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aboard LST 1162 over seas- the guys fishing,- the little Jewish sailor on the far end- my witness / we through over board into the water cases of whole turkeys that had rotted and the sand sharks were in a feeding Frenzies their were so many sharks they were climbing out of the water on eachs others bodies tearing the turkeys apart / this guy is the head cook a real nice guy,- Italian American,- always happy he fought in WwII at the Caserne pass as a GI Joe soldier / when we were in Morocco north Africa he went and found his fox hole he dug and hid in during this WWII Battle,- it was still there and he visited the graves of his buddies.
the not so secret Ship the - Vangard -) a tracking ship manned by a Civilian Crew for the US Government / this ship was two ships welded together from world War II / from Amid ship forward to the Bow / was the- SS- San Fernando - a Mission Class oilier from WWII ./ from amid ships to the stern, was the Mission class oilier the- SS Muscle Shoals ) also from WWII,- so when I say I sailed on these two ships the ( Fernando) and the-( Muscle Shoals Iam not lieing / I also rode a Bike at sea on this ship the vanguard / you had to have seamen documents and a security clearance to sail on this ship,/ I stood watch on the bow and the bridge and helmed the ship in the pilot house ,- see photo next pic. / This ship was called a chopper because it was two different ships welded together/ all WWII equipment in side,- furniture, eating Utensils etc.all- WWII
sailing out of Rio - Brazil on the Vangard heading for the States,- were crossing the Equator and no air conditioning,- hot as hell, that's why I look like Iam dieing,- I have been on the wheel Four hours / no big deal, but the humidity and the heat was killin me, I don't know why, standing next to me- that's the Third mate ,hes from Baltimore a Italian American / nice guy, easey doer. / everybody was a Civilian,- not military the electronics people- all civilians / or Government workers./ Waiters served us food in white jackets handed us menus just like a 5 star restaurant, every meal had three choices of meats,- two of us to a state room or cabin
pict of me at 50 years of age and at sixty years of age shows how a persons ages - the rust setten in on the redmonk. The rust is waiten for all of ya
the cards-- the EEOC black officer NOAA was a White hating racist,- he accused me of racism because I didn't hire his blacks / Arlington Cop card--- he stopped me in a Safe way parking lot across from the fire house and MacDonald's and yelled at me, screaming at me to put my hands down , I had folded across my chest waiting for the next Arlington as# Hole Cop to show up mocked me, / yell at me and then asked me if I would be an informant for the police on Homeless people, what an ass hol# / Christian- sheriff Flynn auta fire him and the jew cop Kantar who may or may not hate Christians,- I dont know, Iam askin a Question?
,- the German Cop Bouchour - #978,- a cabbage head for our time )- he also implied I might be a stalker,- this after I and I- alone alerted the woman of Arlington County about the stalker- the stalker photo on gallery 8 or 9 the people of arlington should fire all of these cops,- who are harassing me and protecting their cop bros-. On the park police who took the photo of the dead black woman's naked body inside the D.C morgue, and showed it around I wrote a letter complaining about it, and this is why the arl cop As# holes are Fuc#ing with me ? / make chief Flynn fire em these as# hole arl. cops. the cops were using the Arl Stalker scott marcks as a informent, only I warned the woman about the stalker, I haint no Angel, but either is a cop an angel / I have a most interesting story to tell on this ASPAN- case worker Mashiel Herchiemen- her card- stay Tuned and send money
the deck crew of LST II62 getting ready to refuel one of four wooden Mine sweepers we took across the Atlantic to be given away to Spain or Turkey / the hose is hanging from a boom connected to a wench / they had to be fueled every four days. / this is calm weather we had to fuel in a storm,- no tie downs to our bodies,- no hard hats, no gloves,- world war II life jackets,
we worked the old fashion way,- the old Boatsen Mate said your seamen,- if you don't have sea legs ,- die, he ment it too ,/ he said,- well tell your mother how her son died,( he fell over board and was lost .) every body better wake up . we all chuckled /
this is all Small potatoes compaired to a dog face soldiers in a stinking rice paddy walking over toe poppers in Nam / call me a lier ? - check mate to all of you . dog faces
 The first of four- all World War II type wooden mine sweeper moves up and over shoots,- his position we shoot a line across to the mine sweep crew so they can drag the fuel hose across and hook up and then we start pumpen nice and slick and easy in calm weather / in rough weather a different story / we broke hoses, left and right / we all looked like oil rig workers in the Oklahoma Oil field of the 1930s / covered with oil drippen, / crew members almost washed over the side / what a stinken mess / the show must go on / bring up another Fuel hose /
This is the guy that got hung up in the lines( rope) during a rough storm and nearly got torn in half as the rough water pushed the mine sweep close,- then far away from LST 1162 , / the wench men leaving out hose,- taking in the hose, as fast as he can so as not to snap the hose / the mine sweeper was pushed far away by the rough sea and he nearly got pulled in half through a chalk,- I went out with a knife and cut him loose , / just before he got to the chalk and and the entire hosing operation collapsed down on us / I don't remember his name, - very quiet guy / all of this is small potatoes as they say. Compared to a stinkin grunt ground pounder in Nam getten his toes poped off by charlies toe popers / Ill say it before some one else does/ you don't have to tell me,- you think I don't know the difference - check mate on you- dog faces

this is a mild shot of a Wooden mine Sweeper slamming in to us and the wood splintering just like an old sailing ship, wood flying , that why the deck crew is backing away,- the guy setting on the deck is holding the hose back this is very calm weather , / the 3 legged prong contraption, the crew is leaning up against,- the top ring hold the boom in place when lowered, a boom looks like a telephone pole,- it is now up in the air at a 45 % angle held in place by guye wires , the boom holding up the hose / if you get the picture ? if not I cant help ya


calm weather, an easy doer, these ships are made of all wood, / people don't believe that / in rough weather we thought they might break apart, / they were being turned into splintered wood every time they hit us / they have to be made of wood because of magnetic Mines - the Mine Sweeps deal with


in the communication center for the tracking ship- Vanguard - tracking missiles /- this guy is from new york this comm. Center was a spooky place ,- light on low what Iam I doing here ? looking around- ask the FBI, CIA , National security where is my wallet the Smithsonian stole? Does any one know ?


the top bunk is mine merchant seamen bunks in a cabin or state room on the Vangard two bunks to a cabin - not bad! When you compare to the US Navy where you sleep 30 guys to a compartment and no bunk like these / navy bunks are canvas stretched on a metal frame

me at the helm, on the Vanguard in the fore ward pilot house also called the wheel house / I have grabbed the spoke of the helm for this picture,- generally you use the palm of your hand to man the wheel or helm, you cant hold it tight / we stood a four hour watch and or two hour watches on the helm . other times we stood look out in the piolet house or up on deck on the bow with bio glasses
the little jewish sailor my witness probably the most important jew on earth - does anyone know him ? where is he? I need him as a witness / If you know this little jewish sailor contact me . he said he was going to be a rabbie, / hes out there some were / but where ? I don't remember his name / was it walter or was it Harry ? he and I hauled something on my back from world war II / He was from Philadelphia Pa. / Also the other jewish witness the little coal field Jewish Girl / with a little brownie box camera / her name was Julie / she was almost a yenta back then // / but today - / many years late / a Wittness !
Master's Noon Report from the Vanguard, May 3, 1974



Photos of the USS Arneb - Admiral George Dufeks flag ship and the first ship the redmonk served on... the place he ate shrimp for the very first time in his life... the story is coming soon...(Operation Deep Freeze , Antartica ) the year -1956



THIS JUST IN!!!    (July 16, 2007)

This sub Sealion and a few other WW II type subs were docked two piers down from LST 1162 at little creek amphib base at the end of the L.S.T Piers. I went aboard her several times for coffee and to shoot the bull.

You can see the sub has a sail - meaning the metal casing that surrounds the conning tower you can see the sail on several pictures on this Sealion site on WW II subs there was no metal sail encasement of the conning tower.


Image from

Image from

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These are wwII landing craft - the same kinda boat the redmonk made his run to the beach - no towel --this story on monkey tails--- these LCVP navy boats are made of all plywood.




The last of the LST 1169
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