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Self explanatory – read EEOC
Self explanatory- read EEOC
Read – self explantory EEoC
The Smithsonian INST made my lawyer and me sign a paper in side the Smithsonian castle in Washington dc Usa-- that we would never show this page ( up above )- taken from my EEOC race Discrimination Complaint ever to the American public this page is listed and marked exebit with a Big W your reading it her for the first time ever

That indeed the Smithsonian will sue us if we did I call on everyone to contact the Smithsonian tell em were they can find the EEOC race complaint with the W on the bottom of the page and lets go to court. Mabey the news papers will pick it up I need to get this story in the papers

and this page with the W- proves the jewish Investigator a lawyer named Kaplan lied he promised that he would go back 10 years as I requested that he do,--- to prove that Asians were never hired in the national Zoo in its History/

I did my own investigation that’s how I knew the Truth

( Foreign Governments know about this they have the complete copy of th eeoc Investagation done by Roger Kaplan sent to the military section of their Embassies I fight back) the Smithsonian Played dirty and would not play fair so I went to get help on Enbassy row .)

the Washington Post News paper in Washington dc knows about all this,- they too were given copies Kay Graham the Owner remained silent, her children Donald and Lallie, not a peep out of em Ben Bradlee – silent ,- Bob Woodward his wife Elsa Walsh, all silent ,-- Rich Cohen a Jew who works at this news paper I rammed it down his throat how many times, ? cohen a jew only silent ) bunch of White skined phoneys Americans all of em <
as he- Kaplan a Jewish American had total control of this eeoc- investigation he only was concerned about protecting his jewish brother so to speak --- Ed Gould a jewish American who had a power position at the National zoo.

( A jewish Race crime against me yes , no,- mabey ,- what? )

it was and me alone complaining through the Union who got the first Asian Welder Hired a Korean named Kim, and he thanked me

because I threatened Ed Gould the jewish American at the National Zoo I would file a race complaint if they didn’t start hiring white Ethnics and Asians and Hispanics.

the Jews and English Keep all the Jobs for them selves the zoo director Robinson was from England not an American ! WOW we Slavs Italians Chinese Greeks have never run the zoo in the history of America and or been president of the united States

Kim by the way is not listed on this page up above he was not a Zoo keeper

The Jewish investigate Kaplan of my race eeoc- complaint his fee was paid by the Smithsonian INST. How could I get a Fair hearing ??/

America does not allow Dissent the Smithsonian Does not allow dissent and the Washington news paper employees and the owners,-- the greedy graham family and their employees helped the Smithsonian cover this up to get stories from the national zoo for the Grahams news paper and I proved it – yes, no, - or what?

US Attorneys for the state of Virginia Jerry Kilgore and McNutly are silent about this they both work for the United States Justice dept and I charge both of them with obstruction of Justice for remaining silent about all of this , they both belong in prison for obstructing Justice that’s their crime e – mail the UN Court use me to make America better and not the big lie America is now today do it e- mail the world court at the United nations and or the Hague in the Netherlands

lets see if we can put Kilgore and Mcnutly two Anglo Saxons Americans on trial in the Netherlands its never been done before e- mail the Black Muslims in Washington DC to take my case I call on the fruit of Islam to protect my life from the American government who have made several attempts on my life over this 17 year struggle to clear my name and get justice.

only the Black Muslim are brave in America and don’t take jewish reelection money as does United States Attorneys Jerry Kilgore and McNutly both in the State of Virginia

The washington post news paper and the greedy graham family who owns this paper didn’t do this story on this jew trying to steal a dead Jewish Baby from world war II and he almost gut killed in side Russia for being a jewish as$ hole and he was a New York lawyer too

this jew Eric also had a nose job,- he was ashamed of his jewish nose what kind of jew is that ? if Abe Foxmen was a real jew hed tell these kind of jews off and put em in their place, Abe Foxmen never gut a nose job Ill Give him that – a taunt to Abe Foxmen every one check the redmonkee jewish chew on the link page ask Abe Foxmen to read it and then watch Abe scream antisemite if Abe was a real jew hed scream chew on em again/ call me a lier

Any way,-- Eric brother a very nice jewish guy smoked a lot of cigars tall guy he was crazy in love with Russia,--- I saw him weep for Russia, break down and weep / I was stunned a jew weep for Russia ya guta be kidden me , Eric Said to me with disgust and a snarl on Erics jewish face, Eric said his brother always loved Russia even when we were Kids Eric was the older broither their father died when they were young his widowed mother was always running to the rabie to get advise / and Eric would always go to bugs bunny movies and Eric would turn his brother in to his mother for going to see bugs bunny what a prick Eric was way back then ,- any way Eric brother s tears for Russia saved Eric Kosher as# in Russia USSR a true story I dedicate the American civil war song called -- two little boys – to Eric and his jewish Brother if you hear it the song ya know which one was riding the horse and it sure as hell wasn’t Eric. That sorry as$ new York jew if I ever catch him in Russia hel never come out alive

Proof that I mailed to the Oklahoma TV station and Rebel mcVeigh Iam not Bull shi# believe me about this web site a 17 year long struggle to clear my name Bob woodward Ben Bradlee and richard cohen are news men at this most read paper in Americas capital Washington dc

Thay all to man and woman co cover this all up to get stories from the national Zoo.

the Washington post news paper has been direlect in it s duty to the American people, Grand mothers woman and children with this silence as concerns the total Russian zookeeper affair at the Smithsonian . and the Stalker of Arlington and the Grave stones in Arlinton cemetery..

Lalley graham and Donald as well as ther Mother-- Kay Graham the former Kay Myers before she gut lucky and married Phil Graham a dairy farmers son from Florida.

it was Kay Graham the mother of lalley and Donald graham the owner of the post that covered this all up for their powerfull friends at the Smithsonian INST their on the Smithsonian Boards co mingling with the Smithsonian officials . how then can they write stories on the Zoo ?

I gut the proof on this web site, look for it on the movie page at the bottom.

old lady graham fell to her death a year ago,--- who she was talking about and to whom was she was talking when she fell -we don’t know ,

she – Kay graham didn’t like us and or know us the working class people- farmers coalminers, factory workers—

her son the coward Donald graham hid out in Japan in the Army during the VietNam War were he was save,--- donald the coward-- Graham publisher of the wash post paper too..

some coal field boy took his place and probley was killed the half blooded jewish woman the former Kay Meyers and then after marriage her name – became-- Kay Graham she thought the woman and children at the Waco massacre in Waco Texas got what they deserved when they were burned alive by the US Government some of the children only 2 years old in Diapers

the FBI and ATF gassed these babies for 6 hours with military Gas and this un kind woman --Kay graham said they gut what they deserved for defieing the US government / later she changed her mind / she and her children Donald and lalley and the hired help- Ben Bradlee and Bob Woodward know nothing about us the American people they stay in George town in Washington dc

her son Donald Graham turned me in to the police and almost gut me killed

I was a sorce for the stories on the US park police drugging horses and the dead Black woman the cops degraded

and the Smithsonian, mismanagement with the Animals

what Donald Graham did to me was dirty and to think he was the publisher of the news paper think about that -- one dirty SOB -en- Mfer Donald Graham call me a lier you SOB Donald Graham. You called me a SOB Ill call you a SOB twice

and that’s why I am shoving shi$ on his mother and familys face as pay back from us who work with our hands all of it true too/-

I did research on this just as news men do.- only better I gut shoe leather something Grahams don’t gut shoe leather

I am a Political Populist for the American people against Enron Donald Graham and his Sister Enron Lalley graham, Enron Bob Woodward and Enron ben bradlee.

have the greedy grahams gone to US Attorney Enron Kilgore to complain about me or Arlington County police,?

--- news men of China,- Russia Iraq,- find out—white news men in America are afraid of the graham family powerfully friends …

all members of the redmonkee brigade get the grahams , get the SOBen grahams-- lally and Donald- ask em who killed their father the great phil graham ask em goa head askem their has never been a blue collar column for working class people in the history of the Washington post newspaper owned by the Greedy selfish graham Family the greedy grahams write about them selves and their class that’s not a news paper that’s a propaganda sheet call me a liar ?

Congressmen Wolf of the state of Virginia turned me over to the PP police who I was complaining about = also his father was a dirty cop in the city of Philadelphia in the State of Penn. Cong Wolfs Father a dirty Cop took money under the table Italian Business men in Philadelphia said so business men also said that Italian Business men paid Cong Wolfs Way to College is this one of the reasons their trying to kill me per Chief of Police in Loudon County Virginia one Sheriff Simpson who put on his cop web site Iam Deranged and dangerous so cops stop me they type in my name up comes iam deranged and I scratch my head and a cop shoots me to death and all cops then say Sheriff Simpson said

he was dangerous we thought he had a gun ya know ? what else could we do as the cops smile how far off is that from the truth

Proof that I mailed letters to rebel Tim Mcveigh while he was in prison this last letter to rebel mcveigh I will put on my web site in toto its an Indictment of America and the cowardly white American who will not stand up because the whites are afraid cowards the white Americans are the ones that attack me think of it the coward white American male and his white wife cowards attacking the only white American standing up .

this last letter to Mcveigh was sent cert mail to the Oklahoma TV and Radio stations in Oklahoma City never heard a thing from them.

what did rebel Mcveigh send me in the Mail ? check with his Lawyer Bob Neigh ---all school children in Arlington County va 15 min by car from Washington dc should be forced to read this last letter to rebel mcveigh in all Arlington schools along with the Aldridge report on race and were the White euthenics Slavs , Italian s > Greeks , Chinese. Russians Serbs . Croats < Finns ete are located job wise in American Society including Arlington Va Government and Police and Fire dept s since the inception of Arlington form the 18 00 s it will shock ya the Aldridge report

This is the Waco and Ruby ridge demo that I came to by my self, carol moor and her demonstrators didn’t show up

two FBI agents came out of the headquarters building and mock my sign ;laughing at it and I called em Homosexuals and got the public to laugh at the FBI Agents

these three high school boys pict up above were from western Ohio in wash DC for a visit and agreed to be in my one man demo,

they are witness that the FBI agents mocked my sign I promised I would put them on my web site and I kept my word

how ya guys doing ? I kept my word a little late but I kept my word your on the redmonkee web site and thanks for helping me out


The Aldridge report for you to read its proof that whit Euthenics are left out of American Society, and marginalized this was in my race discrimination complaint against the Smithsonian INST and Embassy Row including enemies of the American Government have my Race discrimination complaint in Toto I filed the Smithsonian was outraged I would bring this up and I was punished and the us justice dept refused to help me so I went to my Slav Bros for help and embassy row you fuc# me I fuc# you that’s how that works in the coal fields a lawyer told me that I was trying to change the status quoi and the English Americans were not going to let that happened white euthenics groups have given this report to the Justice Dept and they refuse to answer I have sent this info to U>S> Attorneys Jerry Kilgore and McNutly U.S. Attorneys in the State of Virginia and they both refused to Answer and both of these American s Are White Anglo Saxon Males-- Kilgore and McNutlys Jobs have never been held by a White Ethnic American Ever / they- Kilgore and McNutly both received the letter on Arlington County Hispanic Cop Tedla calling me a Gringo a hate crime by this white hating Brown Skin Arlington County cop.

. they-, the Arlington Court House Arlington Police and Judges and Arlington Prosecutors refuse to answer they want the Hispanic Vote and the jewish reelection money, so they ignore me and my complaint this makes me a second class citizen in America,

because I am White Ethnic- Slav they both are Obstructing Justice-- by refusing to investigate my race Complaint and both belong in Jail, thy together are breaking the law they are sworn to uphold

yet they both--McNutly,-- Kilgore work for the US Justice Dept,--

e- mail the Russian embassy ask them to Confront Kilgore and mcNutly and pres. Bush on my second Class citizen ship because I have White skinned and Ruthenian meaning not Anglo Saxon but White Ethnic I need those E- mails to Russian TV and radio Stations and the Russian Government including the Russian Embassy , in Washington Dc.

I have to go to other world governments s of the world for legal help and Justice the Justice system in America is broken for white people such as in my case.

I call on all Slavic Governments to help me now ! today force the Americans to be Honest shame America using me as the example there is no justice in America but for special classes and races of people in America such as brown Skin Hispanic,-black Skin Black Americans and Jewish Americans and moneyed rich white people,

this report up above explains it the American Government wants me to shut up about all of this so ever thing stays the same . Ill shout louder Iam a Political Dissenter in America and I need protection from all Goverments of the world because America is just like in a fascist country same same . Kilgore and McNutky don’t want Dissent they want silence people of the world please help me white Americans are cowards in Arlington County


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