July 19, 2007

To Arlington County Virginia board member: Chairmen Paul Ferguson

I am writing to report and make public a July 2006 incident that involves, at the least, police recklessness and possibly police intimidation. And or Police murder. Of my persons .

On July 29th, 2006, an Arlington County (VA) motorcycle police officer nearly ran me down while I was standing beside the road, which would have caused serious injury or death. ( See addendum attached to this letter to see my explanation as to why I waited to file this complaint. )

My vehicle was parked in the designated parking lane on kirkwood Street. As I opened the driver side door and got out, standing next to my vehicle, I heard motorcycles coming down the street in my direction. Two Arlington County policemen on motorcycles were riding down the street at a high speed and in my direction. I was standing in the bike lane that runs along side the parking lane and realized that it had narrowed the main part of the road so that two motorcycles riding abreast would not fit in the vehicle lanes. Although it had to be equally apparent to the rather large and tall police officer who was nearest to me that there would not be sufficient room for him to safely ride by me without shifting his position, he continued to ride at the same speed and at the same distance from me and the other motorcycle police officer. I had to throw myself flat up against my vehicle to avoid being struck. He appeared to be angry as he passed me and I heard him mutter something. Out of fear I was about to be killed, I shouted at him and cursed out loud. (See enclosed photos of Kirkwood street scene )

I believe the officers were acting in a reckless manner, showing complete disregard for the safety of one of the citizens that they are sworn to protect. They were not using sirens or lights, and did not appear to be hurrying to get to the scene of an emergency. In fact, just as they passed me, two vehicles collided at the intersection of Kirkwood Street and Lee Highway about 50 yards away. Both motorcycles came to a sudden stop at the red light and began talking on their phones or radios, presumably trying to affect crowd control and help the people injured in the accident. I spoke a few days later with two women – a mother and daughter – who were taking photos of the same intersection because the daughter was in the car that was struck at the intersection and they expressed dissatisfaction that the officer’s attitude at the scene of the accident appeared to be angry or distracted and not very helpful. ( See addendum attached to this letter to explain )

In addition to feeling that the officer was operating a motorcycle without due caution, I have further reason to believe that the police officer may have acted intentionally in an attempt to intimidate or actually cause me harm. I have a history of activism and have complained previously about law enforcement abuses, specifically making a complaint against law enforcement personnel in the US Park police for whom I worked for in a civilian capacity and including inappropriate action taken by the Arlington County and Fairfax County police. I believe the officers involved in this incident may have recognized me or my vehicle and taken advantage of the opportunity to try to intimidate me for exercising my Constitutional rights to free speech. ( See attached addendum to explain )

I did not report this incident in July because my experiences have left me with little faith in the ability or desire of the police department to regulate the improper actions of its officers, especially when the person reporting the incident is a regular citizen or worse, a public activist, instead of being someone with power or money. I have continued to consider the episode, however, and decided that the attempt that day to injure me may indicate a propensity of this officer and/or other officers to take extra-legal measures to control persons they believe threaten their positions or authority. Thankfully, I was able in this instance to avoid injury by quick action; on another day, I might not see them coming or be able to act quickly enough. In addition, I am concerned that, unless it is made public and redressed, similar behavior may be practiced upon other individuals who have done nothing more than exercise their duties and rights as citizens to advocate for change.

I feel this incident should be investigated and the offending officer disciplined. I understand and hope that Arlington County officials may wish to interview me further about this incident. In that event, I request that county board members Walter Tejada or Barbara Favola be present to protect my rights. See addendum attached .

Thank you for you attention to this matter.

You may reach me at P.O. Box 101242 Arlington Virginia 22210 to further discuss this complaint. Most importent- see addendum attached that is connected to and a part of this letter

Cornelius Koritko

Post Office Box 101242

Arlington va. 22210

certified mail to :

-Arlington County Board members,

All Arlington County court Judges

FBI civil rights div.Wash D.C.

News media at Chinese Embassy Washington DC-

Chuck Rosenberg US Attorney for the Eastern State Virginia Alex Va –

cc- others


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