The Red Monkee_


Red Bananaa

AWARDSbs _______ GIVEN TO THOSE Rare Brave_______


WHO DARE   TO THINK OUT SIDE THE box. Yaaah to those brave soles  who suffer scorn , hate and are scoffed at  for standing up and speaking out  those-- Few  who dare speak truth to those that have  power,- Yaaah, damn right - those Few,- those Gutdamn  Brave, those truly Beeeauuutifull  Amerikaaaans- who are receiving there always  earned  never given and Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah- deserved - Red Banana Award- this evening.- (Applause every body ) Please ! thank you

and Doooo remember  the Red Banana peels each and every time  gooooooo to  the cowardly white Americans  who are_____________-- ________________________________silent

and are locatedf at American legion post 139 down town Arlington Virginia


and  are located at the American Legion post 139   located down town  Arlington  Virginia . YaaahArlington County Virginia located 15 min away by auto from the American White House  were the President lives  with his family


 To night the Red Banana Award is given with great respect and awe   to  a great American and a true Amerikaaaan


Congressman  Charles B Rangel :    for daring to tell all of us  that poor white and black and Hispanic boys are fighting and dying in  the war in Iraq and the rich boys  are sitting the war out  and the redmonk adds – a redmonk HA HA --- to the Jewish boys of Arlington  who are setting this war out,- hiding under the bed  in the shitter etc  we all saw the movie Shindler list we see were you Jews hide - shame on all of em --  buy Charlie    book : ( And I haven’t had a bad day since ) a good read – he dared to speak out side the BoX—Charlie Rangel from the get toe



 Roger Moore ----  for making movies that get people to think out side the box  and question  the system  that’s why the system dislikes Roger Moor  he doesn’t get everthing right but as  Andy Wohral  the Ruthenian artist always said-sooooo what ?  throw a couple of cases of redmonkee red banana in the back of his truck  thanks Roger  great American roger Moor


 The little girl --on the telephone pole of death who  refused to tell a lie


 To the  mothers and grandmothers  of the redmonkee brigade members  your sons and daughters grand son and grand daughters  brought down the national Zoo  Smithsonian Official said to me your redmonkees breached the castle walls


 To Sen. Chuck Grassley a farmers son  for having farmers common sense  and defending the common  working class man  using common sense  Cong  Chuck Grassly also gets a case of redmonkee red banana for scaring the bejeses out of the FBI at the ruby ridge hearings  in the us hart build,  capital hill  and for showing out rage that the us government at ruby ridge  shot a mother in her face while holding a baby girl and killed her  shot her 14 year old son  son in his back and killed him  at the siege at ruby ridge  400 American lawinforcement  personnel against 7 Americans  in a plywood cabin a family at Ruby ridge the American people can count on  chuck Grassley to be on there side each and every time  Great American  a great Americcccaaaaaan  Sen.  chuck Grassly . Iwoa  give him a couple of cases red banana to take home -


 To Sen. Feingold  the only member  to vote against the patriotic act that was rushed through congress  in the wake of the  sept 11  attack,--  a true civil libertarian  at last a jew who could seee  what it was – Yaaah - the death of democracy – the jew Feingold refused to sign .-- while every one else signed on the dotted line like sheep , Hay  at long last we gut a jew who can see,--- attta go Feingold , your jewish mammy raised ya right  it took a jew to see what it was. ?-  the Christians couldn’t see diddly shi#. But the white  line to sign on ..


 TO- Sen. Byrd of west Virginia  carries the constitution around in his pocket


   To Col  Hackworthhe told the   U S Army off  when the brass abused the troops   Army tried to take his pension / he retired and  lived in Australia  for 18 years  through away all his medals and burned his uniforms


  To US Navy Seal marcenko


 To Tilley Rose  for her - the long hunt for her lost  bros and sisters

 To  cowboy Lawyer  Spence who saved the lives  of  the Weaver Family  at the siege of  ruby ridge  for the  great books he Spence wrote --- for us to ponder – Ist book -  ( And justice for none )  2nd book – ( give me liberty  ). and his book  - (the smoking gun )- shows the mental illness of U S  prosecutors all across America   in every court house who put innocent people in prison  so the prosecutor can make a name for them selves  then run for higher office  cong. or the senate sucking the flesh, blood and bones from poor whites who cant afford a lawyer    the dirty stinken  phoney  American way  in every court house in America  destroying human lives in  a very un just America – Iv been there that’s how I know .--- thanks Spence  a Great Amerikaaaaan   Garry Spence. Cowboy lawyer   people don’t know this but I shot a hole in Spences gas tank  one time  that was the old East not the old west  ask him  all of you ask him ??

 To lawyer  Bruce Cutler for  defending in American courts those among us that are hated by the U S Government,--  the US justice system also punished Bruce Cutler for defending John Gottie a great  Italian American  business man --- lawyer  Bruce Cutler  who lived a religious jewish  life defending the most hated  in society  and was punished for it by the US Justice system   he went to the synogoge only twice a year but was more jewish then other jews – guess why??

 To  Lawyer  Bill Kuntsler  for  defending  in American courts those most hated  people in American society, -- people hated  by the U S  Government and the American people.  Kunstler led a religious Jewish life not by going to the synagogue daily for a menchen – ( 10 Jews praying together-  called  a menchen  )--  but by defending the most hated in American society  he was more Jew then other Jews  who prayed every day , when bill died  Jews stood  3 feet away from his wife’s window shouting he’s were he belongs in hell,-  Jews hated bill kunstler because bill defended  people Jews hated  believe me hate is a Jewish family value ask Kunstler wife  who took phone calls from jews  who screamed in the phone at her  were glad he’s dead he were he belongs  this went on for months, think of it Jews doing this to kuntsler wife months after he was buried   kuntsler means trickster or magic  or juggler  in Yiddish ???  I  usta know  but who knows  thanks Bill---- we miss you,-- the most hated miss you too -  great American a great one hellofa  Jew-- Bill Kuntsler

 Mrs. Batt a Pakistani woman   working for the DC government  told the white Christian woman of Arlington County  Virginia that there is dangerous level of lead in the drinking water  and your children are drinking it she was fired  from her job for warning you white Christian woman of Arlington Va  no white woman showed for her she has brown skin and is a Muslim  not a Christian – Haayyy what is wrong with the Christians ??? no what I mean ???--  every body give this courageous woman a hand and   Tom see that she takes home couple of cases of red bananas  give her a hand , --she gave us a hand  a great lady  you know what I mean you christian woman out there




 Simeon Wiesenthal : the  Golden Sunflower Jew of the Jewish  Holocaust 1949s the most moral jew of the Holocaust,  only he could speak for none Jews--why  ???--  two things :   he always said other people died in the holocaust besides Jews --- he a moral jew spoke for those who could not speak for them selves  a very Jewish thing  -- no ??? Yes ??? what ?? check the Torah  find out __ the Jewish people crucified him for saying that  other people died in the Holocaust  besides  Jews  another Jewish hate crime  against the dead  yes ? No?  what ? – check the Tora  2nd thing h Simeon  last message to the Jewish people  listen up all the Jews in the audience  Simeon Wiesenthal told the Jewish people to talk about other peoples suffering beside there own  his last message to the jews  were they listening ????



 To   Chief if the US Park Police  Teresa Chambers she told the truth so as to protect the woman and children on the mall   she was fired   white Christian woman did not come to her aid more on this  later  ---- Tom --see that chief Chambers get a couple cases of red banana take em out to her car great she girl cop Tresia Chambers a stand up white girl  standing up for the people  give her a hand  she tried to give us on but the park service fired her  a great American she girl Cop Thresa Chamber


  To  Lawyer kuby

  TO The great  John Gottie Italian Family

 TO  rebel Mc Veigh

 To war Admiral Arle ( 31 knot ) Burk  


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