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The Redmonkee shouts-- that Donald Graham did something that no- newsman ever does

"He gave up a News Source"

Publisher Donald Graham of the Washington Post gave up a news source, it happened in his barn in Warrenton, Virginia

 where he Graham kept rolls of newsprint paper. The mice were feasting on this paper, and it caused some concern to Publisher Graham.

 With Graham at the time was another tall lanky guy, believed to be Lalley Grahams' husband.

 Sgt Huber and the Redmonkee drove to Grahams" barn in a pickup truck. Sgt Huber got out and talked to Graham. A little later, the Redmonkee walked toward Graham who was discussing the damage to the newsprint rolls aand other things.

 When Donald Graham  Publisher saw the Redmonkee he became visably upset and angry. He shouted at Sgt Huber, "Why did you bring that SOB here? He made a long stare at the Redmonkee,

 He moved over to Sgt Huber and whispered in his ear, Sgt Hubers' face went white, drained of color. Huber stated to the Redmonkee, lets go.

 Sgt Huber said to the Redmonkee, "YOU'RE DEAD!!

 The Redmonkee had been getting information to Bobby Woodward of the Washington Post. Information concerning drugging of the horses at the US Park Police, and death threats made against the redmonkee and that Congressman and and Senators such as Dirty- Jesse Helms  were forcing the U.S. Park Police in Washington  D.C to take bad horses, from rich consituants, for tax write-offs. (How much money did Helms get?

 After this incident at Publisher- Grahams' barn, attempts were made to kill the Redmonkee. And death threats were a regular occurance.

No Newsman gives up a news source. The rich coward and SOB. Donald Graham did. More about this later. I get even,

When the Red Monkee was at demonstrations in front of the FBI Building or White House. He would shout this story in total to the crowd of demonstrators. He did this many times.

 Then SOB. Donald Graham did another cowardly thing, like a little rich kid he is, He did a story in his newspaper, the Washington Post, concerning the newspaper rolls in his barn. And a actual photograph of his barn. He did this to neutralize this story. But the Red Monkee has a big net, for the  most powerful Jewish Family in America, the Graham family, that owns the Washington Post News Co. in the Nations Capital of America  THAT  big NET IS CALLED THE---- INTERNET

Coming up concerning the Grahams".

Lalley Graham, daughter of Phil Graham, who called his daughter a whore. She then fled into her bed room were she hid for two weeks and wouldn’t come out, Why did Old Phil call his daughter a whore ? she was Corking all the field hands in Middleburg and Upperville Virginia, this is better than Matt Drudge, pay backs are Hell, aint they folks 

Did Kathryn Graham kill her husband, Phil Graham, near Middleberg, Virginia, with a Shot gun blast and get away with it? The same way Susan Cummings got away with killing her Latino polo playing lover? The redmonkee has a dream, that he can get some one to bust open the murder case of Phil Graham,  the former Publisher of the Washington Post News Paper, the paper which is located in Washington D.C. usa and send old lady Graham, the Killer of Phil, to Terra Hauett Ind. to Ride Tim McVeighs Gurney and Needle , into the licking flames of hell- justice will then be done,

  the redmonkee takes the hard cases  and Publisher Phil Graham is a pretty rough case, he, the redmonk has no hard proof only a hunch from reading about the case,  you got to be honest about it,-------------but still? many times my hunch has been right on!

If Phil Graham was alive today would he do the Redmonkee Story at the Smithsonian on the Front page of his newspaper? You betch yu,

 he was a dairy farmer from Florida and also drove a milk Truck for his Dad, he only married Kay Myers a Half Blooded Jewish girl, because no one wanted to marry her, and she was loaded with green money, Phil , the Farmer, saw opportunity and went for it,- atta go Phil, go for it--. (Shouts the Redmonkee) The Redmonkee liked the way Phil took over a mike and addressed a crowd on Pres Kennedy having sex with his girl friends. You gotta love It, the high and the mighty in the nations Capital,  the redmonkee goes after Big Game, and takes the hard cases

Why was Donald Graham ashamed of the Graham side of the family? All of this will be answered in future updates of this story.

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