Penna. State police

1070 Eberly Way

Lemont Furnace Pa. 15456


To Whom it may concern at the Pennsylvania State Police :

I want to report a break in and destruction of my personal and legal files at Markleysburg Penn..


My Name is Cornelius J Koritko I reside in Arlington County Virginia I’m 68 years old .

I want to file a complaint with the Penn State police concerning breaking in and destroying my personnel file system at a residence located in Marklyesburg Pa .

I can be reached by mail at - PO box 101242 Arlington Virginia and or my e- mail address is

I first tried to file with the Uniontown police but was told by a white Uniontown police officer with black wire rim glasses who has a speech impediment of some kind meaning he talks and sounds just like a female,- extreme - feminine voice apparently a voice problem of some kind . he knows Arlington county Cop kanter who is formally from Uniontown Pa.

I mention this to identify this Uniontown police officer I spoke with to show I tried to file sooner.

I then went to the PA. State police in Uniontown a few days later no one was there . As I had to get back to Arlington VA for personal reasons I hope this explains why I am late getting this filed. Late --- but determined.!

On n Tues. June 25 th 2007 I went to look in my file system located at Markleysburg Pa - at the David Koritko residence looking for my military discharge documents so as to file a claim with the U.S. Government .

I kept a large legal and personal file system at the David Koritko residence located in Marklysberg Penn. The koritko residence is the corner house at 20—281 sr 2013 sr ,

As I went through my files, I opened each box , I found them to be destroyed all of the files formerly in sequence and chronological order all mixed up as if a card player had shuffled a deck of cards example – a three page letter from the US Government to me one page would be in one box and the other pages in another box s as if the files were dumped on the ground and then thrown back in the boxes - rare color photo slides from the 1950s of me in the military- all gone-- but three or four boxes, -- seven large file boxes taken gone -every thing taken apart, -

As these files have been stored at this site for several years – and as I have gone to them on a regular bases when needed to gather some legal letter or such from these files --

-------example files sent to FBI head Mr. Sessions in Washington DC on wrong doing at a GAO building government building located in the nations capital were I was employed by Ogden corp. this information and the evidence in this letter taken gone , -- the large envelope addressed to FBI Head Sessions nothing in side the large envelope empty -- proofs of certified mailings to government officials gone. . these are just some of the examples – of this break in

Because I’m a political activist and have a political activist web site-

- at www. and at my arrest the year 2002 in front of the Hecht co Arlington Va. by Arlington county Cop Murphy and others - he- Murphy stated at this arrest of me that they were going to shut down my political dissenting web site that has been up on the internet since the year 1998


I believe there are three possible suspects.


Carol koritko my former wife who is retired from the Government - age 66 ?

About a year ago there was a flood at apt building that carol koritko lived at several years ago and the basement flooded I got a call that my personal papers were at this site I was astounded I ask her what are these files doing down here she refused to reply . I also heard a strange rumor that she - Carol koritko was working with Arlington County Cop Murphy ?- I ask David koritko to ask his mother Carol koritko if she knows a Arlington County cop named Murphy- David koritko said he did ask and stated she refused to answer , she went silent and then hung up the phone .

I at no time would allow these important papers to leave were they were who ever did this destruction of my files taped conversations of meeting photos etc. committed a crime Iam asking the pa. State police to investigate and if a crime has been committed the individuals be charged

Background :

Lance Price a former new York lawinforcement office who also was employed at Ogden Corp at the NOA GVT building located in Silver spring MD> as a lead building engineer Price and I both worked for Ogden corp. Ogden was a contractor in this NOA building

Lance price supervised the engineers and I was cleaning supervisor for Ogden corp. in this government building

Several employees filed complaints concerning Lance Price and I went to the FBI with the complaint that copy of evidence gone from my files..


Arlington county Virginia law enforcement cop named Murphy

Murphy has family in markleysberg Chestnut Ridge Uniontown PA area as I understand it . This is the Arlington county Virginia cop Murphy who harassed me in Arlington VA and was in on the arrest and beating of me for having windows too dark on my van . the year -2002 in front of the Hecht CO.Murphy also stated they would shut down my political web site .

This arrest of me in 2002 -Where Murphy and approximately 5 other Arlington county cops beat me and broke my ribs, ripped open my hernia .for what I perceived for my political believes that are on my Political web site. with cop Murphy taunting me there going to shut down my political web site and one of the other cops doing a little dance saying over and over again we got him we got him.

This same Arlington cop who did the little dance at my arrest the year 2002 wanted to fight me several weeks ago year - 2007 in the Lyon village shopping center located in Arlington Va corner of Kirkwood street and Lee high way this Arlington cop who wanted to fight me at Lyon village shopping center his wife holding him back as he tried to get at me as I was sitting down drinking a cup of coffee outside Starbucks coffee shop located in the Lyon village shopping center Arlington Virginia - this same Arlington cop screaming at me that the ( Spic ) meaning Hispanic Cop Tedla gave him up- that the - Dago cop meaning the Italin American cop gave him up too ,- but hed be back, --- he- the enraged Arlington cop screaming in this parking lot at me was in civilian clothes – has a lime green land rover type vehicle .

I had been complaining on my Political dissenters web site what these Arlington county cops did to me at my arrest and beating me in 2002 in front of the Hecht Co Arlington VA. asking Arlington school children to help out with e- mail attacks on the different Government lawinforcement agencies asking the F.BI and US Justice dept to .investigate this Arlington police dept. the Italian Slur -- Dago is in reference to the Italian American cop who was in on this same arrest and beating of me in front of the Hecht co. 2002 Hispanic Arlington Cop Tedla was also in on the arrest and beating of me as was Arlington cop Murphy and this Arlington cop who is now trying to get at me at the Lyon village shopping center . his wife holding him back..

A Witness watched this incident between this out of control Arlington county Va police officers attempt to get at me , I stood up to defend my self and I told him to come on -- he was half my age too – a big Anglo Saxon Buck as they usta say ,- a witness to this out of control Arlington county police officer is a guy 65 years old by name of Lin who works at the Italian store in this same shopping center were this threat against me took place. Lin is a witness and Lin talked to this Arlington cop just seconds before the attack threat on me this Arlington cop wanting to fight me,- his wife shouting no no don’t do it . the witness the guy called Lin Saw it all.

The 2002 attack and beating of me by Murphy and the cop mentioned above and the other cops mentioned here is on my political web site ( ) were I have tried to get these same cops fired or imprisoned for what they did to me,

This letter to the Penn. State police seeking a investigation of the break in of my files in Markleysburg pa. will also be posted on my political web site .

People in Markleysberg PA. who may have information concerning this break in of my files. __________-

_________-would be the family that lives right behind the shed - were I kept my files there Last name I believe is Frazee and Jenkins they are home around the clock and do not work (see enclosed photos of shed )

Butch Glass 62 years of age the brother of Carol Koritko also does not work and is home all the time might know some thing as he visits the David koritko residence daily as he lives down the street a few blocks .

There are others in that area who might have seen something as the house is on the corner of connecting roads . and the front of the shed faces the open grassy lot that is open to sight to the road . they ride go carts and a green John Deer tractor this family also has horses I don’t know there name.

I f you would please alert me to name and tele.# of the Penna. State trooper assigned to this break in and or any number assigned to this case .

Can you tell me does ---section :-241 conspiracy against rights -- and or section -4 misprision of a felony--- apply to this break in of my files .? (a copy of section 24 and section 4 on the 5 th page of this 4 page letter )

Thank you: Cornelius J Koritko

I can be reached at the two address’s-

- Mailing address-

Cornelius J Koritko

PO Box 101242

Arlington Virginia 22210

- E _ mail Address:

Sent: certified mail :

CC: Cong. Jim Moran Arlington VA

CC: Sen. Jack Web Virginia

CC :Members Arlington County Board

CC: Arlington County Court Chief Judge Williams , Judge Joan Alper , others .

CC: Uniontown police dept.

CC: Tialia and Diana Woodward – Washington post news co

US : Justice Dept. Washington D.C .

FBI : Headquarters Washington DC

Others :---------

A Copy of misprision of a Felony and Conspiracy against Rights enclosed 5th page .

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