To : Hon. Judge Williams JR Arlington County Court  Arlington Virginia


  1) ---- The first letter  you will find in this packet  which is addressed to the FBI Field Office Washington  DC  is What I perceived to be  Attempted murder of my persons  and or dangerous attempt at intimidation  of me  by the  Arlington County Virginia Police Dept. on the date described in my letter of complaint  to the FBI Field office Washington

2)—this is followed by  the FBI Addendum letter connected to the complaint to the FBI

 This FBI  addendum gives clarity to my Filed  complaint .

( 3 ) the Next Letter is  my Letter  which I filed  with Pennsylvania  State Police  It Gives Clarity to why the Arlington County Police would have a Agenda  concerning  me .

4 ) the last short addendum   after the  Pennsylvania . State police letter  firms up why some of  the Arlington County Virginia  police  dept, members  would   have a agenda .

 The  Pennsylvania  State Police letter of complaint and the short very last letter addendum, --- is like background   material  so as to round out the picture .


 What I didn’t put in the letter to FBI complaint letter  is exact words of the Arlington County motor cycle  Police who tried to hit me with his motorcycle –

 This Arlington county cop drives his motor cycle  right at me   his word verbatim :- ( for what you did to are brothers  )---

  . clinched teeth  hate on his face  I throw my self up against my car  his handle bars  miss me by inches . I cussed him out shouting  in anger   you-- mother fucker--  loud – ( he nearly killed me! At the rate of speed he was coming  down Kirkwood ST  he would have killed me — he had plenty of room to move away  from me  I was right up against my car  , I have reason to  believe these two Arlington cops  have already lied  about this incident  of intimidation and or murder  that is described in my letter to the FBI Field office.

 A trap was laid by me  for these two  Arlington  cops mentioned  in the FBI filed complaint --- Hon. Judge Williams jR  Arlington Court  has the info on what words this dangerous cop used on me as he passed  me  with his motor cycle just inches  from my body.Me with no place to go, my back up against my vehicle as he passes within  inches.

 2 nd Issue explaining  why I mention  ADL Directer -Abe Foxmens Wife bisexuality that I mention in the FBI Addendum—this is what I believe,- that Homosexuals and Lesbians should be left alone they cant change who they are, they were  in most cases born that way. to force  homosexuals and Lesbians to become heterosexual would be like telling us in the Heterosexual  majority to become homosexual  tomorrow morning by 10: o’clock or the torturing will begin ,- I like woman have always been oriented toward woman I can not change,- if you torture me  Ill still like woman ,- the Homosexual will always like men and the Lesbian will always like woman  even if you torture  them -- welcome them all to the human family  you are not going to change them,- leave them alone. That’s what I believe --- Foxmen and the Jews attack me, never letting up -- I attack back -- , Iam not a Homosexual and or bisexual nor have I ever been  I will explain in detail the charge  of Golda  Foxmen --Bi sexuality  ( a fact  )- that’s none of my business, nor should it be your business  - but the Jews mistreatment  of me  have made it my business.- I request from the Arlington government to issue me an assault .rifle  so as I can defend my self from this wilding by Arlington County citizens.  thank you  cj koritko







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