The Rebel Tim McVeigh Story


The Terrorist called the Redmonkee met Tim McVeigh the Oklahoma City Bomber twice. Once at a Waco demonstration in front of the WHite House. The second time in Frederick, Maryland at a gun show. The people who witnessed these two meetings between the Redmonkee and Tim McVeigh are the people at the Waco demonstrations, and gun show participants at the Frederick Maryland gun show. More about this later. Look on the photo gallery page 5 or 6 to see proofs of mailings to McVeigh pluss the last letter to tim coming in the new front page this date April 9 th 2002

Some background

The Waco demonstration is led by Carol Moore, she wrote the book Davidian Massacre. A two year endeavor that has kept the murder of the twenty-three children at Waco, Texas by Janet Reno and the US Government in front of the American people with demonstrations yearly at the
White House. US Justice Department and FBI Buildings. The Red Monkee is the only protester with the Waco demonstrators. For the murder of the Weaver family at Ruby Ridge, Idaho,-- by Janet Reno, FBI and ATF and other law enforcement agencies.

The Red Monkee would like to explain that he is not a terrorist, that he owns no guns or bombs, he only protests in parades and at demonstrations against the American Government and its polices.

 In America this will get you labeled a terrorist, it will also get you on the terrorist watch list by the FBI. This is to intimidate and demonize an American citizen. It also keeps the Americans from protesting against the government. Out of fear  the FBI will come for you. 

But since FBI Agent Doyle told the Redmonkee in a meeting with a second FBI Agent named Gieger, that the Redmonkee was on the terrorist watch list, and that if he didn't shut up about what he knows, that the US Government would take him away to Buttner Carolina for the Criminally Insane.

 This is where Jay Pollard the Jewish spy and jewish sayan  is being held. The Red Monkee replied to the FBI Agents, Doyle and Geiger, that he will not shut up, that he will shout louder about what he knows. The family member who was a witness at this meeting, stated that it was chilling what the FBI Agents threatened the Red Monk with. A Sayen is a Jewish American who does what ever the jewish states ask the American Jew to do, spy, steal, for Iserial  what ever,-   Sayen,- is a Jewish word )- also could mean a American jewish Militia Group, called the jewish Sticks,- that are reported to be in Arlington County and Fallschurch Va. They stock pile weapons in case some one attacks jews / Arlington police  dept.  hasent a clue / 

The Red Monkee had called the Missouri School of Journalism located in the US Press building down town Washingtion D.C., asking that they send students from the school to observe this forced meeting on the redmonk   and protect the Red Monkee. This is the Building the redmonk went to and knocked on doors to get in the news / that’s a story for another time

To add to this outrage, at a Waco demonstration in front of the FBI – Head quarters Building, in the Nations Capital, at a waco demo months early- the Red Monkee shouted to the FBI Officials that he was taking the Waco demonstration to the Chinese Embassy and the Iraqi Embassy on P Street. Where we the  demonstrators would get down on our knees begging these two  countries and their governments to protect us from the US Government and US Law Enforcement. So as to get on their Television News( I had been inside both of these Embassies asking for help early because the Americans let me hang in the wind so to speak  and would not help me / I fight back)

 FBI Officials in suits came running out of the FBI Headquarters  Building. running not walking, and said in a threatening voice to the Red Monkee and the demonstrators,- if you go to the Embassies we will pick you up. Said in a FBI threatening,- snotty tone of Voice/ Oklahoma ,- were is the freedom? And  Why is your Country America covering this up. Push the more button  so as to read all three pages  

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