Gallery 14

the ego page

Hay , how ya doin, come on in,- that’s the boss given Albert hell
The redmonk and a horse called circling jim
Ego picture Hay look at me
Long lines the redmonk
Same horse had a honest to golly red coat
Working a team on a turn plow,- Iam hustling the team bujjey and Joe old shep didn’t care about turn plows he didn’t like the sulky plow , he would put his whole mouth over the wheel of the sulky plow and bite down to keep it from moving
The redmonk and a sulkey plow the dog named shep would not let us plow he would through him self in front of the plow and I had to stop / I didn’t know what his problem was so he was locked up these hosses names

Bujjey and Joe

The Three Sinners
saying their prayers

this photo for the -- Bible Thumpen - Redmonkees of the Redmonkee Brigrade

Another ego picture,- ya gut ta put something out their I guess the horse is so embarrassed he got out of the picture another hay look at me picture

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