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But the Spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon, and he blew a trumpet

-Judges VI, 34....

Click-Russian Zookeeper Affair at the Smithsonian

This web site takes 4hours to read , unless ya read it all ya don’t know a thing about me or what happened at the National Zoo

This Dissenters web site is for- The publics right to know )- the all white news media was derilict in it s duty on this story

Take 15 min a day ,- till ya read it all and do send me a donation, money, land, jewels, your house , your farm what ever ya got, for real!- to cj koritko po. Box 11167 arlington Virginia 22210 so as to keep me in the fight, if ya don’t like the truth- get off this web site now ! start with the Russian Zookeeper Affair.- Then death of the pandas, then story page burnt Flag Arlington cemetery_ letter home to Russia on the death of the pandas on link page 2004 –may this date

Newest up date April 2004 as of Dec 7th and 8th 2003 I was vindicated some what in the investigation of the National Zoo by world renowned Animal org. who investigated the national zoo for animals death etc. the national zoo lost it accreditation this story in the Washington post news paper on Dec 7th and 8th 2003 this web site- (

We praise a man who feels angry on the right grounds_

and against the right person _

and also in the right manner at the right moment_

and for the right length of time



two way streets, not one way streets.

damn right two way streets- that’s two way ,       not one way____Con Khi

___ the Redmonk


_the Chinese poet -Yen-shI Chiu-t u - wrote a HUNDRED YEARS AGO

Last year we called him the foreign devil ,

Now we call him Mr. Foreign Sir

We weep over the departed but smile when

A new wife takes her place .

Ah, the affairs of the world are like

The turning of the wheel.


The Chinese People have   saying _____

(   Use the past to criticize the Future )

___Con Khi

the Redmonk brigen back the past to criticize the American future ___

using the Chinese way _   Why Not ?

new may 2004 -Epilogue on the national zoo story___ click here

   read on if ya brave


THE confession ____50 years late

new 2004 june

no wafer ___ Iam sorry for all ya Catholics,- but no wafer on this confession- sorry, try next Sunday maybe ?-

the story ___true - down below on Obstruction of Justice by Arlington Police dept; and a very wealthy school teacher,- both the Arlington Cop and school teacher obstructed Justice ---

dead wee Arlington County Lad on the wire, --- I saved two -- she ___the killer Arlington school teacher killed two, -- the wee boy on the wire and me __- that’s TwO not one . and Iam BACK!

killer school teacher Arlington County virginia 40 some years agoArlington Ridge road-. Arlington County cop Obstructing Justice , demanding I agree with what she , the killer school teacher was saying,-,- which was a lie, - if I didn’t agree with what she was saying he the Arlington County cop would charge me with molesting the children at the telephone pole, hell - I was horrified by what he was going to do , I argued with him , he said just sign, sign – if you sign nothing will happen Arlington County cop said she has the money and friends to make it stick on you, - I was like 20 years old at the time - he the dirty Arlington County cop kept hammering me as she- the killer school teacher watched me from the yard, staring – she never stopped watching me and the Arlington county Cop, she looked no were else, the long stare ---- do me a favor the cop said,-- just sign it ,- nothing will happen if you sign if you don’t sign Ill arrest you now and charge you with child molesting ,- he came back, - a happy smile on his face and the Arlington County cop still smilling said you just bought me a house , then said,- you can go   Photo coming here of the scene of the pole of death and Arlington ridge road – this happened   on Arlington Ridge road in Arlington County Virginia + 40+ some years ago - Arlington County Government Hysterical about this web site the Arlington Virginia Jews and Fall church jews hysterical about this dissenters web site and the new Numbers of the dead of 1945 WWII and are breaking the law to silence me ? yes, no, maybe or what the children at the bottom of the telephone pole of death know what happened on that day will they come forward and tell the truth and clear my name ? – Iam the god Damn hero not a child molester

this above for a old black school teacher who taught in the Arlington County schools at the same time the killer milk maid was a doien her dirty work up on Arlington Ridge road half a century agooo

I waited and set a trap for you white Americans in Arlington county Virginia on this story up above   for number of reasons, -- as a race Educator with no teaching certificate which I Iam -- Ill teach you about race Iam a expert on a racial slur I gut it every day from Anglo Saxons in the coalfields in the Cumberland and Alleghany mountains 1940s and 50s and 60s --- and I can also teach you about your Christian Anglo Saxon Self

first a Russian news men told me long ago do not tell the whole story Journelist like to find out them selves and you will need something to say new and fresh about the Smithsonian Inst Etc if you end up on television talk show/   yaaah sure –

as I found out on the killer school teacher , ----white people in Arlington county after reading the Killer schoolteacher on the monkey tails page have stated your hurting an old school teacher as they all together --- huffing and puffing,- they know of her or know her, or went to school where she taught, or their mother or father did etc   WOW !   after reading the upabove new info on obstructing justice as concerning the old killer school teacher and the Arlington County Cop what do you white people think now ?- -- you white people are the same white people who screamed 60 years ago bring the nigger out,- we want the nigger- when ask what happened ? - you whites today in Arlington county   shouted the same thing your Anglo Saxon grandfather, and great grandfather shouted -   the nigger raped a white woman,- when I ask -how do you know ? --you white Arlington County white people shout _

we Heard the nigger raped a white woman - we want the nigger ,

bring the nigger out WOW ! -you white people didn’t know, ! - but you white people heard ? and your going to kill some one on something you heard - WOW ? holey shi# you white people in arlington county heard something about me and you acted on it,- just like your grandfather did 60, 70, 80 years ago WOW ! bring the nigger out indeed _ WOW – I know that shi$- they did it to me the at the national zoo,- US Park police , US commerce Building ,NOA ,– GAO building Yaaah -   let me ask you White Anglo Saxons a Question ?- in down town Arlington County Virginia   If I was Black would you white Anglo Saxons have threatened me and harassed me as you have for what I believe, - if I had black skin would you white Anglo Saxons said Booo to me , ---yes or no ? we all know that answer , - you whites know you have your white tongue on a Black mans as$ all day long and for only one reason your afraid of A Black man because hes a man and you white guys are not men,- you white guys fear the black man and kiss his black as$ - not because you like him,- you whites fear him- the black man --- I see it all day long and so do you white Anglo Saxons in Arlington County Virginia see what I see .- only two races of People Harass me, strange -? only two,- not one.- two

   White skin Anglo Saxons and white Skin Jews in Arlington County located 15 min by auto from the American White house ---

Why ?- think about that ? strange is it not? – these two race of people- the   jew and Anglo Saxon the two dominate races in America controlling the wealth and scarce resources in American Society,- the jew and Anglo Saxon don’t like what I believe , Iam trying to make it fair WOW !   freedom my as$,- when I go after these people they shit their White Panse white Cowards – Iam ashamed of white American people, ashamed of em ,- ashamed I don’t respect you white Americans you’re the   most intolerant people in America a White American the coward whose afraid of every thing - wax on apples madd cow the flue        

_____ click here __


{ I watch, and am as a sparrow alone upon the house top }

__Psalms 102:7


Kathryn Graham owner of the Washington Post news Co. located in Washington Dc Had all of this info on the this web site including the info on National zoo, Smithsonian Inst. and kept silent she failed in her duty to the zooAnimals and the people


“To sin by silence,when they should protest ,makes cowards of men“-

General Douglas Macarthur as he was fired from his job as commander of military forces.- Korean war –1950s


_ Con Khi


Paradise isn’t where you end up, It’s where you have been

_______ Anon


1st.Letter to Chinese Ambassador  -Death of the Pandas

2nd Letter to Chinese Ambassador –Death of the Pandas

 Smithsonian Sec-.Larry Small Letter s —1- 2

The Little Circus Rascals- synopsis -# 1

-Document –and --Links  Page- aka the redmonks storage closet


So many stories so little time____            Kon khi


Tails of the Redmonkee.

Justa _Little ____-Peeek

The death transports WWII and mr. Lucky – the coalminen pit pony – KKKCross Burners on Chestnut Ridge

the death of - the she-Girl Ape Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers Circus,- the little Coalfield jewish gril Julie- little miss UPI

40 feet of steel wall running blind in a fog commin through the straights of Gibraltar.-

The run to the beach –NO Towel -- Redmonkee death ground – the burnt flag Arlington cemetery 2004

-         The Terrible Storm and Rogue Wave, - The over turned white life boat

-         .The Killer Arlington county School teacher and the obstruction of Justice Arlington County cop disgrace and dishonor both of em . on Arlington Ridge road it was not the Butler who did it   read all about it .

the Arlington School teacher who k killed a wee Boy on the wire on Arlington Ridge road 40 years ago how she lied to the police, - the Arlington cop was afraid of her because as he said to me she’s saying some thing else then your saying    she’s powerful in the county and has powefull friends and is from big money. The old killerschool marm covered up what she did for 40 + years who did she blame for the death of this wee lad on the wire?- Who ? this story on monkee tails called the school teachers disgrace or death on the wire, or killer school teacher how about killer milk maid - her two daughters work in this county, this story also connected to the betrayal of the Arlington police dept. against the woman and children of Arlington va the stalker and the molster in the arl. school swimming pool ---- how the Arlington po lice betrayed --   the boy on the wire, obstructing Justice,- If I don’t sign the paper as to what she said she and the police will charge me with child molesting at the telephone pole of death , were I saved the children almost 50 years ago yaaah -- the Arlington stalker of woman the cops were using as informant ?, the child molester Spencer at the swimming pool lee high school , -all covered up on the Arlington county Cop sneaky Sly_ ?- yes nor Mabey or what ?    the cops only concerned about me, - But Why ?_ helpen their cop bros on the US park police concerning the dead naked Black woman the cop took photos of her Vigina and passed them around   I wrote a letter ? what did any of youu ever doo, ? you that are reading this ? just asken

whatdid youuuu ever doooo ???

the Arlington Cops schuckin and duckin and sneaky tooo and in the process destroying the Arlington Police Dept.?

is this Arlington po Lice dept. accredited ? does any one know ?

to all ya Arlington County po lice ---the jigs up boys,- pay the fiddler and go home ya been found out !

on that day many years ago on Arlington Ridge road the Arlington County police obstructed Justice and gut away with it, - but not on this web site their not, some one told a lie on me a long time ago on Arlington Ridge road who was it ? and what was the lie ?

All Redmonkee ( Johnny dollars Investigators )_________- find out ! new Apirl 2004

the Sparrow ____________

Kon Khi_____

                           yess, no , maybe or what___?


Arlington County Arlington Court house Located just 15 min by car from the white house

_______ the Sparrow     Iam watchimg youuuu


-         Read on if If ya gut the nerve ?

-         If not,- get the hell ofa tha web site NOW ! ya chicken SHI$ white person Youuuuu



So many___ books so little time________ the_ kestrel



Trophy room Page- a must read the beating by Arlington police



Redmonkee vs. Arlington County


 the words of _ Vinicent Cuccia as concern the death of Lenny Bruce._

We drove him into poverty and bankruptcy and then murdered him.

We all knew what we were doing , We used the Law to kill him

____Vincent Cuccia



Arlington County   Political Cop Stop



Red monkee Hunger Strike in side the Arlington County- jail

The Jail Letter_ no envelope___

Protesting police Brutality and massive Racism in the Arlington County jail by Jail Deputies against Hispanics and the very small token of White prisoners on May-2003 hunger strike ,- not one of the people named below answered me ! just thought ya liked ta know.

the date is wrong on my jail letter, sorry about that-- I was rushed in typing using two fingers the deputies saying Iam going to the Library too often and tried ta stop me, --- my letter took for ever to type because there are I believe three computers   at the jail library ya have to request ta go to the library it can be denied for any reason also there are lock downs people fighting etc so ya miss your turn ta go to the jail library get it ? one cell block at a time goes ya have no rights you’re a prisoner,-- ya have to have money to pay for everything copies etc those with no money are out of luck for people like you reading this passage here - ya wouldn’t under stand what iam saying ya have to live in the Arlington county Jail to understand,   it took weeks to write this letter, weeks now do ya know why ?- also I say in my letter their was Suttle racism against Hispanics and whites I was talking about the sneaky way the Deputies do it,- but it is Massive . read oon

Treaties ratified by the United States include Geneva convention and the U.N. convention against torture that – Prohibit:- cruel,- inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment of prisoners all of witch I suffered to some degree or another while in this Arlington County jail,- kept blind for almost two week, no glasses - the cops broke my glasses on purpose , they damaged my van when they towed it - no medical help in side the jail for almost two weeks,- I ask several times a day every day broken ribs collapsed lung ? ripped Hernia,- I had to get an operation before my trial.- for Dec 2002

Arlington County female pros   telling a black judge at a hearing concerning me –she stated I was doing propaganda for China and that I was a Holocaust denier,- and further stated that these are incredible time s-, jail deputies trying to get Prisoners to rape me mocking me in front of prisoners etc- telling prisoners I was raped laughing at me to get them to rape me- she also mentioned the national Zoo where I worked   I had a fight with a inmate in this jail and the sheriff had to come up to the cell block    one white Anglo Saxon female deputy pounding on the window keeping me up she had red hair and said her brother in the Army over seas didn’t want my support- read the jail letter to under stand that statement- the use of Prison Slav labor in this jail --- Jail deputies talking down to white and Hispanic Inmates,- none of the guards would talk that way to a Black prisoners in this jail- the Guards were afraid of blacks- all of em - etc .- abusing me because of my political believes,- which is a civil rights violation,- they the Arlington County Justice system broke the law the Geneva Convention say you- America and you- Arlington County Virginia can not do this to prisoners as you have done to me and others    the law says you cant.- the Geneva Convention says you cant-   you dirty fascist know we the working-class people don’t have the money to pay lawyers to come after you that’s why their was a Tim McVeigh that’s why there is a Padilla you sobes bring this on your arragront lawinforcement,, Judges , prosecutors,- selves,- abusing the people and stretching the law like a rubber band to win and fill the American Jails for prison Cheap slave Labor   America Justifies any and every thing    

my hunger strike letter- DATED MAY 2002 I mailed___

from my jail cell on ) cell block 7c___ Arlington County jail   ._____click ta open    ---- all- new Ap :-:-ril 2004    -----

My jail strike letter sent to to all Arlington County board members , US Attorney Jerry Kilgore, US attorney McNutly Arlington Commenwealth Attorney Stoddard,- Judge joan Alper, sheriff Beth Auther_ all refused to answer_ , I ALSO MAILED jail letter to Embassy row Washington DC and news Org. and to Bradlee Graham who works at the Washington Post news paper asking he interview me as concerns racisms against Hispanics and white prisoners   in the Arlington jail,- he never called, hesa typical Graham coward just like Donald graham, who hid out in Japan during the viet nam War so he- Donald would not get hurt   is Donald Graham former publisher of the Washington News paper- Bradlee graham Father ?   I was told in the Arlington jail by an anonymous source   - the British newspaper- the Guardian -did call for me ? ata go England! The British English people- gut high class,- not like English Americans, who gut low class ? WOW !: a British gril from the English people,- in Britain is trying to help me,- she hits the British news paper- The Guardian with my letters all the time- WOW ! the British people who raised all the peoples boats in the world with Anglo Saxon high Culture : and in america these low class English – and all Anglo saxon Americans are on their knees with political correctness licking every ones as$- said for the British Girl from England and the British- ( news paper- called The Guarden _ out of London England . redmonk-parody- Holey Shi# ! : where are the Christian white americaaaaans? Where s News Punk- Bradlee Graham hiding ?_: under what desk at the Washington post news co located in Washington DC USA. ? how about Talia and Diana Woodward the two young calves of Bob Woodward and Elsie ( Borden ) Walsh ?/ do indeed the two calves Talia and Diana have the scours_ ask the students the two Woodward- calves go ta school with ?? they might know

e- MAIL THE Washington. POST news paper down town Washington DC

to the Graham Coward, - Bradlee Graham justa lika hisa olda man_____ Donalda Grahama

stay tuned if your Brave !    If not,_        get the hell ofa this site now !

Newest Update- Page

April , 30, 2004 ___ click


Little Red Monkee Page  --

for Children of all ages and their GrandmothersOnly       _Con Khi




People for ethical treatment of Animals

This : - For the British girl who worked at PETA and said to the redmonk in front of wittiness_- ( If you were in England and English and did what you did in America at the National Zoo etc . you would be a hero in England)-

I saay, ___ sing the White Cliffs of Dover for me England ___ Yaah !    Kon Khi_      

because in stinken America____________where the white people have a rotting spine

------ In America    -Iam a piece of shi#, traitor, and coward. And being hassled, and beaten by the cops and wildings by the Arlington Po lice and lied on by the female prosacuter her aka ( cutie pie )   with the two California hunny bunns she hangs out in the Arlington County Court room – all of this happing to me for what I believe, and write on this web site,--- harassed by the Government po lice and stupid ignorant White skin un-sophiscated un-wordly low class dolt type white American People in Arlington County Virginia. These white dolts dimwhits who believe and listen to and do what- the American government tells them to think and do,- just like dumb cows chewing a cud,- looking at you while the white skin American dolts stare blankly at you, chewing their cud. Just as a milk cows do,- What sorry as$ white people they are .! and sorry as$ white citizens they all-- truly are,- in a false democracy called- America , the white skinned Americans Dolts dim-whits don’t know that in a Democracy a good citizens complains and fights the Government, ya fertilize democracy with dissent not do what the Government tells ya to do, you low class white skinned dimwhit AMERICAN you ! in Arlington Va. !      another White woman who knows what happened as concerns my 20 year struggle for justice against the Smithsonian iNST. America and Arlington County Va. so as to clear my name, this White woman   said in front of witness’S: ( you need to find another Country ) said in disgust against America.- Not AGAINST me !

Below a taunt to all- White American people: and written as PARODY AND a- thank you to a British girl from England,- her name can not be given ! she was English,- she was not American,-

get it ?

The Taunt- parody , spoof to White America after ya all first read this entire web site !

Maybe I should take a Taxi across London – down Dover street to Piccadilly across Piccadilly circus to Leicester square, up charring road and in to Great Russell street where the British people are waiting to Applaud me,-- said as a Nationalist Race taunt to the White christian American people and the all white news men, and all white news woman at the all white Washington post news paper and each and every White woman in America—yees, in deed,

Read on if ya gut the nerve ?         but_____

watch out !_ for Bomber Tim McVeighs page -   downbelow - it might blow onya

People for Ethical treatment of Animals -Letter-1-2-3-


Photo Gallery

Paradise Isn”t where you end up , Its”where you have been




 U.S.Attorney- Helen Fahey- Page

Con khi_ was here tooo ! lookin for Hellen, she wasn’t home !

Sooo_ he went ta the RUSSIANS- WHERD YOU GO ?__________________-___________you dare shut the door of justice in my redmonkee face, for political reasons,- ill go to your enemies the same way and for the very same reason Martin Luther King went in side the Russian embassy asking for help,- they,- dirty america closed the door of justice in Martins L kings face also,- ya gut ta be brave when ya do it, it sure as hell not for the faint of heart ______


damn right it haint for the faint of heart ________ Kon Khi____ ya gut ta be brave

Yaah _________the Sparrow –_ Iam watching youuu


I watch, and am as a sparrow alone upon the house top

______ Psalms 102:7

     Yaaaah _ Con khi - damn right hes a watchhing youuu _

and ya better watch out DOWN BELOW !_ Sparrow




Bomber- Tim McVeigh Page-

I will send my Terror before you /

And will throw into confusion all the people


_______Exodus 23:27



Behold a pale horse, and his name who sat on him was death and hell followed with him

____ Revelations 6:8    for-




-         Anglo Saxon_Rebel Soldier McVeigh his last  Letters-

-         1- 2- 3____ALL   New April 2004

-         Rebel_ McVeigh was an American Rebel soldier in The April 19 th Rebellion against the American corrupt Government ongoing-2004 – he was not a terrorist he was a Rebel soldier all Countries on Earth call those who fight their Government-Rebel Soldiers

-         only the United States of America calls us who fight against the Corrupt, - no justice American government - the only country on Earth-- America is the only country on earth that calls Rebel Sioldiers -Terrorest !

-           did Rebel Soldier McVeigh-- senD me something in the mail ? what was it?-

-         only his lawyer,-BOB NIGHS___ knows


-         this last letter to Rebel McVeigh written fast typen two fingers the clock was ticken as time was runnin- as _

-         Rebel ( Speedy ) McVeigh death was very very near - It was a run to the door with the letter as the door was closing . all the typing and grammer   errors are mine ! but so is the truth in the letter mine !


-         Iam not ashamed – 35 yard from a coal mine ? ! what do I gut ta be ashamed of ?

-         Iam standen up for the Anglo Saxon- Scot Irish –Rebel Soldier- McVeigh . he may have been the one and ,-only the very very last white man left with a set of Balls between his white legs on the East Coast of America, -

-         Hell Iam steppen out for Rebel McVeigh,- you should too.

-         As concerns McVeigh’s last letter- where I state I would see him in about two years , a doctor stated ta me ya may go any day- lung cancer asbestos _ also there is some tongue in cheek parody in this last letter .

-         just wanted ya frightened white people ta know,-   Mc Veigh had a sense of Humor even when he went ta his death he called out loud- when let out of the death Van as he had requested_ he looked up at the night sky ta breath fresh air for the last time ,( this did happen - ) he made this request as the prison Guards were moving him by death van across the way to the death chamber at the Prison-   McVeigh shouted out in jest out side the van up at the sky ___

-         wheres my Taaxxxiiieee ?





-         I say that all society is founded on the death of men

-         certainly the romance of the past is


-         ______________- Oliver Wendel Holmes


mr. Redmen___- ya just never knoe ? knoe what I mean ? knoe what I say ? yaah !

the Sparrow talken at youuuu ______--white man   Yaaaah –read down below just for ya white guys

A man who has nothing which he cares about more then he-does

about his personal safety

is a miserable creature who has no Chance of being free,

, unless made and kept so by the existing of better men then himself .

___ John Stuart Mill      ___ an Anglo Saxon




Haaaay ! Youu !


Iam the Gutdam Sparrow upon the roof top and I saw what ya all did,- and it wasent last summer

______ that’s right,    thats gut damn right,--- I saw it all ,- just watchen youuuuu from the Roof top____ Con khi

the Little Sparrow says:___ check em out . and read on if ya brave,-

-         if not, - go wait in the car. End of story, -- this haint Kon khi, -

-         this is that damn Sparrow   up on the Roof top talking at ya! All ya chicken shi# white people in Arlington Virginia close to whities bar,- the Wilson tavern,- THE WHITLOE in and around that area- Yaah

-           Listen up ,-every one  

the Roof top _Sparrow,-   and the great__ Kon khi_

working together on this one below,- busten chops and it haint Lamb Chops that’s busten

read on if ya brave Youuu White skin Americaaaaan, youuu_ if not ,- ya know what ta dooo, its in the the parking lot, -   Riiiight


Yaah , its Commin ,__________________

___________the   sparrow and Con Khi   brigin it oooon


All neeeew coming New April 2004_______ down below_____-

The redmonk didn’t lie ta youuu American stinken White People, why are ya silent ? now youl know why the cops lie on me telling you not to listen to me, - that Iam deranged,- you read these documents youl know why the cops lie on me /



We drove him into poverty and bankruptcy

and then murdered him .

We all knew what we were doing .

We used the law to kill him .


_____ the words of Vincent Cuccia_ on the death of Lenny Bruce




The____________ Sparrow watching youuu______- America




And now read what they did______- Yaaaaaah !



In their own words,- out of their pens and on to paper :: Yaah !   the



U.S. Park Po lice drugging their horses with :

Ace promazeine: ( Horse Trank)

_____click here Mfer _______-Shabbat shalom _ its the Brew- H

it haint the Heeb--- THIS STORY for coal field Julie her -aka

little Miss Jewish u.p.i. UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL- Yaaaah

ALL this shi$ goin on in Washington D.C.

in the American -- Capital,- U.S. of A        Yaaaaah the worlds goiana knoe


PETA ORG.: and Kathryn , Lally and Donald Graham owners of the Washington post newspaper company located in Down Town Washington DC – this news paper family had all the info and remained silent, derelict in their duty to the American children,- people, Zoo animals and zookeepers ___the greedy graham family are Animal rights- News paper - cowards! All! The whole Graham news paper Family including the grand Children of Kay graham These so called White skinned news people betrayed the Animals at the national Zoo AND THE Zookeepers at the same time ,,,-- the betrayers are- Truscott, Barker, D- Cohn, Bob Woodward, Talia and Diania the two young calves of Elsie ( Borden) Walsh, who by the way is married to (English- Bob)- AKA-Woodward and the in house- hate jew at this rag newspaper – the one and only- Hate jew- Rich Cohen, he knows how ta hate, (Cohen was in the National Guard) but tells every one he was in the US Army, his claim ta fame ?- he said many times he always wanted to tear down FBI director J Edger Hoovers name off of the FBI building, in Washington DC but lacked the guts ta do it.


FBI-- Directer Hoover Who blackmailed every President of the united states to keep his- Hoovers job he, Hoover had his FBI agents collect dirt on every American president,- then blacked mailed them,--- Americans aren’t ashamed ! white America silent , cowards all of em ,- the American jews silent too we all know about the Christians silence, - but do ya know about the jewish silence ? ,- getting my licks in on redmonks- Route 66  


send me money Ya white hunney $ 20 , $30 $40 $50, give me 60 hunney do I hear 70 why not 80   If ya loaded send me 7ooo dollars so I can get an up grade, - my van is 25 years old I live in send me money,- now toda,- ya cheap white american basterds in Arlington County don’t be a white Pric# all ya life- send today, justadoit


Money hunney $ money ___   justa   send it

Cj koritko

po Box 11167

Arlington Virginia 22210 usa


-         Arlington county va.- Located just 15 min by auto from Americas capital,-and white house world travelers come seee the kind of white people who live here, on your next visit to America Yaaaaaah come and looook at these white people

-         scard Shi$less of every thing

-         Iam ashamed of white Americans- ashamed






49 % of the People in the State of Oklahoma do not have health insurance, _ Why ?


___________________ the Sparrow




This is a most unusual Educational Web site – on the internet today ,using curse swearing words, forbidden words, attacking every group and every race, no sacred Cows in a democracy- ever !



The great Chinese people have a saying ______


-           ( Use the past to criticize the future )


-         and thats what the redmonk is doing on this web site_ redmonkee.com_Con khi

-         bringen back the past to criticize youuuuu on the future




And the redmonk has no teaching certificate too! ______WOWHA!




Con Khi________- and the little_   Sparrow -with the bullet proof black vest

he hangs out around your house Ya ever see him ?


Read on if your brave ! if not, run home_____and wait in the truck





I watch, and am as a sparrow alone upon the house top

_____Psalm 102:7



The Oklahoma City Page and Television station

Ya all know the Okees from the state of Oklahoma these men and woman who still at this late date year -2004 ,- lick the FBI agents hand, the hand that gut them killed at the murrah building . Yah- the FBI hand that killed mrs. Weaver,a mother of 4 children, at Ruby ridge, Yah the same FBI hand that killed mrs. Weavers 14 year old son Sammy- Yah- the same FBI hand that killed by fire and gas 2 year old babies in diapers at waco Texas,- the men and woman of Oklahoma City lick the hand, lick the hand ,___ that FBI hand that killed em all   ___on April 19th _ their not ashamed,! their Okees, they where lied to by the hand they all lick, their not ashamed ! their Okees

In the 1930s dust storms the American Govermemt didn’t care about you Oklahoma people not till the dust storms blackend the skys in Washington DC about two years later did the American government do something for you okees- 2 now in the year 2003 making yo okees move in to the new built U S government building across from the blown Murraha Bldg this after Americas Government swore it wouldn’t make you survivers of the April 19 th rebellion bombing- move to this new Government bulding, built across the street from the blown Murrah bldg. Yaaah --- - the US Government lied and made ya go in this new Building across the street   Yaah—

the US Government don’t respect or like youuu Okees, never did,-- you Okeees never gut a dime from the American government for being blasted and killed in the April 19 th rebellion ( a war ) --- but those killed and blasted in the twin towers new yourk are getting money and Government assistance when an Okees bleed and suffer the American Government says it different then when those from new York bleed   and suffer new Yourkers get comp money for suffering . The okees get nothing,for suffering – whats wrong with this okee picture.?

the US Government Hates you Okees you okees are nothing to the American government    nothing   the government uses the okees boys as cannon fodder in all wars ,- and still the government has no respect for an Okee ,-

when ya Oklahoma people goina leave,-- cut away from America,- start your new country- ( west Oklahoma ) the newest country in the United Nations, Yaaah -pack up and go,- this country America never cared about you one time,- call me a lier ,- use the oklahoma National Guard ta fight ta the death for your right to go it alone, -- for your slice of the American Pie before all the slices are gone cut and run now with a big slice_ justa doit !-- let it be said the Oklohama people were the first Americans ta use the rico Act ta bust out of America legally and start a new Country in America --- (called west oklahoma ) that oil under the ground belongs ta - u the Oklahoma people     -not the snake oil corp oil co . those Sonof a Bies.! For real !--- --- take it back, its yours   all of it yours ,-all of it , not some of it,- aaaall of it is yours --- u - okees take it all back in one day bust out,-- its all yours if ya doooo the US government don’t care about you Oklahoma People never did and never will and you damn well know it, --- during the dust storms of 1930s ya gut no help until the dust clouds reached Washington Dc    you men in Oklahoma get some guts,- let your balls drop ,- bust out, now,- today   use the RICO Act,-- Justa dado it. Make a run for it ___ ya gutdamn right   ya Oklahoma soooooner – Youuuu --- be a Sooooner one last time , but be a bigger and a better Sooooner then your grandfather was    Yaaah! Make a run for it- bust out –

wave the Rico Act in the dirty US Governments face- as you Oklahoma good people ride out - Justa doit -   bust out ya Okee BUCKs - let your balls drop --- Gooo ---- Your gonia love it --- yaah- West Oklahoma the newest country at the United Nations

all legal if ya use the Rico Act ta bust out , ----- the Republican and democrat Political parties   are a criminal enterprise, ---- the Rico act say so,--- not me -- -- the US congress and the US senate are a criminal enterprise- the Rico act- says- so ,-not me - -- the US presidency is a criminal enterprise the Rico act says so – not me -- the Rico Act can be used to bring down the US Government because the US government in toto is a criminal enterprise for special interest groupes and Corp. and those with large sums of money to buy the US Government, -- which they doo all year long –

the Rico act says so, not me --- this is a legal not breaking the law break out --, the rico Act says so ,- not me , --- Iam telling you what the Rico act says -- the Rico act makes breaking out of America legal _ Yes, - No, - Maybe or what ?


What the___ hells wrong with an Okee ?



_ a Redmonk_parody down below


How ya knows its an okee ? , weel, Ill tell ya –

all okees have a mattress tied with rope on their backs, Rope tied around the Okees waist holden on the mattress always, 24 hours a day- Ya see em bent over just a little bit- all ovem look like turtles walkin around, the hole state,-- all ofem, mattress:s tied on their okees backs, even the little Okee Christian chillen, little mattresses on their little okee backs- all of em talking , laughen doing business, walking about Playing,- laughing,- happy , in old oklahoma—ya see em-- the king of the okees would be merral Hagared an okee who can sing ,- proud ta be an Okee )-- how ya know the king of the okees ?- by the water bed mattress tied with rope on his,- okee king back,- hes the only okee allowed ta have a water bed mattress tiedon his back with rope with a big cat fish living inside the water bed its color black ! swimming around inside that water bed mattress that’s how they are-

in   ___Old Oklahoma



noooo_____ I wont be passin through Oklahoma any time sooon




-         the Chinese have a saying _ ( use the past to criticize the future )


______ Con khi

_ in the state of old Oklahoma there is an okee gal, out there some wheres,- same age as the redmonk 65 years old,- she was on a American submarine the USS Carville in the pacific running from Japanese forces in world war II- 1940s – same time frame the wee redmonk was in the back of US Army trucks with the Private Ryan’s getting a ride- in the mountains coalfields,etc. get the picture ?- this little okee gal was on board when the Sub Carville was depth charged by___

__ a dirty Jap Navy destroyer- WWII 1944 somewhere in the deep blue Pacific

( that’s the way it was in WWII they were called dirty Japs,-- the Germans called Dirty Krauts )- they teach ya ta hate,---the other side too,- same thing,- dirty stinkin round eyes yankee running dogs,- the Japs said that about us, get the picture,?-( two way streets ) )- any ways - this little okee gal same age as the wee redmonk -she and the USS Sub survived the attack by the Dirty japs, Yaaah ! and made it safely to Australia   she hails from missionary type people.- does any one know her ? give her this cold War message- a little late, but,- better late then you know what ? tell that okee gal from WW II

I saw the WW II - Submarine Carville in the Mediterranean sea at night doing sneaky Pete work late on a black no star night with L.S.T.1162 in the 1950s and I thought ya might want ta know your Submarine Carville had a nose job (the Bow ) its round,not pointed as the little okee WWII gal knows and remembers it _ radar or sonar put up in the nose aka-the Bow – she was called by other crews and ships of the fleet the Dago- her aka, she was not called the Carville,-- those 1950s were not political correct times and she was painted all flat black , not Haze gray as you remember her and I was on her wet   black deck that night – and I want ya ta know all the wee coalfield boys from the 1940s would have given you all their wwII chewing gum that was rationed ta trade places with ya on that dirty Jap depth charge attack on the USS submarine- Carville It must have been beautiful,- were all sorry we missed it,- damn!    thought ya want ta know

the war babies of the 1940s,- the fighten babies,- also called : the children of the storm , WWII-war babies wore black diapers,- not white diapers,- WWII children- called war babies,- because WWII was the only global war in the history of the earth this global war was fought on every contentent of the earth at the same time,1939 1945 the only global war in history, of man kind- WWII a fight ta the death,- winner take all   WWII children 1939 1945 where taught ta fight ta the death and not surrender white woman beat em in ta line ta fight, -- no doc Spock in WWII and no child a coward, -- stand and fight or get beaten with a pan or pot,- called getten wacked, ya dare cry, - ya get wacked again, be a man, - stand and take it . doc. Spock my as$ that sob helped ruin this country for real . no doc spock in a Black womans house ever


____ Con Khi-           and _____Sparrow  

but is sparrow _the little house sparrow   or the   Sparrow Hawk known as___ kestrel

which one is it or can it be both ?- ?___ that’s the question ? that’sa beggen


Good night mr. Redmen where ever you are,

Some times ya just never know    -

know what I mean-- Mr Redmen -TA Ta



                                My experience with Lenny Bruce …… was the first time I saw in action

the government s use of might and power of the criminal justice system

to crush dissent _____William M kunstler


Apparently- Bill Kunstler has never been in the Arlington County Virginia Court House


Words On the death of Lenny Bruce

We drove him into poverty and bankruptcy and then murderd him .

We all knew what we were doing . We used the law to kill him.

___________________________ Vincent Cuccia – his words on the death of Lenny Bruce



U S Attorney Jerry Kilgor _Page _Richmond va.

Located--One hour and a half drive by auto from Washington DC _ politics follows money in America always! In America and in the State of Virginia ya can buy America with money given to the politicians in Richmond or Arlington county court house in Arlington va but you gut ta give a lot of money, America is for sell even to other countries—those are indeed the facts of the case

    office of theAttorney General 900 East main street Richmond Va.23219- tele. 804-7862071_____ he never answered my Jail hunger strike letter _ the book dedicated to Jerry Kilgore, US attorney McNutly, Judge Mcue,- his aka body armour judge Joan Alper, - all Arlington County prosacuters including Arl county Pros Levie )-, a jewish guy named- wolfenstien, Abe Foxmen aka Mr ADL – judge( tommy the mick) Hogan, - Arlington County prosacuter Cutie Pie , all the lawyers who work in the Arlington County Court House located just 15 min from the white house by auto where the US supreme court Judge makes his home that would be da Big US supreme court Judge Rinquest let all of em read a real lawyers book that book is  

_ ,- the book the Smoking gun _ by Gerry Spence –a real Lawyer


U S Attorney McNutly _ Page _ Alexander Va.

Located 15 min by auto from Washington DC -chasing Arab freedom Fighters he is- and calling them Terrorist

For the American Cry babies as concerns the Twin Towers, Pentagon etc_____ he never answered my jail hunger strike letter. None of em did


   Down below -the Redmonkee chews on the American people in front of US attorney McNutley

his office located in Alexander Virginia, located 15 min from the American white House   he—McNutly-- who chases Arab Freedom fighters and calls em terrorist this same word terrorist-- Hitler used on Slav- Serb and Croat freedom Fighters WWII 1945

one mans perfume is another mans Vinegar.

One man shouts terrorist another man shouts freedom fighter whos right ?

Depending on which side ya standing Riiight ! read the book ---soft Cage

dedicated to US attorney Jerry Kilgor and US attorney McNutley


but did I lie to Kilgore and McNutly ? as concerns these truths down below Ya descide ?


Its a called : get a grip___shouts the Redmonk_all youuuu _

whiteAmericaaaaans in Arlington Virginia – get a grip


49 million Russians died fighting world War II 1940s and killed Hitlers Germany 1945, that’s 30 % of the Russian people dead,- in the same time frame 1939 1945- the Jews lost 4 and half million dead Jews, (the new # ) not 6 million the old #–   in this same time frame 1940s in Hitler death camps they killed 7 million Christians put em to death same time frame 1945, - WWII 1945 America lost 400,000 dead soldiers- from 1939 ta 1945 / in the Twin towers new York Arab- attack,- America lost only 3000 dead, / the so called Slave black crossing from Africa to America and to other countries -12 million black Africans lost dead in the crossing , /- the April 19 rebellion bombing of the Murrahh building in Oklahoma only- 168 dead ,/ - the Pentagon bombing by Arab freedom Fighters only 124 dead / the brave newyork firmen 343 dead get a grip you Americans youu_ whats the fuc#s your problem ?

the Slavs called Russians lost 49 million dead- 1945 what are- any,- and all -of youuuu Americans crying about ?

get a fuc$ing grip !

49 million dead Russians !   can you Americans count or add ? _get a grip-!   _Millions of dead Slavs ,- not hundreds ,not thousands but Millions of dead Slavs –get a grip ! Millions -- not a measley 3000, get a grip 49 million dead Russians

ask the Russians WWII woman how to get a grip – they can tell ya – 30 % of the Russian people = 49 million dead Russians, the Jews need ta shut the fuc$ up and kiss Mother Russias as$ and for real too !


all of ya Americans get a grip. The jews and black Americans are alive today because of 49 million dead Slavs and for no other reason are black Americans and jews alive, and have the state of Israel and a free Africa ?,- Blacks and jews breathing air, walking around having a life,- because of 49 millions of dead Slavs, - only one country cut the chains of Africa the Russian Slavs   the only reason, ?- 49 million dead Slavs-- get a grip,- all of ya Americans all of you black and jews get a grip- in African schools the children are taught Russia freed Africa,- not America , it sure as hell was not Israeli jews It was the jewish people who were keeping Africa in chains , the jewish people helped South African whites- not Blacks    get a grip ! get a fuc$ing -grip- every one get a #ucking grip    ! Pleeeeease- thank youu.

I cant stand these cry baby white Americans people, - think of it , take a look at the -3000 dead Americans and then turn your head and look at 49 million dead Russians Slavs   _see the American piles of dead bodies, ? then look at the super pile of Russian dead bodies- why are these Americans Crying ?

the Russians will tell ya Americans shut the Fuc$ up , stop whining, the Russian Slavs will tell ya,- you suffer what the Russian people suffered 1939 1945 then you Americans can cry ,--

one Slav village in the Slavic Eastlands any day of of WWII 1940s -lost more people in one day then that twin Towers New york.

and the killing of Slav woman and Children went on every day in Slav Villiges all week long , all month long all 4 years long long until the body count rose to 49 million Russian Slav dead you American do really need ta get a GRIP

If we had Americans like youuu- soft weak 2004 white americans in the fight ta the death against Japan and Germany ww II 1940s ( my time ) the German Army would have defeated America 1945 for real and that defeat would mean there would bee no Blacks on this earth.- no Jews on this earth - no gypsies on this earth and no Slavs on this earth Hitlers plan was to kill all these listed as _-------- sub human people how lucky you Jews and Blacks are in Arlington Virginia that there is a Slav Race who kicked Hitlers As$ 1945 with the loss of 49 million Slavs as the cost

A redmonk--- movie--- for ya soft weakwhite American stinken cry baby as$-

the movie –( Enemy at the gate on a wide screen    Yaaaah)   so you can see what the people looked like that saved every black and Jew in Arlington county Virginia,--- the jews and blacks don’t think so , I know so ! and so do Historians and all white school teachers in the Arlington county School System, school board etc. they all know and are quiet all of em Anglo Saxon protacents   Christians tooo   that soldier s name is Private Ivan of the Russian Red Army 1945 you Blacks and Jews in Arlington kiss his WWII Slav soldiers As$ when yaw see him, he is the only reason you black and jews are alive, living in Arlington County the only reason -your mothers alive and your Grand mothers alive you blacks and jews need ta suck up- know what I mean ?-   private IVAN and the 49 million dead Russins saved ya, -- suck up ya jews and Blacks   in Arlington County Virginia suck up! The Slavs want the full Grovel not the light grovel not the medium grovel, but indeed the fuuuul grovel, Yaaaah    Private Ryan my Ruthenian Slav coalfield as$ -- it wasent Private Ryan saved ya with only 400,000 dead Americans soldiers of wwII 1945___- it indeed was the slav Soldier PVT. IVAN with _

49 million dead Slavs-1945

   that saved ya _

get a grip – for cricesake !

millions of dead SLAVs_ not thousands


______________The Sparrow


but is the Sparrow

the Sparrow Hawk

or the little house Sparrow

mr redmen which one is it ?

the Kestrel wants ta knoe mr. Redmen ?



all Slavic American students nation Wide, and in all Arlington County Virginia school system E – mail this to the Russian embassy Washington DC and Russian universities in Russia and Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the upper house of the Russian parliament

all Slavic Americans students in Arlington County school system do it do it ! in the year -2004 - this section above for the Slav women Snipers and the only female Fighter combat pilot aces in the history of the Earth who shot down German planes in Combat they were all Slav Woman of the Red Army Air force of WWII 1945 – surely not American woman pilots- who have never been combat air aces ever, only one race on earth has female fighter pilot combat aces in their air force history, only the Slav race , no other race on earth only the Slavs her Slav name was Lilly Litvyak she shot down 13 German planes in dog fights before she was killed they called her______

the      Russian White Lilly



she was a Slav female, not Anglo saxon female, not a black female, not a jewish Female _


get It ?


the Russian White Lilly was__ SLAV___Female


on her Fighter plane was painted a White Rose


she was a Slav woman___

her Slav name Lidya Litvyak- ACE Fighter pilot WWII

she killed Germans invaders_ 1945

she was a SLAV female not American female ,-

not jewish female ,not Black female .


Get it _ ?



Her name - Lidya Litvyak –

on her fighter Plane was painted a white Rose


she shot down 13 German fighter planes in air combat -WWII


Get it ?

_________ Kon khi



O K_ lets go down the road _

Nuff of this SLAV business _ we all know the Slav Race won wwII -1945 and saved the blacks and jews as$ in Arlington County Virginia the only reason blacks and jews walking around breathing air, Damn riiight - and I do indeed, - know how to simonize and rub it in and use the buffer as you read on you as$ hole white American can seeeee me use the buffer –ya -    and we who are worldly sophisticated and read know the SLAV race saved the   western world and Western civilization ______ with 30 % of the Russian slav people as the price paid_ 49 million dead Russians to save your jew and black as$, Yaaaah - time some one told ya and just this way too – not nice,- just straight up SOo lets do go down the road and move on_ away from this SLAV business   because I Just thought youuuu jews and Blacks in Arlington County Virginia located 15 min by auto - from the white house Washington DC usa wanted to know who save youuuu Jews – AS$ and Blacks AS$ - the race that did it   its called SLAV and nothing and no one else- but_ SLAV - suck it up- ya Jews and Blacks in Arlington County Virginia and do - tell the Arlington County school Board all of em white Anglo Saxons no white ethenics on the school board ever in the State of Virginia or Arlington Counties History_ Why ?

and only one Italian on the Arlington County Board WOW ! the rest of ya move over the white Ethnics are here - Slav, Italian, Greek, Russian, Polish, Ruthenian- get the race Picture in Arlington Yes,- No. maybe or what ? ?


__Kon Kie-

   Yaaah ya blacks and Jews better suck it up and show respect to Ivan the Russian soldier 1945

the full grovel is in order here on this occasion - not the light or medium grovel, -the full grovel is appropriate

slav students in the Arlington School system _ E _ mail to the Russian embassy in washington DC


________ the Sparrow watching youuuu      America .





The movements which work revolutions in

the world are born out of the dreams and visions

in a peasant,s heart on a hillside


___ James joyce , Ulysses



new in 2004 Red Monks plan To Abolish the Democrat and Republican political parties using the

Rico Act:

These two American political parties the Dems. And Reps. and their org. and also all party members   aid and abet in a criminal Enterprise that have been stealing from the American people and indeed have committed crimes against the American nation and people.

It was never the Glorious Italian Business men who were the Mafia members stealing and killing it was the two political parties the Democrats and republicans who are the Mafia and always have been the mafia. Stealing and killing for their friends who are all the American Corporations.

Mafia is a Italian word but in America it means members of the two Political parties demacrats and Republician politicals parties and most of the members are-- Anglo saxon Americans meaning

the British Is land people: Scott, Irish, English, Cornesh, Welsh. As a gang located in Richmond Virgina and in Washington DC usa


Whats to be done? the Redmonk dissenter, May or may not have the answer/ down below—yes, no, mabey or what ?-


these trusted, and - true Americans with- ( farmers commen sense )- named below will run America for ten years after abolishing the two political parties and the US congress , the US senate and the American presidency ;; using the RICO act- to abolish these two criminal enterprises   including the US Congress and US Senate all in one day   bringing freedom and democracy back to America, and kill political Correctness at the same time –


Congressmen- and Senators:. who will run America: for ten years:


. Chuck Grassley, Z. Miller ,- Robert Byrd, John(chicken man)Lewis, Sen. McCain,

Eleanor Holms Norton,- Arlene Specter,- Ralph Nadar,-

US Army Col Hackworth,- US Navy seal commander Marcinko

all Americans lets us put it to the vote. And do get it on,____ talk it up! a- new country,- a new Government, a new America,--- a new freedom,- Yaaaaah ! damn right ! bust out !


all ya white Americans in Arlington county get some guts- shout -- let freedom ring,- freedom from political correctness, freedom from   the Lau Pot Americans who are the Judges,-Lawyers and the number # 1 Lau Pot American,- the Nazie Prosecutors in every American Court house in the Arlington County Court house and on the Virginia Supreme Court which is located in Richmond Virginia, all of em,- the American new Nazis, the Swastika is in their heads and hearts – they hide the Swastika, - these new modern Arlington County Nazis and State of Virginia modern Nazis, in Richmond Va . -- the new Lau pot Americans, I call em,-- yah- in each and every court house in America a criminal class called lawyers,- judges and common wealth attorneys a criminal class indeed, all of em,- the new Lau pots the new modern Nazis Americans they claim they and only they know what’s good for us the people, they gut a lot of Bull shi$ with- they .

let the new freedom ring, let it ring from the Arlington County Court house steps to the US supreme Court house steps- let the new freedom ring all the way ta the Capitol steps in Richmond Virginia but dooooo let it ring, let the new freedom ring all the way ta the American White House steps -where pres. George Bush lives the American White House, which is located only 15 min by auto from Arlington County va court house steps. The portans of the Rico act that can be used ta charge the two American political Parties Republicans and democrats as a criminal Enterprise all coming 2004

Can the Rico act be used to legally bring down the American Corrupt criminal government yes no maybe or What ?---- that was Redmonkee Political food --for thought -- for Arlington County, - Mclean and Falls church high school Students in the state of Virginia all redmonkee brigade members   wear the mark of the Kestrel ,- all ya red monks its under the kestrels eye _ look for it, wear it, wear it on your arm, your hand where ever,-but wear it by the mark of the Kestrel they will know ya ___ Indeeed   as redmonkee Brigade

A plea to all Arab Governments ___2004   I need $ funding $

All Arlington County Arabs and Muslim Students in the Arlington School system-

Alert all Arab News papers on this funding for the RICO act to be taken in to American courts and charge the Republican and Democratic Political parties as a Criminal Enterprise the Rico Act covers that charge Iam making against the American government   it doesn’t matter if we lose the case in a American Court of law -- America will be Embarrassed in the court of World Opinion,- win, lose or draw-- indeed

Arabs and the Muslim people must think bold – the Rico act indeed covers the missdeeds of the US presidency the US Senate and the US Congress as they are in deed a criminal Enterprise against the American people. Called the Masses   



I need funding to hire law firms across the nation to take this criminal charge against the Demacrats and Republicans   into the American courts   I call on all and any Arab Government ta fund me

your all goina love it, - this neeew America ____ trust me ! put it up for a vote nation wide, - said as a tongue in cheek taunt ta white America Ya haint gut the nerve America,- it does not matter if we lose in the courts it only matters that we plant seeds in the head of the American people and Arlington County School Students in every Arlington County school for the future and shame America on the world Stage so as to make America, --- all she claims she is.

Students of Arlington County School system --- your MoM and PoPs and yes even youuu know every journey begains with the first step.

The Rico act is the first step on this long journey to free the American masses from a criminal Enterprise the two Political parties and the US presidency

lets all together take the first step forward   now today,    justadoit

Plant those seeds in every ones head,- all ya redmonkees, - talk it up with ya friends .

the Rico act can get ya   a new country a new freedom __ talk it up



A peasant must stand a long time on

a hillside with his mouth open before a

roast duck flies in

                                           Chinese Proverb ____






_____ Kon Khi and the _____ Ruthenian little Sparrow Hawk___ Kestrel


Watching yooouuuuu         America




Valdimir Zhirinovsky_____ Pamyet Page all new coming 2004


The letters sent to Russian Pamyet org. and Mr. Zhirinovsky in side Russia asking for help, because I could get no help in America – the American people turned there back on me, and I havenet forgotten it either -- that indeed the US justice system in america is corrupt,- and broken ---you buy justice in America with green dollars the criminal class in America and Arlington Court house is called Lawyers their mental illiness is called a ( order personality disorder ) they must have order to feel comfortable , and safe, - so the lawyers keep asking for more and more laws to be passed to control the people, known as the Masses -- it’s a mental illiness It’s a mental health issue in each and every lawyer in America and in Arlington County Virginia – its called: ( order control personality ) Lawyers are very sick mentally Ill people, as a group-- judges also are lawyers and sick with this same mental disorder and drunk on the most powerful drug known to man- the drugPower---

Is this true ? - Iam only asking a question -- ? Is this true ? what do ya think ?


- ? iam just asking a Question ? if it is true -- that in a democracy ,-the masses,- known as the American people,- allow them selves to be controlled by a mentally ill class of people who are also from a criminal Class__called lawyers ?

he and she who control the news -controls the masses, Hell every one knows that ! and - he and she who knows the law- control those who don’t know the law --- Yes, no, maybe or what ? does any one know the pota Rican prosecutor in Fairfax County ? his wife gut a job at the Smithsonian or did ?____ Ya know- I never did get a round ta finishing this story did I ? mabey all of ya can finish it for me / connect the dots how hard can it beeee--- for crice sakes – how hard ?

Listen up all ya - Redmonk Johnny dollars investigators,

Haaaay Johney Dollars your UP-   go – find




Judge Joan Alper _ Page_______ Arlington County Va.

Located 15 min. by auto from Washington DC_ all politics are local and American politics follows money and the money tells every American Judge what to do in every court house in America ! Gerry Spence a real lawyer,- ask to be considered for the Wyoming Supreme court Garry Spence was told he wouldn’t fit in,- meaning he- Spence was for the people and not the mining and railroads interests ,- ( thatsa Amedca said with a Italian Accent from Illes Island 1893-)- who are the Arlington Court Houses Judges for ?-- mining and railroad interest and prison Industries interest ? in Richmond Virginia or for the people , ? - also called the huddled frightened white Masses.--

this courthouse in Arlington Virginia sucks the blood,- bone and flesh from the Middle class Whites and    poor whites, blacks and poor Hispanics prisoners for the Virginia prison industries in this mild Fascist State Virginia,-- prison slave labor will be used in 2004 by Virginia Correctional enterprises a company using prison slave labor to refurbish metro cars,--- Arlington Judge Alper, US supreme court judge Rinquest- in Arlington va   attorney general - Jerry Kilgore and Us Attorney McNutly of Alexander Virginia all complain and talk down China and Russia and other countries of the world for having and using prison labor, and or child labor- Pakastan etc.--- but indeed America and the Fascist state of Virginia and Fascist county Arlington county does the very same thing,- use prison labor to run the county jail, they   work prisoners 7 days a week for 6 dollars a week in the Jail kitchen no training,- knives around etc 12 to 14 hours days   all three of these powerful people-- Alper , Kilgore, McNutly, Reinquest are not ashamed of their Political hypocrisies- they complain about China and Russia and doo the same thing,- they rule over us the people, the Masses-- we have no say,- the dim whit- white dolt masses in Arlington are silent-t but complain about the Germans not speaking up to Hitler in 1939 Its all the same,- Germans didn’t speak up in 1939 and white Americans don’t speak up in Arlington County Virginia in 2003, 2004, 2005 all because the White people are afraid in Arlington County, the same way the Germans were afraid in 1939 in Berlin Germany ----- Arlington- county Va -- located only 15 min. from the white house by car- every one come see the white skin,- dim wit dolt coward silent Masses- in Arlington Virginia ,usa- only a 15 min drive by car from the white house,- do come see em when ya visit America you World Travlers you - come look at these white people , the White Masses in Arlington- scard shi#less about every thing,- all of em .- they have the nerve to talk down to Russia, Germany and China think of it --- the nerve,- the nerve of these white People- craven in their white cowardice,- Arlington county white   Americans who live only 15 min by car from the American White house , the nerve ! if these kind of scard white people who live 15 min from the American white house in Arlington Va – then this question begs - what kind of white people live and work in the White house and IN the US congress and the us senate ?/ A BLACK HOMELESs GUY SAID





Arlington County Judge Richard McCue


At my hearing for the Arlington Cop stop on April 2002 – the hearing inside the Arlington Court house this Arlington county judge Richaed McCue refused to let my lawyer defend me -- let me explain , my lawyer Steve Brigilia had to raise his voice and almost shout to this white skin Anglo saxon Judge Richard McCue - :- your honor allow me to defend my client ! - my lawyer was questioning Arlington Cop Tedla who stop my van in front of the Hecht co ballston Arlington va . April 2002 --- he Cop tedla said the tint on my two rear windows was too dark he thought ---- this judge McCue was super protective of Arlington county cop Tedla as my lawyer questioned Tedla and the judge told my lawyer your too hard on this young new police officer hes new -and scolded my Lawyer, what about my rights ? -   these coward Arlington county judges will not allow any one to ask hard questions of these Arlington County Cops the Arlington Judges are afraid the Arlington cop union and cop union lawyers will complain to the politicians in Richmond Virginia about the Arlington Judge and the Arlington judge could be removed by Richmond Anglo Saxon politicians the rulers who want the cop vote Richmond Va . politicians   who rule this state of Virginia for their Anglo Saxon peoples benefit and keep white Ethnics Americans out and or marginalize the white ethnic people in Virginia and Arlington since for ever the   1800s to todays date in may 2004 5 6 7 8 9

my lawyer said to me ,- your not allowed to go after the cops in Arlington court house the judges wont allow it , as we had a court transcriber in the court paid for by me at this hearing -- I planned to use this statement from the Arlington Judge protecting the Arlington County cop Tedla and take it to the Forgien Embassies Press section in Washington Dc to show the American Justice system is corrupt -   remember I had a witness that this cowardly act by this Arlington county judge McCue took place. In his court – what about the body armor in the court room ?

when we gut the transcripts this section was missing,-- when we ask my lawyer about it Steve Brigilia said he didn’t remember it wow ?   this is the lawyer who didn’t ask for an extension of time for my appeal because the court transcriber didn’t get the transcripts in on Time as so ordered by the judge I was denied my appeal, because of these two people not doing their job

I was still locked up in Arlington Jail doing my 6 months sentence – I had no control over any of this   where is the justice ?- I know were the Beef is,-- it’s the justice I cant find in dirty America the Big lie on the World the United States of America 2004 -- - in this knuckle dragging fascist State of Virginia run by Anglo Saxon Americans for their Races Benefit,---- this state and county where the White Ethnics have been marginalized for ever by the ruling Anglo Saxon race . the years 1800 to 2004 check the color of people behind the   windows in the court house and all Arlington county Government buildings that serve the public all black and brown faces,- no whitesfaces - no race diversity at all - the Cleardon post office the same,- no diversity of race as concerns the people serving the public no white people – all faces brown black yellow no white people at the windows

NO race Diversity at the government windows serving the Arlington County public_ WHY?

I went on a Hunger strike in side this Arlington County Jail where I was incarcerated for 6 months to protest police brutality and other issues such as racism against White and Hispanic prisoners in this racist Arlington county Jail and the use of prison Jail labor paid 6 dollars a week for 13 and 14 hourwork days with no training, knives around in the kitchen no training,- fights in the kitchen   ___ read my Arlington County Jail hunger strike letter located on the front page

I the Redmonk as the American Refusenik in Arlington County Virginia 15 min away by auto from the white house Washington DC usa

If I am Incarcerated again by this mild Nazi State if Virginia I will do as the Irish republican army prisoners did at Longkeesh prison the brave I.R.A. political prisoners , like these brave Irish Boys and girls I too - will refuse to wear the Arlington County Jail prison uniform and will smear my excrement on the Arlington jail house walls on a huger strike to the death so as to force the foreign Embassies in Washington DC to complain to the World Court in the Netherlands and or the United Nations in New York as concerns my treatment this big lie called   America and the little lie on the world called Arlington County Virginia USA ___   located 15 min by auto from the American White house Washington Dc

America uses prison labor and screams and thunders at other countries of the world   how dare youu use prison Labor – shouts the American Government --- All of You see Amerrica do this thundering on the 7: oclock news at other Countries and peoples of the world, hell fire every one   sees America a phoney fraud on the world and the people of the world sees it that’s why America is not liked in the world - America is a lie a fraud,--- America has no clothes on struttin around making an as$ hole out of her self,- Yaaah-America the Big lie the American people all silent

White COWaRDS and cannon fodder for Enron Corp. and its President ken lay

Cannon fodder for the democrat and the republican political parties cannon fodder for Iraq,- cannon fodder for Israel, Yaaah – jewish American boys not on the front line with a rifle in Iraq

Letten the poor white Christian boys die for the jewsih womans son in –( 2004 ) all in Arlington County Virginia   Jewish woman not ashamed _ _- WOW does the truth hurt or what ?   White Americans not ashamed of them selves – white Cowards and fools at the same time,- theWhite Americans not Ashamed that 700 poor white , brown and black boys killed in Iraq- this date may 2004 )- for what and whom ? all of the dead soldiers - poor   there only way out of a no nothing life 8 dollars an hour job in some factory - is indeed the US Military the only way out for these poor white,- Brown and black boys   the lower classes, Yaaah _ no Jewish Americans boys on the front lines with a rifle in Iraq - Why -   the jewish Americans not Ashamed either ---then who did we fight this war In Iraq for ? white Christian people are shi$ indeed and fools allowing them selves to be used in this way , I say - call in the jewish Buddha, youuu as$ hole white Christians in Arlington County need the Jewish Buddha bad -all of youuu being made out fools, and dolts not ashamed being used in this cold calculating way by the special interest groups in America those who rull over us   where are their sons in this war ? the corporations ex sons the jewish woman and their sons not on the front line with a rifle in Iraq why doesn’t the American legion post 139 and 85- located down Arlington County Virginia find out and post were the special entrust groups sons are on the war in Iraq ? -

America is being made a fool of by these special entrust groups American legion post 139 and 85 silent these are the two American legion post that don’t know why Col David Hackworth burned his US Army Uniforms and threw away all his military medals and left America for 18 years in Exile ask post 139 and post 85 if they know why American hero dripping with bravy medals col .Hackworth did just that . askem why ? -




The Redmonkee COP Watch crime scene photo- page__ click here coming- all new 2004

All- photos of the Arlington Po lice committing crimes in Arlington County the actual photos of the crime scene the evidence, the witnesses , the addresses,- in your neighbor hood so you can do the investigation your selve


Stay tuned if ya brave ! if not, get the hell out !



The Redmonkee and The Jewish Goldberg Chew,- it haint




United States Secret Service-Letters on the Arlington stalker




Coming 2004____ ClickWrong doing- at the National Zoo



Including on- going investigation 2003 ____ the redmonk and other zookeepers told ya- On Sunday Dec,7 and dec, 8 th in the year 2003 the redmonkee was vindicated- big time or little time ya decide _   in the Washington post newspaper National zoo story- two parts by Karolyn Barker, James Grimaldi, D:Vera Cohn- who all work at the rag sheet of a news paper the Washington post news   I urge all people ta read these two National zoo news articles on mismanagement of the National Zoo animal collection the news papers only went back a short time frame,- I was complaining 19 years ago to the Washington post   Cohen and Woodward mr.s Kay graham,- Donald graham,- lalley graham, etc. - I went through channels and kept faith with the Smithsonian Institution before going to the press - the Smithsonian officials painted me mentally Ill and said I was crazy, and a threat to every one and every thing at the National Zoo posted my picture all over the Smithsonian Castle like I was a wanted bank robber or terrorist and fired me. Every thing I complained about was true, -

I was Vindicated on Dec 7 and 8 ,2003 in the news papers I hate too say it, but it was in the rag the - Washington post news co ,- What took ya Grahams so gut damn long,---- 20 Years! ?- this shi$ has been goin on at the National zoo forever,- I spoke up in 1986 took my complaints to the Smithsonian Castle in person, because nobody else would. Was fired – called crazy and mentally ill by the Smithsonian Inst officials,- so as to protect the national Zoo PhDs intellectuals from shame of wrong doing, don’t ya dare feel sorry for these SOBes when the Smithsonian and National Zoo Blows by arab freedom fighters they deserve it

and now on Dec.7, 2003 a day that will live in infamy on the national zoo, for ever the fuc$ing dam burst at the National Zoo all over the fuc$ing PHD intellectuals as$ holes who ran the Zoo into the ground,- I hope the dirty mfers drown, all of em, If the greedy Graham Family who owns the Washington post newspaper in Americas Capital the Graham Family all Cowards, selfish and Greedy If only ALL THE DIRTY Grahams family had done their job as news people and also my story from the get go ! the dam would not have burst, -- for 20 years the GRAHAMS FAMILY AND THEIR COWARD ALL WHITE EMPLOYEES LET THE Zoo Animals and Zookeepers hang in the wind, dirty filthy basterds the Graham family       Ya-wouldn’t listen ____Con khi


Con Khi always speaks the words of the-

Great Chinese Monkey Sun Hou-Tzu-


Con Khi – says ---Photos of the scalding of Liontail monkey Gustave coming and who did it !! and the cover up,- at you know where? Con Khi don’t want ta mention no names! At this time.

WAS THIS_____ Con Khi_ or _ Sun Hou Tzu + talking ?___ Tricky monkey question !





Stay tuned if ya brave ! if not, run,_ _ go____



Supreme Court Justice Rienquest- letter on the Jewish child killer at the national zoo in Americas capital Washington DC usa

Da Big Judge lives in Arlington County Virginia 15 min. car drive from the white house and the US Supreme court ,; Lon Horiuchi the FBI sharp shooter and Japanese American who blew off half the face of English Irish American woman -Mrs. Weaver mother of 4 children, and killed her at the siege at Ruby Ridge- Lon Horiuchi lives 30 miles away from Arlington County va. --in Fredericksburg va did he- FBI- Lon-- kill mrs. Weaver because she was a white woman and he- FBI- Lon Horiuchi an Asian American ? a race hate crime of murder ? lets ask for a race investigation- why not ?

In America it is forbidden for a white person to ask this race question because Lon is Asian,-- but if every thing was reversed- FBI- Lon could ask this question of you and me and or Mrs. Weaver a Anglo Saxon White woman, Because Lon’s has yellow skin he is allowed to ask the question and white people are not allowed to ask this question,- this proves we in America do not have freedom of speech and no democracy,- none at all-- Lau Pot Americans have taken over the US congress and US senate, Us justice dept.,- EEOC   and the Arlington County Court house etc. and all school boards and county boards through out America every county every State the Lau pot Americans rule they want me to shut up-

Ill shout louder


All of us Americans pretend there is freedom in America and we all know America is a lie

Listed as #13 in freedom for the American people by the United Nations if ya come in #13 in a horse race ya haint a winner . get real,- freedom haint free ya gut ta die for it all over again and again

How would ya know - if ya never tested the waters as I indeed have , as - the two female FBI agents   Have, as indeed dr--Nichols at the national Zoo have,--- or as the viet Nam war vet- Thompson the Helicopter pilot at the My Lye Massacre tested the system —all of em they told the truth and were punished and some will be fired the Girl from India who worked for the Washington Dc government who was fired for telling all of you mothers out their—Yaah-- all Ya white Christian   mothers with children in Arlington County etc. there is lead in your drinking water in Arlington and wash. DC , did any white Christian woman in Arlington speak up ? put on a demo for these brave Americans --- hell No why were the jewish Americans silent silent I said silent


how would any of ya know if America is bull shi$ as I say it is   if ya never tested the waters as concerns freedom of speech in a private night club yet    as Lenny Bruce did and was killed by american law for challenging the system on freedom of speech in pretend freedom America,- the jewish people did not come ta Lenny Bruces aid . Lenny Bruce was a jew , the jews did not help him, they let the law kill him -- the jew,- Lenny Bruce , Yaah- the jews did nothing but stand on the high hill watching -- the jews stood on the High hill watching Lenny go down, with their jewish Hands folded in front of every jew Yaaah – there not ashamed and wonder how they didn’t win the redmonks Morally superior award trophy the blacks won it because ya gut ta do something to win the morally superior award trophy not fold your Jewish hands infron t of ya --- the help the jews gave Lenny ya could put in a thimble - jews silent   ! let the record showYaaah he, Lenny B - died for freedom of speech, -- his right to use curse words behind locked doors in a private night club, not out in public,- in a private night club-- ya don’t like it leave --- go,- get the hell out,- you don’t like his curse words – leave, - if ya don’t like it why arrest lenny Bruce for swearing? Yaaah !--

Lenny Bruce didn’t die for freedom of talking,-- Lenny B died for freedom of speech

theirs a difference ____ yes,- no,- mabey or what ?

Lenny died a tortured death in a dirty stinken prison cell where the us government hounded him hounded him ,-broke him Finanically and then used the law like a rubber band to kill him

the jewish people didn’t like the way Lenny B was packaged is that why __

-they the jews - gave Lenny Bruce a Jewish thimble of help-- ?- really ! /- the nerve ! of the Jews really!

The jews gut a lot of jewish bull shi# with em – but what jews am I talking about ? there are so many different kind of jews who have different believes   ya don’t know which jews your talking about ?

but in Lennys Bruces case_ I shout all of_ em

for Lenny Bruce,- I the redmonk shout __ paint every jew in America with 42 coats of paint and 72 coats of Lacquer see if they can walk down the street after this paint job ??/ Yaaah - all of em a jewish Disgrace say it for Lenny B and paint em for Lenny B , Lenny Bruce   gone but not forgotten, Phil graham gone but not forgotten take the hard cases - leave the soft cases

Lenny B died for freedom of Speech - not freedom of talking,- theres a difference






Redmonk Zinger knock ya out___ 2004 April

now for a redmonk sneaky Zinger – Ya Just never know ? know what I mean? Read on ta see what I mean -   but if ya have not read my web site before ya read this zinger ya wont understand this zinger and how it fits in ya have to see the movie from the beginning not come in at half time with half the movie over   now the redmonk Zinger   --- I was in Fredericksburg va a 30 min drive from Arlington va --at the Fredericksburg cyber center and FBI agent Lon Horiuchi showed up and ask the employees to tell him when I am in town, ta let him know,,--- how I know?,-- I saw him talking to the employees outside and snuck out side the cyber center ta listen in from a hiding place he has a soft voice,- not harsh and sounded educated not a coarse guy like saaay- like a Arlington county Cop or Arlington county prosecutor, Liberian ora Arlington judge ora homeless person which I thought he would be and sound like,--- iam homless by the way--- just want ya ta know( said as a sly taunt ta all of youuu ) // happened a long time ago but nooot thaat long ago )—this last is called a tease in the newspaper business )-strutten my stuff ! like I know

I then check mated FBI-- Lon ( sniper killer of mother. Weaver) Horiuchi,-- did he speak to me?? and if he did,- was it a threat? or did he say a threat and some nice things to me, at the same time ?-- as I played coal field mountian possum,---- Lon does not know how I checked mated him, I mentioned it at the library-- main, in arling they dumb white woman they didn’t get it ? show me where I lied ? on this web site show me,- I dare ya, you cant! But if ya can I will indeed listen, keep an open mind every one ------please ee every one and 12 hours with the Jewish Buddha ta all of you – and circus ta all of youuu the word circus ya not allowed ta use at the national Zoo damn right 12 hours with the jewish Buddha

ya alington county sorry as# white people need it.—Am ashamed of ya ashamed of white People






Every Country has the jews that it deserves .


__________-Karl Emil Franzos, the jews of Barnow, 1877


Coming all new 2004 The Nazis Jews Among us in Arlington .

And other Places ---- Like Falls Church Virginia where the Jewdene Cordavins hang out and teach their jewish sons ta hate and attack an 8 year old Slav- Polish catholic Girl- for real ! a Fallschurch Jew Hate crime the uS Justice dept refuses ta investigate   the jews in the Justice dept. gut their jewish Foot up against the US Justice dept. door, wont let the door of justice____- open


the Christians were all silent in Arlington as the Nazie jews did their dirty work

Why ?__ where you Christians silent ? why ? gimmi an answer.

Maybe the jews can tell me why the Christians are silent?


Their Jewsh names, their org. their Synagogues . Itll schock ya !


The Nazi Jew- Wolfenstien employed by Arlington Government his aka- religious crazed Fanatic

, The Nazi jew- proctor- workes at the Arlington main library, his aka,_ the jewish Troll

The Nazi jew_ Richard Cohen writes for the washington Post news paper his aka the Hate Jew

The mentally Ill Nazi jew Ed Gould worked at the national zoo killed the pandas by accident this jew tried ta kill the word circus, too- but I stopped him. Cold or was it hot_

The Nazi jewish rabbie jack Molen murdered freedom of speech the day he told the world and told Cong. Mick Moran--- ( you can not say the jews could have done more to stop the war in iraq ! Jack says ya anti-Semite if you do. wow! ) Jack the quacky rabbi- Molen is located in the city of Alexandra va at Agudas Achim Congregation this quackie Rabbi Molen said not a word of protest when Rabbi jacks,- jewish brother Rich Cohen of the Washington post news paper wrote in the paper that : Ukrainians are blood thirsty people the whole race,- that polish people had dirty hands,- that an Arab,- Richard Cohen knew ate his salad like a camel wow! The Quaby rabbie jack molen was silent about all of that hate talk by Rabbie jacks,- jewish brother- rich Cohen, wOw!   talk about jewish phoney ! wow ! and all white christians in Arlington County Va churches were silent- about Jack Molen the quaby rabbie and Rich Cohens jewish hate WOW ! the jewish people said Iam a Antisemite with hate in their faces for my daring ta broach this subject of jewish hate for talking about this_____jew hate! WOW !       and the national Zoo   Smithsonian inst.called me mental ill for telling the zoo officials how the zoo was Fuc$ed up, I worked their that’s how I know it was Fuc#ed up,- if ya cant talk, ya not free folks --, all of ya stop lieing about it and stop calling free speech hate speech because Quabey rabbie Molen wants no complaints against the jews but this same jew will complain about you and me, but forbid complaints against the jews   how phoney can ya get ? --- just like the National zoo officials at the national Zoo want no complaints about the zoo from the zookeepers,-- freedom! Ya say! freedom my redmonk As$ - haint no freedom in America,- send money ta keep me in the fight—two way streets not one way

The jew-- Jack Olender a Malpractice lawyer, not a Nazi,   the only lawyer out of all the lawyers and law firms I went asking for help , and he - Jack paid out of his pocket postage money to return my legal papers I ask him to read, - all other lawyer s and law firms including the aclu made me pay postage to get my papers back.- jack declined to help me,- but at least he sent my papers back free I was broke too,---- unemployed fighting ta clear my name - thanks jack Olender your Jewish mamie raised ya right like a real jew their s jack Olander the jew, - then theirs one Jewish American medical doc. Working in Russia helping WWII Russian soldiers ya know the Slav Soldier Ivan who gave the jews Iserial and saved every jew on earth including jews in Arlington va and Fallschurch and Alex.VA. the Russian soldier Ivan, Yah ! saved all the jews – Ivan – the jews don’t think so - and theirs only one jew who fights for the Clyde Beatty Cole bro circus, every year he fights alone against the p.e.t.a crazed mob , by him self,- alone, so there are a few real jews left in America,- not many.- and none in Arlington County,- Fallchurch Virginia either But a few,-- but Jacks Olender s Jewish Mother raised one of them, know what I mean ? she raised her jewish boy right --- two way streets not one way streets know what I mean—ya sorry as$ Arlington jews need ta read my new jew stories on Monkee Tails and the jewish Conveyer belt commin-

two way streets not one way –

How the jews in America took a Shi$ in a Catholic Church during Mass in a Catholic Church in new york , the jewish people silent   how the jews took the image of Christ and put human shi$ around Christ’s neck and called it art work and showed it to the public the jewish people silent the Christian people silent wow no jewish boys on the front line fighting with a gun in their hand in iraq why? –

But what jews am I talking about ? -    


Read the book the jewish people don’t want ya too read it’s a shocker – why they the jews don’t want you to read this book

o the book :- Himmlers jewish tailor by Frank -- when I tell ya why the jews don’t want ya to read this book youl lose all respect for the jewish people all in one day   the dirty secret is commin out of the Jewish bag - trust me on this one, Yaaah cats out of the bag and runnin on this one

2004 April - May   new all new coming in 2004

the book the jews don’t want ya to read

Himmlers jewish tailor : by Frank

ita schock ya Its shock Jock internet allll the waaay


The Ability of jews to internalize any critical and

condemnatory remark and castigate themselves is

one of the Marvels of human nature.


___Aharon Appelfeld to Philip Roth 1988






Arlington County, Virgina -Ellen Bozeman- Wrong doing



The Stalker - in Arlington County,Virginia

Stalker photo on photo Gallery! Arlington County Government cover up and lieing to the people- the White dimwhit- dolt masses,-    

Lieing ?_______

-by the : Arlington commonwealth attorneys , judges, firemen, cops, Ron Carlee, Mgst. Bell , Ellen Bowsmen, the Intire school board,- and an old Milk maid- Yaaa ,- who was an old school teacher and lost a student ta death on the wire, the question is _ will she milk cows for Jesus in the big dairy barn in the sky when she dies. ? For what she did or didn’t do? where was the redmonkee who was the real hero who saved two children In all this ? photo of the death site commen ( story on Monkee tails ) and ta think the Arlington County and US Government is deminizing the redmonk aaaah-- whats the milk maids name --? Her daughters work in the school system,?- at ASPAN?- –post office?- Arlington Library ?-- where ?

Youuu don’t want ta know ! But Ill tell ya any way ----

Now the cat is out of the bag and runnin____________________


_______the Sparrow

and_______________________- Kon Khi



does Arlington County assst. Commenwealths Attorney Franceen O:Brien__ have a green cat,? Is its name Irish Spring ? does it whistle ? did she or some one she knows take money from the Killer Milk maid ? this story on

Monkee tails doooo read oooon April 2004


the Irish girl Arlington county prosecutor Franceeeen Oh’Brien


take this story to the Bank and deposit it ! in your savings account


this woman prosacuter franceeeen O: Brien located   in the Arlington county court house which is located 15 min by car from the white house

this little slip of a Irish Gal is so clean and immaculate nuff ta make ya puke for real ,--- looks just like a little Barbie doll just taken outa salafain wrappings and outa the box right from the Barbie Doll Factory floor, - to you—Yaaah - the box still -hot   know what I mean ?__ CLEeeeAN this gut damn woman is CLeeeeaaan not a hair out of place not one piece of lint on her immaculate virgin Mary like clothes she wears in the courtroom,--- not one wrinkle not even a hint of a flake of dandruff-*** wouldn’t daaare, -- each and every hair on her Irish mick head, Yah !- locked in place and locked down tight , ya gut it --- Yaaah !    and that’s not aaall -she gets in cloooosssse with da jury up close and personal too____      not standen off_ like some lawyers but waaaay uuuup close - Yaaah ! --small , tiney petite little Irish Girl short in the leg as they say_ Yah !- she has a look for the jury too, - the look that says – the look says the British overseer just threw us out of our thatched roof Irish home stead we wet and cold the English land lord   took our Irish donkey and our two cows and 4 pigs as back rent he said we owe. And so he took em

   and yes, we Hunger for soda bread and a pint of Guinness stout if ya gut It, -

this look by the Barbie Doll Pross_ in the Arlington County Court House will get a defendant guilty as charged just as the trial is starten,- ya can see it commen ,- you want ta yell out in the Court room   kinda of in a Panic like Ya want ta yell out __get the fuc$ away from my jury ya short leg not a hair out of Place Immiculate bitch youuuu ,- but ya know ya cant, - the Judge will get ya,as$- your fuc$ed you know it before your Lawyer does.

but is she—Little miss Barbie Doll prosacuter franceeen O:Brien orange or green that Question begs? does she lean toward Ian paisley or jerry Adams ?--- hay - listen up every one

where talken the Arlington County Court house here big time


this is the woman her aka- Irish Spring or is thAT HER CATS NAME ?- ANY WAY_ SHE – WHO IS SHORT IN THE LEG said ta my jury up close tooo , the way she likes it_ Yah! --- she said ta my Jury that I need ta be taken away down south ta be rehabilitated-- that’s when a WWII concentration camp came sliding bybefore my very eyes,- Stalag #17 ta be exact, but I wasent too worried I knew a German WWII motor cycle was waiten fer me at the Virginia Nazi Stalag # 17 prison Camp Yaaah! _so I could bust out and jump the barb wire fence justalika stevea Mqueena   _____ WOW !   that wise acre remark aside ___ I said ta my self ---Haay __ these Fuc$ing people want ta hurt me baaad ! nooo shi$ and for real toooo ! and further more little short legs said that I wrapped my self in the American Flag, wow __ like Iam some scoundrel I suppose______--

and guess is how she ment it.

she’s was starten ta sound like northern Irish preacher Ian paisley who was   shoutin ta the orange Irish,- northern Ireland protecents : ta stop the Catholics with blood and force of arms, ta stopem from marching in Derry northern Ireland on this Sunday commin- every one be there _ he thunders Yah ! short in the leg O’Brien and Preacher- ( I hate Cathlics rabbets) Paisley - both of em O;Brien and Paisley shouten together --Stopem stopem cold or hot,- but stopem Wow ! Holey Shit ! what am I Bin Laden ?

but a wise jury member_ the old white dude who I was hoping would die of a Heart attack before my trial ended so I could get a black Jury member in the Jury Box so I could have a chance,___ my Jury was a white WaterFall___ only Black people know what that means _ white people dumb as Shit when it comes to the po lice you all know that- dumb they believe the cops—talk about dumb !   white people gut it boy____ big time

so when tiny petite little miss Barbie Doll – O; Brien_ not a hair out of place, not a wrinkle, Arlington County   Pross Franceeeen O: Brien says ta my Jury ,- yah_ the Jury that was a Jury of her Peers not mine, short legs says   I was Wrapping my self in the American flag -- the old white dude says out loud after what I do to the American Flag – ( wipe my as$ on it ) he didn’t think I would wrap my self in it and also said to try ta rehabilitate me at my age 65 would be torturing me Its not going ta do no good   hay things are starten ta pick up , now   now I hope he doesent die   ya know      that’s not all,- let me go on _____-   come back ta hear what the Hispanic jury member said about Tedla and Murphy the letter the jury said they were going ta write ta His Imminence of justice in the State of Virginia that would be US Attorney jerry Kilgore, Yah and a whole lot more - the jury member who had a relative on the Us park police   Hay hay -WOW !

more commin on corruption in the justice system Arlington County Virginia just 15 min by auto from the American White house Yah ---how the Firemen and Arlington cops betrayed the people in Arlington county and how they the cops and firemen are Hysterical that they are being found out and will they do any thing ta stop the truth, on this political web site --- yelling,- shouting ,-Iam lying on them, will they or their friends   plant drugs on me etc. as A US marshal said they would with a snarl on his ugly white koon Face in the US District Court Washington DC at my appeal hearing ---- as indeed the Fairfax Cop 300 lb eyetilian called spider said : well get ya for what ya did to our park police brothers, a threat - this Fat dago Fairfax Cop name Spider hesa gut a dago sister in the Arlington Main Library she helpsa the copsa witha stinga operations     Yes, no,- mabey or whata ? justa askena questionsa ! that all, at the same time this sting was going on-- My slav sister a foreign exchange student from a Slav country not America ,- defended me on that sting by Arlington employee Hispanic André and the dago Liberian and a anglo saxon white Arlington county under cover Cop   on that day at the Arlington library main. Yah ! America took a hit   not me, America    took a hit – think of what iam saying -Slav students from a far away country had to defend me an American citizen   in the Arlington County Library WOW ! -- remember the US Marshall said to me in the US district court well get ya no matter how long it takes, -- well plant drugs on you and the Over weight Fairfax County Cop whose name in Italian means spider said to me after threating me,- moving his hand to his gun, stated   that said with a snarl well get you for what you did to our brothers on the Park police, snarling – that same day the Fairfax county Magistrate an anglo saxon white skin Buck refused to take the complaint I filed ( no Justice for me ever   ) I wonder if the Arlington County Anglo Saxons Judges and prosecutors and Anglo Saxon magistrates feel empowered when the cops beat and threaten me in this way,- yes no or what ?   me a Ruthenian Slav_ smallest minority in America yes No maybe or what ? just asken a question that’s all ? – ( Ruthenians the smallest minority in America )

Iam indeed a political Activist that ask hard questions read the burnt flag story Arlington cementery and the killer milk maid on Arlington Ridge road on Monkee tails, then youl under stand and see arlington County Coruption is their a cop named Floye involved ? licenese plate gittyup? Just asken questions ? that’s all investigative news men find out all of these web pages and this entire web site are leads for investigative reporters

will they,- those in the Arlington Corrupt Court house_ employees and law inforcement kill the redmonkee just as they killed Lenny Bruce using the same method _______-- just asking a question ?

_____We drove him into poverty and Bankruptcy and then murdered him

We all knew what we were doing , we used the Law to kill him.


Damn right they killed him using the law ___ Con khi







all new - comming in the year -2004 stay tuned if ya brave, _ if not, go wait in the car an shut up




new comming 2004 Arlington County V a Clams

and American Traitors against free speech at the

American legion post 139.Their names ! their photos,

The piss on their $2.98 cent military medals on their puffed up Phoney American chests – all coming ALL NEW IN- 2004- they ask for it, they get it! I was minding my own business drinking my coffee reading my news paper the Washington times no less -when these white Anglo Saxon Cocac$uckers went on attack ! WOW ! I don’t know em who the fuc$ are they ?

Why are they doing this in freedom loving America ? Haw haw does the court house know ?


no one at this American legion post 139 down town Arlington Va located 15 min by car from the white house can tell ya why big time American hero dog face soldier Col. Hackworth left America in a huff, p.o. - threw away all his military medals and burned his U.S. Army Uniforms and lived in Exile In Australia for 18 years, he was pissed at America and 1000 times more brave

then any member of the American Legion post 139 and post 85 why did Hack leave ?


______Con Khi______ and ____- the   Sparrow



But is it a______ House Sparrow or a________ Sparrow Hawk



Ya just never know ?_ know what I mean ?_______ the _ Kestrel






I watch ,and am as a sparrow alone upon the house top

___psalm 102:7



New- coming in 2004

Redmonkee Opens the White letter- no envelope On-

How-theWhite Christian American woman of Arlington County And the White Christian Woman In- Oklahoma did indeed -kill Democracy and Freedom in America, and -WHY they did it- all new coming- the year 2004 If ya a brave white woman read on___ If ya haint brave go wait in the car ________ Con Khi



New Oct.15 2003,-4 Arlington County Library page –wrong doing!! The works!

Sting operations- under cover cops,- treating different races differently ,-

Letting the FBI in the Library ta spie on the people. Involving them selves in stare downs with the redmonk like as$ holes low class librarians people they are ,--breaking the law,- involving them selves with homeless people and harassing people because of their political believes,-- cowards work in the Arlington library go see ! for your self,- they create all the trouble, them selves they invent it,- because the white librarians don’t like being around black and brown employees and are anxiety ridden about being around people of color all day long,- these white woman are stressed out and put their fear on me,- its called transference, or is it some thing else? I have an answer if indeed s its something else this---------

story in full this coming new year 2004

on April 14 2004 the redmonk was attack yet again by two nazi jews in the main Arlington Library the redmonk did not know these two Green as$ holes one yelled at the redmonk talking down to him and the other jew as$ hole called the redmonk gutter and a little man ,littleman gutter over and over again - the redmonk tore their as$ s up verbally now he the redmonk travels with a camera and a voice recorder to protect him self from these Nazi Arlington county mentally deranged Jews who are mentally Ill because there jews and for no other reason that’s two Way streets   the witness where appalled what these Nazi Jews did I educated both of these Nazi Jews who were trying to turn the redmonk into a Palestinian on the Gaza Arlington Main libary,-- I gave em a verbal bomb belt in return --- I warn the jewish people in Arlington county and Jack Moline who may or may not be a jew or Rabbie   Iam not a Palestinian – I fight back with violence against you - both verbal and physical ya better stop your Nazi treatment of me and stop attacking the 1st amendment of the US Constitution free speech you’re a bunch of cowards shape up and fly right you coward jews afraid of ever thing get some guts for Gods sake but what jews am I talking about ? all of em or a few of em or some of em which ? who ? what ? where ?

   leads for investigative reporters who will some day do this story_ all of it not some of it



New coming 2004 The Redmonk _________Grudge Report_____ signed, sealed-delivered by Monsure Con Khi___1939



New Coming 2004 Redmonks coming death and the last Request_________ Ta the Redmonkee Brigade !

katey don’t you bar that door !!- let em aaall in _____ Con Khi

All Redmonkees See ta it, the redmonk is buried in Communist- China behind the Panda Dens in Wolong province in great China, make sure its in the far back were yd have ta search for it, ta find it   all redmonk Brigade members are to go to Lisa Stevens : Panda superviser at the National zoo –(I worked for her at the monkey house,- nice lady)- get Lisa to use her influence and contacts to Get me buried in China. tell Lisa the Redmonk wants her, and her alone by her self - alone To push the Redmonks gurney two wheeled cart across the bridge into Great China on the long haul to Wolong—what ever ya redmonks do,- all Redmonkee brigrade members,    please_ don’t let them bury me in America !ever!

hold car washes to pay my dead bodies way out of America into Communist China !

cost-about 4000 dollars be sure ta (salt my body down good- all you redmonkees- so it stays fresh-.- On the long haul to Wolong Province in Great_ China.

tell Lisa to see the movie: ( the old gringo ) _ta see how to push my gurney two wheeled cart with my salted body on it,- across the bridge on into Great China . the scene at the end of the Movie! Will show Lisa how to push the two wheeled cart !


Put up a Russian cross with these words

Here lies a Ruthenian American born in the Coalfields of the Cumberland Alleghany mountains who fled oppression and tyranny in America he was hounded , beaten and Jailed for his beliefs in Arlington County va. and not allowed to use the word Circus and or defend his animals at the

National Zoo Smithsonian INST. Washington DC


in America we have freedom of talking but not freedom of Speech.

In my 20 year struggle for justice I found that black Americans where morally superior to white people by the way blacks reacted toward me and endangered them selves for me time and time again as I struggled to get justice in unjust corrupt America- the white Americans always ran afrade of the American Government, the black American did not run___ that big lie on the world _America

my ever grateful thanks to the great Chinese people for letting me be buried in Great China and not in mild Fascist America. The big lie – America


C.J. Koritko

Je ne regrette Rein


North Africa.1957 ___ on the Bank of the Wadie Sabue River

French Foreign Legionnaires Gave Him a Foreign legion Red Epaulet

with these words ______


(     its what you areHonor    )



Born April 14 1939 in the coalfields of Pennsylvania in the Cumberland Alleghany mountains

Found dead in Arlington County Virginia of unknown--- cop-, court house ,- judges—Arlington County Corruption causes :?

buried in Great China this date…


all redmonks make sure ya- shoot the sun ___so ya can position my Russian cross with the back of the cross always facing toward the United States so it can be said I turned my Ruthenian coalfield back on America the big lie on the world- America- and its white Christian people- the big fraud on the world –America – the big lie !


All redmonks, remember,_ If ya cant get em when your alive, get em when your dead, cover all bases and fight on from the _Grave, youl hear their American screams up above- !



______Con Khi       was here _+



A Spoof on America,-a parody_ On politics, race, you and me !

like a big hunk of this web site is already-a Spoof ,-a parody a liitle more wont hurt

have a laugh on the red monk _ look on the sunny side and reach up and grab some of that good ol sunshine _ Yaaaah _ look on the sunny side all ya redmonks, reach up   - bring it down and put it in your face, Yaah SUNSHINE --- damn right !- Why not ?

New coming some time in 2004________________ Holloween Night

Is every night on the redmonks web site

Ta let ya all know, just how bad it can get for all of ya !

2004 or 5-Coming attractions_______________ click


Ya, scard-yet ?



The Brown Tsunami Wave_____ click here* ta___

get inside ta see the kicker to show the brown skin new Americans

how sneaky your new Country America truly is.

Butn ya gut ta find the kicker aka the Zinger

 New Comming 2004- No body stops the brown wave - no body, not atomic bombs.- not nukes. Americas future is brown: India,- Pakistani,- South and centrial America Latino Hispanic as the White race disappears off the face of the earth gone,- good byyy,- the jewish people gone – good byyy _ also -the same way too,- not replacing them selves,- ya disappear if ya don’t replace your self with new fresh babies, that’s not hard ta figure out ? Is It ?

White people don’t have babies ! read the book: the Grey Wave

Bring in the Chinese by the millions from mainland China


Because of Americas Race,- hate crime against the Chinese people,- its called ( the exclusion act ) the Exclusion Act against the Chinese people 1920s passed in the US Congress -1920s by the American Anglo Saxon Government to keep Chinese People out of America, and not allow them in.

the Redmonk wants the Chinese to be put ahead of the immigration line to be allowed in America first, -- in front of all other Immigrants to open the American Door wider for Chinese Immigration because of the exclusion Act

let millions of Chinese’s into America as the white Americans fade away and then gone—none,- no more white people any where in the world,- every body will be – black, brown, and yellow,--- no white people no babies no white people the jews gone the same way good by ya all -- nooo Iam not doing propaganda for communist China as the Arlington County Female Prosecutor said I was in the Arlington county court room to a black judge to keep me in jail,-- her name is cutie Pie ya cant ask her name its not allowed --- send her e_ mail and state that the redmonk is telling the truth- not doing Propaganda for Communist China , do tell her -cutie pie- Pross- the Washington Post news paper does Propaganda for the US Government - I tell the truth,on the American people and Goverments -- this question begs --- is Cutie Pie pross - a Racist against the Chinese people ?

yes no maybe or what?

? should the Arlington County Chinese students E- mail the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC and file a complaint with Chinese Government as concerns the remark in the Arlington County court room the female Pross stating I was doing Propaganda for communist China, --ya guta be kidden me ,--- every one contact the Chinese embassy in Washington DC and ask them to file a complaint with US attorney Jerry Kilgore in Richmond Virginia against the Arlington County prosecutor Cutie pie   your not allowed ta ask her name,- that’s why she got the aka- cutie pie – ya can spot her she gut two California Hunny buns ---yaaaah Cutie Pie Pross

all you Chinese students in the Arlington School System write a letter to the Chinese Ambassador

I fight back ! -- help me out___ write that letter all Asian Students in the Arlington County school system help me out send a letter to the Chinese news men at the Chinese Embassy in Washington Dc usa this date –

May 2004 -



for Cutie Pie Pross in the Arlington County court house_ down below  



the Chinese People have a saying ____-


Use the past to criticize the Present.


Yaaah and the redmonk is doing just that on this web site __ Con Khi

Brigen back the past _ yeasteryear just ta show ya







Redmonk Zinger

Show your Grandmother this Zinger 2004

All Alington County school Students ask your Grandmother what she knows ??????

Kicker # 2

For all those school teachers in Arlington County Virginia who may and or may not   have obstructed Justice,-- a book -just for you___


( No crueler Tyrannies )

by a jewish girl Dorthy Rabinwitz buy her book shes broke and needs the money


what is in this book is some thing like and what the killer school teacher and the corrupt Arlington county Cop did one day a long LONG time ago on arlington Ridge Road . in the state of Virginia

it called Obstruction of Justicewill they go to prison or will they and their powerfull friends on the sneaky sly -murder the redmonk using the law the way America used the law to kill Lenny Bruce. Is this question by me unreasonable to ask ?you decide, after ya read all,- that’s all,- not some of this web site:



We drove him into poverty and bankruptcy and

then murdered him .we all knew what we were doing .

we used the law to kill him

__________ vinicent Cuccia on the death of Lenny Bruce

they want silence from me ! Ill   shout louder !


for all my enemies where ever and who ever   a little Chinese for all ya

from the redmonk   - just to youuuu


Cao ni de xing


this web site is the new modern_ shock jock web site new April 2004 the redmonk shock jocken em in Arlington county and other places__ WoW ah_ indeed Shabbat shalom youuu SOBs and DOBs

the Brew Hammer- Yaaah- the orginial one and only true Hammer Yaaah- the sweeeet - Brew

the Heeb hammer is Bull Shi# Hammer, Haaay, - what can I saaay

the Brew lived it, and did it Yaaaah the heeb only read the script

take it to the Bank put it in ya savings account never have ta spend it.

trust the Brew on this one, - hes the real deal 4.99 _all ya can eat


the English Saga_ ( Roland at the Bridge ) - said as a Tongue in cheek taunt ta white people . in America in Arlington County Virginia

If ya don’t know this English Saga I cant help ya . youu white people ,

get the fuc$ off the Hill and come on down


Coming all new in 2004 - The---- Dirty wet Rat Informants---  Page

Also known as the_ - read on if ya brave,- if not, just go home and forget about it its too damn much for ya




Homeless down and out______   Arlington County, Virginia-Page

How they treat homeless people in this county itl schock ya

A.S.P.A.N. Org. page ? how many of em know the killer Milk maid and or the milk maids daughters are their names the two little Sams ? and does one little Sam hide behind a T and a Italian Boy ?     read on ifya brave Haint nuttin like fore play ______ Yo !

All new coming in 2004 and doo connect the dots !





the Redmonk shouts water for my horses and whiskey for my men- Yaaaah


Sparrow_____ damn Right, water for his horses and___

Redmonk Coolers for his Redmonkees

Con Khi _____ shouts_ givem water and givem whisky givem Coolers   Yaaah

-all they can drink

those horses and monkeys are thirsty   damn right _ their thirsty –


lets goooO to the Movies ___ shouts Con Khi





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 This web site is an American dissenters web site

 its not a politial correct  web site.

 Its an honest web sit, I say it’s an honest web site.-

 you say what ever you want about this web site ?.


this web site is many things a educational web site so as to raise your level of consciousness and awareness on many issues,- using forbidden truths and words on sacred cows, this is the most outrageous web site in America today ! it will make you Raaage ,thiiink, screeeeam and laaugh.


This web site takes 4 hours to read,- unless ya read it all- including the photo text on the photo gallery ya don’t have an opinion about me or this very dangerous web site.

Start with Chinese Ambassador letter then move to the Russian Zookeeper affair 15 min at a time,- each day till ya finish. Get an opinion ? don’t be chicken soup all your life !


The peoples right ta know supersedes all rights of the US government --- I said:   the peoples right ta know and youl know - after ya read this site for 4 hours . Its a shocker!

If ya have a bad heart don’t read it,- get off the site now ! for your own safety, I urge ya not ta go any further, STOP!


If your - jewish, don’t even think of reading this honest web site,- ya jews cant handel it .ya could die of a heart attack,- I don’t want ta be responsible : all jewish Americans in Arlington County va ,-Fallchurch Va , please do not go beyond this section of this Political web site your heart could give out, all Jewish Americans STOP here !

go no further , I beg of ya, go no further . but if you’re a braaave Jeeeew, take a peeeek at the- jewish chew front page,!- but only if ya a brave jew with a strong heart and in good healthy condition check with ya Rabbi the Calarabie ta advise ya, because this web site is_

Hollween night every night here on the Redmonk web site. Every night ! is Hollween night . Ya scared yet?



This web site is a very dangerous web site, the US Government, the jewish people, the Smithsonian Inst. The  Sharon Percy Rockefeller WETA Radio station and her family, the Donald Graham news Paper family, the FBI, the  US park police , the Arlington County board, and Arlington Cops,- Judges,- , prosacuters,- Arlington jews the Republican Political party – all want this web site down,


- this dissenters web site will get you beaten  and even killed by the American corrupt and decayed  lawinforcement and Justice Dept. and court system through out the American landscape, Coast to coast in- every court house,- in every state, in every county every hamlet every town every village in America . think of the US Justice system in Washington DC and Arlington County Va court house as a

decayed tooth in deep need of a  Rooot canal.


Arlington County   located  15 min by car  from Americas capital


A corruption so great that it has killed democracy and freedom in America. The killing goes on daily, using political correctness and  the silence of the Whiiiite people as the murder weapon.



All US Prosecutors all- US Judges- all US Cops have murdered freedom  and democracy across the American landscape with their misconduct, Lying, hiding evidence, beating and killing the people and the US Judges in Black Robes in every American Court House letting them get away with it Etc.- in aaall the court rooms across  America  in every town every Hamlet   until we,- the American people, all,- togeather now, live in a mild Fascist American state . mild, but still Fascist!


This web site, an American Political dissenters  web site telling truths on the National Zoo,-  the Smithsonian Inst, telling truths on the all white newsmen , all white news woman and the all White news editors in the All white news papers in America,such as the Washington post news paper – owned by the all- White skinned Graham family Donald, Graham – (Lally, Graham Waymouth ) Mrs. Kay Graham the white mother of Lalley and Donald     Bradlee Graham and all the other little Graham crackers who hail from the Florida out back country the Grahams who were given all this info on this web site including Animal abuse at the national zoo and chose to remain silent – time and time again the Graham family betrayed the Animals at the national Zoo for greed money,- so they, the Grahams, could get first crack at the zoo stories for their Washington Post paper selling out the Animals, the Zookeepers and the American Children all at the same time _ the Washington post news paper is located in Washington dC 15 min by auto from Arlington County va Court House


Telling truths on the very Rich- Percy Rockefeller family WETA  radio station located in Arlington County Virgina which is 15 min  by auto from washington. Dc usa

This Family,- the Rockafellers -) murdered with machine guns- Greek Immigrant Children and woman at the Ludlow Coal Mine at Ludlow Colo look it up on the web,- Persy the rock had nothing to do with machine gunning to death of little Greek children but her husbands family did, Persy the Rock- she complained to Arlington po lice about me,- they- the Cops- broke my ribs , ripped open my hernia and smashed my face in the ground, twisted my 200 dollar glass in to a pretizle,- all while I was chained . the Arlington po lice said she – Persey Rockafella complained about me to the county and or po lice,- I will not shut up! Ill shout louder these truths! Witnesses across the street from the Hecht Co- Ballston saw it all! Did they call the Embassies and the Slavic Pamyet Org in Russia. as I ask them too


All redmonkees contact the US State dept. and the central Intelligence agency and the White house with this story on the Forgien exchange students down below ------      : as the coward Arlington County Government continues to Harass me for my political believes and lie about ? a coward police force a coward county government,- a coward court house, - coward fire dept   all in Arlington county Virginia come take a look   every body in the world come ta arlington County Virginia -take a look

look at these white people here , come take a look -- in Arlington County a 15 min car drive from the American White house these are the kind of white Christian people live here come look at em


Two foreign exchange studenTs from a far away Slav country ,--said out loud in the main library – as concerns me and my arrest and beating by police - hecht co ballston arl. Year 2002 the Forgein exchange students said the crowd across the street did call the Embassies,- as I had shouted to the crowd to do as I was blooded and chained on the ground ---there are many witnesses to what the Foreign Exchange students said at library main up stairs in front of the computers --- --- where a sting operation by the Liberians against the redmonk using a under cover Arlington cop verbally abusing me trying to get me to go off, - harassing me and the female Slav exchange student called him Shi# again and again because of what he - the under cover white Arlington cop was doing to me,- this could have caused an International incident as these students were socially high ranking from a former Enemy of America these students will be the rulers of that Slav nation some day, think of that ? --     the Arlington Employee was a Guy Andrea and the Italian American Liberian involved will the FBI want ta know about this ?- how about the US State dept.? will they want ta know ? – every one send em e_ mail by the ton – please no spamming do contack Pamyat national patriotic front Demitrii Vasiliev in side Russia asking him to come to Arlington County to put ona demonstration in front of the Arlington Court House against this no Justice corruption in the state of no justice -Virginia Arlington County aka is Little Mississippi 1936-- contack the editor of the Russian TV show 60 seconds to come to Arlington county and do my story

My Slav sister from a far away Slav Country- Not an American girl a Slav girl from a far away country )--- working on the computers in the main library with two other foreign exchange students saw what you coward Americans on the coward Arlington police dept did that day think of it   a female Slav foreign Exchange student defended me from the dirty low life White skin American people in Arlington county Virginia main Library--. I gave more to this country then André and or the eyetalian American librarian ever did , think of that / White Americans are a dirty coward people in Arlington County Virginia how many times now ? How many times have I been attacked in this County for my believes count em --- Iam ashamed of White Americans and for good reason too,- your not my people,- your white shi#   -as indeed my Slav sister from a far away country shouted the correct word - shit at you white Americans - in the Arlington Main library    I am indeed ashamed of you white Americans and proud of my Slav sister from a far away country.

She was a Slav female not American female___

get it ?


I am a AmericaN Refusenik__ 2004

in the future I will conduct my self as the I.R.A. prisoners at Longkeesh prison same same Bobby Sands and the I.R.A. Irish gals all those brave IRA soldiers who starved them selves to death for a free Ireland at long keesh and other prisons.



just as their was Russian Refuseniks in Russia _ I will become a American refusenikSame same _

the American and Arlington County Goverments are   treating me the same as the Russian Government treated Russian Refuseniks

but America says it’s a democracy ? I say America is a Big LIE

pretend democracy   

the book the redmonk gives to the Arlington county Government, -the county board, school board,- police and fire dept.

the book -- Soft cage    -by Christian Parenti

you crazy sobes don’t know what your doing ,- your killing freedom and democracy in Arlington County , Yaaah I know first hand far better then all of youuuu the Italian Secret story 1940s called a bad night by Italians, who didn’t speak English   I was their I saw it with my own eyes the round up by the us Army of Italians   --Slavs hounded Joe McCarthy Period 1950s-   I was there I saw it   I felt it , where the hell were all of you ?   you gut damn people don’t know what your doing,-- fascist come through the side door,- never the front door,- what the hell ya people doing ?-

. My web site WWW -

Telling truths on the Cowardice and disgrace of White skined Christian and White Skined jewish peoples silence- all  in Arlington County virgina,- as concerns this  very very   -American Story of Dissent against the Corrupt American Government  and the Cowardice of the American Christian Whiiite People, this very, American story is called –____



The Russian Zookeeper affair at the Smithsonian Inst.


Will the American Government now, slight of hand kill the  American Dissenter _

known as the Redmonkee ?

in Arlington county Virginia   in front of the Hecht co Ballestion - ,On April 22 2002 they have already beaten him,-broke his ribs, ripped open his hernia, collapsed his asbestos filled lungs, called him a gringo and almost killed him, then the police charged him with attacking Arlington county po lice ,-- a felony, not a mark on any cop Arlington

judge Joan alper   gave him 6 months in the Arlington jail, where he went on a hunger strike in side the Arlington Jail to protest Cop brutality and massive racism by the Jail Deputies of all colors against Hispanic and white prisoners . because the Jail deputies are afraid of the Black prisoners , in this jail

n    By the way- US navy Admiral Pondexter is a convicted felon,- yet President George Bush in the year- 2003 invited Pondexter to the White house. For a chat.?

n    Why not Ken Lay ?Ceo of Enron corp ______


This front page is also dedicated to the-- ARLINGTON county Clams who all knew about the Stalker in Arlington and the child killing jew at the zoo- all of these people clamed up,- Clams- in the Arlington Fire houses , Clams in the- Court house, Clams in the Po lice dept. Clams in the ,Libraries ,

the Clams on the   Arlington school Board- Iowa Clam- mary Hynes, Clam – Furlow, Clam- Garvey,- the big English Clam- Wilson ,-- the Big Clams on the Arlington county board Big Jew clam – AL Isenberg,    little English-Clam- Ellen Bowsmen , Nordic clam- Zimmerman, another English- Clam- Ferguson, Eyetalion clam- Barb Falva , French clam- Fisetteti .

the King of Arlington County Clams- that would be citizen German- King Clam: US Supreme Court Judge: Rinquhest who by the way knows all about the Clams at the National zoo. Smithsonian_don’t ya Judge ?- youu bugger youuu_?


Arlington County Virginia the Clam Capital of the world ?


Read on if ya brave_______


CanYou bet on it ? the killing of the Russian Zookeeper, will it be slight of hand. ?


I,- the American dissenter known as the Redmonkee call on the Great Chinese people of Great China to protect my life from the American Government that has already made  several attempts and threats on my life.


 To the Great Chinese people my life is in your hands.


 Will  the Chinese people- please,- alert the old Slav American soldier who stayed in China after the Korean war, he lived not too far from me in the coal fields in the  mountains   Tell him  I am trying to make it to China, if I can get out. If not,- allow me to be buried in China behind the Panda dens in Wolong Province China ,don’t bury me in America,- please! Get me out across the border into Canada, where there is freedom but don’t let them bury me in the - Big Lie – Pretend freedom –Amerixa )--- please ! get me out!


 This is The American Political dissenter they call the Redmonkee

Send money to CJ Koritko p.o. box 11167 arlington va.22210 

Keep me in the fight I need the $ money to stay in the fight

You who dissent know that’s true about the money,$ send a donation now, today, do it

You phony White christian bastards Youuuu -- Iam Fighting for all of ya, send money $

Ya cheap whiiit bastards youuuu ,- ya never sent a penny in 6 years now- WOW !

This web site is for sell for 3 million dollars,- if ya don’t like it ?, - you can buy it !

All of ya out there ya don’t like it, buy it $


Good night, and Good Luck_

Circus to all of You___


______________ I am Chinese monkey      Sun Hou-Tzu___



Con khi_ Sparrow_ Kestrel ___



watching youuuu-America

just watching youuuu


-june 2004



some where over the Rainbow

the song of the year 1939

the wee redmonk born_ 1939

35yards from the Oliver # 2_ Coal mine 1939

the Redmonkee out there some were,- listening to old Billy Joe Shaver – sing (the earth rolls on)

( it haint over till its over and it haint over )   the april 19th rebellion war song   against the unjust American Government

play it for Rebel Soldier McVeigh the last white man on the American EAST coast USA-

with a pair of balls between his legs


The Red Monkee Online is the Offical Website of the Washington D.C. based activist. usa

The stories on this site are true stories. Of the American experience in Arlington County va. And other places

© 1998-2004 all rights reserved    Con Khi_____

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