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proof of mailing the Child killing Jew letter to famous Mike Tigers wife - with a special letter just for her.-

mike Tigar was as you know OK City Bomber – Rebel soldier Terry Nichols – lawyer, -

Mike who I asked repeatedly to help me concerning what lawinforcement did to photos of my dead cousins body, and request other legal advice. This happened In the general accounting office Building in Washington dC where I worked before they fired me .
This is also a early redmonkee news letter heading used for my news letter the crew of 60 min TV investigative show I didn’t have the internet then )- send 60 min tons em e- mail force them to come into Arlington county

tell em to do this story

read Johnnie Cochrans new book (a lawyers life ) he tells the truth on American justice and po lice corruption in every court house in America, including Arlington County Court house corruption in my case

the mental Illness of American Judges,- Cops , and Prosecutors . read it in john Cochrans new book (a lawyers life )




















this justice dept Letter is the last letter sent to me by the United states Justice Dept concerning the photos of my dead cousins body being passed around in the US- Government G.A.O building also called the general accounting office building.

this is how the American government treated me.

The American white woman are silent - about all of this . Why ? –

the dirty country,- America, the big lie, on the world -America

America the land were the poor people with no money get no justice (then revolution /

let me do it to you what they have done to me ?

/ I run to embassy row in Washington DC for more muscle to fight un just America .

in- un- Fair America you need a !00,000 American dollars to pay lawyers to fight for you in Americans court system to get justice.

a court appointed Lawyer in America appointed by a judge-

because you have no money,- is paid 90 dollars a day for an appearance in the court room – the 90 dollars paid by the court to fight for poor people and get them justice because poor White people don’t have money for a lawyers / the system pays the 90 dollars. For poor people,- the 90 dollars is to pay the Court appointed lawyer for doing paper work at a poor person Trial . not to have a fair trial , just to do the paper work .- there can never be a fair trial for this little money America is Corrupt.

if this same court paid lawyer prepares a one or two day trial,- to defend poor people ,this lawyer is paid $3oo dollars a day each day of the trial. By the court

most trials last one or two days / no one can get a fair trial in America with this little money .

all total comes to about- $8 hundred American dollars. For a trial paid by the Court

that’s pretend Justice.

there is no justice in American but only for the rich Americans – like the rich- Rockefeller family or Dupont Family or Kennedy family or the Bush Family or the rich Graham family that owns the Washington post newspaper /

there is no justice in America for the average American people it’s a lie . that’s there is justice in america























Mike Robinson a British Subj from England ran the NationalZoo, he was not a American Citzen . think about that

We the White Ethenics pay 75 % of their budget

no white ethenic American ever ran the national zoo in its history –

I complained about it too.

No Slav no Italian no Greek No Chinese American born here in the United States ever in American History ever,- ran the National Zoo ever. Or the Arlington County court house or Police Dept. or been Governor of the State of Virginia or president of the United States

Doc Klienmen a nice jewish girl,- she always treated me right,- Iam Sure she hates me now after putting her photo on this web site.

/ Eddie Gould got her in trouble she didn't want to go with Eddie the jew and his Flash light to look at the mother panda and the Babies / she told him it was not a good idea .

she also knows I played my accordien for the recouping sick Apes up at the hospital at the Zoo . she took a picture of me intertaining the sick apes with my circus music.

the Apes loved it and raised hell when I stopped,- I had to keep playing, I let the little one s play the key board /

every one E- mail PETA tell the animal right s org PeTA - Mary beth sweetland and the British Hoe that indeed Apes love circus Music played on a Accordian and I proved it and what I can prove PETAs got to eat .

Doc Devra Klienmen a Jewish Girl at the national Zoo is a livingWittness, that this is so the Apes love Circus music ./ see if the jewish girl lies

when Devra was a young she girl Jewish student at the University . She streaked. Buck naked. She has a nice body. I never saw it ,- Shes no spring Hen . but she is very nice jewish gal always treated me right

this web site is better then the matt Drudge report

You all know about Eddie the Jew Gould at the National Zoo he said I was mental ill because I was a Slav I say Eddie Gould is mentally Ill because hes a Jew , that's a two way street not a one way street. Read lawyer Johnney Cochrans latest book ( A lawyers life)

































The one Arlington County cop who beat me up april 22 2002 mentioned Capt. Day – on this web site, as he smashed my face in the pavement again and again after making my head bounce off the pavement I believe I had a mild concussion and this same arlington cop complained that I used the English saga – ( Roland at the bridge ) you don’t use our English saga

. I want these Sobes Fired

and I want Slavic government s to get me Slav Justice aginest these people who harmd me using Slav Law/ not American law

Capt- Day he was a Double dipper he knows about the drug problem at the zoo but he haint talking.

does he have friends on the US park police? you figurer it out .

the Arlington Cops know about my web site and are lieing about it with the help of the Court Employees Judges and proscuters in arlington County Va.

Ben Beck wanted Sex from me and ask me in front of the Small Animas House , he said he wanted to be the first one /

( I like woman not men I am not a Homosexual nor have I ever been and I have never been a bisexual the Arlington County police are implying I am,-because of their Cop buddies on the US park police its called Demonizing a person also called dirting up the Wittness )

the Arlington Entire Court system is doing this to me because they are all ashamed and covering up about the Arlington Stalker the Viet children at Arnavalley apts and too many other things to mention at this time

they the Arlington proscuters,- judges, cops including arl det. all,. Use the Stalker and the other homeless Informants on the streets who the FBI told me were Informents including a Judge whos last name was burton or barton the female proscuters saying Iam doing propaganda for Communist China and that I bragged that My wife worked in the White house that I bragged that I took care of president Reageons Horse all lies all lies lies

that’s why I spoke up in the court room against these lies at my bail hearing and the Judge had me removede Iam getting my story out on this web site and in the Prossesss showing the Corruption of the Arlington Court System and the American justice system and its corupte employees

back at the zoo ---

a black guard listening in out side Becks office door,- Beck office was inside the lion and tigar building, this black guard knows what he Beck said to me to try to get me to go off in anger and maby strike out at him / the black guard knows

as Beck told me in a snearing voice I was being moved to the bird house from the lion and tigar building

this info for news paper investigators.

Bill lives in Arlington Va he was charged with sex discrimination by a female zookeeper / his father got him the job / he also supervised his own wife the Union was pissed about it too /

when Beck sent me to the bird house Bills –X is the one who taunted me that when the Giant Kingfisher calls out in the bird house the kingfisher is laughing at me

after my web site and the bulls eye ask Bill who laughing at who,- every ones laughing at Bill and the Smithsonian, because every one tells me so / including Arlington School children who ask for my autograph and tell me they hope I get em .

does Bill know Arlington county Cops who stopped me on April 22 2002 ? he lives in Arlington Va


info on how PETA spends your money send PETA E- mail and ask mary beth Sweetland why they never came to my Aid ask em go ahead and askem the phonist people in the Animal business ever,- PETA and the most mentally Ill people under one Roof ever.

the PETA Woman are corn cobs,- I call em Corn Cobs because if you ever see em,- thay all eat veg and no meat and thay are all skinny and have a callow look to them like corn Cobs

I was struck by it the Corn Cob look, I said wow Corn cob woman

Sue me PETA I don’t have anything I live in the streets


I even sent info on the child killing jew to Jewish American-- Ellie Rosembaum who looks for Nazis he did not make a peep / I put him on trial morally he failed his test, he knows who I am

the jewish Power brokers from New York Control him / these powerful jews from New York put him in this position at the US justice dept.

( I did research on this)

and he Elie does what the new York jews tell him to do.-

including attacking the only Jew of the Holocaust who said from the get go in the 1940s that other people died in the death camps of world war II not just jews.

the Sun Flower Slav-Jew Simon Whenthsal said that statement and he Elie Rosembaum a sorry as$ jew in the US Justice Dept. Attack Simon Whensnthal for making that honost statement under orders of the new York jewish leaders who tell Eli Rosembaum what to do like elie is some low level gopher for the powerful jews of New York

which indeed he is

I did research on this just like any Investigative newspapermen does

It's me

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