The Gary Dotson Story

Who is Gary Dotson?

Gary Dotson is an innocent man, a twelve-year nightmare for Gary Dotson ended Monday, when Judge Thomas Fitzgerald dismissed a charge that Gary Dotson raped Cathleen Crowell Webb.

Dotsonís' 1979 rape conviction gained National attention six years later when Webb recanted her testimony. She said she fabricated the tale of a 1977 kidnapping and rape because she thought she was pregnant by her boyfriend. Dotson was released from prison after Webb recanted, he has served six years of his 25 year sentence. He went back to prison a week after a hearing judge ruled, Webbís' testimony as unreliable.

Dotson Lawyer Thomas Breem, asked for a new trail based on DNA test. The DNA test proved that Gary Dotson of Chicago, Illinois was innocent.

Cathleen Crowell Webb is now a homemaker in Jaffery, New Hampshire, she teaches Sunday School. Webb was sixteen years old and living in a suburb of Chicago when she accused Dotson in 1977. She wrote a book in 1987 about her recantation, it's called "Forgive Me". The Red Monkee knows about dirty white women putting sex charges on innocent men. White women, Zookeepers did it to the Red Monkee at the National Zoo, and the Smithsonian Administration was only to happy to go along with it. More about this later. but you must find out why ? The redmonkee is innocent and means to clear his name .

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