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the Redmonk at the Russian Revolution on his run to Russia with the Bahavania Family from Falls church va sitting in the very next seat in the plane.

I shot this photo from the Russian Czars palace just as the czar would have seen the masses in 1917.

I walked among them to get the feel of the Revolution the KGB officers told me I cant stay I would not survive what’s coming /

I knew the the old ways was going to die before any one in America did- I believe ?

I heard it and saw it and walked it,- the revolution in Russia and so did little 8 year old Barbara Bahavani of Falls Church va 20 min. from Washington DC.

is it true that Arlington County police are Hounding her to talk about me and also my other witness the South Vietnam Lilly- - Lilly Wong-

so as to shut them up to protect Arlington Social services case workers- Lee and Bingham - wrong doing ?

investigate for god sake trust me, don't trust Arlington county Goverment-

the Washington Post news paper is afraid to do this story,- because it will lead to Donald Graham the owner of the Washington post being found out he gave me up to the police in his barn,- Donald Graham is a coward


Ruby ridge hearing room this is were news Woman Nina Totenburg said-

(is this America ? I don't know what country this is any more )

she was commenting on the remarks of US Marshell- Larry Cooper Lieing on Randy Weaver at these hearings in the Hart Bldg. On Capital hill she was sitting on the press table on the far end table where the light is in this photo is were the Cong and Sen. Were sitting

also this is the room were the mentally ill FbI agent said nice tits to Nina Totenberg news lady but I believe he ment my cousin dead naked body photos that were shown to black janitors in the GAO building by this FBI Agent who was mentally Ill as concerns me so said a staff member on the ruby ridge hearings in a phone conversation I had with this staff member as I complained to her I had not heard a thing from the Sen and Cong who I mailed sert mailed to all of their offices this complaint on this sick FBI agent the news media would not do the story Ben Bradlee /Bob Woodward


Another photo shot in the camera room of me pointing at the long half window where the press corp put their Cameras on trypods to film down on the Ruby ridge Hearings and filmed me while I was sitting behind the family of Larry Cooper the US Government agent who shot to death a 14 year old boy- Sammy Weaver at ruby ridge. Killer agent Larry Coopers family set right in front of me in the blue plastic chairs

This tex on this photo keeps changing back to the mistake in typing where the text shows in writing were larry coopers family sat keeps dissapering off of this pict so that it reads that I was sitting behind killer agent larry cooper /

I never sat behind Killer Agent larry cooper at the ruby ridge hearings in the Hart building because he was up their with the other killer agents and US justices dept. Lawyers ,

I only sat behind L:arry Coopers TwoFamly members about 2 feet away and that how I over herad what they said

This tex keeps disappearing Why?


the redmonk out side the US Hart building at the the ruby ridge hearings on capital hill Washington DC

as I left the building up on the side walk Kevin Harris and his lawyer ask me to come to their place to eat and ask me to be in a Video to reenact what I heard the woman say concerning Agent larry Cooper Lying-

is this why Arl Cops Beat me and Fairfax County Cop with a Italian name meaning Spider tell me the cops are going to get me for what I did to their cop brothers at the us park police,-

I wrote a letter complaining about this cop to the woman who runs Fairfax County Va. she is from the State of Missouri I cant recall her name- Handley I believe/ she refused to answer . Ill put it on this web site to prove the system does not ever work, Ever

Call US Attorney jerry Kilgore in Richmond you will see the system does not work jerry k – wants Jewish Reelection money and he will kill you or me to get it
































this the web master aka Sour Kraut, he was the stalker of Arlington Va. Which cops in arl used him as a Informant a cop named - Cassidy ? How well do Arlington County Detective s know ASPAN social service workers ? what is there relationship? do ASPAN workers do what arl. Police tell them to say or do concerning homeless people I am Just asking a Question,- just as an Investigating Journalist would ask ?)
I also called Mrs Ellen. Bozmen office telling her the Stalker,- Scott marcks was threating Bill Clinton and His Wife a Very young sounding sec. Took the message In Ellen Bozmen office they did nothing. She has been in office 17 years in arl County, /

Her office said they would call the commenwealth attorney office / when nothing happened / that's how I knew it was a Arlington county Sting operation to get me to say something against the president.
, Marcks would threaten the president and Hillary almost every day for several weeks when he rode with me

, were the jews using him as an informant? , this needs to be investigated, by Journalist from Europe, Canada, Italy, France, South America etc American Journalist are Afraid. Bob Woodward, Ben Bradlee, Rich Cohen, at the wash. post news paper - d.c all afraid because it leads to their cowardice protecting Donald Graham a Coward American and owner of the Washington post news paper

every one e- mail the wash. Post and US attorneys Jerry Kilgore in Richmond Va and McNutly in Alex Va..

The names and address of the people involved in this cover up coming ,/ Arlington police knew he - Marcks was a Stalker of woman and didn't tell you white woman and you white woman have remained silent as concerns this beating of me,
on April 22 2002 in front of the Hecht CO. like slight of hand killing of the weaver family at ruby ridge, by your Government- giving the weavers the wrong date for court appearance when they didnt show / went out to get em , all slight of hand / they wanted Weaver to be an informant and he refused /

Arlington. cops harassing me on daily bases, like crazed nut- bags- Nazies and their brother Lawinforcement Sheriff Simpson of Loudon County Va putting on his web site I am Deranged so he and other cops slight of hand can get cops to kill, what a cheap cop shot,- no guts ,

Arlington County Cops giving me stare downs like high school punks,- on a daily bases Punks,- not professionals, I alerted my lawyer a former Prosecutor of Fairfax county va.

Arl county court house where the Arlington county Judges are leaning towers of Pisa's in black robes always leaning toward the Cops and the Prosecutors, the law states the judge must lean toward the people / not the cops, contact Commenwealth attorney for east Virgina a one- Mr. McNutly in Alex . Va. In a mass e- mail

Arlington County Court house Cops,- Judges , prosacuters, - the County Board , Jerry Kilgore . McNutly , BOB Miuller IIIof the FbI didn’t warn you about the stalker the childkilling jew only I did .

When ya goin ta stand up for me people ??















this is the famous Decatur House one block up from the White house where they were celebrating the 2nd Presidential Win by Pres Clinton,-

the redmonk was protesting in front of this Decatur house when some of the big names in America showed up at this victory party at this famous house,- movie star- mike Douglas,-

he showed an interest in my sign reading it and moved to the corner of the Building he said I believe you,- I answered back,- tell Spartacus , /- that in reference to his movie star father who played Spaticus in a Movie of the same name.

Mike Douglas said I will and got on the phone made a phone call who ever he was talking to made him laugh after a while he shouted to me,that Sparticus said keep fighting.

Also Donna Shalla who was in the Clinton Adm is the only one leaving the decater house to walk up to my sign and stop and read it , no more then two feet away, she then got in a black lemo and left . only a black bus driver from the state Georga spoke up for me , I ask white people to take my pict and they wouldn’t do it

Also some people from the state od Georgi took video film as I was shouting at the political people inside this house one block up from the white house and a black cong woman named Mcinny demanded they give her the film and I told them to hide the film and they did news men find out ?

I also shouted that we the people wanted some of the whiskey that gopher brought in to the decater house by the case and I then being throwing stones in side the house through the opened front door

Theirs more to this,- but I got to go,- more background commen- you got to make shi# happen you got to go out their and fight em shake em up be a desenter against the American goverment you white guys stop hiding in your basement perdue white chickens every white guy

Keep your eye out for the US attorney Jerry Kilgore page front page

a Carol Moor- Waco Demonstration behind the white House Washington dC you see the crosses she always puts up with the names on the cross of every child and woman burned , gassed and killed by American lawinforcement at waco Texas,- the same bunch of government Agents who killed Mrs. Weaver at Ruby ridge, the same kind of Arlington Cops who beat me while I was chained and the same kind of Cops who shot an American Mexican Woman to death as she slept in her bed in Fairfax Virgina 20 min from Wash Dc you see the branch Davidian religious flag,- that guy with a cane,- his back to the photo- is a preacher from Roanoke or Lynchburg Va he knows about my fire insurance sermon hell and damnation, fire and brim stone sermon in front of FBI headquarters
American Indian demo for Indian leader Pelter behind the White house wash DC
me at a Waco demo behind the white house in Washington Dc this is the famous branch Davidians Flag they took to demos all around America

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