Gallery 4

  Some nice Gal did this drawing of the redmonk activest at a Demo.- in Washington D.C
   The Smithsonian gave me this award and then fired me about two months later, I fought em until I ran out of money for lawyers  then went to the USSR to get on their Television and a Job at the Moscow Zoo
  PETA tells all of us not to kill animals and PETA then playing God, kills Animals, what a bunch of phonies PETA is . this PETA Ve.who is mentioned here, saw the Circus Rascals  50th reunion  in Arlington Va. ask her What she saw? 
   This is the US Hart Building on Capital Hill where the redmonk Attacked and degraded  one of the most powerful black leaders in America  as pay back for what the blacks did to me,-  Sen Specter and all Gv. Officials at the ruby ridge hears held in this building know  about it/ the Black Female Leader ask for the Guards gun to kill me,  check movie Page for the full story where I am standing is where she was standing in the photo 

PETA would not help me, PETA is in bed with the Smithsonian and Republican party 

 I went to PETA how many times  asking for help / no answer,- no body home/

 PETAS political agenda  is not for the Animals.

 but politics the new world order using the Animals to get children into PETAs Political Agenda the new world order

 PETAs woman are corn cob woman and they are afraid of the sausage

 They all look like corn cobs  eating only veggies, no meat on  the bones corn cobs


 After this picture don’t ever call me Bull Shi#, believe me, about every thing on this web site.- Embassy row has these and other Photos.

  I fight back after first being fair

 This photo is for the Arlington County police dep. and court house employees    All Proscuters, all Judges and the jewish Social worker- a crazed jew one- Wolfenstien  a Jewish nut bag  Fanatic   this photo for all of you after the broken ribs torn hurnia, Harrasment, 10,ooo lawyers fee  Etc ETc

 Embassy row knows  you dirty SOBes and Dirty DOBES in the court house I fight back / you stinking  Court house Cocasuc$ers wouldn’t have a clue how to be an american , not a clue

  First time Demonstrating ever, in my life/ in front of the Smithsonian Ins. on the Mall side, Wash. D.C. right after they fired the redmonk/ I went down and faced em  for several weeks in front of the Smithsonian Castle
   The redmonk setting it Sen. Arlene Specters chair in th US Hart Building were the ruby ridge hearings were held
  Robert Redford  refusal to turn the Circus Rascals into a movie for children,- see The Little Circus Rascals on the link page a synopses

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