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This is one of several TV investigative show 20/20- rejecting my request to do my story this is the letter they send you the other program 60 min. TV show will send you nothing I always sent my request to the Story editer

you who watch the show might find this letter interesting this is how ya do it so send em my story if you think it needs to be told and if enough of ya send letters 20/20 might investigate also send it to the Chinese Embassy Russian Embassy and Bejing University in Communist china


This is the story of Kevin

 he and I went to Ed Wilsons office on K street to try to get in /

 I was suppose to run the horse operation and he Kevin,- was to run the rehab for Alcoholics and drug addicts,- at Eds Farm  in Middleburg.- never did pan out /

 I drove Kevin’s truck, a blue chevy  out of the mountains  after his death,-

 there are pict 0f me at this cabin / and at his furnial held in spring field va church with tons of news cameras  lined like the US Calvary also at Murphy’s furnial home in falls Church va.

 His aka was the Leprechaun – he was big time Irish  his favorite songs were brown eyes and the Boston burglar-

  I dedicate the Irish tune the Boston burglar to me first bank job  why not –

also Kevin played the Irish Drum

 he did help a lot of people  and was well liked.  Ever body missed him  where ever hes at


This shows the corruption of the U.S Government it’s a crooked Game and this will be a crooked game for me on the 10 of Dec. 2002 in the Arlington County Court house at my trial that I attack 4 arlington police ! ya gut to be kidden me ? –

 If all of these powerful people in this news paper story  up above,,all of them in the in the American Justice system can lie to put people away in Prison,  as indeed  they did -- Ed Wilson plus they all ate his food , drank his whiskey and rode his horses at his farm in middleburg, then they all ran like cockroaches when the  brown stuff hit the fan Americans Lawyers and judges is the poof that America is a Mild Fascist police state and a mild terrorist State against the American people . how much more proof do you want??? ?/   then this one act alone by these evil

 Also count the jewish Americans involved  against Wilson, in the photo  up above   count  em  not one of these Jews in this story up above

  Went after former CIA director John Dutch a Jewish American who left top secret info in his home and on his Computer in his house  for the State of Iserial to steal give me abreak  pleeease ?  Jewish john Dutch did not go to jail

 At my trial on Dec. 10 2002  the Arlington police claim that I attack 2 white robust healthy Arlington county white skin buck  Cops, they attack me,


and white hating  brown skin Arlington Cop Tedla called me a gringo  and on the sneaky sly too, and THOUGHT HE WAS GOING TO GET AWAY WITH IT AND begin lying to cover it up  and Fran O brion a prosecutor is helping the Cop tedla to hate white people  and get away with it like all prosecutors in all court Rooms in all court houses in America the prosecutors don’t care about justice the prosecutors care about making a name for them selves  think of it  a white girl Fran Obrion helping a brown skin racist who hates white people  and she is white, she has white skin. Prosacuter- Fran O:Broin does have white skin- I saw it

  what does that make white skin Fran Obrion ? a co- racist ?  the tapes that prove how long the cops kept me , violating my rights are missing  just like the Nixon Tapes in the White House missing --   the judges Lie,- the prosecutors Lie-, the cops lie.- why   ?---- are they trying to get free parking space at the Smithsonian Inst.or a medal from the jewish community and or a job at WETA radio in Arlington Va.,

 Which one  is it ??

   how about jewish Reelection Money ????  the crooked game in  US Attorney McNutly Court room in AlexVa. its called Fascist,- not freedom –

Ed Wilson by- the way a poor white boy  a farmer son,-  gunners mate Hartwig poor white boy ,- US Marine Bobby Garwood poor white boy,---  poor white boy-- meaning working Class and no money for lawyers,

  in America you buy justice with green money,

  I want brown Skin Cop tedla fired and Fran Obrion too as a Co racist who hates her Own White people—call me a lier ?

 if you were me what would think ? take this and send it by e_ mail to US Attorney Jerry kilgore in Richmond va and US Attorney McNutly in Alex. Va.  Send E- Mail – I need your help in this mild fascist American state

This guy was a former FBI Agent and was working the desk at the Lamb Center

I had trouble with him hed grab my arm and check for needle marks an out rage the guy running the place rev. Barns accused me of stealing 80 dollars a big lie,-( he wasent a real Rev I just called him that as a ID to other homeless people)

Rev.- Barns was to be helping the homeless but all he did was call the Fairfax Police and turn homeless people in to the police /

He Christian Rev Barns took my collection of old rare Photos I gave Mrs. Barbennalla to keep for me when my trailer,- I lived in broke down and I thought it might be towed and I would lose everything and Rev. Barns took them and my papers the letters you see. on this web site concerning wrong doing

I also told ASPAN case worker Mchiell Herchmen and ask her to come with me to get my papers from Rev Barns after first saying she would,- she then refused her boss marty Berman said no

I also told mchiel that I didn’t trust the FBI agent at the desk hes an as$ hole .

I would be naked in the shower and he would come in and look at my body for needle marks a humalition and one day I screamerd at him to get the fuc$ away from me and shuved him up against the wall .

when I told Mchiel theres a FBI agent on the desk at the lamb center and I didn’t trust him or Barns who ran the place thats one of the reasons I needed her to witness for me asking for my Papers and photos / I didn’t want them to say I threatened them in some way

Michel mocked me like I was crazy and said every ones against you / and talked to me like I was crazy,- this was the first time I talked to Michel as my case worker ever/ I was stunned , she wouldn’t believe there was a FBI Agent working the desk at the Lamb center.

I was pissed and then I sent her and her Boss Marty Bermen at ASPAN in Arlington Va this photo of FBI Agent Gerry Pass and the brochure the one on this page up above so they could get ASPANs Shi$ together as concerns this retired FBI Agent , and the Christian freak Rev.Barns-

and I refused to ever talk about my self to ASPAN workers, Ever because I believe that all social workers are just like the social workers at the town Wenatchee in the State of Washington on the west coast who lied on poor people to put them away in prison and put lying sex charges on them and took their children away from them. It was all over the news for years Lawyer- Gerry Spence tried to get Janet Reno to help these people and Reno refused. The social workers lied on these poor people because the Police det perze told em to and he Det. Perz was the sex pervert who had demons in his head wanting sex from his step daughter is this something like Arlington County social workers ? Lee and Bingham Iam just asking a question -- WOW . this ia s political web site to rase the Americans peoples awareness

I used ASPAN,- to get them to get my teeth fixed and or food, and health reasons when I was sick I had no money and stay away from them, at all other times they ASPAN workers also hang out with Arlington Cops ( bad news for me )— If Arlongton Hispanic Cop Tedla the cop who called me a Gringo if tedla tells a ASPAN Hispanic worker and or any ASPAN worker to say some thing bad about me to Investagaters would ASPAN and or social workers workers do it what cop tedla tells them to say just as in the town of Wennechette in the state of Washington on the American west coast the social workers did it to poor people in the town of Wenetchee lied on em and put em in prison and took their children from them why not in Arlington ???

also ASPAN pays such little money to its case workers and other help at ASPAN like 7 dollars an hour the ASPAN workers all live in some little rooms for rent, cheap,- starvation wages- for real-

Arlington County Government does this to save money Arlington County Government has plenty of money but non for ASPAN social workers would you work for this little money 7 dollars an hour?

that’s why Michel had another job.- two jobs and a Masters Degree in social work she was a very professional person competent and very nice- I refused to talk to her about my life in any way

I also had a meeting with her boss Marty to fire her and or get me another case worker over this not going along to get my papers and snickering about the FBI Agent at the desk at lamb center

I also ask about the Christian rev.Barns who was running the place what ever Happened to the Christian preachers saying VIA CON DIOS - my son and give some homeless guy on the run a fresh horse and some food and a little money as the old Padre helped some one get away – as in the old western movies? What the hell ever happened to that ? just give me a fresh horse some money and food and let me ride out .

Like at the Lamb Center what the hell happened ? to the Christians, today the Christian preachers think there cops not christians WOW by the way I didn’t steal the 80 dollars and a witness another homeless guy told them I wasn’t any where near the pance that had money stolen from the pocket ,- Rev Barns would set in his office all the time with Fairfax Cops,- like he was Dick Tracy--- Cops I had trouble with journelist look into the Lamb center story I also was warned by a real Christian,a Doc who told me to watch out for Rev Barns after this doc read my web site , this doc.- he was a real Christian like the old Padras in western movies


This guy was a criminal just like Hitler’s doc in the death camps of world War II same same,

 . Kathryn Graham thought what he, the jew Doc. Gottleib  did to Americans was okay

, but kay Graham owner of the Washington  post news paper in DC thought Hitler’s Doctors doing the same thing to jew s in the death camps was terrible- you figure Kay Graham out,-  I cant , a bad evil woman ,- Kay graham not a real American ,

she didn’t even know how to wash a sweater , for real-

 !( I did research on this just as news men do )

Kay grahams family wants the American Government to use her,-- kay graham as the type of woman your daughter should be, like, this will be taught in all American Schools / to school children

Give me a break please /

 with her son Donald Grahams money to give to politicians  it will happen. count on it , her family never left georgetown DC , what does the Graham Family, that owns the washington post news paper in Americas Capital DC  know about the American  People ? nothing  the Grahams all smell sweet,- like rotting fruit , meaning their not real people. They are not human.

  they the Graham family haven’t a clue who the workingclass are. not a clue yet they rule over us,- 

 American Jews in Fallchurch va were silent about their jewish Brother Gottleib doing human experiments on Americans  why ? Why-were the Jews silent about Jew Gottlieb  why silent ?  why ? --

A real american I went to his burial at Arlington cemetery one of my world War II heroes I always steal flowers from other officers graves and give them to him Johnney Baslone , Italian american WWII heroe Sgt Mike Strank Ruthenian American ,-Ira Hays- Pima Indian and Henson who I make sure I take flowers from Perrys grave and put on Hensons grave hes the only one in the Cementery that knows how I feel – said tounge in cheek ? his black people showed up for me / and his black people showed up for Hensen

Its white people that don’t show up

Italian American World War II hero

I always put flowers on his grave I take them from the generals and admirals graves and put the stolen flowers on Sgt Stranks grave Baslone and Ira Hays and Jimmy doolitle and Hensens graves why not ? Lee marvens too—

Old English American high cast Bramahas Woman 80 90 years old taught me to go into grave yards and check on graves they gave me a nickel or a dime and I was glad to get the dime for real. big bucks in the 1940s they also taught me to read the poetic sayings on the old grave stones and look for relatives who fought in the Indian black hawk wars one I remember was famous Capt. or colo Morgan some of these old high cast brahmas English woman still dressed like Pres Lincoln Wife you see in photos those long 1800 dresses from the American civil war, that’s what they wore they all talked like and sounded like pres, Roosevelt’s wife .

we all thought they talked funny like they were from England and our Slavic grandparents same age looked like and dressed like Americans Indians and didnt speak English at all,- why would the wee redmonk hang out with these old brahamas English ,-old jews old Tarters,- because he thought they were super interesting and they always treated him real nice and gave things to the wee redmonk. When things got boring the wee redmonk would leave the gang and go on his own to look these old people up and hang out

there are photos of me and the 80 yearold drummer Boy from the American civil War Ill – one day he told me to come to his house after supper about 6 oclock and he had his drum and hat from the civil war and he put his civil war cap on my head and the civil war drum on me and stood next to me I was his size wen he went to war he told me not to smile and his daughter took our photo tell that story on another page and how the younger daughters of these old English high cast Bramas womans daughters, about or 50 60 years old would wipe tears from their eyes when they saw the civil war drummer boy walk by and ask him to come in to see their mothers who were the same age and older 90 years , but he would only stand at the gate with me and not go in and they would come out on the porch of these elegent homes helped out by their daughters and dressed like pres. Lincolns wife 1890 buttoned to the top black and hang to the ground just like pres Lincoln wife wore and stare and then smile and say I remember you your that drummer boy and shout at him- Drummer boy ! and they would all smile then he would say softly lets go and we would leave with out saying a word and not look back

.he was drummer boy at the battle of chickamuggia - I think

Ill get this all together later and his generals name was Fergerson maby a Colo Iam going to look into this to get it r\ight the little jewish gril who was always sticking her nose in ever y were might have a photo of the drummer boy he always treated me right, special- he was an anglo saxon

Proof that I went to Spence for legal help he does right a great letter even when he tells you he cant help two of his books are my bibles along with Lawyer Johnny Cochran’s new book – called-( a Lawyers life ) these books my three bibles – because their true I lived a big hunk of it that’s how I know these books are true
The all time great US marine Sergeant a Great Ruthenian American Mike Strank a world war II hero he was in charge of the flag raising on Iwo Jima read the book by Bradley all the flag raisers in Iwo Jima loved their beloved Sgt Strank a Ruthenian there are 300,ooo ruthenians left in the home land of the Carpathians mountains and tom ridge is a Ruthenian in charge of home security won two bronze stars in Viet Nam for bravery he earned his the old fashion way . Sandra Dee movie starlet was a ruthenian , Just letten ya know were still here although the United nations said were a dying race and our language is dying out the language of the American Apache Indian is also dying out today only half of Apache Indians children speak Apache


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