We drove him into poverty and bankruptcy and then murdered him .

We all knew what we were doing . We used the Law to kill him._

________ Vinicent Cucccia__words_on the death of_ Lenny Bruce_

The Redmonk +_grudge reportnew may 2004

+ part spoof, parody. part real, hay ---- covers about every thing,-such as people and org. who annoythe redmonk,-their Virginia car tag numbersare on this page down below explaining what they didso ya can know and laugh at them because they thought they were going ta fuc$ with me and get away with itandnews Journalist can look them up and ask what they know on this story, also-- why Rebel McVeigh and the Porto Rican soldierPadilla became American Outlaws not Terroristalso on this page is ---all theRumors I was told as concerns the Russian Zookeeper affair the rumors on this page under the heading rumors for investigative reporters to use as leads ta break this story openI donít know if the rumors are part true, -true ornot true at all _________ thatís why I am saying Rumors hoping where there is smoke their might be fire _ connect the dotsfor crice sake !

all new, Grudge report- some of it here now,-- andall of itcoming Ė

New throughout the year- MAY-15 th†† 2004

the Redmonk Grudge report a takeoff of Matt Drudges- ( Grudge report )

only the ( Redmonks Grudge ) Report- is better.- Damn rightI like my self_ Yaaaah !

____________ Con Khi Ė and the_________ Sparrow-both of em diggen around in the grudge report -

letten ya,- the American Public know _

what the Washington post news paper wont tell ya,_

ConKhi and Sparrow

the two ( Johnney Dollars investagaters) will, tell ya Ė

on this web site. Redmonkee.com Yaaah !

So listen up ! _____________ why- Bomber Tim McVeigh andPotoRican soldierPeddila turned against America, why they did it and there fore- can not and are not terrorist but indeed_________ Rebel soldiers

read oooon if ya††† brave Americaaaan


Henry DavidThoreau wrotea book called_:

(Resistance to Civil Government )

the essence of his declarationwas :

All men recognize the right of revolution , that is,the rightto refuse Allegiance to , and to resistthe-( American ) government when its_

Tyranny or itsinefficiency are great and unendurableÖ. Unjust laws exist : shall we be contentto obey them, or shall we endeavor to amend them , and obey them until we have succeeded, or_

_ shall we transgress them at once ?

Rebel soldier McVeigh,Rebel Soldier Redmonk, rebel soldier Padilla,- haint no terrorist here. only rebel American Soldiers


This then,-is why I fight the US Government ,- Smithsonian, National zooUS park policeFBIand Arlington County government†† and this explains why Tim McVeigh the Scottish American rebel soldier who bombed the Murrah building in Oklahoma city in the State of Oklahoma isand was a American rebel soldier, not a terrorist !- this is the reason the brave Porta Rican Padillawas a Spanish American rebel soldier, looking for a bomb to strike back at Unjust America,- he, - thePorta Rican Padilla was not a terrorist,†† this too is why I am a a Ruthenian CoalfieldAmerican rebel soldierusing the bomb of truth on my web site to strike a blow against unjust America,- proving America is a Lie- from morning to night†† my bomb is the truth bomb on this web site, - my truths can not be knocked down because they are the truth, the truth can not be a lie __________

At the national Zoo Smithsonian Inst. the Infficiency was great and unendurableand I rose up,the white English American Guy and hero Nicholes spoke up at the national zoo because the inefficiency was great and unendurable ? the year- 2004 -- the two anglo Saxonwhite female FBI agents who rose up and reported wrong doingas concernsthe twin towers 9/11- reportandFBI Agents stealing artifacts from the 9/11 twin towers building for their own FBI agentsgain,-these two brave White female Anglo Saxon FBIAgents, andchief of the US park police Chambers an Anglo Saxon femalePolice chief in the nations Capital Washington DC told how she was not allowed to protect you American woman and children she didnít have the resources she went public with her complaint at great risk to her self for you the American people, mothersand childrenin Arlington County Virginia†† no one is fighting for these brave government workers who defended you mothers and children†† chief Chambers and the other brave Government workers†† are hounded and are on their way to being firedfor telling the truth at the US park service, National zoo andFBI as concerns endangering the woman and childrenby the higher ups wrong doingwrong doing ,-these two white Anglo Saxon female FBI Agents,- and of the US Park policechief Theresa Chambersyaa including theBrave porta RicanPadillawho was looking for a bomb ta strike back at un just America because the Inefficiency was great and unendurable- such as Brave Rebel Soldier Scot American- McVeigh in his Ryder truck with 16 blue barrels bomb Ė because,-†† yes ,- because the inefficiency of no justice for the people at ruby ridge and Waco Texas murders of citizens by the US government cops the,_Inefficiency of no justice was unendurable, to McVeigh, - some white men fight back, most white men do not ,some men are brave most Whitemen are not,

this then is , - why I am a Ruthenian Coal field Mountain Rebel soldier in American April 19 th Rebellion against the American Government,-I too could not stand the-(Inefficiency at the national zoo,the Inefficiencyat the U.S. G.A.O. building,located Washington dC- the inefficency at the US Commercedept Building located silver spring Md--the Inefficiency at the Smithsonian Inst , andat the US park police all located in Ėwashington D.C.

the Inefficiency became unendurable )-- I rose up and spoke up and would not back up and threatened the powers withmy truths and also my truthbombs on this web site on the world wide internet- using the truth against America_____ all of us,:- the Two Anglo Saxon female FBI agents, chief of the US Park police female anglo saxon girl_ Police chief Chambers†† The PortaRican- Padilla,theScot- McVeigh, and the†† Coalfield Slav Ruthenian-me Ė and the braveGirl from India a new immigrant working for the corrupt washington DC government†† she reported lead in our drinking water and was fired for telling you motherstheres lead in the water baby and your baby isdrinking it ! --- all of these brave people could not stand the inefficiency any more it was unendurable, it indeed was Tyranny__ the Inefficiency was unendurable Tyranny- , and we rose up. Simple as that,-- no mystery,- no Terrorist,- Terrorist my as$,†† we are no terrorist, not one of us,-- we are American freedom fighters for real ! why arenít youuu?

All ofthe females mentionedabove,- all but one is a Anglo Saxon femalefrom the British IslandAmerican people meaning Ė Scot,- English,- Irish,- welsh,- Cornish,- are you craven in your cowardiceyou Anglo Saxon American people you ---that you will not demand the firing of those government officials who fired these white Anglo Saxon woman your , all of those white womenfrom yourown race people up above,- will you Anglo Saxon not put on a demonstration for these brave Anglo Saxon Woman up abovewho endangered them selves for you and your babyyou in Arlington County are a cowardly lotI the Ruthenian will stand and defend them because to find a brave American with white skin is rare indeedyou Anglo Saxons where my nemesis in the coal fields†† as I was growing up 1940 1950 1960 as a wee lad now today 2004 - I gut tofight for your Anglo Saxon woman and your blond blue eyed small lip children ††because an Anglo Saxon Male is a grily ManI a Ruthenian will draw his Ruthenian sword and stand at the Bridge and not let em crossjust like that old English Saga _ Roland at the Bridge )

The people from India and all white Americans should be super proud of the gril from India she was more American then those born here,- she did the right thing,- she spoke up for theAmerican people she the immigrant gril from India-- defended the Arlington CountyVirginia - woman and children when the peoples own government would not, - she is a real American - she speaks with a Indian accent from new Delei India ---why were the other Americans silent ? that questions begs _______

A gril from INDIA defended you and the Government fired herand you mothers in Arlington County are silenmtpay your gutdamn bill for crcesake you white christian coward you

A redmonkee Red alert_____________

All Redmonkee Brigrade

All redmonkee brigade memberswill fight for these brave Anglo Saxon woman writing letters, - fire all e- mailRockets go to the British government Tony Blair, go to the BritishQueen†† go to foreign news co- because American news men will not help you,--go to the British paper the Guardian stay away from the Washingtonpost news paper , the post is with the Governmenttheir palsone hand washes the other,)-stay away from the washington postthey will sell you out ---think bold,- go to PresidentPutin and his wife in Russia by e- mail --- ask his wife to speak up for these brave Anglo saxon grilsshake the American arrogront government up,-do go over the head of the American Government†† come up with innovative ideasgo to your church and take up the cause ofone of the woman, one at a time, --- ask all churches in Arlington to get involved,-to take one of these womanís cases fight - julie red monkees get all Synagogs involved Just -doo it

†† Redmonkee Brigade do the right thing ____ Go

freedom haint freefight for it††

††† as indeed David Thoreau wrote in his book:

Resistance to civil Government

the inefficiency was unendurable!

( Resistance to civil government ) David T s : Book, - read it,know why youWhite Americans are a cowardly lot†† and†† me,- the Ruthenian Ė thePorta Rican- Peddlithe Scot- McVeigh and the two white English anglo Saxons - girl FBI agentsand US Park police chief Chambers --- are American heroes, Ya gut ta do something ta be a hero ya cant take sleepen tabs in the storm ya gut to roam the shipin the storm up on deck†† not hide down below decks tied downin your bunk taken sleepen tabs. Whats your Fuc$ing problem ? sleepen tabs white America ? in Arlington County Virginia --- ya gut ta do what English American Boy-- Nicholes did at the national Zoo to be a hero not pass out in combat like his English American sister did,--Jessica Lynch were in the Fuc# is the reality in all of this medal hero bull shi3 flaps /strange that Nicholes is Anglo Saxon isinent it ?BraveNicholes, hisAmerican British island people- I mean theEnglish, irish, Scot, Welsh, Corrnish, always grovling and laying downlicking every ones as$ -- always skard shi$lesswillbrave ĖNicholes his - English American people turn on him because he showed courage ?damn right they will lick -what he- Anglo SaxonNicholesdid fighting for the national Zoos honor and National†† Zoo Animals and the Zookeepers all at the same time†† is a threat ta the white Male American Anglo Saxonsmanhood at American legion Post 139they will tear him English Boy Nichols - down, --- brave English American boy†† brave-Nicholes saving his coward English American Males from their shamfulllack of man hoodin Arlington . Va 15 min from the white house / watch em rip and gut Brave Nicholes the English American Boy at the national ZooWOW ! Watch em

every redmonkee what ever ya color of skin stand on the firng for brave Nicholes and dont back downwhere ya plant those redmonk stinken feet stand and fightfor brave Nicholes his anglo saxon race wont defend him†† ya redmonks gut ta do it

all redmonks in Arlington County Virginia--defend Nicholes,- defend the two FBI female agents,-defend US Park police she gril chief Chambers ,-start a mass right innow today justa doitRedmonkees††† these people stood up strong and brave for you and your mother stand up for them,now, today,- justa doitcontact chief Ė T Chambers on her web site check out the other female FBI agentssee if they gut a web site, but donít get caught in their orbit stay Redmonkee Brigrade at all times seperate --- all redmonks it time ta stand upstand up and fightyourgovernment, not their government ,-your Government, dooo something thatís why ya a redmonkee get a petitition signed in your school get every one to signfor those up abovemake your government bring Nicholes back to the zoo bring back the trwo FBI agents bring Back Chief Chambers to the Park police she spoke up for your mom and popspek up for themwhats your problemredmonkees up on the fight lineput on the mark of the Kestrel and go to warraise Hell youíre a redmonkee- do something††

David T told you what your problem is white Amerixca in Arlington County Youuu-

read it- David TS- book and know why we,___the White- Slav Ruthenian,- the white Scot, Mcveigh- the two FBI- anglo Saxons Girls and the brown SkinPorta Rican- Brave Padilla and the braveArabs Americans freedom fighters__all of us, -- American Heroes, Yaaa-damn right, - Heroes,†† Heroes fight back against No justice for the poor or middle class inAmerica and Arlington County Virgina , donít let the U.S. Government and John Ascroft of the unJust U.S. Justice dept . tell ya,we are terrorist,--†† let me and David Thoreau tell ya what we are,-we wont lie ta ya,- like dirty Christian bible thumpen john Ashcroftand the U.S. Unjustice dept. willlie-†† and if ya donít like meee, well then in the name of your God,-what ever your God, -- doootrust David Thoreau .

88_ try my redmonk Zinger down below

On December . 7 th,- 2003I was Vindicated as concerns the mismanagement of the national zoo and animal collection it took 20 years ta clear my name but only some what,?- the washington postnews paper refused to go back to my time when I worked at the National Zoo-why ? because it leads to Donald Graham_(Graham was and is the former publisher and owner of this Power houseof an American news paper located in Washington - ††giving me,- a news source for his paper, up to the po lice in his barn in Warrenton vawhich is .a 45 min drive from Washington DC where he, Graham called me a SOB in his barn,- they wouldnet do my storybecause it leads concerning the two PhDs- two Jews-- Gould and Klinemen killing the baby Giant pandas at the National Zoo by accident ?, the jew Zookeeper Ralph strauss who killed 13 little Children in Isrealwhen he was a settlerthen got a Job at the national Zoo and the race issues I brought upI proved that Marginalized white Ethnic Americans in hiringat the NationalZoo and hiring also at the SmithsonianINST since the inception of the Smithsonian and the National Zoothe Smithsonian Locatedon the Mall in Washington DCUSA-

I indeed proved racism and Bias against White Ethnic Americans in Hiringwith my Smithsonian eeoc report complaint against the Smithsonian that I hand delivered and Mailed to foreign Embassies on embassy row Washington dc,- were I took it by hand knocked on the embassy doorto get on their news programsto shame the Smithsonian and Americaat the same timeyou dirty Americans Anglo Saxon and dirty Jewish American both of ya job stealingCocKa$uckers at the Smithsonian†† rob me and my people in hiring practices and getting jobs-- Ill get your dirty Country America -( I fight back using thetruthon your country, - Iam from the Coalfields )- YesIll go to my big brother Slavs the Russians ta get you , I fight back, --- ask the Americansthat Slavic Pamyet org rounded up in the Cosmos Hoteldown town MoscowUSSR If Iam bull shi$,-- after I went to the Russian Nationalist and complained about the dirty Americans and what they did to meat the Smithsonian the Americans shook and baked with fear and shouted to the Russian crowd that surrounded themit wasnít us it was the Smithsonian )††† the Smithsonian is crying to the FBI 2001 2002 2003 2004 that Iput them in the Terrorist bulls eye by telling the Arabs about the Child Killer jew Zookeeper at the zoo and they believe Iam tring to get the Arab freedom Fighters to blow up the Smithsonian in retaliation for the anti White ethnic Hiring practices and forfiring meand for not allowing me to use the word Circus at the Zoothe Jew Doc. Gould said I was not to use the word circus†††††† but the all white news men and all white news girls at the Washington post news paper didnít go back to my time at the national Zoo when I worked theirand you figure out why?Connect the dots ?

The Washington post news paper Graham Family Bob woodward, Richard Cohen , and yes Katheren Grahamwho I gave this info to time and time againcovered up for the jews on the dead Giant Pandas and the Arab child killing jew†† white news men and white women at the Washington Post news paper closed the door in my face for 20 years refused to do the storyI gave them ,- yes I was indeed vindicated- but onlysome whatin two long storiesin the Washington Post newspaper on dec. 7 and dec. 8†† in the year 2003 -look it up on the internet and read it ,- this National Zoo and Wash. Post newspaper locatedin Americans Capital no white people helped me,-only black Americans and El Salvadorians ______ Spain did,†† ---- Iam white skinned Ruthenian(Ruthenians thesmallest minority in America ) I was born here in the Coalfields in1939 and fought hard for this stinking country America,- but only Spain and Africa came for methe Smithsonian ran me out of the National zoo telling all employees that I was mentally illand crazy and not to listen to me , my photo was posted up all over the Smithsonian castle for every one to see- like I was a wanted war criminalor bank robber,- read the Russian zookeeper affair on front pageto seewhy I was vindicated on Dec 7 and Dec 8 th in the year 2003 in this news paper . then also read what a very mentally Illjack-as$ US Senator from the State of Tennessee a guy named Frist wrote in the Washington post newspaper defending the national Zoo from this on going Animal Investigation in the Washington post Dec 28.2003 story he wroteto defend the zoothis white jack as$ Sen. Fristwho I found out might bementally ill, how bad ?- I donít know--?staff members on capital hill said that white Guy sen Frist a medical doctor and a graduate from Harvardis mentally Ill, nuts,---read what he wrote on the national Zoo, defending the Zoo from this ongoing investigationdec.28,2003,- he knows nothing Aboutthe National zoo where he goes to playlike a little boy,- not a mannot a senatoran as# hole white skinned Anglo Saxon White Buck from the state of Tennessee, Isnít he suppose to be taken care of the people of Tennessee problemsup on Capital Hill, located in Washington Dc? whatís he doing at the national Zoo a couple times a week every week making roundswith the Zoo Vets?read what he wrote in the Washington Post news paper on Dec 28 th 2003 about the national Zoo,- ( the Zoo he claims he knew )what the Fuc$ does this as$ hole white Senator. Know about the National zoo ?this is indeed one of the National Zoos problems pandering to USCongressmen and US Senatorsand their Children, who come to the National Zoo -rather then taking care of the Zoo animals, alsothe PhDs the intellectualswho run the zoo also--- theironly concerned about making a name for them selves doing researchthe Animals are the 3 rdor 4 th thing the rulers of the NationalZoo care about it isthearrogant culture of the world of Academia at the Smithsonian INST. and the National Zoo thatís the problem the arrogance of the world of Academia is the zoos problemfire all the leaders in one day,- change the culture at the national Zoo___ bam, ! all in one day just do it†† itís the PhD. Smithsonian Culture dummyhow hard is it ta figure out ?

I worked theirHow in the hell do ya think I know ! Judith Block who is jewish and knows jewish Doc. Gould very well , Judith Block who worked at the Zoo for 35 yearsis now a Johnny come lately hero sheís speaking up n0wwOW! she waited till she retired and gut her pension hiding in her house whispering in to the phone, peeking out through the closed Vientiane Blinds that cover her windows†† before she spoke up,( this said as a tongue in cheek taunt-) her story ina news article in the Washington Post news paper look the story up ta see the Washington Post sneaky covering up - Boy !this paper that protect the National zoo for 20 years as concerns Mismanagement and animal care- fuc$ upsuntil the dam burst on dec 7th 2003 because the ineffenicy became (as David Thoreauwrote in his book ) the ineffenicy became unendurable , -- it just takes some people longer for it to become unendurablelikeJudith Block a jewish Girl at the national zoo for her it took 35 years working theirbefore she spoke up,- what a fuc$ing Jewish Female fraud she is on the animals†† she was, ---wow!but still,- she did speak up,- Ill give her that,--She was a very efficient, professional very good at what she did she did great work and well well respectedbut !, - did she speak with doc. Gould before she spoke up ? just asken a Question , Judith Block lived at aswhitzh death camp in Poland ( the Slav word Poland means flat grass land)she Judith Block didnít smell the burning flesh or see the rail transportspull up to the sidings and off loadSlavs,Ruthenian Gypsies,and Slav jews, -- she didnít thinkanything of it when ash from the death ovens fell like snowfor 35 years she was out side auswhitze zoo and didnít have a clue what was going on inside the zoo until she retired35 years later she spoke up,- woW Fuc$ing_WOW ! her news paperstory coming either on the photo gallery or the news paper story will be put right here so ya can read Iam not lying†† / doc. Nichols may be the only honest ta GodHero at the National Zoo because Smithsonian Sec. Larry Small threatened Doc. Nicholsthat if he,Nichols does any thing to embarrass the Female jewish zoo directorLucy ( the Goose ) Spelmen the Smithsonian Inst . will get him, -- read that threat by larry Smallits in the news story in the Washington Post Dec. 7 th and 8 th 2003 donít trust me, -trust your selves, - where the hell was the Bull Shi$ animal rights org.PetA org. in all 0f this?you can not go to PETAfor help I did , -PETA gut a political Agenda Ė donít we all ?

(Click article to Enlarge)

All redmonkslisten up

Fire Larry Small for this threat against Nicholsall redmonkeesYa Gut ta stand up for freedomnot lie down†† sign a pledge ta get rid of Larry Small all redmonks stand up for the hero with couragesomething no one else had at the national Zoo your Zoo your mother pays 75% ofthe zoos budget††† you let the hero Nichols go down ?bring Nichols back to the National Zoo Now !all redmonk Rocketteers fireE Ė mail rockets night and day for braveNichols to be brought back to the zoo†† hesa your anglo Saxon brohe stood up--CR s where the hell are ya ? No prisoners ,all of ya shout NO prisoners and Fire those Rockets forbrave Nichols, chiefchambers, two female FBI agents††! how many Anglo Saxons stand up?- not many - all redmonks stand and fight for Nichols ta be back in the National zoo the animals need him , the zookeepers need him his anglo Saxon brothersand sisterswont fight for himor chief Chambers Us park police __ all Yaredmonks gut ta do it, !††† hesarare Brave Anglo Saxon donít let him go down,-fight for brave NicholsJusta doooo It! He stood like Roland at the Bridge in that old English Saga_

( Roland at the Bridge )


-         Lucy the Goose



-         For Lucy ( the Goose Spelmen ) At the national Zoo-April 2004


-         two way streets not one way streets ___ the redmonk



Lucy ( the Goose ) is on her way out of the National Zoo and rightfully soYaah,- she made too many fuc$ ups in a row†† and as the Ruthenian Artist Andy Warholalways said ___

sOOOOO- whAAAAt. Damn right†† ! -so what ?I like two way streetsnot one way streets .

all ya whiteAmericans in Arlington Countyare ya tellen me___ the redmonk,-that their was nothing wrong at the national zoo until the dayLucy the Goose- showed up as the first female Zoo director ???? and the national Zoo started ta fall apart on that dayand only that day- that Lucy the Goose )-took over as Zoo director ??? Ya gut ta be kidden me, if you believe thatI gut something for ya, --- a gut damn bridge for sell cheapin Brooklyn.

Where was the English BoyNicholes and all others who work at the Zoo on the zoosfuc$ upsfor 20 years before Lucy the Goose showed up ?why didnít the investigators go back to my time 20 years ago 198oswhen I worked their ?ya wait 20 years for the Dam ta fill up, -- ya damn right ya have a flood on Dec,7 -2003 story in the rag news paper the Washington Post andthe graham family that owns this news paper†† silent for 20 years --thatís how ya end up with a gut damnflood ya donít do nutten about all theZoo Fuc$ ups leaking into the dam for twenty years, the zoo officialsfires those who complainthe dam fills up and burst. Right,?- thatís not hardta figure

What about the twenty years of Fuc$ upsand cover ups by the leaders of the National Zoo†† before Lucy the goose showed up, --because the people investigating the zoo in 2003†† are covering their cover-ups of 20 years ago. Yes, no, mabey or what ?

I and other zookeepers gave info to these people they clamed upalso they didnít want ta go into the race problems at the zoo with blacks or the Jewish Zookeeper who killed Arab woman children and orJewish involvementwith the dead Pandas , I ask hard questions you should toothe hell with peoples feelings

No no these cowards stayed away from all that.like the Waco and Ruby ridge Investagationsby the American Government†† those two investigations so narrow in their scope the devil him self could have gotten awayand did ! they the animal Org.investagators only investigated Lucy the Goose†† - its called a sneaky cover up, also called white wash,-- because the American people are cowards and lack the will ta stand up to their Government†† white American animal lover Cowards in every dog park in Arlington County Virginia. Really !

Lucy the goose flys out of the zoo damn rightsome feathers plucked a rich jewish Girl the redmonk defends her some what,- the redmonk raised 35 yards from the oliver # 2 coal mine not richand privilgedlike the Goose. I donít like an injusticeIt wasent justthe Goose it was all of those before the Gooseever came to the national zoo.

as they nowall use Lucy the goose as a shieldthose yellow basterds hiding behind the Goose no body armor.

but Nichols is right,- the goose should go now, - not next year and Larry smallshould be fired for threatening Nichols. And sen.Frist should not be allowed in the Zoo ever ! -

Its wrong and it dirty ta put the full load on the Gooses Backwhy didnít Nichols speak up before, --- if Nichols says their was nothing wrong at the National zoo until the day the Goose showed up, --- he is not the hero I say he is . hesa gut bullshi# with him.


Itís the culture of pHDArragronce at the Smithsonian institutionthat caused all of thisNational Zookeepers must be allowed to take their complaints about the zoo out side the zoo on Animal problems,- the PHD can not be trusted to police them selvsever!their arragront,- the zookeeperswere given a short riff on this investigationtoo


two way streets not one way streets††† ?

Nichols still the herohe would not back down,- rare in an Anglo Saxon Male !

These Arlington countyanimal lover cowardsDog parks located 15 min by car from the American White house†††


Iam now a felon and because I am a felon the insurance co in the state of Virginia said my car insurance will cost me about a 100,00 more a year because Iam a felonI did my time in jail as the jury wanted I did all of it-†† how many times does the system punish a personin un just America, ?-- this is why men turn outlaw,-like Tim Mcveigh, likethe porta Rican - Padillawho was looking for a bombta use on America,†††† folks-- if the system goian a beat ya ta deathfor ever and everand punish ya forever, and ever- might as well take up bombs against America donít ya think? , die fighting back as they say, be a mandonít let em beat ya down no more,- kill em - do yasee why guys turn outlaw?all of em poor,- given court appointed lawyers, worthless as Shi# in the Arlington Court House --- the whole system,- thecourts house, lawyers, prosacutersjudges,-prisons,-††† sucking the flesh, thebone and blood, from these poor white black brown people and then the verylife from these poor white boys and prisoners ofof allcolors,-- black,brown,†† and white- that have no choicebut go outlaw,or get down on your knees and surrender --Padellia a man Mcveigh a man-Enron, Corp. Ex.ken Lay gives tons ofmoney to the white house†† and President Bush but ken layand Enron Corp. steals millions,-from the American people, ---- the poor white or middle class boys steal-$25 or a pizza and spends 6 years in Virginia Prisons when they come out punished again with their car insurance rates go upbecause they have been in prison, Feloney-again punished, with years of probationcontrol ) - one mistake late to meeting with your Parole officer, must meet every weekwith parole officer whovisits your boss, the boss who then fires you because he donít want no jail bird on his work forceone min late meeten parol officer- bam-- back to prisonafter a while ya spent more time in jail then the original sentence you were given by a judge or jurythatís why porta Ricanpadelliawas looking for a dirty bomb ta hurt America backand Enron EX- ken Lay gets off, no jail time ?†† WOWoutlaws, outlaws,- ya damn right outlawsthe poor and middle class whiteboyshave no choice,- I under stand it,- the Judges,- lawyers and the†† dim whit American white people donít under stand it,- because their all- unworldly and unsophisticated white as$ holes that donít care , about their own white race .

the American white peopleof all people 1††

My experience with Lenny Bruce ÖÖ..†††† was the first time I saw in action -the Governmentsuse of might and power of the criminal justice system_ to crush dissent

_________________William Kunstler


words of Vinicent Cuccia___ as concerns the death of Lenny Bruce.

We drove him into povertyand bankruptcy and then murderedhim,

We all knewwhat we were doing . We used the Law to kill him.

______________Vincent Cuccia


More info on the national zoo 2004-

Located in Washington DC USA and 15 min by car fromthe Arlington County Court House, Arlington Virginia

March 2004-Sen First must not be allowed ta come to the national ZooAll redmonks get this meat ball Frist, -- out of the National Zoo for the good of the Zoothis guy is degrading ta the zookeepers and the animalsread what he wroteto cover up for his friends at the zooget this SOBoUT!

if you look this Senator Frist up on the internet the as$ hole senator from Tennessee who hangs out at the national Zoo couple days a week†† look up his web siteon the internet,- you can see the mentally illness in his white faceon his web siteif ya a real Shepherd who knows body language of animals you will seee if US Senator Frist was a cow in your herdof cattle this Mentally Ill Mfer Sen. Frist got a little mad cow in him, that white boySen. Fristfrom the State of Tenn .isslobbering from the mouth-hes a downer cow, Senator Frist is ,- read what he wrote on the national zoo to protect his private Zoo play ground, where he goes to play a couple of times a week , what this as$ hole white guy Sen.Fristwrote its in the Washington post news paperin dec 28 2003,- read it,- ya allclaim ya love the animals , you animal lovers youuu, all you phony animal loversin Arlington County schools, you students you--all you dog lovers living in Arlington County Virginia, Arlington which is located 15 min car drive from the American white House , why are ya letten this white jackas$ in the national Zoo,?-- your Zoo,- not the Senators Zoosend E- mail on thisto ever news outlet

this is the kind ofthe white Christian people who live in Arlington County 15 min. away by car from the white house Ė the white people silent,silent about all of this , - You dirty white Christian MFErs all of you with your dirty white skin silent about murders by your Governmentof mrs. Weaver and her 14 year old son and two year old babies in diapers at Waco Texas and yah ya silent about what they have done to me too, silent about the two female white FBI agents, silent about Nichols at the national Zoo the two FBI girlswho are labeled mentally ill for telling the truth at the FBI fuc$ up on the 9/ 11 attack twin towers , how the hell can these two white FBI agents be mentally for telling the truth ???How many times I guta tell ya - all you white people wonder how theBlack people won theMoral superior trophyawardon my web site?- easy,- Ill tell ya,- they practice and live their religion,they stand up, the blacks donít run away like ya white people, the blacks do the right Christian thingthey speak out, the blacks stand up,- the blacks donít back up. only ya white people are silent ! and skard shi#less about every thingIam ashamed of ya all of ya white people, Iam ashamed of ya . and the national Zoo animals donít like ya white people either ! I ask em, )-- said as a tongue and cheek taunt,- the zoo Animals said ya white people in Arlington County are a lot of Bull Sh$ animal lovers.Walken your stinken pooch dog in the dog parks, picken up do do in a plastic bagYaaah I see yahell every body sees yaall ya white dog loverswho claim to be animal lovers but are silent about what Smithsonian secretary Larry small threatened Nichols with, at the national zoo--- firing if he continues to tell the truth on the National Zooyou white peopledog walking in the arlington dog parks phony white Mfers Ė call me a lier,- I dare ya,- you white people are a fuc$ing disgrace as a citizen in a dying democracy America , realydemocracy isnít something ya have,- its something you liveall ya stinken dog pooch walkers in the dog parks Arlington vasign a petititionfor Nichols and chief Chambers US Park police, --- these people fought for your ugly stinken as$ya stinken dog walkers††† fight for them nicholes and chamber swrite that letterjusta doit†††

††† -( PETA animal rights org. was silent about all 0f this ? they wouldet help me either when I went to them about the national Zoothey acted like a shy bride on her wedding nightget the Picture their pETA- foot against the door and for real toooo her name jeany Roushsheís jewish, shes a Lesbian and ashes a Lawyer, connect the Jewish dots ?in all of this) hells fire connect all the dots,yes,the Christians dots too !†† how hard can it be for ya white people ? the redmonk talking at ya ††in Down Town Arlington County Virginia just 15 min. by car from the American White house

was this US senator. Frist in Arlington Countytalking to children about the national zoo ? this forinvestigative reporters†† this whole web site is leads for newsreporters.-break this story open,-all of it,not some of it,-the old school teacher an old milk maid who killed a boy on the wire on Arlington Ridge Road in Arlington County 40 some years ago,-murder by negligence or arrogance what was the murder weapon, which one was it / ? the redmonk was their and knows did the old milk maid force the Arlington Cop ta lieon what happeneddid the killer milk maid talk down to the boys mother ? I was their†† not you, Iam Involved,- not you†† the chickens commen home ta roost, did theArlington cop say the killer milk maid is saying something elseand then added shes very powerfull in the county, she saying what you say did not happenand I today in 2004 shout shes a gutdamn lier and coward s will she milk cows for Jesus in that big Dairy Barn in the Fuc4ensky when she dies ? / who did she blame the wee ladshomicide one ?just asken, - ask the White female Anglo Saxonclams on theArlington County School Board,- they know her ?- the killer milk Maid , ?- goa head askem,-mr White news reporter manand Miss White reporter Girl . YaaahIf there was black reporters I might be abel ta get my story out

there are no black editors at All white American news papers if their was I believe the black news editors would have done my story, --the all white skin Anglo saxon race Newselite from Harvard and Yale they haint no Studs Terkels- news menany more in the Americannews roomsthe white elites at the Washington Post news co located in Washington DC USA the American Nations Capitalare protecting their White powerful friends at the Smithsonian Inst on all of this for 20 years from before they fired me for telling the truth, -from the first time I went to the Washington post news co†† and spoke with Bob Woodward and his little jewish lacky little Kikus--the Washington post news paper is very sneaky on this Zoo story now at this late date Dec. 7 th 2003doing propaganda, trying ta cover their behindfor 20 yeARS NOT DOING THE news ON THE ZOO, the Washingtonpost paper is controlling thewhite Masses doing sneaky propaganda for their friends in Government at the National zoo and the Smithsonian Insttheir friends, - they the Wash. post employees party togethernews men have so stated to me they ALL PARTY TOGEATHER†† and getting away with itbut not on this web site which is better then the Matt Drudge report, better then mattlook up his web sitematt Drudge .com†† can a friend investigate a friend ?mabey ?††††

What would ya thinkof Americaif ya were me Ė if you were the two White female FBI Agents,- if you wereMcVeigh and if you were theporta Rican Padilla,us Park police chief Chamberswhat would think? - all American high school students in Arlington county va Falls church va,†† --students in McLain va,- what would you think if you were us,-- the two female FBI Agents , chief Chambers USPP -- McVeigh, - Peddla and me†† if you were us, if you were us and not you,- and had our American Experience†† all you studentswhat would you think about America if you had ourAmerican experience ?????

only you Arlington County students can save democracy in Americarise up,stand up, donít back up,-shut the school downdemocracy is not some thing you have,- democracy is something you liveevery day all day longit keeps changing and youuuuu Arlington County students must mold this slippery eel thing called freedomback to truth and democracy because freedom can be gone in a blink of an old mans rummy eye ask the German people 1939 if fascist come through the side door, damn right,- they slide inthey donít come through the front door, the side doorlikeJohn Ashcroftís patriotic Act, came through the side door†† if there is no truth in a country there can not be democracyrise up . truth is dead in Americain the year 2004 that means we do not live in a democracy you can call Fascism and Nazismfreedom and democracy,you also can callhorse manure perfume or honey,- but manure haint never goin a be honey and Fascist haint never goina be freedom ,†† shout for truth in America and at your Arlington County Schoolnot political correctness which is a lie, manure, fascist, Nazi. Thatís what Political correctness is-aFascist Lie

read the new year 2004stories on monkey tails- death ground and the Navy Ladythe story how the redmonk saved the WWII jewish and Gypsies death transport Box cars ,,new story march 2004the day the redmonk metin front of the Russian Embassy in Washington DCthe Jewishholy manRebbe , the Mystic jew, his name none of your business---†† the Mystic holey man Rebbe embraced the†† redmonk in front of the Russian Embassydown town Washington D.C this story has been sent to the Simeon Whenshal Center andthe Lubavitchers

if ya a Ruthenian Jew ya should always wear a feather(small )in your jewish hat†† and or lapel so all jews will know youu___________

___ as a mountain jew they donít have ta ask ,-by your little feather they will indeed know youuu, you Ruthenian mountain jew youuu whattaaa youuuu ashamed ? get the feather- shut up ya face and shut uupa. Do something beee a Jeeew stop trying to be a catholic, reformed jews my as$ their haint but one Jewthe one who lives a jewish life 24 hours a daythe reform jews are drifting toward the catholic shorethe reform jewish ship broke loose from it mooring at the jewish pier and is drifting toward the Catholic shore cant ya reform jews see the Irish priest and Garry Adams and the ira boys waving at youfrom the catholic shorecall in the Lubavetchers fast ta start your engines and build up steam in the engine room so the real jews the Boys in Black can get ya reform jews back to the jewish faithand for realtoo you reform jews are drifting tooo far from the jewish pier reform jews on the jewish ship drifting toward the catholic shore -bein a jews haarrd,- not easyget with theRebbies programs if ya know whats good for yaand free little Ruthenia, - jews always need an extra hide out in hard times ya never know

redmonkee food for thought down belowall true


There are reminders to all Americansthat theyneed to watch what they say , watch what they do Ö_________Ari Fleischer,_††††† White house spokesmen, said these words of warning to the American people the year- 2001

This comment by Ari Fleischer was later removedfrom the official White House Transcript.

See how they lie ? students in Arlington County schools, they change the record to what ever they want,- like say in the Arlington County Court house too


The greatest dangersto liberty lurk in the insidious encroachment by men of zeal ,-

- well meaning but with out understanding _______

Supreme Court JusticeLouis Brandeis ĖOlmstead v. United States1928


Men born tofreedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil minded rulers.

________ Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis-________Olmstead v United States1928


the Jewish fellow, Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeissaid: sun light is the best disenfective.

I didnít say any of this above ____ the jewish fellow Louis Brandeisdid ,- Iam letting ya know what he saidthatís all,-----sure as hell the American Anglo saxonRebel soldier McVeigh like him too and quoted him- ( Louis Brandeis )- as he,- Rebel McVeigh went to his death !look up on the net what rebel McVeigh said on ( out post of freedom ) ITs A WEB SITE

The Anglo Saxon Rebel Soldier,- Rebel McVeigh was in the April 19 th rebellion against the unjust corrupt American Governmenton going in the year 2004 as I Indeed am and the FBI girls are too†† where the hell are the rest of ya sorry as$ white peoplein Arlington Va

Read the book( thesoft cage ) by ChristianParenti :the book rebel McVeigh would have wanted ya to read .

Go ta your libraryto day,read it,get it,know why the Rebel soldiers fight the American Government in the war called the American- april 19 th Rebellion ,- the book: ( the Soft cage ) will tell yawhy they fightyou should too. And dooo remember what ArlieFleisher white house spokesmen said to you and your mother as a warning :-to shut your American mouth, and you better watch what you say,--- this warningfrom the peoples White house is were he said it, no less )-and allyouuu white Christian Americans in Arlington County were silent- cowards all, -not Rebel soldiers in theAmerican April 19 th rebellion against the corrupt US Justice dept that sucks the bones,- flesh and blood from poor white,- poor black and poor Hispanic Jailed prisoners that Arlington County VirginiaJail usesthem as slave prison labor, for real- the American Government complains when other Government s of the worlds use Slave Prison labor for it prisonener laborforce,-America screams how could you to the rest of the world -as concerns the other countries of the world using prison slave labor --but a 15 min car drive from Americas white housewere the president of the United States George Bush lives, with his family-- just 15 min away at a place called Arlington County Jail they do use prison slave labor just like in Hitlerís Germany,- Same samethe Germans citizens were silent about it, in 1939 in Berlin - and the white citizens in Arlington County are also silent about slave prisonlabor force being used in the Arlington County jail in the year 2004,-††† just like the Germans slave labor 1939in Germanyand the white skin Christians Americans in Arlington county think and believe their Morley superior to the Germans of 1939 , --same samethe white christens donít see what I just said about them . their blinded by fear of the American Government, the FBI-just as the Germans of 1939 were blinded by fear of Hitlerís Government same same .

the Redmonkee,- Rebel McVeigh,Porta Rican Padllia , and the two female Anglo Saxon white FBIShe girl Agents said:Rise UP ! Stand up , but donít back up ! all students in Arlington county va schoolslet your White skin School teacher Miss white Cringer know sheís being watched for cowardicee_ mail your complaint all over the world like to Berlin Germany Highschools let the Germanspeople and studentsin the German capital Berlin Knowwhatís going on in Arlington countyin 2004 2005 as concerns prison slave labor†† let em know Ö. The redmonk shouts theNationalEducationAssociation is indeed a Terrorist in houseorg against the American nation and mothers†† a black guy. Rod Page said it first and then he backed downall terrorist are not Arabs, -- most terrorist are Americans, living and working in the USAsuch as and for real too-- terrorist N.E.A. President Cathay (the American terrorist)Barrett

New stories in 2004

president George Bush told a lie

look for it !

the United States(of no body cares) America ____ new name for America_ below is why.!

no body in America or Europe cared about the Gypsies , Slavsand Jews in Hitler death camps1945_ no body cared

no body in America caredabout mrs weaver and her 14 year oldson Sammy at ruby ridge

no body spoke up noooo body cared!††

no body cared about the animals at the national zoonooo body spoke up! Well- a couple of zoo keepers did speak upand were delt with like the two female anglo Saxon FBI agent who spoke up about the attack 9/11 were delt with at the FBI headquarters buildingthey werelabeled mentally Illtrouble makers , unstable and - noooo body cared†† well,-Sen. Chuck Grasley cared hes is trying to protect them

no body spoke up about what their doing to the redmonkee now today in 2002 Ė3 -4 in Arlington Va and or at the us park police or the Smithsonian, Inst. At theGAO bldg, at the Commerce dept bldg.Silver spring MD -etc††† no body cared - noooo body with white skin cared

nooo body caredabout the murderd2 year old babies in diapers at the branch Davidian religious compound Waco texas- no body in America cared, the christianamerican white woman didnt care

soo why are the jews outragedthat no body cared about them in the death camps 1945 why are jews surprisedthat no body cared about them ? but these same jews didnít care about methe redmonkee , the jews didnít care about the word circus ,- that the word circus is not allowed to be used at the National zoo†† the jews didnít care about the†† dead naked black woman defiled at the DC morage, by the Park policethe jews didnít care about my dead naked cousins body defiledat the GAO bldg her death photos shown around, -the jews didnít care about 14 year old Sammy weaver or his Mother at ruby ridge and the jews didnít care about2 year old babiesin white diapers burning and gassed for 6 hours at Waco texas

the jewish people donít get it,- even the jews donít care Ė call me a lier ? I dare ya†††

the redmonk usta be surprisedthat no body cared,†† that was beforehe spent 12 hours with the Jewish Buddha.- and reached a different plain of thoughtAnd fought the American Governmentfor 20 years, - the redmonk is not surprised at all, that in Arlington County Virginia white Christian and white jewish people donít care- the jews should not be surprised either that people donít care and for the same reason the redmonk is not surprised _ that indeed people every where just donít care!even in a demoracy- people donít care

thejews of all people donít get it, -no body cares about any body-if no body cares aboutall of the above,-including- no body cared about the redmonkee,- Nichols at the zoo,- zoo animals, etc. 2 year old babies ETC. female FBI agents,-why do the jews thinkpeoples of the world should care about Ė them- the jews ?what are the jews nuts ? no body cares . nobody,take it ta the bank and deposit it in a savings account, yah never have ta spend it .

did any one see the Arlington county, VirginiaJews, Alexander Va- jews and Fallschurch Va. jewish peoples in the streets of America in any cityany where at any time,- protestingabout any of the above crimes of murder against babies children and woman†† the jews donít care either! You jews, you Yid,-s you falls church cordavins Jewdenes†† listen up all ya jews - Libre a vous deshonorer

To ADL- Abe( the slavs saved me)Foxmen and rebbi Jack(we jews do nothing wrong)Moline_

Ya have no KavodYa shevetzenyet ?

this is the brew Hammer not the Heeb,Your worst jewish night mare

free Ruthenia if ya know whats good for ya, both of ya


blacks care about blacks,- jews care about jews, Hispanics care about Hispanics

if your white skinned European no body cares in America, your on your own Ė whites run

there is not one org. in America that defends white people the way the jews , blacks , Hispanics have orgs. that defend them, thatís why I went back ta my race of people ta get help on Embassy row .

if your lucky like the redmonkee,- Black and Hispanic people with color in their skinwill some times stand up for yasome times and fight for yaeven tho ya have white skin thatís if ya lucky like me!

White people will run evey time !every time!And will not care about a white person but pretend they care about a black person Ė pretend, because whites are scared of blacks

Thatís why Rebel soldier Tim McVeigh Killed the people in Oklahoma city for all of the above

Below the State of Virginia auto tag numbers in the year 2003 of those who #ucked with red monkand thought they were getting away,†† look for it, the car tag # s below this story ya just read aboveon the Lie pres. Bush told on TVinthe year 2003

President George Bushes big lie

you all know America donít ya?Sure ya dooo- where president George Bushtold a lie on the American people, 7:00 oclock news on American television-- President Bush a very nice guy,-( the Lie: he told--- He said (the American people were a descent good caringpeople )-- he lied,- the truth is,- that the American White people, Christian and Jew are a dirty cowardly,†† selfish,Most- non caring people,!you donít believe me ??ask the Two White†† Anglo Saxon -female FBI agents who told the truthon wrong doing at the FBI and are being hounded on the job by the FBI,- ongoing today 2003-4 andcalled mentally Ill,- mentally unstable--where was the caring?, ask the two year old babies in Diapers at Waco Texas, gassed and burned for 6 hours at the- ( Branch Davidian religious compound )- by the FBI Agents who then gut medals on their FBI chests at FBI headquarters no less for doing this killing of children†† - where was the caring ?ask Mrs. VickyWeaversthree daughters Ė if White Christians Americans aredescent and caring?- why where the white Christians silentwhen Mrs. Weavers face was shot off by American Cop lawinforcement 400. cops out side the weaver cabin400 cops against 7 people and children in the weaver cabin, 400 cops out side,Mrs Weaverthe mother of 4 children washolding a baby girl in her arms, the shot firedhit mrs. weaver in the temple traveledthrough her mouthtongue, and jawbone, then severed her carotid artery,her deathscreamcould be heardfor the longest time- (said a federal cop ) as she fell on her knees and never, never, never,- dropped her baby girl to the floor,- her daughters pried the bloodied baby fromtheir mothers- ( themother of 4 children )Ė(Mrs. Weavers ) dead hands,-)-the Unite States FBIagents then begin taunting the weaver children in the cabinover loud speakers with the taunt:--- whose going to make pancakes for ya now ? )--repeated over and over Again Taunting- the weaver children who werelying on the floor with their dead mother who was wrapped in a blanket ( baby crying)-get the picture?. Hay HayHay- you White Americaaansin Arlington County Virginia -get the Picture ?Descent caring people would not let that happen in a Democracy- in any democracy, any where, any time†† -- if the white skinned Christians Americans were indeed Ė (as Pres. George BushLied and said) : the American people are a caring and descent goodpeople ))--which the white American people are not,Your -President george Bush told alie !But Havent we --aaall ! ?

as the Ruthenian American Artist Andy Warhol like to say:- Soooo Whhaaaat!

ChristianWhite woman in Arlington va are still at this late date- today, in the year Oct. 2003, 2004 - silent!†† WOW!Gooood caringWhite people ? ya gut ta be kidden me ! how aboutWhiteAmerican people are a bull Shi# people,- who believe their own Bull Shi# lies about them selves,- the proof ,ya want proof ? Ė burning and gassing two year old babies in diapers at Waco texas for six hoursbyUnited States Government Lawinforcement - 400 copsand ya white christian American Woman in Arlington va. were silent- UNFUC#ingbelievable in a Demoracy WOW! Just unfuc#ing believeable in a democracy any time, any where. WOha!- White Woman !- indeed

Check the auto tag # down below their photos coming too



I Watch, and am as a Sparrow alone upon the house top

_Psalm102:7___Con khi

Its called Murder 2004


the FBI agents and other American lawinforcement killers at the Waco Texas gut Medals on their FBI chest for doingthese killings of children and woman,-- Its called murder- in any other country in the world,-ask the united Nationsif its called murder,the-white skined ChristiansAmericansfrom any Christian church in Arlington County Virginia,-which is located just 15 min. by auto from the white house,- did not sign a protest Petition to the United nations or to the President of the United States to complain about these US Government Murders, of woman and childrenat Waco Texas and Ruby Ridge Ė these samewhite Christian woman did not go with a signed petition to the world Court†† in the Hague in Europe demanding America be held accountable --- White Americansare the worst - the most- non caring, Phony, Hypocrite people in the world !-all,. All,- peoples of the world see it.! Thatís why you whiteAmericans are hated,†† your phony! The people of the world see it,-you as # hole white christian Americans have no clothes on,- the world sees you nakedstanding in front of the worldtelling the world how to run their lives and†† run their country , your Phony Puffed up††† And thatís the proof your president Bush told a lieon you Americans . you are not descent,you are not good,you are not caring, you and White America areHypricrites,- that is indeed why the world hates youfor telling the world how to behaveand live . face your selfin a mirrior! You White Christian Americaaaan yooou !††† if you can?


Arlington County Va. islocated Just 15 min by auto from the American Capital-If I was English and lived in England a British girl said I would be a Hero. WOW! ( Said in front of witness)I felt nationalst Shame when she- an English Girl from the British people had to Speak up for me and in front of Americans too,but I was indeed gratefull†† also - ata go England?

An Asian girl also spoke up for meat the same place where the Fuc$ were Americans for me

You dirty mfers Americans with white skin I fought for ya white children in the Arlington public schoolsread my web site ta find out

Yah an English girl spoke up for me, - she wasnot an white American girl

England who made all the boats in the world rise with high English Culture-†† call me a lier ?

Some of my enemys called thisa Bitch site,†† so what ? _ no lies here _ as I get ta have my say --- this just in, for investigative reporters--Info given to the redmonk 2004 story coming about the Porta Rican Prosacuter of fairfax County, -Horan Knows Him, did Horan Hire him ? -- the Porta Rican Prossacuters wife gut a job at the Smithsonian Inst howd she do that? Does Fairfax prosacuter HoranKnow ?does this porta Rican hate White people and fear them at the same time ? he had a little daughter babythe baby sitter at Quail lane in mannassas va ? right after Doc. Gould removed the redmonkee from the zoo the redmonk moved to manassas lived witha family macvee check for this story on thenewPage called what ya didnít know about the Russian Zookeeper affair

Horan Knows,- hes a sneaky like allAmerican Prosacuters .he hides evidence to put people awayso he has a win in the court room ?Like prosacuter Fran O Brien in the Arlington County Court House ? Iam just asken Questions? all redmonkees†† send this little tease its called in the news Business _ e _ mail to-- Horan , to Jim Douglas at the Smithsonian to Horanin Fair fax Court House,Fairfax Virginiaall red monkeessee if any of them put their finger in side their collar and shavetz

Below is Dedicated to the coward American legion post 139 down town Arlington Virgina where they donít stand up for freedom of speech--- this date Feb 2004

US Army Private ( a female )- Jessica Lynch a poor white girlgut a military bronze Star Medal for bravery in combat she earned it by passing out Unconscious from fright- and pain- WOW! - white Americans are not- ashamed . the united States Army. peed on the Bronze Star medalwhenthe US Army gave†† a poor white girl fromthe state of West Virginiathis battle medal,-every bronze Starmedal ever given to brave soldiers- WWII, Korea, Nam etc. has Piss on it,- I saaay, all yaboysat the American legion post 139 in down town ArlingtonVa. dip your Bronze Starmedalin a glass of water and clean and wipe it dry the US Army high Command ( Political correctcowards)- the military officer corp -pissed on it- your bronze star medal Iam talking about -- do see the movie:men of Honor ) with movie star- Denero- to see the US Navy Admiral clean his medalsin a glass of water,-he didnít earn hiseither Ė and all ya US Army dog face Soldier boys- down at post 139 down town Arlington )- donít feel tooo bad about the piss on your medal,- because no branch of Service pisses on a medal the way the US Navy pisses on the Navy cross medal,- who the Navy high command gives to US Navy line officerswho donít do didley Shi# taearn it either,- unless of course-

their USNavy fighter pilots, such as Sen. McCain, Seals, such as Marcinko,and Dockery UDT ,Frogs, etc- some boat crews such as President Kerryand Sailor Boys who work the Flight deck of any US Navy air craftcarrier where indeed they get sucked into jet engines air intakes and walk into rotating propellers and die walking the Reverie flight deck on a Aircraft carrier†† -many many miles off shore,-every day, not once a week,- every day, the odds, the oddscount the odds taking a propeller in the head and face Ė dog face soldier-†† only ground poundingdog faceSoldiersboys Vietnam Vets ) know what walking the reveiera means,-If ya donít know what walking the reveiera in Nam means I cant help ya,- ask a one and only real soldier- a stinken dog face mud soldier,-if your Stacking Ammo cans in a Air-conditioned warehouse 300 miles behind the front lines ya haint no dog Face soldier , Sailors with a computer on a Aircraft carrier20 miles off the coasthaint in no danger or harms way,theyhaint no dog face soldier,-if it donít stink, if it donít carrier a rifleif it doesnít have a ugly dirty, muddy sweaty stinkin faceit haint nofighten dog face soldier boy†† every one else in the US Army is bull Shi$†† WOW! Ė know the difference,-every one - there is a big differencevote for Sen John Kerry he was in the boatsup close making noise with his boat-not tiptoeing through the revieria in Nam like a dog face soldier boys did in Viet Nam , tip toeing,the Sailor boys in the boats donít tip toe they make noisethe nosie Engiens ya get it,- the boat engine screaming,Charlie VC hears ya, get it , no tip toes in the navy boatsó boats , not ships there is a big difference.Lt. Kerry rammed his boat on the bank of the canalsin Viet Nam how many times, jumping out, on the†† run- chasing Charlie VC and killing Charlie up close and getting shot him self, in the prossess?-- President kerry wasnot 20 miles off the Nam coast on a floating Airport ( Aircraft carrier ) with 5000 Sailors for the crew, a crew of Sailortechnicians and Sailor computer operators etc.nor was he- LT Kerryhiding in a Warehouse 300 miles behind thelines stacking ammo cans and running a forklift,-- get it?there isa big difference,( Big )ask a stinken dog face if iam lieing ?but donít ask American legion post 139there a bunch of pussiestaken cheap shots atthe redmonk / the redmonk strikes back!,-the redmonk shouts - dip those medals Ya boys at Post 139,- I say dip those medals post 139, Dip em, for your info- Post 139 is located down town Arlington 15 min by auto from the White Houseevery one vote for Johnkerry for president of the United States- because he has the proven experiencehe is Irish, Slavic and jewishthe Race- combo canadatefor president of the United States- Presidentjohn kerrywas not in the national Guardlike some ( I haint mentionen no names, I donít want ta hurt no feelings- P.C.) President kerry was in the boats, up frontcalled death ground.hes good friends with jan ScruggstheViet nam wall†† man†† that would be -US Army Capt.- Jan Scruggs formally of Viet nama Milk mans son- who as awee lad had to be home every day at 4 oíclock to hose out and clean his dads milk truck - Shenandoah Pridemilk Co - he better be their too, Sharp at 4:00 or it would be his as$- Doc. Spock didnít live in Jan Scrugg house,- support the wall becausea milk mans son madeit all happen with help from a lot of people saaay- like President John kerry the nextpresidentof the USA

Robert McNamara defense Secduring the Vietnam warhad sex with Kay grahamwho is the owner of the Washington Post news paper can ya see mac and kay graham bouncen in the rackdonít ya just luv it ? did something happen ta mac at the wall with a cigar or was it a cig. ? I guess ya post 139 boys will never know / ya gut ta be a man for that storywho was the Army Colo or he said he was a Admiral, mabey padrae orArmy,-navy,- lawyer†† and his lady or some bodies alses lady talk ta me at thePica delia at my place, I called tug boat alleywhere I drink coffee ?post 139its too much fo ya,-- what wed talk about ?cant yell ya

vote for John kerry the only Race Combocanadate for president of the United States, Irish- Mickjewish kike and Slav Bohunk- all three rapped in one, Its name Kerry )- what a deal for ya chicken shi#†† white Americansthe year 2004 the redmonk says- let every body ride the American pony all races must ridethe American pony,- with john Kerryya get three Races riden the pony at one time,get it ? if not, I cant help yathis is a Race Educational web Site using race slurwords that are not political correct in 2001,2,3, ta show all of yajust how silly political correctnesstruly isI lived these race slurs in the 1940s 1950 1060s ta be an Italian,- Greek and from any of the Slavic tribes you could be in big trouble in a blink of an eye. In Anglo Saxon Dominated AmericaIf ya donít know what I just said it because the Arlington School Board all white Anglo Saxons board memberswill not allowe Race history of White Ethenic Americans†† it to be taughtto Arlington school childrennor will these white Anglo woman on the school board teach the philosophy of Uncle Remeis that I use in my fight against America It was never me and Bobby Mageeit was neverme and Tim mcveighit was only me and Uncle Remisbut almost me and Rebel Tim††

an Italian American, Slavic American, Greek American or an American Indian has never been President of the United states in 200 years,- you must be Anglo saxon to be presidentWHY?

Why Iam I punished for asking this question in America ?if America is a democracy?

_Con Khi

And who caused this war between me and America ? who started this war, ? who pushed first, who punched first ,who slaped first, who race slured first, who stole jobs first , who laughed and mocked first? Who rounded up my white ethenic people first and put in camps 1940s ,who said first-( just because you speak Englishdoesent mean your American,-who said first-go back were ya came from, - who said that ?was it me or anglo saxon Americanswho said it first, ?read what happened on the Arlington Nazi County wilding po lice force cop stop forcing me out of my legally parked van the cops broke the lawon this cop wilding stop- Nov 7 2003 on linclon Street- look up on the front page for all new†† US attorney Jerry Kilgore Page letter , new- Judge Joan Alper Pagenew-US Attorney McNutley Pageall of itabout Arlington county Cops, Liberians and Lawenforcement aka-the po licethe Arlington Jail pageI was their for 6 months for something I didnít do! read all about IT on this Dissenters web Site -redmonkee -better then matt drudges web site -bettercall me a lier

What a country America! any thing can happen,any thing :- .said with an Eyetialion Immigrants Accent from Ellis Island,- the year- 1893 ( mustache petes) I knew growing up in the coalfields thatís were I heard it,the year- 1940sThe redmonk shouts- Dip those medals boys-,I say dip thosemilitary medals,dip em,every one at the American legionpost 139 -dip emand wipe em dry Ė ya shouldknow who earned em and who dident ! Ya Fuc# with the redmonk as some of your members haveandthis is what ya getI bust your Stinken American legion post 139 Smart alakey as$ on the internet .-for iam The redmonkee- indeed !your friendly Ruthenian -Coalfield American Terrorist,-( FBI confirmed,)-located down town Arlington close ta Whiteys bar andjust 15 min by auto from the American Capital. Sing Dixie for me-you White skined SOBes in the American legion post 139 after ya clean the piss off ya $ 2.98 cent- military medal andI might let ya go,- I wouldnít count on it,I can carry a coal field mountian Grudgefor ever ! and enjoy it too,-the coalfield way,no what a mean ?you KKK-All WhiteAnglo Saxonpost 139 as#holes. With token Blacks and token brown skin soldier boys from El Salvador etc. at post 139 - every one,- dip em, I say dip those Bronze star medals every wed night at post 139.†† Ė located down town Arlington Ė during world war II the wee redmonk rode with Private Ryan ( American soldiers )in the back of WWII army trucks in the coal fields in the mountainsduring world II 1942-43-44-45, -†† I sayó American legion post 139 - who the hell you ride with ?-gimmie a name ? and ill give ya another name- this could go on for ever --I rode with Clyde Beatty of the Clyde Beatty Cole Bros, Circusand I rode theRouge Wave valley of death on the High Brimy Seas on astinkin fat ugly US Navy L.S.T-# 1162 Ė most of ya post 39 rear echelon mfers, cooks,asholes, I was minden my own business youuuu started thisyou post 39 American coc$suckers donít like freedom of speech you dim wit white skin MFerslow class white shi$ at post 139fuc4ing low class all of you

This forjerry TCL.S.T. 1160 ________a little rowdey Sea parody

For a Bell bottomsailor boy____

- byname- jerry_ T.C. of- L.S.T. 1160_ or Ė

Jerry_ Neptune-

what ever ya want, ? tak ya a pick


for three Salty daysweand ran the Gauntlet of the Rogue Waves as ships went down ta the right of us, ships goin down ta the left of us, onward onward into the Rouge Wave valley of Death rode the oldflat bottomed L.S.T ,empty life boats floaten past to the left of her,- empty life rafts floaten past ta the right of her,-sunken ships Floatism floatin all around her-onward onward into the Valley of Rogue Wavesof death rode that fat ,ugly old , Rusty flat bottomed, unloved Us Navy L.S.T Ė her bow plates now are a bucklingsheís taken sea water in the pump room thatís floodenthat pump room that haint a pumpen,- her nose bow Plates are a flappen, she rolls over on her sidelays down flat withexhaustion, on that navy blue gray canvas that indeed wasthe dark stormysea,- after taken a little rest,this ole navy gal was fillin her best she bouncesup straight from a slapta her face from an angry blue sea, the6 Sailor boys in her pilot house give her a rousing good cheer asshe lands hard flat, down on her flat L.S.T bottom and yes- indeedthis fat Navy blue girl battles and boogies on through the Gantlet of the Valley of theRogue Waves on a schreechingscreaming, blowing salty foam over the tops ofa gray blue sea-onward onward rode that fat old, ugly. L.S.Twho indeed was being beaten ta deathby a veryangry grayblue sea. onwardonward onwardinto the valley of the Rogue waves rode that brave blooded flat bottomugly old navy L.S.T, ,Ė,

donít ya see Sir ?._

she was just astinken old Bow door,††† flat bottom,††††† fat††† uglyUnited States NavyL.S.T††††† the last of her kind,-all gone, -those , flat bottomed, bow door, slow moven, cargo haulingFatan uglyL.S.T.s--- she ran the rogue Wave Gantletfrom beginning ta end ( three days ) while other ships and their crews went down to the Sea __ Gone, !†† L.S.T. 1162with only a busted nose ( Bow flappen ) leaking water†† kept commen on,-taken the blows just like a boxer in a boxin ring,blooded, but still in the fightstandin up†† the cry of the crew -:She Held, !- all said with a bigsmile and conviction, because death was awaitian em allon the coldbrimy un forgiving cruel__ Sea ,

sung ta thetune - onward rode the 500-ya all know it !†† or maby it should besung to the tune :-

onward Christian sailorsó but not christian soldiers_

a lot of Navy blue_ Bull Shi# ! here !,- go ask an old Salt ? his name:Boatsen Johensin.


as the Ruthenianartist Andy Warhol like to say- sooooo Whaaaat !

Andy Warhol was not Irish, not English, not welsh, not Scottish, not Cornesh.

He was Ruthenian! Yaa, where here too,- all of you above,- move over !


Signed :The New Race eduicator _ the Redmonkand no teaching certificate too WOW !

Freelittle Ruthenia

Will theArlington County Prosecutor in the alington County court house his - Name Ė K. Levie now investigate racisms at Post 139 since the inception of this American legion post 139-- ?located in Arlington where a number of Arlington County government employees mostly Arlington Ė cops aka the Arlington- Po Lice.and Retired Military personnelhang out such as US Army COL.?Etc -- All redmonkees-send e- mail to the American Legion head quaters and the Arlington County Board members, - E- mail prosacuter K-Levie†† demanding araceinvestigation of post 139 and demand all County employees must resign from post 139 or lose their Arl. CountyGovernment Jobs, every onealert Pros.-H. Levie that the red monkee needs a pair, - only Arlington Pros.- K- Levie will know what that means ! (a pair )?Arlington Pros.-Y-Leivie Knows,askem,Goa head askem, sendemE mail , Justado it !Hay!_†††† Ellis Island newyork, the year- 1893-the ship the - kogenout of Bremenhauven Germany- docked in new York 1893-19 dollars in his pocketand a dream ----- Michael Koritko- who for 7 yearswas a horse mounted lancer in the Austro Hungarian cavalry all the way from Little Ruthenia - 1893 the year papst blue ribbon beer won theBlue ribbon that year and gave free beer ta immigrants getting off the Immigrant boatsin new York, Ellis Island

plenteey goood cunthreey Amedaeka




dedicated to Arlington county Va and allLibarians in every library in America coast ta coast __-2004




Arlington County Va. where the librarians spy on the people to see what their reading and what the people are writing on the Computers:: Arlington Liberians are lackeys for the FBI and John Ashcroft for allowing lawinforcement in the libraries to spy on the citizens. Of ArlingtonCounty. Their not ashamed,-they want ta feel save,- not free. Their whiiiiite woman!


For allowing this to happen,- all White Liberians in America in every Library have committed a crime against the American Nation and people, how ya might ask ?by not,- all-- together,- standing in the library door,- with a fire ax in their hands†† to keep the U S Government, FBI and John Ashcroft Out of every American Library , indeed, indeed every Liberian in America is a German Liberian in Berlin Germany 1939 the Greman people who let Hitler in theGerman Libries 1939 down town Berlin-- the white Americans then blame the German people for not standing up to Hitler, WOW !Americans donít stand up to John Ascroft and the FBIandfor the same reason the Germans didnít stand upto Hitlerthe white Americans are afrade.

The White Liberians crime is also calledtreason against the nation , the Americanpeople And alsoTreason against democracy and freedom,-Arlington Counties white Christians citizensthe church goers -are all silent,to be silent in a Democracy is a sin, and a crime .-General Macarther said so, I didnít,MacArther said its a sin to be silent when your duty is to protest)†† the white citizens in Arlington have no shame. Their whiiiite people living in Arlington County Virginia located 15 Min bycarfrom the White House. USAand they all look down their American white noses at the German people for letting Hitler in German Libraries, the year- 1939-- OH you phony American Whiiiite people youuuuuu..††† I believe in Bernie ( the Jew) Goldberg†† --but I donít believe in any of you white Christian people in Arlington VA.Ibelieve in Julio Buitragowho fought and diedfor freedom in Nicaragua, I believe in the courage and bravery of the Anglo Saxon Rebel soldierTim McVeigh and Il tell ya whylater!- read his last letter coming 2004- he sent me something what was it?

†† Golden Brave-Julio Buitrago of Nicaragua, ( a true son of Spain)†† golden brave Julio Buitrago -- taught all of us how to fight Hard to the death,- alone for freedom against these ruling basterds thieves- called Demacrats and Republicans the two political Mafia parties in America. . julio Buitrago a MAN , --something all white American males are not

Bernie ( the Jew) Goldbergtaught all of us how to tell the truth on the ruling basterds in America and pay the price for telling TOO ,, Bernie will never work in the news business again,- HIS CRIME HE TOLD THE TRUTH on the news industry 7 oclock news , boy were they pissed- at Bernie hes a real American,†† you donít see him crying, he spoke up,like me, Mcveigh and others he couldnít stand living the American liesany more .

I say stand up for Bernie (the jew) Goldberg - because I am!you should too !


I believe in the Anglo Saxon Rebel Soldier- Tim McVeigh whofought and died in the April 19th Rebellion against the American Government ,--THE Anglo Saxon soldier--Rebel McVeigh taught all of us in America how to go to our death- like a man,no tears,looking death in the face,- unafraid.Even his enemies said he died like a man ,- the boys from Spain said he died like a man,- the Black dudes said he died like a man,- only his white Anglo Saxon racejust befor his exacution swooned with escastey hopeing he would beg, and plead for his lifeas he went to his death, White Anglo Saxon Americans never seizes to Amazes me with their whiteCowardicereally!†† (Pay your Bill) donít whine, grovel and beg,- you coward whiiiite Americaaan youuuu .


I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE WHITE SKIN Liberians in America,- coast ta coastthey did not stand in the Library doorwith a fire AX, from firehouse #2 in their white Librians hands- they the Libriains coast ta coast all committed treason on the American Nation when they let the FBI and John Ashcroft in the Library and gut away withit,- but not on this web site their not !! let the world know what these White American Liberians did,-send E- mail to the German Liberians inBerlin Germany in the year 2003 2004so Germans can look down their German noses at American Liberians-- I say,- two way streets not one way streets .read on-- if your brave ? and throw a bomb? No,! Its against the law!

To lose your freedom is a slippery slope indeedthe American librarians will show ya how ta grease the slope ! askem goa head askemthey will indeed show ya the grease for the slope


Bust Americas as$ with the truth on the internet- be a rebel soldier in the April 19 th rebellion against theAmerican Corrupt Government, and corrupt justice system as I Am,- use the Internet to make the world laugh at America thatís how ya make America a better democracy,-the American people have no voice, its all about Pac Money Gangs- Up on Capital hill in the nations capital , and in Arlington County Va . political action- Pac.money for Richmond politicians we the people have no voice! no Voice

Iam shouting for every bodyand the christian white people in Arlington County va are the only ones attacking metelling me to shut upthat am a traitora homo , snearing snarling( I am not any of thatI have courage and guts and they the white christians people donítand iam a reminder of white people and white mens lack of guts and no courage†† like the biggest, dimwitas# holes in the world . they are who are up in my face, I was against the war in iraqfrom the get go,-- that money belongs here in Americanot in iraq ) the white christians were all blood thirsty SOBes too,wanting to kill Arabs ,-with me in a room ya gut ta take sides and the whites are afraidto take sidesthey all grovel if ya see a white person in Arlington virgina its not an AmericanI the redmonk terrorist is indeed ashamed of White Christian people in America ashamed of emashamedI look at em I feel their cowardice and shamea White person haint never goain ta be an American , everyoneread my spooffront page new - Halloween nightknock ya out


Redmonkee Rage groundfor white people in Arlington

for all ya whites†† your song is Blue shadow by the Blastersitl calm your white nerves downyour all so fuc$ing scard of everthing-because of political correctness etc scard of mad cow†† the flueblacks,-jews,what the hell arenít ya white people afrade of tell me so I can post it

to those who wanted ta fuc$ with the redmonk and or your witnessesas to what happenedyour license plates # coming this site for investigative reportersta look ya upta see what ya gut ta say about all of this?- you wanted ta be apart of this so iam signing ya up. They will be huge in # 2004why would ya chicken shi$ whites want ta get in volved with me, why not stay away ? WHY ? now ya gotta payI gut the Smithsonian, Ill get you,why do you want ta get involved with me ??? get your own life,- be a manI donít need you, why do you need me ?your afraid of black people I seeya want ta release your anxieties about licking black ass and being around black peopleI seeee_ so ya release on meeee ya think its safe†† hay ya gut ta payIs their piss in that 2.98 centmilitary medalon ya chest,- you their in American legion post 139 fuc$ing animalsand cowards at the same timeas$ hole youu are

88 Space for plates Photos

Virginia license plate- 2003 ( Gant are )green car†† ---- she tried ta get wheel Charlie a homelessblack dude to harass me and fight me†† he has problems she could of gut him hurt sheís white and hes blackshe delivers clothes ta the homeless every Wed. 5 to 6 behind St. Georges church , a white woman using a black personin a wheel chair like that wow! The county did nothingASPAN org. did nothing- what does that tell ya ?at this parkbehind St georges church a black limo with plates( thunder ranch ) men came out and ask numerious homeless people questions about meanother dark carwas fromLarry Potts security agencyhe works forlocated in Washuington dc Potts the FBI official who was at ruby ridge and waco and then on a retirement party held in Arlington, potts used FBI money and airplaines illegally for the party and gut away with it, story in the pressdoes Potts know officials in the arlington court house ? just asking a question , --- news men contact these people witness up the ars .

Virginia LicensePlate 2003 (ykb7464 )tan car,- nice lady spoke ta me once in passingsaid she thought what they did to me was horrableshe talks to the white hair Firemen, his plate commen and othersat McDonalds glebe road and rt 50Arlington

Blue truckVirginia license plates 2003- ( Q248956)I donít know this guyhes about 65 68 years old the redmonk 65 years old never saw guy or spoke ta him in my life at this same mcdonaldson rt 50 glebe rd.he passes me in his truck slowly and said with hate and a snarl ya gut damn traitor,I let it gothat time as I was walking a couple of days later he does it again so I yell back cocksucker freedom of speech, mfer .- he shouts back thatís what you are,†† I then every time I see him I shout you stinken Coc$sucerhe shouts traitor, Tratiorthen I put out the word I would take his picture and post it on my web site, now hes scared shitless running from mehe shouted at me the next time, I saw him,-- you trying ta ruin me,--you cant have my picture,---he also has the Klan Symbol on the back of his truck and is belived was a Kkk member or sympathizerin his younger days he may be a member at post 139 or billy mittchell post 85wher they drink beer in the back do they have a license ta drink beer in the parking lot? Out side,-- looks like a lot of Arlington p[o lice hang out their or post 139 also---does chief of police Scott know ? e Ė mail him Ė I was minden my own business when these people went on the attack, I donít know who the fuc$ they arethink of it,-- minden my own business( by my self alone,- drinken coffee reading a news paper) I donít know these peoplewho s telling them were iam hang outthe cops at post 139 ?†† they come panting like bitch dogs in sex heatmouth open,-- a little teeth showing, staring, blank eyes like Malcolm x said white people smile through their teeth then they erupt in a snarl and saytraitor, or gut dam traitor,-

who are these as$ holes/?every time I go after them they run or get scard as hell, I have actually kicked one of them in the arse several timeschasing him, kicking him so theyl leave me alone he runs and a couple of times yelled help help†† like the cops father in mcdonaldsRest,-- freedom of aspeech mfershave ya heard of it ? what the fuc$ ya doin in iraq?that money belongs here,- I will say what I want ta say,- go for help were I want ta go for helpArlington county the As$hole capital of the world , not just the Clam capital of the world

do they teach the first Amendment to the US Constitution in the Arlington County school systemtheAnglo Saxon Ėwhite skinned whores in the county school board,-- members mary Haynes,- Garvey,- Farlowwhat do these chicken coward white anglo Saxon cringing white skin whore woman teach about free speechto the students??because I am the only person that knowswhat free speech is,-- in this Anglo Saxon dominated CountyArlington that margenlizes white ethenic Americans in theArlington Court House and Government Jobs

News men check her outsee what she knows†† 2003 Virginia licenese plate ( 4nachk) believed ta be a retired School teacher who may know the milk maid who lost a wee lad in the wire check monkee tailsfor the story did the milk maid blame me for the death she caused by her arragronce ?/ Iam just asking a question?I also fight back,!ask the Smithsoniam and National Zoo if I fight back ? on dec. 7 2003 the news papers found out that I didnít lie about mismangament and animal abuse at the national zoo almost 20 years ago I have been fighting all these years ta clear my name†† on that dayDec. 7 th 8 th 2003 I was vindicated in the news paper Washington post†† It felt good tooI fought for 20 years on that storyand was not belived by anyonenot even the chickens at American legion poast 139 and or the milk maid believed me was she at the national zoo with some other peoplewho talked to PHD Edwin gould About mebefore they fired me /??? Isa just asken a question / do I have good intell or what ?- ya might be surprised how many anglo Saxons are on my side it may even scare you


Retired Arlington firemen white hair Virgina 2003license plate- ( GRA978) he knows plenty about all of this ya can find him at mcdonalds at route 50 and glebe roadand or the mcdonalds rest. Accrossfrom firehouse #2 drinking coffeeliked ta stare and laugh and snicker at me staring directlike a raccoon with mild rabies mouth open a little,- some teeth showing,-grinning the way Malcolm x said white people smilethis white haire ass hole firemen was leering gapingafter I got out of jail he see mehesgrinning like a raccoon caught eating shi$, staring at me day after day†† he like to get into it a sick coward white skin coward never stood up in his life hes the one who first said to me,( remember I donít know this guy, stll doníthes engaging meI never talk to him)Ė as I walk by out the door mc Donaldís across from fire house #2 says ta me mini snarl on his ugly snotty acting tuff guy face says-the firemen are going to kick your as$ - I donít know this white haired retired firmenas$ holebut he stayes at it for ever, day after day example after I gut out of jail on bail and after I spentmy 6 months sentence in the Arlington county jail for the cop stop 4 /21/2002 for darkrear windows on my van and the copsplaying with me like iam not a human but a toy letting a new cop tedla practice on my windows tedla was not qualified to use the light meter came out in court at my trialbut he was using a tint meter on my windows keeping me for ever then when I got out of my Vanandsaid give me a ticket or let me go they broke my ribs collapsed my asbestos lungs and smashed my face in the ground†† nearly killed me a 63 year old man,----- this fireman as$ hole with white hair thinks thatís great sport as he grins with hate smirking following my every moveso that any time I by chance look up from the news paper in this as% holes direction hes mocking melaughing at meya have ta wonder whats his fucking sick problem, ? so I then planed ta get his photo and tell the world what this white as$ hole is doingI touched on it a little at my last up date it was about his kinky white hairhe has no idea this is comingIll hand it out to fire house and his pals at McDonaldthe cops Fatherstory coming also how these anglo saxon coward went to the McDonals Managers and told them they might need some help that I was threateningthem I heard the two of them say just that†† to the mananger on Glebe road and at the rt 50 McDonalsds if that is not Anglo saxon Cowards what is ?they ingaged meI say nothing to them they aregettingthe mcDonald Employees in volvedina Conspricy ?this caused the employees to started looking at me hardhe this as$ hole retired Firemen like the coward cocsucker he is. , at my trial dec 10, 2002 in the Arlingtoncourt the judge aka- red head) shes Irish Mickshe gives me,- she says ,-a really good lawyerthis appointed lawyer was no good, so I had to spend $ 8 000.00dollars from my social security check on a private lawyerthis white hair retired Firemenas$ hole smiling snickering as I drink coffee and read a paperat Mc Donaldís rest (the coffee is 50 cents for people over 60 years old thatís why I drink there iam Unemployed living in my van in the streets keeping a low profile,-get the picture)until aboutNov 2003 I let out the word through informers (who the FBIconfirmedto me through photos were informers )and it came out at my dec.10 the 2002trial in theArlington Court house††† informents photosshown at a meeting I had with FBI agents regarding something else,until he this retired Firemen white hair ?- hears hes going on my web sitelike now today dec. 2003 and the word gut out their photos are coming to this web site also--he, like all of em starts running,- scared, shit# less then like a cowardhe and the trouble makersload their panceworried,- all of em old as# holes same age as meIam now 65like they think their going to fuc$ with me,- snarl at me, get down in my face,- call me a traitor, huffing and puffing stand and stare at me laughing ---day after day---like sick crazy people, andthinkingtheir going ta getaway with it, iam going ta fuc# em up for real !remember I donít know these people ?I never engaged them in any way,-I never tried to talk to people any timeabout my political believes never,-you can believe what the fuc$ you want, Itas not my business what youuuu believe, ---- as far as Iam concerned,- but these low dim whit un educated low class retired white skinned Anglo Saxonas$ holes who never stood up in their yellow Anglo Saxon coward livesthese people arelong time living in Arlington†† theseun American white skin AS$ holesthey all know the Arlington cops,- Firemen copsbrothers and all that good Shi$ they know every body in the County they like ta brag aboutit,-let ya know ,- thepeople at theAmerican legion post 139 post 85 etcthey know people who live at big broom cleaning cowere the Arlington stalkerlived and workedI was told a guy last name Gravesbelongs ta post 139 also those at big broom cleaning lived with the stalker Scott marksonly I warned the Arlington people about the stalker,----maybe the fuc$ing as$ hole cops, and court house judges and prossa. are jealous I did their job,- how about ashamed ? could they be ashamed - I donít know ?Iam just asking a questionI hope these white skin as5 hole weakling Anglo Saxons would maybe play with their balls and leave me and my political believes alone, ---because ill come for your as$ 20 different wayslike this web site -- remember theses are the same Anglo Saxons in the coal fields in the mountains 1940 50 60s that harasses us white Ethnics Russian, Greek, ruthenian, Italian, Hungarian people, every dayburning crosses, telling us ta go back were we came fromthese stinkin yellow #ocksuckers, English Irish Welsh Scotts Cornishwhite shi$ people are the same white shi# people fuc%ing with me now, today†† think of it,-when these same dudes were wee lads same age as me 1940s 1950swhat do you think these cocksucker were doing to immigrants from Europe? what do ya think they were doing to Blacksin the same time frame?, -- get the fucc$ real, all of y0u, - its time for pay back, donít ya think,-its against the law to harrase any one for their political belives, -- it is in Fact a 6 year prison sentencehay youuu thatís anglo Saxon law incase ya didnít know ?


State of Virginia 2003 licenese Tag #- BV7623

This guy never messed with me he always sits with white hair retired Firemen as$ hole at McDonald rest. Glebe road and rt 50†† his car tag given for investigative news menonly talk to himhe might say somethingJournelist ask him

More tags coming

What and whothe redmonk believes in




The Amish people- love emtook wagon wheels to em for repair

The Lubavitcher Jews the last real jewsleft

The Porta Rican Sweala who started the guardian Angels and all the guardian angels ever where ,they came to the US Commerice Build. Silver springMd. To help me, - the son of acleaning Girl from EL Salvadorecalled them for me .

The golden Sun Flower Slav Jew Simeon Wiesenthal

He is the only jew from the get go 1940s said other people died in the Holocaust of WWII besides jews , the new york jews crucified him,--a true story

Ralph Naderalmost a mystic jew andindeed a real jew by the way he lived his life, I sent him money one time only $15 dollarsthe jewish people never gave him credit, dirty basterdsall of em

The Dog Face soldier Hackworth a US Army Col. Ė American Worrier

US Navy Seal Commander marcinko Ė American Worrier

Cong. John ( Chicken Man ) Lewis Ė the best Black man the Black folks gut Ė he never gut any credit

US Navy Admiral Arlie Burkand the US navy fighten Admirals of WWII the last fighten Admirals

With a cutless in one hand and a black navy colt 45 model 1911 Ėa 1 in the other hand , fighten men US Navy WWII admiralsthe last of their kindgonereplaced with an effemente computer carring new US navy Admirals what a bunch of Pussies they all arethey haint never goinabe no Capt Gilmores:- take her down,-- take her down,-- Gilmore Capt. Of a WWII Sub on deck woundedto save his SUB he stayes up on deck as the subs divesya gut damn right,- take her downa US Navy Capt ta save his ship even if it cost him his life, thatís WWII Naval officers- all of em gone replaced with these gut damn pussies political Admirals with computersin 2004 sorry as$ navy , the US Navy all shot ta hellin 2004


***Goldenbrave men of Spain : Sandino , Zapata, Julio BuitragoChe,-these I believe in:I am ashamed of most white men in America all of em cowards will not stand upand donít want any one else to stand upbecause itís a remember of what and who they are


Gerry Adams and all the irish Mick boys in the IRA, keep fighten††

Bobby Sands and all the IRAboys and Irish IRA girls who starved them selves to death at long kesh prison to free Ireland, for those 14- IrishCitizens who marching for civil rights un armed for a free Irelandwere gunned down murdered on Bloody Sunday by the British troops at Derry Ireland,- for the ten hunger strikers, who diedin H block in long kesh prison I believe in Gerry Adams who was shot 5 timesby unionist the orange Irish,and Gerry adamsIrishwifewho keeps him warm at nightan Irish girlindeed. Haw haw†† I believe in these†† people -the first to die on the hunger strike IRA was Bobby Sands followed byFrancis Hughes, Ray MeCreesh, Patsy O Hara, starved them selves to deathto free northern Ireland, Long Keesh prisontheir not forgotten here on this web sitemorenames come later --the European court†† of human rights finds Britian guiltyof using degrading and inhuman treatment of the IRA-Irish Republican Army )- prisoners as indeed so will Arlington county va†† who has violated my civil rightsto free speech . on the sneaky sly too

Blanket protest by the Irish I.R.A.in H block Long kesh prisonthe refusal of prisoners to wear the prison uniform because it showed criminal conduct,-- by not wearing the prison uniform,-the prisoners showed they where political prisoners†† I too will refuse to wear the Arlington County jail Uniformthe next time I an imprisoned in this new modern sneaky mild Nazi Arlington Countywhere I am being punished for what I believe Harassed and beaten†† I too will smear my shi$ on the walls of the Arlington County jail as did the I.R.A. Political prisonersat long kesh prison,I mean to get the out side human rights people from Europe to investigate Arlington County Government and corrupt Justice system in amild Nazi State of Virginia,mild Nazi County Arlington andthe new†† modern sneaky mild Nazi countrycalled Americaall redmonkees and all irish American students in Arlington County Schools read Gerry Adamsbook: a Father shoreI just threw it in my book store

More grudge report coming : in 2004and 2005- can ya stand it ?-- all investigative Journalistof theEurope and Canada these are leadsthis whole web site is leadsbreak Arlington County open !

Spencer themolester†† at the Arlington Lee high school Swimming pool his photo on this site coming his car his tag #etcon this page , down below--- Arlington police cover up,police worrying about mebut not Spencer -- did Spencer belong to American legion post 139? did the cop who was called about the molester Spencer ask soft questions about the molesterfrom the Arlington teenagers who were working the desk at this swimming pool. One of the teenagers was a US Marine officers daughter and another was a US Naval officers son ---who were the retired old dudes?-who complained about the Molester Spencer ? they were grumbling to me about Spencerthey were pissed about Spencerwho is a retired Marineand who he and his family were harassing me over a long timehassiling me†† to drive me out of the neighborhood were I parked my van in the Safeway parking lot across from McDonalds and Arlington Fire House #2, -- and slept at nightSpencer who was taking photos of me and other people in the shower andthe little childrenwho he was manhandling in the Lee high school†† swimming pool ? he was taking photosusing a flash camera, -- I told the high school students who were working the desk,- so did other people at the pool--the Arlington Cop who was called to investigate this info on Spencer did not do a hardinvestigation? Iam asking a question?did this cop know Spencer from American legion post 139 located in arlington ? Iam asking a question- did the Arlington Cop ask soft questions and mabey even lie on the sly to protect Spencer? Iam asking a question- like only cops and lawyers know how to do lie on the sneaky sly Ė Iam not asking a question?/ this web site isleads for investigative reporters to break this case open†† Aim just asking a lotof question ? you Arlington County citizens are suppose ta find outlook for more info on thistaking photos and handling children at this pool on the Mcleanhigh school page- bottom called Junk shop in detail Arlington county Common wealthAttorney Stoddard not doing his job ? yes no mabey ? what?. get rid of him and assistant Commonwealth Attorney one Fran OíBrien she works out of Stoddard officelocated in the Arlington county Court House, this court house which islocated 15 min from the American white house by auto,-Commonwealth Attorney Stoddardís office where they all hide behind a brown skin Muslim woman in her Prayer Shawl this Arab Muslim Woman works the desk in Stoddard office, sheís the first person ya see when ya come in, she sits at a desk behind glass taking your inquiresand answering the phone I have complained about it too, because a blind person can see what Anglo Saxon Stoddard is doing†† this sneaky hiding hiding like white Anglo Saxon Cowards and white jewish cowards they all arein the Arlington County prosecutors office hidingbehind a Muslim woman pretending they , -Stoddard and the all white Prosecutorsall together thewhite Anglo Saxons and JewishArlington County prosecutors pretending they all love Islamand not prejeduce against Arab people WOW !, -- How phony can ya get ? clean out the Arlington County Court house, - fire all the Prosecutorsyou chicken soup white Arlington American tax payers Ė not one ounce of gutsin your dirty white skinned bodies ask any black if Iam lying ? goahead askem


The Race Gangs in Arlington County the year 2004

Arlington County just 15 min by car from Washington DC

How the state of Virginia and Arlington County va and all ofAmerica is broken up into race gangs,- gangs by race

Example: the jewish gang , the Black gang , the Hispanic Gang, the Anglo Saxon Gang

the Female Gang,- the Homosexual Gang , the Lesbian Gang

all of these gangs have lawyers, funding and org. to fight for and to protect their gang membersand or demand American Goverment give their gang members special privelegsand protection,-but the big problem heres is that one gang thatís missing, -

the White Ethenic Gang- who are not black not Hispanic not jewish not female not homosexual, and not Anglo saxonlet me explain_††††

when I use the term: - Anglo Saxon s,-I mean the British island people, - Irish, Scottish Welsh, Cornish,- and the Englishthese I address as the Anglo Saxons,-- where as Iam from the White Ethnics American people_:; Italian, Greeks, Slavs, Russians, Polish, RuthenianSerbs, Croats, Hungarians,people , we are not Anglo Saxon and want separationwe demand separation from the British island people in Arlington County Virginia so we can get are rightful share of the American Arlington County Pieand force the Anglo Saxons from hiding behind us White ethnicswhile the English, Irish,Scot, -welsh , Corenish- play race pica boo with the black Americans in Arlington County and through out the State, county and all of America every state every county,- every day the Anglo Saxons hiding behind the White Ethnics,-- Italians,- Greeks and the Slavs,n etc. - we: Slavs ,Italians, Greeks, Russians , Ruthenians Hungariansetc never did nothing to Black Americans in Arlington County or any where in this country,- we werenít in this country when slavery happened in fact the blacksin Arlington County Va.and their children need to know it was the Slav race that saved every Black man, - woman, -child in Arlington County Va. by defeating Hitler 1945 with loss of 49 million dead Slavs the price the Slavs paidto stop Hitler, 49 million dead 1945, --- Hitler was going to kill every black man,- woman and child in the world including Arlington County blacks and Hitler was going to kill every jew in the World including every Arlington County Jew where is the thanks to the Slav race ?where is theas% licking and grovelingby blacks and jewson to the Slav race in Arlington County Va.? As a thank you,I donít see it ?--also the Russian Slavs freed Africa no other country would do it _ whereís the thanksfrom the Blacksin Arlington County Virginia Ė why is this not taught to Arlington School children ? Arlington which islocated just 15 min by car from the American White House ,--- Americans only lost 300.000 dead Americans 1945, of all colors - the same Amount of Ruthenians left in the Country called Ruthenia 300. 000 the smallest minority in America, - there called Rutheniansmove over you Arlington Countymfersin the Arlington Court House, --- let somebody have a job,-you Anglo Saxons have stole long enough, you stole in the police dept in the Fire housesin the Court House, formore then 200 yearsyou have stolen jobs,-its time for ya Anglos to goooo, - get out, -go back where ya came from, - that place is the British Islands!the ships and boats leave the dock in Alexander Virginia be on it with your one suite casethatís all your allowed to take from america as you Anglo Saxons go back to where ya came from - you Anglo Saxons like to shout to White Ethnics in cluding me, and governor Como of new york 1940 1950s†† why donít ya Russians ,poles Hungarians . Greeks , Italiansgo back were you came from,I havenít forgotten it eitherso I say to all Arlington County Anglo Saxons††† the White ethnics want your Jobswhere not paying your Anglo Saxon bill to the Blacks, -- you English, Irish , Scots . welsh . Cornish- do the crime,- you Anglo Saxons do the time , - donít be a white skin coward and put it on White Ethnics school children in Arlington schools system white Ethenics school children whos grand parents or Great grand parents were not in America until 1893 1910 1920pay your ownAnglo Saxon bill, - stop hiding behind the white ethnics like your white Anglo Saxon Brother and sister --- English - Stoddard and Irish- Fran O Brien and jewish- Levie , all three have white skin they-all hide and plays pica booin theArlington county prosecutors office†† hiding behinda brown skin Arab Muslim womanís Shawl , go see,in the year 2003 2004go see for your selfdo your own investigationdonít trust me,- trust your self,- every Slavic American, Italian, Hungarien, Greek Americanstudent in the Arlington School system __-mail this to the Arlington County board to the Italian Girl,Barb Favola ask her if shes a Reeeeal Italiansend it to all arlington County judges and the Governor of the State of Virginia and tothe US Justice dept.to the white Housethe Slavic Members of the house and Senate onCapital Hill, to Embassy row in wash. DC to - Russia and all Slavic Countries to Italy to all their News media also in to Communist china†† and lets do change the status quo lets start the White Ethnic Gang,- in 2004 2005now today in Arlington County Virginia†† and look up the affirmative action report as concerns White ethnics on being cheated on high [paying jobs†† Its on my photo gallery howSlavs, Italians, Greeks, Chinese ,Arabs, are robbed and cheated in getting the high paying jobs in America,- the Anglo Saxons keep the high paying jobsfor them selves and then dole out our white Ethnic jobs to blacks and brown peopleto keep the Blacks and Browns from calling the Anglo Saxon s racistits our jobs the Anglos are giving up not theirsget it ? where short changed, - the Anglo Saxons donít give up their jobs,-the Anglo Saxon gives up our white Ethnics jobs, these are the same Anglo Saxons who hated your Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Ruthenian,Chinese, Arabgrand Father and Grand motherfor real and now in 2004 they are abusing the great grand children of these same white ethnic Immigrantswho came here like my Grandparents 1893 1910 etc all white Ethnic students form a all white Ethnic club at your schoolto look out for the white Ethnic place in the job Market andthat can only happen if we separate from the Anglo Saxons andbecome a gang separate and different from the other gangs in Americathe Anglo Saxons cant speak for us,- they are not us,- the Jews cant speak for us,- we are not Jews, - the blacks cant speak for us, - we are not black , -††† read the Affirmation action report I used in my EEOC complaint at the Smithsonian Inst


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