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About were i was sitting at the Ruby Ridge hearing room in the US Hart Building when I overheard US Marshall Larry Cooper's family say-

he did it, - he did it ,- that’s the way he acted when he lied to me when he he was a little boy /

Larry Cooper US marshals was at that time shouting to sen Arelene Specter, Diane Fienstien and the other Congressmen at this hearing that Randy Weaver killed his own son, cooper was Shouting it loud -

when this older woman sitting in front of me started to sniffle and cry and said the above statement - Larry cooper 's the govt. agent who shot Sammy Weaver in the back at ruby Ridge. Murdered him and got away with it .

Cooper not only murdered a 14 year old small boy he also tried to intimidate me in side the ruby ridge hearing room pointing me out to the other killer Agents of the Coward US Marshals service these are the coward white men who also shot off half the face of little Sammy mother as she held a baby girl in her arms all at ruby ridge and Arlington County Cops and Judges are questioning me about my political believes which is Against American law.-

The Arlington cops lied on me under oath in the court room they must be fired and go to prison for this,- this is a facist po lice force drunk on the drug power . sick mentally ILL .

the white paper on the foreground on the tables is were the press corp was sitting and the blue plastic chairs is were the public was allowed to sit .News Lady Nina Totenberg sat on the far left press table, she has nice red hair and is a sweet heart of the news business not like lally graham Wythmouth of the washington post news paper

Percy Rockafeller ceo – of WETA radio Arlington va - could ask Nina about this to get to the truth how hard can it be ? for you white woman? Chris a mighty / arnt ya white woman ever goin ta stand up / Black woman doin your job defending me,- lesbian Woman out raged about my dead cousins naked body photos,- lesbian woman outraged about the dead naked Black woman in the DC morgue,

you white Straight woman hertasexual white woman settin on your hands what the hell is your problem straight White woman who like the weenie.

Lesbian woman doin your job for ya WOW !

aka the- Lesbo Queens - thanks shouts the redmonk,- my dead female Cousin and the Dead Black lady on the slab at the morgue appreciate it . who else showed for these two defiled dead woman – no one but lesbian Woman think of that !

Sorry as# hertasexual White woman / they love the weenie, but don’t love freedom and democracy./ vote Cong Jim moran out of office,- get him for getting me / All white woman vote him out of office - get rid of him/ you white woman owe me that,- for the warning / bust Jim Moran at the voting polls – pay me off what you owe me cheap- white woman,- then fire Chief Flynn of the Arlington po lice force he don’t have control of his white skin Buck Cops,- whatabout Chis Zimmerman hes runnining for political office get rid of him – he knew, hell they all knew,- the jews knew,- they work for you,- fire all of em,- show em the peoples power take the County back

All redmonkees get the word out on Moran in your neighbor hood tell the woman in your block to vote moran out of office




























During World War II 1939 to 1945-

I and other World War II children were brought to this statue of a World War I mountain soldier

we were marched to the statue by World War I soldiers and a

Drummer boy from the American civil war , -who was like 80 years old, at the time,- he had an Ivory handled old Army colt pistol he let me hold and carry – there are photos of this in this town news paper I believe ./

we were brought here,-so we could understand what a soldier was, did and looked like /

that rifle this world War I soldier is carrying is the 30.06 Springfield bolt action cold iron sights. /

, this rifle was the first gun I ever fired, I was About 5 or 6 years old and a world war I soldier taught me /

behind this statue the Red roof church is were the Circus Boy Butch got married 1958?- a famous church built by Coal Barron – big Jim Thompson he died broke Paul Mellons father brought big Jim Down .

the book on records states more millionaires lived in this small mountain town then any place on earth ,- Paul Mellon rode horses in these mountains and General GC Marshall was born here,- their were only two kinds of people living here, - the wealthy rulers- all Brahmas-English Americans)

and the White Ethnics immigrants , Russian,- Italian Greek, Polish ,-Arabs and Jewish Tailors all uneducated,- and poor -who slaved in the mines and coke oven fields. Iam from these people-.

The American army rounded up Italians during World war II in this small mountain town and took them to interment camps, I witnessed it as a wee lad. Jewish and Black Americans don’t think this means any thing ,- only what happened to them the jews and the Blacks,- count for any thing /

what do you think?.

(a crime by English Americans) and the English Americans gut away with it like the killer- FBI agents gut away with killing woman and children some only 2 years old in diapers at Waco Texas and Ruby ridge and now today in the year 2002 the Arlington cops are asking me about my political believes / and mocking me calling me a queer.

I like woman not men . /

the court house is fascist in Arlington county Virginia , the judges and Prosecutors what the cowards in lawinforcement are doing to me and Arab Americans is what America did to Italians in world war II and the Slavs during the communist witch hunts in the 1950s in my time now, today in 2002 every white American is silent. Just like back then .

the orange roof building in the back was a Gulf Gas Station were at the Age of 13 the redmonk was fired for giving gas to a black family so they could get across the mountains. Later a black Cop gave me 5 dollars for giving the black family gas,- I wouldn’t take it he forced it on me we always had a couple of black cops from the get go late18 00 s because of the black coal miners,- just like at coalwood west Virgina,- the book- the coalwood way explains it by Homer Hickem he had it easy at coal wood I was at the lower end of the coal range we had Pit ponies pulling Pit Wagons loaded with –# 9 coal not elec . man treps like rich Coal wood West va boys had ! we had Pit ponies and wooden Pit wagons with iron wheels from the late 1800s left overs wee coalfield boys would ride in them on Sunday when the mine was closed pushing them down grade trying to tip em over and wreck em leaping out just before the crash









































This is a much better pict. - of Carol Moor, in front of the FBI building Wash. Dc being interviewed by news men ./

she’s the gal who wrote a book on the killing of women and children at Waco Tex, by the united States Government - lawinforcement -She holds Waco demos to keep their memory alive.- she puts out white crosses,- a Christian white cross for every adult person and child killed burned and gassed 2 year old babies by the American Government at Waco Texas.- In side there religion compound were America burned and gassed em to death for 6 hours /

and then hid the front doors of the religious compound so no one can tell who fired the first shots.

the government cop agents took the door no one knows were its at / the front door is the proof the American government did murder at waco texas against woman and little children and got away with it

the killer cops got medals and more money in the paychecks all for the cops who killed children /

white woman are silent about this murder of children 2 years old, 2 year old babies in dipers- wow

this photo just after the Oklahoma City bombing by rebel soldier Tim McVeigh. Who was in the April 19th Rebellion against the American government./

The government ran us off from this FBI building told us we had to leave even thow Carol moor had a legal Demenstration permit, signed /-

you see the wire fence the FBI put up all around the FBI building, - there are cameras every where on this FBI Building, - go look for your self, if your in Washington DC . / there fore the FBI knows about all the demos I have been in,- in front of this FBI building located in Washington DC USA

they know if I talked to Rebel soldier Tim McVeigh in front of this building as I claim I did,- its gut to be on the FBI Cameras and the news men camerias in the ruby Ridge hearing rooms show Government - cops trying to stare me down to frighten me

, also it will show Colo Gritze and me sitting in blue plastic chairs in the Hart building . /

cops are hassleing me about what I believe just like the Communist witch hunts of the 1950s where the school teachers hassled Slav children in the school room in front of anglo saxon Students, including me, asking about what our parents believe and say

(a Race humilation on us Slavic school children )

I haven’t forgotten it and I mean to get even ,-

it’s the American way, getten even,- let me do it to you ?

they never do it the English Americans,- they always do it to Italians , Greeks, Asians,- Arabs,- Slavs,- Blacks, Indians

but the Government never, never does it to the Anglo Saxon American you notice that ?- let me do it to you, com on,- let me do it to ya,- the way you did it to us , com on,- let me do it to ya, what ya a afraid of English ? pay backs are hell haint they folks a slav or Italian has never run the National Zoo , Smithsonian - Inst and or Been president of the united States or the Govener of the State of Virginia or the police chief in Arlington County va. ever in American history / that’s why I fight America,- as a Political Dessenter America is the BiG LiE

complain about America make it better

the American government through its political police Forces through out America wants silence,- Ill shout louder





































the Redmonk inside the camera Room for the news media in side the Ruby ridge hearing room in the US Hart building that was hit with anthrax - this long half window is drawn open and the news men mount their cameras on tripods and film down on the hearings,- they also filmed the Public sitting in the blue chairs and filmed the redmonk several times,- including talking and arguing with Col. Bo Gritz,-

this Ruby ridge hearing room is were they filmed us marshal Larry Cooper pointing me out to other US Marshals after what I over heard his family say about him lying ,-he killed 14 year old Sammy weaver at Ruby ridge shot him in the back .

the US Marshals tried to intimidate me with the looong stares and long held finger pointing just like Arlington police harassing me over a period of a long time beating me as I was Chained,- broke my ribs,- tore open my hernia and Collapsed my lungs.

I am a 64 years old Political dissenter.

White woman in Arlington county are silent about this beating of the messenger the only person to warn the woman about the National Zoo child killing jew and the Arlington Stalker,

think about that.

Arlington County leaders knew, cops knew, the judges knew , the Arlington Proscuters knew- Fire house # 2 was given the Chinese Amb Letter and told to warn you Arlington County woman and children to stay away from the national zoo, several years ago!!.

all of these arlington county officials want me to shut up / including Cong. Moran -- there all ashamed of their betrayal of the Arlington county –people, - woman and Children, and the little babies that they the Arlington County board, and leaders didnt tell you / I did /- WHY ?

on Sept 12,- 2002 at the arl Library two cops one a female standing and talking to a patron,( a problem of some kind) shes not smart enough to get the hell out of the way of a very small walk way that leads to the computer room. / like she is some one important, doing her business in this narrow walk way –

as I am talking to a Liberian the 7 foot tall male white skin buck cop sees me inside the computer room and does the long looong stare at me like he wants to fight and or is afraid that type of staring staring staring the long stare, -

this is truly a sick political police dept . did Cong Jim Moran tell the cops to hassle me, ?

because iam talking about Moran beating his wife and choking a little black boy pushing and threatening other congressmen around on capital hill is Congressmen moran mentally Ill ?. journelst told me it was Moran and retired US Army Colo getting people to harass me>

all of em a bunch of cowards and as$ holes,- by their coward treatment of me / not brave,- coward tuff guys, not brave guys ,- see all info on the Arlington county page when arl police talk to black homeless people the white cop kiss as# talking softly when these same white cops talk to white homeless people its rough - white cop cowards

























the redmonk delivering Chinese Ambassador letter on the Child Killing Jew and signing in at the desk Cong Nichols of the State of Oklohoma his office U.S Hart buildg.

when did he tell the people of Oklahoma?.

How many Jews work the Justice dept in the Arlington County court house ? in the Arlington library ?

How many of these Arlington- jews know about the new number s of the dead of world War II ? on my web site and the true story of the child killing jew at the national Zoo

The jewish commen wealth attornies in the Arlington court house when did these jews working in the Arlington Court house know ? know ?

The jews want silence from me

I will tell what the jewish people have done to me to shut me up,to stop me from saying 4 and a Half million dead jews of world war II -not six million

Jewish dead of world war Two

violating my civil rights to free speech As a political Activatist it is my duty to point out wrong doing by any group including the jewish people.

Prof. Ercison of Edenberg Scotland found these new numbers of the dead of world war II in the Russian Archieves he said the Russians lost 30 % of its people to defeat Hitler 1945 that’s 49 million Russian dead- this is / the new # 49 million --the old Number was 20 million dead Russians /

The new number of jewish dead is 4 and a half million dead jews 1945 not 6 million , the jewish crazed religious Americans are violating my rights to free speech , trying to stop me from talking about this and or the child killing jew at the Zoo ? .

How many jewish Fanatics work in the Arlington County court house? Proscuters judges cops,- social workers,- because I met some of these crazed jewish nut bags in the Arlington Court house 15 min from Washington DC

The nut bag jews are in this court house , they work for the Christians of Arlington County VA.

And the Christians are silent about all of this – WOW I don’t go to church do see why ? the phoney White Christians don’t practice their religion / they talk it in Arlington County VA. But don’t live it


this is a Restaurent in Arlington Va which was a school formally and a very pretty Black girl, (she was better looking then Lena Horn the Black movie Starlet)

her name was Valery,- she wanted to go to school here,- but Anglo Saxons didn't want her to be their because she was black and threatened her with the Klan,- KKK and some of us also,

the Klan fired Bullets through the window, the Italian Americans stood up for Valery and so did I.- but I was a little slow coming,- but I came and signed a paper for her,- I was a little slow because I was trying to get something, that was holding me up,

I did show up just on time, I heard she complained about my slow arrival, I was just on time for her,- on the button, so to speak If I had waited just a little longer for what I was waiten for, I would have indeed been Late for Valery- Y, but I wasn't late, just on time- but almost late -


Movie star Robert Redford complaint about news person Ben Bradlee of the Washington post newspaper,- Iam not the only one who sees through Bradlees,- Bob Woodwards and Rich Cohens Bull # at this most read news paper in Washington DC Bens from Harverd and Woodward is from Yale what does that tell you? They both crow they brought down prersident Nixon but they a both lacked the guts to go after any other president for wrong doing.

Both Woodward and Bradlee are US navy officers what does that tell you woodward belonged to the Book and snake club at yale but all we the people ever get from bob that's English Bob -W - is the snake and little book,- I walk through grave yard as does English Bob Woodward but at least I found something in my walk,- an open grave
and it wasn't bull shi# the kind Bob finds in travels through the grave yards


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