The Girls from El Salvador

No on fought harder for the Redmonkee than the girls from El Salvador. These Hispanic women worked for the Red Monkee in the US Commerce Department Building located in Silver Spring, Maryland.

 The black government employees in this building and an all black guard detail in this building committed racial hate crimes against the Red Monkee and his Hispanic cleaning force. The black guards in this building would get up in the face of these Hispanic cleaners and taunted them. They would say, "You're going back." One black guard told the girls from El Salvador that they were scuze.

 . The black guard stole cleaning equipment from  our cleaning company Things got so bad the Redmonkee went to Capitol Hill, to theU.S. Congress and the Senate to get help by letter( hand delivered) He eventually was forced to go to Ambassador Angel Salaverria the Ambassador from El Salvador. He is located at 2308 California Street NW. Washington, DC. Seeking his assistance and help.- for real !- the people of Oklahoma City haven’t a clue as to what the hell is going on in Washington D.C.

. I also went to the Ambassador of Russia Vladimir P. Lukin, 1125 16th Street NW, Washington, DC. I also sought the assistance of President Bush’s' daughter-in-law, who is Mexican, requesting from these people that they get control of these blacks in this government building. Come back the rest of this story.

September 30, 1999.
The girls from El Salvador cleaned the building on their own, automatically.

 These wonderful girls from El Salvador paid out of their own pocket, money to some very rough Hispanic boys, to beat the hell out of some guy who was messing with the Red Monkee. (The Red Monkee was impressed.) His girls loved him.

 He treated them with respect, as if they were his daughters. The Red Monkee thanks the Great Mothers of El Salvador for producing Great daughters, that they send North,- to clean up America.

Movie dedication to the Red Monkee cleaning girls from El Salvador. The movie they love so much and would discuss and laugh about, was a movie called,----  ( A League Of Their Own. )

They all agreed that the Red Monkee was just like Tom Hanks in this movie. They gave themselves named like Betty Spaghetti, the nickname given to one of the stars of this movie.

 The girls from El Salvador were the fantastic girls from El Salvador. Their names cannot be given. The FBI might harass them or harm them.

Goodnight you wonderful and beautiful girls of El Salvador. wherever you are.

 Love You, The Red Monkee.

Send more EL Salvadorians ,-now-to day to Norta America your needed.

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