Gallery 3


Asking Russian General Lebed for help in front of the White House

 The reason I am protesting in front of the white house

 Is to show I have to ask a Russian general for help

 my own  American Government, and people will not help me  I am here to Embarrass America  with this sign/ and it worked,- people asking what the hell happened Id tell em and the woman just shook their heads  and said those sobes,- meaning American Cops .


Little Protester for Sara Weaver and Kevin Harris on the Mall Wash DC

 Sara Weaver was 16 years old  when the American government  Cops shot half her mothers face of while she held a baby in her arms in a door way

  no Government Cop went to jail for this murder of a mother holding a baby

 The government cops then lied hid evidence and all white Woman in America were silent

 400 cops surrrounding the weaver cabin and 7 white people in side the cabin

 that’s 400 cop cowards out side around the cabin 


The Redmonk at his computer, 63 year old hunk of beef, aged on the hoof, naturally.

 Check the marrage prop out on the link page  you older gals  don’t be afraid, just  do i.


Waco demo in front of FBI Headquarters, Wash DC

 I was filmed and interviewed by news men  with 6 news cameras.

 Read Johnny Cochrons new book-( a lawyers life) it explains the Arlington County Court house 


FBI Agents defiled dead bodies inside the GAO building  in Washington DC

 Me at a Waco demo in front of the FBI Building

 Down town Washington DC

 Read Johnney Cochrohn new Book – called a Lawyers life

Little Barbara Bavhana of Falls Church, VA in front of Moscow Univ., USSR with her mother and two brothers they were later rounded up by members of Pamyet a Russian Nationalst org. that protects Slavs around the world and who I have gone to to get help against America

The Redmonk alone on a demo, FBI Headquarters Bldg, Washington DC

 This is the demo were two FBI agents came out of the FBI Building and the skinny one in a White shirt and tie walked over to my sign and bent down and  laughed him  self silly  in mockery, pointing at my sign this FBI ass hole then whoopd and hollered  FBI kills woman and children  screaming it and laughing like a clown he was in the same position a woman uses when she pees in the woods  Squating.

 I then shouted loud that the FBI agents were two homosexuals and the one in the white shirt was a girl,

 I fixed his as$

 this bag of FBI shi# pulled out his radio and called some one –

 a few min later out comes a guard  with a gun and sneers at me trying to intimidate me  and frighten me ,

 I then started  to chase these two FBI assHoles, they both started running, I was  pointing my finger at em  as I ran toward them Shouting -calling em FBI- Homosexuals and the people, the public on the side walk laughed at them.

  The one White skinned FBI Cocacsusker wanted to fight me

 But his buddy grabbed him and they walked away,- these FBI  people are sick, Sick sick .

only Sen. Grassley from the State Of Iowa is after the FBI  to make em accountable , everyone   back  Sen. Chuck Grassley up  for president of the United States, hes all we the American people got  


The Redmonk delivering Chinese Ambas. letter to a congressmans office in the US, Hart Bldg in Washington Dc  I delivered tons of this letter to these  SOBen people on Capital Hill all silen. The system is broken and does not work 

 America is a Joke ,,a lie on the world, phoney and listed # 13 in freedom for the American people- 12 more countries have more freedom for its people then America the United nations said so  I didn’t make this up

 Read Johnny Cochrons new book called- a Lawyers life  - it’s the redmonks 2nd bible on how the justice system fails in  America


Redmonk in front of FBI Headquarters building after the OK City bomb blast by rebel Soldier McVeigh

 This is a carol moor Waco Demo  I am the only demonstrator for ruby ridge and they ask me to always go to the end of the demo because this was a Waco demo not a Ruby ridge Demo so I complied  that’s why I am always by my self  on the far end alone  in all these pictures

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