Gallery 6 - Updated Dec 30, 2005

The Smithsonian Inst is just like ENRON officials same same
PETAs jeany Roush / photo of Kay Graham / I liked this shot of her deep in thought / the photo of the new york Jew Schermetz who got his in Russsia,- what a jewish as$ hole he was,- his jewish brother was a decent jewish guy saved his brother Eric Schremtzs as$, Jews don’t know how to treat people / whats their problem

If you knew what this SOB did in Russia USSR you would hang your head

Ben Bradlee and English Bob Woodward of the washingtin Post newspaper in Washington Dc don’t want to know,- they are afraid both of em US Navy officers what does that tell ya

Embassy row has these Tele # as the Smithsonian was killing the redmonkee he put these # in his boot and tossed em into the Embassy row seee the movie- ( all the pretty horses ) to see what I mean about tossing the boot
This was posted up at the national Zoo by a very brave English American girl zookeeper, she ask me if I would back her up, and come- I said sure. As we all gathered in this room we were told by Zoo mangement officials to leave the room, now ! and if we didn’t,- we would be terminated from our zookeeping positions at the National Zoo . she was a brave she gril zookeeper she was English American – the truth is the truth

This show how your National Zoo operates / the Animals are the third or forth thing the Rulers at the Zoo care about.

the first thing the PHD rulers at the zoo care about is the PHD Intellectuals and their doing research on the animals its all about the PhDs not the Animals no one Believes me, but its all true


Virginia Bar Association letter

(New on Dec 30, 2005)

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