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This is the US Government NOA building located in Silversprings MD my Hispanic help and I had race problems with the racist Blacks guards and Black government employees in this building, the racist port Rican named Tito who was involved in eeoc wanted his girlfriend hired by my co.- Ogden government services - a private contractor and he implied I was a racist, when I refused to hire her,- I was the only white person working for my co in this the only white person,- they ran me out of this building to the G.A.O. bldg,- where the blacks showed photos of my dead cousins body around,- with the help of the FBI,- Black eeoc and Tito need to be fired for hating white people, in this N.O.A. bldg., watch the eeoc- blacks and Tito lie about this. See if they sweat Ė The Goverment investigator was named Kim , Tito is a brown port Rican racist coward,- who hates white people send him a copy of this photo of the N.O.A Buildg.. I fight back Iam a Slav and Slavs are 7 % of the American population, white people are 9 % of the earths population,91 % of the earths population is black, brown, and yellow

, whatís brown- Skin Titoís complaint? At the N.O.A. Building The FBI Knows look for the Government letter on the Photo page

  A rough early redmonk news letterI put out when I didnít have the internet / no lawyers no money living in the streets I went in person to Pamyet in Russia and to the KGB Yablanka Prison for help and to this Russian nationalest Igor Sychov to get legistion passed in the Russian duma to make it legal to capture Americans and have them stand at trial in a Slavic Court of law,- in Russia, Americans such as DR Gould Ben Beck Mike Robenson the Blacks in the GAO Buildg. Wash .D.c. And the Blacks and the PortaRicon Tito,- in the NOA Bldg Tito,s from new york city including the Pres. Of Ogden Servicesmr. Richard Ablon whose home office is in new York including Francis Berry of EEOC located in Wash.D.c. her office lost my eeoc Complaint and also refused to sign a slip that I hand delivered my race complaint to her office,- this complaint was about the blacks defiling my cousins dead bodyIf any of these American people are found guilty in a Russian Court of lawunder Slav lawthey should all be put to deathfor a hate crime against a slav / how many Black and jewish Blockers in the US justice dept. lost my papers and how many times? is that not proof that I live in a American Facist State, they obstruct Justiceand donít go to jail or get fired but I will get deadly even. donít worry this web site is very American I am Advertisingand advertising is very American,All Black American including Miss Berry owe money for the Civil war and money to the dead American civil war soldiers family who died to free the Black Americans the only reason the blacks Americans are alive is the 49 million dead Russians Slavs who died defeating Hitler 1945 and Black Americans owe Russia for cutting the chains of mother Africa no one else showed upfor africa down load this page and send it to black , jewish and Smithsonian leaders/ they all owe me a lot of Money, but they donít think so / I know so / coal field Mountian law says they owe me / I donít go by anglo saxon law because its for the rich only
  reply from the US justice Dept concerning the Jewish Zookeeper Ralph Strauss at the national zoo Concerning zookeeper Strauss killing of Arab children in Israel with Diane Roberts of the us Justice dept. telling me she is going to alert zoodiercter mike Robinson at the national Zoo.
  Concerning zookeeper Ralph Strauss having killed children in Israel.

FBI hate crime unit refusing to inverstigate concerning of the defiling

of my dead cousins body in the G.A.O. building/ at a Waco demonstration with about 20 people I shouted so loud I want my papers that I forced†† to come out of the FBI Buildingand answer where my papers where that I ask him to investigate concerning my dead cousins bodyat the GAO building I also told him and I demanded the FBI give me back the return certified mail receipt from my repeated request for an investigationI believe this is on tape by one of the Waco demos who had a camera

  FBI agent Doyle's business card- he is the FBI Agent who took the phone call at FBI headquarters Buildingin Washington D.c. after the Oklahoma City bombing by rebel soldier McVeigh and they say Doyle put down the wrong time it was called in he also knows Kevin Mulckeywho ran guns with Ed Wilson and Terpil they grew up together Doyles Father or grand father was a Legend in AA Helping People with drinking problems and one of Doyle grandfather ran a tug boat in new York and paid bribes to get jobsso I heard on the wire an Italian Business man in Philadelphia Pa. Told me Cong. Frank Wolfs Father was a dirty cop in Philadelphiahe took money and that Italian Business men paid Frank wolfs Way to Collage ††I get around you got to go were the crosses grow you cant hide in your Basement and watch Televisiondid they lie to me I donít know iam putting ever thing out because I know were this is going and nobody else does
  these are just afew of the proofs of mailing the older ones of larry small Jamie Gorlic Louis Fhree, Janet Reno Pres. Clinton Pres. Reagan US Supreme court Judge Rhenquest, the PETA org. ill will put on other phots on new galleries soon I have the mailings that go way back to prove that the powerfull people in America and Arlington County Gvt. In Arlington County Va. new about this and covered it up and destroyed me I fight back I didnít have the Internet or lawyers and or money the internet helps even the Playing field
  One of six pages of documented animal abuse at the National Zoo- in Washington D.C. more comingÖ the actual photos of the Zoo officials involved coming to Photo galliery 7 or 8
  I went to the Whitehouse to get more muscle for my fight

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