Addendum : connected to  the July 19th 2007  letter  mailed to the FBI.


To the FBI agent in charge  Washington DC  concerning the complaint filed  dated july19, 2007  do these  4 words described below explain   what is happening to me and if so has a crime been committed--------- or does  section 241- ( conspiracy against rights  )-- and section 4  -( Misprison of a Felony ) also apply to my filed complaint  to you dated  July 19th 2007  sert mailed to .the FBI office .  : Washington DC

  Do these 4 words described from the American dictionary , the 4 words located  down below in high lighted letters  do these words  apply in my  filed complaint to you   or apply  to any lawinforcement officer  of Arlington county  Virginia  involved and  or the names  of individual mentioned in the Pennsylvania state police complaint  letter connected to this letter .-  this is done so you could better under stand my filed  complaint . dated July 19 th 2007 to the FBI


 I believe these individual s named  below  have  some  knowledge  of this  incident  ---- a guy named Lin  works in the Italian store  in Lyon village shopping center ,- a guy  named  Lenny rides a red scooter a lawyer ? I understand , --- and a fellow named- Rose ? I understand  long time employed in the Arlington County Commonwealth office has a red car .

 All seem to be close friends with the fellow  named  Lin they all hang out  at Starbucks at Lyon village shopping center on  Lee High way  in Arlington County  daily about 4 to 6 o’clock afternoon  Rose the one reported to work in the  Arlington County  commonwealths attorney office takes Lin home sometimes I understand ,---  the Guy Lin knows the Arlington Cop who wanted to fight me in this shopping center this  same cop   was in on the beating of me in the year  2002 as explained in the  Pennsylvania State Police  letter of complaint connected to this letter to you.- So as you may have a better understanding  of what’s going on . in my complaint


  Please Read the  Pennsylvania State police letter enclosed  to under stand.

   I have reason  to believe these named people Rose, Lin, Lenny,   know the Arlington  motorcycle cops who tried to harm  me  as stated in my letter to you dated  July 19 ,2007


  I have reason  to believe the Arlington motor cycle  officers Involved  as described in my complaint to you  will lie  in one  part of my filed  complaint to you   ---


----explanation  :::   the Arlington County motor cycle  cop  after coming straight at me with his motorcycle,  as I describe  in my complaint letter  to the FBI- dated July 19 2007-  and  the two car accident  I mentioned in this same letter to the FBI ,-- the two car crash did not happen until the two Arlington motorcycle cop passed me and were at the corner of Lee high way and Kirkwood ST  then and only then did the accident - crash of two cars occur with a loud boom   on the corner  Lee high way and Kirkwood ST ,- I saw the crash happen because I was looking at the  back of the two motor cycle cops  who were  getting ready to stop there motorcycles at the light  located   at the corner of Kirkwood st  and Lee high way . were the crash of  these two cars took place .


 I repeat-- only after  the two motor cycle cops passed me and had  nearly ran over me  I  then heard the one cop on the far side lane  away from  me shout to the cop who almost hit me by inches  not feet, -- inches -- just sec before the car crash at the intersection this  far lane cop  shouts– the cop riding in the far lane  shouts -(your finished in a disgusted tone  of voice )  his head was turned   looking in the direction of the motor cycle  cop who almost hit me by inches  ,  then and only then did the crash occur,-  they the two Arlington County Motorcycle cops  can not say they were speeding to a crash scene as they passed me   the crash had not occurred . yet

 My personal experience  with cops is that they will lie, and they have lied on me in the court room.  We the American  people  read it every day in the news papers police lying putting innocent people away  in prison  ruining there lives  even putting innocent citizens to death  all of  the American  citizens  see it on the 7 o’clock news  weekly some times daily   and my experiences are real as your experiences are real  Mr. FBI Agent


I say to the  F B I agent who is assigned to my complaint  I believe  those two Arlington County motor cycle  cops are going to lie and  say they were   rushing to the crash  scene a lie --- the crash did not happen until they passed  me  see enclosed photos of  scene .


The Arlington police have harassed me for years in Arlington county  the FBI agent needs to find out the Agenda of the Arlington Police  as concerns me . and why they have a agenda concerning me  ? and to question a Arlington County Jewish Cop  Kantar


 While I was  employed by the US Park police in  civilian capacity, - the park police threw my equipment into the horse manure pile ,- I then threw the us park police saddles and boots in the manure pile filled there boots up with horse manure   took photos and delivered the photos to the Russian embassy in Washington DC  so  as to get this story of America abusing a Ruthenian Slav from the coalfield  into the Russian news, the cold war was on.

  I have history of proven  nerve , I fight back , something most white men will not – or should I say I know more about cops then most Americans  do --  because  and only because  I worked for a police dept. for 5 years,  that means   I know about cops  !  at least ,- more then the Average American citizen  would know  about cops. They LIE  !

 ----- Natural law States-- a human being has a right   to defend  him or her self from assault , Attack -  no matter what or who is doing the assaulting  or  the Attacking of the citizen , even if the attack and or assault  is being done by the  king himself  or his cops .

 You lawinforcement types have a long history of abusing the American people  when you  cops get killed you  get what you deserve . how do I know ? I worked for a police dept. --- that’s how I know. You can’t fool me,- been there ,--seen that!


Yes there were some  great cops on the US park police horse mounted unit  in to serious crime busting cop work ,-- crime busters on horse back   ,-there also were baaaad cops there too and bad cops are protected by the system  each and every time  and not removed --- this Arlington county motor cycle cop who tried to kill and hurt me is one of those bad cops – I’m not going to let this go. As you the FBI Agent can see this is being written for the web site and the American  people – and  the Arlington County  publics right to know  I never believed the FBI agents are dumb  I always believed them to be sneaky  I know this for a fact ,--cops every were  don’t like FBI Agents, many  cops have told me you FBI agents  push them around  and treat them in a condescending way .  like a cop is a poor down trodden  cousin next to a FBI agent .


These 4 words below  AS  -taken from  the Random House  Unabridged Dictionary --- is this what they are doing to me in Arlington County the description of these 4 words –

 how about the word hate ?

1)------- The meaning of the  word – Persecution: means ----To pursue with  Harassing or oppressive treatment  because of believes,  Race  or religion to Harass Persistently ,-To Annoy or trouble  Persistently

2 ) The meaning of the  word  to- Harass: means------To annoy Persistently

 To create  an unpleasant  or hostile situation  by uninvited  and unwelcome verbal  or physical conduct .

3 ) The meaning of the  word  -Hounding:-  means : to pursue  with or as if with hounds  to drive or effect by persistent  Harassing .

4) The meaning of the  word-  Mass Hysteria :  means  A Condition affecting   a group  of Persons  characterized by excitement  anxiety, or irrational  behavior or believes .--- -----or----

5) -----  or   section 241-- conspiracy  against rights -------------  If Two or more Persons  conspire to injure, oppress, threaten  or intimidate  any inhabitant  of any State . Territory, or district in the free exercise or enjoyment  of any right  or privilege secured  to him  by the constitution  or laws of the united states  because of his  so exercised  the same or-----

6)------- Section 4 “ Misprision of a Felony  “ ------ Whoever  has  knowledge of such a felony  conceals  and does not soon as possible  make known  the same  to some judge   or other person in civil or military authority under  the U. S. shall be fined  no more  then 300.00 or imprisoned no more then 3 years or both .

 Does any of this up above  apply to my filed  to the  FBI the  letter filed  complaint  dated July 19, 2007 – do not be offended Mr. FBI agent  I’m not a lawyer  nor  I’m it trying to be  on, not even trying to be  an out house lawyer -  but I feel some of this above  concerning section 241 and section 4   as described above applies to what has happened to  me, some how, how  much,  I don’t know.?  Iam not a lawyer

 .This harassing and threatening of me daily, in Arlington County VA.

 I must fight, - to drive them away from me ,-- some times daily at Starbucks . the  library, -- the Arlington Firemen  the Arlington maintence  men ,- Arlington Cops   in Arlington County Virginia   by the county employees and Arlington  citizens including Arlington County Jewish citizen , --American legion post 139  Arlington—at the Thomas Jefferson Gym I have to fight .

  All of this harassment for what I believe on my web site. --   all of it  must stop.! Its Persacutation, if you don’t think so  look the word up in a dictionary  to see its correct meaning , --because I have ,  these people attacking me are breaking the law. And violating my civil rights .


 I’m 68 years old with 20% loss of lung capacity , ( military connected  )-- 20% of the lungs filled with liquid  --a slimy covering growing on my lungs  from  asbestosis ----50% hearing loss land mine – ( all military connected  ) medical condition described confirmed by test and medical doctors.

 why must I fight 30 year old men, who are half my age  I’m 68 years old --  people screaming at me, you got damn traitor,- well get you ,

 I don’t know these people never talked to them in my life , they  have  rammed my car   while I’m in it  American legion post 139  members ,

Abe Foxmen  director of the Jewish org.. ADL  telling the Jewish  Kantars and Jewish Weiss family of  Arlington Virginia   to attack me   calling me a Homosexual  which I am not ,

Abe Foxmen director of the Jewish org. ADL ---- his wife Golda is a bisexual and has been caught by local police with young Jewish girls ,  a known fact among lawinforcement – a female Lesbian Arlington County Cop  in the Thomas Jefferson GYM tries tries to intimidate  me telling me to keep my mouth shut about Foxmen wife,  Golda -this Arlington female cops tone of voices angry and threatening ,at me


 The Jewish Americans Doc, Gould and Doc. Debra Klienmen at the national Zoo killing the baby panda by accident while I worked there  the video tape of this accident disappears , no one held responsible --- I worked at the National Zoo that’s how I know,

--  The Jewish  Family   Weiss and Jewish  Arlington County Cop  kantar and his  Family know about the Jewish Pedophiles of Uniontown PA  who  in the 1940s,50s attack children in Uniontown Pa  and got away with it  because of Jewish power and money .


 The Jewish son of the the wealthy  Jewish   Kaufman family late 1940s  of Uniontown  Pennsylvania  a coal mining  town  this rich Jewish kid  Kaufman  who was my age at the time frame torturing a pony with a  needle so the pony would jump and jerk,- blood running down the ponies neck .  I turned him in  to his Jewish  father ,- , -- The old Jew Weiss of Arlington VA, who  the Arlington County Jewish COP kantar knows well,- threatened me at ST Georges church  in Arlington were the aspan org. feed homeless people, the Jew Weiss confronts me  stating I better never mention this information on the Kaufman boy and the pony or the rich powerful Jewish  Kaufman family would come after me.

 Arlington County judge  Judge Joan Alper as well   as my jury members at my trial   knows about the Jews murdering a baby infant it was mentioned in  Arlington County  court Judge Joan  Alpers  court room in 2002   My trial held   in the Arlington County court house .

Another Jewish attack  : Allen Levine  a Jew who owns Mario’s pizza a well known  business establishment  in Arlington Virginia  this business was given to him after his parents death ,- the Jew- Allen Levine attacks me in front of  his Pizza shop located in Arlington  screaming at me . that  I killed my own son  that he wanted to shut down my web site not because I mentioned the Jews  -Doc Gould and Klienmen  killing the baby pandas by accident . or the Jewish zoo keeper Ralf Strauss who worked at the national Zoo and while a settler in Israel killed numerous Arab Children the youngest 6 years old , no he said  that’s not why he wanted my web site shut down , that I was trying to bring the Arabs here  and that he and others were going to get the judge they want  so as to get my  web site down .

.  I can not believe this guy Allen Levine  is Losing it--- his mind ) coming unglued  like this, I say nothing-  I keep walking,- but he-  Levine wont let it go . he -the Jew Allen  Levine screams  that  what has happened to the Jewish  People --the Jewish holocaust can not be talked about,--- his verbatim – word  its  (  incomprehensible )   shouting Hysterical waving his hand   like some one who has lost there mind  --I said nothing kept walking on -  he,- Allen  Levine then  shouts  the Jews do nothing wrong .---a father sitting with his little daughter eating pizza out side of Mario’s  on the benches   Listening to Allen Levine venting  his spleen on me   ,Spoke up  and  said, - I see the Jews doing wrong on  TV every night beating shooting  children ,

  The Jew Allen Levine turns from me  and  moves toward the father and his  little daughter and    begins screaming  at them to get out,- get off my property,- get out    get out,--- moving on the little girl and her father  with such  fury  of  hate  the little girl begin  screaming in  terror, --- her father--   a  real man got up and punched  the Jew Allen Levin  in the face, -- I kept moven

 I under stand the father of the little Girl took Levine in to  court for terrorizing his daughter and Levine had to pay for the little Childs  visits to a  Physiatrist   I was told the court records were sealed.

 Allen Levine who was given  the Business establishment  called Mario’s Pizza  by his hard working Jewish parents – Jewish American- Allen Levine never served in the military  and got a deferment during the Vietnam war  claiming a bad heart ,  after the war was over Levine’s  Jewish heart was just fine. 

 The Jewish  people  are not who they say they are,-  the Jews are what they do and  how  they  Act and behave toward other humans ) ------------------

-------- would this information on the Jewish conduct toward me assist the FBI to better  under stand the Jewish Agenda,?  they-- the Jews  have for me .  and why the Jews attack me with hate like no other people .   ---all of this will  be part of a another complaint to the U. S  Justice dept. in greater detail,  that which  has not been detailed in this letter to the FBI .,

This has  been going on since 9/11  every day --. this letter to the FBI will be on my political web site www.Redmonkee com --- for Arlington County school children , Mc lean High  school , Falls church  High school  students  --to read  and hopefully  then Arlington County Falls church and mc Lean  Children will e- mail to  news outlets all over the world so as to get this story of harassment and attempted murder of me  to newspapers all over the world,-   as they the Arlington County children  did  for me on National Zoo  Story  located  on my web site

.Thank You -July 24 th 2007  C.J. Koritko