nichols  who worked at the national ,zoo who complained of wrong doing - seems to me be the real  hero at the National  zoo  now today 2003 2004 and brave too !---  but he only did his job for the animals and zookeepers, as he’s suppose ta do --- and as the zookeepers were suppose to do, but most didn’t  ,-----I respect  Nichols because he would not back down when threatened --- rare in a white  Anglo Saxon male in America today --    he- Nichols  was threatened by Smithsonian Sec Larry Small not to Complain about Lucy Spellman, the female Jewish Zoo director-  but he,- brave Anglo Saxon  NICHOLES  persisted and fought for and gut the investigation,--  but the investigation only went back to the time frame of Lucy Spellman as THE NEW  Zoo director, - not all the way back to my time 1983456 the dam at the National Zoo burst on Dec 7 th- 2003 and that took the air out of my balloon  did it  not ?- what’s to complain about now ON MY WEB SITE  it all been done, --- by the  expose  dec.7th and 8 th  2003 in the news media ---- soooo I will just keep up on my web site   all THE  news paper articles concerning the National zoo mistakes  on this WEB  site for each – and  every  new generation of Arlington County school children to read  year after year after year  so as to keep an eye on the national Zoo  Smithsonian LEADER SHIP  SO  LITTLE AMERICAN CHILDREN  CAN KNOW  HOW CORRUPT THE American  SYSTEM truely IS, Yaaah -  THE National  ZOO   located  IN  Washington DC  US of A

 yaaah damn right- Lucy the goose gut ta go  fly out from the zoo -, but two way streets not one way streets  -)  ya tellen me , -their was nothing wrong at the National  zoo until the Goose Spellmen showed up ta run the National  zoo  ?/ -- as the first Jewish Female, director  in the National Zoos History , and the first female zoo director in the National zoos history ? Ya guta be kidden me ? there was nothing wrong at the National Zoo until the Goose arrived ? -  ya cant call your self an adult and believe that, - the dam at the National zoo was already two thirds full  with mistakes and mismanagement   when Lucy the goose showed up ( flew in,-  what ever ) ta run the national zoo , the dam was almost full when the goose flew in ta take over -- Pleeeease ----the National zoos dam was all ready over loaded - leaks a springin leaken out like fountains out of the zoo dam  loaded to the gills with Zoo fuc# ups the national  Zoo Dam Yaaah --  the zoo flood on Dec.7th  Just like _ buffalo creek west Virginia,- Johnstown  Pa .  flood –( remember )? pleeease  -- lets all spread the shi$ around here a little bit ,- the gooses back is sore from carring the whole load  two thirds of it not hers   Yaaaah ! - Pleeease  -- spread it around --- get honest and be fair --- two way streets,-  not one way streets --  this is what happens when there is no honest oversight I said honest oversight and the  Smithsonian Institutions Famous arrogance comes together in a vortex with  the World of  snot on the nose of the  Smithsonian Famous world of Academia – Yaaah___

 arrogance indeed-  snot indeed ,-Vortex all the waaaay,  yes indeed, vortex sounds like kotex and I bet yuuuu their all wearen em at the National Zoo now  today Yaaah---- kotex  because they gut a Vortex  at the Zoo___on Dec 7th the day of infamy at the National zoo

 on Dec.7 th  the year-2003 a day  that  will live in infamy at the Smithsonian  for ever,-as the national  Zoos Pearl Harbor  Dec. 7th  --damn right they gut theirs—

  I was in the WWII jap plane with goggles and a red meat ball O- painted on the side of my  Jap plane as I flew over the fuc$in zoo laughing at yooou Zoo

 my turn ta - Haw Haw ! aaaaas$ holes at the National zoo -- my turn to Haw Haw- Yaah-  remember those phone calles ya made to my home after you fired me and you all laughed in the phone and yelled aaaas$ hole to me over the phone Ya remember ?-  Yaaaah _ Because I dooo00 ___ Haw Haw  you  AS$ HOLE-suns of Bitche$ over their at the zoo ,- Haw Haw indeed on youuu- youuu as$ holes youuu, with toilet paper stuck ta you uu youu will be laughed at for ever,- and your mothers where Whores ya knowwho ya are ?   its spelled s.o.b.  and or D.O.B  if it fits wear it ,- for ya mother  THE WHORE THAT GAVE YA LIFE ! YAAAH

I mean ta keep it alive on this web site till I fuc$en  D I E-

Yaaah ! Ya deserved it too- Haw Haw

 ALL those sonavabitche$___ for real  sendem    E_ mail

 they need ta have their as$ busted all of em  for real  and of course they left the zookeepers out  as always-  more class arrogance by the investigators  and the Smithsonian officials- as always -Yaah   the first line of defense for the zoo animals is and always has been  the Zoo keeper not the world Of Academia  ya don’t back the zookeepers up it starts ta fall apart and turn ta shi$ for 20 years  and then ya  gut Dec.7th  2003  day of infamy at the national zoo,

  Dam problems Yaaah thay gut damn problems at the National zoo damn right , they do00

I will Leave the National  zoo story behind now -  and move on,-because there is no air in my Zoo BallooOn___ Haw Haw on me   -------   On Dec. 7 th 2003  a day that will live in Infamy at  the National zoo for ever,  and ever – the National Zoo  were found guilty, by world renowned Animal Org. on Dec 7 th  and 8 th - 2003    I didn’t lie to you American people .  all these years almost 20 years NOW -  I was tellen ya the truth . ya wouldn’t listen.   I had the same problem with a giant snake under a porch in Florida one time I told the big puffed up snake man what was under the house, -  because I went under the house before he arrived for a look see   and saw how big this herp was- python  this guy wouldn’t listen either, he brushed me aside with disdain   as he went under the porch  brushed me aside like all of youuu did me  as I was tellen alla ya whats wrong over at the zoo . Yaaah  - then he,- the big snake expert  came back out from under the porch faster then a speeeeding bullet Terrified___ I told him what Iam now  telling all of youuu

____  I told ya ! ya wouldn’t listen

I will know move on to the Arlington County Virginia  wrong doing  and court House corruption  damn right,  thay ask for it they get it ?- I was minded my own business , reading my own news  paper,  drinkin my own coffee,  sittin at my own table, mindin my own business --- when Arlington County ask for it --- Arlingtion Located 15 min by car  from the American White house , ---   My Plan  was to leave  Arlington county and go  to Park city Utah  to Sundance inst. Run by movie star Robert Redford  so as to turn the (  circus rascals screen play ?  )  into a movie---- but Arlington County would not let me go, -  broke my ribs, - ripped open my hernia and called me a gringo etc.-  put me in jail for 6 months on trumped up charges  sooooo do  read the Russian zookeeper affair, ---- but dooo0o read the :- killer school teacher ) _ of Arlington County Virginia on Arlington Ridge Road  40 some years ago – and where her Ho daughters are located in this arlington county – all of this going on only 15 min car drive from the White house  also  read  my monkee tails  pagenew stories put out April 2004

this web site is my  -sun dance  not my swan song  ask an American Indian what the sun dance is and the difference  between SUN and Swan  ---- I made a few mistakes on this web site and one is a Lawyer s name  on the bottom of the movie page  he’s the wrong lawyer, -- the lawyer I was thinking of was white, - not black---  sorry about that  wrong name sorry indeed  tell his wife  the mistake was mine  her Black  husband is innocent  (  a Journelist told me a long time ago never lie, --- the news men will find out if your lieing ---  a Russian journalist told me never tell the whole story leave something to tell new on the Investagative TV news shows  60 min 20/20  etc.,----the other mistake is on Bob Woodward of the Washington post he won the  navy Commendation medal not the  Navy marine corp. medal --- I that say on this web site several times   and Iam not sorry about that  mistake  / -do ya know how many mistakes- he Woodward has made  did he ever apologize  for his mistakes ?  ask his two little  calves Talia and Diania  the two apples of Woodwards eye___- Haw Haw --- April 14   2004 this date _:  Bob woodward refused to do this story  ya have to ask him why ?-  Kay graham spiked this story, -- her employees told me so and that this story was discussed at the highest levels of the Washington post news co Kay Graham the owner of this powerfull news co  said no,  her friends are in and through out  this story - damn right  they are.

 Good night and good luck ___  this is  the Redmonkee


 We praise a man  who feels angry on the right grounds_

 and against the right person _

and also in the right manner at the right  moment_

 and for the right length of time






 yaah   ya know Aristotle gut it right ___ Kon khi

yaaa ____WE told Ya -      ya wouldn’t listen___ the Sparrow _-

Iam watching youuuu from the Roof top____ Iam the Chinese monkey they call_ Sun  Hou-Tsu

 And we__ all  saw what youuu did and it wasent last summer –


 mr. Redmen___- ya just never knoe ? knoe what I mean ? knoe what I say ? yaah  !


  A  man who has nothing which he cares about more then  he-does about  his personal safety

is a miserable creature who has no Chance of being free,

, unless made and kept so by the existing of better men  then  himself .

___ John Stuart Mill      ___ an Anglo Saxon


 the Anglo Saxons in Arlington County Virginia  located 15 min from the white house didn’t get that last statement and they didn’t get why I write John Stuart Mills     is a Anglo Saxon  ?  is an Anglo Saxon just dumb or just afraid  which one  is it ?

 a coward race the  Anglo Saxons  in America  licking every ones as$  and not ashamed ---- an Anglo Saxon girl drew her sword and defended me against some black people trying ta get me off a computer ,  she slapped her Anglo Saxon sword down- might have been a Wilkinson sword-  and every one backed up, - an Anglo Saxon Girl working  in  Judge Hogan’s court room  walked out of his  court room at my trial  for protesting in the white house - with these parting words as she walked out hot  old anglo saxon style – these word  she  shot  at  judge tommy the mick  Hogan  and the   US prosecutor . as she walked bristly  head up  looking at Judge Hogen  Iam leaving here   I see what your doing to him, - the judge looked pissed  contorted face  his name Judge Tommy the  Mick Hogan  of the US district court Washington DC -  an Anglo Saxon tall thin 30es something  lawyer in the district court room  after my trial for protesting in the White House -  I went to get papers to file an appeal the Anglo Saxon woman behind the counter said with scorn their no  forms left, - Anglo Saxon lawyer standing behind me  said:-  give him the appeal form ,- she hesitated,- the Anglo Saxon lawyer said with a snarl give him the forms,-   she reached under the counter  and handed me the Appeal  forms  he then helped me fill it out some what, -- he too said I respect you ,-  and  don’t tell any one Iam helping you, I won  on my appeal, -----  all the US Marines in My USN  landing craft  boat on that day  where all anglo Saxons but two I believe , - some anglo Saxons stand up not many  mostly they lay down looking up afraid --- if its black their looking up at--  their big time afraid ! - in the Arlington Court house at my trial for the Arlington county cop stop year-dec. 2002  where I was found guilty  the court transcriber didn’t get the transcripts in on time as so ordered by the judge and my lawyers didn’t file a request for an extension of time  because the transcripts  were not done, ---  the Virginia court said I have no right to an appeal because I didn’t get my appeal in on time, I had no control  over it   I was locked up in Arlington county jail I had no control over any of this, ---  the transcriber  working in the court who I don’t know and my lawyer Steve Brigilia  decided if I could  have an appeal or not, where is  the Justice for me ever since the day of my birth  1939 ? none ever ,-    the lawyer was Italian and the transcriber was Greek  Americans  or jewish Americans?- which I don’t know ?  what do youu the American people think ? If you were me  

two way streets not one way streets   damn right two way  streets- two way