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To SpecialFBI Agent in charge andor whom it may concern :


My name is CJ Koritko , Iím 68 years old , Iím a Political activist ,- I live in Arlingtoncounty Virginia .

Iímsending you this letter concerningwhatI believe wasattempted murder and ordangerousintimidation of my persons by a Arlington County motorcycle police officer . I wrote the letterin Feb 19 th 2007 but did not send it to any onebecause of my personal experience with the justice system which I see as broken at the local county level and State level in the State of Virginia --- three quick examples of why I feel the justice system in Arlington and America is broken and I said to my self your wasting your time why even send it the justice system is corrupt broken ----- my Experiences are real .

Example ---The Arlington county cops in 2002 beat me, ripped open my hernia, broke some of my ribs, refused to give me medical treatment for two weeks I ask every day to see a doctor while in the Arlington County jail .

The Arlingtonpolicebent my glasses on purpose broke themand I was made blind for two weeks no glasses , I can not see any thing 6 inches from my eye,

At my Trial in Judge Joan Alpers court Arlington ,-- I couldnít hear what was going on because I have 50 percent hearing loss, ---- land mine while in the military )-I couldnít tell you what happened at my trial in the Arlington County court house in 2002 I couldnít hear ?

Arlington County employees telling me the county wants me out of the Arlington county Virginia ,-- Talking to me hard -there concern seemed to be my politicalweb siteas I was taunted by the Arlington police and Jews and Arlington Firementhreats the Arlington Fire chieftoldArlington County Firemen to get me because of my believes and they did too,†† that story on my web site .

Jewish county employeewhileI was a prisoner in the Arlington County jailsay they are going to shut down my web site .

Iam found guiltyat my trial 2002 I do 5 months In the Arlington jail for something I didnít do ,-.


My lawyer does not get my appeal in on timeI files a complaint with the Virginia bar association --- he my lawyer Steve Brigliais only admonished by the Virginia bar,--- hiswife he told meis Jewish ..

. Jews harassing me at the Arlington County Libraries fights eruptthey will not leave me alone while Iam workingon the computers minding my business .

one of the Arlington Cops several weeks ago caught me in a parking lot shopping center Lyon Villageshopping center and wanted to fight me , his wife holding him back ---- several weeksago my file system was broken in to and destroyed, -- files located in the State of Pennsylvania .---------------

-------------------- I have reason to believe one of the Arlington County police was involved in this destruction of my files in Pennsylvania --- I filed a complaint with the PennsylvaniaState Police .It seem s to me I have no right s what ever .-. enclosed is the letter to the Pennsylvania State police detailing Arlington County police possible involvement in this destruction of my files.,†† I believethe Arlington police stories of misconduct against my persons that are on my political web site ---detail police harassmenteven using theresquad cars toHarass me .

All of thisincluding police stories on my web site -- I believe showsprobable cause as to the mind set of thisArlington County police force as concerns me the extreme dislike of me by Arlington County employees and Arlington county citizen because of what I believe s threats . Harassment ,physical attacks . I have to fight . is this harassment persecution or mass hysteria of theseArlington County citizen s????

President of the United States --George W Bush-- said on television that people who dissent should feel comfortable dissenting -- I donít feel very comfortable dissenting in Arlington County Virginia or in Washington DC dissentingthe war. Dissentingthe Jews beating up Arab childrenand womanusing American Tax Dollarsto do it,-Jewish boys not on the front lines fighting with a rifle in there hands in ††Iraq etc.

But I will not allow these Arlington County people to run me anywhere. Jew or Christian. By harassing and threatening methey are violating my rights guaranteed to all of us under the US Constitution†† what are you going to do about the violation of my rights by the employees and the Arlington Citizensof the Arlington County Mr. FBI man ???? the school children of Arlington are waiting to see what you do ??


I have rights there written in the US Constitutionthe rights detailed in the Ė

US Constitution are for all U. S .Citizensincluding me and even you Mr. FBI Agent man.-- who ever you are .? If I think America is a jackas$ countrythatís lost it mind with political correctness----I still have rights,†† my rights donít stop because I disagree with America on any issue .

This letter will be on my web site for the school children ofArlington to see the FBI response to this letter so the Arlington School children can see the FBI and the U S Justice system work or show U S justice broken,- as I and many otherAmerican citizens have found out its indeed broken and does not work - but only for the wealthyAmerican citizens with large sums of money to buygood lawyers.

the only true way to find out is justice broken in America is by testing the U S Justice system. In real time the here and now )- Just as Iam doing in this letter mailed to the FBI office located in Washington D.C.


Thank Youso much


Cornelius Koritko

P.O.Box 101242

Arlington County Virginia 22201

-         E mail Address cjruss@yahoo.com††††††††††††††††††††††† July 25, 2007

This letter to the FBI----- Has been sentcertified mail to the Arlington County courtJudges

Arlington County Board memberssent cert mailed

US Attorney Chuck RosenbergAlex Vasent certifiedmail

: Italia and Diana WoodwardWashington post news co Ė hand delivered

Select Embassies in Washington DC Ė (Embassy news sectionsfor a human interest story)

:: Sent to others Ė this date July 25 th 2007-FBI letter to Agent in Charge Washington Field officeWashington DCthree pages .



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